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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 4, 2008 on DAYS
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Monday, February 4, 2008

Kayla and Steve arrived in Ireland with Shawn Sr. to prepare him for his surprise reunion. Shawn Sr. received the shock of his life as family and friends witnessed him reunite with his older sister, Colleen. He thought she died over 50 years before and that he had been partly to blame for her untimely supposed "death."

Colleen explained that she didn't jump off the cliff that night, but ran away and went into hiding. She told her brother that she felt terrible that she never told him she was alive, but did so to protect the family. She confessed she had lived with that guilt every day. Bo told Aunt Colleen that she was wrong for causing his father so much pain. The others thought it was the only way that she could make Stefano suffer as she had, but unfortunately Stefano's revenge was more evil than she could have ever imagined. Shawn told Colleen that he forgave her.

Bo complained to Hope of soreness in his back. He told Hope that he didn't know whether or not he could forgive Colleen for lying to everyone, especially Shawn Sr., about her death, because Bo felt everyone had suffered too much as a result.

Steve and Kayla told Bo and Hope that Stefano was in a catatonic state and that no one knew exactly why. They went on to explain that Stefano had been transferred to a long-term care facility. Steve and Kayla told Bo that they had some very bad news to tell him and that they wanted to talk to him first so he could decide how to break the news to Hope.

John tried to get away from Marlena so that he could complete his mission, but Marlena kept him close, unaware that he was hiding a knife from everyone and intending to use it to kill Colleen. Marlena asked John to meet with Colleen because she might be able to jog his memory. John finally agreed and after the family left, he asked to speak to Colleen alone. When Marlena refused, John pretended to want to speak with Marlena alone. He turned and pushed her into the door and knocked her unconscious. John then moved in for the kill to a surprised and confused Colleen.

Lexie prescribed treatment for Ali who was in E.J.'s care while Sami visited Lucas. E.J. told Lexie that he was feeling attached to Sami and her children, and Lexie warned him not to get emotionally involved with a child he could never call his own. E.J. convinced Lexie that they made the right decision regarding Stefano's care. Lexie said that despite all the bad news, including Stefano's condition and a close friend who was very ill, there was good news-Kayla was pregnant.

Shawn and Belle continued to rejoice in Claire's safe return and decided to spend their time in Ireland as a family. Belle and Shawn found it awkward to banter in small talk with Chloe and Philip and return to their close friendship after all that had happened.

Philip told Chloe that he was done with chasing after Belle and that he meant what he said to Shawn. Chloe asked him to prove it with his actions, not his words. Philip told Chloe that he and Victor would continue their search for Brady until they found him.

Sami visited Lucas in jail and tried desperately to convince him to change his plea for the sake of her and their children, but Lucas refused. He told Sami that he was in this mess because he didn't trust her. Lucas said that he had to pay for his crime and his guilt, and he would not ask her to wait for him. He asked Sami to tell Ali that he would always love her and not to forget him. Lucas said goodbye to Sami and they proclaimed their undying love for another. Sami left Lucas, and she was heartbroken and helpless with the realization that Lucas was gone from her life.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

At the bed and breakfast, Shawn tucked Claire into bed for a nap. He kissed her forehead softly and thought about the events of the kidnapping and Shawn Sr.'s reunion with his sister. Shawn started to leave, but ran into Belle as she was entering the room to check on Claire. The two thought about their previous conversation about how happy they were to be reunited as a family, and Shawn's face became tense. Sipping her tea, Belle asked Shawn what was bothering him. Shawn explained that he could not help but feel like Steve and Kayla's sudden appearance meant that there was something wrong. Belle told Shawn he was being paranoid after all that had happened and that he should relax. Uneasy, Shawn said he was convinced that there was more to their arrival than accompanying Shawn Sr. to Ireland. Belle thought that Kayla was in Ireland because she was worried about how her father would take the news about his sister, Colleen. However, before Shawn could say anything, Claire woke up and the two rushed to her side.

With Marlena knocked unconscious on the floor, John gripped a knife in his hand and advanced toward Colleen. A terrified Colleen asked, "What are you planning to do, John?" John explained that he was sent to kill her, and if he did not do that, he would never have any peace. Colleen countered that if he killed her, then he would definitely never find peace. When Colleen suggested that John would condemn himself by killing her, John laughed and told her that he was already condemned. Colleen then changed tactics and told John that he was not a killer by nature. Disagreeing with her, John stated that he was designed to kill her.

