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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 21, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, May 21, 2007

On the boat, Shawn struggles to overpower Philip, but his gunshot wound has re-opened, and he's too weak to fight. Shawn collapses, and Philip brings him into the cabin, where Belle tends to his injury. She tells him they can't fight anymore; they have to work together to get Claire to safety. Philip pushes the ship's engine to full throttle to outrun the typhoon. Shawn warns him the engine can't take the strain, but Philip refuses to throttle back -- and then the engine blows, leaving them dead in the water as the storm bears down!

In the seaplane, Steve pulls his gun on Bo and demands the statement Shawn signed to incriminate E.J. Bo refuses and reminds Steve of their tight friendship. Steve warns Bo not to test him. Bo insists Steve isn't a killer. Steve lets down his guard for a moment, and Bo wrestles the gun away and tosses it out the window. However, Steve then puts the plane in a nosedive, saying if Bo doesn't give him the document, he'll kill them both.

Lucas wants Sami to have the amnio so they can test the baby's DNA and find out once and for all who the father is. Sami refuses to risk the baby's life. Lucas gives in.

Meanwhile, Celeste informs E.J. that Tony sent her with a message: Stefano's health has gotten worse and they need the stem cells now. A horrified Celeste realizes that's why E.J. impregnated Sami and warns him that Stefano will destroy him. E.J. doesn't believe her, but she points out his father is willing to kill his child for his own benefit. She urges E.J. to protect his baby and say no to his father. E.J. is upset when Sami refuses to have the amnio, but she maintains the baby's health is what's most important. E.J. shocks everyone by agreeing to wait until the baby is born to determine the paternity. Lucas doesn't believe E.J.'s turnaround and privately vows to destroy him by reporting Mythic's questionable bookkeeping to the SEC. Once they are alone, E.J. tells Celeste he wants her to use her voodoo powers to find out who the baby's father is.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Shawn, Philip, Belle and Claire are in danger of drowning at sea. Their boat has lost power and is caught in a typhoon. As they realize Claire might die as a result of their fighting, Shawn, Philip and Belle come to a reconciliation. United, they promise to put Claire's needs first if they survive and get back to Salem.

Bo and Steve return to Tinda Lau to get the document Shawn signed indicting E.J. Wells. Gabby retrieves the paper for Bo, who then refuses to hand it over to Steve. Steve pulls out a knife and is about to kill Bo, when Kayla arrives. Kayla puts herself between Bo and Steve, telling her husband he'll have to kill her first. Steve rushes at Kayla with the knife, but he can't bring himself to hurt her and breaks down. Kayla tells Bo she's going to stay with Steve on Tinda Lau and help him recover until he's no longer under E.J.'s control. Later, Gabby reports to Bo that Philip's boat has gone down at sea and the search is on for survivors.

Lucas and Sami return from their honeymoon. Sami has a chat with Will and apologizes for lying about E.J. and embarrassing the family at the wedding. She's touched when her son says he understands that she was only trying to save Lucas' life. Will still thinks she's a hero.

Meanwhile, Kate confronts Lucas after learning he called the SEC to get E.J. away from Sami. She can't believe he would sacrifice his own mother. Lucas reminds Kate of the chances he gave her that she threw away. He can't trust her with his family and tells her she's not welcome until she changes her ways. Sami hears the last bit and consoles Lucas after a furious Kate leaves. They agree that as long as they stick together, no one can hurt them.

In New Orleans, Celeste performs a black magic ritual to determine whether Lucas or E.J. is the father of Sami's baby. As she and E.J. wait for answers, Celeste tries to convince E.J. that Stefano will destroy his child. She warns him that he's obligated to protect the child if it is his. When the ritual is finished, Celeste informs E.J. he is the father of Sami's baby. E.J. resolves to use the baby to save Stefano's life.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bo and Gabby learn that Shawn, Belle and Philip were plucked out of the ocean by the rescue team but that Claire was nowhere to be found. When the threesome arrives back at the Bikini Hotel, Shawn tells Bo about the life vest they put on Claire, complete with a tracking device. They should've been able to locate her in the water. He's devastated at the thought that his daughter might be gone, while Belle suffers from shock. After Bo presses, Belle breaks down, wondering how God could've done this to her little girl. Everyone is devastated when the rescue team calls off the search for Claire.

