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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 13, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, August 13, 2007

Bo and Hope arrive at the Irish church with the key Tony got from Stefano. Disguised as a nun, Andre quietly spies on them. Since they can't find a priest to open the tabernacle, Hope convinces Bo to try opening the box on his own. Before Bo can get the key to work, a young boy comes in to report the priest is on his way. The boy leaves a backpack behind, so Bo and Hope open it to look for his name and find a toy truck inside. Bo realizes the truck is ticking.

Lauren hides in a bedroom as Philip and Billie re-enter her apartment to retrieve his cell phone. Shawn and Belle show up, and Shawn confesses to Philip that he knew about Lauren all along. A furious Philip accuses Shawn of trying to get back at him for being a better provider for Belle and Claire. The group hears a noise coming from the other room, but Lauren gets away before they find her. Shawn tells Belle his friendship with Philip is ruined, and they have to move out of the Kiriakis Mansion.

Kayla tells Mrs. Meyers from Child Services that she wants to provide a foster home for the abandoned baby. Abe vouches for Kayla and contacts Mrs. Meyers' supervisor to expedite the process. Steve arrives and is thrown for a loop when Kayla fills him in. He's annoyed his wife did not consult him, and he doesn't think he'll be a good father, even temporarily. Eventually, Steve has a change of heart and Kayla is thrilled. She and Steve take home the baby boy, whom Kayla nicknames Pocket.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kayla and Steve bring baby Pocket home and Steve reminds Kayla it's only temporary. Kayla assures Steve that she knows and that she'll be OK when it's time to give up Pocket, but Steve says he knows her and that she won't want to let the baby go after a few days. Stephanie walks in on Steve while he's holding the baby. Steve explains the circumstances, but she is upset and thinks that they are replacing her. Steve runs after her and tells her that she'll always be his "little sweetness" and nobody will ever replace her in his heart. Stephanie is calmed and tells him she loves him and good luck with the baby.

Jeremy tries to reach his father Mike by phone and can't get through. Stephanie shows up and asks what's going on. Jeremy laments that his life is in shambles, his friends have abandoned him, and his parents are too busy saving the world to have time for him. Jeremy confesses that he has always wanted what his rich friends had. Even though both his parents were doctors, they worked long hours for not a lot of money. He just wanted for once an easy way to get ahead. Stephanie tells Jeremy that she'll always love him and stick by him no matter what. Later, Jeremy goes to find Max and begs him for help. Max doesn't want anything to do with him, but Jeremy says that he'll level with Max if he'll help him. Jeremy tells Max that the designer clothes were just a front for smuggling young women into the US from Eastern Europe, but that he didn't know what they would be doing once they got here. Even worse, Andre DiMera is behind the whole scheme. Max suggests going to the police, but Jeremy wants to find a way out that doesn't involve the police. Because the girls are in danger, and the DiMeras are involved, Max agrees to help.

Bo and Hope enter the church and are about to open the tabernacle when a little boy leaves a backpack with a toy truck in it. Bo is about to take the truck to him and realizes that it is a bomb. He runs out of the church and throws it into a garbage can and ducks. The bomb doesn't explode, and Bo wonders what is going on. Hope, inside the church, decides to open the tabernacle and finds a leather portfolio. Andre, who had followed Hope, attacks her from behind, but Hope kicks him and throws the portfolio to Bo. Andre pulls a knife on Hope and demands it back or he would kill her. Bo throws the portfolio to Andre and he eventually lets her go and escapes the church. Bo goes outside to search the grounds and Andre attacks, cutting Bo with the knife, allowing him to escape. Bo returns inside to Hope where they decide they have to find Andre before he gets to Stefano and destroys the portfolio.

Nick goes to see Uncle Mickey about the legality of his wedding to China Lee and returns to the Brady Pub to tell Chelsea that the marriage license doesn't mean anything unless China can prove there was a wedding. Chelsea shows Nick the wedding video and says there is ample proof of the wedding. China walks into the pub and tells Nick that she's really missed him and showed him a crayon drawing from his "stepchildren" welcoming him to the family. Nick tells her that he had a head injury and wasn't in his right mind and asks why they couldn't just file for an annulment. But China shocks everyone by saying she will sue Nick for abandonment if he does. Nick tells China that he's been blackmailed by two other women and that he simply won't stand for it and to give it her best shot. China demands $25,000, half of his Vegas winnings, and she'll leave him alone. Later, Chelsea tells him she's really proud of him for standing up to China.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Having failed to kill Lucas, E.J. calls a press conference in his hospital room so he can play hero for Sami's benefit. To throw suspicion off of himself, E.J. blames Andre for the murder attempt. He suggests Sami would be safer living with him while Lucas recovers in the hospital. Kate wholeheartedly agrees. Lucas tries to attack E.J. and discovers he has no feeling in his legs. The doctor examines him, and says it's a result of the hypothermia and will quickly pass.

