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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 24, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, September 24, 2007

At the pub, Sami organizes a search for her missing father. Lucas and E.J. bicker until a fed-up Sami orders them to go put up fliers around town.

Meanwhile, Bo tracks Andre to his hideout, a "condemned" warehouse. As Bo waits for Abe's backup, Lucas and E.J. wander by with the fliers. Bo tries to warn them to leave, but Andre manages to take the two guys hostage. To ensure Bo doesn't follow, Andre throws a grenade into the warehouse and claims Roman is inside. The place explodes and Bo rushes in. When Abe arrives, Bo reveals Roman wasn't inside, but he did get his hands on the all-important leather folio.

Back at the pub, Sami warns Grandpa Shawn that if he doesn't reveal what he knows about the vendetta, Roman could die. Later, Andre shows up and demands Sami meet him later that night. No cops. She will have to decide who dies; either E.J. or Lucas.

Stephanie and Kayla are horrified when a bloody Steve shows up at the suite and passes out from his stab wound. Kayla revives him and insists he be taken to the hospital. Steve protests, saying he needs to wait in case Bo calls for help. He relents once he learns Bo is fine. While waiting for medical attention, Steve overhears Abe questioning Stephanie about giving Jeremy a place to hide. As Kayla rushes off with Steve to the hospital, Stephanie offers to stay behind and watch Pocket. Once her parents are gone, she calls Jeremy and leaves him a message, wondering where he is.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sami rushes to keep her appointment with Andre but she's waylaid by Bo. He gives her the leather folio he found in the warehouse and she learns the terms for ending the feud. She later ditches Bo and meets with Andre at a warehouse. Andre offers her a deal: he'll spare her father's life, but in exchange, she must choose which man dies, Lucas or E.J.

Meanwhile, Doug and Julie bring the last of the translated letters to the pub. Bo tells them to read the letters with Hope, Marlena and John while he finds Grandpa Shawn. They have to find a way to stop the vendetta before Roman is killed.

Stephanie visits Steve in the hospital. He asks if she's heard from Jeremy, and she reports that he took off after telling her to forget about him. When pressed, Stephanie confesses she probably still loves him. Max arrives and overhears. After Kayla joins the group, Stefano arrives, claiming to want peace between the families. Stefano explains that Andre is out of control and he's worried what he'll do to E.J. Stefano guarantees that no Brady will ever suffer again if they will abide by the terms for ending the vendetta.

Stephanie apologizes for sending Max mixed signals and says she would prefer to be friends until she gets her head together regarding Jeremy.

Chelsea arrives at Nick's apartment, where Jeremy is hiding out. While Jeremy ducks into the bedroom, a nervous Nick tries to get rid of her. Chelsea jumps to the conclusion he's hiding a woman in his bedroom, but Artemis and DeMarquette accidentally bust Jeremy. Chelsea scolds Nick for harboring a fugitive. Jeremy hides in the bedroom once again when a mysterious man in a Panama hat arrives. He introduces himself as Umar Abboud and explains that Artemis and DeMarquette are in grave danger. Sinister forces want them dead to ensure the destruction of their late father's legacy. Umar wants to take the boys with him. Nick and Chelsea exchange a look, not sure what to believe.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Andre puts a gun in Sami's hand and demands she shoot whichever man she loves the least. Lucas shouts for Sami to shoot E.J., but she is unable to pull the trigger. Finally, holding his own pistol at her head, Andre makes her fire the gun. She closes her eyes and pulls the trigger. When she opens her eyes, she sees she's shot Lucas in the leg. She didn't mean to shoot anyone. While Andre is distracted, Sami knocks him out with the gun. Later, he wakes up and manages to escape. E.J. runs after him. Lucas asks Sami why she wasn't able to shoot E.J. She admits she knows the terms for ending the vendetta, and she'll need E.J. Before he can question her further, the paramedics arrive to take Lucas to the hospital. After he's gone, Sami asks E.J. to get them a meeting with his father. At the cemetery, someone digs up Roman's coffin.