Behind him, a groggy Marlena stirred as Colleen told John that she could see he was conflicted. As John raised his knife, Marlena cried out, "John!" Unfazed, John turned to Marlena and told her, "You can close your eyes or you can watch this if you want." John explained that he had no choice, but Marlena disagreed. With his eyes narrowing, John told Colleen that from what he had heard, he was a good killer. Suddenly John made a move on Colleen with the knife, but a scared Marlena grabbed his legs, trying to keep him from reaching Colleen. A defiant Colleen looked into John's eyes and told him that she was ready to die, but that she would like some last words. Without hesitation, Colleen yelled that if he killed her, he would be killing his own mother. John flinched, then bent over and whispered to Colleen, "I don't believe you." Colleen insisted and explained that she could prove her story. Colleen grabbed the medallion around her neck and showed it to them. Though John did not recognize it, Marlena immediately remembered the medallion. Marlena pulled out the picture she had found in John's jacket pocket the night of his accident and showed John that it was the same medallion from the picture. A tired Colleen told them that John was the baby in the picture and that he was sitting on her lap.

"You knew I was coming," John said. Colleen explained that she knew when he walked in the door that she saw Stefano's hardness in John's eyes, and not the look of the boy she once knew. As John's inner struggle became more obvious with his increased trembling, Marlena tried to calm him by reminding him that Stefano was no longer a problem, and would spend the rest of his days in a coma. "I'm good with that," John muttered. John retreated a bit with the knife and Marlena stepped forward and asked Colleen for details. Colleen explained that shortly after she faked her death, she learned that she was carrying Santo's child. Afraid, Colleen left for Argentina and stayed at a convent. After her son was born, she named him Ryan and they continued to live at the convent for his first two years, until the mother superior asked them to leave for an environment better suited to raising a boy. Struggling to raise Ryan, Colleen left him at an orphanage with the understanding that she could visit every Sunday. In exchange for his room and board, Colleen acted as the seamstress for the orphanage. Colleen further explained that she saved money working as a seamstress elsewhere and just when she had saved enough money to pull Ryan out of the orphanage, her hand was injured in a sewing machine accident. With tetanus setting in and making her delirious, she was sent to the hospital for two months to recuperate. After Colleen was well enough to leave the hospital, she returned to the orphanage to find that Ryan was no longer there.

Upon hearing this, John aggressively made motions toward Colleen, but he still held back from attacking her. Undeterred, Colleen further explained that after years of searching for her son she finally learned that he had been adopted by the Alamains and was named John Black. "So Santo DiMera is my father?" John asked. "Of course. I have only been with one man me whole life. That was Santo," Colleen responded. Trying to point out Stefano's ignorance, Colleen explained that if Stefano had known John was his half-brother, he never would have sent John to kill Colleen. According to Colleen, Stefano learned that she was alive about a year earlier and had become obsessed with tracking her down. Colleen explained that her fear meant she could not contact her family in order to protect them. Marlena told them she thought the reunion was fate. Colleen said it was God. Upon hearing this, John quickly pressed his knife against Colleen's throat. Again Marlena tried to calm him. Quietly, Colleen told John that if he killed her then he would destroy whatever was left of himself. John paused, closed his eyes, and walked out of the room. Worried, Marlena ran out after him.

Downstairs in the bed and breakfast, Steve told Bo that there was another reason he and Kayla had visited. Kayla explained that the test results for his physical had come back, and that they were very troubling. Kayla informed him that he needed to have more tests as soon as possible back home in Salem. Just then, Hope returned and the group of three grew very quiet. Trying to cover the awkward silence, Bo explained they were discussing Shawn Sr.'s reunion with Colleen and her surprises. The group then switched to talk about Claire and the reunion. As Steve said it had been a pretty good day, an uncomfortable and guilty Kayla stared furiously at the cup of tea in her hands. After a quick glance at Kayla's terrible poker face, Steve began to discuss the country view outside and asked them to join him for a walk. Bo immediately begged off telling Steve he wanted to catch up with his sister, Kayla. Steve turned to Hope and convinced her to join him outside. Once Steve and Hope had left, Bo demanded Kayla give him specifics. Kayla explained that his results were abnormal and looked very bad. Unsure, Bo argued that he had exhibited no symptoms. Kayla explained that was normal, and told him that he needed to go back home so that he could fight this and win.

