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Monday, January 7, 2008

Stefano's mystery man helped Marlena when she went off to meet Crystal. Belle let Philip baby sit Claire while she went with Roman to find Marlena. E.J. provoked Carmine in jail to take the heat off Lucas, and then Lucas had to step in help save E.J. Lucas questioned E.J.'s motives and didn't believe that he was there to help him but to impress Sami. Sami visited Lucas in jail and told him about her conversation with Will and that he knew of Lucas's plan and had no idea that Lucas would discuss such a thing with their son. Sami then accused Lucas of violating his own rules of honesty by not telling Sami that he shot E.J.

Shawn started his first day at the police academy and Bo and Hope wished him well and presented him with a St. Michael's medal, the family tradition, to keep him safe on the job. Philip handed out Chloe's first assignment in keeping Shawn and Belle apart.

Simultaneously Stephanie and Chelsea confided in Max and Nick respectively about the rape and Ford's death. Stephanie told Max that she was upset that he was dating Morgan and went out to find some happiness on her own. She met Ford and accepted his invitation, but explained that he later drugged and then violently raped her. She explained her silent agony and misery but now she decided that she couldn't begin a relationship with Max until she was completely honest with him. Meanwhile, Chelsea recounted to Nick the entire story leading up to Ford's death and subsequent burial in the basement. In horrific detail, Chelsea explained how they planned to trick Ford, but the plan backfired and he drugged her and then tried to rape her as well. In the struggle she pushed Ford and he fell to his death. Nick was so overcome over the incident and could not understand why Chelsea did not call the police and told her how upset Ford's parents were as they pleaded on television for anyone to come forward regarding his whereabouts. Chelsea told Nick that she understood, but they had to do what they did. Nick walked away in disbelief and disgust. .

At the Brady Pub, Hope overheard Crystal talking about Marlena and confronted her. Crystal told her that Marlena was in danger. Stefano and Rolf searched for their new soldier, but he was nowhere to be found. Belle and Sami commiserated over their desperate personal lives.

Marlena visited Lucas in jail and explained that they would do everything they could to help him and that she understood why he did what he did. E.J. then pleaded his case to Bo that he was arrested so that he could save Lucas's life because Stefano assigned Carmine to kill Lucas in jail. E.J. then tried to convince Marlena that he was on her side and Marlena challenged him to stand up to Stefano and give the police something to work with to put end to Stefano's reign once and for all. Bo, Abe and Roman pleaded with DA Bev to lighten up on Lucas, but she wanted hard cold proof, and without it she vowed to go after Lucas and keep him behind bars for a long time.

Chloe told Shawn that Philip was watching Claire and that made Shawn hot under the collar and less "warm and fuzzy" toward Belle giving Philip the result he expected.

Max comforted Stephanie and was overcome with grief himself thinking about Ford's act of violence against Stephanie.

Crystal talked to her mystery contact and explained that things were not going smoothly and that she would probably have to take Belle and Claire by force.

Marlena demanded protection from the Salem PD for her and her girls. Stefano's test of his new soldier with Rolf as bait proved successful.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

At the police station, an angry Marlena burst into Abe's office with Sami and Belle in tow. Marlena demanded answers about how close they were to arresting Stefano but Abe and Roman urged her to remain patient. Increasingly frustrated, Marlena warned that she would take matters into her own hands if they did not move faster. Abe told her that vigilantism could but her in jail, but Marlena explained that she was at her wits end and exhausted from worrying about what loved one she might lose next. On her way out, Marlena said, "I need you to keep my family safe. I can't take any more of this." A concerned Roman pulled Sami aside and advised her to keep an eye on Marlena. Once the women had exited, Roman, Abe, and Bo agreed to put a tail on Marlena for her own good. As they continued to work on the investigation, they received a break in the case. The building next to the cleaners turned out to be owned by a C.B. DiMera. Puzzled, they wondered who that could be.

Also at the police station, a worried Kate nervously anticipated Billie's arrival. Once Billie showed up, Kate filled her in on the attempt on Lucas' life and pleaded with Billie to convince Lucas to allow Kate to visit him. Billie briefly visited Lucas, but returned to tell Kate that Lucas still was not interested in seeing her. Reminding Kate of advice she had given previously, Billie gently urged her to give Lucas space. While contemplating this, Kate spotted Marlena leaving the station and stopped her to apologize in the event that Lucas' actions reignited the vendetta. Marlena dismissed the notion, stating that she thought Lucas should get the keys to the city before she rushed out of the police station.

