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Monday, January 14, 2008

To everyone's horror, E.J. confirmed that Stefano and Dr. Rolf had somehow resurrected John and was holding him captive at the mansion. E.J. agreed to sign a statement in order for the police to get a search warrant.

Billie tried to get through to Chelsea and Nick that the police found evidence, a contact lens identical to Ford's prescription, in the basement of the sorority house and that Ford's father was not going to let this go. Billie warned that the next questions could come from the police and it was important that she and the sorority house come forward with what they knew about Ford's disappearance.

Belle told Philip that she did not want to see him anymore and that she was the one who complicated Claire's life and that they should not continue to confuse her having two Dads. Belle asked Philip that if he cared about her as he claimed that he would find a way to help her reconcile her marriage to Shawn.

Dr. Rolf and Stefano kept "John" under their control, but the Salem police department was not far behind. Crystal went forward with her plan to kidnap Belle and Claire.

Sami genuinely thanked E.J. for having the courage to testify against his father and told him that now he would be free from his hold. However, E.J. now realized the terrible truth about his father and his way of life, and he felt more alone than ever with no security and nowhere to call home.

Billie pushed Nick to speak up about what he knew about Ford's disappearance, but he kept Chelsea's secret for now. He later tried to convince Chelsea that she must tell the police the truth about Ford's death, and if not, they would never have a future together.

While Belle was on the phone talking to Philip, her bodyguard was wounded as she and Claire were taken hostage. Philip arrived shortly after the incident and was hot on the trail to find Belle and Claire.

Bo, Hope, Roman and Marlena made their plan to get into the mansion to search for "John". Dr. Rolf and Stefano continued programming "John" but he was not as willing a recipient as they had hoped. While Bo and Roman questioned Stefano, Hope and Marlena entered the mansion and penetrated to the basement where the shocked duo found "John."

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Max and Stephanie entered the Theta House, laughing and teasing each other about her having beaten him in a snowball fight. He playfully grabbed her, causing her to freak out, then immediately realized his mistake and apologized. Steph recovered quickly and offered to make them something to eat, but Max asked for a rain check. He suddenly stopped and gazed at her as she warmed herself by the fire. "Damn, you're hot," he said, then covered, saying she was just flushed. She told him not to worry about her, and thanked him for being such a good friend and helping her get into therapy. He said she was one of the bravest people he knew. She showed her appreciation by kissing him. He kissed back, then apologized, saying he needed to get to work. Stephanie played it cool, and said she was ready to work a shift at the Cheatin' Heart, because the therapist thought she should try to get back to her usual routine soon. Chelsea came in, and when Max had gone, she told Stephanie they were in trouble, and filled her in on the contact lens the police found in the basement, and how Nick, who'd wanted to tell the truth, had covered for them. Stephanie panicked, worried about what would happen if Nick talked. Chelsea offered to say she acted alone, but Steph said they were all in it together. Chelsea said it was time to take responsibility for their actions, because if they kept quiet and were eventually found out, they would look like murderers. She asked Stephanie to think about the nightmare Ford's family must be going through, and Steph blurted, "What about the nightmare I've been going through?" Just then, Crawford Decker pounded on the front door. He knew about the contact lens, and said the girls would not get away with killing his son. Stephanie tried to get him to see that a group of sorority girls could never murder anyone, but he vowed to make sure every girl in the house spent the rest of her life in prison. Stephanie snapped that Ford was the one who belonged in prison for drugging and raping women - like her. Crawford did not believe this, but said it gave them motive, and stormed out. Stephanie, sobbing, asked Chelsea if she understood why they couldn't tell what happened, because it would make Ford look like the victim. Chelsea was more concerned that Stephanie had been raped, but was glad she had finally told someone. Steph admitted how hard it had been to deal with her feelings alone, and apologized for not telling Chelsea, but Chelsea gently told her not to worry about it. Then they argued again; Chelsea said regardless of whether Ford deserved what he got, they definitely wouldn't deserve what they would get if they were found out. Stephanie pleaded with her, but Chelsea said before they were caught, they needed to make sure everyone understood what had happened - and why. As Chelsea began calling the sorority sisters to return to school early to discuss it, Stephanie put her coat on and left.

