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Monday, July 23, 2007

At The Brady Pub, Hope tried to make Bo understand that being a nun was not right for Colleen. It may have been at one time but once Santo came along, the plans went out the window, so to speak. Bo argued that she was a nun and Hope made the comparison of how their relationship was in the beginning compared to Santo and Colleen. Bo was a bad boy on a motorcycle and hope was a good girl from a rich family. To make Bo understand the attraction Colleen had for Santo, she used the analogy of Santo riding up on a motorcycle, just like Bo used to do.

The flashback continues: Santo and Colleen went for their picnic and let Shawn and Stefano play. Colleen was very worried about getting caught without a chaperone. Santo kept trying to dismiss it and Colleen basically told him that she is on to him as to why he wants to spend time with her.

Bo says that he doesn't like being compared to Santo. Hope says that she wonders if Colleen wanted Santo the way Hope wanted Bo back then. Bo says he doubts it because she made a promise to God. Hope points out that Colleen was a novice nun and still a woman. They decided to keep reading the letter.

More flashback: Santo assured her that he just wants the pleasure of her company. Santo questions why she chose to be a nun. Colleen tells him that a lot of the women become nuns and that it is an honor to do so. Santo protests that she is too beautiful. She tells him that it is only outer beauty that he speaks of. Santo says that it is beauty given to her by the Lord. She tells him that she wanted to be a nun since she was a little girl. Santo tells her that it is "a pity" not to experience life. That makes Colleen mad.

Hope continued to explain to Bo her analogy. That if you hop on the back of the motorcycle you hold on to that temptation that only comes around once in a lifetime and you never want to let it go. Poor Colleen, she says, never stood a chance.

Flashback: Colleen continued to protest and defend "her calling." Santo promises that as a gentleman, he will respect her calling, on one condition. He wants to see her in a beautiful simple dress. Colleen gets mad and calls Shawn to leave. He tells her to meet him tomorrow and she says that it is a sin. He asks her what she is thinking and she is thinking. She says that she is thinking that she cannot let him shame her or her family. And then she left.

Bo tells Hope he thinks Santo crossed the line and Hope pointed out that Bo has crossed the line himself a few.

Flashback: Colleen showed up to meet Santo in her dress without her habit. She tells him that God sent him to her to prove she can stand up to temptation. She tells her she wants to be free from him. He tells her that no matter how far he goes, he could never be free of her. Colleen asks him what it is like out there in the world. He tells her he has been to New York. He tells her what it is like and tempts her with love, passion and freedom. He pleads with her to let him show her what it is like. She says that will never happen. He doesn't believe her. He confesses that he wants more from her and draws her in for a gentle kiss. Colleen pulls away and protests that she has made her choice about her life and Santo insists that he has made his too. He pulls her in for another kiss. Just then, little Shawn walks up and sees them kissing.

On the plane, Max tells Jeremy that he wants to check the merchandise. Jeremy tells him no that he can check any day, just not tonight. Later, Max tells Jett that Jeremy won't let him see the merchandise. Max then asks Jett what he is up to with all of this.

Stephanie tells Chelsea that she is surprised that she was able to be here, being as she had plans with Nick. She asks her if her plans were with Jett, would she have still come? Chelsea insists that she loves Nick and an exasperated Steph walks off. Jett comes in insisting that they need to talk about their near-kiss the previous night. Chelsea doesn't want to talk about it. Later, Max tells Chelsea that he thinks Jeremy is a jerk and they need to get Steph away from him. He tells her that he caught Jeremy with a girl named "Elsa" who spoke broken English. Max tells Chelsea that he needs to tell her, though Chelsea doesn't want to be the bearer of bad news. Just then, Steph walks in. Max leaves and Steph asks what they were talking about and assumes it was about Jett.