At the penthouse, Philip fussed over Claire in the living room as Shawn arrived to pick up Claire with Chloe at his side. Philip explained that Belle had an emergency and did not call Shawn because he was at his police academy orientation. Shawn kept his anger in check but fumed at Philip telling him that he hoped he had enjoyed the evening with Claire since it would be his last. While Shawn went into the back to collect Claire's stuff, a pleased and smiling Philip told Chloe that everything was working out just as he planned. Philip then asked Chloe to hang out with Shawn and talk bad about Philip to him in order to make Shawn lose his temper. He explained that he hoped Shawn would lose his temper in front of Belle and make him look even better in comparison. When she looked uncertain, Philip started to provoke Chloe over Brady, and she started to lose her temper. Philip quickly backed off and promised that he did not want to be a bad guy and he only wanted to help Belle see her feelings. Calmed, Chloe agreed to the plan right before Shawn returned with Claire and then they left Philip alone in the penthouse.

Later, Marlena arrived home with Belle to find Philip still sitting in the living room. Philip told her what had happened and Marlena interrupted them to say "what were you thinking?" Uncomfortable, Philip excused himself and left. Belle sat next to her mother on the couch and as Marlena began to apologize, Belle cut her off telling her that she wasn't acting like herself and that it was all right. Marlena then corrected herself saying that she was sorry for how she said what she said but that she was not sorry for what she said. Ever the Psychiatrist, Marlena asked Belle to question why the first person she called to babysit was Philip and not Hope or one of the Bradys. Belle admitted that she didn't know why she had done that then quickly changed the subject to Marlena's behavior at the police station. Confused, Marlena explained that she was frustrated because she felt like she could not keep the family together. Smiling, Belle told her that when she felt that way she thought of John and wondered what he would do. Marlena's body seemed to relax at this thought and then the two had a girls' night in with ice cream and the television.

After leaving the Penthouse, Philip stopped by the police station on Kate's request. Kate explained the attempt on Lucas' life and begged Philip to get her in to see Lucas or to help her get Lucas out of jail. Philip firmly told her to let the lawyers do the work, but Kate remained unconvinced, suggesting they should break him out in order to save Lucas' life. Philip cautioned her to let it be, and he promised to post a guard to protect Lucas.

In the Brady pub, Chloe slowly slipped a beer, waiting for Shawn to return. When he finally did, he explained that he took so long because he was reading a story to Claire. Beaming up at him, Chloe told Shawn what a great father he was. Shawn sat down next to her and proudly told her the only reason he did not lose it over Belle and Philip's affair was because of Claire. Looking sad, Chloe started to apologize, but Shawn quickly shut her down telling her, "you didn't do anything wrong." When Shawn then asked her what she was thinking, Chloe told him that she was thinking of how different Shawn was from Philip. She continued that she really liked how real Shawn was as opposed to how fake Philip had become. Surprised, Shawn asked her what caused her change of opinion, but Chloe would only say that it was because she had seen how much Philip had changed when they had gone out on a date. Chloe continued laying it on thick with the compliments telling Shawn how much she respected how he handled the Belle situation and again what a wonderful father Shawn was. A wistful Chloe then talked about how much she missed Brady and how much she wanted to have faith in the old saying that everything happened for a reason. The two toasted to faith and then agreed to continue the evening together over a game of pool at the Cheatin' Heart.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. burst in to find a jittery Rolf in his way. After first demanding to see his father, E.J. then changed the subject demanding to know who the mysterious house guest was. Rolf firmly warned E.J. to walk away, and surprisingly, E.J. obliged. Of course, once Rolf had gone downstairs E.J. snuck back into the house and downstairs. After hiding behind a conveniently placed wall to avoid the exiting Rolf, E.J. snuck into the lab to find a table with a sheet on it. E.J. cautiously moved the sheet back to find a hand with I.V. tubes and wires attached. Shocked, E.J. covered his mouth in disbelief and then worked up the nerve to pull the rest of the sheet back. Once the sheet was ripped off, the patient and house guest was revealed to be none other than a sleeping John Black. Right on cue, Stefano entered the room and said "magnificent, isn't he?" Stuttering with disbelief, E.J. backed away wondering how this was possible. "One of my greatest creations yet," Stefano continued. Furious, E.J. claimed that in doing this Stefano had ruined whatever future he may have had with Sami. Stefano scoffed at the proposition, reminding E.J. that Sami had left him for the man who shot him. "I begged you not to retaliate!" E.J. screamed at Stefano. Unfazed, Stefano explained that John was necessary because he had been bred for a specific purpose. Disgusted, E.J. promised that Stefano's "purpose" would not see the light of day before storming out of the lab.

