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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 7, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, May 7, 2007

In front of Foley, Steve blurts out that Adrienne's his sister. As Bo and Kayla listen from their surveillance vehicle parked outside the hospital, Adrienne covers. Once Foley leaves, she tells Steve she's wearing a wire. She gives him the earpiece and he hears Kayla telling him to do as Adrienne asks; she's going to try to get him out of there. Dr. Granger and E.J. return. E.J. busts Adrienne for wearing the wire. E.J. and Granger are about to take Steve when the other patients rally around their friend and allow Adrienne and Steve the opportunity to escape.

Belle freaks when she sees that Duck shot Shawn to prevent him from leaving with Claire. With Shawn and Belle incapacitated, Philip takes Claire. He is about to leave with her when Belle blocks his path. Philip isn't fazed and reminds Shawn and Belle about the dirty tricks they played to steal Claire from him in the first place. Too weak to stop him, Shawn begs Philip not to do this. Philip tells him he wishes there were another way and then hurries out with Claire. Belle runs after him, leaving Shawn to be tended by a doctor. Once he's bandaged, Shawn wants to go after Philip but realizes he'll need help. Gabby feels responsible for what happened and offers to go with him. Shawn gratefully accepts and they start out.

Sami is preparing for her wedding when Celeste arrives with news that Kate stole the speeding ticket with Sami and E.J.'s picture. Celeste strongly advises Sami to bite the bullet -- tell Lucas the whole truth while she still has the chance! Sami tries to take Celeste's advice, but Lucas won't let her get into what he subconsciously knows will rip them apart. He assures her he loves her no matter what. Lucas leaves for the church with Will, leaving a wistful Sami muttering that at least she tried.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

As Sami gets ready in the bride's room, she frets about marrying Lucas with a secret hanging over her head. Marlena finally convinces her to unburden herself to Lucas, but when Sami starts to tell him the truth, he stops her. He doesn't need a confession from her. Nothing she can say will change his feelings about her. Lucas exits, still in the dark, and the wedding begins. When the priest reaches the part of the ceremony where he asks, "if there's anyone here who objects to this union, speak now or hold your peace," Sami looks out at the guests -- and her eye catches both Kate and E.J. at the back of the church.

E.J. pays off two thugs to do an unspoken deed for him. Meanwhile, Steve and Kayla are holed up in a hotel room. Steve has spent a rough night with a deprogrammer but progress has obviously been made since he is able to connect to Kayla once again, kissing her and asking her to make love. But before they can, there's a knock on the door. Kayla thinks it's the deprogrammer returning, but she's told it's "room service." It turns out to be E.J.'s thugs -- who attempt to break the door down.

Willow lets Billie in on her theory -- that Nick stole the hairbrush from the hospital lab that was found at the scene of the arson fire. Willow contends that Nick swiped the brush because it belongs to Chelsea. Billie questions Chelsea about this. Chelsea covers, saying Willow is lying.

At the church, Nick tells Stephanie he and Chelsea have broken up. She flirts with him -- and also with Max, asking the two men to be her dates for the wedding.

Shawn contacts Bo and tells him about Philip showing up on the island and taking Claire. After a tender good-bye between Bo and Hope, he leaves for Tinda Lau, intent on helping his son get his daughter back.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

E.J. walks into Sami and Lucas' wedding and for a moment, it looks like he's going to stop it. But he doesn't, much to Kate's horror and Sami's relief. Sami and Lucas are pronounced man and wife!

Later, Kate confronts E.J. about why he didn't stop the wedding, and he says he left that up to her, at the reception. Everyone heads over to Chez Rouge, where everything goes wonderfully until Marlena presents Sami with a wedding gift: a video of photos of her and Lucas over the years. As the video plays, the speeding ticket photo of Sami and E.J. pops up. The room is stunned. Kate points the finger at Sami, accusing her of helping E.J. escape the night he shot John! A devastated Sami sinks to the ground, begging Lucas to hear her out, swearing to her family they don't know the whole story.

Steve and Kayla are attacked by the thugs. Although they try to fight them off, E.J.'s men manage to knock Steve out and race off with him. Kayla calls Roman, who leaves the wedding and goes to the hotel. He promises Kayla they'll get the goods on E.J., but she won't wait anymore. She sends Roman back to the wedding. Taking matters into her own hands, Kayla steals a cordless drill and heads off to E.J.'s apartment. E.J., meanwhile, meets with Steve in the warehouse about his next assignment. Steve learns he's going to Tinda Lau to stop Shawn from signing the papers against E.J., and then he's ordered to kill Bo!

