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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 25, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, June 25, 2007

The morning after Chelsea and Nick made love, she finds herself not quite blown away by their first night together. Sensing her ambivalence, Nick seeks reassurance and Chelsea, not wanting to hurt him, provides it.

After Nick leaves for work, Chelsea summons Stephanie and confides she thinks something's wrong with her because she didn't feel anything with Nick. Stephanie diagnoses Chelsea's "problem": she's just not that into him. Chelsea argues that Nick is one of the finest human beings she's ever known, but Stephanie cuts to the chase. Chelsea wants to be in love with Nick but she's not. Stephanie suspects Chelsea has developed feelings for someone else -- Jett Carver. Chelsea hotly denies it.

At Brady's Pub, Lucas confides in Billie that he's not sure he can handle it if Sami's baby turns out to be E.J.'s. Billie counsels him to talk to Sami and open up about his true feelings. A giddy Kate eavesdrops as Lucas admits he's doubtful he could raise a rapist's child as his own. Billie reminds her brother that the baby Sami's carrying is innocent no matter who the father is, but all Lucas can see is the constant aggravation of having E.J. in his and Sami's lives.

Later, Billie reveals to Kate that Nick stole Chelsea's hairbrush from the lab in order to protect her, but Roman let them off the hook. Wheels turning, Kate dashes over to the hospital, where she asks Nick to make sure Sami's test proves E.J. is the father. Nick is appalled.

While waiting at the hospital for an amnio, Sami confides in Marlena she's worried that if her baby turns out to be E.J.'s, she'll lose Lucas forever. Marlena surprises her by offering to alter the paternity test results to ensure Lucas is named the father. Sami won't allow it, but is grateful to her mother. During the amnio, Lucas, Sami and Marlena are stunned when Sami's sonogram reveals the presence of two babies. She's having twins!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sami, Lucas and Marlena learn from the sonogram that she's carrying twins -- a boy and a girl! They realize one baby could be E.J.'s, the other Lucas'. Sami and Lucas fear they're both E.J.'s. Sami asks Lucas if he'll be able to be a father to two of E.J.'s children, and he admits he's not sure, but promises whatever the test reveals, they'll get through it together.

Meanwhile, Kate threatens to tell the hospital that Nick stole the hairbrush from the crime lab if he doesn't make sure the DNA tests come out in E.J.'s favor. Later, Marlena asks Nick to let her know ahead of time if the results are bad news for Sami.

Stefano accuses E.J. of lying about Anna's intentions in Salem -- Stefano knows she's working with the Bradys. E.J. lies that he just got bad information and asks how Stefano knows about Anna's plans. Steve appears and admits he's the source. Stefano tells E.J. he no longer trusts him. E.J. asks how he can win back his father's trust, and Stefano says he can start by picking up some trunks and delivering them to a plane in place of Tony, who has other commitments.

Jeremy waits impatiently on the Touch the Sky jet as Max arrives with cash for the secret merchandise, which is about to be delivered. Stephanie shows up early, hoping to spend time with Jeremy before takeoff, but he lashes out at her. Max warns him not to be nasty to Stephanie or he'll answer to Max. Stephanie defuses the confrontation and leaves. Max follows to see if she's okay.

E.J. arrives with the trunks and gives Jeremy the keys. Later, Tony arrives home, angry that Stefano sent E.J. to the plane in his place. Steve grabs Tony's bottle of wine, saying he'll put it on ice for his dinner with Anna.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bo wires Hope so she can infiltrate the DiMera Mansion and find Santo's letters to Colleen. They wait outside the mansion as Anna arrives to distract Tony. Before sneaking into the house, Hope makes a bet with Bo that Roman is once again romantically interested in Anna.

Steve startles Bo outside, revealing that he drugged the dinner wine. Over dinner, Tony questions Anna about why she's back in town. Suddenly the two begin to feel woozy and pass out, as does Bart (who also drank the wine). Hope quietly enters the room and searches for the letters. She finds them and snaps pictures with her cell phone. As she prepares to leave, Stefano catches her and demands an explanation!

On the Touch the Sky jet, Jett apologizes to Chelsea, admitting that Nick is not a loser. He invites her and Nick on a double date with him and his fiancée so they can all be friends. Max tells Stephanie she is stupid for putting up with Jeremy, but Stephanie defends him. Later, Max informs Chelsea he is going to get his money back from Jeremy and get out of business with the jerk. Sensing he's losing Max, Jeremy asks Stephanie for help in keeping Max as a partner.

