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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 20, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, August 20, 2007

Stephanie and Chelsea meet in the casino lounge and Stephanie confesses she is confused by what happened with Max in the hot tub. Chelsea reminds her that she and Max were a couple once, but Stephanie says that was a long time ago, besides he's her uncle- not by blood but it would still be wrong. Chelsea advises Stephanie that she should just make up her mind about what she wants and who she wants.

After Stephanie leaves to meet Jeremy, Jett stops Chelsea to talk to her. Chelsea doesn't want to talk, but Jett insists he'll only be five minutes and he'll set his watch alarm to prove it. Chelsea is amused and agrees. Jett explains that he could be fired for the way he has blown his cover and how he has involved others in his assignment. He wanted to apologize for hurting her and putting her in danger, and just as he seems to be about to tell Chelsea that he still cares for her, his alarm beeps and he leaves.

Stephanie lays into Jeremy about why every time he has business it always involves other women and why he never puts her first. Jeremy tells her that it is only business, nothing else, and that she's right about him not putting her first. He's going to try to do better.

Max and the mysterious blonde, Jenna, share a drink in the casino lounge. Max tells her that Vegas is an amazing place to be and who would believe he was there with a beautiful women propositioning him. Max is stunned when she laughs and says what if she were really propositioning him. Jenna tells Max to meet her at the elevator in 5 minutes and he could decide whether or not to take her up on the offer. Max leaves the lounge to meet Jenna.

Kayla tells Steve that she has to go to the hospital and that she has arranged for Hope to mind the baby. Steve tells Kayla that he doesn't mind watching him, but Kayla says she has everything taken care of and not to worry about it. Steve is hurt and feels like Kayla doesn't trust him with the baby. After Kayla leaves for the hospital, he calls Adrienne for help. She arrives with an armful of baby books to educate Steve. Steve looks at her in amazement and says he's not the reading kind of dude- he's more hands on, he just needs her to give him fatherhood 101. Adrienne laughs and tells him she can't teach him to be a father, he just has to follow his gut and let the good inside of him come out. Steve realizes he needs to show Kayla he is capable and can be trusted to take care of the baby. When Kayla arrives home with the baby, she tells Steve that she's owes him a big apology, but Steve says not to worry- he's not sure himself about his parenting skills. Steve tells Kayla he's going to take care of the baby while she takes a bath.

Bo and Hope arrive at the hospital to pick up Roman. Hope excuses herself and Bo and Roman discuss the previous days' visit from Anna and Tony. Roman tells Bo that he reacted like a teenager in high school wanting to get rid of Tony, but that he's happy enough to be a bachelor. Kayla comes in to sign his discharge papers but tells Roman that she won't sign his papers to go back to work. Roman protests loudly that Andre DiMera is on the loose and he had to get to work finding him. Kayla offers a deal to sign them if he takes desk duty for two weeks. Roman tries to negotiate 1 week, but gives in after Kayla threatens to tell their mother he wasn't cooperating. Bo interrupts to ask where the baby is and Kayla says that Hope's watching him. Both Roman and Bo laugh and say it's a good thing she didn't leave him with Steve if the baby wanted to see his first birthday. Kayla defends Steve and says he will be a great father and then leaves quickly. After another doctor comes in and Roman convinces him to sign all of the paperwork, Bo and Hope take Roman home.

Nick tries to track down China Lee after the boys are left with him. He tries the hotel but discovers she is not registered there. Nick finally calls the police who arrive to tell him that China's real name is Cassandra L. Arvin -- and that she is a prostitute. She's been picked up on a warrant and will be spending 30 days in jail. The officer offers to call social services since Nick was scammed, but Nick says he couldn't live with himself and he would take care of them. Nick realizes he will have to take the boys back to Salem.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Shawn surprises Belle by telling her he's going to help his grandparents with the pub, and in return, they can live upstairs rent-free! Belle lays into Shawn for not consulting her first. Shawn suspects her reluctance to move has something to do with Philip. Philip arrives and Shawn takes the bull by the horns, telling him that he, Belle and Claire are moving out of the mansion. Belle is furious with Shawn for making this decision when he knows she doesn't approve and she asks Philip for a moment alone with Shawn. Shawn appeals to Belle not to choose Philip over him.

When Chelsea finds out Nick has been saddled with China Lee's two kids, she suggests he let the foster care system deal with them. Nick refuses to abandon the boys and begs for Chelsea's help. She refuses, saying she's tired of Nick putting other people's happiness before their own. Chelsea heads off for a night out with Jett, leaving Nick with the kids.

