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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 3, 2008 on DAYS
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Monday, March 3, 2008

Nick told Stephanie that he hoped the university would approve the grant for his "go green" proposal. Chelsea told Stephanie and Nick that Bo's medical condition had worsened. Chelsea explained that her dad's pancreas was shutting down, and the doctors didn't know why or how to correct the problem. Chelsea said that her dad could die if the medical team could not find a proper treatment plan. Nick tried to comfort Chelsea and offer advice, but Chelsea was too emotional to be optimistic.

Max arrived at the Brady Pub and told Stephanie, Chelsea, and Nick that he just returned from his court hearing regarding Ford's death. Max explained that when the judge asked him if he was remorseful about hiding Ford's body, Max said he exploded with anger and told the judge that he could never forgive Ford for raping Stephanie. Max said he was also overly emotional due to the recent death of his father. Fortunately, the judge understood the circumstances and sentenced Max to community service.

Morgan encouraged Nick to pursue every avenue to ensure that he received his grant. Max asked Morgan to stop encouraging Nick to pursue his project, because Chelsea needed Nick's support and it was important that Nick spend as much time as possible with her. Morgan, unaware of Bo's illness, apologized to Chelsea, but reminded Chelsea that Nick's work was important and that Chelsea would want Nick to pursue a project of this importance. Chelsea seemed indifferent to everything that was going on and left to visit her dad in the hospital.

Later, Morgan saw Max take papers from Nick's notebook. Stephanie asked Max why he was going through Nick's papers. Max ignored her question, but seemed depressed. Stephanie tried to encourage Max, and told him that things would eventually work out. Morgan cautioned Nick not to leave his important papers unattended.

Chloe told Philip that she was low on cash and needed to stay on at the mansion longer than planned. Philip agreed, even though he knew that Victor would object. Chloe had assumed Philip would do her this favor, and arranged to have all of her luggage and belongings moved to the Kiriakis mansion. Philip questioned Chloe about the reasons for her breakup with Brady, but Chloe told him that it was none of his business and that she did not plan to discuss the matter with him. Later, Philip overheard Chloe on the phone speaking to someone in German. He learned of her conversation via an interpreter who was privy to Chloe's conversation. The interpreter told Philip that Chloe was talking to her agent and asked him not to tell anyone that she made an incriminating remark about Brady after a fight. Chloe told her agent that "she was so angry at Brady that she could kill him." Chloe explained to her agent that it was only an expression and it did not mean that she would actually kill her husband. Chloe promised her agent that she would be indebted to him if he kept her secret.

Kayla asked Steve why he seemed so restless, and said that he should stop fussing over her and sit down and relax. Abe arrived to talk to Steve, but Steve told Kayla that they were discussing police business and asked if she could excuse them. Abe told Steve that he couldn't find much information about Ava Vitale other than that she was connected to a mob family and that the family's style was to be very low key. Abe told Steve that he would run other reports to try to pinpoint Ava's whereabouts, but asked Steve to tell him why he needed this information.

Steve explained his past relationship with Ava. When Steve was held captive by Stefano and was suffering from amnesia, Steve escaped and met Ava. Steve and Ava had a business and romantic relationship, and Ava desperately wanted to marry Steve. Steve could never make a commitment to Ava because somewhere in his subconscious he knew that there was someone else in his life and that Ava was not the woman of his dreams. Ava's father never objected when Steve decided to leave the business, but apparently Ava never forgot about Steve. Steve explained to Abe that she seemed possessed, and a very different person than she was five years earlier. Steve told Abe that Ava admitted she sabotaged John's plane as part of her plan to retaliate against Steve. Abe was furious and asked Steve to report the incident to the police. Steve explained that Ava threatened Kayla, and it would be his word against Ava's. Steve believed that it would make matters worse if he went to the authorities. Abe was concerned about Kayla and wanted to offer protection, but Steve refused. Steve said that he wanted to handle Ava on his own and was concerned about her disturbed behavior, and that Ava wanted Steve to suffer the way she had many years before. Abe agreed to let Steve handle matters his way for a short while. Meanwhile, Ava continued to review photos of Steve, his friends, and his family. Ava seemed obsessed with Steve and everyone around him. After Steve and Abe's conversation ended, Kayla was very suspicious of Steve's behavior, but he managed to find a way to keep her from learning the truth.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A worn-out Sami answered her doorbell to find E.J. standing there. After good-naturedly giving her a hard time about her disheveled appearance, E.J. showed her that he had their annulment papers ready. She insisted on reading them before she signed them and gave them to Mickey to look over, because she didn't want to be fooled by any more DiMera tricks. E.J. assured her he was no longer a DiMera, since he'd been disowned. When he said he might have to get a job to support his family, Sami teased him that his plight was breaking her heart. When a mildly annoyed E.J. pressed her to sign the annulment papers, an unopened registered letter fell out of them. After some persistent urging from Sami, he finally agreed to open it, and his face became grim when he saw the contents. "My visa's expired," he sighed, then became angry when he realized that meant he could be deported. Sami reassured him they would figure it out, then her face lit up. She suggested the fact that he had an American child and an American wife might help him get a visa, and he admitted it was a good place to start. They both laughed about his being able to put his "nefarious DiMera skills" to use for something good for a change. E.J. asked why she wasn't taking advantage of this opportunity to have him out of her life forever, and she assured him she'd still sign the annulment papers once he'd gotten his visa.

