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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 16, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, July 16, 2007

On the plane, Max tells Jeremy to show him what is in the trunks and that if it is anything other than designer knockoffs, he will have a serious problem. Jeremy presented Max with the trunk. Max dug through it only to find designer knock-off clothing. Jeremy tells him that it's ok and that he likes a guy to ask questions. Max assures him he trusts him now. An Eddie Haskel-esque Jeremy tells Max he was right about how it was wrong to cheat on Steph. Later, the guy that Jeremy is selling to told him that he was lucky that Max didn't want to see the other trunks. Jeremy said Max is easy to lie to and that he knew Max would start asking questions so he supplied a trunk with nothing but clothing.

At the hotel in Vegas, Chelsea and Stephanie decided to do some detective work and "Googled" Danielle's name. As soon as some info pops up, Jett walks up and Steph tells him they are downloading porn to get him to walk away. After that, they discover that Jett's fiancé is already married. Steph asks Chelsea if she is going to tell Jett or not. Chelsea says she would be a good friend to tell him but Steph warns her that she will lose him if she tells him. Jeremy walks in and surprises Steph with an expensive necklace. But Steph keeps noticing that Jeremy keeps staring at all the half-naked women. Jeremy tells Steph to go show off her necklace and goes to find Max. He asks Max what he and Jett were talking about. Max lies to him but Jeremy is on to him.

In the hot tub in Vegas, Jett asks Max if he and Jeremy had a problem with "Touch The Sky" or their "other" business. Max denies a side business at first, but finally tells him about the knock-offs. Jett was surprised that that was all it was. Just then, Chelsea walks up and tells Jett she needs to talk to him. She confesses that she did some checking up on Danielle and Jett says he thought she liked Danielle. She told him that she is already married to someone else.

An angry Stefano gets in "Tony's" car asking what it is he had done this time. Tony tells him that he had to eliminate Elvis -- and YES he actually said, "Elvis has left the building!" Stefano got very angry and told Tony that he was supposed to teach him a lesson, not kill him. Tony tells him it was for the best. Tony reminds him that he was the only loyal member of this family. He said E.J. was selling them out to the Brady's. Now that E.J. is "gone," they can claim the life of the twins for those stem cells. Just then Steve climbs in the backseat, tells them that they look like they need a little "cheering up." He tells them that the Brady's have a theory that Tony is not who he says he is. He said if he is not Anthony DiMera then who would he be? Steve tells him they said the name "Andre." Tony threatens Steve, demanding to know why he is here. Steve continues to be a smart aleck and asks sports trivia questions Tony would know the answer to. "Tony" gets mad and pulls a gun on Steve ordering him to get out of the car. Stefano grabs the gun from Tony and tells him that they already had one horror tonight, they do not need another one. Steve then informed a relieved Stefano and a surprised Tony that John saved E.J. Steve tells them that it's a good thing they have Steve or they wouldn't be able to keep up, then leaves. Stefano does not hide his disgust at Tony trying to kill his brother. Tony says that John Black came out of the coma just to irritate him. He says every time he gets close to solving the Brady problem, he trips over John. Stefano says that he has done enough damage and asks where the "poetry is in his soul." Tony asks him if he wants poetry or his life and health.

