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Monday, January 21, 2008

Caroline told Steve that he has made Kayla very happy, and she is proud to call him a member of the family. Kayla showed up at the Brady Pub and told Steve that the time was right for them to conceive and to hurry home.

Marlena reflected on her promise to Belle and her belief that now that John was back, everything would eventually work out. They would find Claire, etc. Marlena told Bo and Hope about John's visit with Belle, but they questioned whether or not Marlena should really trust John so soon. Roman told John that he knew from personal experience, having been a captor of Stefano, that it would be a long time before he would be free of his hold, and to stop trying to convince Marlena that he was nearing a breakthrough. John had flashbacks of his mind control sessions then used scissors that he stole from Belle's room to try to free himself of his restraints.

E.J. continued to try to convince Sami that they must go undercover to protect the twins, especially Johnny, from Stefano's control, but Sami refused and said she would rely on her Dad and the Salem PD to keep them safe.

Hope cautioned Marlena that the John of today was not the man she married, and to be careful. Steve dodged Caroline's questions so he could leave the Pub to get home to Kayla. Steve surprised Kayla at their apartment so that they could get on with their baby-making plans.

E.J. decided to try to help Sami and told her that she was brave, smart, and resourceful and he hoped that was enough to keep her and the twins safe.

John broke free of his restraints and put Marlena and Hope in harm's way, but then had another flashback of his brainwashing sessions. It immobilized him and he was once again restrained.

A warning gift arrived from Stefano at Sami's door and E.J. decided to take action. Abe showed up at E.J.'s request to help protect Sami and the twins from Stefano. Abe warned E.J. that he still did not trust him, but E.J. told Abe that he loved his son and would defy his father to prove it.

Caroline stopped by Kayla's apartment at a very inopportune time. Her visit was followed by a call from the hospital. Finally, Steve and Kayla were alone to try to get on with their plan to have another child.

Marlena told John that no matter what she knew, he could never hurt her, and then she agreed to have him sedated.

Marlena acknowledged to Bo and Hope that she knew that John could not be trusted yet, but she knew she could get him to remember their life together.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

E.J. teased Sami about trying to cram seemingly everything she owned into a suitcase. He reminded her they weren't going on holiday but rather into hiding. Sami started to make an appointment with the twins' pediatrician, but E.J. said no way - they couldn't risk it. Sami countered that they needed to establish some ground rules before they left, the first being that unless he were helping her with the twins, he was to stay as far away from her as possible. E.J. was mildly offended, but assured Sami he certainly wouldn't do anything to her with her father's men guarding them. When one of the babies began to cry, he went to tend to them.

Lucas was frustrated at being cooped up with Stefano, which, as usual, amused Stefano. Stefano hinted that his lawyers could get Lucas out on bail quickly. Lucas asked what Stefano would want in return for helping him, but they were interrupted when the guard arrived to take Stefano to see his attorneys. Lucas used this opportunity to search Stefano's side of the cell. He found the cell phone Stefano had hidden under his mattress, and immediately used it to call Sami. When she answered, he implored her not to hang up, then asked why she hadn't returned his lawyers' phone calls. She hedged, saying she'd been busy dealing with her own problems. He apologized for screwing up, and asked if Sami could bring Allie to see him. Sami said she couldn't because she was taking the twins someplace safe from Stefano. Lucas said Stefano couldn't do anything to them while he was sharing Lucas's jail cell. Sami was aghast, then frightened, when she found out Lucas was using Stefano's phone, because she knew Stefano's reach extended far beyond a jail cell. Lucas wanted to know where Sami was taking the twins, but she said she didn't know yet. He became enraged when he heard E.J. in the background and figured out they were going into hiding together. She hung up on him then told E.J. that Lucas and Stefano were cell-mates. She was worried about that situation, but E.J. assured her that Stefano "does not get his hands dirty," so Lucas couldn't be safer.

