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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 31, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, December 31, 2007

Lucas is about to escape to Mexico with Kate when Sami arrives. She begs him not to abandon his family, but he feels he doesn't have a choice. Sami knows the evidence is stacked against him but is sure the truth will prevail. Lucas tells her the truth is that he did shoot E.J.! A stunned Sami is furious that Lucas may have started another war with the DiMeras and put the twins at risk. She blasts him for not trusting her to handle the situation. Lucas apologizes and reaches out for her, but she recoils. Kate presses Lucas to leave. She reveals that Sami found him with E.J.'s help and that E.J. is at the apartment right now watching the babies. Sirens are heard, and Kate tells Lucas they have to leave now! The police arrive before they can escape, and Roman arrests Lucas.

While E.J. watches Allie and Johnny, Stefano and a bodyguard arrive unannounced. Stefano wants to take Johnny for a walk. E.J., afraid Stefano will whisk the baby off to Italy, refuses to hand him over. Stefano accuses his son of siding with Sami over him. E.J. warns his father to back off, or he'll tell everyone about his mysterious house guest. Stefano storms out.

Belle and Shawn look forward to their future as they decorate the pub for New Year's Eve. When Shawn leaves the room, Philip enters the pub and tells Belle they need to talk. He's seductive as he tries to get her to admit she wants him. Belle tells him to get out right as Shawn enters. She threatens Philip with a restraining order. Philip leaves, frustrated and angry. Shawn is effusive, more confident than ever about their future. Belle knows it can't be built on a lie and finally tells Shawn she slept with Philip!

Chloe calls Philip from the police station where a Viennese police inspector waits to question her. Philip goes to Chloe, who tells him the real reason she's in trouble – the police think she had something to do with Brady's disappearance. She swears some men broke into their apartment and took Brady, leaving her behind. But Brady cut himself, and his blood, combined with their history of loud arguments, makes her look guilty. She begs Philip for help, and he agrees, but he wants something in return.

Tuesday, January 1, 2007

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Wednesday, January 2, 2007

Alone in her apartment, Marlena, clad in her bathrobe, was trying to have a quiet New Year's Eve alone, but as she tried to settle in by the fire with her book, it seemed she was distracted by John's photograph on the mantel. With a smile, she told John's image, "All right. I get it," then rose and walked out of the room.

Roman and Bo were at the police station, eating pizza and going over files from Brady's case, when they were interrupted by a delivery man. He brought Bo a tuxedo with an invitation from Hope to join her at Chez Rouge. After some good-natured teasing, Roman gave him the night off. A bit later, Bo met Hope, Steve, and Kayla at the restaurant, where all were dressed to the nines - and then, to everyone's surprise, Marlena joined them. The five of them were seated at a table, where they paid each other compliments, made Champagne toasts to things like family and friendship, danced and laughed, enjoying each other's company and appreciating their time together. On the dance floor, Kayla and Steve lovingly discussed the fertility testing they'd soon be doing. Marlena told Hope and Bo she had resolved to John to pull their family back together, even though she missed John terribly and felt she should be doing more to find Brady. As Bo and Hope danced and made plans to bring their own family closer by hosting Sunday dinners, Marlena was asked to dance by a man she'd mistaken for John earlier in the evening. She turned him down - then saw Crystal in the crowd. Marlena followed her, and confronted her outside. Crystal told her that Brady was in danger and needed Marlena's help, and that Marlena should let herself be guided by the picture she received after John died. Marlena tried to press her for more information, but Crystal broke free of her grasp and ran off. Just then, Bo, Hope, Steve, and Kayla came out of Chez Rouge and worriedly asked Marlena what was going on. Marlena covered, then hurried away herself.

In Roman's office, Philip grilled Chloe, who repeated her story about what had happened to Brady and why she'd returned to Salem without reporting his kidnapping. He offered her a deal: he would help her stay out of jail if she would move in on Shawn, to bolster Shawn's confidence, which would make it easier for Philip to get closer to Belle. After presumably realizing she didn't have much of a choice, she agreed to his terms - and to ring in the New Year with him at Chez Rouge -- then suddenly she remembered that the men who kidnapped Brady had had a picture of Belle, and now she was worried that Belle could be in danger. Philip hurried out to warn Belle.

Marlena barged into the police station and demanded to see Chloe, then ordered Chloe to tell her where Brady was, who Crystal was, and whether Chloe and Crystal were working for the DiMeras. Chloe tried to defend herself, then finally told Marlena and Roman they would have to ask any further questions through Greer, the lawyer Philip had hired for her.

Belle and Shawn were alone at the Brady Pub, decorating for New Year's Eve. Belle tearfully confessed to Shawn that she had cheated on him with Philip. She stressed that it had just been once, right after John died - and before the wedding. Shawn was livid, yet managed not to lose his temper or raise his voice. Belle cried and pleaded with him to try to forgive her so that they could stay a family, even though she knew it would be difficult. Shawn said it was too late, that she had used up all her second chances - but he blamed himself because he had trusted her one too many times. He told her he wanted a divorce, then asked her to move out. He said he would support Claire financially, and see Claire as much as he could, after Belle and Claire got settled somewhere. After packing a bag, Belle tried once again to convince Shawn to fight for them. He told her there was nothing left to fight for, so she sadly left. She bumped into Philip out front, where he told her that Chloe thought Belle could be in danger. Belle told him they could both go to hell.

