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Monday, July 9, 2007

At the beach, Jeremy told Jett and Danielle he thought Steve was way too interested in his little girl's sex life. Stephanie protested that Jeremy made her dad sound like "a perv." Jeremy proceded to explain that after he and Steph hit the dance floor, Steve extended the olive branch, inviting Jeremy and her to have dinner with him and Kayla.

Later and alone, Jett told Danielle she was giving an excellent "performance" playing the role of his "bride to be." She said she would like to thank her husband Mark. Jett told her he figures Mark would like to have his wife back by now and he appreciates her help but that he has it from here. Danielle tells him to "watch his back." Jett assumes she meant from Chelsea. But she was talking about Jeremy. She tells him she thinks the guy is real trouble. Jeremy and Steph show up and Jett and Danielle start to head back. Before they leave, Jeremy asks Jett when he plans on asking him to be his best man. Jett tells him he thinks Jeremy would be a horrible best man. Jeremy claims he can throw a mean bachelor party in Vegas. Steph asks if they will have a summer wedding and Jett tells her they haven't set a date yet. Jeremy says that it is too much trouble to plan and that they should get married in Vegas. After Jett and Danielle leave, Steph scares Jeremy with a joke about the two of them getting married. Then Jeremy tells her he doesn't think Jett and Danielle will last together. Later, Jett walks up to Steph, who is alone and crying. He asks her what Jeremy has done to her this time and she tells him Danielle is a keeper and walks away.

At Bo and Hope's, Chelsea tells Nick she can't believe Jett's "fiance" is cheating on him and that she wants to tell him the truth. Nick doesn't think she should. Chelsea asks him if he would want to know if she was cheating on him and he says that he wouldn't want to know. Chelsea picks up the phone to call Jett and Nick puts a stop to it. He tells her he wants to spend the night with her again and Chelsea says that she is not in the mood. Nick tell her that after everything they have been through, she should at least pretend to care. Nick can't understand why all she cares about is Jett and not him. Chelsea asks him what's really going on. He confesses that someone is blackmailing him and it is her Grandma Kate, then waks out.

As they are cleaning up after the Brady BBQ, Bo and Hope exclaim what a great party it was. Doug and Julie show up and tell them that they have the first translated letters. John and Marlena show up as Doug asks Bo if Shawn shed any more light on the story. Bo tells him that Shawn's not talking.

Meanwhile, Roman gives a copy of the same letter to Sami and Lucas at the safe house. As Sami starts to read the letter, the flashback begins:

In a church back in Ireland, Sister Colleen, who looks exactly like Sami, is praying. Two men bring in a wounded man. The man is Santo, who resembles E.J. with a mustache, Stefano's father.

Back at Bo and Hope's, Marlena claims it's hard to imagine, Colleen Brady, a nun. To which John reports that she hasn't taken her final vows. Bo says he now knows why his family wants it all to be kept secret. An Irish-Catholic family considers it a blessing to have a daughter join a convent. But to renounce vows because of romance is shameful, Marlena points out. John thinks they are getting ahead of themselves. Doug says that all we really know is Santo had a head injury. Hope and Julie point out there is much more to the story. It is a love story that Julie begins to read. She documents the joy Colleen felt when when Santo opened his eyes and spoke.

Back at the safe house, Sami gets very emotional fantasizing about love at first sight between Colleen and Santo. To which Lucas points out that since Santo took Colleen away from the church, it doesn't make since why the vendetta is against the Brady's and not the other way around.

As Sami reads, Santo tells Colleen he travels selling things his wife makes. He tells his wife is in Toscano with his son, Stefano. Colleen asks Santo how his head is and he tells her she is his savior and is a blessing. He tells her she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen and that God has brought him here to her. Later the priest tells her to try to get Santo to make a donation after all the medical treatment he has received for his head. Colleen doesn't like what she hears and tells Santo he needs to leave while he still has a chance. After he is gone, she realizes he left a silk handkerchief that his wife had made. The priest takes it from her and tells her not to worry about it. After the priest left, she finds the paperwork on Santo. She writes to him to request another handkerchief, wanting to see him again.

Later, Julie and Marlena point out that it is a wonderful love story but Hope reminds them that it will not have a happy ending.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lucas and Sami pass time in the safe house reading Santo's letter to Colleen, while Bo, Hope, Marlena, John, Doug and Julie read the same letter in Bo and Hope's backyard.