Out on the porch, Steve talked about the view and as he started to make jokes about leprechauns, Hope asked him what was up with Bo. Steve tried to play coy but Hope pushed him and said that Kayla was acting strange. Steve looked her in the eyes and asked her to remember when Bo had learned that Victor was his father. "Did I give you bad advice?" Steve asked her. "No. Great," Hope answered. Then Steve asked her to trust him and to give Bo a little bit of space.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion in Salem, Billie asked Victor why Crawford Decker was not going to go after Chelsea. Afraid, Chelsea jumped in and reminded Victor that Crawford's promises could not be trusted. Victor explained that Crawford was a reasonable man and that Victor had simply made Crawford a proposition that he had accepted. When Chelsea pushed for answers, Victor asked, "You really want to know?" Billie quickly spoke up and said that Chelsea did not want to know. Smiling, Victor told Chelsea that Billie was a very wise woman. Roman then entered the room bearing autopsy results and told the group that Ford's injuries were consistent with an accidental fall down the stairs. Vindicated, Chelsea pointed out that she was telling the truth, and Roman quickly added that he never doubted her. When Roman tried to argue that the case was not over because Crawford was looking for someone to blame, Victor piped up and told Roman that Crawford was taken care of. Roman refused to hear Victor's explanation. As Victor left to answer the doorbell, Roman handed the autopsy results to Billie to look over.

At the door, Victor found a quiet Crawford. Victor announced that he wanted to show Crawford the autopsy results, and brought him into the living room with the others. Roman showed the report to Crawford. When Roman started to say that there was no evidence of anything other than an accident, Crawford started to argue with him. However, one stern look from Victor seemed to quiet Crawford again and he simply said, "I can accept that." Relieved but confused, Billie asked Crawford why he said that. Crawford explained he was doing the right thing since he could not bring his son back. Kate tried to empathize with his loss, but when Crawford learned that she had not actually lost a child, he told her that she did not know "what the hell" she was talking about. Victor's eyes narrowed and he pulled Crawford into the front hallway for a private conversation. Victor told Crawford that he had lost a child, and though he could not control how Crawford was feeling, he could control how Crawford acted around his granddaughter, Chelsea. Once again Crawford backed down and promised to apologize.

After Crawford had left to wait in the study, Victor called Philip for an update. Philip advised him that Claire had been found and that Colleen Brady was to blame. Victor wanted to send someone to question Colleen about Brady, but Philip convinced him that Colleen probably did not know any more information. When Philip explained that he would need to stay in Ireland a bit longer, Victor agreed but asked Philip to send the jet back right away. Once Victor hung up his phone, he immediately called Bo and told him the news about Chelsea. Victor explained that Crawford was not an issue. Bo was incredulous, but declined to hear any details about what Victor did to get Crawford to back off Chelsea. Bo thanked him for "whatever he did he doesn't want to know about." When Victor mentioned he needed his jet returned for Crawford, he explained that it was the least he could do for a grieving father.

Later, Victor returned to the living room with Crawford. Billie told Crawford that she sympathized that he had been through a lot, but said that he had no right to drag Chelsea through it with him. Gritting his teeth, Crawford agreed with her and said, "I'm sorry." Chelsea quickly responded, "I'm sorry too." After Crawford and Chelsea looked at one another for a moment without any animosity, Victor quietly told Crawford to go wait in his study so they could make arrangements. With the tension seeming to leave the room, Billie made a joke about losing her job. In no time, Victor offered her a position as head of security for his London office. A thrilled Billie jumped at the chance, but asked Chelsea before committing. Reluctant but happy, Chelsea encouraged her to accept the position.

Back in Ireland, Bo rushed outside to tell Hope the good news about Chelsea. Steve and Kayla were relieved to hear the news and said they were hopeful of what the news would mean for Stephanie. Kayla then not-so-subtly suggested that Bo and Hope leave for Salem immediately in order to comfort Chelsea. Steve jumped in and said that now that Claire was found, everything was under control. Bo was quick to agree to leave but when Kayla offered to call the airlines for them, Bo had to make a face at Kayla to back off. Hope was clearly not fooled by any of the three and asked, "You really are trying to get rid of us, aren't you?" Before anyone could answer, Shawn joined them on the porch, quickly followed by a frantic Marlena. "John has run off," Marlena gasped.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

At the Cheatin' Heart, Chelsea, Nick, and Stephanie told Max that Crawford Decker was dropping the murder charges against Chelsea. Max was still worried he'd be in trouble for hiding the body. The others tried to assure him that everyone just wanted to move on, so he would probably only get a slap on the wrist. Morgan showed up and said Chelsea still had to face the Theta girls. Everyone jumped to Chelsea's defense, and reminded Morgan that Chelsea had put her life on the line for her sorority sisters. Morgan agreed, but said it wasn't up to her. The Thetas had taken a sacred vow to cover up Ford's death, and Chelsea had broken it. Nick reminded Morgan that Chelsea had saved them, first by exposing Ford, then by protecting them for their parts in his death. Morgan agreed, but argued that luring Ford to the house had been Chelsea's idea, as had covering up his death. Chelsea sniped she was glad she knew how Morgan felt about it, but Morgan retorted, "Hon, you have no idea." Max stepped in, and asked to speak to Morgan privately.