Chelsea sat in the park, feeding peanuts to the squirrels. She tearfully told the squirrels Grandpa Shawn wouldn't be around to feed them anymore, but she'd take over his duties. Sniffling, she wiped her nose with her hand, which she then accidentally brushed against the pants leg of a man who had walked up, unnoticed by her until then. Horrified, she immediately jumped up and apologized, eyeing him warily but appreciatively. "Did you just wipe your nose on my leg?" asked the man, whose rugged good looks were almost overshadowed by his working-class attire: a worn denim jacket thrown over a hooded sweatshirt and white t-shirt, and a rather beaten-up looking leather knapsack. She fell all over herself apologizing, even offering to buy him a new pair of pants, but he laughed it off and told her to relax. They sat down on the bench together, and she explained that her grandpa had just died and now her dad was really sick. He expressed his sympathy, and teased her about talking to the squirrels. "So you heard that? That's embarrassing," Chelsea said with a self-conscious smile. He laughed again and encouraged her to continue to let her emotions out, and offered to let her use his other pants leg if she needed it. She laughed and admitted he'd made her feel a little better. Despite Chelsea's protests, he insisted she take his handkerchief, and then he had to leave in a rush after being paged.

Steve and Kayla were out for a walk and had just arrived at the pier when he asked if she was ready to go home. She said no, that it felt good to be outside after being cooped up indoors for so long. When he pressed her to go home, she asked why he never seemed to want her to be outside. After some hemming and hawing, Steve finally lied that he was worried about her and the baby. Kayla assured him they were both fine, and that it was good for her to get some exercise. When a man approached with a fishing rod and tackle box, Steve maneuvered himself between the man and Kayla protectively. Kayla asked what was going on, but Steve distracted her by suddenly pointing out that he could see the spot where they got married in the marina. Looking out over the water, they fondly recalled saying their vows on the yacht that day. Steve remembered telling Kayla how she had shown him how to open up and let another person love him, and how she had believed in him when no one else did. Kayla recalled telling Steve that he had made all her dreams come true, and that, through her darkest trouble and her coldest silence, he had been there for her. Kayla confided it had been the happiest day of her life, and the saddest had been when she thought Steve died. She lamented the fact that, while she had family and friends to help her through her grief, he'd had no one in all those years when he didn't know who he was.

Steve then remembered being with Ava, drinking whiskey and talking about her father's business dealings. He recalled Ava's telling him if he wanted to gain her father's trust, he should marry her, and "join the family for real." Kayla, seeing Steve's faraway expression as he remembered passionately kissing Ava, asked if it had bothered him that she brought that up. "That's all behind us, baby," he assured her, taking her in his arms. "Let's not dwell on the past." He tried again to convince her to go home, but she persuaded him to go to the park first. There they rested on a bench, and found the bag of peanuts Chelsea had left. Steve began tossing nuts to the squirrels, and made a promise to Kayla's growing belly that he'd bring their "little dude or dudette" to see the squirrels, too, much to Kayla's amusement. He told the baby he couldn't wait to meet him or her, and told Kayla he loved her. She returned the sentiment, and as they kissed, he remembered the day Ava had helped beat him up because he'd left her. When he seemed startled by the sound of a squirrel rustling in a tree nearby, she said he'd been acting weird and jumpy all day, and asked what was up. He made a joke about it, and asked if they could finally go home. Kayla agreed, and they left, with Steve taking one last look behind them as they went.