E.J. got as far as the front hall before attempting to call the police. Hot on his heels, Stefano pulled the phone from E.J.'s hand and hung it up warning E.J. that if he betrayed his family that there would be severe consequences. Disillusioned, E.J. told him that he had put his family first because he had respected Stefano but that after what he saw in the lab that Stefano was not the man he had thought he was anymore. Stefano cautioned him again about betrayal as E.J. was leaving, but E.J. simply said that he was going home to sleep. "If you decide to turn me in, give me a clue" Stefano purred through a smile as E.J. scurried out.

In Sami's apartment, she talked to Eric on the phone but was interrupted by loud bangs on the front door. Answering it, she found a frantic E.J. who rushed to check on Johnny. Shaken, E.J. explained that his father had drawn a line and that he had crossed it. Curious and a bit afraid, Sami pushed for details. Rattled but still cautious, E.J. would only say that he saw a side of his father than he had never seen before. When E.J. wondered whether Stefano might be a sociopath, a shocked Sami wondered how this could be a revelation to E.J. E.J. continued, "If you're right then as long as my father is alive, then no one is safe." Freaked out, Sami again pushed for details but E.J. would not say any more about what had happened.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Stefano gave a now awake and dressed John Black a file on the woman who was threatening him, telling John that the woman was his mission. And that his mission was vengeance.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Stephanie awakened from a nightmare about Ford, and Max, who had spent the night in the next bed, tried to calm her. As usual, Stephanie apologized for her behavior, but said she wished the nightmares would stop. Max gently urged her to get counseling, because friends and family could only do so much to help her, and offered to go with her if she wanted. After expressing her understandable fears of reliving the pain of the rape, Steph agreed to see Dr. Whitney, the psychiatrist whom Kayla had recommended, and made an appointment for that very morning. Max offered to drive her, because, as her friend, he planned to be with her every step of the way. Stephanie thanked him with a weak smile.

Bo, Hope, Steve, Kayla, and Roman were hanging out at the Brady Pub. Over tea, Kayla caught Hope up on what was going on with the fertility doctor, but expressed concerns that Steve might not be fully on board, that he was just going along with it to appease her.

Meanwhile, the men rehashed all the recent threats against the Bradys and Marlena's family. Bo and Roman filled Steve in on their inability to get a warrant to search the psychic's building, and how they'd learned the building owner's name is C.B. DiMera. Steve suggested he was available for some "after-hours snooping," but Kayla interrupted, reminding him of his appointment at the clinic. She pulled him aside before he left, wanting to make sure that he really wanted a baby; he reassured her that he did, "with all my heart and soul."

At the hospital, Stephanie thanked Max again, then Dr. Whitney came to take her to her office for their appointment. Stephanie was worried that Steve might find out she was there, but the kind doctor gently reassured her. Meanwhile, Steve arrived for his appointment with Dr. Walker, the fertility specialist. Later, following their appointment, Dr. Whitney made sure to get Stephanie set up for twice-weekly visits, and Steph told Max it had gone well. She said Dr. Whitney had assured her that, one day, she would remember the pain, but that she wouldn't feel it anymore because she would be healed, much like her body had recovered from an accident on the race track. Just as Max and Steph were leaving to get lunch, they bumped into Steve, who of course wanted to know why his baby girl was at the hospital. She told him she just had some stuff she needed to talk about, and that Kayla had set her up with Dr. Whitney. To her surprise, Steve said he understood, hugged her, told her he loved her, and sent her and "Maxwell" on their way. After freaking out that he would go straight to her mom, Stephanie called Kayla, who said Steve hadn't said a word about seeing her. Stephanie was relieved and surprised. Kayla also reassured her daughter that she wouldn't mention it to anyone until Steph was ready.

At Marlena's, Belle told her mom she was dreading picking up Claire from Hope. Marlena said she couldn't go along because she had to settle something with an old friend. Crystal and Rob appeared in the hallway after Belle and her bodyguard left; both worried about how to "get her and her kid" now that Belle had a police escort. Crystal called someone and asked how they should proceed.

