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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 6, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, August 6, 2007

Back in Ireland, Colleen tends to Santo's wound and the sexual tension leads to a kiss. Colleen pulls away and Santo implores her to give in to her desires. Colleen asks him to drop his showy declarations and reveal his true feelings. In Italian, Santo says he loves her. Colleen denies she feels the same, but her trembling hands give her away. Santo begs Colleen to meet him at an inn to spend more time together; she is non-committal. In the present day, the group at Brady's Pub debate Colleen's situation. Sami declares Colleen had no choice; fate is controlling her destiny. Lucas muses that maybe Sami and E.J. are fated to be together since they bear a striking resemblance to their ancestors. Sami vehemently declares she and Lucas are meant to be.

As the cops investigate the scene of Bart's death, Stefano and Dr. Rolf wonder what Bart did with the key. Kate arrives to ask Stefano for money while she's being investigated by the S.E.C. At first Stefano rejects her, but ultimately he gives her the money, and then they go off to have sex! Meanwhile, Tony tells the Bradys that Bart swallowed the key. Tony, Bo and John head over to the mansion and have the coroner cut the key out of Bart. John catches Stefano and Kate post-lovemaking.

Stephanie informs Kayla and Steve she's moving in with Adrienne. When Adrienne shows up, Steve admonishes her for not telling him. Stephanie says they haven't been a family since Steve came back, and storms out. Steve is sure he's lost his daughter for good.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Kate gives Chelsea the money from Nick, saying it's from her for Chelsea's tuition. Chelsea is touched; she can't believe Kate would do this for her. Kate urges her granddaughter to forgive Billie because they all need to be forgiven and accepted for their flaws. At the hospital, Kate confesses to an unconscious Roman that she slept with Stefano. In the middle of her confession, Roman wakes up. He begs her to come to her senses and stop selling her soul. Embarrassed Kate grows defensive and says she's the one who used Stefano, not the other way around. Once she's alone, however, Kate breaks down in shameful tears.

Celeste corners Lexie, who remains in hiding from Abe. She rips into Lexie, reminding her daughter of all she has to lose if she doesn't try to work things out with her husband. Meanwhile, Jett confides in Abe how he risked his entire investigation by telling Chelsea the truth and now his superiors are furious. Abe surprises his nephew by telling him his career comes first. Jett realizes this is about Lexie, and Abe admits she hasn't come to see him since she's been back. Later, Abe goes to Brady's Pub with news of Roman's recovery, and comes face-to-face with Lexie.

To find out what Stephanie knows about Jeremy, Nick lies to her, telling her the cops were asking him questions about her boyfriend. He quizzes Stephanie, who genuinely doesn't know about Jeremy's illegal dealings. Despite her promise not to say anything, Stephanie alerts Jeremy to what Nick told her. Jeremy flies off the handle. On the path to reconciliation, Chelsea and Nick meet up at the pub, unaware China Lee, the girl from Vegas, is following them.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Belle tells Shawn she wants to go back to college to get a nursing degree. Shawn is against it, saying Claire needs Belle around. Belle insists Claire also needs a permanent home after so much moving. Shawn says he'll get a second job so she doesn't have to work, but Belle wants him to have time with Claire. Belle says her parents will pay for school. Shawn takes this as a vote of no confidence in his ability to take care of his family. Belle convinces him he's wrong, and he finally relents.

Meanwhile, Philip shows Billie a photograph he received of a baby with a note claiming it's his son and that he needs to start contributing. Billie notices the postmark is from Indianapolis and also spots a prescription bottle in the background of the picture. She goes to blow up the photo to get the name off of it.

Shawn and Belle run into Philip, who updates them on the case. Billie returns with the name on the bottle: Tyler Kiriakis. Billie also got an address and phone number. Philip calls and tells the woman who answers that he's coming to her house with a detective. The woman hangs up. After Philip and Billie leave, a suspicious Belle asks Shawn where he was on the Fourth of July -- the truth this time. Was Shawn in Indianapolis?

Chelsea tells Nick that Kate's gift of fifty thousand dollars made her feel like part of the family. Nick covers that the money was really from him. Nick and Chelsea are about to kiss when she stops. She can't do this unless they promise to tell each other the truth about everything. Chelsea goes first, telling Nick she had strong feelings for Jett until she found out about his deception. Chelsea asks if Nick has any secrets, but he swears he's been totally honest. Nick and Chelsea are interrupted by China Lee, who claims to be Nick's wife! Nick denies it but China Lee shows him a marriage license. Nick leaves to seek advice from his Uncle Mickey. Chelsea accuses China Lee of being a gold-digger. China Lee hands her a DVD and tells her to watch it.

