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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 27, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, August 27, 2007

Max and Jeremy met at the Brady Pub to discuss getting all of the girls out of Vegas. Jeremy lets Max know that Ilsa has everyone contacted and ready to leave the next evening. Max is ready, but still wants to go to the police. Jeremy has reservations because he might go to jail, but Max reminds him the Horton family can help and in the end Jeremy did the right thing. Jeremy leaves to talk to Jett about the possibility of getting the police involved and turning informant. Jett is doubtful that Jeremy can get off without any trouble, but tells him that whatever he's going to do, he needs to do it fast. Meanwhile, Max and Stephanie talk about what happened in the hot tub. Both admit that things went to far and that it shouldn't happen again. Jeremy leaves to get things started on getting the girls out of Vegas, but Stephanie decides to stay behind and goes to the beach with Max, Chelsea and Jett.

Sami and Lucas went to the health club waiting for Andre to appear. Sami spots him in the juice bar and decides to distract him while Lucas gets the folio. Andre sees Sami and threatens her that if she was up to anything she would pay. Sami pretends to faint giving Lucas more time to get the folio, but Lucas wasn't able to get it without being seen. Andre makes his escape as Lucas calls Roman. Roman arrives with officers to search the premises but Andre is gone. Roman makes Sami and Lucas promise to go home where they are safe, but Sami protests to Lucas that she knows Andre is still in the health club. She spots a woman heading to the sauna carrying something resembling the folio and Lucas tells Sami to stay put, he would follow. While in the hallway, the woman reveals herself as Andre and points a gun at Lucas.

Stefano visits E.J. in his hospital room to thank him and tell him he is very proud that his son is willing to risk his life to save him. E.J. is noticeably ambivalent about the surgery and Stefano wants to know why. E.J. tells him that he loves him but he also realizes how many people Stefano has hurt in his lifetime. Stefano becomes angry with E.J., reminding him that he is no better by trying to kill Lucas to have Sami. E.J. tells Stefano that he's not happy about the decision but he is a man of his word and will go through with the operation.

Roman goes over to Bo's to discuss the next move to try to catch Andre. Bo thinks that Stefano's dying would be very bad for the Brady's because the vendetta would never end and no one would be able to control Andre. Once they learn that E.J. is at the hospital ready to donate a part of his liver, they devise a plan to arrest E.J. and then Stefano will have no choice but to end the vendetta and to give up Andre if he wants to live. Bo and Roman arrive at the hospital just in time to arrest E.J. for supposed parking violations. After Bo leaves to confront Stefano, E.J. injects Roman with a sedative and makes his escape.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

E.J. rushes to his father's bedside, where he pleads with Stefano to drop the vendetta and tell Bo and Roman where to find Andre. If he doesn't, the Brady boys will cart him off to jail and Stefano won't get the liver transplant he so desperately needs. Stefano finally gives in and admits Andre is at the health club. E.J. breaks free of Bo and a drugged Roman and heads off to the gym. As Stefano continues to languish in his hospital room, he receives a ghostly visit from his father, who tells him it isn't time for him to die ... yet. There is still a destiny Stefano has yet to fulfill. Before Stefano can find out what it is, Santo fades away.

At the gym, Lucas finds himself face-to-face with armed Andre. Andre knocks him out with the butt of his gun and ties him up in a car behind the gym. Lucas regains consciousness, but finds himself trapped in the car surrounded by ferocious dogs. Meanwhile, Sami gets tired of waiting for Lucas in the main gym area and takes off for the steam room. She's horrified to find his wedding ring in the corridor -- and blood on the wall. E.J. meets up with Sami and she tells him Lucas is missing. Andre returns and shoves E.J. and Sami into the steam room, locking them inside and turning up the temperature.

Steve and Kayla are visiting Hope when Benjy shows up. He's terrified his family will come after him since he turned his back on Stefano. Steve promises to protect him. Hope cordially allows Benjy to hide his car in her garage. Benjy goes outside to park his car, giving Hope a chance to ask Steve what he really thinks about having a baby. Steve admits he loves kids, but doesn't want to mess up another one. Steve, Kayla and Hope realize Benjy never returned. When Steve goes outside to check on him, he only finds Benjy's cap and suitcase.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Outside the gym, Bo and Roman help Lucas escape from the car. A health club employee reports that she saw Sami leave with E.J., so the guys take off. They don't realize Andre locked Sami and E.J. in the steam room. Sami and E.J. struggle against the increasing heat and are forced to strip down. E.J. tries to calm Sami, who fears for the lives of her unborn babies. He tries to disconnect the blower and a circuit shorts, knocking him out. On a hunch, Lucas returns to the health club and locates Sami. As he tries to break into the steam room, Sami screams out that she thinks E.J. is dead!