Belle stopped by the Pub to pick up Claire, whom Kayla volunteered to wrest away from Grandma Caroline so Belle and Hope could talk. Belle apologized to Hope, who agreed that Belle was at fault for what had happened. Hope then told her that she was hurting for all of them, Belle included. Belle left with Claire, and Kayla advised Hope that there was still a chance Belle and Shawn would work things out. They then discussed their fears that an increasingly frustrated Marlena would take matters into her own hands with the DiMeras.

Bo and Roman dropped by Crystal's store and ran into Rob, Crystal's partner, as he was leaving the place. Rob said he was just working on renovating the building. They asked if he'd heard of C.B. DiMera, but he feigned innocence, and denied them admission when they asked to take a look around inside. The Brady men left, agreeing that they should keep an eye on the place.

Bo returned to the Pub and invited an excited Hope to join him in staking out the psychic's. After his appointment at the clinic, Steve joined Kayla, and thrilled his wife by saying, "Let's make a baby." They left to go home and get started.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano asked an expressionless John if he'd studied the dossier. John rasped in reply, "I want to go out." Stefano told John he was a wanted fugitive and couldn't again risk being seen. Dr. Rolf announced Marlena's arrival, so Stefano hustled John out, giving him an earpiece so that he could listen in. Marlena entered and demanded to know where Brady was. When Stefano feigned complete ignorance, Marlena pulled a gun on him and Rolf - then fired warning shots at the desk when Stefano refused to take her seriously. She left, promising next time she wouldn't miss, and leaving Stefano chuckling in impressed disbelief.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kate and Philip wanted Lucas to plead not guilty by reason of temporary insanity. Lucas told them they were crazy. Kate felt that Lucas's fate rested in Sami's hands. Lucas refused to ask Sami for her help. Kate delivered a letter to Sami from Lucas asking her to contact Philip. Sami refused to make herself look bad to save Lucas. Sami refused to take blame for Lucas's actions.

Sami confided in E.J. that she is worried about her relationship with her son. He blames her for Lucas's problems. E.J. offered to talk to Will, but Sami did not want him to go near her son.

John proved very difficult to control. He angered Stefano by asking questions. E.J. discovered that his father was repossessing his property. Stefano told E.J. he was lucky that he didn't put a bump on E.J.'s head. E.J. threatened to go to the Brady's and tell them about Stefano's house guest.

Marlena reminded Roman that people have thought Stefano to be dead many times. Roman told Marlena that John is dead but assured her that he would find John's killer. Nick arrived after Roman left. Marlena asked Nick if John was still alive and told him that John's body had been exhumed and cremated. She was afraid the DiMeras would do something to John's memory so she removed his body. She gave his ashes to Nick for DNA analysis. Nick made no promises but said he would do his best. Roman returned and Marlena told him about her conversation with Nick. Roman was convinced that John is really dead and that the DiMeras are behind the psychic.

Bo and Hope went undercover, as homeless people to stake out Crystal's place. Hope took pictures of Crystal's friend with a camera phone. Later, Bo took Crystal to the police station for questioning. Bo confronts Crystal and takes her to the station for questioning but she refuses to talk. Marlena went to the police station and asked Crystal if John was still alive.

Friday, January 11, 2008

In the police station visitors' room, Sami angrily told Philip she refused to be Lucas's scapegoat. She was furious that Lucas had sent Philip to ask for him instead of asking her himself. Philip said Lucas was desperate, and if Sami loved him, she would do whatever it took to save him. She accused Philip of emotional blackmail, and said she knew the lawyers in court would just twist her words. She tearfully said she had thought she could handle the situation with E.J., but Lucas hadn't believed in her - so why should this be any different? Philip accused her of not helping Lucas because she was mad at him, but Sami sobbed, "I'm not taking the stand because I can't fix this!" Philip asked her not to turn her back on Lucas. "I'm not!" she cried as she stormed out.

