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Monday, March 17, 2008

At the hospital, Dr. Jonas was discouraged to learn that Chelsea's blood alcohol level was too high to prep her for transplant surgery. Dr. Jonas was pressured to find a way to flush out the alcohol in Chelsea's body as quickly as possible without using drugs that could interfere with anesthesia.

Dr. Jonas decided on an unorthodox approach and began yelling at Chelsea and told her that if Bo died it would be her fault for being irresponsible. He badgered her until she became so angry that she broke down and started yelling back at him. Shawn and Kate were shocked at Dr. Jonas' behavior and unprofessional manner. Shawn called him on his methods and Dr. Jonas explained that he had to make Chelsea very angry to accelerate her heart rate in order for her body to flush out the alcohol at a faster rate. Shawn told Dr. Jonas about Chelsea's troubled past and her emotional state. Dr. Jonas felt terrible and immediately apologized to Chelsea and told her that if he knew about her past that he would have handled the matter differently and been more sensitive.

Shawn explained to Kate that Dr. Jonas did not intend to upset Chelsea, but the only way he could think of to speed up the detoxification process was by using the human body's adrenaline to cause a natural chemical reaction. Shawn asked Kate to stay with Chelsea. Kate comforted Chelsea and told her not to blame herself and that the family would understand. Kate told Chelsea that it was important for her to stay positive and believe that the transplant surgery would save Bo's life.

Marlena met with Philip to warn him about John's plan to take over the Kiriakis shipping business. She told Philip that John was obsessed with being a DiMera and wanted to be at the top of his game. Marlena asked Philip to do whatever he could to avoid a turf war with John because too many people they all cared about would be hurt.

Meanwhile John met with a customs agent who was desperate for money to keep up with his high-end lifestyle. John asked the agent if he was a friend of Victor's, and the agent indicated that he had no allegiance to Victor. John explained that he wanted Kiriakis out of, and the DiMeras in, the shipping business. John told the agent if he could make this happen, he would reap the benefits of his labor.

John caught Marlena and Philip discussing DiMera business and reminded Marlena that it was not appropriate for a wife to betray her husband. Philip told John that he would like to find a way for both families to share in the profits of the shipping business. John was not responsive to any deal and told Philip that it was all or nothing. John explained to Philip that his main goal was to stay rich and powerful and lead the good life. John reminded Philip and Marlena that Stefano had taken his mind, but he was not about to lose his material wealth. He told Philip that his major focus was to liquidate Kiriakis shipping. Philip questioned John's business knowledge of the shipping industry, but John assured Philip that he was a quick learner and that he understood the true meaning of the word ruthless.

While John and Philip were talking, Belle called Marlena to update her on Bo's condition. Philip and Marlena asked John to join them at the hospital, but John refused and told them that family was their weakness and that they should focus on what was really important. Marlena was disgusted with John's insensitivity toward Bo and his family and left with Philip. When alone, John thought about Bo and had a sense that he would pull through and survive.

Bo told Hope, Caroline and other family members that he would not consent to surgery at the cost of risking Chelsea's life. Bo asked to speak to Chelsea so that he could explain this to her. At that point, everyone was unaware that Chelsea was drunk and Dr. Jonas was trying to get her sobered up in time to prep her for surgery. Hope and Caroline pleaded with Bo to reconsider his decision and agree to the surgery or else he would die. Caroline told Bo that she could not stand to lose her son. Hope told Bo that it was God's will that Chelsea was a donor match. Bo became so agitated that Lexie decided to sedate him. Lexie and Kayla explained the transplant procedure to Hope and said that it was the only way to save Bo's life. Lexie told Hope that Bo was technically unconscious and as his wife, she could sign the consent forms. At first Hope was hesitant to go against Bo's wishes, but when she understood that surgery was Bo's only chance, she signed the forms. Later Hope whispered to Bo, who was still unconscious, that she knew he would be upset that she disregarded his wishes, but that she had no choice. Hope urged Bo to hang on and fight for his life.