In the flashbacks, Santo enters the church looking for Colleen. Father Mallory tells him she isn't available. Santo asks the priest to give her a silk handkerchief. Father Mallory explains novices can't accept gifts, but Santo says she ordered it for her father. A man overhears this and tells Santo he is Pete Brady, Colleen's da. He accuses Santo of lying, as his daughter would never give him such a useless, expensive gift.

As the tension escalates, a young Grandpa Shawn slips away and retrieves Colleen in time to prevent their dad from punching Santo. Colleen verifies she did order the handkerchief for Pete. In private, Santo asks Colleen to meet him for a picnic the next day. Colleen points out she's about to take one kind of vow and he's already taken another. Santo insists he just wants to thank her for mending his head. Colleen is non-committal, but later asks Father Mallory for the next afternoon off.

The letter ends, leaving everyone anxious to read the next set of letters once they're translated.

Looking at an old photograph of Colleen, a tormented Grandpa Shawn decides to go to Ireland and face the past. He writes a note for Caroline and takes off into the night.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

At Bo and Hope's house, Chelsea asks Nick to tell her everything that has happened when Kate blackmailed him. She tells him that they need to confront her. Nick tells her it won't work, since Billie already tried. Chelsea was stunned and disappointed to hear that Nick told Billie already. Nick tells an angry Chelsea that he tried to tell her but she was busy in Vegas. Chelsea wanted to know how Billie handled it and why Kate was blackmailing him. Chelsea is disgusted that Nick put himself before two innocent babies' lives. Chelsea suggests he talk to someone like Marlena. Nick tells her he doesn't want to talk to someone that he is worried that she doesn't want to have sex with him. Chelsea tells insecure Nick that he is making a big deal of this. He says he needs Chelsea to be there for him but he feels like nothing has changed between them. He senses Chelsea pulled away and wants to know why. He asks if he was that bad in bed. She assures him that he wasn't and he tells her then it can only be one thing...Jett. Chelsea tells him, yet again, that this has nothing to do with Jett. He whines that she is more worried about Jett being cheated on than him being blackmailed. Chelsea accuses him of being insecure. He asks if Jett was what was on her mind when they did sleep together. She says that he never crossed her mind. But her mother did. Chelsea tells him she can't sleep with him and for him to stop pushing her. He fears that she doesn't want him at all and turns and walks out. Bo and Hope return to their home to clue Chelsea in on what is happening with Shawn.

In Tony's car, E.J. asks Tony what he is doing. Tony replies that he is looking for Sami as he holds the binoculars to his eyes. E.J. tells Tony that she is in a safe house and he can assure him that it is not outside the Brady Pub. Tony tells him that he sees Bo and Hope leaving the Pub and by the looks on their faces, something is definitely going on. He explains that Roman will be there soon and will most likely tell Sami about whatever is going on. Roman will inadvertently lead Tony to the safe house. E.J. tells Tony that he was supposed to be in charge of Sami. Tony says E.J. can twist it whichever way he wants to but Tony will in the end, assume his rightful place on the throne. E.J. wonders if that is all that matters to him. He asks Tony what has happened to him. Tony used to be a descent man, not wanting to take part in the Brady/DiMera feud. Tony asks what happened to the Elvis Jr that put a bullet in John Black. E.J. tells him that he is becoming the man Tony used to be, that he could still be. E.J. pleads to Tony for him to join him in ending this feud. Tony tells him that he is right; he was a different person once. Tony claims he is mad for the way he has been treated over the years and the only thing that will make him feel better is taking over the DiMera Empire. E.J. yells at Tony telling him that Stefano is going to take his babies. He grabs Tony's shirt collar and Tony pulls a gun and tells him the conversation is over. Tony tells him that there is a race to see who can bring Stefano the news he wants first. E.J. leaves and Anna shows up and asking who he has been spying on. He tells he her to go back to Roman and she tells Tony that it is him she is thinking about. Anna tries to reminisce but Tony tells her to leave. Instead, she kisses him.