The guard returned with Stefano, so Lucas replaced the phone and went back to his own bunk. He asked Stefano to continue the conversation from before, and Stefano said he'd help Lucas if he would, essentially, kidnap "Giovanni." Lucas agreed that he'd like nothing better than for E.J. to be out of Sami's life, but would not kidnap their son. The guard came to take Lucas out for his daily exercise, so Stefano immediately looked to see if Lucas had used the phone. It pleased him to see Sami's number. He dialed it, and when Sami answered she thought it was Lucas again. She just starting talking, warning Lucas to be careful and calling Stefano a "son of a bitch." Stefano chuckled and said he hoped she wasn't talking about him. Sami freaked and threw the phone across the room, narrowly missing E.J., who was just returning from his apartment.

In her hospital room, Belle awakened and called out for Claire. Philip tried to calm her, assuring her Claire would be back in her arms soon, but Belle insisted she needed to go find her. Philip gently but firmly told her she needed to get some rest so she could get better, and told her he'd stay with her unless she didn't want him there. She thanked him for saving her life, then began to cry because she thought she hadn't done enough to save Claire. He assured her she had done everything humanly possible. She was grateful that his had been the first face she'd seen every time she'd awakened, because no one else had been there for her. She asked him to hold her hand until she fell asleep. Philip happily obliged.

In a motel bed, Claire cried out in her sleep, and Crystal tried to comfort her by stroking her hair and saying, "Shh, it's okay." Later, Crystal hummed a lullaby until the toddler dropped back off to sleep then Crystal turned out the light.

Outside John's hospital room, Marlena told Hope she knew a great deal about the human brain and about being held captive by Stefano, and so she could forgive John for saying things he didn't mean. "That isn't John in there," she said. She acknowledged it might take a long time to get him back, but vowed she would never stop fighting for him. Meanwhile, John dreamed of the procedures Stefano and Rolf put him through, and whispered "Doc" in his sleep. When Marlena went to check on him, he told her he'd just dreamed about her, but he couldn't remember any details. He blamed the drugs, so Marlena offered to get Dr. Carrington to lower the dosages. Outside, she admitted to Hope that John could either be playing her or having a breakthrough, but she intended to find out which.

A sleeping John remembered more of his captivity in Rolf's laboratory. In the memory, John was strapped to a chair wearing goggles while a screen displayed rapidly moving images. As John shook uncontrollably, Stefano told him they were extracting all of his memories, his personality, relationships, emotions, and even cognitive thought, so that he would be a clean slate. The screen flashed the word "DELETED," then John seemed to fall unconscious. Stefano shouted "John Black!" and clapped his hands in John's face, but John did not respond. This pleased Stefano, who taunted John for not being able to think now. Stefano bent and retrieved a small computer disc from the machinery. He told John, "A man's entire life - everything he knew, everything he remembered - has been extracted from his brain, and placed on this single, little disc," and then left the lab. Back in the present, John sat bolt upright in his hospital bed and shouted, "Don't take it!" Hope and Marlena rushed in to see what had happened, but John couldn't remember what he'd been dreaming about. Marlena acknowledged that the drugs could be affecting these memories as well. When Dr. Carrington arrived, Marlena privately stressed to him the importance of getting John into therapy before he lost all of his memories. Dr. Carrington said John needed to be emotionally stabilized first, so Marlena asked him to at least lower the dosages of the medications. The doctor all but refused. Roman arrived, and Marlena filled him in as to what was going on in. Roman said Abe and the hospital administrators feared she'd lost her objectivity, so she'd been pulled off of John's case. When she protested, Roman reminded her that she'd been in charge when John broke free from his restraints.

