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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 23, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, April 23, 2007

Kate charges into Chez Rouge on a tear and confronts Roman and Abe. She has reason to believe Sami abandoned Lucas in the hotel suite and ran off with E.J. Wells! Roman and Abe dismiss her concerns as more anti-Sami hysteria. Kate makes a personal appeal to Roman to humor her and return to the hotel with her to at least confirm Lucas is all right. Roman agrees but changes his mind when Kayla and Stephanie arrive with news that Steve is willing to help put E.J. away. An angry Kate has no choice but to return to the hotel and save Lucas herself!

Meanwhile, Sami contemplates tossing a lighted match on to E.J.'s gasoline soaked body, but ultimately realizes she's not a murderer. She is about to leave E.J. when he regains consciousness, and she has no choice but to kiss him with the drug-tainted lipstick, whereupon he passes out again. Sami and Celeste are about to make a clean getaway when the cabin explodes, and they hear E.J. calling out for help from inside.

Shawn calls Belle on her possessiveness; she told Gabby they're a couple but she still won't let him in her bed. Shawn is understandably confused, while Belle is at a loss to explain why she doesn't trust him enough to have a loving and sexual relationship. Gabby pretends to have trouble with her GPS device, luring Shawn into her room.

Belle dreams her father visits and advises her to open her heart and learn to trust. When Belle finds Shawn in Gabby's room with a lipstick smear on his cheek, she freaks, assuming they were fooling around. Shawn denies and tells Belle she was right about Gabby; the girl definitely has an agenda. Belle shuts Shawn out; he goes downstairs to sleep leaving Belle with second thoughts about trusting him. Determined to give him a second chance, she returns to Gabby's room. But when she overhears laughter, she jumps to the conclusion that Gabby and Shawn are having sex.

Kayla takes Stephanie to visit her father and both women are horrified to find Steve a bruised and bloodied mess in the aftermath of Foley's beating. Stephanie makes a passionate plea that he fight to get himself out of the mental hospital by cooperating with the police, telling them everything he knows about E.J. Wells. Steve agrees. Kayla and Stephanie leave to tell Bo and Roman the good news. Meanwhile, Steve is visited by Dr. Granger, who shows him a devil tarot card and intones... "You're still one of us..."

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sami and Celeste are outside the cabin, which has somehow burst into flames. Sami hears E.J. inside, calling for her to help him. She tries to go back in but can't get through the flames. Celeste pulls her away, saying it's over. They hear sirens coming closer and Celeste insists they have to get out of there right away.

Kate is outside the hotel suite where Lucas is in a drugged sleep thanks to Sami's kiss. Kate takes an axe to the door, but it doesn't give way. A porter finally opens the door for her. At first Kate thinks Lucas is dead, but he stirs awake and looks for Sami. Kate says she ran off with E.J., but then she comes out of the bathroom in a robe, freshly showered. Kate is stunned. Lucas tells her she's losing her mind. Kate, however, insists Sami was with E.J. when he called her. Lucas tells Kate he wants her out of his life until she gets some help. After she's gone, Lucas and Sami embrace, but she can't stop thinking about the fire.

Kayla and Stephanie tell Bo that Steve is ready to testify against E.J. Meanwhile, Granger is using electroshock therapy to get Steve back in line. When Kayla, Bo and Stephanie arrive, Steve denies ever saying he would turn on E.J. Kayla sees evidence he was shocked and goes out with Bo to confront Granger. He tells them the court put him in complete charge of Steve's therapy. He's not going to consult with Kayla; in fact, he's not going to let Steve have visitors at all! Meanwhile, Stephanie begs Steve to tell her what happened, but he refuses, even denies that he loves her and tells her to grow up. She leaves in tears and Granger comes back in, telling Steve he did well.

Shawn discovers Belle and Claire are gone. He finds a letter from Belle saying she can't be with him anymore; she doesn't know if she'll ever give him what he wants and can't ask him to wait any longer. She's taking Claire home. Gabby tells Shawn no one's seen Belle and Claire so he assumes they've left the island. She thinks it's her fault Belle left because Belle saw her lipstick on Shawn's cheek. Shawn says Gabby made him realize Belle is the only woman he's ever loved, and he has to tell her. Gabby's sure they're still on the island, and she'll help him find them.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sami tells Lucas how her meltdowns of the last few weeks are a thing of the past. She wants to start their life together, and since she feels like she's been given a miracle, she wants to give back by rebuilding homes during their honeymoon. Lucas is shocked, but says he will give her whatever she wants. They make love, while Sami ignores the fact that across town, the cabin is burning to the ground.