Bo awakened and told Caroline and Victor that he would protect Chelsea and would not change his mind, and then slipped into a deep unconscious state. Victor told Caroline that he could be strong and would be there for her.

Marlena and Philip arrived to wait with the other family members. Belle spotted John in the background and told him that she knew he cared about Bo and the family, regardless of what he wanted everyone to think.

Outside Bo's hospital room, Belle told Hope not to be angry at Chelsea because she got drunk, and explained that Chelsea was frightened and depressed at the thought of losing her dad. Hope said that it didn't matter and that she would never forgive Chelsea if Bo didn't survive because of her. Hope was very upset and went off to talk to Chelsea.

When Hope arrived at Chelsea's room, she overheard Chelsea talking to Kate. Chelsea told Kate that Bo meant everything to her and that she would trade her life for his if she could. She was very remorseful about the mistakes in her past, specifically Zach's death. Hope was so moved by Chelsea's unselfishness that she left and decided not to say anything to Chelsea.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

At Salem Hospital, Roman helped clear the waiting area outside Bo's room, and he convinced the family and friends to head down to the OR waiting room. Once the group had settled in the new waiting room, Phil sat down next to Roman and told him that he was sorry for the loss of Shawn Sr.. The two discussed Shawn Sr. for a bit, and Phil said that he had told Bo that he wanted to act like more of a family. When Philip asked Roman what he thought about the new John, the two agreed that they did not think much of him.

Marlena and Belle discussed John's new obsession with power, and were interrupted by a curious John. Uncomfortable, Belle asked John to try to act like her father, even if he had no memory of actually being her father. After Belle walked away, Marlena took John aside and told him that having him there at the hospital was a comfort to her. Marlena explained that when he comforted her like that, it reminded her of her John, and conflicted with the John that declared war on the Kiriakis family earlier in the day. John bristled at her speech and explained that there was nothing wrong with wanting control.

Chelsea apologized to Kate for drinking despite Kate's warning. Kate responded that Chelsea must have gotten her stubborn streak from her. With Chelsea looking increasingly nervous, Kate advised Chelsea not to dwell on what happened but instead to think seriously about the surgery and its risks. Chelsea countered that she had to go through with the surgery and denied Kate's theory that she was undergoing the surgery in order to gain Bo's approval. Kate told Chelsea that she was brave, and then left to find some water for Chelsea. Still jittery, Chelsea started to pull at her IV.

Down the hall in the hospital, a frustrated Max arrived with Stephanie to show his support for the Brady family. Trying to be supportive herself, Stephanie told Max how proud she was of him. Kate was walking by and stopped to update them on Bo's donor. When Kate told them the donor was Chelsea and that she was drunk, Max was immediately annoyed. Stephanie was quick to remind Max that whatever Chelsea did was unintentional and that she would likely regret it the rest of her life. Max seemed to be calmed by Stephanie's words. Later Kate passed by again and asked them to join her in Chelsea's room in order to cheer her up. Max and Stephanie agreed, but when the three of them arrived in Chelsea's room they found an empty bed and frantic nurse instead of Chelsea. Kate rushed off to find Roman, who called security and started a search party. Shawn was angry at the news, but Belle carefully calmed him down in the corner.

Though Daniel pushed Hope to say her goodbyes to Bo, Hope steadfastly refused. Hope instead asked Daniel to help her keep her promise to Bo to keep him around. With time slipping away, Daniel asked Hope to leave the room so he could talk to Kayla and Lexie alone. Once Hope exited, a frustrated Daniel admitted he had no ideas for how to help Bo hang on any longer. The three doctors then agreed to go to the lab and retest everything and review the pancreatic study that Kayla had found earlier.

Down in the lab, Lexie and Daniel rechecked the tests and Kayla reread the study. When Lexie looked over the study, she discovered a treatment to temporarily buy a little more time for Bo.