At Sami's apartment, Nick stood there holding the beeping flowers when Sami realized that it was a bomb making that beeping sound. Nick threw her in her apartment and shut the door just in time for the bomb to go off, knocking him out. After, Lucas tries to wake Nick up and Sami called 911. Nick comes to and Lucas tells Nick he is a hero and explains what happened. Nick completely lost his memory. Lucas asked him what he had to tell them. Nick has no idea what they are talking about. Sami tells Nick that she has tried to call Chelsea three times and Nick insists that he needs to be with her. He doesn't remember that she went to work in Vegas. Nick begs them to find her but then tells them that Chelsea is mad. Bits and pieces come back to him about a fight they had. He starts thinking that their relationship might be over. He gets up to go to the bathroom, not looking so good. Sami and Lucas ponder the meaning of the bomb, thinking that Santo might be accepting the fact that he's not getting the stem cells and maybe he wants to take Sami out with him. When the paramedics arrive, they realize Nick escaped with his head wound. He called Hope and found out Chelsea went to Vegas and booked a plane ticket.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Roman tries to convince Sami and Lucas to move back into a safe house, but she says she won't be bullied into leaving her home again.

E.J. visits a supposedly paralyzed Andre in the hospital and learns Stefano knew all along he wasn't Tony. Stefano says if E.J. isn't with them, he's against them. While Stefano scolds his son, Andre plants something in E.J.'s briefcase. Oblivious E.J. leaves and stops by to see Sami and Lucas. Lucas is about to kick him out when E.J. realizes his briefcase is beeping, and they all fear it's another bomb.

Tony returns to Salem and confronts Andre and Stefano, vowing he won't rest until he punishes his father for everything he's done.

At Brady's Pub, Roman spies Tony and Anna kissing. Bo and Hope make a bet: if Roman cares that Anna is breaking up with him, then Bo has to run around the parking lot naked. When Anna tries to end things with Roman, he makes a quick getaway. Later, Roman returns with news that Andre and Stefano have escaped -- and catches Bo streaking through the parking lot!

Nick shows up in Vegas, where he interrupts Jeremy and Rawlings' meeting. Nick tells Jeremy he's here to find Chelsea, then quickly passes out. Jeremy talks to Bo, Hope and Maggie, telling them he'll watch Nick.

Back at the hotel, Stephanie and Chelsea argue when Chelsea insinuates Jeremy's only giving Stephanie presents because he feels guilty about something. Stephanie storms off, and Jett shows up, wanting to talk to Chelsea about the almost-kiss. They both agree it was just a moment and it meant nothing, but while soaking in the hot tub, their attraction heats up. As they're getting out of the water, Chelsea falls on top of Jett, just as Nick and Jeremy show up.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

At the Brady Pub, Philip played the tape of the disturbing phone calls to Billie. The calls were of a woman's synthesized voice with a baby screaming in the background. Philip assumes someone he was in business with had an axe to grind. Billie disagreed and told him that this was personal. Billie decides to do some detective work and try to get to the bottom of the calls. After she leaves, Belle shows up and tells Philip she is going to wait for Shawn. Philip hands her some shopping bags and showers her with gifts for her and Claire. She loves everything but tells him that she can't accept them.

At the hospital, Bo informs Shawn of Andre pretending to be paralyzed and then escaping. Then Shawn drops the ball about wanting to ask Belle to marry him. Shawn voices his insecurities about his financial situation. He thinks Belle would say no because Philip has more money than him. Bo tells him that Philip has money but not Belle's heart, like he does. Bo tells him that there are plenty of reasons to marry Belle but playing keep away from Philip is not one of them. He advises for Shawn to get a place of their own, then propose to Belle. Just the Roman walks up to talk to Bo so Shawn heads to the Brady Pub.

At the pub, Shawn sees Belle talking happily with Philip. So he sits down with Billie and shows her the amazing ring he plans on giving to Belle. She wants to know how he paid for it. He tells her he financed it. He asks what she would say if someone gave this ring to her. She says she would say yes to the ring first, then yes to him.