Bo, Hope, Steve, and Kayla arrived at the midnight party at the Brady Pub. Hope asked Shawn where Belle was; he covered and said she had decided to be ring in the New Year with her mom. Everyone thought that was a wonderful, selfless idea.

Back at the apartment, Marlena comforted a sobbing Belle, and advised her to give Shawn some time, that eventually he would forgive her. Belle just cried in Marlena's arms.

As midnight signaled the arrival of 2008 and strains of "Auld Lang Syne" were heard throughout Salem, Marlena looked to her photograph of John on the mantel as if for advice, then checked on Belle, who appeared to have cried herself to sleep on the couch; after counting down to midnight, Bo and Hope, and Steve and Kayla each shared kisses at midnight and wished each other a Happy New Year; Shawn watched the happy couples wistfully, and drank his beer alone behind the bar; Philip walked onto the terrace of Chez Rouge and greeted the New Year with a hopeful grin as Chloe watched him. Before going to bed, Marlena determinedly told John's photograph, "I made a promise I would put this family back together, and God help anybody who tries to stop me."

Thursday, January 3, 2007

Belle told Marlena how bad she felt about sleeping with Philip. Marlena told Belle that she was honest with Shawn and that is the first step to repairing their marriage. Shawn arrived with Claire. Belle wanted to talk to Shawn, but he left as quickly as he arrived. Belle discussed her feelings with her mother. Marlena felt that Belle may have always been in love with Philip. Belle told her mother that while she has feelings for Philip, and probably always will, she is in love with Shawn. Shawn is the man she married and the man she wants to be with. Marlena told Belle to take Claire and visit Sami. Marlena explained Lucas's legal problems. Belle felt guilty for being so selfish about her problems. As she was leaving, Roman arrived to discuss the "psychic." Marlena told Roman she did not want Belle to know the psychic thinks John is still alive. Roman told Marlena he was not sure if the woman in the photo was John's mother. He had somebody investigate the jewelry the woman is wearing, in an attempt to learn her identity. Roman tried to convince Marlena that Crystal was a con-artist and that Stefano is likely behind the entire scam. Marlena did not sense that Stefano was involved. After Roman left, Marlena phoned Stefano, but it appeared as though his house guest answered the phone. Marlena asked to speak to Stefano, and the house guest hung up the phone.

E.J. arrived at Sami's apartment. He told her he could convince Stefano not to harm Lucas. Sami wondered what information E.J. had against Stefano that would make his father listen to reason. E.J. said he was his father's favorite son and he would listen to him. Sami asked him to do whatever he could to help the man she loves. After E.J. left, Belle and Claire paid Sami a visit. They visit was cut short by Crystal and a dark man. Crystal said she had just moved into the building but a car was parked in her parking space. Belle collected Claire and left Sami's apartment. In the hall, Crystal told Belle that she and Claire needed to leave with her. Belle began screaming and pounding on Sami's door. Sami opened the door to find a hysterical Belle. Seconds later, Philip arrived. He offered to drive Belle and Claire back to Marlena's home. After they left, Sami listened to Lucas's message.

At the pub, Hope told Shawn that she knew about Belle and Philip. Shawn was angry with his mother for keeping Belle's secret. Hope asked Shawn to let out his emotions. Shawn assured his mother that he would not let his emotions get him into trouble. He told his mother that he would not allow Belle and Philip to destroy everything he has accomplished. Hope wanted Shawn to talk with Belle after he calmed down. Shawn told his mother he wanted a divorce from Belle. Philip arrived at the Pub. He wanted Shawn to warn Belle that she was in danger. Shawn refused to speak to Belle about anything and told Philip to leave. After Philip left, Hope apologized for not tell Shawn about Belle's affair. Shawn forgave his mother. He told her he will work out his problems by himself. (Outside, Philip called Marlena looking for Belle. Marlena told him that Belle was visiting Sami.

At the police station, Lucas explained to Philip that he was guilty and should be punished. Philip persuaded his brother to reconsider his position. Philip would get the best legal help, and perhaps a corrupt judge, to help Lucas. However, Lucas had to fight for his freedom. Lucas agreed to accept his brother's help. Philip left the visiting room and made a phone call to start a legal process. Lucas left a message on Sami's answering machine reminding her that he loves her. Later, Lucas was led to his cell. His very large cell mate looked at Lucas with a great interest.

Stefano made a phone call to see if Lucas had been arrested. Later, Stefano was angry that his house-guest was not able to do his bidding. Rolf tried to reassure Stefano that the man would soon be able to fulfill Stefano's request. E.J. arrived to see his father. Rolf tried to get E.J. to leave, but after hearing a scream, E.J. refused to leave. E.J. saw his father and told him he could have supervised visits with his grandson but only if he promised not to have Lucas killed. Stefano told E.J. that the wheel has already started to move.