At the Brady Pub, Chloe snapped pictures of Grandma Caroline, Claire, and Shawn. Chloe remarked that she'd still like to have kids one day, and Shawn said she'd make a great mom. He asked Chloe to watch Claire while he went to change out of his police academy uniform. Belle came in, miffed to find that Shawn had left Claire with Chloe, and asked if it was payback for having left their daughter with Philip. Belle wondered why Chloe was there in the first place, declaring that Chloe didn't seem to care what had happened to Brady and shouldn't even be walking around free. Chloe professed to be very worried about Brady, and admitted to a shocked Shawn and Belle that Philip was helping with her legal costs. After Belle left with Claire, Chloe apologized, saying even though she had to accept Philip's help, she still cared about Shawn's feelings - but Philip had the money and connections she needed. Shawn sarcastically said Philip had just helped her from the kindness of his heart. Chloe retorted that Philip believed she was innocent - did Shawn? He asked her if she had anything to do with Brady's disappearance, and she said no. He maintained that her behavior since returning to town had been weird. She acknowledged that it had been, but she was terrified the men who'd taken Brady would hurt her if she returned to Vienna. Shawn finally admitted he believed her. Later, Chloe confessed that even though she and Brady had been having problems, your love for someone doesn't just disappear overnight. Shawn knew what she meant. He thanked her for being there as a friend, and she was grateful to him for believing her about Brady. They agreed to hang out more often.

Belle and Claire bumped into Philip at the Java Café, where Belle lashed out at him for helping Chloe avoid being extradited to Austria. Philip said he believed Chloe was innocent, and he was worried that the men who had kidnapped Brady would make good on their threats to hurt her. When Belle scoffed at his being worried about Chloe, he asked if she was jealous; she denied it. Philip said he'd never turn his back on a friend, but he wouldn't see Chloe anymore if it upset Belle - because Belle was the only one he was interested in. He admitted that it had been a mistake not to tell her that he was helping Chloe, but Belle was angry that he'd kept it from her, and said she couldn't trust or rely on him anymore, then scooped up Claire and left.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. reminded Stefano that he'd asked for a warning, so this was it: he was going to tell the police about Stefano's houseguest. Stefano warned, "If you walk out that door, you won't walk back in." E.J. started to leave, but then returned and said Stefano had no right to try to control him, and confidently said he didn't need Stefano's money - and if forced to choose between Stefano and Johnny, he'd choose his son. Stefano said the only thing that was rightfully E.J.'s was the DiMera name. E.J. said he'd gladly go back to being E.J. Wells, because he didn't want the baggage that came with the DiMera name, nor did he want his son to be afraid to speak the truth to him. What he wanted, E.J. said, was his, and his family's, freedom - in exchange for his silence. At last Stefano acquiesced, agreeing to return E.J.'s furniture and reopen his bank accounts, but he warned E.J. never to threaten him again.

In Roman's office, Roman, Bo, and Hope looked on as Marlena angrily confronted Crystal. She appealed to Crystal, saying half of her heart had died with John, but just when she'd convinced herself she could survive without him, Crystal came along and cruelly told her he was alive. Marlena pleaded with her for the truth. Crystal reluctantly admitted that while she hadn't seen John, she'd heard Stefano DiMera had him. Marlena was ecstatic, but the others demanded more answers. Just then Crystal's attorney entered, saying they must charge her or release her. After telling Marlena she was touched by her love for John, Crystal left with the lawyer. Marlena was ready to go to Stefano's, but the others reminded her they needed a search warrant. Marlena was shocked to learn she was the only person who believed John was alive. Hope urged her to be rational. Marlena admitted she knew John's being alive was impossible, yet she implored Roman to get the search warrant. Roman said no judge would grant one on the word of an alleged psychic. Marlena was aware that they all thought she'd lost it, but she reminded them that she hadn't yet done anything rash. Nick arrived and told Marlena he had tested the contents of John's urn: they weren't John's ashes. Marlena squealed and hugged him. This was still not enough to convince Roman, who felt Marlena hadn't been thinking clearly since John died. She begged his indulgence, and he finally agreed to at least try to get a warrant. Hope reluctantly admitted John might possibly be alive, but they all reminded Marlena that even if he were, he could be anywhere in the world. Marlena said the mansion was a good place to start.

Back at Sami's apartment, E.J. revealed to a much calmer Sami that he and Stefano had reached an understanding, but because he was worried about Johnny, he was prepared to pay the price for his freedom by going up against Stefano - and asked Sami to join him. But Sami needed him to understand the hell the DiMeras had put her family through for years. E.J. assured her that he just wanted a more hopeful future for their son. Sami said she wouldn't trust E.J. again, but consented to help fight Stefano. Marlena, Bo, and Hope knocked on the door. Marlena excitedly told her shocked daughter that John was alive, but they needed E.J.'s help to get inside the mansion before Stefano realized they were onto him. At first E.J. feigned ignorance, but Marlena urged him to stand by his vow to be a better person for Johnny's sake. E.J. finally admitted to the stunned group that John was not dead.

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