Philip tells Belle that he is buying her these clothes because he wants to help both her and Shawn. He claims he is rooting for them to make it. Just then Shawn walks up and Belle shows him the clothes. He demands to know where she got the money to pay for them. She lies and says that Marlena took her shopping. He says that she deserves new stuff and that he will pay Marlena back. She says no that it was a gift, shooting Philip a knowing look. Shawn walks off and Belle feels bad about not being straight with Shawn and Philip grabs her hand and tells her that it was a white lie that won't hurt anyone. He says it is a win-win for everyone. Belle tells him that he is "a girl's dream come true." Philip asks her about whether or not Shawn ‘fessed up about where he was the day he was supposed to go on that interview. Belle says that he will tell her when he is ready and Philip tells her that she would have "busted his chops" if he had done that while they were married. She agrees and the two share a laugh. Shawn shows up and asks her if she is ready to go to the beach. She quietly thanks Philip for the gifts and he tells her that it was his pleasure. Belle walks off and Philip seems satisfied with himself.

In Vegas, Jett catches Chelsea as she was falling. They were in a rather compromising position when Nick and Jeremy walk in. Chelsea asks Nick what he was doing there and asks if he is ok. He tells her quickly that there was a bomb but wants to know what is going on with her and Jett. Chelsea tells Nick that he needs to go and walks off instead of listening to his jealous rant. Jett agrees that Chelsea is not happy to see Nick. Nick "jokingly" threatens to beat Jett up. Jett told him that nothing was going on. Just then, Chelsea walks up and asks Jett if he is ready to hit the bar. Nick asks her if they are done as a couple and she tells him yes. She and Jett walk out together. She tells Jett that she can't believe he followed her. Jett tells her that Nick did look out of it. Chelsea tells him that she is sick of him following her around like a lost puppy.

Stephanie gets romantic with Jeremy in the hot tub but remembers her conversation she had earlier with Chelsea. It was about how Jeremy is cheating on her and trying to make up for it by buying her gifts. She tells Jeremy that she thinks he is buying her gifts because he is feeling guilty about something. He claims he was only being nice. Stephanie tells him she was just joking and he angrily assumes Max told her something. He claims that someone wants to spread lies about him. He tells her people are jealous of him and don't listen to it. She asks him about it. He tells her if she wants to play dumb, then play dumb but it bores him. He says he is going to the casino and for not to come with him.

At the casino, Max spots none other that "Elsa", the foreign woman that Jeremy had at Bo and Hope's house. She is with a man and sees Max but quickly looks away. The man walks away from her for a minute and Max approaches her. He tells her he just wants to know she is alright but she tells him she doesn't want to talk to him and begs him to leave her alone. The man comes back and tells Max that she is with him. He tries to punch Max and Max ducks, and the guy ends up knocking his own self out. Elsa slaps Max and tells him to stay out of her business. She walks off just as Chelsea and Jett show up and explain about Nick, but Max isn't listening. He tells them about Elsa. Then he asks Chelsea if she told Steph about Jeremy's cheating. She said that she couldn't because Steph is in love with him. Jeremy walks up and Chelsea leaves. Jeremy gives Max his share of the earnings and tells him that if this keeps up, they will need an off-shore account. Jeremy counts his money as Max watches and Steph walks up and kisses Jeremy. Steph starts asking him what time he can make the dinner Steve and Kayla are supposed to be having for him. Just then Elsa walks by and Jeremy stutters to Steph that he can't deal with that right now. He runs off following Elsa as Max follows.

Jett and Chelsea are at the bar having a drink discussing whether the morality of revealing the truth about Jeremy to Stephanie when a loud mouth Nick shows up, shouting about playing blackjack.

At Lucas and Sami's and apartment, E.J. asks them if they hear his briefcase beeping. Lucas throws Sami out of the way and yes that it is a bomb. E.J. opens the suitcase to find it smoking badly. E.J. and Lucas start choking and later wake up to find Sami missing! Later, Roman, with Bo, tell E.J. that it was Andre and that they had numbed his muscles and fooled everyone into thinking that he was paralyzed when he wasn't. They informed them that Stefano is in on Sami's kidnapping as well. An upset Lucas tells Roman that they are going to kill the babies just to add a few years to Stefano's worthless life. Roman grabs Lucas and tells him it won't help to panic and do something stupid. E.J. agrees with Lucas that Stefano will hurt anyone in order to live. Bo tells Lucas that they have to be smart about this. Roman wants Lucas and E.J. to stay in the apartment in case Sami calls. Lucas protests but finally gives in and Roman and Bo leave. E.J. stands up and tells Lucas that it is up to them to find Sami. Lucas yells at E.J. that it was his fault that he brought the beeping briefcase. E.J. tells them that they need to be a team to save Sami and the babies.

