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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 9, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, April 9, 2007

Celeste helps Sami realize the only option she has left is to kill E.J. She lays out her plan: Sami will meet E.J. at the cabin, then plant a kiss on him... wearing a drugged lipstick. E.J. will pass out, and then they'll douse him in gasoline and set the place on fire. Sami gives in and agrees to help Celeste murder E.J.

Meanwhile, Lucas shows Kate the doctored accounting records and wants to call the SEC. Kate refuses, asking Lucas to keep his mouth shut for his own good. Kate tells Lucas that E.J. said there wouldn't be a wedding, and she believes something is going on between E.J. and Sami. Lucas snaps; he won't fall for this again. He believes in Sami. Later, Lucas returns home to Sami, and she seduces him, knowing this is the last night of peace before she becomes a murderer. Meanwhile, Kate confronts E.J. about the books, and he assures her he has them both covered.

Philip confronts E.J. about hiring Willow to rob Bo and Hope's house. E.J. is forced to tell Philip his plan to install Sentrycell in Bo's house so he can track down Shawn. Philip suggests they break into Bo's house and install it themselves. Philip has two demands: E.J. can't ever hurt Billie, and E.J. must tell Philip the second he gets anything on Belle and Claire's location. E.J. agrees to Philip's terms. Later Philip calls Billie to find out how Sentrycell works.

Steve continues to hide his medication and pretend he's taking his pills. Kayla arrives with word from Stephanie: she's in love. Kayla wants Steve to write an emailed response rather than calling. Discussion of Stephanie being in love brings back memories of their own relationship. Later, Steve wants to give up on the email but Kayla breaks through his defenses by telling him that true love is always a risk, but a risk worth taking.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

E.J. and Philip pose as electricians to get into Bo and Hope's house. They secretly place cameras and load Billie's cell phone surveillance program on the computer. They usher out a painter, who gets suspicious and calls Bo.

Bo and Kayla argue over the value of the evidence she brought back from Stefano's hospital room in Italy. She wants the cops to move on E.J. Bo says her evidence won't stand up in court. She storms out and drives away and two cars force her off the road!

Bo gets the call from the painter and arrives at his house while E.J. and Philip are still inside. Bo tells the painter to call the police for back-up. Bo goes inside, searches the house and is about to find Philip and E.J. when a cop comes in and tells him Kayla's been in an accident. Bo leaves, telling the cop to wait for back-up and then to search the house. E.J. and Philip are able to get away. Later, they happily discover the surveillance package is working an dwarn one another not to violate their agreement. Meanwhile, Bo is at Kayla's hospital bedside and she manages to let him know she was forced off the road.

Marlena goes to see Steve, but he is hostile and uninterested in her help. She tells him she suggested to Dr. Ella Kraft that they bring in a de-programmer to reverse the effects of his brainwashing. , Steve has no use for any more psychological techniques. As she's leaving, Marlena gets a call about Kayla's "accident." She tells Steve, who acts indifferent. Later, Steve gets a bar of lye soap and uses it to raise his temperature so that he is sent to the ER at University Hospital, where Kayla is.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Chelsea gets a surprise when Bo apologizes for not being a better father. He says they know Willow is responsible for the fire and the hairbrush will prove she's guilty. He tells Chelsea he trusts her and wants her to move in with him, Hope and Ciara. Chelsea is thrilled. Meanwhile, Nick worries about the hairbrush.

E.J. visits Kayla at the hospital, where he subtly threatens her. Sami arrives just as E.J. is leaving. E.J. looks forward to their rendezvous at the cabin and then later getting married in Vegas. Sami plays along, telling him she'll break things off with Lucas tomorrow. E.J. hopes she'll keep her word and not be foolish, like Kayla. Meanwhile, Lucas plans a romantic surprise for Sami.

At the hospital, Steve drugs the cop who's watching him, then cuffs him to the bed and escapes to Kayla's room. He thinks the car accident was all E.J.'s doing. Steve tells Kayla he'll show everyone E.J. has no control over him and takes off. Kayla calls Bo to inform him that Steve is running free and might kill E.J. Sami is pleased by the idea.

Lucas confronts E.J. with the papers proving his shady bookkeeping at Mythic. E.J. doesn't seem to be bothered. When Lucas says E.J. will lose his credibility, E.J. asks what he wants from him. Lucas wants E.J. to stay away from Sami. E.J. agrees. Later, Steve attacks E.J. and warns him never to touch Kayla. Bo pays E.J. a visit, and despite his bruises, Wells reports he hasn't seen Steve.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hope is in Kayla's hospital room when E.J. arrives. E.J. claims he had nothing to do with running Kayla off the road. Hope and Kayla don't believe him. E.J. asks Hope how Shawn is and pretends to be concerned. After E.J. leaves, Hope expresses her fear that he knows Roman and Bo are waiting to get a statement from Shawn. Later, Kayla goes to see Steve and reminds him he promised to take his meds and leave E.J. alone. Since he hasn't done that, she is going to tell Stephanie everything.

Bo confronts Steve about roughing up E.J. Steve denies ever leaving the hospital, but Bo knows his friend did it. The only reason E.J. didn't press charges is because he can't get to Steve in jail. Later, Hope alerts Bo to E.J.'s interest in Shawn. Recalling the mysterious electricians, Bo and Hope rush home and search the house for bugs. They come up empty, but decide to have Roman and the police take a closer look.

Meanwhile, E.J. pays Will two hundred dollars to help him hook up his video converter. Later, E.J. turns on the converter and sees the video feed from the cameras in Bo and Hope's house.

When Gabby and Shawn return from working on the boat, Belle asks when they'll be able to leave. Shawn says no sooner than a month. The sheriff shows up with a flyer that Philip posted on the island with their picture on it and a reward for $250,000. The sheriff suggests they get off the island right away. Gabby offers Shawn and Belle her savings so they can leave sooner as long as they take her with them!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Belle tells Shawn she doesn't want Gabby going with them to Australia. Shawn argues Gabby will pool her money with theirs, thereby allowing them to leave the island sooner. Belle still resists and finally admits she's afraid Shawn wants Gabby in his bed. Shawn insists his only interest in Gabby is that she'll get them to Australia faster. Once they arrive there, Shawn will make it clear that Gabby is no longer welcome. With this promise, Belle agrees Gabby can accompany them to Australia.

Nick admits to Abby he stole Chelsea's hairbrush from the lab. He knows the lab will look irresponsible for losing police evidence, but if he puts the brush back, they'll find Chelsea's DNA on it. He's also afraid the only reason Chelsea's being affectionate with him again is because he swiped the brush for her. Nick then reveals he thinks Chelsea may indeed be guilty of the crime. Abby advises him to put the brush back, but before he can, Chelsea enters and gives Nick a huge kiss. Nick's lab supervisor, Dr. Parsons, then shows up, informing Nick the brush is missing.

At the mental hospital, Steve stands up for the patients, telling Ella the food stinks and they deserve better. They deserve a lot of things they're not getting. When Ella leaves to speak to her superior, Steve uses her computer to order pizza for the group, further endearing himself to them. Afterwards, he gets into it with the orderly Foley, who threatens him with his bully stick. They're interrupted by the arrival of the pizza, and a furious Foley glares at Steve.

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