On a flight to Vegas, Jett tells Max he's an undercover ISA agent and presses him to tell the truth about what Jeremy is smuggling. Max is furious Jett didn't level with him before. He feigns ignorance about the side business, keeping his word not to squeal on Jeremy. Knowing better, Jett tells Max he has until they land in Vegas to come clean and save himself. Jeremy reminds Max they're meeting Rawlings to resolve the problem on their own, without bringing in the cops.

Meanwhile, a passenger, Mr. Lowell, makes a pass at Stephanie and gets too rough. Max comes to her rescue and beats up Lowell. Stephanie is moved by Max's heroism. When Jett handcuffs Lowell to a seat, Jeremy asks where he got the handcuffs. Jett covers, saying he got them from his Uncle Abe for situations like this. Jeremy pretends to accept the explanation but remains suspicious.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

In Vegas, Jeremy and Max tell Rawlings they're no longer going to deliver girls to him. Rawlings threatens their lives, and Max counters that he'll go to the police and tell them about the operation. Rawlings informs him that if he does, he'll be arrested, too. After Rawlings leaves, Max and Jeremy decide they can't go to the cops after all but will help the call girls flee Las Vegas. When they leave, Jett emerges from hiding, having overheard all. Later, Jeremy corners Jett in the hotel hallway and confronts him, wanting to know what his story is.

In the hotel suite, Stephanie admits to Chelsea she liked the way Max came to her aid when she was being manhandled by Mr. Lowell. She admits Jeremy might not have jumped to her rescue like that. Chelsea thinks Stephanie is starting to fall for Max, but she denies it. However, Max later finds Stephanie alone in the hot tub, and as she thanks him for defending her honor, the two launch into a passionate, powerful kiss.

Nick arrives in Vegas and tells Chelsea he plans on playing blackjack to earn the $25,000 he needs to get rid of China Lee. Chelsea and China Lee face off. Later, China Lee convinces her kids, Artemis and DeMarquette, that Nick is their new daddy.

Sami and Lucas get amorous in his hospital room, but are kept apart by a cantankerous nurse. During a vulnerable moment, Sami confesses to Lucas that she feels as if it's her fate to end the vendetta that was started in her Aunt Colleen's name.

Anna visits Roman in the hospital, and he lets her know he's disappointed she returned to Tony. He warns her that playboy Tony will not be faithful. Meanwhile, Tony runs into an ailing Stefano. Tony asks him to turn Andre over to the police as a gesture of good will before he dies, but Stefano refuses.

Friday, August 17, 2007

In Vegas, Nick loses all his money in an attempt to win $25,000 to buy off his wife. A sympathetic China Lee agrees to free him of his husbandly and fatherly obligations anyway. She heads off to sign the annulment papers. Back in the suite, Nick answers the door to the hotel manager, who is returning China Lee's two boys to their "father."

Max and Stephanie make out in the hot tub. She weakly protests she's with Jeremy, but she can't resist Max's kisses. Chelsea is stunned when she spies them going at it, on their way to making love. In the corridor, Jeremy demands Jett tell him if he's a cop. Jett insists he isn't. Chelsea accidentally interrupts the intense exchange and panics when Jeremy moves to go inside the suite. Chelsea stops him from entering and quickly warns Stephanie and Max that Jeremy has arrived. When Jeremy finds Stephanie emerging from the hot tub, she's presumably alone. After they head off for a sexy shower, Max surfaces in the hot tub from under the water. Jett is dismayed, fearing Max's dalliance with Stephanie will compromise his case.

In the casino, Jeremy ditches Stephanie to have a word with Ilsa. Meanwhile, a blonde knockout, Jenna, "accidentally" bumps into Max and he offers to buy her a drink. As he moves to the bar, Jenna makes a mysterious phone call.

Miserable E.J. finds Tony at the pub and confides his all-consuming love for Samantha. Tony tells him the folio Bo and Hope found in Ireland contains a condition for ending the vendetta. If E.J. can get his hands on the binder before Bo and Roman, he might have a chance with Samantha!

Meanwhile, Lucas and Sami make love in his hospital room. They're basking in the afterglow when E.J. shows up needing Sami's help retrieving the all-important leather binder from Andre. Much to Lucas's dismay, E.J. suspects Stefano is going to use Kate as a courier. Lucas grudgingly agrees to help intercept the binder for the sake of his and Sami's children.

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