Stephanie confided to Chelsea that it bothered her to see how much influence Max still had over Morgan. Chelsea told Nick and Stephanie she didn't think it was Morgan's idea to vote about Chelsea's future. She suggested her presence was a constant reminder of what had happened to them all, and Nick agreed. Privately, Max asked Morgan why she was being so hard on Chelsea. Morgan said it wasn't personal, but Chelsea had to answer to the Thetas since she'd broken their pact. She added that she would never want to disappoint Max. They joined the others, and Morgan told them she would not vote to kick Chelsea out. Chelsea said they could do whatever they wanted, and then stormed out the front door. Steph said Morgan could have stopped the vote if she'd wanted to, but Morgan said their sorority was a democracy, so majority ruled. Nick followed Chelsea outside and told her she didn't need those girls. She confessed that it had been the first place she'd ever felt like she belonged and was accepted, and she had loved her sisters enough to put her life on the line for them. Nick said he didn't think they'd kick her out, but if they did, she'd always have him. "Good, because I don't think I could stand to lose another person in my life," Chelsea said, choking back tears. At the bar, Stephanie told Max that if they voted Chelsea out, she'd quit too-and she was cutting off her friendship with Morgan. Max accused Steph of being jealous, and she smiled sheepishly.

At the Irish bed and breakfast, Chloe told Philip she'd just turned down a job with a small opera company in Milan to be the understudy for "Salomé." He accused her of not wanting to be on mainland Europe because she was afraid of the Austrian authorities. She reiterated that she'd had nothing to do with Brady's disappearance. He wanted to know if she planned to go back to Brady once he was found. She said she and Brady loved each other, but sometimes that wasn't enough. He agreed, and said it was hard to put his own life back together without Belle and Claire. She assured him he'd find love again.

Downstairs, Marlena, Hope, Kayla, Steve, and Bo returned from looking for John, and joined Belle, Claire, and Shawn in the pub. Marlena told the shocked group that John had knocked her out and tried to kill Colleen. She said the only thing that had stopped him was Colleen's admission that she was John's mother. Bo wondered if Colleen was lying to protect herself, but Marlena told them Colleen was wearing the same medallion as in the old photograph of John and his mother. "Colleen's my grandmother," Belle said incredulously. Marlena worried that John might be a "walking time bomb" since his mission had failed. Philip and Chloe came downstairs just as Bo, Steve, and Shawn were leaving to continue their search for John. Philip offered to come along, as did Hope, but Bo told her it was too dangerous. Besides, he said he needed her there in case John returned to complete his mission.

Marlena told Colleen's story to the other women. "John's a Brady and a DiMera?" Chloe asked in amazement. Belle, clearly appalled, realized Stefano was her uncle. Marlena admitted that Stefano might have had programmed John to harm himself if his mission failed. Belle volunteered to stay with Colleen, her newly discovered grandmother. Kayla asked what Marlena thought John would do once the others found him. "Resist with everything he's got," Marlena replied grimly. She agreed with Chloe that the implications were staggering, because it meant that Colleen was Brady's grandmother, and Stefano his uncle. Chloe wondered if Stefano could be behind Brady's kidnapping. Marlena said Colleen didn't think so, and Marlena believed her. Hope realized Grandpa Shawn didn't know about Colleen being John's mother, and offered to tell him before he saw his sister again. As she jumped up from her stool, she nearly fell, but brushed it off as not having eaten since breakfast.