Umar Abboud tells Nick he's come to take Artemis and DeMarquette off his hands. Nick refuses to comply. Fed up, Umar shoves Nick to the floor and grabs the kids, but Jeremy bursts out from the bedroom and tackles the man. He finds a gun on Umar and cocks the trigger, shouting that he won't allow him to hurt little kids! Both Nick and Chelsea are surprised by his rage. Umar manages to escape. Impressed with Jeremy's heroics, Chelsea promises not to call the cops on him and not to tell Stephanie that he's still in town. Later, Chelsea and Nick get a little romantic, but she pulls back, wanting to be just friends for a while. Nick reluctantly agrees.

Hope, Marlena, John, Doug and Julie read Colleen and Santo's last letters, wondering what led to her death. In the past, Colleen finally gives Santo an answer to his proposal; yes, she will marry him! Colleen then meets with Father Mallory, her father and Shawn, and reveals her plans to leave the Church and marry Santo. Young Shawn is crushed, and Pete and the priest try to talk her out of it, but she won't change her mind.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Steve and Bo are talking about the vendetta against the Bradys. Bo announced that he is going to find his pop and find out what happened as Lucas walks in looking for Sami. Bo asks Lucas about his leg but Lucas thinks Bo is avoiding something. Bo says that the folio contained information, rings and a marriage license and a letter from Santo that says when he and Colleen's souls are united then peace will finally come to the Brady family. Lucas says Sami won't marry E.J. and refuses to believe it but Bo says she is considering it. Lucas vows to stop it. Bo receives a call and has to go to the cemetery to see Shawn. Steve agrees to wait for Abe to bring evidence. Abe shows up and says that the evidence was a chauffeur's uniform and puts together that the chauffeur drove the supposed empty coffin to the graveyard. Steve and Abe both realize that Roman must be in the coffin and dash to the graveyard. They get to the graveyard and start digging with other officers. They open the casket to find Benji apparently dead.

Sami and E.J. are talking with a police officer giving their statements. She leaves and E.J. asks Sami how she found out how to end the vendetta. Sami says she got the folio but it's not good news. She hands the folio to E.J. and he finds rings. The rings were Colleens and Santos and there is also a marriage license from 50 years ago. They read the letter and realize that E.J. and Sami must be married so Santo's soul can be in peace. Sami realizes that there is no other way and agrees to marry E.J. E.J. doesn't quite believe it but Sami says she'll do it for her family. She worries about Roman and Lucas. She goes over the pain that Stefano has caused and vows to prevent more suffering. Sami says she will never love E.J. E.J. wonders if Lucas will understand but Sami says she must save her family from the terror of the DiMeras. She says the marriage wouldn't be real; they wouldn't share a bed. E.J. says he understands, but Sami accuses him of liking the idea. She wants to be sure he understands that E.J. will have a lifetime of a lonely marriage. E.J. says that as long as the vendetta will be over, he will agree. Lucas walks up and asks what decision they have made. Sami says he shouldn't be on his leg and wants to explain but Lucas says he already knows. Lucas wants her to tell the DiMeras to shove it. Sami says she doesn't know what she's going to do and wants him to understand but Lucas doesn't. Sami says they are going to go talk to Stefano and try to work something out and asks Lucas not to be angry. He says he's beyond angry and leaves. Sami and E.J. get into the car with Stefano. They tell Stefano they know the terms of the vendetta. Sami asks if Stefano intended to marry Marlena with those same rings. Stefano admits he wanted that marriage to give his father peace but realized as soon as E.J. grew that it was E.J.'s destiny. He says in time Sami will love E.J. but Sami just wants her father returned and alive. Sami agrees to marry E.J. only after Roman is returned alive and if he wants the marriage to last, the vendetta will be over. Stefano orders divorce papers to be drawn up. Sami leaves as Stefano congratulates E.J. for ending the vendetta and for getting Sami in the end but E.J. does not look happy about it.