At the Brady Pub, Bo, Hope, John and Marlena pondered the possibility of Tony not being the actual Tony. Marlena made the point that Tony was romantic and never wanted to be Stefano. he couldn't stand him all those years ago. Marlena says he doesn't even sound like Tony. They think he might be Andre DiMera, Tony's cousin, a.k.a The Salem Slasher. Stefano would have been fed up with Tony so he sent him off somewhere and Andre could have had plastic surgery and taken Tony's place as "the perfect son." John keeps reiterating that Andre is dead. Roman pulls up a timeline on the computer. Andre faked his death twice. Hope remembers a plane she and Anna were on that Andre hijacked. John asked about his mother, Daphne who was on the plane. They continued to piece it together about Tony's history. They are now starting to believe it was Andre all along. If that's the case, where's Tony?? Just then, Anna walks in and affirms that that man is not her Tony. She shared a bed with him and that is not her Tony. Anna explained that the man that she kissed out there was a cold fish. When Tony used to kiss her, she would get "swept away." The real Tony was the best kisser and a hopeless romantic. Roman stops her reminiscing and asked if she brought what he had requested. She pulled envelopes from Tony's love letters. Roman explained that he was going to try to get Tony's DNA off the envelopes. And Steve is supposed to get "Tony's" (Andre) DNA, hence being in the backseat. Anna claimed that Tony vanished and didn't contact her that she wants desperately to find the love of her life. Then Steve walks in and gives Roman the DNA sample. He says not to fool with DNA because that dude is not Tony DiMera. He explained how he asked those trivia questions and one of the answers was Tony DiMera and he didn't know!! John muttered to himself that they just might have the tool that will take the DiMeras down for good.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

After Chelsea tells Jett that Danielle is married, he gets angry at her for sticking her nose in his business. Stephanie consoles Chelsea, but asks why she seems more concerned about Jett than about Nick.

Max admits to Jeremy that Jett was asking him about their side deal. Jeremy confronts Jett and assures that the designer knock-off scam is no big deal. Jett retreats to the plane and calls Danielle to tell her that Chelsea knows she's married -- but he thinks he can still use her.

Max arrives and tells Jett about finding Jeremy with Ilsa. He thinks something was very wrong with the situation. Chelsea later shows up and apologizes to Jett for prying. He says it's okay, and "confides" it's over with Danielle. He and Chelsea are about to kiss when Jett pulls back and tells her to leave.

E.J. helps Bo set a trap for "Tony" by asking him to meet on a rooftop. Bo goes in his place to arrest "Tony" for attempted murder... and for his involvement in the real Tony's disappearance.

"Tony" finally admits he is Andre, but demands total immunity in exchange for information on the real Tony's whereabouts. Bo rejects his offer. Andre accidentally falls off the roof, but manages to cling to the edge. Bo get Andre to confess that Tony is being kept prisoner on a remote island and that there's a map. Bo asks where the map is when Bart returns to the roof, having left his boss earlier. Andre shouts, "Bart's back!" before he slips from Bo's grasp and falls.

In exchange for his help, Roman grants E.J.'s request for a meeting with Sami at the pub. Sami agrees to work out an arrangement for the children. E.J. suspects she has feelings for him, which she angrily denies. Bo returns to the pub and tells everyone Andre is in the hospital and probably won't survive. Bo reports that he didn't get the location of the map, but when relating Andre's last words, E.J. realizes his cousin meant the map is on Bart's back!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bo recounts to John and E.J. how Andre fell off the roof and is now in ICU. E.J. is sure Andre's parting words, "Bart's back," were meant to indicate that the map to Tony's whereabouts is actually on Bart's back. E.J. insists his father couldn't have known that Andre has been masquerading as Tony, but John points out Stefano has a history of tormenting his children.

Roman arrives with Bart and they rip off his shirt -- revealing a map tattooed on his back! John volunteers to travel to the South Pacific to see if the map leads them to the real Tony, whom they hope can help end the vendetta.

Sami reads another translated letter to Marlena and Hope. It picks up with Santo waiting with a picnic basket on an Irish shore. His hopes for a romantic lunch with Colleen are dashed when she arrives with a chaperone, Sister Rose. Santo is clearly disappointed, but puts up a good front. Santo tells Colleen his son, Stefano, has come to stay with him in Galway because his wife is on her deathbed. He asks if they could arrange a playdate for Stefano and Colleen's brother, Shawn. Santo whispers to Colleen not to come with a chaperone next time. With import, Colleen tells him she cannot give him what he wants. However, Santo is confidant they will soon see each other again.

Back in the present day, Roman arrives with shocking news – while picking Bart up at the DiMera Mansion, he found a photo of Santo DiMera – and he is the spitting image of E.J. Wells.