Billie tells Philip that they traced some calls to Indianapolis. Billie promises to trace the calls for him.

At the beach, Belle is busy admiring the sparkling water when Shawn asks her if the water is as sparkly as what he has. He shows her the ring and proposes to her!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Chelsea urges Nick to stop gambling as he loses big at a blackjack table. After she leaves, a larger-than-life player offers Nick advice about life and gambling. Bolstered by the kind stranger, Nick takes a huge risk -- and wins almost $50,000! Nick shows Chelsea his winnings and blurts, "Let's get married!"

Jeremy spots Ilsa crossing out of the casino, and he ditches Stephanie to follow her. Max trails them to a hotel corridor. He watches as Jeremy chastises Ilsa, and Max finally makes his presence known, asking what their connection is. Ilsa tells Max to mind his own business and moves off.

Jeremy goes on the offensive, saying he's tired of Max's suspicions. He thinks he and Max shouldn't be partners anymore. That's fine with Max, who agrees to keep quiet about the designer clothes. Later, Max confronts the drunk guy, who reveals Ilsa is a prostitute. Max demands the number of her escort service.

Meanwhile, Chelsea informs Stephanie that Jeremy cheated on her. She tells her about Max finding Jeremy with a girl at Bo's house. A disbelieving Stephanie lashes out at Chelsea. Later, Stephanie confronts Jeremy about his one-night stand.

Belle doesn't give an answer to Shawn's proposal right away. She questions if they are ready and gently suggests his proposal has more to do with Philip than anything else. Shawn denies and patiently says if she's not ready, it's okay. Belle just has one question -- why did he lie about flying to Cleveland? Philip told her the flight was canceled; where did Shawn go? Shawn claims he just drove around Salem. Belle accepts his explanation - and then also accepts his proposal! Shawn is ecstatic as he slips on the ring, but Belle's feelings are a bit more enigmatic.

Steve is tending bar at Brady's Pub whe n Kayla walks in, glowing after spending time with Ciara. Kayla asks Steve if he'd like to have a baby. Steve says no, but Kayla won't accept that. She wants the chance to raise a child with Steve, which they didn't get to do with Stephanie. Steve points out Stephanie avoids him at all costs; he's not sure he's father material. Kayla disagrees and stays firm on her desire to adopt a child.

Friday, July 27, 2007

At the casino in Vegas, Nick proposes to Chelsea. She tells him no and basically to grow up. But that wasn't enough for Nick. He used a fake ring and told her that money is no object. But she can't be bought, she informs him. She is completely disgusted with him and wants him to go away. He keeps trying to talk her into it and she stands firm. He tells her that she should be flattered that he wants to marry her, as she is in total disbelief that he actually said that! She tells him that he literally needs to get his head examined and that he is not himself. He tells her that this is the inner-Nick and she says she is still not marrying him. He says he is getting married tonight, with or without her. She tells him to let her know where to send the gift and walks off.

Stephanie asks Jeremy about the fact that he cheated. She told him that Max told her about it. He wants to know what Max told her and she informs him that he told Chelsea, and Chelsea told her. Jeremy tried to act like Chelsea and Max are lying. Steph tells him that she believes them but not him and defends Chelsea. He claims that Max got his facts all wrong. Jeremy claimed that "the girl" that Max saw him with is a friend of his business partner, Kyle Rawlings and that he was bringing her to Vegas to meet him. He starts to woo her as Jett walks up and tells them about Nick's luck. Jett leaves and Steph tells him it is over between them if she finds out he is lying to her about the girl (Elsa).