Alone in her room, Ava muttered to a picture of Hope that she needed to find out what her name was. She pounded on the door and yelled, "Daddy, open up! Let me out of here now!" When she got no response, she shouted for Eddie and George to let her out, then, when she was met with more silence, called them stupid goons. Finally she sat back down and began talking to the picture of Hope again, saying she needed to find out everything there was to know about her. Later, Ava grew frustrated, and bargained with her captors that she would stop screaming if they would just show her the list of all the women who'd been on the plane in Ireland. A piece of paper appeared under the door, and she snatched it up. Reading over the list, she found the name Kayla Johnson. "So, your name's Kayla," she said to Hope's picture. She remembered the day she saw Hope and Steve hugging outside Shawn Sr.'s wake, and how she'd later asked Hope if she loved Steve. As if she were threatening the picture, Ava hissed, "So you're Patch's wife. I got ya."

Shawn brought a sailing magazine to the hospital for Bo, over whom Hope was fussing, trying to get him to eat or drink something. When Bo complained about the green gelatin, Hope promised to take him out for a steak dinner when he got out of the hospital. Bo confided wistfully that he'd rather be on the Fancy Face. The three of them reminisced about Shawn's childhood growing up on the boat, and about what a great time they'd had sailing around the world. Victor arrived just then and promised they'd have a lot more happy times ahead. He explained he'd found a specialist who was a diagnostician, internist, and surgeon-and an expert on the pancreas-who just happened to be in Salem giving a seminar. At Victor's request the doctor was extending his stay to help with Bo's case. Lexie and Chelsea soon joined them, and Victor filled them in about the specialist. Hope told Victor how grateful she was for the additional help, and Lexie, while seemingly hesitant at first, said Bo's welfare was her top priority. Just then, the man Chelsea had met in the park entered Bo's room-and turned out to be none other than Victor's specialist friend, Dr. Daniel Jonas. Victor introduced him to everyone and explained that, in addition to being the son of an old friend, Dr. Jonas was also his godson. When Victor boasted about what a brilliant diagnostician he was, Dr. Jonas modestly said he wasn't a miracle worker, but added to Hope, "I will do my damnedest to make sure your husband is around for a long, long time." After Lexie brought him up to speed, Dr. Jonas asked to speak with Bo alone.

In the hallway, Lexie sternly told Victor that, as chief of staff and Bo's friend, she would need to check out Dr. Jonas's credentials. Victor did not object. She added that while the doctor seemed unconventional, if he was as good as promised, she'd welcome working with him. Hope thanked Victor again, and said she hoped the quirky doctor's supposed brilliance was enough to save Bo's life.

Later, Chelsea sat in the waiting area, distractedly flipping through a magazine and drinking coffee. Dr. Jonas came up behind her and said hello, which startled her, causing her to slosh coffee on his jeans. "What do you have against these pants?" he asked. Again she immediately jumped up and apologized, and grabbed some napkins to clean him up. After some more awkwardness on Chelsea's part, he suggested they start fresh, and reintroduced himself. "My name is Daniel. I am a doctor," he said. She replied, "Hi, I'm Chelsea, and I'm an idiot." They laughed, and he confided he wished he'd known who she was when they met in the park. Chelsea said she wished she'd known who he was, too. She then asked Daniel if he was going to be able to make her dad well. He promised he'd do his best, and added with a smile, "I don't want to brag, but my best is pretty damn good."

Alone in Bo's room, Hope and Bo looked through the sailing magazine and talked about going to some of the beautiful places in it once Bo was well. He told her a little about what he and the doctor had discussed, and said that now, with Dr. Jonas and Lexie both working on his case, he felt like things were looking up.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Victor dropped by the Brady Pub to visit Caroline, who was getting the place ready to open. They discussed how worried they were about their son Bo's condition, and Victor admitted he came because he needed to talk. He then apologized for burdening her, because she was still mourning Shawn Sr., but she assured him it was all right. He confided that he couldn't stop thinking about how his daughter Isabella had died from pancreatic cancer, and he feared he would lose Bo the same way.

