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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 11, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, June 11, 2007

Sami and E.J. meet with Stefano at the warehouse. Stefano offers to call a truce between the DiMeras and the Bradys... as long as Sami marries E.J. and raises their child together. Sami is livid and accuses E.J. of orchestrating this outrageous deal. She then tells Stefano to go to hell! Meanwhile, Lucas arrives at the warehouse, but before he can get inside, Tony and Bart fire pepper spray into his eyes and tie him up. Back inside, Stefano slips out and the warehouse is suddenly plunged into darkness. A forklift in the warehouse turns on, and begins to charge towards Sami and E.J.

At the police station, Belle and Philip find Shawn, who's waiting to find out if he was the father of Willow's child. Belle and Philip agree to take off for Chicago to follow up on their lead on Claire, and Shawn plans to catch up with them once he gets the paternity results. Shawn pulls Belle aside and tells her not to let Philip take control. Later, Philip tells Belle that if his presence ever causes a problem, he's willing to step aside... for her. Shawn gets the test results back.

Nick and Chelsea show up at the police station for the inquest regarding Willow's death. Nick tells Chelsea he doesn't want to waste any time he wants to make love tonight if he gets released from these charges. Chelsea agrees and she leaves after Nick urges her to go. After a tense questioning with the coroner and Nick, Roman rules Willow's death an accident, leaving Nick a free man. Meanwhile Chelsea is stunned to find a naked Jeremy at home and is stunned to learn he has moved in with Bo and Hope.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Chelsea is shocked to find Jeremy at Bo and Hope's house naked. He tells her he's staying there till his business gets off the ground. He surprises a hostile Chelsea with a kiss, and they both like it more than they should. When she and Jeremy go to Stephanie's for a party, Chelsea accidentally leaves her phone behind. At Stephanie's, Jeremy and Steph start making out, so Chelsea and Jett leave. Later, Steve and Adrienne arrive back at the suite and are stunned to find a half-naked Jeremy and Stephanie.

The DNA test on Willow's baby reveals Shawn wasn't the father. Shawn tells Bo he wants to pay for the funerals for Willow and the baby anyway. After Nick learns he won't be charged with Willow's death, he tries to call Chelsea, but gets her voicemail. Shawn and Nick go out for a beer while Shawn waits for news from Belle. Nick gets drunk, thinking Chelsea's avoiding his calls because she doesn't want to sleep with him. Later, Shawn decides to stop waiting for Belle to call and takes off for Chicago. Meanwhile, Chelsea realizes she missed Nick's call and is worried when she gets his voicemail. She tells Jett about Nick sleeping with her mother, and he comforts her when she breaks down. Nick arrives at Bo and Hope's and finds Chelsea in Jett's arms.

Sami and E.J. are almost killed by a forklift in the warehouse, but Lucas manages to stop it in time. He and Sami free E.J., whose legs are pinned under a fallen crate. Sami tells Lucas that Stefano agreed to end the feud between their families if Sami agreed to marry E.J. and raise their baby together. Sami assures him she said no, which is why she suspects they were almost killed.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Philip and Belle arrive at the Chicago hotel and find they have missed the pageant. They spot a woman from USAdorable and show her a picture of Claire. The woman says she's seen the girl before and will check to see if she has her name on file. Philip and Belle share a tender moment when she thanks him for his efforts in finding Claire. Shawn arrives and witnesses their embrace. He reports Willow's baby wasn't his. Shawn tells Philip he can leave now that Shawn is here, and the two argue. The USAdorable woman returns, saying Claire was there today, but dressed and registered as a boy. They see a headshot of the "boy" and are positive it's Claire.

At Doug's abandoned club, Doug, Julie, Bo and Hope work on getting down into the boarded up cellar and tunnel to look for clues on the origins of the DiMera/Brady feud. Doug and Julie reminisce about their old life. Bo finally finds a narrow shaft in the wall so they can climb down into the tunnel. Bo and Hope bicker about who should go down. Then they hear a strange shriek coming up from the tunnel... followed by a cough and they realize someone is down there!

Steve and Adrienne arrive at his and Kayla's suite to find Stephanie and her boyfriend, Jeremy, both in towels. Steve takes an instant dislike to the cocky Jeremy and pulls him into the corridor for a private talk about his intentions with his daughter. Later, Steve tells Steph he does not like Jeremy, and Stephanie lashes out.

