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Abe and Roman grew more suspicious of Lucas as he and Kate avoided questions from the police, and he asked Sami to hide the package that contained the gun that had been fired at the church. E.J. bugged Lucas and Sami's apartment and then intercepted the package that was delivered to Lucas. E.J. kept his ability to walk a secret from everyone. Kate kept her promise to Lucas to help him get Sami back when she tampered with Kayla and Steve's car, making it look as though the DiMeras had gone back on their word to end the vendetta and force Sami to end her in-name-only marriage to E.J. Chelsea, Stephanie, and all the sorority women continued to keep secret Ford's accidental death and subsequent burial in their basement. Chloe told Shawn about Belle and Philip at the reunion, and that caused tension between the newlyweds. Chloe tried to get Philip's attention away from Belle. Hope warned Philip not to interfere with Shawn and Belle's marriage.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 10, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, December 10, 2007

Bo and Hope follow up Abe's lead to a female gun trader named Lee Elroy who sold Kate's gun. They arrive to find a young woman trying to destroy gun purchase records. She escapes inside the warehouse and when Bo follows, she pulls a gun on him. He discovers she's a gun novice when she can't figure out how to remove the safety. Hope discovers the real Lee Elroy is a man, and "Lee" reveals she's Lindy; Lee was her husband. He died and left her with a kid and a warehouse full of hot firearms. She's trying to sell them all to get her kid back from foster care. Bo has to confiscate the guns, but a sympathetic Hope gives the woman money. Lindy shows Bo and Hope security photos from the day Kate's gun was sold. Bo and Hope are stunned to see Lucas, and they realize he bought two guns. They head back to Salem to get to Lucas before he can ditch the other gun.

Kate conspires with Lucas to plan a fake assault on one of the Bradys to make it look like the DiMeras have reneged on ending the vendetta. Kate suggests cutting Steve and Kayla's car brakes. Although Lucas wants Sami to leave E.J., he warns his mother that he doesn't want anybody to get hurt. Kate suggests a way of doing it without putting Steve and Kayla in any danger, but Lucas begs off the scheme. Unbeknownst to him, Kate goes ahead and does it anyway. She returns, and Lucas is livid when she tells him she cut the brakes, but made sure she was "caught" before running off unrecognized. Later, Lucas learns the police traced Kate's gun to the dealer, and he realizes they're in deep trouble.

While playing with Ciara at the pub, Kayla and Steve talk about having a baby again. Steve worries his abusive childhood will impact his child-rearing skills, but Kayla assures him he'll make a great dad, if he does indeed want to be one. Steve acquiesces. He'd love to raise a child with Kayla. They decide they'd be happy adopting or having one the old fashioned way. Later, they leave the pub and spot a mysterious person (Kate) tampering with their car before escaping.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Abe told Bo that Lucas had bought two guns under an assumed name and that it was enough probable cause to search Lucas' apartment.

Hope and Caroline discussed the man that Shawn has become but when Caroline said how thankful she was that Shawn "Picked the right girl," Hope's face fell. Recovering herself, Hope explained that she just wondered if she had prepared Shawn enough for fatherhood. The conversation then moved on to Steve and Kayla whom Caroline said had left earlier. Confused, Hope noticed that Steve and Kayla's car was still in the lot outside.

Kayla got worked up wondering who cut their car's brake line but a smooth Steve calmed her by reminiscing about a tryst they had in a parking lot long ago. The two got amorous in the back of their car when a curious Hope opened their car door and found them inside. Embarrassed, Kayla chased Hope back inside the Brady pub while Steve waited outside to talk to the mechanic about their car.

A giggling Hope promised Kayla that she would not tell anyone about what she happened upon in the parking lot, but Hope grew solemn again when Kayla asked her about Belle and Shawn. Conflicted, Hope told Kayla that Belle had been with Philip on her wedding night and asked Kayla for advice. Based on her recent emotional issues with Stephanie, Kayla urged Hope to tell Shawn the truth. As Kayla promised that everything would be okay, Steve entered the pub and confirmed that the brake line on their car had been cut.

Sami heard a noise in E.J.'s apartment as she was walking by with the twins and went inside to investigate. In the middle of assembling a jolly bouncer for when Johnny moved in, E.J. excitedly asked to hold his son. Sami made an excuse about going out for a walk with the twins and a suspicious E.J. felt like she was avoiding him.