At the Pub, Bo and Hope rush in to find a worried Caroline. Bo reads a letter Shawn left. Caroline wonders where he could have gone all alone. As Hope tries to comfort Caroline, Caroline tells her that it must be about his sister. Ever since Colleen's name came up, he hasn't been the same. She claims she tried to get him to talk and blame herself saying she "chased him away." Just then Bo comes in saying he knows where Shawn disappeared to. He explains that Shawn got on a plane to Ireland. He tells a crying Caroline that he will go to Ireland to get him. Just then Roman and Anna walk in and hear the news. A very insensitive Anna insists on eating as Roman and Bo remind her that the kitchen is closed. She heads to the donut shop and Bo tells Roman to work on E.J. Roman asks Bo how he would feel if E.J. had raped his daughter. Bo says that is a good point but E.J. is the most understanding of the DiMeras because of his feelings for Sami. Roman agrees to talk to E.J., but he's not holding his breath. Even if E.J. is on board, Stefano and Tony won't be. Before Bo and Hope leave, Bo asks Roman how things are going with Anna. He tells him that dealing with the DiMeras will be "a nice break."

E.J. shows up at the Pub to talk with Roman. Roman tells him that they need to end this crazy vendetta. E.J. says it must be presented to Stefano in the right manner. Roman proposes that they al sit down and lay their cards down but E.J. says Tony won't go for it. Roman exclaims that Tony used to be different. Now all Tony wants is to get his hands on Sami and he is using Roman to get to her. Roman says he is skeptical about taking advice from the man that raped his daughter. E.J. yells at Roman pleading for him to listen. He says the only way to end the vendetta is to take out Tony.

In Ireland, Shawn prays to tell Colleen how sorry he is. He begins to have a flashback as Colleen comforts him before his first communion. Shawn smiles at the pleasant memory. Then he remembers Santo showing up. He tells a young Shawn that his son Stefano would like to play with him. Shawn mutters to himself that he and Stefano should never have met. Shawn remembers that he and Stefano met on good terms but remembers being worried as Colleen chats with Santo, knowing she would break her promise to God. Later Shawn remembers looking for Colleen.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Roman suggests E.J. turn state's evidence against Tony in order to get rid of him. E.J. admits he thought about it, but Stefano would make him pay for betraying the family. E.J. warns Roman that Tony will do anything to find Sami and get those stem cells for Stefano.

Meanwhile, Anna kisses Tony and is surprised by his lack of passion. She goes to Roman and informs him that the man running around town calling himself Tony DiMera is not, in fact, Tony!

Marlena visits Sami and Lucas in the safe house. Sami reiterates that she wants to make a deal with Stefano. She'll give him her babies' stem cells, and he'll let the Bradys live in peace. Realizing Sami intends to provide stem cells immediately, Marlena informs her daughter that she can't give Stefano the cells before the babies are born; the procedure would harm the children. A stunned Sami realizes she no longer has a bargaining chip since Stefano needs the cells right away. Marlena receives a message from Roman ordering Sami and Lucas to flee the safe house.

Tony calls Bart, and the two of them break into Roman's car, where they download the hard drive of the GPS to find the location of Sami's safe house. E.J. catches Tony and tries to stop him, but Bart knocks him out. Tony arrives at the safe house -- only to discover the place has been abandoned. He holds a gun on a now-revived E.J., knowing his brother tipped Roman off that Tony was after Sami.

Bo and Hope track down Grandpa Shawn at the church in Ireland. Hope tries to reach him emotionally by recounting how she lost someone early in life, too (her mother). Shawn responds that at least she didn't kill her loved one. He refuses to explain further but agrees to return to Salem with Bo and Hope.

Friday, July 13, 2007

On the airplane, Stephanie asked Chelsea what she thinks of her and Jeremy together. Chelsea tells her she thinks Jeremy is "an ass." She thinks Jeremy treats her bad. Stephanie wants to know the exact reason. Chelsea tells her that he is too "Jekyll and Hyde." Steph tells Chelsea that she is a female version of Jeremy. Chelsea tells her that she is like an insecure little girl around him. Chelsea thinks Steph could do better than him. Steph storms off as Jett walks in. He tells her he is there if she needs to talk. Chelsea asks him how a smart guy like him ends up in business with someone like Jeremy. Jett tells her that Jeremy is not that bad but Chelsea refuses to believe him. She fears for Max getting financially involved with him. Jett asks her if she knows anything about his "other business." She wonders if it is illegal and Jett tells her it's nothing like that. She tells him that he is busted and she knows that Jett doesn't trust him either. He disagrees saying he trusts him with his life. He says that he is a pretty good judge of character. Thinking of Danielle, she challenges him to that. Chelsea lies to him saying she is only talking about Jeremy. Jett leaves as Steph comes back. Chelsea confides in her that she knows for a fact that Jett's fiancé, Danielle is cheating on him. Steph thinks that Jett has a right to know if Chelsea's info is accurate. Steph walks away and Max walks in. He tells Chelsea that she has to help him get Steph away from him. Chelsea wants to know what Jeremy did but Jeremy walked in. Max tells him that he wants to look at all the "merchandise."

