Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 12, 2007 on DAYS

Billie's one-night stand with Nick turned Chelsea's life upside down. Gabriella helped Claire recover, but for a price. Willow framed Chelsea for the fire at Bo and Hope's house. E.J. continued to harass Sami; she later made plans with Celeste to get rid of him. Steve escaped from the psychiatric center. Abby was attracted to Max despite Maggie's warnings.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 12, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, March 12, 2007

Chelsea, reeling from her discovery of Nick and Billie's "affair," angrily blasted them for their betrayal and duplicity. Nick tried to get through to her that it had been a one-time thing, but Chelsea wasn't appeased. She couldn't believe she had been foolish enough to consider Billie her "mother." Chelsea packed her bag. As Chelsea was on her way out, Billie begged her to stay and talk, but Chelsea made it clear she wanted nothing to do with her mother -- ever again.

Meanwhile, Max took Abby to dinner to thank her for all her help at the garage. Abby assumed they were on a date, but when the lovesick Jed appeared, to Abby's surprise, Max invited him and his sister, Willow, to join them. Abby let Jed know "three's a crowd," but changed her mind when Aunt Maggie showed up. Aware how Maggie felt about Max, Abby quickly enlisted Jed to serve as her "beard," although Jed was unaware.

Chelsea showed up and sobbed in Abby's arms. Abby took her to the ladies' room and convinced her to call her dad and talk to him before leaving town. Willow listened from one of the stalls. When Abby and Chelsea left, Willow emerged and grabbed the hairbrush Chelsea had left behind, a plan forming. Later, Willow heard Chelsea leaving a message for Bo that she was on her way over to his house and needed to talk to him. Willow, up to something, followed.

Willow showed Jed the fat check she had received from E.J. She wanted him to move in with her when she got her own place. Jed wanted to know where the money was from and what she had to do to earn it. Willow flashed back to E.J. hiring her to burglarize Bo's house but downplayed her "assignment" as little more than an "errand." Before leaving, Willow gave Jed the check and asked him to hide it under her mattress in her room at the "Y" because she was afraid she might lose it.

Celeste insisted that the only way Sami would ever be free of E.J. was to kill him. Sami argued against that, insisting there had to be another way to regain control of her life.

Meanwhile, E.J. visited Steve in the state hospital and was seriously displeased by Kayla's accusations. Steve begged E.J. to help get him out of the "loony bin." E.J. would intervene if Steve promised to stop fighting him.

Later, Sami found E.J. in his office and agreed to the amniocentesis if he agreed to leave her alone if the baby she was carrying turned out to be Lucas'. E.J. agreed, and Sami made a phone call. She said she needed to see the person right away.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bo received a call from Abby telling him Chelsea was heading over to his house to confide her troubles to him. Chelsea arrived at Bo's place but thought better about knocking. Instead, she wrote Bo a note telling him she loved him and slipped it under the door. Unbeknownst to her, Willow had been watching from the shadows. Once Chelsea was gone, Willow broke into the house and stole some jewelry, just as E.J. had paid her to do.

On the way out, Willow dropped some of the baubles and stooped to get them, hastily setting down the candle she was using to light her way. In an instant, the flame of the candle caught the curtains, and they were set ablaze. Before bolting from the house, Willow picked up the note Chelsea had left for Bo and left the hairbrush that she had confiscated at the Penthouse Grill. Luckily, Hope and the baby escaped from the house without injury. The fire was extinguished, but Bo realized it hadn't been an accident and wondered who had lit the match.

Jed hid the check from E.J. under Willow's mattress as he had been told, but E.J. found the check and destroyed it. When Willow went to retrieve the check at the end of the day, she saw it was gone.

Sami asked Nick to forge a lab report saying Lucas was the father of her baby. He refused but said he'd get her a blank report that she could fill in herself. He pulled through for Sami and gave her the report, but E.J. stopped her in the corridor, and she was forced to hide the damning document. Pushed to the brink, Sami fainted, and the report fluttered a few feet away. When Sami awoke, she retrieved the paper, thinking no one had seen her slip it into her clothes, but, in fact, E.J. had.

Chelsea took refuge for the night in Max's garage after Jed, who happened to be there, opened a window in the back, sneaked inside, and opened the door. Later, Bo called her, and she told him she was leaving town by bus.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Billie and Bo feared that Chelsea was the cause of the fire but didn't immediately tell Hope the reason why. Hope pressed until Billie revealed her one-night stand with Nick. Hope and Billie faced off, but Bo interceded and said he thought they needed to talk to Chelsea before they assumed anything. They took Billie back to her apartment. Meanwhile, Bo got a call from Abby saying Chelsea was at the garage.