Holed up in one of the Bikini Hotel rooms, Kayla attempts to deprogram Steve. She tacks pictures of his family and friends to the wall, hoping he will not only remember the people and events but also connect to them emotionally. Kayla injects a reticent Steve with a relaxant medication, but he blows up, frustrated, yelling that none of these people mean anything to him. Kayla finally persuades him to keep trying.

A concerned Maggie tells Hope about the panties she found under Nick's bed, believing they belong to Chelsea. Hope is confused since Chelsea told her she and Nick have yet to consummate their relationship. Hope brings it up with Chelsea, who denies being the owner of the undies. Chelsea grows upset, thinking Nick must be two-timing her with another woman.

Meanwhile, Willow manipulates Nick into renting her a place to live. She argues that he owes her since he stole the hairbrush that would've exonerated her. Without admitting his guilt, Nick finally agrees to give Willow money for an apartment and to sign the lease for her. Afterward, Chelsea shows up, nearly missing Willow. She confronts Nick about the panties, and he lies, saying they must belong to Abby. He isn't cheating on her because he loves her -- and he lays a big kiss on her.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bo shows up at the pub with Philip as Hope, Marlena and Victor mourn Claire's loss. Bo explains that Shawn and Belle are at the hospital; Belle is being treated for shock. Victor refuses to give up on finding Claire. An anguished Philip wants him to let it go and to let Claire rest in peace.

At the hospital, John visits Belle in her dreams. Frightened at first, Belle assumes her daughter is dead but John sets her straight: Claire is alive! Belle wakes from her dream and announces to Shawn, Marlena and Hope that Claire is alive. Shawn and Hope are skeptical while Marlena tries to support Belle without encouraging false hope. Belle begs Shawn to start looking for their daughter.

E.J. arrives at the warehouse to visit his father, who is in a makeshift operating room. His half-brother, Tony DiMera, stops him. Tony demands to know why E.J. has not brought Sami and her baby Stefano needs those stem cells! E.J. squares off with Tony, who blasts him for his ineptitude. If anything happens to Stefano because of E.J.'s incompetence, he will pay for it with his life.

In their apartment, Sami and Lucas start to make love. E.J. leaves a manila envelope outside their door and knocks. Sami finds the envelope propped against the wall. She opens it and finds a note from The Knot editor-in-chief Carley Roney, requesting an interview. After Sami leaves, Celeste arrives and tells Lucas that E.J. knows Sami's baby is his and is planning to sacrifice the child to save Stefano's life! Meanwhile, Sami is about to drive off for her "interview" when E.J. pops up from the back seat of her car and chloroforms her.

Friday, May 25, 2007

After chloroforming Sami, E.J. brings her to Tony at the warehouse. Sami wakes up and is horrified to learn Tony was released from prison. She tries to escape when she learns Tony intends to extract stem cells from her unborn baby to save Stefano's life. Sami struggles against Tony's guards, but they strap her down. She begs E.J. not to let anyone touch their child, then calls him a coward when he does nothing to help her. Then E.J. hears Tony say they're going to take the fetus, too. This is too much for E.J. to bear. He puts a stop to the madness, saying he won't allow Tony to touch Sami or their child!

Belle continues to believe Claire is alive, which upsets Shawn more and more. He tries to tell her they have to consider the possibility their daughter is dead, but Belle blows up at him, saying she'll never believe that and there is no future for them if he continues to believe it!

Dr. Tucker tells Marlena he wants to transfer John out of state. Marlena refuses. As she says this, she's unaware John is trying to reach out to her. Belle shows up and begs her father for a sign that Claire is alive as he told her in her dream. Marlena convinces Belle to let go of John and go back to her room. When Belle tries to leave, however, John won't let go of her hand! Marlena and Belle realize he could be waking up!

Chelsea finds the ad Willow circled in the paper for an apartment, and believes Nick is getting a place so they can have some privacy. When Willow shows up at his bedroom window, Chelsea demands to know what Nick is doing with her. Nick explains Willow is blackmailing him. Chelsea warns Nick to tell Willow to take a hike, or he'll lose her.

Later, Willow shows up at the hospital, where she learns from Shawn that Claire is dead. Willow tells Shawn he doesn't have to worry about her or the baby anymore; she's found someone else to take care of her.

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