Meanwhile, Hope tried to help John remember his dreams. She asked him to close his eyes and let his thoughts drift, and asked what he recalled. He replied, "[that] I don't like you, or trust you." Roman told Hope and Marlena they had to be extremely careful, because they had no way of knowing what Stefano had done to John's brain. Marlena apologized to John because Dr. Carrington had refused to lower his dosages. He told her he no longer had any use for her if she couldn't help with the drugs. Upset, she quietly left, telling Hope and Roman she needed to be alone, but thought to herself that if she must, she'd take matters into her own hands to bring about a breakthrough. Meanwhile, Dr. Carrington ordered John's dosage increased and administered 24/7.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

At the Brady pub, Nick worked on some lab reports as a crazed Billie rushed in and sat at his table. Frantic, Billie pushed him to tell her all he knew about Ford Decker's disappearance. When Billie tried to guilt him into talking, Nick told Billie, "I'm her boyfriend, not her conscience." Still Billie pushed and told Nick that he was not protecting Chelsea by helping her avoid the truth. Just as Billie was asking Nick again about what he knew, Ford's father and the dean entered the pub and overheard her. When Mr. Decker started to lay into both Billie and Nick, the dean told him to back off. However, the dean then leaned in and informed them that Detective Sullivan was on his way to question the women at Theta House. Mr. Decker jumped in again and accused the Theta House residents of continuing their smear campaign, and then accused Billie of helping them cover up their criminal acts. At that point the dean leaned in and informed Chelsea and Nick that if there was a cover up, both of them would lose their jobs and he would make sure there would be criminal charges against them as well. After the dean and Mr. Decker stormed out of the pub, Billie renewed her plea to Nick to tell the truth, but he would only say that he knew no more than Billie knew about the disappearance.

Max arrived on Stephanie's doorstep bearing homemade breakfast burritos. When Stephanie wondered aloud about why her parents weren't up yet, Max insinuated that the two had a late night. Though grossed out, Stephanie managed to laugh. The two agreed that it was nice to be able to laugh about something as they dug into their breakfast. Later, when Max started to leave, Stephanie stopped him to talk about how men had always had an interest in her, but that now, it was the last thing she was interested in. Max managed to make her laugh again and then offered to give her a ride to Theta House. At this suggestion, Stephanie's face darkened. When Max asked her why, Stephanie explained that the sorority was having a vote on whether to tell the cops the truth. Max urged her to take part but Stephanie said she didn't want to because it would implicate Max and get him in trouble. Max told her that the truth was fine with him, and not to take him into consideration. Still troubled, Stephanie explained that she was also worried about the trial and how she might be humiliated in public by having to recount the night of her rape. Max agreed to support her. "Ford took away your choice. Don't let Theta do the same," he told her.

At Theta House, Chelsea left a voicemail for Stephanie, reminding her that they were about to vote on whether to go to the cops. Chelsea then began the meeting by informing everyone that the police had searched the house over break and had found a contact lens belonging to Ford in the basement. She also had to explain that he had been down there a few days and that there might be more evidence. The group bickered a little bit and spread the blame around, but Chelsea reminded them that they had to stay calm so that they could make a decision on whether to tell the truth to the cops. At first all the other women said no, but when Chelsea asked them whether they could go on knowing that they were responsible for Ford's death and for depriving his family of the right to bury their son, some of the women seemed to falter. Morgan angrily reminded Chelsea that the plan to lure Ford there was Chelsea's plan and that she could not change her mind now. Chelsea agreed but then pleaded for a confession so that Ford's parents could have closure. Not backing down, Morgan argued that what happened was an accident and was justice as well.

Trying to make her case, Chelsea explained that they had to look at the situation realistically. She further explained that the cops were already suspicious because Ford was last seen there and that since none of them were criminal masterminds, the cops were likely to find more evidence at Theta House. She also added that under questioning by the police, one or more of them might crack and confess everything, and that would be worse than just coming clean. Noting the change in the room, Chelsea called for a vote by playing card: face down meant to keep quiet and face up was a vote to confess to the police. The results of the vote showed there was only one vote to keep quiet. Right then, a determined Stephanie marched in and admitted to the group that Ford had raped her as well. She passionately explained that she finally had found the strength to come forward, but that if they told the police the truth, it would ruin her and Cordy's lives and no one had the right to do that. Confidant, Stephanie picked up a playing card and slapped it face down on the table. Following her lead, everyone except Chelsea followed suit and voted to keep quiet. As Stephanie began to thank everyone for doing the right thing, Chelsea warned the group that they were making a huge mistake. Chelsea added that she would take the biggest risk if someone in the group confessed, but before she could say more to sway the vote again, the cops knocked on the door.