In the woods, John studied his knife as Colleen's words echoed in his head. "You'd be killin' your own mother," he heard her say. Hed closed his eyes with a shudder. "Stop it!" he shouted into the darkness. He fell to his knees and pressed the knife against his neck. Suddenly Bo shouted, "John! Don't!" He ran up and tried to convince John everything would be okay. With the knife against his throat, John calmly replied, "Save your breath. I know what I have to do." Bo tried to get John to hand over the knife and return with him to the pub. John said he had let his emotions get in the way and failed his mission, so there was nothing to live for. Bo told him it only proved he was human, not Stefano's pawn-and John had plenty to live for. John finally turned to look at Bo, and for the first time, the pain was evident in his eyes. "What makes you think I want to?" he asked, then started to slash his own throat. Bo lunged forward and tried to wrest the knife from him, but John grabbed Bo in a death grip, as if to snap his neck. John's face was impassive as the two men struggled. Bo finally convinced John that he wasn't the enemy, and John let go, leaving the knife in Bo's hand. John dropped to his knees and closed his eyes. "Kill me," he rasped. Bo refused, and pointed out that John hadn't been able to kill him-or Colleen. Bo asked if Stefano had programmed John to kill himself if he failed. John said he didn't remember anything about his life, and he wasn't able to feel anything for his wife or his children. He said when he'd found out his target was his mother, he could have killed her, but he chose not to. Bo said that was important, and told John what good friends they were, even though John didn't remember. John reminded him that he didn't remember anything, and coldly repeated that he didn't feel anything for "that woman they call Doc [or] her daughter Belle." Bo told John he had a good life, and his family loved him and wanted him back-dand it sure beat a life on the run. John asked if he was free to go. Bo said if John wanted to leave, he couldn't stop him. It was John's choice whether he left or stayed.

Upstairs, Belle and Claire found Colleen sitting up in bed. Belle haltingly told her she'd just learned Colleen was John's mother. "Yes, and that makes you me granddaughter, and your precious child me great-granddaughter," Colleen said in her thick brogue. With a warm smile, she opened her arms and called the girls over. Belle and Claire sat on the edge of the old woman's bed, and Colleen made a fuss over Claire's beauty and innocence. Belle's eyes filled with happy tears as she told Colleen she couldn't believe she was looking at her grandmother. Colleen said it meant a great deal to her to see them all-the family she'd watched over for so long-with her own eyes. Belle asked if she'd be returning to Salem with them, but Colleen said this was her home. Belle confided she'd miss Colleen, even though they barely knew each other. "Let me give you something to remember me by," Colleen said, and removed the medallion she wore around her neck. She explained it was the symbol of a Celtic woman warrior, and she'd always worn it to remind herself of her heritage and her strength, and to never give up. Now she wanted Belle to have it. Belle said she loved the medallion, and Colleen said she hoped it would give Belle strength, and that she would pass it on to Claire one day. The two women embraced as Shawn Sr. and Hope knocked at the door. Belle, Claire, and Hope went downstairs to give Colleen and Shawn Sr. some privacy.

Bo and John returned to the pub. Bo pulled Marlena and John aside. John casually lit a cigar as Bo told Marlena he'd found John with a knife pressed against his throat. A concerned Marlena wanted to know if Stefano had programmed John to commit suicide if his mission failed. John said it didn't matter, since Bo had stopped him. Marlena asked how Bo had done so, and Bo said he'd just reminded John of his life and who he was. John coolly said he was filthy rich, and now that he was a DiMera he could probably get his hands on some of their money too. John then demanded a drink. Marlena said John had a lot more to live for than money. Bo saw Hope come downstairs and excused himself. Looking back at John, Bo said, "He is messed up." Hope said the Blacks would get their lives back, and he agreed true love could help them do that. Bo took a drink to John. John immediately drank it and asked for another. When Bo refused, John argued, "It's not every day you come this close to killing your own mother." Marlena asked if John would allow her to hypnotize him when they returned to Salem. He asked why he should agree to that. She said if he didn't, she'd have Bo arrest him, and then he'd never get well because he'd be in jail. He asked what if he didn't want to get well. Marlena asked him if he knew what he did want, and he admitted he didn't know. "That's why you need me," she concluded.

Steve was in the woods when Kayla called him to tell him John had been found. He wanted to make sure they talked to Bo and Hope right away, so they could get home to get their tests scheduled. Steve and Kayla discussed how worried they were about how Hope would take the news. Kayla said it had been difficult enough to tell Bo. "How do you tell someone you love they could be dying?" Steve asked. Shawn and Philip emerged from the trees just then and overheard, but Steve covered, saying it was a patient of Kayla's. He told them John had been found, and they all returned to the pub. Steve pulled Kayla aside and asked if she'd had a chance to talk to Hope. Hope winced in pain after hugging Shawn. She said her back was hurting, as was Bo's, but blamed it on the mattresses. She then asked Shawn if there was any chance he and Belle would get back together. Shawn said they had a lot to work through first. Hope asked how he felt about Belle. He admitted he didn't know, but after hearing Colleen's stories, he realized how different all the Bradys' lives would have been if Colleen and Santo could have been together. He now knew that when two people loved each other, they should move heaven and earth to make it happen.