The site where Belle and Claire were abducted was crawling with police investigators. Philip kept trying to reach Belle on her cell phone, to no avail. Sami rushed up, and Philip told her about the kidnapping. They agreed they shouldn't tell Marlena yet, then Philip admitted he hadn't tried to call Shawn. Sami was livid, so Philip agreed to call him, and Sami went off to call Roman. Shawn, who was with Chloe at the Brady Pub after they'd been ice-skating, wasn't exactly thrilled to hear from Philip, but Philip said it was serious. Sami returned and said Hope was on her way, and urged Philip not to fight with Shawn. Philip agreed, but when Shawn showed up - with Chloe in tow - he immediately started blaming Philip, which started an argument, which led to shoving. Sami and Chloe tried to stop them, then Hope arrived and broke it up. The detective on the scene brought Hope and Shawn up to speed, and let them know there was both an APB and an Amber Alert out for Belle and Claire. Hope reasoned that the kidnapping had to have been orchestrated by Stefano. Then the detective said the van had been spotted heading toward the docks. Shawn said he was going after them. Before he could leave, Philip stopped him and said he was coming too. After a moment, Shawn nodded, and the two men took off together, leaving the women to worry about their safety.

In the back of the kidnappers' van, Belle tried to calm a frightened Claire; when she asked their abductors what was going on, she was met with stony silence. As calmly as she could, Belle pleaded with them to tell her who they were and where they were taking them; finally Crystal said they were only trying to protect them from Stefano. Crystal said to trust her, because she and Rob would keep Belle and Claire out of harm's way. Belle wanted to know whom Crystal worked for, but Crystal said, "All you need to know is that you're safe, and you're with family."

In the laboratory beneath the DiMera mansion, Marlena began freeing John from his shackles. "It really is you," she said excitedly. He stared at her blankly. "I suppose it is," he replied. "Now tell me...who are you?" As she continued working on his restraints, he studied her face impassively, then closed his eyes and said he recognized her perfume. Marlena stopped her efforts briefly and told him he'd bought it for her. He said he remembered her from the alley, and then, with almost a smile, said she was the one who had "shot up the living room." Marlena laughed and said yes, it had been her. The last shackle finally opened, and John immediately stood up and walked toward the door. Marlena stopped him, but seemed unsure as to what to say. "I'm Marlena," she said, extending her hand. She reacted visibly when he shook it, but continued, "Your name is John." He repeated the name, and told her not to be afraid, that he wouldn't hurt her. She put her other hand around his and said she wasn't afraid: she knew he would never hurt her. He asked, "Then why are you trembling?" She hesitated, then said, "Because you were dead." She began to cry, and apologized for being emotional. "That's okay," John said flatly. "Can I go now?" He explained that Stefano had said it would be too dangerous if he were seen - but now that she knew he was there, why couldn't he go out now? She smiled and agreed there really wasn't any reason, and reached for his arm. He flinched. She seemed to understand, and said she'd show him the way out. They ran into Bo and Hope in the hallway. Bo was thrilled to see his old friend alive, but when he reached out to John, John quickly grabbed him, saying, "He's a cop." Bo and Marlena convinced John that Bo was a friend, and John released him. Marlena explained that John's didn't remember them, and John said he wanted to get out of there before they returned with the needles. Marlena assured him no one would hurt him again.

Stefano escorted Bo and Roman, who were armed with a search warrant, into the DiMera Mansion, and feigned surprise that they seemed to think John was there. Bo told him they were only interested in the tunnels and caves as Stefano calmly continued drinking sherry and playing a game of chess against himself. Hope came running into the room and panted, "We found him!" She told them Marlena was with John in the laboratory downstairs, so Bo went with her while Roman stayed with Stefano and Dr. Rolf. Stefano said he should have pressed charges against Marlena when she tried to shoot him, but he'd felt for a grieving widow. The irony of this was not lost on Roman, who said Stefano was awfully cocky for someone facing such serious charges. Stefano said he'd saved a man's life, and so should be treated not as a criminal but as a hero. Roman said no jury would ever see what Stefano had done as a "benevolent act," because if he indeed had John, it was only to serve Stefano DiMera - and for that, he must pay. Bo, Hope, and Marlena returned from downstairs with John. Roman was stunned to see him alive, and Marlena explained why John didn't recognize them. Just then, Hope's cell phone rang. Bo followed her into the foyer, where she told him about Belle and Claire's kidnapping. They agreed not to tell Marlena until they knew more. Hope left, and Roman arrested Stefano for kidnapping and false imprisonment; he read Stefano his rights while Bo handcuffed him. Marlena demanded to know what Rolf had done to John, but Stefano told her this man was not the John she knew - and that he would never remember her. Meanwhile, John had removed the sharp top from a crystal decanter, and lunged to attack Stefano; Bo and Roman stopped him, then Rolf jabbed him in the neck with a needle filled with a sedative. Marlena cradled him in her arms. "What have you done to him, you monster?" she spat at Stefano. She quietly told John to listen to the sound of her voice, giving him assurances that everything would be OK, while Roman called an ambulance and Bo handcuffed Rolf. Stefano asked Bo who their informant was, but Bo said if Stefano wouldn't talk, neither would they. Roman led Rolf out, and Stefano told Bo, "It's not over... This is merely the beginning."