At the hospital, Bo and Hope worried about Claire. When Bo assured her they would stick together, Hope told him that she was ready to get back in the game. She explained that she wanted to rejoin the force full time. Surprised, Bo asked her if she was ready to go back to work and leave their daughter at home. Hope responded that she wanted to improve the world by ridding it of Stefano. When Hope began to wonder about her new partner, Bo appeared to get jealous. Despite all that was going on in their lives, the two were able to laugh about his jealousies. After a little bit of teasing, Bo told her that she was great at police work and that she should start back if she wanted to return. As the two began to cuddle, a wild-eyed Billie showed up and begged for Bo's help with Chelsea. After Hope excused herself to go check on Marlena, Billie filled Bo in on all the latest news, including the fact that she was being investigated for covering up Ford's disappearance and Chelsea's involvement. Bo admitted that Chelsea had been acting strangely at Christmas, talking about parents being separated from their children during the holidays. He also told Billie that Chelsea had been acting paranoid and that he hadn't seen her act that way for a couple of years. Billie and Bo agreed that whatever was going on could not be a good thing.

Down the hall, Marlena told John that she believed she could help him with a new treatment. Dr. Carrington entered the room with a syringe full of sodium pentothal. Though Marlena was resistant, Dr. Carrington asserted his authority as the doctor of record before injecting John's I.V. with the drugs. After John began to fall under the effects of the drugs, Marlena questioned him. John mutteed about his mission but when Marlena asked if the mission was under Stefano's orders, John sat bolt upright. To calm him, Dr. Carrington sedated John immediately. Marlena argued with the doctor and pointed out that John's reaction proved he had an internal conflict. Dr. Carrington agreed but told her that the next step was to transfer John to the psychiatric ward. Though Marlena was uncomfortable with the idea, she was really angry when she learned that she would no longer be allowed to direct John's treatment as his doctor because others would take over. As Dr. Carrington walked out, Marlena muttered, "Like hell they will."

While Dr. Carrington set off to complete the paperwork for John's transfer, Marlena rushed to John's bedside and tried to talk to him. Hope stopped by to check on John and when Marlena updated her on John's care, a suspicious Hope asked Marlena what she was planning. Marlena played innocent, telling Hope that she would just have to get through to John. Hope said she trusted Marlena's judgment and left. Once the door closed, Marlena hurriedly cut off John's I.V. and tried to wake him. She questioned him about his mission but he seemed too groggy to answer. "I will snap you out of this and nobody, nobody is gonna stand in my way," she whispered to him.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bo was talking to Detective Sullivan. The detective told Bo he did not believe the stories about Ford's disappearances because they matched too well. Bo agreed that the stories seemed rehearsed. Sullivan thought Chelsea was behind the stories being told, since she ruined Ford's reputation by calling him a rapist. He told Bo that Billie was being accused of looking the other way, a murder conspiracy, and a cover up. Bo asked Detective Sullivan if he could see the evidence that has been collected. Bo decided to look into the situation.

Nick was surprised that Chelsea did not confess to the police what she knew about Ford. Nick thought Stephanie should have gone to the police after the first incident involving Ford. Now, since nobody has seen or heard from Ford, Ford's father is becoming suspicious. Chelsea says she thought the police would stop the investigation if nobody cracked under pressure. Nick told Chelsea that he would stand by her through the ordeal. Chelsea was relieved since she thought he was going to end their relationship. Nick told her that he loves her and gave her a kiss. However, he said he still wanted her to go to the police. Chelsea did not want to betray the others. Nick told Chelsea that her mother had been accused of covering up Ford's disappearance. Billie's job was on the line.

