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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 16, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, April 16, 2007

Shawn tells Gabby she's welcome to travel with him, Belle and Claire to Australia Shawn makes it clear that when they arrive, she's on her own. Belle asks Duck if there's any mail for her or Shawn. They sent a letter weeks ago and are anxiously awaiting a response. When Duck replies he doesn't remember a letter to Salem leaving the hotel, Belle is concerned. She tells Shawn about it and wonders if Gabby destroyed the letter, hoping to keep Shawn on the island; Duck warned her to watch out for Gabby and who would know Gabby better than her own father?

Steve's internet pizza order arrives. As he and his new friends feast, Foley forks over the money to pay for it, furious that Steve used Dr. Kraft's laptop without permission. Foley is about to use his truncheon on Steve when Ella intervenes. After Ella leaves, Foley and another orderly lock Steve in the common room to teach him a lesson he won't forget...

Abby informs Chelsea that Nick stole her incriminating hairbrush from the hospital lab; he is risking his future to prevent her from being framed. Chelsea's aware and says she isn't worried because she and Nick disposed of the brush.

Maggie informs Max he isn't to see Abby anymore. When Abby runs into Max at Chez Rouge, he tells her he thinks they should remain friends, nothing more.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sami tells Celeste she doesn't think she can go through with their plan to kill E.J., but Celeste insists. When Sami finds two hundred dollars in Will's backpack, he tells her that E.J. paid him to set up some video equipment. After Will leaves, Celeste says there's no part of Sami's life E.J. won't destroy unless they kill him. Celeste will drive her to the cabin, she'll have the poison lipstick and she's already hidden a can of gasoline. They'll burn down the cabin with E.J. inside it together.

Meanwhile, E.J. tells Lucas and Kate he's leaving town for a couple of weeks to get married. He's in love with a woman who wasn't available until now, and he's taking her to Vegas and then on a honeymoon. He dumps a ton of extra work on Lucas, who is sure E.J.'s just trying to interfere with his and Sami's wedding. After Lucas leaves, Kate wants to know what E.J. is up to. He insists he's telling the truth, and tells Kate the woman's name is Brandy Mathas. He spells it carefully so Kate can Google her. Later, Lucas returns home to have their wedding announcement photo taken and surprises Sami by revealing he's booked them into a fancy hotel suite for the night. Sami tries to get out of it, but Lucas won't take no for an answer. E.J. leaves a message on Sami's voicemail, warning her not to disappoint him.

Chelsea has lured Max to Bo and Hope's house with a fake story about her car not starting. When he gets there, she claims it's working now, but convinces him to come in for a beer. She gushes about being invited to live with Bo and Hope. Max knows how much it means to her. She flirts with him and gets him to tell her how Maggie warned him to stay away from Abby. Chelsea thinks Maggie's right; Abby is too young for Max -- but she's not. Max scoffs. Chelsea says she's changed, and tries to prove it with a kiss.

Nick is summoned to a hospital room where he discovers Willow. She says she just wanted a visitor, which she hasn't had at the jail. She reminds Nick he promised to be her friend, and plays on his sympathy by telling him how alone she is in Salem. She's counting on Nick and his colleagues to prove she wasn't the one who set the fire at Bo and Hope's house. She hopes Nick will give her the same second chance he gave Chelsea. Guilty Nick says he will. But as he's leaving, he bumps into Roman, who heard the hairbrush is missing and thinks they both know what happened to it.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Time is running out for Sami, who's trying to leave the hotel suite without arousing Lucas' suspicions and get to the cabin by nine o'clock. Celeste rides to Sami's rescue, and convinces her to use the atrophine-laced lipstick on Lucas to knock him out. Sami is torn over drugging the man she loves.

While playing a board game with Will, Kate realizes Brandy Mathas is an anagram for Samantha Brady! She races to the hotel, where she inadvertently interrupts Sami before she can kiss Lucas. Kate drags Lucas out into the hallway and tells him Sami is planning on eloping with E.J. tonight! Lucas doesn't buy it. Sami, meanwhile, eavesdrops on their conversation, and realizes what she has to do. Lucas tells Kate off and returns to the room, where Sami, against her better judgment, finally kisses him, drugging him.

E.J. is heading out to meet Sami when he gets waylaid by Philip. Philip says he knows about E.J. leaving town and wants the converter and cell phone to spy on Bo and Hope. E.J. relents and gives Philip the equipment. He then points Philip to Will to teach him how to use it. E.J. leaves for the cabin, while Kate finds out from Will that Philip and E.J. stopped by to talk to him. Kate confronts Philip regarding what he's up to with E.J.

Max pushes Chelsea off of him and asks where this is coming from. Chelsea breaks down and tells Max that Abby never came to her about Nick and Billie. Max convinces her to be her own hero and stop blaming everyone else for her problems. Chelsea agrees to let Abby off the hook.