Upstairs, Shawn Sr. told Colleen that Hope had told him about John. Colleen asked if Shawn hated her for keeping that from him too. He said he could never hate her, and they agreed they had to make up for all the years they'd lost. He told her that Caroline would be thrilled to have her come live with them. Colleen said she wouldn't be going anywhere, but she was glad he was there with her for the end. "The end of what?" asked Shawn. She replied, "Me life, Shawny. I'm dying." Shawn refused to believe it, but Colleen said she'd known for a while. She explained that was why she'd stepped up her efforts to make sure everyone was safe. Shawn said there must be something they could do, but Colleen said all she wanted was her family, "one last time."

Hope noticed Belle was wearing Colleen's medallion, and Belle told her Colleen had given it to her. As Bo sat down near them, he groaned in pain. He said his back was hurting from getting the knife away from John. Steve and Kayla said they needed to talk to Hope and Bo privately, making an excuse about finalizing travel arrangements. Before they had a chance to talk, Shawn Sr. appeared on the stairs and announced that Colleen needed to see everyone in her room right away.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Chloe and Philip sat in a coffee shop discussing Colleen. They felt sorry for the Bradys because, no sooner did the Bradys get Colleen back, than they lose her all over again. Chloe asked Philip if he was upset that Belle and Shawn did not ask him to keep Claire. Philip was not upset; he understood that if he kept Claire she might become confused. Lexie phoned Philip looking for Kayla. Philip told Lexie the Bradys were busy because they were with Colleen. Lexie was confused because she thought Colleen was dead. Philip told her that Colleen faked her death and was behind Claire's kidnapping. She had Claire kidnapped to keep her safe from Stefano. Lexie was very surprised by this news, but said she needed to reach Kayla. Philip said he would ask Kayla to call Lexie's cell phone. After he hung up, Philip realized he did not tell Lexie that Santo was John's father. Philip thought it would be best if John told Lexie that John was her uncle. Philip wondered why they had not heard anything from Brady's kidnappers. Chloe was unable to offer any suggestions.

Colleen's family gathered around her bedside. Bo told his aunt not to give up. Colleen told her family that everything she did was to keep them safe and to see her brother one more time. Everybody felt it would be cruel if Colleen died after they'd just found her again. Colleen said God was not cruel and everybody should trust God. She felt people reaped what they sowed. John thought if that was true, Colleen was in a lot of trouble. Shawn Sr. was extremely angered by John's actions and comments. Colleen felt that John hated her. John told Colleen that he did not care enough about her to hate her, but he was disappointed that he did not kill her when he had the chance. John felt that what Colleen did to her family was unforgivable, but since she was dying everybody was acting as if she were a saint. John did not think Colleen deserved forgiveness. Colleen said John did not remember love and he was not like his father. However, Colleen hoped one day John could become like his father. Colleen said Santo was a very loving man, and he loved Colleen very deeply. Colleen faked her death so that Santo would not divorce his wife. Stefano blamed Colleen for ruining his father's life and decided to punish the Bradys. Colleen spoke to each member of her family and offered them advice. She told Belle and Shawn that they were the family's future. She told Bo he had Brady spirit. She told Hope to stand by her man. She wanted her family to take care of her brother. Colleen asked to be alone with her brother and son. Belle gave John the medallion she had received from Colleen. She asked John to give it to Sami. When nobody was looking, John threw it in the trashcan. Marlena retrieved it and put it in her pocket. Colleen told her brother goodbye. Then she asked her son if she could hold him one last time. John reluctantly relented. Colleen then asked John to hold her. He obliged. Marlena went to the hall and asked everybody to come back into Colleen's room. Colleen died in John's arms. Everybody went downstairs and John and Marlena stayed with Colleen. Marlena could see a change in John's eyes. John told her he did not feel or remember anything. When Marlena stepped into the hall, John closed the door behind her. John went over to Colleen's bed. He kissed his mother on the forehead and started to cry.

Downstairs Shawn Sr. was inconsolable. Philip offered his condolences and told Kayla about Lexie's message. Shawn and Belle discussed their future. Shawn did not know if he could get past what happened, but he was willing to try.