Jeremy confides to Stephanie he's been sneaking illegal aliens into the country, but he didn't realize they were then being sold into prostitution. He promises to fix it. Stephanie is livid. Her father was right about him! Jeremy covers by saying he loves her, which makes Stephanie swoon. She gets upset, however, when he's loathe to repeat it. Thinking of Max, Stephanie warns she'll find someone else if he can't step up.

Max thinks he's about to get lucky in a casino elevator, but after Jenna strips him down to his birthday suit, she handcuffs him to the elevator and reveals she works for Mr. Lowell, the man Max beat up on the plane. As payback, she leaves Max naked in the elevator.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bo and Hope, John and Marlena, and Doug and Julie gather to read a new batch of translated letters between Santo and Colleen. In private, Bo tells John they've got Stefano under surveillance, in hopes of arresting Andre when he tries to bring Stefano the leather folio from Ireland.

In flashback, Colleen asks little Shawn to lie for her. She wants him to tell Father Mallory and Sister Mary Anne she's caring for their sick aunt, while she's actually going to see Santo. Little Shawn is reluctant. Colleen says she has to meet with Santo to decide whether or not to take her vows. She leaves for Santo's room at the inn, where they nearly make love. They are interrupted when Sister Mary Anne comes knocking on the door.

Shawn accuses Belle of taking Philip's side. Belle defends Philip, saying he just wants to do what's best for Claire and isn't interested in her. Shawn challenges Philip to tell the truth. Philip repeats Belle's denial, pointing out that if he really wanted to get rid of Shawn, he'd tell the police that Shawn was involved in Lauren's scam. Now Belle defends Shawn.

In private, Belle tells Philip she's going to move into the pub with Shawn. Philip is disappointed, but accepts it. Then Belle tells Shawn she'll move on the condition that Philip gets to keep seeing Claire. She also tells Shawn that if he doesn't stop bullying her, their relationship won't work. Shawn promises things will be great from now on, but Belle is skeptical.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Doug, Julie, Hope, Bo, Marlena and John are reading more letters at the pub. Flashback to Colleen and Santo who are in Santo's room where Sister Mary Ann is banging on the door trying to get in much to their dismay. Colleen hides behind the curtain and E.J. answers. She shoves her way in. Sister is looking for money for the orphans. Sister notices Colleen's scarf on the bed. E.J. gives her money and scoots her out the door but she asks if he has seen Colleen before leaving. She was supposed to go door to door with Sister. E.J. denies seeing her. Colleen knows Sister is suspicious and worries about becoming the scandal of the town. Colleen suspects the sister saw her hiding and discusses the intuitive powers of Sister Mary Ann. Colleen believes she has brought shame to herself and her family. Santo tries to convince her that Sister Mary Ann knew nothing of her being there and being together is just how it should be as they lock in a kiss. E.J. carries Colleen to the bed but Colleen sees her scarf on the bed and realized Sister must have seen it. She thinks Sister is back at the church telling Father. She says this is wrong and she wasn't meant for it and believes she has sinned. She wonders why she is there and why she lied. She feels she has betrayed everyone. Santo tries to convince her that she is beautiful on the inside and out and says God would not have created such beauty to watch it waste away. Colleen, very upset says he is nothing but trouble and storms out. Back in her nun garb in the church she sees Father and Sister Mary Ann. Father asks if Colleen needs to tell him anything. Sister Mary Ann says that she has plenty to say and admits she saw Colleen's toes under the drapes and scarf on the bed. Father asks if it's true. Present day, they discuss fate but know Colleen's and Santo's relationship is doomed. They continue to discuss what started the vendetta. Bo gets a call and is notified of Stefano being transported to the hospital. Around the table they discuss the decisions and morality of Colleen's and Santo's relationship. John believes that Colleen and Santo were destined to be together. Bo is convinced Santo would have said anything to get Colleen in his bed. Julie thinks it's sad that Colleen doesn't get to spend a night with Santo. John reminds her that this may not be her last chance. They contemplate Stefano dying and wonder why and how he has escaped death so many times before. They wonder how Colleen dies and continue reading the letters of Colleen's deep feelings for Santo. They know the news is out about the relationship but there are no more letters. They have to wait for the next batch from the professor after being translated.