Nick was going over some notes at a coffee shop when Max came in and asked why Nick wanted to see him. Nick asked why Max was trying to screw things up for him with his alternative fuel source grant project. When Max feigned ignorance, Nick said Morgan told him she saw Max rip a page out of Nick's notebook. Max admitted it, and said he'd just needed a piece of paper to write down a phone number. He asked what the big deal was, since all that was on it were a couple of scribbles. An increasingly annoyed Nick told him those "scribbles" were the main formula for his first series of experiments. Max produced the missing page from his pocket and returned it to Nick, and asked if he'd gotten feedback from his advisors about the formulas yet. Nick became even more suspicious and asked why Max was so interested. Max said he was just trying to be a good friend. He said he knew how important the grant was to Nick, so it couldn't hurt to run things by his advisor as he went along. Max then said goodbye rather curtly and left.

Later, Nick's advisor joined him, and found an error in one of the formula's calculations. Nick seemed surprised that he'd missed it, but the advisor assured him it wasn't uncommon. He told Nick if he just made sure to double-check everything from then on, he would almost surely get the grant. As the advisor left, Max appeared in the doorway, unseen by Nick, and smiled with satisfaction.

Chelsea, Morgan, and Stephanie were out for a jog and stopped to rest on the pier. Chelsea said she should really be at the hospital with her dad, and Morgan and Stephanie told her she needed a break. They told her they were going to make sure she took care of herself until Bo was well, and Chelsea thanked them. All of their cell phones rang at the same time, and after they all hung up, Stephanie said they all must have gotten the same call. It was their Salem U advisors, letting them know they all had appointments to interview for internships. Chelsea said she was going to call and reschedule hers, because she wanted to focus on her dad, and left to go back to the hospital to be with him. Morgan noted that she and Stephanie would likely be interviewing at many of the same places, since they were both interested in advertising. They left for the sorority house to get dressed for their first interviews later that day.

Tony went to see Anna at her office, and she told him she didn't have time to see him. After taunting her about not having a secretary, Tony told her they had a potential client in common: a new line of upscale products to be sold at a national discount retailer. Anna said she was confident the firm would choose her agency to promote it. Tony begged her to stop all the silly competitiveness and come to work with him. She retorted that she only would if she were an equal partner, and since he owned his agency, she said she knew he'd never allow that. He changed tactics and told her he was crazy about her. She said she felt the same way, but added, "I want to succeed on my own terms and in my own way." He rather sarcastically wished her luck and left.

Morgan arrived at Tony's office for her first internship interview. He told her he was impressed with her grades and achievements. She said she hoped to own her own ad agency someday. He explained what made his agency so successful, and detailed the duties of the internship. "Well, when can I start?" Morgan asked eagerly. Tony said he liked that she was clear about her goals, and said she could have the job on the condition she passed a test. He pitched her the concept of the potential new client he and Anna were vying for, and she came up with several ideas quickly. Tony said he didn't think he would find anyone better than Morgan, and offered her the internship.

Meanwhile, Anna was interviewing Stephanie for a similar internship. After initially trying to pretend they were very prosperous, Anna finally admitted that the agency was a sinking ship, and that Stephanie probably shouldn't work there. Anna then apologized, saying it wasn't Stephanie's problem, but Stephanie encouraged her to go on. Anna confided that trying to save the agency was more than business with her: she wanted to prove herself to Tony. Stephanie asked why she cared what Tony thought. Anna's face lit up and she said Stephanie was right, because she already knew how Tony felt about her, but she still needed to prove it to herself. When Stephanie asked how she could help, Anna told her it would help if they could land the same new same client Tony had told Morgan about. She detailed the concept for Stephanie, and Stephanie immediately came up with a great idea for a new ad campaign. Anna was thrilled by Stephanie's ideas and enthusiasm. She said as long as Stephanie didn't mind working for a company that might go under soon, the internship was hers.

Morgan bumped into Chelsea down on the pier again. Chelsea said she was waiting while her dad had some more tests, so Morgan offered to keep her company. Morgan told her she'd gotten the internship she wanted, and Chelsea congratulated her. Stephanie joined them shortly, and gave them the news that she'd gotten the internship she wanted, too. Morgan and Stephanie each told the other two girls whom they would be working for. Chelsea surmised that since Tony and Anna were professional rivals, Morgan and Stephanie would be as well.

Anna went to see Tony at his office, and was shown in by his chattily efficient assistant. Tony told Anna he wouldn't bid against her for the new account. She retorted that she neither wanted nor needed his charity, and stormed out.