Lexie spoke on the phone regarding the test results. She realized that according to the results there might not be much time to act. Lexie was finally able to tell Kayla about the test results. Kayla admitted that nobody had told Hope what was going on. Lexie said Hope needed to be told right away. Lexie then told Kayla some good news-that she was pregnant.

Friday, February 8, 2008

The morning paper's headline announced, "Lucas Horton Confesses to DiMera Shooting." Sami read this as she picked up the newspaper at the safe house, then flung the paper down in disgust. Suddenly, she noticed Allie wasn't in her crib. Panicked, Sami ran into the next room, calling for Allie and E.J. She found E.J. asleep in the bathroom, sitting up in a rocking chair, with Allie in his lap. Heaving a sigh of relief, she picked Allie up and hugged her, then woke E.J. He apologized for having fallen asleep, and noted that the steam seemed to have helped Allie's croup. Sami thanked E.J. for helping the night before, since she'd been exhausted. Sami got Allie settled into her crib, and remarked that E.J. should try to get some rest too. Sami needed him to help her pack, she said, because they'd be going home soon, since Stefano was in a coma. E.J. explained that they could still be in danger, because Stefano's men could still be waiting to carry out his orders. E.J. suggested they stay in the safe house until Abe said it was okay to leave. Sami grudgingly agreed, but didn't understand who would kidnap Johnny when Stefano wasn't even around to raise him. E.J. said, "I'm just not taking any chances when it comes to our kids." Sami thanked E.J. again for all his help, but reminded him that Lucas was Allie's father, and asked him to respect that. E.J. agreed, but pointed out there was much more to being a father than biology: it was all the day-to-day things a parent did for a child. He said Lucas had given up his opportunity to be a father to Allie when he'd shot E.J.

Later, E.J. found Sami looking out the window, crying, so he apologized for criticizing Lucas. She bemoaned the fact that both Lucas and Allie had to suffer the consequences of Lucas's actions. Sami said she didn't want Allie to have the kind of confusing childhood she'd had because of the situation with her dad and John. E.J. gently reminded Sami that there would be no such identity crisis with Allie. He reassured her there would be plenty of love to go around. Then Sami broke down, saying she just wanted Allie to know Lucas, and wondered what Allie -- and she -- would do without him. E.J. held her as she sobbed. He reassured her that they would be just fine, because Allie was already just like Sami, and because Sami could love Allie enough for two parents. Sami smiled and thanked E.J. for saying just the right thing. Then her cell phone rang. After hanging up, she told E.J. it was Lucas, and that he'd just had his sentencing hearing. Frantic, she said she had to go so she could say goodbye before they took Lucas to the penitentiary, and she dashed upstairs.

Out for a jog in the park, Max ran into Chelsea. He seemed surprised to see her, but she said she loved to jog. She said she'd just finished her run, and asked if he'd like to go for a walk so they could catch up. They strolled into a picnic area decorated with balloons and a big sign reading, "Happy Birthday, Max!" Nick and Stephanie jumped out from behind a bunch of balloons, and everyone shouted, "Surprise!" Max grinned happily. Later, Stephanie judged a snowball fight between the other three, and declared Max the winner. They headed to the picnic table to enjoy some hot chocolate. Chelsea remarked how nice it was to hang out "normally." Max and Stephanie started another playful snowball fight, while Nick and Chelsea joked about who would win. After Max and Steph rejoined the others, Chelsea raised her hot chocolate cup and made a toast to Max's birthday, "and to a fun-filled, adventurous, jail-free year ahead," she said. "Hear, hear," agreed the others. Stephanie toasted to her three best friends for standing by her. Max opened Stephanie's gift, a stuffed pony. She explained, "Every knight in shining armor needs a horse." Max said he loved it. After the party, Max and Stephanie were alone in the park. He thanked her for the surprise party, and said it was his favorite birthday ever. She said she'd had fun too. She then told him she had another gift for him, and gave him a kiss.

In the woods near the bed and breakfast, Bo admitted it was hard not knowing what was going on with his health. Steve said he doubted Lexie would have sent Steve and Kayla to Ireland if she hadn't had cause for concern. Bo said he wanted to stay positive, then appeared to get very dizzy. Steve helped him to sit on a tree stump. Bo insisted he was fine, but he was worried about what Hope would have to go through. Steve thought Bo should tell her, but Bo said they should pretend everything was all right for now.