Lucas, Sami and E.J. are in the hospital room where they are debating Kate's participation in the DiMera vendetta. E.J. believes Stefano could be using Kate without her even being aware. Tony calls E.J. and notifies him that Stefano has been transported to the hospital saying, "We could be nearing the end." E.J. of course rushes off to the hospital. Kate shows up with gifts. Lucas wonders where she got her money. Kate says that it's rude to ask but that she took a withdrawal from her 401K. Lucas says she doesn't have one and Sami pipes in that she got it from Stefano. Lucas confronts Kate with that information and asks if she is spending Stefano's money. She admits she asked Stefano for money and reminds Lucas that he turned them in. Lucas tries to convince her he was just trying to get E.J. into trouble but Kate storms off. They call her back and Sami tries to convince her to stay and apologizes saying they had good reason. They apologize for judging her. They tell Kate that Bo and Hope went to Ireland for the leather folio. They ask if Stefano asked Kate to find Andre and get the folio for him. She says no, there were no strings attached to the money. They say she is lying. Sami says she knows exactly what Stefano wanted. She says he gave Kate the money so she would be indebted to him. Kate denies being asked to be a courier for Stefano. Sami believes her. Kate thanks her. Lucas accuses Sami of trying to play nice with his mom. Stefano interrupts with a phone call. She puts it on speaker and Stefano asks Kate for help on his last living day. He tells her Andre has a folio he must have but the police are watching for Andre. He wants Kate to get the folio and bring it to him. It is his dying wish. Lucas and Sami are in the room and hear everything.

Stefano and Rolf at the hospital. Rolf kicks the nurse out stating that Stefano is not on display. Stefano contemplates his future. Outside the hospital room, Tony is surprised at E.J.'s speed at getting there. Stefano needs a liver transplant but Tony states that it's too late. They will just have to wait to see what happens. He just may be about to breathe his last breath. E.J. is convinced that Andre is responsible for all the DiMeras' violence. Rolf meets them outside and Rolf tells them to give them their last words. Stefano is about to die. E.J. asks the nurse to leave them alone. Stefano awakes and needs to talk to E.J. about the money. E.J. stops him and thanks him for the blessing him of being Stefano's son and the opportunities it has given him. They walk through memories and E.J. knows he has disappointed his father. Stefano states that love is not a blessing but it ends in tears going back to his mother's and Santo's relationship. He knew that Santo was playing with fire with Colleen. He says Santo was a brave man but could have been much more. E.J. thinks maybe Santo's destiny was to marry Colleen, not come to America. Stefano knows what his father's mistake was and that he had decided all his love was going to go to his sons and his family and realizes that now he is alone. E.J. disagrees with him and tries to convince him that he can still make peace. Stefano says it's too late. He doesn't know where Andre is and there is nothing he can do for the Brady's. E.J. leaves the room where Tony is waiting. Tony asks if he is alright but E.J. wonders how you say good bye to someone that has been there your whole life. Tony says he doesn't know, he had never had that kind of relationship before. Rolf shows up and says that surgery is risky but he could grow a new liver if they get a compatible donor. E.J. seems relieved. Back in Stefano's room, Tony wonders if his liver is compatible. Rolf says only a blood relative will be compatible and E.J. says he will call Benjy and Lexie. Everyone leaves Stefano and Rolf alone. Stefano asks for the phone to call Kate.

Friday, August 24, 2007

With prompting from Sami and Lucas, Kate promises a dying Stefano she'll meet Andre at the health club to receive and then destroy the all-important leather folio. After she hangs up, Kate tries to talk Sami and Lucas out of going in her place but they are convinced intercepting the folio is the only way to end the vendetta.

Meanwhile, E.J. summons Stefano's living biological children to the hospital to discuss which of them might donate a section of their liver to their father. Benjy quickly bows out and leaves. An angry Lexie tells E.J. and Stefano they can both go to hell! Stefano realizes E.J. is his only hope and appeals to him to save his life.

Later, E.J. confesses to Sami that he's leaning toward not helping his father but she insists he do whatever it takes to save his miserable life. Stefano is the only one who can control Andre and declare the vendetta over! E.J. agrees to donate part of his liver. Stefano is overjoyed. Meanwhile, Lucas deduces that Kate slept with Stefano in exchange for the money and excoriates her for being Stefano's whore. Kate comes back strong and won't apologize to him for doing what she does best: survive.

While asking Hope for child-rearing advice, Nick learns Chelsea's going to the beach with Jett. Conflict erupts when Chelsea makes clear she doesn't approve of Nick taking care of China Lee's children while she's in jail. Chelsea believes China Lee took advantage of Nick because she knew he would let her. Nick takes strong exception, but Chelsea doesn't back down. He's too easy, too needy. His love for her has caused him to betray everything he believes in, leading Chelsea to conclude that she's just not good for him. Nick argues there's more going on than that. He demands to know why she's refused to sleep with him a second time. Chelsea can't bring herself to tell him the real reason and blames it on her hectic work schedule. Chelsea brings the discussion to an end by breaking up with him, leaving Nick heartbroken as she leaves for the beach with Jett.

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