With Bo now alone, Chelsea entered his room and crawled into bed beside him, quietly weeping. "I'm so sorry I let you down," Chelsea whispered. Chelsea apologized for her behavior over the previous few years and told Bo that he and Billie were the most amazing parents in the world. Still crying, Chelsea begged Bo to hold on long enough for her to be ready for the surgery. In the hallway outside Bo's window, Hope and Daniel spotted Chelsea lying next to Bo. Hope was relieved to find Chelsea, and told Daniel that Chelsea would do anything for her dad. Hope and Daniel entered the room, and Chelsea quickly apologized for leaving her room and she explained that she had to see Bo. Daniel gently lectured Chelsea for leaving her I.V. behind since she needed fluids. Lexie took Chelsea back to her room to do another blood alcohol test, while Daniel injected Bo's I.V. with medication. Bo immediately seemed to improve, and he even woke up just long enough for Hope to beam at him and kiss him. Daniel seemed fairly confident that Bo could hang on long enough to make it to surgery.

Back in her room, an anxious Chelsea waited eagerly to hear the results of her blood test. Max and Stephanie joined her and tried to keep her calm. When Chelsea worried that Bo would not make it and that it would be her fault, Stephanie reminded Chelsea of how much better they felt when the prayed during the plane crash. Max, Chelsea, and Stephanie held hands and began to pray. Shortly thereafter a nurse came in to prepare Chelsea for surgery.

Down the hall, an elated Lexie rushed into Bo's room to tell Daniel that Chelsea's blood was clear and that she was being prepped for surgery.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

At Salem University Hospital, the Bradys gathered while the surgical teams prepared to transplant a section of Chelsea's pancreas into Bo.

In Bo's room, Kayla added an immunosuppressant to an unconscious Bo's I.V. and told Hope it was so his body wouldn't reject the transplant. Lexie advised Hope she would be assisting Dr. Taylor with Chelsea's surgery, while Kayla would assist Dr. Jonas with Bo's. Hope told them she knew Bo and Chelsea were in good hands. Kayla and Lexie told Hope someone would be in soon to take Bo to surgery, then left to finish their preparations. Hope leaned in close and told Bo he had to get better because she wasn't finished loving him yet. She reminded him to fight because his family needed him, told him she loved him, and kissed him tenderly on the cheek.

In the waiting area, Caroline and Victor sat together, while the others drank coffee or paced anxiously. Shawn was worried about the surgery, but Belle and Philip tried to assuage his fears by reminding him Dr. Jonas was the best. Stephanie and Max returned from visiting Chelsea, and Stephanie told Caroline and Victor that Chelsea was relieved to have gotten all the alcohol out of her system. Victor noted how brave Chelsea was, and Caroline added that if anyone could beat the odds, it was Bo and Chelsea, because they came from a family of fighters.

Chelsea spoke on the phone with her mom, who had called from London to wish her luck. After Chelsea hung up, Kate admitted that although she was glad Bo was getting the transplant, she wished it weren't coming from Chelsea. Chelsea said she owed it to her dad for all she'd put him through. Kate assured her Bo would love her regardless, and added that she was worried because the procedure was very serious. As Chelsea lightheartedly tried to ease Kate's fears, Daniel came in and reminded her she was putting her life at risk. Chelsea reassured Daniel and Kate that she was aware of the consequences, and insisted she wanted to be Bo's donor. Daniel promised Chelsea he'd do his best to save her dad. After Daniel had gone, Chelsea confided to Kate that she was very scared.

Marlena asked Shawn how he was holding up, and he admitted he was anxious for the surgery to start. Meanwhile, Stephanie confessed to Steve that she was worried about Chelsea, but he reminded her he'd given Jack his kidney and they were both fine.