Marlena went to see John at the mansion, where he was still busy going through Stefano's papers. When the doorbell rang, John somewhat rudely asked Marlena to answer it, and she was stunned to find Dr. Rolf standing there. John explained he'd dropped the charges against Rolf, further bewildering Marlena. When she questioned Rolf about how he had faked John's death, he feigned ignorance. She reproached John for letting Rolf go free. She asked him why, if he valued her opinion as he claimed to, he continued to ignore her advice. John led them into the living area, where he asked Rolf if he would ever hurt him, and Rolf assured John he would not, especially after the kindness John had shown him. Marlena accused him of still doing Stefano's bidding, but Rolf said he no longer worked for Stefano, since Stefano could no longer pay him. John asked Marlena why she was there, and she invited him to have supper with her, Belle, Shawn, and Claire. He coldly told her he was too busy and he'd let her know. "Fine. You do that," she replied, then gathered her coat and left. After she'd gone, John wondered aloud if she could cook, and Rolf laughed and said John had told him she could not. John wanted to know when they had talked about such a thing. Rolf said John had mumbled lots of things while he was recovering from the hit-and-run. When John asked what he should wear to a family dinner, Rolf replied, "I'm a scientist, not a butler." John said he was actually going to offer Rolf a job as his butler. When Rolf protested, John told him he'd be lucky to get even that, since his reputation as Stefano's henchman preceded him. Rolf admitted he had no other offers. John said, "Well, then, you're hired, on one condition: You're gonna have to lose that accent. It's really bugging me." Later, John asked Rolf what the old John would have done to him. "I shudder to think," replied Rolf, and they agreed that neither of them wanted the old John back. John then asked Rolf if he knew anything about Stefano's business dealings, but Rolf swore he didn't. After admitting that being a butler was preferable to prison, Rolf accepted the job. John assigned him his first duty: to tear down the lab in the basement, lock it up, and bring him the key. Rolf protested, saying it was his life's work. John threatened to have him locked up again, so Rolf scurried off to the basement. Later, he brought the key back to John, who asked him to clean up the living room and announced he was going to eat and then work out. After John had left, Rolf picked up the computer disc from the desk, then went over to the portrait of Stefano. This he swung open to reveal a safe hidden behind it, which he quickly opened, placing the disc inside. As he closed everything back up, he said to himself, "Yes, the old John Black is gone for good. And for my sake, it had better stay that way."

After leaving the mansion, Marlena stopped by the Brady Pub. Caroline told her there was no change in Bo's condition, and asked about John. Marlena admitted it was frustrating because he wasn't the John she loved. Caroline said she had always concentrated on work when she was worried about things she couldn't change. Marlena agreed that was a good idea, and said she should start seeing patients again, maybe even taking on some new ones. "Really?" replied Caroline, looking pointedly at Victor, who was sitting alone drinking coffee. Marlena went and joined him. He admitted he was thinking about Bo and Isabella, and also struggling with the awareness of his own mortality. Marlena said he might not have gotten closure with regard to Isabella's death, and suggested he come see her for one therapy session. She said if it didn't help or made him uncomfortable, he didn't have to come back. "I think I just may do that," Victor replied.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bo is wheeled back to the ICU and Lexie's there. Bo tells her how much he appreciates her-he feels like he's getting the best care. Lexie tells him she checked out Dr. Daniel Jonas and he really is the best. Hope is with Chelsea. The two women bond over their deep love for Bo. Neither of them can stand the thought of losing him. Hope thinks this Dr. Jonas is a bit unconventional, but if he can save Bo's life, that's all she cares about. Chelsea thinks the new doctor is great.

Ava is convinced Hope is Steve's wife, Kayla. Ava is being held by her father and has little freedom. She is forced to sweet-talk her guards to help her. The guards care about Ava and blame Patch for what is wrong with her. Ava thinks it's time for her to be reunited with her beloved Patch.

Steve works with Abe to try to find Ava. They receive the final report on the plane crash and there is no solid evidence to link anyone to it. Kayla comes to Roman's office and wants to know what's going on. Steve puts her off and goes to check on a fax. Kayla phones the hospital and says she'll be back to work the next day. Steve doesn't like it, but he can't stop her. Kayla leaves and Steve calls in a favor. He has a tail put on his wife.