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Belle sits in the cold van with Claire on her lap, shivering and thinking about the events leading up to this moment, including Philip's warnings and the kidnapping. When Crystal returns, Belle asks her why the van stopped. Crystal tells her they stopped because a police helicopter had been tracking them. After turning down Belle's request to turn the heat on in the van, Crystal tell her that they are not trying to kill her but that they are trying to help her. When Belle tries to buy her off, Crystal reaffirms that she wants no ransom; she only wants to help Belle and Claire. However, Belle is a bit skeptical when Crystal follows up that statement by encouraging her to give Clair cough medicine in order to sedate her.

Meanwhile, Shawn and Philip lay in wait down at the docks. Bo joins them to update them about the van. The police have tracked it to an alleyway and have backed off in order to lure the van down to the docks where they have the perimeter surrounded. Both then sternly reminds them to back off and shut up so that the police can handle the situation. When a frustrated Philip insists he will have to jump in if things go south, Shawn tells him to shut up. Bo walks over to another spot and thinks about his run in with Rob, the landlord of the building that housed the fortune teller. Just as Bo awakens from his daydream, he notices Rob the landlord at the end of the dock giving a stack of money to a boat captain. Pulling his gun, Bo yells out to "freeze!"

Back at the van which has now just pulled up at the docks, Crystal tries to calm Belle by telling her that things must be done a certain way in order to protect her. Though Crystal shot the cop with rubber bullets, Belle tells her the violence of the shooting was scarring enough to Claire, never mind what the actual consequences to the cop were. Frustrated, Crystal explains that she had to do crazy things for a good purpose, but she would not say what that purpose was. Crystal then went on to say that when Belle learns why she did what she did, they might be friends. When Crystal apologized again for the kidnapping, Belle seemed to feel that Crystal was being sincere. Still cold, Belle asked for a cup of coffee. Crystal obliged her with a steaming cup of the coffee from her thermos and after Belle tasted it to see how hot it was, she threw it into Crystal's face. With Crystal screaming and blinded, Belle grabbed Claire and hot footed it toward the docks.

Unfortunately, when Belle ran screaming toward the water, her path led her straight to Crystal's fellow abductor Rob, who grabbed Claire and put a gun next to her face. Screaming for her daughter, Belle backed up into Shawn. Ever the hero, Shawn dove for the gun and struggled with the assailant. In all the confusion, Belle hit her head and was knocked into the water just as Rob ran off with Claire in his arms and Shawn chasing after him. With Belle under water, Philip dove in after her and pulled her out. Frantically Philip began CPR, finally reviving her just before paramedics arrived. As the paramedics worked to stabilize Belle before she was taken to the hospital, she groggily called out for Claire. Unsure of what to do, Philip told Belle that Shawn had Claire and that she was safe. Suddenly, Belle went into cardiac arrest while a panicked Philip stood by her as the paramedics shocked her heart with the paddles. After a couple of tries, the paramedics backed off telling Philip that she was "gone." Since the paramedics' efforts lasted about as long as it takes to open a mailbox, Philip was less than willing to let them call her time of death. Philip fell on top of her, attempting to revive her with more CPR. A calm Bo took note of the situation, and gently pulled Philip off of Belle, trying to get him to accept Belle's death. After a moment to collect himself, a tearful Philip approached Belle, arranging the blanket back over her chest. Since no one else was pushing Belle to breathe, she had to do it herself. Gasping for air, Belle began to cough and come to, her heart working once again. Amazed, the paramedics grabbed the gurney and rushed it toward the ambulance.

