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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 26, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, February 26, 2007

On the Island: Shawn struggles to make a sturdy shelter, and comes down hard on himself, feeling like he cannot take care of Belle and Claire. They are worried about Claire's cut, and the food supply being wet. Belle tries to calm Shawn down, telling him it means the world to her, that he is with them. Belle also reminds Shawn that they have survived on an island before, Puerto Rico, and like then, they will be okay. Shawn tells her, that he only wants to protect her and Claire. Belle thinks that it is time that she steps up to the plate. She tells Shawn that although they miss their family and friends, Shawn and Claire are all she needs. The two work together to finish building the shelter; it will be put to test soon, as there is a thunderstorm rolling in. Shawn brings Claire into the shelter, and joins Belle. He tells Claire that he is going to take care of her. Belle comments; they will take care of each other.

Chez Rouge: Alan Rebert makes his intentions known to Chelsea. She is very uncomfortable with the situation and wants to go home. Rebert tells Chelsea that he does an extensive background search on all of his employees, and knows that Chelsea was picked up on prostitution charges. He suggests if she wants to keep her job, she will go along with the situation. Chelsea tries to get out of his car, but Rebert stops her and tries to force himself on Chelsea. At that moment Nick opens the car door and drags Rebert out onto the ground, and shouts at him; he can never touch her. Nick offers to take Chelsea home. Rebert tries to grab Chelsea as she walk by, and she kicks him in the shin.

Nick brings Chelsea home and makes her some tea. She asks why Nick followed her tonight. Nick admits that Rebert was talking about getting his way earlier, and he felt responsible. He tells Chelsea that the whole situation is his fault; that this would not have happened if he had told her the truth about the emails. He goes on to say, that he only wanted her to like him. Chelsea thanks Nick for saving her from Dr. Rebert. She further tells Nick that she does like him. Nick asks Chelsea if she can ever forgive him. Chelsea tells Nick that she does forgive him, that it was partially his fault, but she is to blame also. They agree to be friends and shake on it. Nick tries to convince Chelsea to keep her job and report Rebert. He feels they both will still have their jobs because Rebert has more to loose that them. Chelsea tells Nick that at first, he was Abby's geeky cousin, and then she found out he was "Shane Patton." Nick tells her how wrong he was, but the words he told her were true. Chelsea kisses Nick and then vows that tomorrow they will take down Rebert.

At the Warehouse: Steve asks E.J. what his plans are. E.J. tells him they need one of John's kidneys. Steve shouts at him; they are sick. A scraggy looking doctor shows up. E.J. tells him the nurse is ready whenever he is. Steve really goes wild, shouting that he will not let them hack up John Black. E.J. uses the tarot card to control Steve. E.J. tells Steve that John got away from them, but Steve, is one of them now. E.J. tells Steve that if he knows a doctor that can do the surgery, suggesting Marlena or Kayla, he has fifteen minutes to decide, or the surgery continues. E.J. shows Steve the tarot card, warning Steve to keep his name out of it. Steve leaves. E.J. gets a call from Bo. On the way out, E.J. tells the doctor; if John dies, take the kidney.

At the Hospital: Bo is investigating John's disappearance. Kayla tells Bo she is worried that Steve took John. Kayla tells Bo about Steve's recent behavior, how he tried to choke her, dreaming that he was choking E.J. Now, she tells him, she is afraid, since E.J. tried to kill John before, that he is making Steve carry out all of his dirty work. Bo tells Kayla he needs to find Steve, and when he does, he has to arrest him. Kayla tells Bo; that is what Steve wanted. Bo puts out an APB on Steve. Kayla wants Bo to bring E.J. in as well. However, Bo tells her he has to be careful with E.J., that they do not have any good evidence to bring him in for questioning. Bo promises Kayla that he will at least, talk to E.J. Kayla leaves to go home, to wait and see if Steve returns. After, Bo calls E.J. and tells him to come to the hospital; he needs to talk to him about John.

E.J. arrives at the hospital, acting concerned about John. Bo sees right through him. Bo demands E.J. tell him what he did with Steve. E.J. reminds Bo of his pending lawsuit against the P.D. Bo informs E.J. that they have a large amount of evidence tying E.J. to the gloved hand case. Bo tells E.J. he is going to bring him down, and leaves.

Kayla's Suite: Kayla returns home to find Steve waiting for her. He admits to taking John from the hospital. Kayla informs Steve she is going to call the police, however Steve stops her saying no police, or people will die, John will die. Steve tells Kayla she has to come with him; she has no choice. Kayla asks Steve if he is threatening her. He coldly stares at her saying; please sweetness, I need you. Kayla, unsure of what she should do, follows Steve out the door.