Sami and E.J. have brought the twins to the pub. E.J. can't believe Sami doesn't want him to leave the country. She reminds him he is her son's father. An immigration agent approaches E.J. He needs to ask him a few questions. E.J. fields the questions and then it's Sami's turn to be interrogated. The agent asks her if she loves E.J. Sami evades and cops an attitude with the agent, which doesn't bode well for E.J.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Chelsea joined Kate at Chez Rouge, where Kate had just finished a business meeting. Kate told Chelsea she'd just bought a new company, and now one of the country's largest store chains wanted to feature her new company's products. Chelsea congratulated her grandma, and then noticed Daniel standing near the bar. She invited him to join them, and introduced him to Kate as the doctor who was going to save Bo's life. Kate told him she'd heard Victor raving about him, and Daniel said he'd also heard about Kate, since she used to be married to Victor. Chelsea asked Daniel if he planned to stay in Salem after Bo was well. Daniel said Salem seemed nice, but there wasn't anywhere to surf. Kate was clueless about his surfer lingo, so Chelsea "translated," and impressed Daniel with her knowledge. Chelsea suggested Daniel could stick around even after Bo was better and just take surfing vacations, which he said he might consider. Daniel then excused himself when he saw some of his colleagues. He left Chelsea grinning about the compliments he'd paid her. Kate noted that he was nice-looking and asked if Chelsea had a crush on him. Chelsea denied it, saying she was with Nick, and asked to change the subject back to Kate's new company. Kate said she was considering hiring either Anna or Tony's agency for a new ad campaign. Chelsea told her that Stephanie had gotten an internship with Anna's company, and Morgan was similarly working for Tony. She added that she was trying to stay out of their competitive drama, because she just wanted to focus on her dad's recovery. The waitress then brought them each a drink and said Daniel sent them over. Kate again teased Chelsea about liking him, but Chelsea argued that not only was she dating Nick, but they didn't even know if Daniel was single. To Chelsea's embarrassment, Kate marched right over to Daniel's table to find out. Kate thanked him for the drinks, then asked if his wife would be jealous if she knew he was sending drinks to single women. After Daniel informed her he wasn't married, Kate returned to Chelsea and reported his answer. Chelsea expressed annoyance at Kate's meddling, but Kate countered with, "Honey, there's nothing wrong with going after a guy who has both money and promise."

Stephanie found Max working on the docks, loading food and medical supplies for Africa as part of his community service. She offered to work his shifts at the Pub to help pick up the slack for him. She explained it was the least she could do, since he'd broken the law to help her. He turned her down, but said he wanted to see her later.

After leaving the pier, Stephanie went to the Brady Pub and told Caroline that she'd gotten an internship at Anna's company, and that she wanted to fill in for Max. Caroline congratulated her granddaughter on the new job, but she said she was concerned Stephanie wouldn't be able to juggle her schoolwork, the internship, and working at the Pub, so she declined the offer of help. She asked Stephanie what Max had said when she told him about her internship, and Stephanie admitted she hadn't told him because she didn't want to make him feel like she was rubbing her success in his face while he was feeling down. Caroline encouraged her to tell him, because she knew he'd be excited that things were going so well for her. When Stephanie asked why he hadn't come in yet, Caroline said he always made a stop on his way to work.

Max laid a bouquet on Shawn Sr.'s grave and respectfully removed his hat, then he spread a blanket on the snow and sat cross-legged facing the headstone. He told his Pop how much he missed him, and confessed that he wasn't dealing with Shawn's death very well. He said how grateful he was to Shawn for taking him in, and for seeing his potential even when he was a messed-up kid. Max continued that one good thing had come from having an abusive father, because otherwise he never would have known Shawn. Max said Shawn had shown him how to be a real man, one who was tough yet unafraid to show his emotions, and had helped him when he got into trouble by teaching him how to bail himself out. He said Shawn would be proud of the way he was handling the trouble he was currently in, because he'd been helping someone he loved. Max said even though Shawn had treated him like his own son, Max always knew he wasn't. He admitted he might be a little jealous, because, "I think the Brady blood line is something special, but also because I don't want that other guy's blood running through my veins," he said with a frown. Stephanie, who had quietly come through the entrance to the family plot, stepped forward and softly apologized for intruding. She reassured him, "No matter what you say or what you think, he was your dad, and you were his son." She knelt next to him, and went on to tell him how proud Shawn was of him, and encouraged him to be proud that he'd brought his dad so much joy. Max thanked her for her comforting words, and Stephanie told him she was grateful to have him in her life. After they had folded the blanket and were ready to leave, Max pulled a coin from his pocket and told Stephanie it was an Irish Florin his Pop had given him. He recalled how Shawn would always do things like magic tricks with it, even though Max would protest he was too old for that kind of thing. One day, he said, Shawn had given it to him and told him to keep it in his pocket until he needed it. Max said it had been there ever since, and would stay there until he had someone to pass it on to. He kissed his fingers and gently touched the headstone, then signaled to Stephanie he'd wait outside the gate for her. Stephanie knelt down and told Shawn he'd raised a wonderful son, with whom she thought she was falling in love.