Meanwhile, Roman tells Nick he believes Willow stole the hairbrush, but a search of the room reveals no brush. Nick jumps to Willow's defense, and Roman gives him an earful about trusting the girl. Willow tells Nick she thinks Chelsea stole the brush. Nick promises Willow he'll visit again, and we see his guilt is eating him alive.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sami is panicked after Lucas passes out from the tainted lipstick. E.J. calls her, and she tries to buy more time, to no avail. If she isn't there by 9PM, the deal is off. Sami tries desperately to move Lucas to the bed to make it look like he's sleeping, but she can't lift him. She calls Celeste, who arrives to help. Celeste then rushes Sami to the cabin just as E.J. is about to spill the beans to Lucas's voice mail. Sami tries to kiss him and knock him out, but E.J. grabs her arm and shoots her a devilish look. He's onto her.

Kate lectures Philip about the dangers of getting involved with E.J. She wonders what Philip and E.J. are working on together, and he tells her about the security system they installed in Bo and Hope's house. Now they're just waiting for word on Shawn's whereabouts. Kate doesn't want Philip to give E.J. any information regarding Shawn because it'd be like signing Shawn's death certificate. Philip agrees. Kate tells Philip she suspects Sami and E.J. are on their way to get married in Vegas. Philip calls Sami and Lucas' hotel room and gets no answer, so he and Kate gun it to the hotel.

From her hospital bed, Willow accuses Chelsea and Nick of being in cahoots about the missing hairbrush. Chelsea counters, saying Willow is the one to blame for the fire and theft at the Brady house. The two girls exchange some harsh words with Nick stuck in the middle. Willow thinks Nick is covering for Chelsea because he's in love with her. She warns Nick to watch out for Chelsea – she's bad news. Chelsea takes offense and lashes out at Willow. Later, in a private moment, Chelsea tells Nick she doesn't want to see him anymore. Nick is devastated. He goes back into Willow's room and tries to explain he had nothing to do with the missing brush. She doesn't want to hear it and tells him to leave. Nick, however, wants to stay; he wants to be Willow's friend.

Belle is upset when she overhears Shawn and Gabby making plans to get together later. Later, Belle and Shawn argue about Gabby. Gabby stops by and asks Shawn to talk to Duck for her since he didn't take it very well when she said she was leaving for Australia. Shawn tries to convince Duck that Gabby needs to get away for a while. Duck informs him Gabby isn't planning on coming back to Tinda Lau. Meanwhile, Belle sets Gabby straight and says she and Shawn are a couple, despite how it may look sometimes.

Friday, April 20, 2007

E.J. doesn't completely buy Sami's show of affection and searches her for evidence that she's in cahoots with the police. Sami does what she can to convince him she's on the level, when a call comes in from Kate. She is worried Sami and E.J. have harmed Lucas and have run off together. Trying to trap Sami, E.J. tells Kate he's going to give her the whole scoop on him and Samantha. Freaked that E.J. will spill the beans, Sami tackles him, knocking him onto the couch. She then gives him a wallop of a kiss, which renders him unconscious.

Celeste enters, calling out Sami's name. Iit's time to finish E.J. off. Sami hesitates, not sure she can kill E.J. Celeste finally convinces her that her happiness depends on E.J. dying, and Sami agrees to go through with it. Celeste pours gasoline all over E.J. and throughout the cabin, hands Sami a match and exits. Sami stands over E.J., saying she didn't want to do this, but he forced her hand. With that, she strikes the match.

Kate tells Philip when she was on the call with E.J., she heard what sounded like a struggle and a crash. She also heard someone call out Sami's name. Then, the phone went dead. She's certain something is wrong, and in the end, takes off to find Roman so he can get to the bottom of it.

Stephanie returns to Salem, where Kayla tells her the specifics about Steve's condition. Kayla is hoping Stephanie will be able to persuade her dad to rat out E.J. to the cops, thus freeing Steve from E.J.'s hold. Dr. Ella Kraft arrives, demanding to know why Kayla pulled her from Steve's case. Kayla says she wasn't responsible for the change and doesn't know why it was made. Ella thinks someone nefarious has infiltrated the state hospital, someone who's now calling all the shots, and she fears for Steve's life.

Stephanie tells Abby about her new boyfriend. He's got a criminal record and has taught her to live on the wild side.

Belle informs Gabby that despite having twin beds in her room, she and Shawn are a couple. She wants Gabby to stay away from him. Gabby contends she has no designs on Shawn, no secrets, but Belle calls her on this, mentioning the baby carriage she found in Gabby's closet. Gabby admits she had a child who died but says no more than this. Later, while alone with Shawn, she tells him about her conversation with Belle. Duck tells Shawn the last time Gabby left the island, she came back pregnant.

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