Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 18, 2007 on DAYS

Stefano told E.J. that a Brady had murdered Colleen, and Shawn Sr. told the Bradys that a DiMera had murdered her. E.J. and Sami couldn't believe their resemblance to Santo and Colleen. Nick confronted Jett and Chelsea about where he stood with Chelsea. Lexie was reunited with Theo, but she had to face Abe about repairing their marriage.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 18, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, June 18, 2007

In the tunnel, Bo and Hope stared in horror as the bomb they had uncovered counted down. Bo struggled to defuse the bomb while up above in Doug's Place, John and Marlena arrived to help. Doug and Julie filled them in on what was happening, and John descended into the tunnel. Bo cut one of the wires, and the countdown stopped. John congratulated Bo, but the bomb "reactivated" and detonated.

As Marlena, Doug, and Julie worried that their loved ones had been killed in the explosion, Bo, Hope, and John regained consciousness after having been knocked out. John helped lift a heavy wooden shelf off Bo's leg. With Bo unable to hoist himself up out of the tunnel, John climbed up for help. Bo told Hope he suspected the bomb hadn't been meant to kill them -- it had been a warning to stop asking questions about Colleen. Bo resolved to continue searching for answers -- before the warnings started turning into funerals.

E.J. tried to contact Sami, but the cop stationed outside her apartment refused to let him pass. Meanwhile, Sami found an overstuffed garbage bag in her bedroom and was about to take it to the incinerator when Will informed her he had received a text message from E.J. to her. Sami met E.J. in the corridor, and he told her he was going to provide the Salem Police Department with evidence against Tony.

Sami couldn't believe E.J. would be willing to betray his brother, but E.J. asserted he'd do anything to protect her. Lucas overheard and made it clear he would be the one to protect Sami. As E.J. retreated to his apartment, Sami took the garbage bag to the trash room. Lucas followed, and they realized neither of them could account for the mysterious bag. They were stunned when they realized the trash bag was ticking.

In the Chicago hotel, Belle sang one of Claire's favorite songs as she heard her daughter crying out. Eventually, Claire emerged from hiding and ran to Belle. Kidnapper Evelyn bolted. Shawn and Philip returned from searching for Claire, and Claire "chose" Philip by running into his arms. Shawn was devastated. Later, Philip downplayed Claire's "choice." Shawn pretended it was no big deal, but it was clear he was extremely threatened by Philip's unbreakable bond with his daughter.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bo, Hope, John, and Marlena compared notes at Doug's Place, as Bo's injured leg was tended to. Marlena learned Sami looked just like her great-aunt Colleen, and John suggested they call a Brady family meeting to figure out their next move. John and Marlena arrived at the Brady Pub and informed Grandpa Shawn about what they were doing, but Grandpa Shawn lost his temper and asked why they couldn't just leave it alone. Later, Grandpa Shawn apologized and said they could gather at the pub, but he wanted nothing to do with it.

Sami and Lucas feared they had found a bomb, but it turned out to be an alarm clock. Lucas smashed it, and they found a CD-ROM. When they played the disc, a mysterious voice told Sami to go to the docks, where a package containing information on the origins of the DiMera/Brady feud would be left for her. Lucas didn't want Sami to risk her life anymore. They reached an agreement: Lucas would go with Sami, as long as she had the amniocentesis done, proving who the father of her child was. They tried to leave for the docks, but the cop outside Sami's door ordered her not to go anywhere.

Chelsea was leaving for the beach when a hungover Nick stopped her; he wanted to talk. When he found out she was going to meet Jett and the rest of the gang at the beach, he got jealous and told Chelsea he needed to know if they had a future or not. Chelsea admitted she wasn't sure. Nick grew indignant and declared it was over between them before he walked out on her. A devastated Chelsea pulled herself together and headed to the beach.

Max hung out at the beach with Jett, Stephanie, and Jeremy, as they toasted to the first flight of Touch the Sky. Stephanie called Jett on his feelings for Chelsea, but he insisted it was not like that and walked off, annoyed. Jeremy tried to get rid of Stephanie so he could talk to Max, but when she didn't take the hint, he blew up at her. Stephanie stormed off in a huff.

Jeremy made his pitch to Max, wanting him to invest money in a side business -- the illegal business of selling fake designer label clothes. Max was on the fence, but eventually gave in when Jeremy offered to take full responsibility and make Max a silent partner. Chelsea showed up and told Max she didn't trust Jeremy. Meanwhile, Nick arrived in time to hear Jett tell Stephanie he thought Chelsea was dating a loser.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sami and Lucas convinced their guard to accompany them to the alley where they were going to pick up a mysterious package. At the docks, they saw a veiled mystery woman plant an envelope and start to leave. They grabbed her before she could go. Sami looked in the envelope and found old letters. When she unmasked the frightened woman, Sami was shocked by her identity.

Roman supervised the investigation of the bombing at Doug's Place. He forced Stefano and Tony to stop there and questioned them. They insisted they'd had nothing to do with it, but Roman didn't believe them. Stefano suggested they all sit down and try to work out their differences, since Sami was carrying their grandchild. Roman was not interested.

Alone, Stefano demanded Tony reveal what he had been doing behind Stefano's back. Tony said he had been protecting their family, which Stefano should have been doing himself, since Stefano had started the vendetta that threatened them all. Stefano told him to call a DiMera family meeting.