Jett goes to check on Chelsea as she tells him the last thing she needs is to be tied down with a husband. Chelsea tells him that she wants someone that trusts her and isn't so insecure. Jett feels sorry for him and asks her to cut Nick a break. She tells Jett that it is over between her and Nick.

Jeremy hits on Nick to "invest" his money to double his cash in a few weeks. He says one of his investors (Max) backed out. Nick goes for it at first then decides to ask a few questions. He tells him no and then backs out. He leaves and finds Stephanie sitting by herself. He tells her that she shouldn't trust Jeremy. Just then she sees Jeremy and decides to follow him. After she leaves, a woman walks up and asks to sit with Nick. She tells him her name is China Lee.

As Jett was defending Nick to Chelsea, Nick walks up with China and introduces her as the next Mrs. Nick Fallon. Chelsea tells him that he really is out of his mind. He starts bragging about China Lee as Chelsea questions how long he has known her. He tells her that he is off the market. He runs off to "get married." Though he is not really getting married, he buys her a drink.

In a hotel room, Max opened the door to find Elsa. After realizing she is a prostitute, he paid for 30 minutes with her, but just to talk. He's trying to get to the bottom of her connection with Jeremy. Elsa resists giving out any info so Max threatens to call immigration on her. She tells him she doesn't want to go back to Slovakia and that she met Jeremy in Salem. Max tells her that he is here to help her. He asks her about a guy named Kyle Rawlings. Just then a very surprised Jeremy walks in. He asks her if she is ok. Max lets Elsa leave and Jeremy asks him what he is doing. Stephanie walks in and Max tells him he is going to find out what is going on. Jeremy tells Steph not to worry about it after Max left.

Later, 2 guys sneak up and put a gun in Max's side and drag him off. Jeremy's business partner is behind it all.

Bo snuck Lexie in the police station. She covered her head with a black hoodie, afraid that Abe would see her. She claimed Abe was better off without her but Bo disagreed. John walks in and says that she is perfect to use as bait against Andre. Bo is against the idea but Lexie insists she wants to help. John pulled a cell phone out of his pocket that has the same number as Stefano's phone. He plans on text messaging Andre to arrange to meet Lexie, but Andre will think that it's Stefano's orders. Bo asks John if Andre will take the bait. John asks if he has a better idea. John sends the message and tells Lexie that he appreciates her doing this for Sami's sake. She tells him that they gave had their differences but it seems so unimportant right now. She tells him that when Sami comes home that she would like to put the past behind them. John tells her that Sami would agree. Then the phone rings with a message. Andre bought it! As Bo and Lexie prepare to leave, he tells her he is proud of her and Abe would be too.

Lucas explained to Marlena about Sami's kidnapping, as E.J. apologized to her about his family. Marlena tells him to prove his sorrow and love by getting in contact with Stefano. Roman walks in and says that they haven't really had any luck finding Sami. Lucas frantically yells at Roman as Marlena yells at Lucas to settle down. Tony knocks on the door and comes walking in. Tony tells them that Stefano's plane just took off from an airport in Illinois and that it will fly over international waters. Tony tells them that his source of info is rock solid. He tells them that another plane will give him the fuel while in the air. Roman, E.J. and Lucas leave to go to the station. Tony waits with Marlena. Marlena tells him that she is finding it hard to have faith. Tony tells her that if he can survive all that Stefano put him through, then so will Sami. John walks in and tells her he has news. He aks her how she would like to view Andre behind bars. Then Marlena and John have a romantic moment.

On a plane somewhere, Stefano relished in the fact that his life would soon be saved. Sami lay unconscious as Dr. Rolf checked her blood pressure. Stefano sits at Sami's side, stroking her hair, wondering if he is not giving up his place in Heaven for killing the babies just to add 4 more years to his life. But decides he must make the sacrifice anyway.

At the police station, E.J. kept trying to prove his sincerity. He tells Lucas he knows that Lucas is a good father and that he will be a good father to the twins. Lucas says he is praying for them as well as for Sami. Roman walks up with some news. Stefano's plane is in between Bermuda and Grand Cayman.

Dr. Rolf has Sami prepped and prepares to put Stefano out for the stem cell surgery.

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