Philip and Bo were about to set off for the hospital when Bo asked him to remember that Claire was Shawn's daughter and that Philip should not be the one to tell Belle the truth about Claire right now. Right on cue a bloodied Shawn returned on to the docks to tell them he lost Claire. He then continued saying that there had been an accident that forced the cops to stop but allowed him to continue after the van. Unfortunately he lost track of the van. Bo reassured him that the APB would help track down the van and lead them to Claire. Shawn then asked about Belle. A solemn Philip told him all that had happened and promised that when the time comes to tell Belle about Claire that he would not be the one to do it. Philip swore he would back off. Unsure but sincere, Shawn thanked him and then told Bo he would drive himself to the hospital.

At the hospital, an angry and handcuffed John sat in bed giving Marlena the stink eye. "We had a deal. No hospital, no drugs," John muttered. Marlena tried to explain that he was unconscious and that she had no choice but to bring him to the hospital. John then told her she could make up for lying to him by helping him escape. When Marlena told him she could not let him go because she could not lose him again, he asked her to come with him. Clearly not falling for his ploy, a smiling Marlena told him no. He then tried to flatter telling her that she was a beautiful woman who could easily bust him out. She still politely declined. John then tried to guilt trip her into breaking him out. As he explained his plan for escape, a sappy eyed Marlena leaned in and told him that he called her Doc and that she missed him. Frustrated, John refused to look at her and then refused to look at the pictures of Brady, Belle, and Claire in order to jog his memory. When John then tried to order her to help him, a chuckling Marlena informed him that barking orders never worked with her. Grabbing her wrist, John then informed her that if she didn't stop he would start screaming and have her removed. Marlena returned the threat by saying that she would start screaming and have him put in a straitjacket if he did not take his hand off of her wrist. John immediately let go of her. Marlena tried to soothe him by telling him that even if she let him leave the hospital now that he could never be free without knowledge of who he was and what his life was like.

As Marlena continued to try to convince him to stay, she recommended meeting his family. John promised he would but that once he met them and did not remember them that she had to let him go. Hopeful, Marlena told him that once John met his family, he would not want to go. Uncomfortable, John kept telling her that he did not love her because he could not love anyone. Tired of the game, John began screaming and when the nurse came running in, he demanded that she have Marlena removed. To John's surprise, the nurse instead told him that if John became violent her orders from the doctor were to sedate him. Marlena stepped forward and begged the nurse to back off but when she refused, Marlena was forced to pull rank and override the doctor's order for sedation. Once the nurse left the room, Marlena continued to probe John for answers. John told her he had no memory of what Stefano wanted. A sad but optimistic Marlena then rattled off a list of John's virtues, finally telling him that he could not be replaced. As she began to tell him of what her life was like without him there, she promised that he would remember their life together in time. "Until then, I will love enough for the both of us. Trust me. Take my hand and I'll bring you home," she whispered to John.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A visibly distraught Shawn sat at Belle's hospital bedside. He apologized to his unconscious wife and promised to find their daughter. In the hall, Philip listened to Shawn's one-sided conversation. Philip convinced Chloe to comfort Shawn, so he could comfort Belle. Chloe went into Belle's room to speak to Shawn. Shawn said he was going to the pier. Chloe insisted on driving him. Philip entered Belle's room when they left. He told Belle that he would step aside if she wanted him to. As he continued to talk, the monitors began to beep more rapidly. Belle awoke and asked to see Claire. Philip told her that Claire had been kidnapped. Belle became inconsolable.

At the pier, Bo put out an A.P.B. on the van. Bo explained to Hope and Roman that he did not believe Stefano was behind the kidnapping. He thought the carrying out of the events was too sloppy. Hope, Bo, and Roman talked in circles about who could be behind the kidnapping. Roman received a call from the hospital. Marlena refused to let the hospital sedate John. Roman left to go talk to Marlena. Hope was surprised to find out that nobody had told Marlena about the kidnapping. Bo explained that Marlena had too much going, and that was why she hadn't been told. Bo received a call; the van had been found abandoned. Shawn and Chloe arrived at the pier. Bo told Shawn about the latest developments. Bo told his son to retrace the events as they happened, this might help him to remember something. Bo and Hope left to go to the hospital. Guilt ridden, Shawn began replaying the events in his mind. He remembered something. The man had a tattoo on his arm.

