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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 14, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, May 14, 2007

At the cave, Philip demands Shawn and Belle hand over Claire. Philip and Shawn get into a physical struggle, and Philip gets the best of a still-wounded Shawn. Philip warns Belle that if she doesn't come with him right now, he'll take off with Claire on his own. A torn Belle leaves for the boat with Philip but not before shouting out a clue to Shawn: "God punishes sinners!"

Bo arrives at the cave and takes Shawn back to the hotel. Gabby figures out Belle's secret message – the initials stand for GPS, meaning she has the tracking device with her. Shawn uses a computer to track the signal and realizes Philip is heading to Australia. Gabby says there are amateur pilots on the island; perhaps they can enlist their help. At that moment, they hear a seaplane land and Gabby rushes out to meet the pilot. She returns and says the pilot was actually looking for Bo. Who it could be?

Adrienne meets Kayla at the church. Kayla informs her that Steve was sent to Tinda Lau to kill Bo and Shawn. A somber Kayla now realizes Steve is not the man she once loved; he's fully under the control of the DiMeras. Kayla asks Adrienne if she brought what she asked for. Adrienne did; she produces a handgun. Adrienne is horrified when Kayla says she's going down to Tinda Lau to stop Steve from carrying out his mission -- even if it means killing him!

Sami and Lucas prepare to leave for their honeymoon in New Orleans when E.J. shows up at their door. Sami informs E.J. that she confessed everything to Lucas. E.J. insists they need to make arrangements for his unborn child. Lucas is taken aback when E.J. recounts how Sami tried to kill him, and drugged Lucas in the process! After E.J. leaves, Lucas gets angry with Sami for drugging him but then says he wishes she had killed E.J. The newlyweds hope the baby will turn out to be Lucas'. Meanwhile, Kate pays E.J. a visit and finds him packing. She's stunned when he tells her Lucas knows about the baby and is still standing by Sami. He almost admires her son's love for Sami; Kate is disgusted. Kate forces E.J. to admit he is in love with Sami. Later, E.J. leaves for a little trip to -- Louisiana.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bo and Shawn are wary of Steve's sudden appearance on Tinda Lau. Steve swears he's no longer under the DiMeras' control, but Bo has doubts. Shawn wants to trust Steve, knowing his uncle and his seaplane are his only chance of catching up with Philip and rescuing Belle and Claire. Bo phones Hope and asks her to find Kayla and have her call him. Hope talks to Adrienne, who reluctantly informs her of Kayla's fears. Hope calls Bo and tells him that Kayla believes Steve was sent to Tinda Lau by E.J. to kill Bo and Shawn.

Nick has allowed Willow to crash on his bed for the night but can't get her to leave without taking a shower first. Nick successfully hides Willow from Aunt Maggie. Meanwhile, after discussing her and Nick's relationship with Hope, Chelsea realizes she is in love and ready to lose her virginity. Later, Nick is about to make Willow leave when Chelsea shows up to tell him she is ready to take the relationship to the next level. Chelsea kisses Nick. She's unaware Willow is watching, but Nick isn't. Nick can't bear the idea of Willow witnessing such an intimate moment between the two and breaks off the kiss. Feeling rejected, Chelsea leaves in tears. Nick follows.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bo hangs up from a call, having just learned from Hope that Adrienne believes Steve is not to be trusted and that he was sent to Tinda Lau to commit murder. Shawn resists this theory, desperate to use Steve's seaplane in order to catch up with Philip's boat. After searching Steve's room, Gabby finds a gun. Shawn is forced to admit Steve has murder on his mind. But why would Steve want them dead? Bo reveals that Steve was brainwashed by E.J., who fears that Bo and Shawn are going to put him behind bars. Bo then tells Shawn there's only one way to stop E.J. Shawn must sign a statement that E.J. and Patrick Lockhart were in collusion. Bo and the Salem P.D. believe Lockhart will be persuaded by Shawn's statement to roll over on E.J. As Shawn starts to sign the statement, Steve returns from having gassed up the plane. Shawn quickly hides the statement, while Bo tells Steve they decided to find themselves a boat and catch up to Philip that way. Steve questions the turn-around, and Bo is forced to admit he can't trust Steve.

While looking out at the stars from the boat deck, Philip hopes for a future with Belle and Claire. He tries to interest Belle in a truce, and she replies that if he's sincere, he'll tell her where he's taking her and Claire. Philip finally reveals he's rented a place in Sydney, Australia. Belle balks; she wants to return to Salem. She wants to be with Shawn! Philip is hurt by this and puts his wall back up, saying he couldn't care less where Belle ends up -- but Claire stays with him.

