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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 8, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, October 8, 2007

E.J. finds Sami mopping up the spilled olive oil in the pub kitchen. He wants to help but she stubbornly refuses. E.J. thinks she's angry about their intimate encounter earlier, but she snaps that she's angry about his family forcing her to give up Lucas and marry him. He's taken aback when Sami informs him they will not be sharing a bed -- and they won't be having sex. It's purely a marriage of convenience. E.J. points out they have to follow Santo's terms exactly. She vows to make his life miserable and kicks him out.

After E.J. goes, Sami has a talk with Hope, who advises her to follow her heart. Meanwhile, E.J. confides in Tony. Tony warns him he'll never have Sami because women want men who put their needs ahead of their own, and DiMeras can't do that. Taking Tony's words to heart, E.J. returns to Sami and swears he'll abide by her rules, including separate beds.

After tumbling down the hospital stairwell, Lauren dies, but not before telling Philip that Tyler's alive. Meanwhile, Belle assures Shawn he isn't to blame for Lauren's accident. She says she's come to realize how incredibly patient he's been, and from now on, she wants to focus on him and Claire. Billie and Philip arrive and the four of them try to figure out why Lauren would come to Salem, knowing they're all looking for her. Philip fears they'll never find Tyler. But then Billie puts it together: Lauren was in Salem because Tyler's in Salem!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Sami tries to convince Lucas to give her a divorce, assuring him her marriage to E.J. will be romance-free and temporary, just until Stefano dies. E.J. backs her up, but Lucas calls him a liar. Lucas pulls Sami aside and warns that E.J. will do everything he can to get Sami into his bed. Sami asks him to trust her. Stefano arrives and tells E.J. he has procured an official church annulment for Sami and Lucas. E.J. informs the couple that all they have to do is sign the document and their marriage will be dissolved.

Hope comforts Kayla, who has brought a sick Pocket to the hospital. The doctor reports that Pocket has been poisoned by various chemicals; he's going to have to report this to Child Protective Services. Kayla defends herself, but Hope warns her to contact a lawyer. Mrs. Meyers from Child Services shows up and announces Pocket will be taken from the Johnsons.

Meanwhile, Billie, Philip, Belle and Shawn try to figure out what Lauren did with the baby before she died. Billie points out that Lauren's credit card receipts suggest she didn't have the baby with her while she was on the run. The group suspects Lauren left Tyler in Salem before taking off. Billie checks with the hospital and learns a baby was abandoned around the time Lauren was in town. Belle suddenly figures it out; Kayla and Steve took in the abandoned baby. Pocket must be Tyler! Philip heads off to see Kayla and Steve.

Chelsea and Stephanie successfully lure a crowd of frat boys to the Cheatin' Heart with promises of free beer, pizza and a football game. However, the girls worry about breaking the news to the guys that they want them to participate in a bachelor auction to raise money for charity. If the girls can pull in the most money with their fundraiser, they'll score automatic spots in Alpha Chi Theta. Stephanie tries to flirt with the boys, but their attention is focused on the game. A handsome frat boy, Ford Decker, suggests the girls appeal to the guys' sympathies by crying. Chelsea is appalled, and then tries the tactic, under pressure from the impending arrival of Morgan and the sorority sisters. Then Chelsea drops the act and makes an impassioned plea for the guys to help out; it's for a good cause, battered women. The sisters show up and Chelsea prays she has convinced the frat boys to help. When she asks for the first volunteer, the guys hesitate, so Max comes to the rescue by offering himself up. The girls go wild and a bidding war begins. Stephanie feels a twinge of jealousy when Morgan bids $500 on Max.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Morgan bids $500 and wins a date with Max. Stephanie is jealous but refuses to admit it. Instead, she "helpfully" warns Max that Morgan will end up hurting him. Max's anger flares. Who is Stephanie to butt in on his life? She dumped him for Jeremy! Max fully intends to take Morgan out, and if he likes her, he'll ask her out again and again -- so Stephanie had better deal with it! Stephanie plots to follow Max on his date. She encourages shy Cordy to bid on Ford, and Cordy wins. Chelsea and Stephanie end up raising over a thousand dollars for charity, and Morgan tells them they're now full-fledged members of the Alpha Chi Theta sorority.

Stefano leaves the annulment papers with Sami for her and Lucas to sign. Lucas tries to get Sami to see there's no reason to leave him and marry E.J. With Andre out of commission and Stefano near death, the threat against the Bradys no longer exists. E.J. warns Sami not to underestimate his father. Stefano has many soldiers at his disposal to carry out his plans. Lucas persuades Sami to wait 24 hours before deciding whether or not to end their marriage. E.J. steams after Sami leaves with Lucas. He decides that if Lucas wants proof that a threat still exists, E.J. will provide it for him.

At the police station, an upset Kayla tells Steve about Pocket's health crisis. She says the doctor suspects she and Steve are somehow to blame, and Child Protective Services took the baby from them. When Steve tries to comfort her, Kayla pushes him away, angry that he's in jail instead of at her side where she needs him. Stefano arrives with shocking news; he's dropping the charges against Steve! He contends that Kayla talked him into it, and he's also doing this as a way of paying tribute to Benjy. Just as Steve is released, Philip shows up and reveals Pocket may be his son, Tyler. He's angered to learn Pocket has been hospitalized. He's further outraged when Mrs. Meyers informs them that until all questions are answered, the baby will stay with anonymous guardians. Furious, Philip warns Steve and Kayla that if anything happens to his son, he'll hold the two of them responsible.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lucas, Marlena, John, Hope and Bo are at the pub where Lucas asks them to help save his marriage and that Stefano has gotten the annulment papers. They are surprised but are willing to help. E.J. is outside the pub spying on Sammy who is looking over the annulment papers. She has a flashback to the conversation Lucas had with her about Stefano not having any power anymore right before going into the pub. Sammy, now in the pub is listening to everyone there trying to convince her not to marry E.J. She wants to believe that the DiMeras are powerless but E.J. enters. Bo tells him he's unwelcome. E.J. wants equal time to persuade Sammy to marry him but the family again tells him to leave as E.J. wants to know how Sammy feels. She tells him that it was a marriage of convenience and tries to let him down easy. She won't sign the papers. He appears to be ok with this decision but as he leaves, he whispers to Sammy about Will and asks if he is going to have someone with him 24/7. The rest of the family celebrates the end of the vendetta but Sammy adamantly pronounces that it's not. She is afraid of Will's and the twin's safety. They again try to convince her that marrying E.J. is not the answer. They tell her he will use the children as hostages and will control her. They tell her that they will be there for her and keep her safe.