Still feeling unworthy of Abe's love, Lexie tries to run from her husband. Abe convinces her to stay and talk. He surprises Lexie by asking for her forgiveness, for making her feel like she's not good enough for him. Abe expresses his love for Lexie, and the two reconcile.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Lucas gets a text message from his mom asking him to meet her. It's urgent. Lucas drives over to an alley, where he hears a woman calling "help me" from inside a nearby freezer truck. He breaks into the back of the truck, only to find a tape recorder. Just then, the doors slam shut. Outside, the truck doors are padlocked by none other than E.J. He sent Lucas a phony text message in order to lure him there.

E.J. leaves and meets up with Sami at the hospital. Kate arrives to visit Roman, and a confused Sami asks her if she's seen Lucas. When Kate says she has no idea what Sami is talking about, Sami realizes Lucas has been set up. She and a reluctant E.J. drive around town looking for him, finally spotting his car in the alley. Sensing he might be in the truck, Sami starts pounding on it and calling Lucas's name, but gets no response because he keeps slipping in and out of consciousness. E.J. convinces Sami to leave as Lucas continues to freeze to death in the truck.

Belle implores Shawn to tell her the truth about where he went on the Fourth of July. Shawn makes up yet another story about Mimi calling him with the news that their divorce was final. He claims he then went driving around Salem to clear his head. Belle accepts the story and leaves. Afterwards, Lauren, the surrogate who was carrying Philip and Mimi's child, confronts Shawn. The two met up in Indianapolis on the Fourth, where she told him she'd given birth to Philip's son. Now that Philip has gotten her phone number, a worried Lauren wants Shawn to take the baby and give it to him. Shawn flat out refuses to get involved.

Bo, Hope, Marlena and John learn Stefano's key unlocks a tabernacle in Ireland. Hoping the tabernacle is located in Colleen's church, Bo and Hope decide to fly to Galway. Everyone prays whatever is in the locked box will put an end to the DiMera vendetta.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Kayla is notified that an infant has been abandoned at University Hospital. As she bonds with the baby boy, Kayla confides in Lexie her wish to adopt another child. Abe introduces Mrs. Meyers, a caseworker from Child Protective Services. Mrs. Meyers is about to exit with the baby to put him in a foster home when Kayla blurts that she'll take care of him. Until someone finds the mother, she wants very much to be his foster mother.

Philip and Billie travel to Indianapolis to confront the woman who's been harassing him. Billie picks the lock to the apartment, and they find a gym membership with a photo. Philip is electrified to discover that the "mystery woman" is Lauren, the surrogate Shawn and Mimi hired to have their child. Philip reels at the possibility that the baby could, in fact, be his, but he thought she terminated the pregnancy per their agreement. Philip suspects Shawn had something to do with it to distract him from bonding with Belle and Claire. Billie finds a bib with traces of spit-up and suggests they have the DNA analyzed to find out if the baby is Philip's. Lauren watches in the corridor as Philip and Billie exit. She enters the apartment and searches for something she left behind. She freezes when she hears Philip and Billie at the door, Philip having forgotten his cell phone inside.

Belle confesses to Shawn she lied. Philip bankrolled her new wardrobe, not her mother. Shawn thinks Philip is trying to make him look bad and he wants Belle back. She acknowledges she's been far too accepting of Philip's kindness. Shawn confesses he lied about the Fourth of July. He explains Lauren had been harassing Mimi, saying Bonnie paid her to go through with the pregnancy so they could get money from Philip. But then Bonnie went to jail and Lauren was stuck with the baby. Bonnie denies this, but Mimi asked Shawn to check out Lauren's story. He arrived in Indianapolis, but found no traces of a baby. Thinking Lauren was trying to scam Philip, he gave her Philip's number, attempting to call her bluff. Shawn swears he had nothing to do with the harassing phone calls. Now Lauren is scared she'll get in trouble and she met with him at the beach to see if he would give Philip the baby. Belle says they have to find Philip an dtell him what they know.

Working off her hunch that Lucas is in the freezer truck, Sami and E.J. rescue him just in time. E.J. notes this is the second time he's saved Sami's husband from an icy death. Sami's reminded of the price she paid for Lucas's life last time. E.J. tries again to apologize but Sami makes clear she will never trust him.

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