Daniel went over last-minute instructions with the two surgical teams. Dr. Taylor advised everyone that as soon as they made sure Chelsea's pancreas was viable, they'd let Daniel's team know and only then would Daniel start Bo's surgery. Daniel reminded them they were working against the clock, adding, "I want shock and awe, beauty and poetry." He said he wasn't a big believer in luck, but Bo's condition made him the perfect candidate for the surgery. Kayla replied that she thought they needed all the luck they could get.

As the nurses were wheeling Bo's gurney to the operating room, Victor and Caroline assured their son that Shawn and Isabella would be watching over him, and the others uttered words of encouragement.

Nick visited Chelsea, and presented her with a teddy bear he'd gotten when he had his appendix out as a kid. She hugged it and said it was exactly what she needed. He asked if she were sure she wanted to go through with the surgery, because he didn't want to lose her. Chelsea tried to reassure him that she would be fine, and asked him to be happy that she was able to do this for her dad. Max and Stephanie arrived to wish Chelsea luck. The nurse entered and announced it was time to take Chelsea to the operating room, so everyone said their goodbyes and told Chelsea they loved her.

Hope met Chelsea's gurney in the hallway, and thanked her stepdaughter. Chelsea declared that Hope didn't have to thank her, because she'd do anything for her dad. Hope, choking back tears, took Chelsea's face in her hands and told her she loved her, and that she was proud of her. As the nurses continued on their way with Chelsea, Bo's team was just wheeling him to his operating room. Chelsea stopped them so she could tell her dad she knew he didn't want her to have the surgery, but she was disobeying him once again. She continued that she couldn't live with herself if she didn't go through with it. She told him they were a team, and asked him to take good care of her pancreas. Chelsea then told her dad she loved him, and the nurses wheeled them both off.

In the operating room, the anesthesiologist introduced himself to Chelsea, and commended her on what she was doing for her dad. He explained that he was going to inject drugs into her I.V. to anesthetize her, and reassured her that everything would be fine. In Bo's operating room, Daniel announced that they were going to give him heavy sedation, adding that they wouldn't be cutting him open until they absolutely needed to.

As Dr. Taylor began Chelsea's surgery, Steve, Stephanie, Max, and Nick played poker in the waiting area. Belle brought burgers for her and Shawn, but he said he couldn't eat. Belle encouraged him to be positive by thinking about how proud Bo would be when Shawn graduated from the police academy. Meanwhile, Kate introduced herself to John, and told him they used to be engaged. She gently cautioned him against opposing Victor in business, and warned him that Victor and Philip could be ruthless. John asserted that he would be a formidable opponent.

Dr. Taylor announced that Chelsea's pancreas was viable for transplant, and asked the nurse to call the other operating room and let them know.

John told Marlena that it would be hours before the surgery was over, so he was leaving. She offered to go with him because she needed some fresh air. Later, as they walked along the water down on the docks, Marlena asked if he remembered anything about his deprogramming. John said he didn't remember much but the pain and the machines, and that was why he didn't like being at the hospital. She said she wondered why he had gone to the hospital, since he claimed not to care about Bo, but John replied that it was probably just morbid curiosity. Marlena countered that subconsciously he was worried about his friend. She then told him that they had once reunited on that very spot after years of being apart. She continued that they'd had a wonderful life together, and many adventures, and admitted she missed the man she loved. John's cell phone rang, and it was Paul Hollingsworth, who said he wanted to discuss their arrangements concerning Kiriakis Shipping. John replied that he'd be in touch, then lied to Marlena that it had been Stefano's lawyer with more papers to sign. She suggested they return to the hospital. As they left the pier, she confided she was glad they'd gone for a walk because she felt they were finally starting to communicate.