Stefano is in the hospital room with an unconscious Andre lecturing him about is recent wrong doings. He comes to the conclusion that he is actually responsible for killing Benjy because he made Andre the way he is. He says he will fix everything and for Andre to just get well so that he can go to Italy with Stefano. Shawn interrupts them with business for the two of them. Stefano isn't in the mood for his business. Shawn asks if Andre will die and is disappointed that Andre might have a chance at recovering. Stefano is not happy with the way the vendetta ended. Stefano says Colleen cast a spell on Santo. As they go back and forth arguing, it gets heated. Stefano wants Shawn to consider his mother being the victim. Shawn says that Colleen thought Stefano's mother was dead. He says they never even found Colleen's body and Stefano says, "of course not!" which makes Shawn wonder what Stefano knows. He says the body was never found to keep his mother's despair ongoing even though it was an arranged marriage. Stefano blames Colleen for the whole situation. He admits that he told Shawn on purpose that his mother was not dead when they were children. Shawn curses him and leaves as Stefano says "if you only knew" to himself. Shawn now outside the hospital room cries about being used to kill Colleen. E.J. enters and goes in Andre's room. Inside, Stefano reads to Andre. E.J. is surprised to see Stefano there. Stefano admits to making mistakes and E.J. says he has made some, too, as he tells her that Sammy is not signing the papers and admits he threatened her. He wants to plan something to convince the Bradys that the DiMeras are still a threat but Stefano is appalled at the idea of hurting an innocent child. He says he is too filled with grief to fight anymore and that the infatuation with Brady women is a waste of time. Brady women are a dime a dozen and asks why he loves Sammy so much. E.J. can't believe he has to ask but says he loves her and needs her by his side. Stefano says he will not help E.J. get Sammy to sign the papers and says she will be his enemy. He tells him to leave her children alone. There are enough Brady's to target. E.J. leaves and Stefano wheels out to talk to Shawn. He tells him not to be too hard on himself; he was just a boy. Stefano leaves to make a phone call. Shawn tells the deputy he'll wait in Andre's room for Stefano to come back. Andre wakes up and tries to call the nurse. Shawn throws the call light away from Andre and tells him he won't be in pain for long. He reaches for the main power switch as he says "This is for Colleen."

Belle meets Philip at the Cheatin' Heart where he tells her that he is determined to get his son and is willing to break the law to do it. He tells her that social services took Tyler from Steve and Kayla due to poisoning. He wants to break into the social worker's office to find out where Tyler is and Belle tries to persuade him not to. She says she will help him get Tyler back. He is still determined to break in but Belle wants to try to get information out of her. He says its no use but tells her to go ahead as the social worker enters the bar. Belle walks over to her and begins talking but she doesn't want to be bothered on her lunch hour. Belle ignores that and sits down anyway beginning to talk about Philip and how he is a decorated veteran. This seems to impress Myers and Belle states that Philip wants a DNA test. Myers says that now that his poisoning is under investigation it is complicated but she says she will take it to a judge to try to get an immediate DNA test and agrees to let Philip see Tyler that night. Belle and Philip celebrate and Philip kisses her. He apologizes and she brushes it off as excitement. They both have things to do but breaking into Myer's office is not one of them for Philip. They go their separate ways. Outside Belle is being spied on by E.J.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Grandpa Shawn uses his cane to jam Andre's hospital room door and then debates "pulling the plug" on Andre's life support. He can't go through with it. Much to Grandpa Shawn's surprise, Andre, in excruciating pain, turns off his own respirator. Grandpa Shawn watches with a strange sense of peace. Responding to the machine's alarm, a nurse and cop finally manage to break into the room. A doctor tries to revive Andre, without success. Stefano returns and demands that Grandpa Shawn be arrested for murder. Bo and Hope show up and ask what happened. Grandpa Shawn tells them he wanted to kill Andre but couldn't do it; Andre killed himself. Stefano doesn't believe a word of it and responds with all kinds of threats. Bo isn't cowed and tells Stefano his "reign of terror" is over.

Sami rips the annulment in half, opting to stay married to Lucas. Her family rejoices. She calls E.J. back to the pub, which stops him from running down an oblivious Belle with his car. Sami tries to make E.J. understand her decision, but he passionately argues that marrying him is the only way to ensure her family's safety! Sami disagrees. E.J. goes for broke, insisting that she loves him, but can't admit it to herself. Outraged Sami sets him straight. E.J. darkens at the prospect of losing her, and warns she's making a very serious mistake.

Meanwhile, John and Marlena retrieve Belle's keys, which she accidentally locked in her car. Suddenly, a car drives by and hits John at full speed! Marlena is horrified as the car takes off without stopping, and she rushes to an unconscious John. Belle soon arrives on the scene, and cries out for her father. Marlena calls Sami with the news. Sami fears her decision not to honor the terms of the vendetta may have cost her stepfather his life.

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