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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 3, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, September 3, 2007

Due to the NBC Sports coverage of PGA Golf and the Labor Day holiday, today's NBC Daytime lineup Days of our Lives and Passions -- were pre-empted today.

There will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this scheduling change. The regular broadcast schedule will resume tomorrow, Tuesday, September 4th.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Bo reveals to Tony his plan to lure Andre out of hiding by staging Stefano's murder. Tony says he's in, but advises Bo to choose Steve to serve as the faux assassin. Andre wouldn't believe for a minute a Brady could murder Stefano in cold blood. Bo talks to Steve, who is concerned how Kayla will react. Meanwhile, Tony works to convince Stefano of his loyalty. Stefano asks Tony to protect him in exchange for the family empire. Tony assures him he will and later tells Bo everything's in place for them to fake Stefano's death.

Sami recuperates at the hospital after being locked in the steam room. When Lucas leaves to attend to his mother, E.J. pays her a visit. He felt a spark between them while they were locked in the steam room and is sure she felt it, too. Sami denies it and passionately argues against E.J.'s constant interference in her life. Realizing Lucas won't be back any time soon, E.J. suggests he and Sami read the Santo/Colleen love letters, unless, she's afraid to explore the subject of "forbidden love." Sami rises to his challenge and they begin to read the letters. Meanwhile, Lucas consoles Kate, who believes Andre tried to kill her by rigging an elevator malfunction. Lucas calls Roman, who invites Kate to stay with him.

Stephanie pays an unexpected visit to Steve and admits her dad was right about Jeremy; he's involved in something illegal. Steve takes pains not to judge, but strongly advises his daughter to steer clear of the troublemaking Horton. Stephanie argues that Jeremy deserves a second chance. Realizing the depth of her emotional involvement, Steve promises that he and Kayla will help Jeremy out.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

In her hospital room, Sami is reluctant to read the latest translations of Colleen and Santo's letters with E.J., but he insists. As they read, Sami accuses Santo of manipulating Colleen in order to get what he wants, while E.J. insists Santo was in love, and that they were destined to be together. It's clear they are both arguing about themselves.

In the flashbacks, Sister Mary Anne tells Father Mallory she saw Colleen's scarf in Santo's hotel room. They confront Colleen, who lies and says she was never there. Sister Mary Anne knows she's lying, and demands Father Mallory kick her out of the order. But Santo comes in with Mrs. Fitzpatrick, the woman who looks after his son, and she is wearing the scarf in question. They lie and say Mrs. Fitzpatrick was in the room when the sister came over. Father Mallory forces Sister Mary Anne to apologize. Mrs. Fitzpatrick then asks the priest if Colleen can help her take care of the neighborhood children. Colleen realizes it was engineered by Santo so she would be at his hotel on a regular basis.

On the final flight to Vegas, Jett warns Max that the ISA is going to bust Jeremy and Rawlings as soon as they're all together. Max asks for time to get the illegal immigrants to safety. Meanwhile, Stephanie tells Jeremy her father offered to help him. Jeremy is angry that she blabbed to her father and states he doesn't trust Steve. He tells Stephanie he's decided to run as soon as they reach Vegas, in order to avoid any chance that he'll be sent back to jail. He asks her to go with him. An upset Stephanie informs Chelsea that Jeremy asked her to go on the run with him. Chelsea tells Jett, while Stephanie tells Max -- and admits she doesn't know whether or not she's going to go with Jeremy.

Nick confides to Billie that he doesn't think Artemis and DeMarquette are really China Lee's kids. They speak foreign languages and show other signs of a first-class, expensive education. China Lee couldn't afford the kinds of schools these kids went to. Nick is afraid they were kidnapped. Billie is skeptical, since it would've made the news, but Nick speculates that the kidnappers warned the real parents not to tell anyone. Billie agrees to use her contacts to find out more about the kids. Later, Nick leaves with the boys, and they're followed by a strange man in a Panama hat.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

E.J. and Sami continue reading the letters and discuss how much they can relate to Colleen and Santo. As they delve into the letters, things steam up. And when Santo and Colleen make love for the first time, Sami and E.J. both find themselves affected deeply by it. Sami, fighting her feelings, explodes over Santo wanting Colleen to run away with him. E.J. defends Santo and blurts out his feelings for Sami. E.J. pours his heart out to her, and kisses her gently. Affected by an injection (and perhaps her own feelings), Sami doesn't pull back right away. She soon realizes what's happening, however, and orders E.J. to get out of her room. She's left more shaken by the kiss than she'd like to admit.

At the Vegas casino, Jett goes over the plan to bust Rawlings and Jeremy with his fellow ISA agents. Stephanie arrives and throws a wrench in Jett's plans when she tells him she wasn't able to convince Jeremy to stay at the plane to fly the girls out of Vegas. He went on the run and left her behind. Jett tells Max to take Ilsa and all the girls to the plane, and he'll meet them there to fly them out. Stephanie and the girls leave with Max. Jett wants Chelsea to leave as well, but she refuses. They are having an intimate moment when Rawlings suddenly shoots Jett in the back. Jett falls into Chelsea's arms as she screams in horror. Back at the plane, Rawlings shows up and holds Max and Stephanie at gunpoint.

Friday, September 7, 2007

With Tony and E.J. present, Dr. Rolf prepares Stefano for his ride home from the hospital. Bo and Roman show up to escort him, claiming Stefano needs protection. As they wheel Stefano out, Steve arrives. He swears he just wants to make amends with Stefano, but then whips out a knife and repeatedly stabs DiMera. Taking advantage of the chaos, Tony discreetly jabs a needle into Stefano's arm, knocking him out. Roman and Bo pull Steve away but not before Stefano is declared "dead."

Meanwhile, Lucas accuses Sami of using the vendetta as an excuse to see E.J. Lucas later learns Stefano is dead and reports back to his wife. He declares that the vendetta died with Stefano; Sami doesn't need to see E.J. ever again.

On the Touch the Sky plane, Rawlings reveals that Ilsa and the girls are not his victims but are actually working with him to steal from high-rollers. Max and Stephanie are stunned. Max feels foolish for having trusted Ilsa, and Stephanie admits she feels the same way for having trusted Jeremy. As they are held at gunpoint, Max promises to get her out of this mess. In mid-flight, Rawlings brings them two parachutes and tells them to jump!

At the casino, Chelsea works to keep Jett alive as they wait for the paramedics. As he's taken to the hospital, Jett weakly confesses to Chelsea that he loves her. Chelsea thinks he's delirious, but Jett assures her he isn't.

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