At the hospital, Marlena tried to convince John that she is his wife. John thought she was trying to trick him. He said if she really loved him she would help him escape. Marlena refused. She explained that she was trying to find out what happened to him. She told him that his kidney had been removed and he had scars on his scalp. She said Stefano had been very ill and needed a new kidney. John became enraged. He told Marlena to release him. She refused and he began to insult her. Roman arrived and was upset at the way John was speaking to Marlena. John sensed that Roman must have feelings for Marlena. Roman spoke to Marlena in the hall. He wanted her to consider sedating John. She refused. Marlena and Roman went back into John's room. Roman told John not to speak to Marlena the way he had previously spoken to her. Bo and Hope arrived at the hospital. When alone with John, Bo asked John for help with something. John said he would help but wanted something in return. Bo joined Hope and Marlena in the hall. They told Marlena about Belle's injury and the kidnapping. Marlena went back into John's room. She told him she would release him, but he had to do something for her.

Shawn arrived at the pub to speak Hope, Bo, and Roman. He described the tattoo to them. Roman showed him a picture of the medallion. Shawn recognized it. It was the same as the tattoo. Shawn borrowed the picture so that he could research it on the internet.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Lucas awakened in his jail cell to find Stefano in the next cot, calmly reading a newspaper. When he attempted to attack the old man, a chain around his ankle stopped him short. Stefano had a matching shackle, apparently in some sort of effort (beyond, apparently, placing them in separate cells) to keep the two men from killing each other. After some sniping from Lucas, which seemed to amuse Stefano to no end, Stefano's "doctor-prescribed" gourmet meal was wheeled in on a cart, complete with fancy bottled water. Stefano made such a production of enjoying it that Lucas couldn't bear to watch, so he shouted for the guard, who took him out for some exercise - after Lucas, as expected, told Stefano to choke on it. As Stefano happily sang "delizioso, delizioso" to himself, he cut into his entree, and found a cell phone, encased in a plastic bag.

Bo met with E.J. on the pier to tell him about Belle and Claire's kidnapping; Bo's theory was that, for once, the DiMeras had nothing to do with it. To be sure, he asked if E.J. knew who C.B. DiMera was, if he recognized the kidnappers' pictures, or if the symbol from the old photograph of John meant anything to the DiMeras. E.J. said he knew nothing about any of it. Bo also wanted to make sure E.J. hadn't had a change of heart since turning Stefano in. E.J. said he'd made his decision, and now would have to live with the consequences. Bo seemed to think that everything that had happened to date - E.J.'s turning in Stefano, John's return, possibly even Belle and Claire's kidnapping - had been a smokescreen for something bigger Stefano might have in the works. E.J. assured him it was not; he had turned his father over to convince Samantha and himself that he was a better man than Stefano. Then Roman called Bo's cell phone and told him they'd found some new evidence, so Bo left.

Stefano slid the contraband phone out of its baggie, and used it to call E.J., who was surprised to hear from him. He asked his father if he was out of jail. Stefano said no, he'd called to tell E.J. he forgave him. He said he'd like E.J. to come visit him, so he'd sent his driver; E.J. said he wasn't at home. Just then, the driver appeared on the docks, and E.J. quickly realized Stefano had had him followed, so he immediately bolted from the waterfront. Stefano angrily snapped his phone shut. "Damn it!" he swore. Later, he instructed someone, "Keep your distance, but do not lose them." The guard then returned with Lucas, so Stefano hastily stashed the phone under his mattress. When Lucas snarked at him this time, though, Stefano no longer seemed amused; he just said, "Quiet," without even looking in Lucas's direction.