Nick left and Bo soon arrived. Chelsea was happy to see her father. She asked him about Claire. Bo told her he was there as a cop and wanted to discuss Ford. Chelsea said she told Detective Sullivan all she knew. Bo was skeptical. He wanted his daughter to open up about what she knew. He needed answers, not game playing. He told Chelsea that the truth was more important than loyalty. Bo said that Ford's parents were worried about him, and Billie could get into a lot of trouble. Bo wanted Chelsea to do the right thing and tell the truth. Bo said he thought she had changed, but she was now putting Billie and others at risk. He reminded her that she nearly destroyed his marriage and their family. Chelsea said she had changed and was only doing what she felt was the right thing. Chelsea told her dad she loved him and thanked him for stopping by. With that, Bo told her he loved her, and left.

Shawn and Chloe were searching the internet for information on the Celtic warrior knot tattoo,. They discussed the possibility that it was connected to a family. Shawn decided to go to Crystal's store. Chloe was afraid that these could be the people who kidnapped Brady. She was also concerned that Shawn would be in a lot of trouble if he were caught. Chloe thought he should talk to his father first. Shawn refused because Claire might be at the store, and he didn't want to wait. Chloe wanted to go with Shawn, but he refused. Chloe threatened to tell Bo if Shawn didn't allow her to go with him. Shawn relented. At the store, Chloe stood watch around the corner as Shawn scoped out the place. He decided he wanted to go into the store. He knocked on the door. When a man answered, Shawn showed him the drawing of the Celtic warrior knot.

Belle decided to go searching for Claire. Philip and a nurse stopped her. The nurse told her not to set foot on the floor. When the nurse left, Philip told Belle she needed to recover. Belle was too worried about her family to think about recovery. Philip decided to take Belle from her room, but he didn't say where he was taking her.

John was coming to after having been sedated. He was angry that he had been sedated and Marlena hadn't helped him escape. Marlena told him it was his fault he was sedated. He was sedated because he was choking her. However, she learned that Stefano was using John for a mission. Now, they needed to discover what the mission might be. John told a stunned Marlena that he knew what the mission was-knitting. Marlena was not amused and vowed not to give up until she learned the truth. She wanted to know if the memory of the mission was in John's subconscious or if he knew and didn't want to tell her. John said he did not remember anything about the mission. Marlena suggested hypnosis to recover the memory. John flatly refused. Marlena wondered if not exposing Stephano was part of John's mission.

Philip and Belle entered John's room. John seemed happy to see "Tink." Belle was alarmed that John was restrained and demanded to know what was going on. Marlena took Belle into the hall. Philip left to give them some privacy. Belle was angered at how her father was being treated. Marlena told Belle that John had become violent and had amnesia. He only pretended to remember Belle when he visited her hospital room. Marlena said she felt Belle had enough to worry about and Marlena didn't want to make things worse for her. Belle wanted to know if John would ever be himself again. Dr. Carrington arrived to see John. Marlena told Belle that she was no longer treating John. The reason was because she was not objective. Belle thought her mom would be able to save John. Belle went back to her room, and Marlena went back into John's room. Dr. Carrington was sedating John. Marlena let slip that John wanted her to help him escape but recovered quickly. Marlena said John helped her realize something. Dr. Carrington wanted to know if it had anything to do with John's treatment. She said no. She realized that John did not remember what happened to him or what his mission was, but somebody else did.

Philip put Belle back to bed. He told Belle he had no idea about John's condition. Belle was just happy to have seen her dad. Philip told Belle he needed to go check his messages because there might be new information about Claire. He told Belle that he loves Claire as if she were his child. He left so that Belle could get some rest.

Friday, January 25, 2008

At the hospital, John grudgingly sat through Dr. Carrington's emotional response test. Growing increasingly frustrated and bored, John began to tease the nurse about helping him take the test. When the test was over, the nurse let Sami go inside to visit. John immediately sat up in bed when he saw Sami's face. "I know you don't remember me but I'm going away for a little while and I just wanted to say goodbye," said a smiling Sami. "I think I do remember. Yes, I know you," said John. Pleased but surprised, Sami walked closer and told him she was not surprised since she had been such a pain in his butt for so many years. Turning on the charm, he told her he didn't think he could feel that way about a smile like that. He beckoned her closer and when she asked if she could give him a hug, he eagerly accepted. Once Sami leaned in, John reached up and strangled her to death.