Philip tells Bo he wants the cops to find out who's been leaving him strange phone messages. Philip plays Bo a message where a baby cries and an electronically altered voice asks, "Why did you abandon me, Daddy?" Bo asks Philip if it's possible he has a kid out there, but Philip assures him he's always been responsible. Bo says the cops can't help since the messages aren't threatening; he recommends Philip hire a private investigator.

At the pub, Belle tells Shawn that Philip found out he never showed up for his interview in Cleveland. Shawn says he blew off the job because he didn't want to travel and be away from her and Claire. He claims he spent the day at the Cleveland airport instead. However, he privately recalls his conversation with Mimi and how he booked a flight to Indianapolis.

Philip arrives, and once he's alone with Belle, confides he learned Shawn never flew to Cleveland; his flight was canceled. Belle is stunned that Shawn lied to her -- again. Fishing for answers, Belle asks Shawn if he has anything more to tell her about his day at the airport, but he says no.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bo summons Stefano to the pub and tries again to get to the bottom of the DiMera vendetta against the Bradys. Stefano doesn't cooperate and won't admit he knew all along that Andre stole Tony's identity. Shawn Senior is stunned to find his arch-enemy on Brady turf. Stefano encourages Shawn to tell Bo how he murdered his own sister! Shawn spits on Stefano and leaves. While Bo is conferring with Roman, Stefano tells Dr. Rolf to start making some calls. They're going after the Brady family full-force; he's going to end the vendetta his way, once and for all.

Sami freaks out over E.J.'s resemblance to his grandfather. She starts to wonder if she and E.J. are the reincarnation of Colleen and Santo. Hope asks Sami if she has feelings for E.J. Sami hotly denies it, but Hope points out that fighting feelings can sometimes make them stronger. Sami confesses she tried to kill E.J., but didn't want him dead. She remembered how nice he was when he first arrived in Salem, how he treated her with respect and admiration. Hope gently points out that he then raped her. Sami knows what E.J. did was terrible but she thinks he wants to be a better person.

Meanwhile, E.J. tries to make peace with Lucas. For the sake of the children, he hopes they can try to act civil with each other. Lucas grudgingly agrees. Sami returns home and is surprised when E.J. and Lucas give her the news. After E.J. leaves, Sami and Lucas get romantic. Meanwhile, Dr. Rolf leaves a beeping flower arrangement right outside the apartment door

John and Marlena are about to fly off to find Tony when a breathless Anna arrives and announces she's tagging along.

On the uncharted island, John and Marlena find a hut that appears to be abandoned, until Tony races in with two Polynesian girls! Old friends Tony and Marlena are joyously reunited. John and Marlena tell Tony they're desperate to put an end to the Brady/DiMera feud. Tony doesn't know much about it, except for the existence of a mysterious key that Stefano keeps with him at all times. Tony remembers the key being central to ending the DiMera vendetta. Marlena can't wait to bring her dear friend home, but Tony declares he has no intention of returning to Salem -- ever.

Friday, July 20, 2007

At the Brady Pub, Max warned Stephanie that she should keep an eye on Jeremy. Steph protested just as Jeremy walks in and tells them that they are going to Vegas tonight. Max says he can't go. He has to help his dad at The Pub. Jeremy asks to talk to Max alone. He tries to coax him into coming with money. Max thinks about it but says he doesn't want the money. Max tells him he wants to take a break and Jeremy tells him he can't do that. Max assures him he does not want to be a part of this. Jeremy asks Steph what is wrong with Max and in response she puts Max on the spot by telling him to tell Jeremy what he said earlier about not trusting him. Jeremy challenges that and tells Max that if he has a problem, then they should hear it. Max tells him to forget it and hands him the money. He accepts it. Jett walks in and tells them that Chelsea is not going but she would if it weren't for Nick. Jeremy starts bad-mouthing him and Max asks him why he has to bad-mouth everyone. Jeremy and Stephanie leave. Jett tells him just to blow off what Jeremy says. Max tells him that he doesn't get how everyone is cool with Jeremy acting like that and how he can be close friends with him. Max asks Jett how he can sit back and watch him cheat on Steph. Jett told Max that if he is such good friends with Steph, the he should tell her himself. Max says that it will look like he just has a problem with Jeremy. Jett tells him that if Max really wants to blow Jeremy out of the water, that they can work together. Max asks him how and Jett says first thing is that they need to take a look at the merchandise. Max said he saw it for sure himself. Jett says it is weird how they could make all that money for a few designer knock-offs. Jett tells him he wants Max to be the Private Investigator. Jett told him all he has to do is keep his eyes open. Chelsea showed up to everyone's relief. Jeremy told her she looks good in that outfit. A few minutes later, Jett agreed with Jeremy and reiterated that she did look hot in her outfit. Thane he told her he can't blame Nick for being mad- she did choose work over him.

