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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 19, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, November 19, 2007

Sami finally succeeded in convincing E.J. she truly cared for him. He promised that with her help and support, he would fight to get his health back. Knowing what her deception might cost her, Sami rushed out of the room. Stefano shared with Sami his belief that she loved his son. He promised to leave her family alone if E.J. recovered. Later, Elvis' fever broke. Stefano was disconcerted when E.J. said he didn't want his son separated from Sami. Stefano made clear that his grandson would be raised according to DiMera family traditions.

Roman showed Kate a bagged gun he claimed to have found in a Dumpster behind her building. He threatened to arrest her for attempted murder. A savvy Kate smelled a setup and got him to admit it was not her gun. Roman appealed to her to come clean. She gave in, saying she'd told Philip to get rid of the gun she'd taken to the DiMera mansion, but she didn't admit she had gone to the church. Philip joined his mother at the station and freaked out when he heard what she'd told Roman. Philip pleaded the Fifth and dragged his mother off.

Later, Bo escorted Steve to the station with the gun from the pub. Roman surprised Bo with a revelation; it was his gun. He explained that Steve had been protecting him. Steve had gone to the church to get revenge against E.J., but he'd run into Roman, who'd had a gun. Roman hadn't been able to bring himself to shoot E.J., and after the shooting, Steve had covered for him by hiding the weapon.

Philip made another desperate plea to Belle to call off her wedding to Shawn. Belle maintained that she was very much in love with Shawn and asked that Philip respect her wishes. Later, Shawn picked up on Belle's inner turmoil, but she assured him she was not having second thoughts. Once alone, she continued to feel the pull toward Philip and debated whether to call him on his private line.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

On the eve of her wedding to Shawn, Belle visited Hope, who had decorated her home for the ceremony. Hope gently probed to make sure Belle was happy with her decision to marry Shawn. Belle tried to allay Hope's fears but was mortified when Hope admitted she'd talked to Kayla about the affair. Belle insisted Philip was out of her life. Hope cautiously gave Belle her blessing.

Meanwhile, a miserable Philip drowned his sorrows at the Cheatin' Heart. He told bartender Max that Belle was the only woman who could see him for who he truly was. Max advised him to move on. Later, Philip received a call from Belle.

Morgan visited Max at work to invite him to meet her parents on Thanksgiving. He declined, citing that he'd be in a wedding the next day. Morgan noted Stephanie would be there, and Max was amused by her jealousy.

Stephanie arrived at her parents' suite to take a pregnancy test in private. However, Kayla caught her. Stephanie reminded her mother of the night she'd made out with some guy to get back at Max. She revealed they had done more than make out; they'd had sex. Kayla offered her support to a grateful Stephanie. While Stephanie was in the bathroom, Steve returned home and found the pregnancy test box. Kayla covered that it was hers. Steve confided that if Kayla was really pregnant, he'd be okay with that. Stephanie, not knowing her father was home, walked out with the test stick.

Sami was hurt and stunned to hear Lucas had allowed Will to leave for Switzerland without consulting her. She was also upset that Will hadn't wanted to see her. She read Will's goodbye letter, which said she'd hurt the family, and he hoped she'd remember where she really belonged. Lucas announced that he wanted full custody of their daughter if Sami wouldn't give up on E.J. Sami said she couldn't. Lucas gave her an attorney's number so they could work out a custody agreement.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

An upbeat Shawn spent his last evening before his wedding with Hope and Bo. He accidentally overheard Hope sharing with Bo her concerns regarding Belle and Philip. When questioned, Hope covered and said she was just worried Philip might try to spoil their day. She thought Bo should talk to Philip about not going, but Shawn insisted on doing it himself.

Belle visited Philip at his office. Philip, believing Belle had had a change of heart, was crushed when he realized she was there to sob on his shoulder about Shawn's family. Philip surprised Belle by telling her he didn't care and brushed her off. A stung Belle said she'd thought they could be friends, but Philip said being her friend was not an option.

Belle started to leave, but Philip stopped her. He accused her of trying to keep him dangling on a string. Things heated up to the point where they kissed and were moments from making love when Shawn called and interrupted. Shawn told Philip not to go to the wedding the next day. By the time Philip hung up, Belle was gone.

Stephanie and Kayla attempted to prevent Steve from finding out that Stephanie had taken a pregnancy test. Later, mother and daughter were greatly relieved to learn the test was negative. Kayla urged Stephanie to return home for the holiday and told her to invite Cordy, too. Once Stephanie left, Steve questioned Kayla and got the truth out of her. Kayla begged him not to tell Stephanie he knew. Steve felt useless but was glad their daughter had gone home when she'd needed help.

Chelsea, Morgan, Cordy, and Carmen stopped off at the Cheatin' Heart after posting fliers all over campus, warning that Ford Decker was a rapist. Stephanie later joined them. Billie arrived and told them she was beefing up security by installing surveillance cameras at the sorority houses. Billie asked Chelsea to move home, fearing Ford would target her.

Chelsea believed their campaign would take care of him, but an angry Ford showed up with a fistful of fliers in hand. He threatened them with harassment and taunted Cordy until Chelsea socked him in the jaw. Adrienne chased him off but not before he whispered to Stephanie that she was a slut. Chelsea was more determined than ever to stand up to Ford.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, NBC opted to air The National Dog Show from Philadelphia in place of Days of our Lives. No new episodes were broadcast. This schedule change was accounted for, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

Regular broadcasting resumed on Friday, November 23.

Friday, November 23, 2007

On the day of Shawn and Belle's wedding, Billie kept Philip company. He was sure the wedding wouldn't happen and revealed he'd sent Belle a reminder of their love.

Meanwhile, the bride and groom got ready for the ceremony at Bo and Hope's house. Hope was suspicious when Belle received a call from Philip, but she covered and said it was Mimi. In private, Belle warned Philip to leave her alone. Marlena and Belle took a moment to remember John, while Shawn and Chelsea talked about Zack. Shawn received a watch he believed was from Victor, but when Belle walked down the stairs toward her groom, she was stunned to see it was the watch she'd given Philip for his birthday. Belle was overcome with memories of Philip, but she suppressed them and married Shawn.

The Bradys and Hortons gathered at the pub to celebrate the wedding and Thanksgiving. Doug gave a stirring speech about family. After the reception, Hope found Belle's cell phone. Conflicted, she listened to Belle's voicemail message from Philip and learned Belle had met with him the night before the wedding.

Lucas revealed the name of his daughter: Alice Caroline Horton -- Allie for short. Sami was hurt and angry that she hadn't been part of the decision.

Marlena skipped the reception and went to Stefano, begging him to let Sami end her marriage to E.J. Stefano said he would, but he wanted Marlena in return. Marlena reminded Stefano of all the pain he'd caused her and vowed to kill him.

Stephanie and Cordy were having a fun time at Steve and Kayla's when Ford showed up, pounding on the door. Before leaving, he let loose a series of threats, scaring both girls.

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