Or at least he did in his fantasy (no word on whether this was a recurrent fantasy through the years). In reality, Sami leaned in and hugged him but John's restrained arms could do no more than flail in her general direction. Then Sami began to talk about how he was like a second dad to her and how sorry she was for being such a jerk to him for so long. "It doesn't matter anymore. I would love to hug you back," he said rather ominously. Unaware of his dark mood, Sami said goodbye and that she was sure that next time they saw one another he would have his memory back. As soon as she had left, John flashed back to when Stefano had given John his mission, saying, "This woman is your mission. Your destiny." Uneasy, John repeatedly began to mutter, "the mission," before crying out, "Stefano! The mission!"

In the office at the police station, a frustrated Roman screamed into his phone that the men needed to stay on Claire's trail and put more people on the search. A calm Marlena entered the office to catch the tail end of Roman's fit, and she asked to see a prisoner. Roman immediately guessed she meant Stefano. When Roman began to ask her why she brought her medical bag, he cut himself off, mumbling that she might be able to help. Roman then asked Marlena to be sure to go by the book. As Roman slipped out of the office to make the arrangements, Marlena quickly called Dr. Carrington for an update on John's condition. Dr. Carrington explained over the phone that John had the same intensity to every picture, and no emotional response to any photo. When Dr. Carrington began to ask her what she was doing to help John, Marlena faked bad phone reception and hung up.

Down in the interrogation room, Roman informed Stefano that he had fired two guards who had been assisting Stefano with food and comfort. Roman grinned at Stefano as a strangely composed Marlena entered the room to begin her questioning. Roman told them he would be close by, and Stefano correctly guessed that Roman would be behind the two-way mirror. Roman went into the booth behind the glass and began to videotape the scene. A grinning Stefano turned to Marlena, saying, "I'm delighted to see you!" "You won't be," she responded. Marlena then put her medical bag on the table, which caused Stefano to make a crack about torturing him. Still calm, Marlena looked him in the eye and quietly told him, 'I'm going to give you exactly what John got. Maybe a little more." She then explained that she would be using Sodium Pentothal on him. Stefano scoffed at the idea, explaining that he was immune to all truth agents.

Behind the glass, Abe joined Roman to watch the interrogation. As Marlena was about to inject Stefano with the truth serum, Abe started to object. However when Roman said that they needed to do whatever it took to bring Claire home, Abe relented and agreed to let Marlena go ahead.

After the truth serum began to take effect, Marlena questioned him about his name and whether he knew John. She managed to elicit from him that he did not like John and that John was on a mission to seek and destroy a target, but Stefano would say no more than that. When Stefano began to complain of a headache, a sweet-faced Marlena hand fed him two pills from an aspirin bottle before allowing the guards to take Stefano back to his cell. Roman, Abe, and Marlena briefly discussed Stefano's bail, but Marlena was suspiciously quiet on the subject.

Outside of Stefano's cell, Marlena flashed her credentials to the guard and asked for a couple of minutes alone with Stefano. She leaned down beside a sleeping Stefano and whispered to him that what she gave him was not aspirin but sleeping pills. 'You horrible, evil, arrogant, pompous ass," she said. Marlena's face then darkened as she opened her medical bag and told him that they would call it even after this.

At the closed psychic shop Shawn knocked on the door while Chloe eavesdropped around the corner. When the door opened, Shawn explained to the guy that he was there to pick up the little girl. The man let him in the building and patted him down. However, when Shawn explained that Stefano had sent him the man pulled him into a chokehold. Since Shawn was clearly on the losing end of this fight, Chloe rushed in with a 2x4 and knocked out Shawn's assailant. As Shawn protested that she was only supposed to be the lookout, she retorted, "I was! I looked out and I looked in!" Shawn then explained that Stefano's name was what had set the guy off and the two wondered whom they were dealing with. From the back room, the voice of one of the kidnappers, Rob, said "Stefano's enemies." Shawn immediately grabbed Rob and demanded to know where Claire was. Chloe quickly ran outside to call 9-1-1.