Across the hallway, Lucas lashed out at Kate because the gun he gave her had been traced back to him. He went on to tell her that he had mailed his other gun to himself but they were interrupted when a gift baring E.J. showed up. Lucas snatched the presents out of E.J.'s arms and ushered his wheelchair back into the hallway. While Lucas and Kate continued to discuss the package and its contents, unbeknownst to them, E.J. was eavesdropping on them via a baby monitor in the gift bag he dropped off. While Kate urged Lucas to get the package back, Abe and Bo showed up to search the apartment for the third gun.

Kate and Lucas huddled in the hallway when a worried Sami showed up. Lucas explained that the cops were searching for a gun from E.J.'s shooting. When Sami pressed him for why, Lucas assured her the cops would not find anything. With the apartment filled with cops, Sami headed into the quieter E.J.'s apartment so that the twins could nap.

Surprised by Sami's visit, E.J. scrambled to turn off the baby monitor, telling her that it was broken. With a shrug, Sami headed into the bedroom to change the twins. E.J. wheeled over to his front door and copied down the tracking number of the package when Lucas recited it over the phone in the hallway. Angry, E.J. imagined that Lucas had confessed to Sami about the shooting and that Sami had hatched a plan to convince E.J. she loved him in order to save Lucas. When Sami returned, he asked her "Why do I get the distinct impression that I can't trust you?"

Belle and Shawn headed out for their high school reunion where they met up with old friends Penny, Susan, and Kevin. Chloe cuddled up to Philip telling him that she hadn't forgotten him. When Philip reminded her that Chloe dumped him for Brady, she was quick to remind him that she and Brady were divorced now.

Later Chloe confronted Belle about what was going on with her and Philip. When Belle turned the conversation around on Chloe noting her closeness to Philip, Chloe broke the news that she and Brady were divorced. A shocked Belle pushed for details but Chloe became evasive. Redirecting the conversation, Chloe told Belle that she didn't like her behavior and that "Shawn deserved better." Fed up with the lying, Chloe pulled Shawn aside and told him that she saw Belle and Philip at a hotel room together on his wedding night. Furious, Shawn asked Belle if she was sleeping with Philip just as the two were announced as the winners of the high school reunion's sweethearts award.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

E.J. accuses Sami of not having feelings for him. Sami denies, wondering why he suddenly doubts her word. E.J. wants her to kiss him again, but she stalls. Meanwhile, Kate urges Lucas to pick up his gun from the delivery service right away. Lucas is on his way when Billie arrives and reports that Bo wants to question her about his whereabouts the night of E.J.'s shooting. Lucas swears he didn't shoot E.J. even though he was at the church and begs his sister to lie and say he was at home. Billie isn't sure she can do that.

Later, E.J. uses the baby monitor to listen in as Sami asks Lucas why the police were searching their home for a gun she didn't even know existed. Lucas says he bought it for protection. She asks if he shot E.J. Lucas denies and says he has to leave to pick up a package of investment papers, which is being held at a warehouse for him. E.J. calls the warehouse, pretending to be Lucas Horton. Using the tracking number he had previously written down, he orders the package to be delivered to his apartment.

Bo arrives at Brady's Pub and finds out that someone tampered with Steve and Kayla's car. He asks Hope to call Billie over, then checks out the car with Steve. Bo realizes the job was done by an amateur and not the DiMeras. Billie arrives and Bo asks her where Lucas was the night E.J. was shot. Billie wants to know why Bo is asking. Bo admits he thinks Lucas was the shooter.

At their high school reunion, Shawn asks Belle why Chloe saw her and Philip at a hotel. Belle doesn't have time to answer as they are called up to receive an award for being Salem High sweethearts. Under the glare of the spotlight, Shawn fumes and Belle covers her upset. As soon as they are alone, Shawn insists she answer his question. Belle tells him that Philip offered to make sure Shawn found Kate's missing gun in exchange for some time alone with Belle. Shawn is furious and refuses to take credit for finding the evidence. Meanwhile, Chloe informs Philip that she blabbed about seeing him with Belle. Philip tracks down Shawn, who is about to call Bo to tell him everything. Philip points out that if Shawn turns him in, Belle will also be charged.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lucas rushes out to pick up the package containing the gun he sent to himself. At the same time, E.J. poses as Lucas and calls the delivery company to have the package delivered to him. E.J. then gets up out of his wheelchair. He can walk! He hurries back to his chair when Sami comes for the twins. He wants her to stay with him, but she makes excuses. He accuses her of lying about her feelings. She swears she does have feelings for him. Later, she goes back to her apartment and finds the monitor E.J. planted to eavesdrop on her and Lucas.