At the garage, Nick arrived, and Chelsea ripped into him, saying she wanted nothing to do with him. Nick, trying to prove he was in her corner, offered to give her money to get out of town, if that was what she wanted. Chelsea agreed, but Bo's arrival stopped her.

Later, while Hope comforted a distraught Billie, Bo confronted Chelsea on whether or not she had started the fire.

Shawn and Belle arrived on Tinda Lau, where they met a crusty old ex-Marine bar owner and his sexy daughter, Gabriella. They found a doctor, who gave Claire the antibiotics she needed. Gabriella overheard Shawn and Belle talking about being on the run and pressed them for the reason they were on the island. They sold her a cover story, and Gabriella seemingly bought it. She found out Shawn was good with boats and cars and convinced her dad to let them stay in one of the guest rooms. Shawn and Belle were relieved not to be on the run for a while.

Kate found Philip at St. Luke's, where he was praying for Claire. He admitted he felt like a failure for not finding his daughter. Kate encouraged him to stop living by Victor's standards and to be his own man. She appealed to him to return to his "other" family: Kate, Billie, and Lucas. Philip didn't think there was any place left for him with the Roberts clan. Kate invited Philip to dinner with the family, and he considered the offer.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Steve was not happy when Kayla visited him at the state hospital. She told him she had seen E.J.'s name on the guest registry and inquired what that was about. Steve had no comment and said he wished Kayla would just leave him "the hell alone," for her own good. Kayla wasn't about to back down and threatened to tell Stephanie about what was going on with him. In a huge moment, an angry Steve grabbed Kayla, pretended to hold a knife to her back, and escaped from the hospital.

Billie, with Sami and Lucas, breathed a sigh of relief when Chelsea returned home after a rough night at the police station. Chelsea, however, wanted nothing to do with Billie -- the "addict, backstabbing slut."

Meanwhile, Billie was shocked when Steve showed up at her apartment.

Belle and Shawn were thrilled because Claire's fever had broken, and she seemed to be on the mend. Gabby offered to let the trio stay at the hotel, but Shawn refused the offer. Belle and Shawn were welcome to stay at the hotel if Shawn was willing to work on her boat. Shawn agreed on the condition that Duck said it was cool. Much to Shawn's surprise, Duck gave it the thumbs-up. Gabby seemed very interested in Shawn.

E.J. admitted to Willow that he had taken back the check because the last thing he needed was a paper trail. He wanted nothing to do with Willow and warned her to keep her mouth shut. Willow, however, wasn't concerned about the cops. She had set up someone else to take the fall.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Billie realized Steve had escaped from the state mental hospital, and he needed her help to get out of town. E.J. arrived, unaware Steve was there, and asked Billie to the Penthouse Grill. She claimed she was busy having a heart-to-heart talk with Chelsea. When E.J. went to the Grill later, though, he saw Chelsea with Sami and learned from the girl that there had been no heart-to-heart. Knowing Billie had lied, E.J. returned to her apartment and called her on it -- while Steve hid from him in the shadows.

At the Penthouse Grill, Chelsea told her troubles to Sami, who was very sympathetic. Sami even asked Chelsea to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. During the talk, Sami received a note and raced to the ladies' room. E.J. noticed and asked Chelsea why Sami had gone running off. Chelsea shrugged; she had no idea.

Later, however, E.J. spotted Celeste sneaking out of the restaurant, and he surmised that she and Sami had had some sort of discussion. Sure enough, Celeste had met with Sami in the ladies' room and warned her that Stefano was obsessed with her baby and thought it was a "gift from God." Celeste feared that if Sami was, indeed, carrying E.J.'s child, the DiMeras would take it from her.

Kayla had informed Roman of Steve's escape from the mental hospital. He suggested Steve might be with Billie, but when Kayla called her, Billie lied and claimed she had the flu and hadn't seen anyone. Kayla offered Roman the theory that Steve was with E.J., and the two went to question him. E.J. seemed genuinely surprised when he heard Steve had escaped and denied any part in it. He thought if Kayla wanted to find Steve, she should ask Billie. By day's end, a depleted Kayla admitted she needed Marlena's psychological help.

E.J. met with a doctor and found out that Stefano's transplant had gone well but that he was having problems with his white blood count and might need to find a bone marrow donor.

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