Chelsea told Max she didn't trust Jeremy, upsetting Max, who had invested a lot of money in Jeremy. At the same time, Nick overheard Jett telling Stephanie he thought Nick was a loser. Nick confronted Jett, saying he knew Jett was after Chelsea, and he warned Jett to back off. Jett was tired of Nick getting in his face and was ready to fight. Chelsea interrupted the standoff and told Nick to leave. He begged for the chance to talk to her, and she reluctantly gave in.

Chelsea and Nick went back to Bo and Hope's, almost catching Jeremy leaving with a girl he had just slept with. Chelsea told Nick she thought they needed time apart, but he said he loved her and kissed her, which ignited lovemaking. Jeremy returned and saw them.

Meanwhile, Stephanie was grilling Jett about whether Jeremy was cheating on her or not. Jett said he kept out of Jeremy's business. Jeremy returned with earrings for Stephanie and told them he had seen Chelsea and Nick making love. Jett covered his disappointment.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Brady clan gathered at the pub to discuss the latest threats from the newly returned DiMeras. Bo asked Caroline where Grandpa Shawn was, and she reported he wanted no part of the meeting; he had gone fishing instead. A breathless Sami arrived and said she had found someone who might be able to shed some light on the Colleen Brady mystery -- someone who was familiar to almost everyone in the room, especially Roman. She called out to Lucas, who took in the mystery woman from the docks. The woman lifted her veil -- revealing herself to be Anna DiMera, Roman and Tony's ex-wife.

Anna explained she had anonymously contacted Sami when she heard the DiMeras were back in town and that people were asking about Colleen Brady. Anna remembered she had some letters Tony had left behind that had been written, in Italian, from Colleen to Santo. Anna offered to try to read the letters using her limited Italian. She reported that Colleen and Santo had met in a romantic way when Santo had been injured near a church. Colleen had nursed him back to health. That was all Anna could glean from the first letter, so Hope arranged to have a professor at the university translate all the letters word for word.

The group realized in order to get the full story, they also needed Santo's letters to Colleen, but someone had to be close enough to Tony and Stefano to get inside the mansion. As Roman and Anna playfully reconnected, Bo and John interrupted to ask Anna to help. Anna agreed -- as long as there was something in it for her. Lucas and Sami were stunned when Marlena showed them the photo of Colleen -- who looked just like Sami.

Lucas insisted his wife enter a safe house. Sami refused. When Grandpa Shawn returned, Bo pressed his father to talk about his sister. Grandpa Shawn blurted out that the DiMeras were responsible for her murder. He then clammed up, saying he didn't know more.

Meanwhile, the DiMeras had their own dysfunctional family meeting at the mansion. E.J. arrived first and saw Stefano admiring a photo of what looked to be Sami. But Stefano revealed the woman was Colleen Brady, Samantha's great-aunt. E.J. and Tony argued over E.J.'s affection for Sami. Stefano ordered his sons to stop bickering.

A reluctant Celeste arrived at the DiMera meeting. Stefano asked why Lexie wasn't with her, and Celeste sniped that she hadn't taken Lexie -- and if he went after her daughter again, she would exterminate the whole DiMera clan. Stefano swore he'd had nothing to do with Lexie's imprisonment. During a tense family dinner, as Bart and Dr. Rolf also lurked about, Stefano, holding a packet of letters, confessed the feud had started with a tragic death -- Colleen's murder at the hands of the Bradys. Realizing he wouldn't live much longer, Stefano needed to decide whether the feud should continue -- or if he should call it off.

E.J. urged Stefano to end the feud, while Tony demanded his father see it through. After sending everyone else away, Stefano confided to E.J. that they were both on the same page about the vendetta. Only E.J. could end it. Stefano showed E.J. a photo of his father, Santo, and E.J. was a dead ringer for his grandfather.

Friday, June 22, 2007

After some arguing, it was decided that Anna would go to the DiMera mansion and keep Tony and Stefano occupied while Hope, wearing a wire, would look for the letters Santo DiMera had written to Colleen Brady. Steve arrived and offered his help, but Bo and company weren't ready to trust him. He left, disappointed and ticked.

E.J. showed up, under orders from Stefano, to spy on Anna and the Bradys. Instead, he revealed his purpose for being there and offered to tell his father that Anna was just in Salem to visit old friends. He explained he would be willing to do that because he wanted peace among the families. Lucas persuaded Sami to have the amniocentesis done as soon as possible so they could find out who the baby's father was. She also agreed to go to the safe house.

Earlier, at the DiMera mansion, Stefano showed E.J. a photo of his father, Santo -- who looked just like E.J. -- and revealed that E.J. was the only one who could end the vendetta against the Bradys. Stefano then went up to his room, and asked that E.J. make peace with his brother, Tony.

Subsequently, Tony arrived but laughed when E.J. told him of Stefano's request. He wouldn't make peace. After E.J. left for the Brady Pub, Steve turned up at the mansion. He claimed he was there to make up for failing the DiMeras -- and to prove he was sincere, he informed them that Anna was with the Bradys, concocting a plan to get into the mansion to search for the letters Santo had written to Colleen. Following that, Stefano received a call from E.J., telling him that Anna was on the level, and they had nothing to worry about from her. Stefano hung up, distraught, knowing E.J. couldn't be trusted.

Lexie recovered at the hospital as Celeste assured her daughter that Abe would be happy to see her -- literally, providing that his corneal transplant worked. Lexie fretted that Abe still hadn't forgiven her actions from before she disappeared. The two women were disappointed when Abe's doctor announced that Abe wouldn't be having his bandages removed that night after all -- he had spiked a fever. Lexie resolved to stick to her plan and reveal herself when Abe finally got the bandages removed. Celeste surprised Lexie by having Theo taken to the hospital, and mother and son were happily reunited.

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