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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 5, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, March 5, 2007

E.J. learns from Lucas that the wedding has been moved up to May. E.J. then contacts Sami on her cell phone and asks her if she's made any progress finding out what the cops' new plan is to bring him down. She tells him she's on the case and hangs up with a few choice words -- which Roman overhears. Sami pretends she was talking to the florist for the wedding, who was asking too many questions. Roman lets it pass and tells Sami about Bo's idea to have Shawn sign an affidavit saying E.J. and Patrick Lockhart were in collusion. They're hoping to use this to get Patrick to roll over on E.J. Sami proceeds to relay this information to E.J. On the phone, E.J. says he needs to find out exactly when Bo and Hope learn Shawn's whereabouts. He wishes he'd killed Shawn when he had the chance.

Lucas has it out with Kate when she learns she hasn't been invited to his wedding. Kate thinks he'll regret the decision. Later, she takes comfort in Roman's arms.

Belle discovers Claire's cut has, indeed, become infected. In addition, the baby is feverish. Belle begins to question the decision to run away. Shawn all but convinces her that Claire will be fine and that they'll survive this -- but then Belle notices a red line running from Claire's cut up her arm and she realizes the baby has blood poisoning. Belle tells Shawn they have to get off this island and find a doctor, or Claire will die!

Willow makes a deal with Philip that when she gets news from Hope about Shawn, Belle and Claire, she'll give him the info, in exchange for some kind of reward.

Max tells Abby about Mimi having killed her father to protect Bonnie. He also reveals that Bonnie will take the rap and that Mimi has gone to live with Connor in Arizona. Abby comforts Max -- until a drunk Jed shows up, upset about his sister making a living as a prostitute. At the height of Jed's drunkenness, he makes a pass at Abby, but she sidesteps him, and he falls flat on his face. Abby later tells him that Max is the guy she cares about and that she and Jed can only be friends. At the end, Jed tells Max that Abby is in love with him.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

During one of their Pre-Cana classes, Sami learns she has to make a confession to the priest and panics. The guilt that stems from her secret that her baby could be E.J.'s is eating her alive, and she breaks down to Lucas that she can't go through with this. Lucas realizes there's something going on, and appeals to Sami from the bottom of his heart to tell him what it is. Sami pulls back. She can't tell him what's really happening. When Lucas pours out all of his emotions, Sami is blown away by the depth of his love. In an effort to reach out, Sami asks him to invite Kate to the wedding. Lucas gives in, and says he'll do this for Sami. Later, Lucas leaves to see his mom, and Sami makes a full confession to God, revealing that this baby could, in fact, be E.J.'s. Enter E.J., who has overheard her confession and now knows there's a good chance that he is the father.

Billie pitches her new home security system to E.J., and he's so impressed, he surprises her with a kiss. Billie doesn't push him away, but is instantly cautious. She presses him, wanting to know if he has an ulterior motive. E.J. convinces her he doesn't, but deftly manipulates her into going to Bo and asking him to install a test run of her security system. Later, Billie calls Bo and says she has a business proposal for him, unaware she's playing right into E.J.'s hands.

Shawn promises Belle he'll get sick Claire off the island and to a medical facility. He'll build a raft and they'll find an inhabited island. A storm is fast approaching and Belle is concerned. Shawn understands, but burying Claire on this island is even worse. Belle gives in and helps Shawn build the raft. With the storm right behind them, Shawn and Belle take Claire and set sail.

Nick tries to tutor Chelsea in calculus, but no matter how hard he tries, she just can't seem to get it. Their playful banter quickly turns into flirting, and they later kiss.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

E.J. overhears Sami praying that he won't be the father of her baby. He tells her it's too late for prayers; she already made her deal with the devil to save Lucas. Sami warns him not to threaten her baby and asks why he cares so much. E.J. just says a DiMera child belongs with its father. Sami pleads with him to leave her alone; she can't take this anymore. He suggests they settle it now by getting an amnio. She refuses, but E.J. orders her to have an amnio in the next 48 hours or he'll tell Lucas everything.

Meanwhile, Lucas has gone to tell Kate that Sami wants her to come to the wedding. Kate is dubious, but also melancholy about losing her son. Lucas says she doesn't have to if she accepts his choices. Kate agrees to come, but after Lucas leaves, she reveals to E.J. that she still doesn't trust Sami. E.J. lies and tells her she doesn't have to worry, Sami won't betray Lucas again. Meanwhile, Lucas finds Sami in tears at the church. She tells him she wants to leave town for good with just him and Will and never see anyone from Salem ever again!