Chelsea is having a romantic picnic on the beach with Nick as he points out she seems to be into him now but wasn't before. he asked if anything has changed. Remembering how Jett turned her down when she tried to kiss him, she tells Nick nothing happened and she is all his for the rest of the night. Just then, Jett walks up. He informs them that they are making a run to Vegas. He tells her she is obviously busy but she assures him that she will go. Nick protests and Chelsea tells Jett she will call him and let him know. After Jett leaves, Chelsea tells Nick that this is only work and he says that he just wants some alone time with his girlfriend. Chelsea angrily packs up and tells him that she is going to Vegas and that if it were his work calling, she would be fine with it. But she tells him that if he really does have a problem with her job then maybe they should break up and she turned and walked off. Later, Nick calls Chelsea to apologize and Chelsea says that they need some time apart. Nick asks if they can just talk when she comes back and she says "we'll see." He tells her he loves her but she can't say the same. Nick's phone rings and it is about Sami's DNA results.

On the island, John and Marlena are emphatic with Tony about bringing him back to Salem. Tony says he does not want to go back because of all the horrible things Stefano has done. He says he never wants to see Stefano again. Besides, he love his life here he says. Marlena says that there are friends he will want to see and Tony agrees. But not Stefano he says. He said he is staying put until Stefano is dead and buried. John was ready to give up and Marlena says she wants to try one more thing. She tells Tony that she has never known him to be scared of Stefano. He says he is sorry but he's not going back. Just then Anna walks up grumbling about wanting a Mai Tai and a cabana boy. It was love at first sight all over again with Tony and Anna. Just then Tony tries to embrace her and she tells him to stop. She says that they have been tricked before that she doesn't know that he is not Andre. He tries to get closer again, claiming that it is really him. But Anna whips a gun out of her purse and aims it at him. Anna said that they are going to play trivia to prove he is Tony. He couldn't answer her questions but just then John wrestles the gun from her. Tony grabs her and spoke of the last time they ever saw each other. Anna cried and they kissed passionately. Of course, John and Marlena didn't pass up this opportunity to make out as well! Anna says there is no doubt now. It is really Tony. Marlena asks him if he plans to come back now that he has seen Anna. Just then the two island beauties he had been frolicking with ran up and started caressing him. Anna looked mad as John told him that he has a decision to make. Awhile later they were on the plane, Tony included. Anna was crying tears of joy as John asked Tony about the key that Stefano has that would end the vendetta. Tony told him that it is gold and very old. He said that the secret is hidden away and it is that key that will unlock that secret. He then told Anna he hopes she will let him stay with her and Marlena blurted out that as long as Roman doesn't mind, since she is living with him. Tony was rather surprised to hear that.

Sami and Lucas, having their romantic champagne and strawberries at home, gushed about how good it is to be home again. All of a sudden, Lucas remembers he left ice cream in the car to leak on his leather seats. He opens the door and the flowers complete with a bomb that Rolf, Stefano's doc delivered were sitting on the doorstep. Sami talked him into coming back in so the flowers were never seen. Nick heads over to tell Sami and Lucas about the DNA results. He knocks on the door and has the flowers that were sitting there. Sami asked him about the flowers and he told her they were beeping. Sami's eyes got wide when she realized there might be a bomb.

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