Bo questions Billie about Lucas's story, and Billie admits that Lucas told her he was at the church. She doesn't think he was the shooter, but is surprised to learn he bought two guns. Billie doesn't know where they are. Bo and Hope talk to the nurse Lucas hired to stay with the twins while he went to the church, and she confirms that he left, but didn't see a gun. At Chez Rouge, Lucas tells Kate he went to pick up the gun, but the service said the package had been delivered to him. He knows a cop is tailing him and asks Kate to help him escape. Once Lucas leaves, Bo arrives and confronts Kate. Meanwhile, Lucas returns home and is dismayed to learn the package wasn't delivered. Across the hall, E.J. prepares to open the coveted box.

Belle and Shawn return from the reunion. Shawn is still upset after learning Philip and Belle set him up to find Kate's gun. He tells Belle his future is ruined; he'll be a laughingstock at the station. Hope interrupts. Alone with Shawn, she asks her son what's wrong, but he just says Philip ruined the reunion for him. Later, Shawn tells Belle they didn't just make him a fool of him, they made him a criminal. She and Philip tampered with evidence in a crime and now Shawn knows about it.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Chloe bumps into Philip, who is still at Chez Rouge after their class reunion. She convinces him to buy her a drink, and tells him he should try to forget about Belle. She hints that she might be available, but Hope interrupts them. After exchanging pleasantries with Chloe, she asks to speak with Philip alone. Leave Shawn alone, Hope demands. She asks him to remember his and Shawn's lifelong friendship, which Philip claims not to have forgotten, but "things change." He dares her to tell Shawn that Belle slept with Philip. He knows she won't, because Shawn would never forgive her for not coming forward before the wedding. Philip leaves to rejoin Chloe, where the two resume their half-hearted flirtation. Hope realizes Belle is terrified that Philip is going to stir up trouble.

Meanwhile, Bo grills Kate about the package Lucas is running all over town trying to find, and about the two guns the cops now know Lucas bought. Kate feigns ignorance. Bo informs her they know Lucas lied about being home with the twins when E.J. was shot; he tells her he could not only charge her with obstructing justice, but since she's already been arrested he can bring her in for questioning at any time – and can hold her as long as he wants – unless she tells them what she knows. They play cat and mouse for a while; Roman also tries to get her to talk, but she just pouts that she wants the same special treatment Marlena gets. Bo again threatens Kate with obstruction, promising they will find out what she and Lucas are hiding. Just as Kate is about to leave, Bo gets a phone call, after which he tells her she's lost her chance because the package has been located.

Lucas is frantically searching for his package; the air courier service told him it had been delivered and signed for. Sami tries to calm him, assuring him there wasn't any package delivered. He claims they're time-sensitive investment papers, but she's skeptical. Meanwhile, Sami has to return the bag full of gifts, including the lone baby monitor, back to E.J.

Across the hall, E.J. has been trying to open Lucas's package but keeps getting interrupted. First the delivery man comes by to get the package back. E.J. admits that he pretended to be Lucas when he signed for the package (to save Lucas some trouble), but lies that afterward he gave it to Lucas. Then the physical therapist, Sandy, shows up. E.J. tries to get rid of her, but she is insistent. As she is encouraging him to try taking a few steps (not knowing he already has!), Sami barges in, holding the baby monitor and calling him an "unbelievable bastard" for eavesdropping on her and Lucas. She starts tearing the apartment apart, looking for the baby monitor receiver, which E.J. claims should have been in the bag with the transmitter. After she finds it hidden under a couch cushion – and he swears he didn't know it was there – she slams back out.

Meanwhile, Lucas is back on the phone with the air courier. They tell him a neighbor signed for the delivery and then gave it to Lucas. Sami overhears an angry Lucas's end of the conversation, and demands to know what is really in that package.

After locking the door behind Sami, E.J. finally gets the package open; he lets out a wickedly giddy laugh as he pulls out the gun. "Bang, bang, Lucas," he smirks. "Bang, bang."

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