Philip and Chloe were having lunch at the Brady Pub. Chloe confided that she missed Brady and hated not knowing anything about his disappearance. Philip told her about how he'd recorded her side of the phone call, which he had then translated from German into English. He said he knew she'd told Brady, "I could just kill you," right before he'd disappeared. Philip asked her point-blank if she killed Brady. Without ever denying it, Chloe admitted she had threatened Brady in the heat of an argument, and asked how many times Philip had done something similar himself. She wanted to know what he was going to do since he knew about it, and he assured her he wouldn't tell anyone. She then lambasted him for spying on her and threatened to turn the tables on him, since she doubted all of his business dealings were legal. Ignoring her, he somewhat sarcastically said he hoped she found Brady and the two of them worked out their problems. Chloe concurred, prompting Philip to ask if she thought she and Brady would go back to fighting or if they'd reconcile. She admitted she didn't know. He asked, "Why all the drama in your marriage?" She retorted that, after all the drama with his and Belle's marriage, divorce, and subsequent affair, he had no room to talk. She added he shouldn't assume she'd run to him if she and Brady didn't reconcile, and accused him of being a megalomaniac. They bantered a bit, more playfully, until Philip insinuated he'd continue spying on her. Chloe angrily told him to go to hell and stormed out. "No," Philip said to himself with a smirk, "I'm going to stay right here and have a front-row seat when your world implodes." She returned a few minutes later because she'd forgotten her coat, and he apologized for giving her a hard time. He promised he'd back off as long as she was more forthcoming about everything from then on. He reminded her he was her only friend, then paid the check and left. Chloe sighed. "You wouldn't be my friend if you knew what really happened before Brady disappeared."

At the Pub, Belle greeted Shawn with a kiss, and asked why he wanted her to get all dressed up. Shawn said he'd show her, then took her by the hand and the two ran out the door as she giggled with excitement. He led her to the park, and told her he'd been doing a lot of thinking. He said the trip to Ireland, and everything they'd been through together, had made them both realize what was most important: that they loved each other. He continued that he knew their love was strong enough to survive any and all obstacles. He wanted to start fresh, he said, "No looking back, only dreaming of the future, and living in the moment." She agreed and said she knew they were meant to be together. He then got down on one knee, and asked her if she'd marry him all over again. Surprised and thrilled, she said it would be wonderful to start over. He asked her to take off her ring, which she handed to him, then he handed his to her. They didn't need any witnesses but God and the sky above, Shawn said, and began his vows. He concluded with, "I accept our past as lessons towards our future, and I swear to live in truth and in faith with you from this day on...with God as my witness." He slipped the ring back on her finger as her eyes filled with tears. She then recited her vows. "I, Isabella Black, take you, Shawn Douglas Brady, to be my husband, my best friend, the love of my life, my partner, and my soul mate, and I promise to live in truth and in faith from this day on...with God as my witness." She placed his ring on his finger, then he took her in his arms and they shared a long kiss. Afterward, they sat snuggled together on a bench and talked about their future. They agreed they couldn't be a typical family who would be content to stay at home and live their lives, because they had such adventurous parents for role models. Shawn confided that he was worried about his dad, but felt more confident about Bo's recovery after meeting Dr. Jonas. Belle said she hoped Claire could look up to them the way they looked up to their parents. "She will," he assured her, and began to reminisce about his childhood growing up at sea and traveling the world with his parents. Belle asked what he thought about doing that with her and Claire. Shawn, surprised, said it sounded like a great idea. Laughing and excited, they agreed they would tell their parents right away, and as soon as Bo was well, they would sail off into the sunset together.

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