Sami and the twins were having lunch with Hope at the Brady Pub. Sami commiserated with her about Claire being missing. Hope tried to convince her to do whatever it took to get Lucas out of jail, and was worried that Sami had started relying on E.J. too much. Sami tried to assure her that it was just for help with the babies and nothing more. Hope urged her not to trust him, and to please tell Roman how afraid she was so he could protect her. Sami confided she had considered taking E.J. up on his offer to take the twins and just disappear together. Hope, utterly floored, asked if she'd completely lost her mind. Sami said all that mattered to her was that her babies were safe, and she knew E.J. would never hurt them, but Hope suggested E.J. was just playing on her fears so that she'd trust him. When Sami said it was just too damn bad if her family didn't understand her need for her children's safety, Hope told her that had likely been E.J.'s plan all along, to isolate her from her family and make her dependent on him - and Sami was falling right into his trap. Sami angrily said she didn't trust E.J. - he was Johnny's father and that was it. As Hope went to get some soup for Sami to take home, E.J. rushed in, saying he was worried when Sami wasn't at her apartment. She wasn't buying that story, so he told her about the incident at the pier; he had a feeling if he'd gotten into Stefano's car, it would have been the last thing he would have ever done. She told him he was being paranoid; if he was really worried that his father was watching them, he should call the police. Absolutely not, E.J. said, a bit frantically - they should take the twins and disappear right away. Meanwhile, Bo came in and asked Hope what Elvis was doing there. She didn't know, but was worried about how much Sami was relying on him. He showed her what they'd found at the crime scene: a bottle of Claire's medication, purchased three weeks before in Canada by Crystal Miller. Bo said normal kidnappers wouldn't have made sure to have their victims' medicine, so maybe they really were trying to protect Belle and Claire from something - or someone.

In her hospital room, Belle was furious when she learned Philip had helped her instead of going after Claire. He tried to convince her that the police and Shawn would find Claire, but Belle became hysterical, saying she had to go find her daughter, and when she tried to get out of bed, she fainted. Philip shouted for help. Later, a nurse instructed Philip to keep Belle calm and in bed.

Marlena briefly told John about what had happened to Belle and Claire, and said the John Black she knew would do anything to comfort Belle; even if he didn't remember her, his "Tink" really needed her father right now. John apologized, but said he just didn't care, and didn't understand how he could help Belle; besides, they'd never get past his guard - but if Marlena could get him out of the handcuffs, he'd go see Belle. After being met with flak from the guard, she called Roman. Not only was she able to talk her ex into letting John visit Belle, she convinced Roman to agree to John's not being handcuffed, only wearing an ankle monitor. John was surprised and more than a little impressed.

Just as Belle was asking Philip to please call her mom, Marlena walked in. She took her daughter in her arms and held her, telling her everything would be all right and apologizing for not being there sooner - but she had some really good news. Belle naturally thought they'd found Claire; Marlena said no, but it was a miracle. She turned toward the door, and in walked John. Belle stared at him in disbelief and confusion, her eyes welling with tears. "Daddy?" she managed, as he moved closer, looking around the room and rubbing his wrists, impassive as usual. Belle sat up, trembling, and asked, "How is this happening?" then collapsed in tears against her father's chest. She sobbed that she'd watched him die, that she'd gone to his funeral, recalling those devastatingly painful moments. Marlena said they didn't know yet how it had happened, but Belle said she didn't care; the realization that her father was truly back finally hit her, and she buried her face in his chest again, this time crying tears of joy, embracing him, and Marlena wrapped her arms around them both. John just looked annoyed. Giggling, Belle had John sit next to her on the bed, but after he sat and just looked at her sort of blankly, she asked what was wrong. Marlena explained that he was still a little confused after whatever Stefano had done to him. He told Belle he was fine, and tried, unconvincingly, to smile. Marlena signaled her not to press him. Belle hugged him and told him she loved him, and that even though he didn't seem like himself, she was so happy he was alive. He gave his daughter the reassurances he knew Marlena wanted to hear, and awkwardly called her "Tink" a couple of times. Marlena said he needed to get back to his room and rest; on their way out (after John offered Belle a handshake instead of a fatherly hug), Belle noticed the ankle monitor and asked what it was for. Marlena explained that he was wearing it for his own protection, so they could locate him in case Stefano came after him again. Then John asked for a moment alone with his daughter, and Marlena hesitantly agreed. He went back over to Belle and leaned in close, using this as a cover to swipe a surgical clamp from the shelf behind her, and whispered that he and Claire were going to be just fine. She cried and hugged him again, then Marlena "rescued" him, and assured Belle that with their help and love, John really would be just fine. Out in the hallway, as the guard worked to get his shackles back on, John smirked, "Well, Doc, was that warm and fuzzy enough for you?" Marlena ignored him, and got the guard to remove the handcuffs, since he still had the ankle monitor on, and thanked John for what he had done for Belle. He reminded her they had a deal, and she asked if he remembered their daughter at all. He said no. She assured him that he eventually would; he said she just might be able to help him after all. She asked if that meant he trusted her. "No reason not to," he said calmly, then asked if she trusted him. "With my life," she confidently replied.

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