Nick follows Chelsea back to Bo and Hope's house, where he explains why he seemed disinterested in her earlier. He lies, saying he was uncomfortable showing affection toward her while living in his Aunt Maggie's guest room. Chelsea fears Nick's reticence has to do with him being involved with another woman. Nick dismisses this notion, and Chelsea finally persuades him to move out of Maggie's and rent a place of his own -- where he and Chelsea can move their relationship to the next step.

Meanwhile, back in Nick's bedroom, Maggie enters with a basket of clean clothes for him, narrowly missing Willow, who finds a hiding place. But Maggie does find something incriminating -- female panties and make-up. Maggie wonders aloud what Nick is up to -- and leaves a note for him saying they need to talk.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bo and Steve argue. Why don't Shawn and Bo trust him anymore? Bo believes E.J. sent Steve here to kill them. Steve pulls a gun on Bo, but instead of aiming it at him, he turns the gun over to Bo -- proof he's not here to hurt anybody. He offers Shawn a ride to find Philip and Belle, when Gabby says the tracking device is no longer giving off a signal! Steve tells Shawn they have to go now, but Bo still thinks they should wait. Bo and Steve almost come to blows, but Shawn breaks it up. He'll give Bo an hour to find Philip another way before he goes with Steve.

Meanwhile, Philip finds the tracking device and confronts Belle. Belle waits for Philip to blow his stack, but he calmly takes Claire and goes out onto the deck. Belle follows him, where Philip finally breaks down over the hurt he's both caused and suffered. He and Belle make the decision to put this all behind them, when they get word that they're headed for a level four typhoon. Later, Belle radios Shawn that they're in trouble.

Hope decides she's going to Tinda Lau, but Billie stops her. Billie convinces Hope to stay, promising they'll get even with E.J. when the time is right.

On their honeymoon in New Orleans, Sami and Lucas rebuild an old mansion ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. Everything's going great until they find an old metal box in the wall. They find a letter written in Italian, and Sami is horrified to recognize the signature: DiMera! Later, they confront the foreman, and he tells them they've been repairing Maison Blanche.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Bo finally convinces Shawn to go through legal channels rather than take Steve up on his offer to go after Philip in his seaplane. Then Gabby rushes in with a portable marine radio, announcing that Belle's trying to make contact. Before Belle can reveal the name of the island where Philip is taking her and Claire, Shawn loses reception.

Meanwhile, Philip blasts Belle for using the boat's radio without permission. Philip gets Shawn back on the radio. Philip realizes Shawn has no idea where they're going.

Steve wants to know why Bo's so dead-set against him helping Shawn. Bo tells Steve he's a walking time bomb and he doesn't trust him! Desperate to save Belle and Claire, Shawn doesn't care if Steve's been sent by E.J. to kill them. If Steve's willing to go after Philip, Shawn's going with him! Bo ultimately decides to join them, and Shawn and Gabby share an emotional good-bye. Once they're aloft, Shawn scans the ocean with infrared binoculars and spots Philip's boat.

Meanwhile, Belle voices fear that Philip is endangering their lives and pleads with him to stop the madness and allow her to radio for help. Philip smashes the radio, destroying their only means of communicating with the outside world.

Steve drops Shawn off in an inflatable raft. Later, Steve asks Bo if he got Shawn to go on record about E.J. Suspicious Bo questions why he's asking, but Steve isn't forthcoming. Bo says he did, and is going to use it to nail E.J. upon his return to Salem. Steve says he's sorry but he can't let Bo do that. In the water, Shawn hoists himself aboard Philip's boat, bleeding profusely from his gunshot wound.

Sami and Lucas reel from their discovery that the mansion they're restoring is Maison Blanche, Stefano's former home. Sami is determined to have the mysterious letter they found translated when E.J. suddenly appears. Sami and Lucas question why he followed them to New Orleans, and E.J. claims his father asked him to keep an eye on the place, supervise its restoration. Sami and Lucas don't buy his story.

As soon as Lucas moves off with the foreman, E.J. gets to the real reason for his visit: he wants to "patch things up" between himself and Sami. Sami blasts him for raping her. She makes him acknowledge what he did and apologize. E.J. offers to leave Salem and stay out of her life forever if she'll have an amnio to determine whose baby she's carrying. Sami is reluctant, but Lucas takes her aside, arguing that it's an opportunity to ensure an "E.J.-free" existence. As Sami mulls it over, Celeste appears in the family cemetery and tells E.J. she has a message from Tony: Stefano's condition is deteriorating. They need the stem cells immediately!

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