Max walks into Bo and Hope's house to find a crying young woman named "Elsa." Max jets off to find tissues for her as Jeremy runs down the stairs yelling at the woman to hurry and move. The plane was to leave in an hour. Max walks back in the room, demanding to know who the woman is. Jeremy give some lame excuse that he picked her up at The Cheatin' Heart but Max is not buying it. Max tells he cares about Steph. Jeremy says he does too- he "had to have a piece of that." Jeremy tells him that he doesn't know why she is crying. He proceeds to "take her home."

At the Brady Pub, Marlena sits, having coffee with Sami and Lucas. Marlena tells them that Roman is looking for a new safe house right now. Lucas wonders how Roman found out that Stefano and Tony knew their whereabouts. Marlena tells them point-blank that E.J. warned him. Sami tries to hide her pleasant shock. Marlena claims that E.J. seems to have switched his allegiance. Sami says she wants to believe that E.J. has a conscience. Lucas reminds her that he raped her. Marlena agrees with, Sami saying that she can't walk around with all of this hate and anger. Lucas angrily says that he will hold onto his anger and storms off. Marlena tells her that Lucas is upset because he knows that E.J. put his life on the line for Sami and that they both know that E.J. is in love with her. Just then, Roman walks in saying he found a new safehouse. Sami goes outside to tell Lucas. Roman stays and asks Marlena if she knows Tony enough to tell if he is a fake or the real deal. Marlena asks him why and he tells her that Anna kissed him and made the observation that that is not Tony. Marlena asks why Anna is kissing Tony. He tells her to not worry about that but he needs her help.

Lucas walks up to find Kayla holding Ciara. She tells him she understands what it is like to always look over your shoulder. Lucas asked her if she had been raped by E.J., would she have been able to forgive him. Kayla informs him that she went through what Sami went through. She said in time, she was able to forgive. Lucas tells her he is worried about the babies being E.J.'s. Kayla hands Ciara to him and assures him that biology doesn't matter and that those babies won't care who their father is. They just want someone to love them. Sami walks up to tell Lucas about the safe house. Lucas gives her a big hug and tells her he is in love with her..and those babies.

At Sami's vacant safe house, E.J. tells Tony that he is making a big mistake as Bart ties him to the bed. E.J. tells him that they don't need to sacrifice Sami's babies to save Stefano. Tony quickly replies, "Samantha's babies? Those babies are DiMeras! They belong to us." Tony yells at E.J. that he won't be around to see him during his reign. Bart gags him and they look for a way out through the bathroom window.

John and Steve laugh, not being able to believe Roman that E.J. ratted out his own brother. Roman informs them that E.J. wants to stop the feud but confesses he doesn't believe E.J. That's why he needs John and Steve to find E.J. Steve tells Roman that Tony would have to know that E.J. ratted him out. As John agreed that wherever E.J. is, he is in a whole mess of trouble. Steve slows John down and tells him he thinks Tony left his calling card. He decides to go, with John's gun, around back to see if it is booby-trapped. He breaks in the window as an impatient John beats the door in. The door was tied to a gun aimed at E.J. When the door opens, it will pull the trigger and shoot E.J. Just as John beat the door in, Steve jumps in front of the bullet to protect E.J.

Awhile later, Steve, E.J. and John, all unharmed, walk in the pub to tell Roman what happened. Just then, Sami and Lucas walk in and E.J. and Sami share a look. E.J. tells them that he is glad they are both out safe. Marlena says she is grateful. E.J. assures them that he does not endorse his brother's tactics. Lucas chews E.J. out and Sami jumps to E.J.'s defense. Lucas tells her that it's time to go to the safe house. Roman asks E.J. if he is willing to set Tony up and be used as the bait. He says he will on one condition, that he be set up in the safe house. Marlena tells him that if he has a conscience at all, he will stay away from Sami. Roman agrees.

In Tony's car, Bart asks him how Stefano will take the news that Tony "whacked" his favorite son. Tony says he will have Stefano committed or he will "wipe him out himself."

Outside the pub, Steve holds Ciara and Kayla tells him that she wants to have a second chance at being parents. She wants them to raise a baby together but Steve thinks she is joking and leaves.

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