Back at the hospital, Philip told Belle he was glad that she and Shawn were working things out, and that the three of them were friends again. Belle said she hoped Philip found the happiness he deserved. Kate joined the poker game, and impressed Steve by winning a hand with a royal flush. Kate said poker was easy if one just had the guts to go for it all, and that's what she'd been doing her whole life. Stephanie said she could see where Chelsea got her strength, and Kate acknowledged that the women in her family were survivors. Steve said Chelsea's courage and determination would serve her well in the operating room.

Roman confessed to Hope that he wished his Pop were there, and that it was hard for him to see Victor with Caroline. Hope assured him that Shawn Sr. would be happy that Caroline had Victor to lean on. Roman told her Bo was lucky to be married to such a smart woman.

Dr. Taylor finished dividing Chelsea's pancreas and gave it to the nurse, who put it in a small cooler to deliver to the other operating room. Dr. Taylor then began closing Chelsea up.

Steve had Roman take his place at poker, and went to check on Hope. She admitted that, though she was trying to be strong for Bo's parents, inside she was a mess, because she couldn't stop thinking about all the things that could go wrong in the surgery. Steve reminded her she had to stay positive, and said if she couldn't, she should come to him and he'd set her straight. She hugged him and thanked him for being such a good friend to her and Bo.

The nurse came out to announce that Chelsea's pancreas section had been removed successfully and they were closing her up now. Everyone cheered and applauded, and Hope asked how Bo's surgery was going. The nurse said someone would let them know as soon as they had any news. Hope hugged Steve happily, and asked him to pray with her. They closed their eyes, and began to pray aloud. Hope told God she wanted to hear Bo's laugh and feel his arms around her again, while Steve called on the "Big Dude" to help heal Bo. Roman, Nick, Max, and Stephanie agreed they were relieved Chelsea had come through the surgery all right. Nick admitted he'd been spending a lot of time working on his grant, and from then on he wanted to try to be a better boyfriend to Chelsea. Stephanie assured him Chelsea knew how much he loved her.

Lexie told a still-unconscious Chelsea how well she'd done, then went to the other operating room to see how Bo's surgery was going. Daniel told Lexie she and Dr. Taylor had done a great job. When Lexie asked if Daniel needed her help, he replied, "Stick around. This dance is far from over."

Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's a busy day at the ad agency. Tony works with Ethan and Morgan on the day's agenda. Anna waltzes in and tries to hire Ethan to work for her, but his salary is too high. What about Morgan? Tony stops her. Anna is beside herself. She needs help. Tony and Anna play their games and end up making love on his desk. After their love-making, it's back to bickering.

Chelsea is out of surgery and back in her room. Kate is with her as she opens her eyes. She asks about her dad and tells Kate to go get some rest. Kate leaves. Daniel comes in and tells Chelsea her dad's surgery is over and he is on his way back to his room. Now they have to wait to see if Bo's body accepts the transplant. He praises her and they share a warm moment. Daniel meets Stephanie on his way out. Stephanie is impressed with the hunky doctor. Chelsea just wants her dad to recover but goes on to tell Stephanie that for the first time in her life she feels good about herself.

Everyone is waking up after a long night in the waiting area. Steve goes to check on Bo. Hope and Caroline are with Bo, as Kayla and Lexie come in to check on him. Steve tries to pry Kayla and Caroline away just as Bo wakes up. They are all thrilled. Caroline reunites with her son and goes to the chapel to thank God for not taking Bo. Steve and Kayla leave. Hope is now alone with her beloved husband, so grateful he's still alive. Bo is stunned to learn he had the operation.

All in the waiting room are told the surgery went well. Bo and Chelsea are awake. Everyone leaves, and Philip and Belle are left alone. They put closure on their relationship. Belle tells Philip about her plans to sail the world with Shawn and Claire. Philip wishes her the best.

Steve takes Kayla home and we see she's not feeling well. She's having cramps and is worried about her baby.