Friday, January 4, 2007

Stefano sat fireside, sipping brandy - which he angrily threw in the fire when he learned Lucas hadn't yet been taken care of. Rolf wanted to discuss their houseguest, but Stefano told Rolf to handle it. Stefano came upon the houseguest, still dressed all in black, sitting and smoking a cigar; after peering closely at the man, Stefano said Rolf was making excellent progress. Later, Rolf told their guest it was time for another injection, but the man grabbed Rolf by the wrist, forcibly stopping him.

At Marlena's, Belle recounted to Marlena and Philip the events that had happened outside Sami's apartment with the couple who'd tried to get her and Claire to leave with them. Philip thought it was tied into Brady's disappearance, and Marlena agreed, saying it was too much of a coincidence after John's murder. Both of them were worried about Belle and Claire, and wanted them to have a bodyguard or a police escort, but Belle told tell them they were overreacting. After both women called him on his behavior, Philip admitted he'd overstepped. Belle said she'd never be able to work things out with Shawn if Philip was always coming to her rescue, but Philip said he couldn't live with himself if anything ever happened to her. He made her promise to call him - as a friend and nothing more - if she ever needed help, then he left. Marlena's phone rang, and Belle answered: it was Crystal (who didn't identify herself). Mistaking Belle for Marlena, Crystal apologized for scaring her daughter. Marlena took the phone from Belle and demanded the caller identify herself. It made Marlena furious to learn it was Crystal who had "attacked" Belle; she ordered Crystal never to call again, and to leave her family alone. Crystal said she could provide answers, but Marlena would have to meet her at the Brady Pub in fifteen minutes. Against Belle's wishes, Marlena decided to go, but wouldn't give Belle any more details. Outside, Marlena's snow-covered car wouldn't start, and a dark-clad figure approached her. She ordered him to stop, and when he didn't, she pulled a gun from her purse and aimed it at him.

Roman was visiting Sami, who tried to call Will in Switzerland so she could tell him that Lucas was in jail, but her sister Carrie gave her another in a series of lame excuses why Will wasn't available. Afterward, Roman tried to calm an upset Sami, but she said it was her own fault. Roman suggested that he could bend the rules and allow Lucas to call Will from jail, then offered to try to call Will himself. After chatting with his grandson about Christmas and what Will was up to, Roman handed the phone to Sami. Voice trembling, she broke the news to her son that his dad was in jail. Will became angry that Lucas had been caught, asked her to tell his dad he loved him, and hung up on her. Sami was furious when she realized that Lucas had confided in their teenage son about planning to murder E.J.; she then worried that now, not only would Will never come home, but that Will was also an accessory to Lucas's crime. Roman tried to get her to remember how much she loves Lucas. Sami expressed regret that she had cost Lucas so many years of Will's growing up, and now the same might happen with Allie - and that because Lucas had shot E.J., surely the vendetta was back on. Roman tried to convince her that even if Lucas had made a huge error in judgment by shooting E.J., he'd only done it to protect Sami, and that she should go visit him so they could begin working things out - for the twins' sake if nothing else. Then Belle called Roman's cell and told him Marlena had gone off to meet someone named Crystal. He promised Belle he would find Marlena, but he refused to tell Sami exactly what was going on, saying she had too much else to deal with, and left to meet Belle at the station. Shortly thereafter, Philip showed up to discuss Lucas's case with Sami, but she wasn't interested. Philip urged her to at least visit Lucas for the children's sake - then suddenly Sami seemed to have a change of heart, thanked Philip for the brilliant idea, and showed him the door. As she closed the door behind him, she said to herself, "I know exactly how to handle my ex-husband."

In the jail cell, Carmine, Stefano's goon, introduced himself to Lucas and asked what he was in for. Carmine pretended to make small talk, but Lucas told him he wasn't interested in making friends.

E.J. barged into the police station and demanded to see Lucas, but the officer on duty said only family could visit. E.J. tried to warn the man that Lucas was in danger, but his rather disrespectful pleas were ignored. Just then, Kate showed up, so E.J. pleaded with her to warn Lucas to watch out for anyone Stefano might have sent to harm him. She was skeptical as to his motives, but agreed. In the visitors' room, Lucas was disappointed to see Kate and not Sami. She tried to ignore his sarcasm and, without mentioning E.J., confided to Lucas that she was worried Stefano would try to hurt him, but he shrugged off her concerns. She told him she was doing everything she could to help get him out, but when she blamed Sami for his being there in the first place, he told her to leave. Kate wanted to know why he was being so stubborn, and he said he knew she was only helping him because she was going to make him choose again between her and Sami - because everything was always about Kate's trashing Sami. Lucas insisted he wanted nothing more to do with Kate and told her again to leave. She agreed to go, but not before telling him that she loved him and that, as his mother, she was the only one who would always be there for him no matter what. On her way out, she was surprised to see E.J. still waiting at the police desk. He wanted to make sure Lucas hadn't been threatened, and she assured him that Lucas had said he hadn't been. Then, as E.J. was leaving, he noticed Carmine's mug shot. When the officer refused to tell him whether Carmine was there, E.J. punched the cop in the face. They immediately arrested E.J. - and threw him in the cell with Lucas and Carmine.

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