Billie confronts Nick over whether or not he stole the hairbrush. Nick dodges the question. In the car ride from the church to the reception, Stephanie and Chelsea decide to show Nick a little something about living life to the fullest. Chelsea drives down a long stretch of road, while Stephanie leans out of the sun roof. But when the cops pull them over, Chelsea slams on the brakes and Stephanie flies out of the car into the street!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sami is devastated as her secret is exposed to the entire wedding party. Kate demands Lucas leave with her now that he knows Sami's been lying. Lucas shocks them all by asking Sami if she still wants to be his wife. When she tearfully says yes, he sweeps her up and carries her to the door, where E.J. is waiting. Lucas sets her down. Sami confronts E.J. -- and she punches him out!

Kate tells E.J. he blew it, but he says it's not over yet, and reveals that he slept with Sami that night and her baby might be his. Meanwhile, Lucas takes Sami home, and reveals that he's known all along that E.J. helped Sami save his life in the cabin. He doesn't care. He knows his life with Sami will be crazy but that's why he loves her. She tells him there's something he doesn't know. She admits she had sex with E.J. that night and the baby could be his.

Hope calls Roman at the wedding and tells him Kayla is not at the hotel. Roman confronts E.J. about Steve's abduction. E.J. denies any involvement. Meanwhile, Kayla has stolen a drill from the hotel and breaks into E.J.'s apartment. She searches the apartment and finds the atlas with Tinda Lau circled. Roman and Hope arrive and Kayla shows them the map. She thinks that's where E.J. sent Steve. Hope gets a call that Stephanie's in the hospital and Kayla starts out as E.J. arrives. He wants Roman to arrest her for breaking and entering, but Roman refuses, vowing that E.J.'s the one he's going to arrest.

Nick visits with Stephanie, who's in the hospital with a concussion. Nick tells her she's crazy, while she accuses him of being a chicken. She advises him to just come out and tell Chelsea how he feels. Stephanie says she lost her cell phone and sends him back to the church to look for it when in reality she still has it. Meanwhile, Chelsea gets two tickets and a lecture from the patrol cop, who thinks she, of all people, should know cars are dangerous. Later, Stephanie sends Chelsea off after Nick to talk things out. Chelsea runs into Billie. She expects another lecture, but Billie understands, and they have a warm moment. Chelsea finds Nick at the church and they agree they need to talk. Meanwhile, Kayla arrives at Stephanie's room and angrily tells her if she's going to cause even more problems, she should just go back to Dayton.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Shawn and Gabby are exhausted after a failed search for Claire and Belle. Shawn refuses to give up but is almost overwhelmed by the odds. Just as he wishes he had someone to help them, Bo walks in. Bo organizes the search and gets Gabby to find a dog that can track Claire's scent.

Philip returns to a cave where Belle and Claire are waiting. He brings supplies for Claire, saying he'll get more once he knows his boat is ready. Belle pleads to be allowed to go with Claire, but Philip refuses. Belle almost convinces Philip to go back to the hotel and talk to Shawn when Philip gets a call saying the boat is ready. Philip tells Belle he and Claire are leaving. Belle can come, too, but they are not stopping to talk to Shawn. While Philip is out, Belle finds Gabby's GPS system and discovers it's working. Shawn soon arrives, but his reunion with Belle and Claire is interrupted by Philip's return.

Sami tells Lucas the truth about the night he was pinned under a beam at the mountain cabin. E.J. only agreed to help save Lucas if Sami would have sex with him. Sami is stunned when Lucas is on her side, saying that E.J. raped her. Lucas can't understand why Sami didn't tell him what was going on. Sami confesses she thought Lucas would walk out on her. Lucas realizes her fear came from years of him doing just that and he apologizes. Sami gives Lucas the option of leaving if the baby turns out to be E.J.'s. Lucas won't even consider it. The baby is also Sami's and that's enough reason for him to love it.

Nick and Chelsea realize Stephanie sent them to the church so they can finally talk things out. As Willow eavesdrops from the back of the church, Nick tells Chelsea he's going to be a better man for her -- if she'll let him. Chelsea admits she's acted childish, and the two agree to handle their problems like adults from now on. Nick decides to put his heart on the line and professes his love for Chelsea. Before the couple can bond any further, a scheming Willow calls Nick on his cell phone and begs him to meet her outside. Nick leaves Chelsea inside the church to speak with Willow, who claims she has nowhere to stay and manipulates him into giving her money. Once Nick goes back inside, Chelsea admits she loves him, too, and Nick promises not to mess things up again.

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