Friday, March 21, 2008

John entered his living room to find Rolf struggling to pronounce tongue twisters without his usual German accent. When Rolf became frustrated and said he was giving up, John retorted, "You bring people back from the dead. You can bury that lousy accent." As Rolf got back to his language tapes, John called Paul Hollingsworth to let him know there was a discrepancy with one of Victor's most recent shipments, and hinted that he would like it to be detained or denied entry.

Down on the docks, Paul found Max doing his community service, and ordered him to have all the cargo loaded back onto the Kiriakis ships. He also said he would be placing the shipments under guard until further notice. When Max protested, Paul advised him that he could have Max's community service hours cut in half if he did some extra work for customs. Max agreed, but as soon as Paul was out of sight he called Philip to let him know the shipment was about to be quarantined.

Later, as Max was reporting to Paul that the cargo had been reloaded, Philip arrived and asked Paul what was going on. Paul told him that the manifests had only general descriptions of the containers' contents, and not detailed lists as was required. When Philip asked to have a look to compare them to his records, Paul refused, and added that the containers had to be quarantined until they could be inspected. Philip asked how much it would cost to make the problem go away, but Paul accused him of bribery. Just then Morgan showed up to bring Paul coffee and a croissant. When Max expressed surprise that they knew each other, Morgan said Paul was her father. Max then introduced Morgan to Philip, and explained that he knew her because she was one of Chelsea and Stephanie's sorority sisters. When Philip asked if Paul wanted Morgan to know what he was doing, Paul declared he was just doing his job. Morgan wanted to know what was going on, but Paul told her Philip was just upset about the quarantine, and advised Philip to walk away before Paul had Kiriakis Shipping fined and investigated. After Philip left, Paul asked Max if he knew how Philip found out about the problem. Max defended himself, saying that he didn't work for Philip and that his only job was loading food and supplies for Africa.

Belle, Shawn, and Claire stopped by the mansion to say goodbye to John, but he seemed to think they were going on vacation and tried to dismiss them. When Belle clarified that they were leaving for good as soon as they could find a boat, John offered to buy them one. After initially refusing, Shawn asked if they could talk it over for a minute. John agreed, and took Rolf and Claire to the kitchen to get some juice for Claire and champagne so they could celebrate if they accepted his offer. Belle confided to Shawn that she wanted to let her dad buy the boat for them because she thought it meant that, deep down, he loved her. Shawn conceded, saying he knew how important it was to her. When John and Rolf returned, Belle observed that Claire had a juice box, and asked where she'd gotten it. John claimed he'd had the cook buy some so Claire wouldn't spill her juice on his furniture. Belle told John they'd agreed to let him buy the boat for them. John offered to open the champagne, but Shawn declined, citing the earliness of the hour and the other stops they had yet to make. When John then asked what they were going to name the boat, Shawn replied, "What else? The Fancy Face IV." Belle and Shawn thanked John for his generosity, which he shrugged off. "You people always say I'm your family. Use me as family, take whatever the hell you can get," he said with a chuckle. Belle then tearfully told her dad she loved him and hugged him again. John told Shawn to take care of Belle and Claire, then shared a tender moment and a hug with his granddaughter. "I'm gonna miss you. You're the only one in this whole town that really got me," he whispered, kissing her cheek. He pretended to have something in his eye as he wiped away a tear. After Belle and Shawn gathered up their things and left with Claire, John looked pained.