Upstairs at the bed and breakfast, Belle, Shawn, and Shawn Sr. joined Marlena and John in Colleen's room. Marlena told the group she'd found a letter among Colleen's things detailing Colleen's final wishes. It was addressed to the Brady family, so she gave it to Shawn Sr. to read. John grumbled that Colleen was dead and would never know the difference. Marlena asked how he could be so cruel about his own mother. John said he'd just met her, and offered to burn the letter so they could get on with their lives. Belle pleaded with him to be more sensitive. Marlena remarked that John wasn't the man she knew and loved. "How many times do I have to tell that you I'm not that man anymore?" John retorted. Belle tried to reassure Marlena that John would be better once they got home. Marlena said they should focus on carrying out Colleen's wishes, and that her ashes should be arriving soon. Shawn said he and Shawn Sr. would read the letter, and let the family know what it said when they were finished. John said he, too, was going out. Marlena asked him not to be long.

Down in the pub, Kayla called Lexie, who asked if Kayla had told Steve she was pregnant yet. Kayla said she wanted to wait to tell him over a romantic dinner. Both women said they were thrilled by the news. Lexie said she was glad she could give good news to at least one of her friends, and mentioned how worried she was about Bo. Kayla informed her they were returning that afternoon, and they would go right to the hospital. Lexie wished them all a safe flight, and hung up. Hope came downstairs and told Kayla she felt like Kayla, Steve, and Bo were keeping something from her. Kayla started to explain, but was interrupted by Steve and Bo returning from outside, and by Shawn coming downstairs. Shawn told the group about Colleen's wishes, and said they'd be having the memorial soon, after Shawn Sr. had some time alone. He also remarked how little comfort John would be to Shawn Sr., even if John were his nephew.

The group gathered in the woods for Colleen's memorial. Marlena asked Shawn Sr. if he'd like to begin by saying a few words. He said he didn't think he could manage it, and Kayla tried to comfort him. Marlena asked John to speak, but he flatly refused. She then said he should be the one to hold his mother's ashes, which he finally but churlishly agreed to. Bo then announced he would say a few words. "Fan-tastic! Let's get on with it," John said rudely. The others tried to ignore him as Bo began to speak. He delivered a moving eulogy about Colleen, her love for Santo, and how love could overcome even the most insurmountable obstacles. "In the end," he said, his voice breaking, "true love survives above all." John removed the lid from the urn and handed it to Shawn Sr. Shawn Sr. reached in and took a handful of Colleen's ashes, which he then released into the light breeze. He handed the urn to Kayla, who repeated her father's actions. And so it went, from Kayla to Bo, then Hope, Shawn, Belle, and Marlena. As Colleen's family silently scattered her ashes in the woods behind the home where she'd lived out her final years, they seemed to share collective memories, gleaned from the couple's letters, of Colleen and Santo's beautiful yet poignant love story. Finally, Marlena passed the urn to John. His back to the group, he poured a handful of ashes into his palm and briefly studied them as they began to fall through his trembling fingers. He turned his hand over and let the remainder drop, as the group began silently filing out of the clearing. John poured more of the ashes into his hand and watched again as they slid through his fingers. Marlena paused as if to speak to him, then reconsidered. She left him there, alone in the woods, and he blew the last of his mother's ashes from his hand into the wind.

As the group returned to the pub, Marlena let them all know John's pilot would be ready to fly them home in a couple of hours. Shawn and Belle sat at a table while some of the others left to pack. Shawn said he was glad he wasn't biologically a Brady, because if he were, he and Belle would be related. They laughed over this realization, and Belle pointed out that now she was more of a Brady than Shawn was. "Shawn, when we get home-" Belle began, but Shawn interrupted. "We'll figure it out when we get there," he said with a warm smile as he put his hand over both of hers. Marlena came up to tell them she'd packed some snacks for Claire. Marlena then noticed John was missing, and asked Belle and Shawn if they'd seen him.

Steve and Kayla came in, looking for her missing cell phone. As Kayla left to search in another room, a woman appeared in the front window. When Steve turned and saw her, she fled. He ran outside, but there was no sign of the woman.

Alone in the woods again, John saw what appeared to be the ghosts of Colleen and Santo, young again. The otherworldly Santo took both of Colleen's ethereal hands in his and pulled her close.

After Sami had dressed, she ran back downstairs, where E.J. wished her luck with Lucas and helped her on with her coat. She paused, and they looked into each other's eyes as they moved closer together, as if to kiss.

Their figures dissolved into those of their ghostly doppelgangers, back in the woods of Ireland. Santo gently touched Colleen's face as he kissed her lovingly. Their figures slowly vanished as John watched, and a faint glimmer of light seemed to return to his eyes.

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