They arrive at the warehouse. The doctor is just about to operate. Steve grabs the doctor's equipment and throws it all in the garbage, then kicks him out of the warehouse. Kayla asks what she is there to do. Steve informs her she has to remove one of John's kidneys.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Chez Rouge: Sami and Lucas are out to dinner, when they are interrupted by E.J. He insists that he needs Lucas to have some documents faxed for him, right at that minute, and offers to keep Sami entertained until he returns. While Lucas is gone, E.J. tells Sami that he knows her secret. He knows she is pregnant. Sami tells E.J. the baby is not his. However, E.J. wants her to have a paternity test. Sami denies him, and E.J. angrily informs her that no one raises his child but him. Lucas returns and sends E.J. on his way. Sami and Lucas chitchat for a few minutes, and E.J. calls Lucas from outside the restaurant, telling him that he would like to have a meeting with him in the morning. E.J. tells Lucas the meeting is important, he has to discuss something with him man to man.

At the Warehouse: Kayla is arguing with Steve about operating on John. She insists that John will not survive losing a kidney, especially considering the conditions of the warehouse. Kayla asks Steve whom the kidney is for, and he informs her that he does not know. Kayla tries to call the police; however, Steve grabs her phone and tells her no police. Steve tells her that people other than John will die if Kayla refuses to go through with the operation. Kayla quickly realizes Steve is referring to their daughter, Stephanie. Steve finally convinces Kayla that there are not any alternatives and she agrees to do the surgery. After the surgery is complete, the nurse rushes out with the kidney. Kayla finally convinces Steve to allow her to call the police and an ambulance, and while in process, Steve tells Kayla he loves her and disappears.

At the Station: Philip and Willow arrive outside of the station. Willow thinks Philip is going to turn her in for letting Shawn and Belle get away. Philip informs her that they are thru, she broke the arrangement, and that she and Shawn's baby were on their own. Willow pleads with Philip to reconsider; however, he does not, and kicks her out of his car, yelling that he never wants to see her again.

Inside, Bo and roman are working on leads to find John, when Philip bursts in with a box labeled "Remains." Philip tells Bo that Shawn and Belle jumped off the ship, and their raft was found with blood on it and they are presumed dead. Philip is having the blood analyzed to find out whom it belongs. He blamed Bo for helping Shawn and Belle escape with Claire, and further tells him; it is his fault that his little girl is dead, and he will not rest until the entire Brady family pays. Roman gets a lead on John and leaves the room. Bo grabs Philip and throws him against the wall, and informs him that Claire is not his daughter, and he would never received custody of her if he had not paid people to get what he wants. Bo further tells Philip that he is no brother of his, and throws him out of his office.

Willow approaches Philip before he gets into his car, begging him for help, as she has nowhere to go. Philip denies her any help from him. Willow threatens Philip to tell everyone, including his father, that he is the father of her baby.

Philip finally tells Willow to meet him tomorrow, and they will talk.

After, Bo is going through the contents with the box. Roman starts to arrange for a search for Belle and Shawn and Claire. Bo studies the remains of the raft used to escape, and comes upon a surprise. Shawn has scratched a code into the plastic raft that translates to SAFE. Bo tells Roman to set up a search and rescue -- they are alive.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sami goes to E.J.'s apartment while Lucas is in the shower. She wants to know what E.J. is up to now. E.J. wants to tell Lucas the truth; Sami's baby could be his. Sami threatens, then pleads with him not to tell Lucas. It will ruin everything for her. E.J. says that the baby, if it's his, is the most important thing in the world to him. Sami points out that if the truth comes out, the cops will know E.J. ran the roadblock the night John Black was shot. E.J. realizes she's right because he knows from Bo that the police are interested in him again. He offers to keep Sami's secret if she finds out from Roman what the police are up to. Sami doesn't want to lie to her father, but E.J. threatens to tell Lucas if she refuses. Lucas is knocking at the door while E.J. waits for Sami's answer.

Chelsea confronts Dr. Rebert and tells his supervisor, Dr. Wang, that he assaulted her. Rebert denies everything and says Chelsea's lying. When Nick backs her up, Rebert tells Wang that Nick is lying as well, to score points with her. Nick shows them a photo he took with his cell phone of Rebert all over Chelsea in his car. Rebert resigns, leaves the lab in disgrace, and the other lab workers applaud Nick and Chelsea. Nick says there are now other women who Rebert attacked who are ready to follow Chelsea's example. Chelsea hugs him, thrilled that she told the truth and it worked, and there is a moment of sexual tension between them. She offers to make him dinner, and they are clearly in a new place.

Shawn has collected fruits and berries for him, Belle and Claire to eat. Belle fears they might be poisonous. Shawn tests a fruit and throws up. Then he eats berries that seem safe. He tells Belle he's going to make a net and try to catch fish. They have a tender moment when Belle says she thinks they're going to be okay, which Shawn ruins by kissing her. She orders him out of the shelter and tells him to stay away from her.