Rob brandished a gun and advised Shawn to let him go. Not convinced he would shoot, Shawn called his bluff and told him that if he were there to protect Claire then Rob would not put a bullet in her father's chest. As the knocked-out henchman began to come to, the guy picked up a board and prepared to use it to clobber Shawn. Right at that moment police sirens could be heard, and Shawn was alerted to the guy behind him with the board. By the time the cops got inside, Shawn was beating the snot out of Rob. The police were confused as to whom the assailant was but Chloe ran back in and set the cops straight on the situation. After Rob was dragged out, Shawn noticed something in the ceiling. When he knocked the item loose he found it was a booklet of photos of all of the Brady women.

Back at the police station, Rob was hauled in for questioning. As Roman prepared to question Rob, he told Shawn to go home. Rob was outraged that Shawn was not being charged for beating him up, but Roman shrugged it off.

At the Brady Pub, Stephanie arrived to find her parents making out like teenagers. She sat down at their table and a proud Steve announced that this time next year she would have a younger sibling. Obviously preoccupied, Stephanie did not have much of a reaction to the news. Trying to joke, Steve told her to stop thinking about boys because she was so beautiful that she would have to fight them off of her. Stephanie immediately broke into tears. Confused, Steve looked to Kayla for guidance. Kayla put her arm around her daughter and gently urged her to tell Steve what had happened. "Did someone hurt you?" he asked her. Unable to say it, Stephanie cried. Finally Kayla told Steve that Stephanie had been raped. Steve immediately hugged them both, crying. After a few moments he managed to ask her who. Stephanie explained that it was Ford, who had drugged her first. Distraught, Steve managed to realize that Ford was the missing boy and that the rape had to have happened a while ago. "He better be dead because if he's not, I'm gonna kill him," a heartbroken and angry Steve said. Steve also realized that Kayla had to have known for a while and not told him. Concerned, he reminded them both that they were a family and that they could not keep secrets from one another.

Steve gently questioned Stephanie about therapy, ensuring that the therapist had told Stephanie that it was not her fault and that she should not be ashamed. When Stephanie mentioned that she felt like Steve would think she was ruined, he responded "Ruined? You'll never be ruined. You're my baby girl. This is a sick world and I wanted to protect you from bad things. Why couldn't I do that?" The three then began to hug one another and cry again. Steve looked into his daughter's eyes and told her that it was not her fault and that it did not change the fact that she was their wonderful daughter.

Outside the pub, Chelsea watched Stephanie with her parents. Nick told Chelsea not to be afraid, but Chelsea was battling with second thoughts. When Chelsea expressed her fear of betraying her friends and losing them, Nick told her that they would understand. Nick then advised her that if the women kept the secret, it would drive them apart and they would lose those friendships forever. Nick then told her that if the women dealt with the repercussions together then they could move on from this together. Chelsea was still unsure and ran off when she spotted Crawford Decker heading into the pub. Nick eventually dragged her back to the front of the Brady Pub and asked her to look inside at Crawford Decker. Quietly, Nick told her that although Crawford may have been a bad father, he did deserve to know that his son was dead.

Inside the Brady Pub, a frantic Crawford spotted Stephanie and her parents. He pleaded with Stephanie for information on where his son was. Stephanie denied any knowledge and repeated the story she told the cops. Unable to take Crawford's grilling anymore, Stephanie told him "Your son raped me. I hate him." Crawford told her that was irrelevant to the situation and begged her to tell him where Ford was located. Stephanie would only respond that she did not know where Ford was. "I do," said Chelsea as she entered the pub. "I'm sorry, sir, but Ford is dead," Chelsea confessed.

At the end of the show the following card appeared:

"In Loving Memory of
Bobby "B.B." Bateman
April 3, 1955 - Jan. 3, 2008"

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