An agitated Stefano makes Dr. Rolf swear to destroy the folio if he dies. Stefano sees a vision of Santo again and argues with him. He eventually realizes it isn't his time to die. Dr. Rolf prepares Stefano for his liver transplant, having mysteriously found a donor. Roman questions Rolf about where the donor came from, but he'll only say it was a distant relative.

Meanwhile, Kayla, Steve and Hope try to find out what happened to Benjy. Steve blames himself and goes out to look, returning with Benjy's blood-soaked shirt. Bo gets a call that Benjy has been found in a dumpster, barely alive. He and Steve leave. Kayla confides in Hope that she doesn't know what she'll do if Steve loses his grip on sanity again. In the alley, Roman joins Bo and they deduce from the deep cut in Benjy's side that this is where Stefano's donor liver came from! They go to the hospital, where Stefano is being wheeled into surgery. An apoplectic Steve grabs the cooler containing the liver section and spits that he won't allow Stefano to get it.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

In the steam room, Sami frantically performs CPR on an unconscious E.J. Lucas finally manages to get the lock off the door, and Sami rushes out. She orders a reluctant Lucas to give E.J. mouth-to-mouth, and he's able to resuscitate him. Later, Lucas confides in Sami that he fears E.J. won't stop until he ends up with her. He thinks maybe she and E.J. are destined to be together. Sami protests and declares her love for Lucas.

Steve refuses to hand over Benjy's liver section, preventing Stefano from going into the O.R. for the transplant. He threatens to pour bleach on it, but Bo knocks him down, and Stefano and the liver are wheeled off into surgery. Steve blasts Bo for playing by the rules while the DiMeras get away with hurting their families. After Dr. Rolf snidely informs them the surgery was a success, Bo comes up with a plan to catch Andre. He wants to stage Stefano's death and hold a funeral, knowing Andre will show up to exact revenge and unwittingly walk right into their trap!

Max informs Shawn that he's probably going to lose the garage after his involvement with Jeremy's scam is exposed. He and Shawn will both be out of work. Shawn stops Max from spilling the bad news to Belle. In private, Max warns Shawn not to keep the truth from her. He'll end up pushing her away. Shawn confides his fear that he's not good enough for Belle.

Meanwhile, Billie tells Philip she learned Lauren stayed at a women's shelter in Tulsa. He decides to check it out, but needs a female to facilitate cooperation from the shelter. Since Billie can't go, Philip turns to Belle. Belle readily agrees. Philip warns that Shawn won't like it, but Belle assures him she'll handle it. The two embrace, and hold each other just a beat too long.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Heading out for the hospital, Kayla decides to leave Pocket with Steve, even though she's a bit nervous about it. Steve tells her not to worry. He has everything under control. But the minute Kayla walks out the door, the baby starts to wail. Steve tries every trick in the book to calm the infant, to no avail. He calls Hope, and she helps him see that Pocket is just hungry. Steve feeds him, and the baby turns into an angel. The incident, however, freaks Steve out.

At the hospital, Lexie sits vigil at an unconscious Benjy's bedside. Kayla arrives, assuring her they'll get Benjy through this together. As they wait for some sign of improvement, Kayla worries about what's going on at home with Steve and Pocket. Lexie reminds Kayla what a wonderful father figure Steve was to Benjy. Finally, Benjy comes to, much to the tremendous relief of Lexie and Kayla. When Kayla arrives home, she's thrilled to see that all is in order. She says Steve must know now that he'll make a great dad, but he secretly harbors doubts.

Shawn tells Hope he'll soon be out of a job. He's been thinking about a new career -- as a cop. Hope doesn't like the idea, fearing she may lose another son. Shawn points out the many reasons the job would be a good idea, and Hope grudgingly accepts it. She advises Shawn to share all of this with Belle as soon as possible. He resolves to do it tonight. But when Belle tells him she's going with Philip to Tulsa to search for the baby, Shawn shuts down, revealing nothing of his situation or his plans. Belle maintains if Philip finds his son, he'll be less inclined to spend time with Claire. Philip arrives to take Belle to the airport, and, when he gets a moment alone with Shawn, the two lay it all on the line. Shawn accuses Philip of using tricks to get Belle all to himself. Philip hints he just might stand in the way of a Belle-Shawn marriage.

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