Nick and Chelsea have their first kiss, and another, but then Chelsea pulls back. They can't do this because Nick lied to her about Shane Patton. Nick tries to explain how scared he was that he would lose any chance at having Chelsea, and says he'll do anything she asks for a second chance. All she wants is his promise that he'll never lie to her or keep secrets from her again. He promises. Later, he runs into Billie in the hallway and tells her they have to tell Chelsea that they made love. Billie thinks it's a terrible idea but Nick says he has to keep his promise -- as soon as he gets up the nerve.

Billie shows Bo her new security system and he agrees to let her install it in his house. If it works, he'll give her an endorsement. When she reveals the company that's interested is Mythic, he's suddenly not too open. Later, he tells her he's waiting to hear from Shawn in hopes of getting his statement to use against Patrick. If Patrick flips, they can put E.J. in jail. Billie accuses Bo of having a grudge against E.J. Bo says E.J. is dangerous, but Billie refuses to believe it and ignores Bo's warnings.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Sami is near hysteria as Lucas continues trying to figure out what happened while he was away talking to his mother. Sami remembers E.J.'s warning that he'll tell Lucas everything if she doesn't have an amnio within 48 hours. Lucas makes yet another impassioned appeal for her to open up and share what's bothering her. Exhausted from carrying her secret, Sami is inching toward a confession when she gets a reprieve: Celeste shows up to light a candle for Lexie. Sami suddenly changes her mind. Relieved, Lucas wants to take her home but Sami wants to stay to light a candle for their unborn child. Once Lucas is gone, Sami moves next to Celeste and whispers she's in trouble. Celeste says she knows. That's why she's here.

Willow sees E.J. at Java Café and asks him for a job. Billie arrives in time to misconstrue and assumes Willow is soliciting. Willow is offended, and moves off as Billie confesses she doesn't know what came over her, why she'd react so judgmentally. Grinning E.J. says he knows why: she was jealous. Uncomfortable with their ongoing flirtation, Billie brings him up to speed re: Bo's refusal to have her new security system installed. Bo wants nothing to do with E.J. Wells. E.J. claims innocence. He's tired of being persecuted by Bo Brady. Billie says she doesn't believe E.J. is a monster. Billie takes her leave, and E.J. moves to Willow with a job offer. He'll pay her big bucks to break into Bo's house, steal some jewelry and make it look like a robbery. Willow balks until she returns to her room at the 'Y' and finds out she's being evicted. She calls E.J. and tells him she's in.

Nick hurries over to the garage to tell Abby the big news: Chelsea kissed him! Abby worries that Chelsea is setting him up to humiliate him for the 'Shane Patton' debacle. Nick believes Chelsea's ardor is genuine. He promised her he'd be honest with her. He's going to start with telling her he slept with Billie. Abby is arguing against this when Billie arrives, concerned Nick is going to destroy her relationship with Chelsea. Nick remains adamant. Meanwhile, Maggie tells Abby she shouldn't see Max anymore.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Steve meets with psychologist Ella Kraft and insists he isn't crazy and doesn't belong in the state mental hospital. She reminds him he's been charged with serious crimes and the judge did him a favor not sending him to confront a jury. She asks why Steve kidnapped John and had Kayla remove his kidney. Steve admits he doesn't know. Ella suggests it might be a good idea for him to explore his unconscious and he agrees to go along if she'll let him out of the strait-jacket. She will if he takes a sedative. He does, then pretends to be dizzy and falls to the floor, taking her with him.

After Ella leaves, Steve takes out her cell phone, which he grabbed while they were entangled. He calls E.J. and tells him to get him out of here. Meanwhile, Kayla confronts E.J., saying she knows he's responsible for Steve being brainwashed and manipulated. E.J. denies it and cryptically warns her not to get in his way.

Nick is working up the courage to tell Chelsea the truth while she talks about being in love with him. Before he can tell her, she convinces him the future is the only thing that matters, not the past. He decides not to tell her, but then Billie bursts in and inadvertently reveals the truth to Chelsea! Chelsea, needless to say, is devastated.

Celeste tells Sami she came to the church because the tarot cards told her that E.J. is after her baby. She explains to Sami that E.J. and Stefano want a male heir to ensure the future of the DiMera Empire. E.J. will never leave Sami alone now that he's chosen her to be the mother of his child. Sami considers faking the results of the amnio E.J. is demanding, but Celeste is sure it won't fool him. She tells Sami the only way she can be free of E.J. is if she kills him!

Max is feeling guilty about not being more committed to Mimi; especially after she found out she killed her own father. He admits to Abby that he was relieved that Mimi left. Abby tells him not to beat himself up. Mimi would've found out sooner or later, and he did all he could for her. Max lets her convince him, and tells her he's glad she was there for him, which delights her.

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