Stephanie makes her opinion known to Bo and Kayla that she's sick of letting her dad run their lives. It's time for some tough love! Kayla and Bo respectfully disagree, and Stephanie states she can't deal with her mom wasting her life over a man who won't help himself. She races off, and Kayla laments the toll this is taking on her family.

Sami and Lucas and Bo and Kayla get phone calls regarding the fire at the cabin. They race up there, and Sami is horrified to learn E.J. wasn't found in the remains of the cabin. He's still alive!

While Shawn and Gabby are out hunting for Belle and Claire, Belle returns with a phone and calls Marlena. Mother and daughter are thrilled to hear each other, and Belle tells Marlena about the fight with Shawn. Marlena convinces her to be upfront with him. Belle gives her mom their contact information and tells her about her dream about John. Belle later finds flowers from Charlie to Gabby, and she realizes it wasn't Shawn who Gabby slept with. Gabby catches her and reads her the riot act for disappearing. Shawn returns, and Belle tells him she wants to lay all their cards on the table.

Marlena takes care of John and worries about whether or not she's losing him, as she hasn't dreamt about him lately. But when Belle tells her about her dream of seeing the Italian coin in John's hand, Marlena opens John's fist and finds the missing coin.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bo informs Kayla, Lucas and Sami that E.J. is missing. Back at their hotel suite, Lucas and Sami wonder what happened to Wells. Sami is on edge, especially after she answers a call to a heavy breather. Later, a horrified Sami discovers a partially burned gas can in her bed and hides it from Lucas.

Marlena visits Hope and reports that Belle called. Hope stops her from revealing more since she fears the house may still be bugged. She and Marlena continue their conversation on the porch, where Marlena reveals the kids are in Tinda Lau. Hope calls Bo to relay the information. Bo returns home, where a friend from the FBI hands him a bag of tiny cameras and microphones he found in the house. Bo realizes it's Billie's security system.

Kayla tells Bo she needs to break Steve out of the mental hospital, and she'll do it on her own, if that's what it takes.

Belle and Shawn finally mend fences. She apologizes for the way she's treated him, especially after all he's done for her and Claire. Shawn says he can't live without Belle and Claire. Belle confesses she called her mom. Much to her surprise, Shawn doesn't lash out. In a huge moment, they share a passionate kiss -- and then they make love!

Philip scans surveillance footage from Bo and Hope's house, which managed to capture the moment Marlena told Hope about Shawn and Belle's location.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Sami shows Celeste the empty gas can she found in her bed. It means E.J. is alive; he knows she tried to kill him and he's coming after her. Sami begs Celeste to use her connections to the DiMeras to reach out to E.J., convince him Sami made a mistake. She'll do anything if he'll just leave her alone. Celeste doubts he'll listen to her, and suggests Sami tell Lucas the truth. Sami says it's too late for that now; she's been lying for too long. Celeste reluctantly agrees, and later makes a mysterious phone call.

Kate finds Lucas waiting for Sami at Chez Rouge and tells him she needs his help: with E.J. missing, the business is falling apart. Lucas can't believe she would ask him for help after what happened at the hotel. He doesn't care if Mythic collapses; he knows Kate's so-called "crisis" is really about Sami. Kate admits she thinks Sami knows where E.J. is and wants Lucas to ask her. Lucas refuses, but when Sami arrives, Kate asks the question herself. She knows Sami was at the cabin and suspects she drugged Lucas so he'd be unconscious while she was away. A stricken Sami runs into the ladies' room, where she finds E.J. in a stall, looking dead.

Shawn and Belle bask in the afterglow of making love, until they get a call from Bo and Hope. Hope tells Shawn she thinks Willow is telling the truth about him being the father of her baby. Hope says she'll look after Willow and the baby until Shawn gets home.

Bo shows Billie the remnants of her security system, which were discovered in his house. Billie insists she doesn't know anything about it. Bo believes her, but thinks E.J. planted it, and he scolds her for getting involved with him in the first place. Billie thinks Philip is the culprit since he was asking questions about how to set it up -- and has since left the country. Bo fears Philip knows where Shawn and Belle are, and alerts his son to leave Tinda Lau at once. Belle wants to stay and fight, but Shawn doesn't think it's fair to Claire.

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