Nick blabs to Billie that Kate is blackmailing him into rigging Sami's DNA test. Billie meekly admits she was the one who told Kate about the hairbrush. Billie confronts her mother. Kate claims she was just kidding around. Billie doesn't buy it, and Kate apologizes to Nick in front of her daughter. Once they are alone, however, Kate says she's going to talk to the hospital administrator about Nick's theft. Nick runs off to stop her.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Stefano corners Hope in his living room as Bo and Steve listen in from outside. Stefano realizes Tony, Anna and Bart have been drugged and demands to know what Hope is doing there. Steve races into the house, claiming to have summoned Hope. He makes up a story that he and Hope are having an affair, and to prove it to Stefano, he kisses her full-force on the lips. Stefano seemingly buys it and expresses his wish to see Hope around the mansion more often. Steve gets Hope out of there.

Stefano is furious with Tony for allowing himself to be drugged. Tony blames Steve, accusing him of playing both sides against the middle. Steve admits he made up the story about him and Hope -- he just didn't want her to get hurt. He wins back Stefano's confidence by revealing Hope took pictures of Santo's letters. In private, Stefano tells Tony to let the Bradys find out who killed Colleen ... the truth will devastate them.

Doug and Julie are relieved when Hope and Bo return home safely with the pictures of Santo's letters to Colleen. Bo prints them out and they make plans to have them translated. Anna arrives, looking for Roman. She asks him to take her home, and Roman reluctantly gives in. Their bet on the line, Bo and Hope wonder if Roman's doing it out of obligation, or because he wants to go home with his ex-wife.

The kids arrive in Las Vegas, and Max intends on breaking off his partnership with Jeremy. He doesn't get a chance as Jeremy's contact, Rawlings, arrives to pick up the "special merchandise." Later, Max's resolution dissolves when Jeremy gives him his cut of the money, as well as front row concert tickets to see his favorite band.

Jett and Chelsea show up at the hotel suite, where they're stunned to walk into the middle of a party. Chelsea gets off on the wrong foot with the other flight attendants, and finds herself in close quarters with Jett. Later, Jeremy and Stephanie show up, and he unexpectedly helps Chelsea get on the good side of the bitchy girls. The kids all find themselves loving the wild life in Vegas, while back home, Nick tries to call Chelsea and tell her about Kate's blackmail and finds himself more alone than ever before.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Roman drops Sami and Lucas off at the safe house (a motel operated and protected by the police). Sami bemoans having to be there and having to send Will off to live with Carrie and Austin. She and Lucas discuss baby names, but he thinks they should hold off until they know who the father is.

At the hospital, a tormented Nick hands Marlena the DNA results. Marlena is crestfallen to learn E.J. is the father of both babies. Marlena delivers the devastating news to Sami and Lucas. A pained Lucas assures Sami she won't lose him.

At the DiMera Mansion, Kate informs E.J. that Sami and Lucas have been taken to a safe house. Only Roman knows where they are. She also surprises E.J. with the news that Sami is carrying twins. An upset Nick calls Kate and tells her he did what she wanted; the DNA test conveniently came out in E.J.'s favor. Nick reports he never even conducted a real test, so he has no idea who the true father is. Nick later decides he needs to perform the test after all.

Meanwhile, Kate springs the good news on E.J. Roman is summoned to the mansion, where E.J. fills him in on the paternity results and says he wants to be taken to the safe house to discuss custody with Sami. Roman responds: when hell freezes over.

Shawn confides to Hope that he's hurt over Claire thinking Philip is her father and recounts how she ran into Philip's arms at the hotel. Shawn thinks he's losing both Claire and Belle to Philip because Philip provides a security that Shawn can't. Bo and Hope suggest Shawn move back into their home with Belle and the baby. Bo advises his son to have a talk with Philip about giving Shawn's family some breathing room.

At the pub, Philip informs Belle their final divorce papers arrived. Both are affected. Belle asks Philip for a favor -- help Shawn find a decent job. Philip makes a call to arrange a job offer for Shawn without him knowing who was behind it. Shawn arrives at the pub with Claire, and in private, tells Philip to back off. Philip accuses Shawn of trying to punish him. Shawn insists he just needs time with his family and asks Philip to disappear for a while. Philip says he'd like to hear what Belle has to say about it first.

Roman stops by Bo and Hope's place. He confides to Bo that he's in trouble -- he and Anna had a huge fight last night while rehashing the past. But Roman thinks he sent Anna the wrong signal, by sleeping with her! Both Hope and Bo are speechless.

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