Hope, John, Marlena, Doug and Julie are finishing the letters. The letter begins with a mention of a rocky cliff and regret. Father Mallory will not let Santo near Colleen. Gossip has spread through the town and no one will help Santo find Colleen. He decided to find the one person that could help but this is the one that also drove them apart. E.J. is at a cliff with young Shawn and says Stefano had told him that Shawn is like a brother he never had. Santo tells him about how he'd like to be a family and travel the world together. He entices him with dreams of travel but Shawn is not interested until Santo brings up the west and the cowboys and Indians. He promises to take Shawn to America but first he needs Shawn's help to get Colleen to agree to see Santo again. He wants him to talk to Colleen then he will show him the world. Hope can't believe that Santo would drag a child into this. Santo gives Shawn his gold watch for helping. Shawn says he wants Santo to leave them alone and runs off. John suspects that Santo kills Colleen. Colleen's last letter is declaring despair at leaving the church and for Santo hurting her. Colleen writes, "Thank God for little Shawn for telling me before making the biggest mistake of my life." Father Mallory in a flashback asks Colleen if the church is truly where she wants to be as Colleen agrees. Colleen regrets failing God. Colleen wants to take her vows with God again and prays for forgiveness. In the letter she insists Santo stays away from them forever. Shawn and Bo walk into the pub and he agrees to tell them all the truth about the night he killed his sister.

Shawn is walking through a graveyard cursing Stefano's name as Stefano appears out of nowhere. Stefano accuses Shawn of sweeping the past under the rug and Shawn asks where Roman is. Stefano denies knowing but Shawn thinks he is lying. Shawn wishes Stefano was dead and Stefano assures him his time is coming. Stefano reminds Shawn of when they met and realizes that the Brady's are now strong and his own family is falling apart. Stefano says that they could help each other. Stefano says that just a few words changed their families forever. They flash to the past where a young Stefano and Shawn are playing. Stefano says his mother is alive and happy, not sick or dead. Stefano didn't realize he was supposed to lie. Stefano says if he had lied they could have been raised as brothers. Stefano says that Santo was never the same after Shawn refused to help. Santo cursed the Brady's everyday after that. He says that when Colleen died, he died, too and left Stefano bitter with the loveless marriage of his mother and father. Shawn thinks it's an excuse for all the pain Stefano has caused the Brady's and accuses Stefano of murdering his sister. This angers Stefano and blames Shawn for keeping them apart when he should have kept his mouth shut. Bo arrives and attacks Stefano. Shawn tells him to let Stefano go. Stefano says he wants to make peace.

Lucas remembers his vows to Sami. Lucas vows to stop Sami from marrying E.J.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Grandpa Shawn tells Bo, Hope, Marlena, John, Doug and Julie the end of Colleen's tragic tale. In flashback, young Shawn secretly watches Santo telling Colleen they will be married tonight and leave for New York in the morning. She has doubts about leaving her family behind, but Santo comforts her. Young Shawn sneaks off and brings his father back with him. Shawn has told Pete the truth about Santo's very-much-alive wife, and an outraged Pete exposes Santo's deception to Colleen. Colleen is horrified that Santo is still married. He begs her to forgive him, but she ends their relationship, declaring she never wants to see him again. She returns to the Church, ready to take her vows to become a nun. Santo drops by as she's taking her vows, but leaves when it looks like she has rejected him once again. Colleen has a change of heart and tries to run out after him, but Pete stops her. She finally escapes and Pete, Shawn and Father Mallory give chase. They follow her to the cliffs, but they are too late. They find her habit near the edge of the rocks and realize she has committed suicide. Back in the present, Grandpa Shawn finishes his sad story and insists he's to blame for her death.

Chelsea and Stephanie attend a pledge party at the Alpha Chi Theta sorority house. They meet some of the Theta sisters, including ringleader Morgan Hollingsworth, brainy Cordy Han and beautiful Carmen Cruz. Chelsea initially mocks the idea of joining a sorority but learns the group is committed to community service and sisterhood rather than just gossip and parties. Though Chelsea has misgivings, she and Stephanie decide to rush. The sisters accept them both as pledges.

At the cemetery, Steve tries to revive Benjy, but it's too late. He's dead. Steve is grief-stricken that the DiMeras killed Benjy, and vows revenge. Abe tries to stop him, but Steve takes off in a blind rage.

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