Max confesses to Abby that he's getting tired of "being there" for needy Mimi. Abby is sympathetic, hoping she might get another chance with Max, but when Mimi calls him he runs to her. Meanwhile, Jed has come in to pick up his car and is surprised to find Abby working on it. She realizes he didn't lie at the Java café when he said he was having car trouble, but he admits he was hitting on her to impress his baseball teammates. He would like to go out with her, just for coffee. Abby says she's kind of involved with someone and turns him down, but when Max goes to Mimi, she changes her mind and leaves with Jed.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Steve shows up at Kayla's place saying he needs money to get out of town; he's leaving Salem before the cops arrest him. Kayla refuses to help him flee, telling Steve that he needs professional help and she wants him to stay and get de-programmed. Steve refuses. He has to get away from Kayla and their family before he hurts anyone else. Before Steve can take off, two cops are there to stop him. Steve realizes Kayla called them and is betrayed. He tries to escape, but to no avail. The cops drag him out. Furious, he warns Kayla that she just signed his death warrant. If they lock him up, he's dead. And this time, he's never coming back!

Lucas finds Sami at E.J.'s apartment and she scrambles to cover. Angry Lucas says E.J. has been lying to them. He agreed to move out, but he hasn't so much as packed a box. E.J. swears he's working with a real estate agent and that he's choosy, that's all. Lucas gives E.J. a lesson in packing up. Finally, E.J. agrees to redouble his efforts to find a new place. After Sami and Lucas exit, she kisses him deeply. She's grateful that he trusts her. Sami and Lucas go off to make love, as devious E.J. watches from his doorway. He makes a one-way call and checks on Stefano's condition. Stefano made it through the surgery. E.J. hopes his father pulls through, so they can put their plan for E.J. and Sami's baby into action.

Max meets up with Mimi. Nick arrives with results from the DNA test on David Lockhart's gold ring. Traces of blood were found on the ring, but it wasn't Bonnie's blood -- it was Mimi's. She reels: how could that be?! Nick exits.

Bonnie comes home. When she sees the ring, her heart sinks. Mimi knows her blood was on the ring, but how did it get there? Finally, Bonnie has to tell Mimi the truth. The night he was killed, David beat Bonnie. Mimi came in and tried to break it up. David hit Mimi, and then proceeded to strangle Bonnie. Mimi took the fireplace poker and hit her father over the head, killing him. Mimi is apoplectic: she killed her father?! She blocked out the memory. Bonnie says she'll take the rap for the crime. She doesn't want Mimi to go to jail. It's Bonnie's fault for covering up, getting rid of the body. Now Bonnie has to do the time. But she wants Mimi to get out of town. She should go to Arizona to look after Connor. Bonnie begs Mimi to go. Max says he thinks it's best. Mimi is at a low point, as she agrees to leave Salem.

Abby and Jed have a casual date at Chez Rouge. Abby admits she's still interested in another guy (Max), but he's involved with someone else. Maggie serves food and sees Willow arrive. Abby confides that Willow used to work here, but she was fired. She's an ex-prostitute. Jed is shocked and upset: that's his sister! Abby feels terrible. Willow tries to get her job back but Maggie refuses. Jed confronts Willow but she won't talk to him. Nick arrives, and suggests he and Chelsea, Abby and Jed go on a double date sometime.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Shawn tries to convince Belle to let him back in the lean-to, but she's still upset with him. Belle says that some girls, like Willow, might be easy, but she isn't! Shawn insists Willow never meant anything to him. It was just sex. His feelings for Belle are deep and genuine. He apologizes for putting the moves on Belle, but honestly says he was feeling closer to her than ever. He and Belle were destined to be together. Belle, affected, is glad to hear those words from him. Shawn thinks they should take the next step, but Belle needs him to be patient. In a light moment, Shawn threatens to strip down to nothing if she doesn't let him back in the lean-to. They goof off, and she ultimately welcomes him in out of the rain. Shawn makes her promise that if she ever starts to have doubts about them, they need to be honest with each other. Belle gives her word; she hopes they do end up together. And in a sweet moment, they lie down next to each other.

At the YWCA, Hope overhears Willow and Jed arguing. Fed up, Jed leaves. Hope enters and tells Willow that she wants her to get proper pre-natal care regardless of who the baby's father is. Willow assures her it's Shawn's. A big moment as Hope gives Willow the name of an OB-GYN. If Willow sees the doctor, she and Bo will pick up the bill. Hope offers Willow some money to get a better place to stay. What she really wants is to move in with Bo and Hope. Hope is sorry, but she doesn't trust Willow. Willow lashes out. She can't believe Hope would be so cold, especially since Shawn is probably dead and this baby is all that's left of him. Hope clues Willow in to the fact that there was a secret message on Shawn's raft that washed up. He's still alive. They just don't know where. Hope gives Willow a check for a grand and tells her to take care of herself. She leaves. Willow makes a one-way phone call and tells someone that Shawn is still alive.

Kayla is horrified when Bo tells her Steve is being sent to a state hospital for the criminally insane. Steve is livid. He blames Kayla for this. Bo comes to Kayla's defense and the argument escalates. Steve breaks free from the cop who's been restraining him, and knocks Bo to the floor. Later, after Steve's been restrained again, he lashes out at Bo and Kayla, saying he wants them out of his life for good. Kayla pleads with Steve not to shut her out, but he won't hear it. And with that, the cops haul him off. Bo promises a horrified Kayla they'll do everything they can for Steve.

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