A drunk Nick walks in on Chelsea and Jett in a platonic embrace and gets the wrong impression. Nick tries to fight Jett, but Jett overpowers him. As Nick leaves to vomit, Jett and Chelsea talk and she realizes she has to decide if she is going to make a serious commitment to Nick. Jett leaves and Chelsea chastises Nick she and Jett are just friends and coworkers, nothing more. Nick insists she likes Jett. Chelsea assures him they will straighten things out after Nick rests and sobers up.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

At Doug's Place, Bo, Hope, Doug and Julie react to hearing a hoarse voice calling up from the tunnel. Bo calls down into the shaft for the person to identify themselves, but gets no answer. Doug finds a rope, and Bo climbs down into the darkness. Bo reaches the bottom and the terrible howl is heard again. A panicked Hope calls out to Bo, but is met with silence. As she prepares to lower herself down the shaft, the rope goes taut and they realize someone is climbing up... but the person who emerges isn't Bo it's someone dressed in black gloves and a ski mask.

Hope reaches to pull off the ski mask, but the person attacks her and starts to choke the life out of her! Doug manages to pull the mystery person off Hope, and he and his daughter corner the assailant. Hope rips off the mask and reveals... Lexie Carver! Lexie is crazed and wild-eyed. Hope calms her down and reminds her they are friends. Hope asks Lexie what happened to Bo and Lexie reports that he's dead!

Shawn, Belle and Philip are stunned when they recognize a photo of Claire, who has been dressed up as a boy and entered into the USAdorable pageant. The woman from the pageant looks up the entry information and says the "mother's" name is Evelyn Quarry and lives in Indiana. Belle calls the woman and tricks her into coming back to the hotel by saying there was a mistake and "Jeffrey" actually won first prize. A young woman shows up asking for the prize money, but doesn't bring "Jeffrey" with her. A desperate Belle finally demands to know where her daughter is! The woman calls her crazy and tries to run, but Philip and Shawn block her path. The woman insists there's been a mistake, but Shawn grabs her knapsack and finds Claire's shoe with her name written inside. A livid Belle gets in the woman's face and demands to know where Claire is!

Steve reiterates his dislike of Jeremy, causing Stephanie to blow up at him. Steph informs her father and Aunt Adrienne that she is going to work as a flight attendant on Jeremy's Vegas shuttle. Steve grills his daughter about the business; Steph gets fed up and leaves. A disheartened Steve laments that he screwed things up. Adrienne is supportive and suggests Steve invite Jeremy to dinner and welcome him into the family. Then one of two things will happen either Jeremy'll turn out to be a decent guy, or Steph will see on her own that he's a jerk and she won't be able to blame her parents. Steve sees the wisdom in his sister's plan.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Lexie confesses to Hope, Doug and Julie that she clocked Bo with a wooden board and fears she killed him. Hope climbs into the shaft and down into the tunnel. She finds Bo unconscious, but he eventually comes to and learns from Hope that Lexie was the one who whacked him. He and Hope wonder who held Lexie captive. They then hear the strains of "Ride of the Valkyries" coming from the end of the tunnel that leads to the DiMera mansion. They quickly suspect Stefano had a hand in this.

Subsequently, they search the tunnel for any evidence pertaining to the cause of the DiMera vendetta against the Bradys. Hope finds a photo album with a picture of Colleen, whom they discover is a Brady. Eerily enough, she looks almost exactly like Sami! Behind the snapshot is an old key, and Bo locates the music box it opens. He lifts the lid, and a shrieking beep goes off. Bo and Hope realize it's a bomb!

Doug calls Celeste, who shows up, ecstatic to see her daughter alive. She takes Lexie to the hospital, where she's admitted and treated for dehydration. Lexie talks of her captivity in the tunnel, revealing someone dropped food and water to her every few days, but she doesn't know who that someone is. She also doesn't know how she got there after the car accident in January. Celeste wants to call Abe, but Lexie says she isn't ready to see him yet. She fears he hates her for the events before her disappearance. Celeste convinces Lexie that Abe loves and misses her so Lexie decides to surprise Abe when he comes to the hospital later that night to have his bandages removed from his corneal transplant. She wants to be the first thing Abe sees after his (hopefully successful) transplant.

John and Marlena ask Caroline about Colleen. She reveals that Colleen was Grandpa Shawn's older sister. She died young, but Grandpa Shawn never divulged the cause. All Caroline knows is that it's a very touchy subject with her husband. Stefano arrives and tells Marlena she can end the DiMera/Brady feud by convincing Sami to accept his terms. She questions him about the terms, but all Stefano will say is that Sami knows what they are.

A detective arrives at the Chicago hotel to ascertain whether or not "Jeffrey Quarry" is really Claire Kiriakis. The police search the hotel for Claire, but come up empty. A devastated Belle thinks about how scared and lonely her daughter is and starts to sing a song that used to comfort her. Suddenly, a child's cry is heard -- and Belle is certain Claire is nearby.

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