Shawn and Belle next went to check in on Bo, and then announced they were leaving. Bo and Hope were a little taken aback. Hope said she had thought they wouldn't set sail for at least a couple of weeks, and confessed that the mom in her was reluctant to see them go. Bo said his illness had taught him it was important not to put anything off, and Hope agreed that they should go while they had the chance. When Bo asked what they were going to do for a boat, Belle replied that John had offered to buy them a boat. Hope and Bo were surprised but pleased. Shawn informed them that the marina had a boat similar to Bo's available, and that it could be ready for them to leave the next morning. When Hope realized it would be a while before she saw them all again, she got teary-eyed. Shawn and Belle promised her they'd be back before long, since both their families were there. Bo also tried to reassure her that things were different since they had sailed off on the Fancy Face years ago, because it was easier to keep in touch thanks to email and satellite phones. Shawn hugged his dad, and told him he loved him and would miss him, and Bo returned the sentiments. Hope asked her son to give her a "really big hug, 'cause I know it's going to have to last me a really long time." She told Shawn she loved him and was proud of him. Belle told Bo she was glad he was going to get better. Claire climbed into her grandpa's bed so she could hug him goodbye. Belle thanked Hope for her patience and understanding, and Hope made Belle and Shawn promise to take care of each other. Hope then took Claire in her arms and asked her to make sure her parents called often, and gave her a hug and kiss. As Shawn held the door for Belle and Claire, Bo called out, "Sailor Man." When Shawn stopped, Bo said, "Smooth sailing." Shawn gave his parents a salute, and Hope saluted in return. As the door closed behind her son, Hope broke down in sobs, so Bo put his arm around her and drew her close.

Victor arrived for his appointment with Marlena, but he confessed he thought seeing her was a mistake. Marlena suggested he think of their sessions as just talking to an old friend, and asked him to talk about how Bo's illness had dredged up memories of Isabella's death. Victor acknowledged that he really didn't have anyone to talk to about things. He said was thankful Bo was recovering so well, but he still regretted not having been there for Isabella when she was sick. When Victor mentioned Brady's disappearance, Marlena asked if he felt like he'd let his family down. He admitted that while he'd done a lot of bad things, he had always loved his children very much. Marlena noted that he must be proud of Philip. Victor praised his son's work at Titan, but conceded that he'd always hoped Philip would do something with his life to make a difference in the world. When his cell phone interrupted, Victor apologized for not turning it off, but answered when he saw that it was Philip. Philip filled him in about the problem on the docks, and said he suspected John had bribed the customs official. Victor declared he would deal with Paul, so Philip said he'd handle John. After Victor hung up, Marlena asked if John was involved with his customs problems. Victor said it wouldn't surprise him, and vowed to call soon to schedule another session. Once Victor had left, Marlena sighed with dismay. "Oh, John, how could you?"

Philip barged into John's house and angrily said he knew what was going on at the docks, but John feigned ignorance. Philip pointed out that John had threatened to ruin Kiriakis Shipping, and reminded him of the deal they'd had with Stefano. John said maybe Stefano would honor their agreement if he ever recovered. Marlena then showed up and asked John pointblank if he had bribed the customs official. When John denied it, Marlena told him she was disappointed in him. John cracked, "Well, stick around. Day's just getting started." Marlena gave him a long look, then gathered up her coat and walked out. Philip remarked, "That was cold," then knocked over the king on John's chess table and left as well. John noticed Marlena's gloves where she'd left them on the chair, and instructed Rolf to send them back to "Blondie" with a dozen roses.

Steve found Kayla working at the hospital, and admonished her that she was supposed to be home resting. She protested, saying she just needed to check on Bo quickly. After Kayla left, Steve checked in with her bodyguard, who told him she was going to notice him following her sooner or later. When Kayla returned, she pointed out the bodyguard and mentioned she'd seen him around a lot. Steve tried to cover, then admitted he needed to tell her something. As Kayla pressed him for more details, she got paged to do a consult, but promised Steve they'd go straight home as soon as she returned. Later, Steve told her that her doctor had called and was upset that she wasn't home resting. Kayla argued that she was fine, and asked what Steve had wanted to tell her. He hedged, saying nothing was more important than his family and he'd do anything to keep them safe. She said she knew he'd always look out for her, then she kissed him and the two left for home.

Victor tracked Max down at the docks, and asked if Max could continue to help Kiriakis Shipping as he had earlier, by just keeping his eyes and ears open and reporting anything suspicious. Max agreed, at least until he had finished his community service. Victor then asked if Max had seen John, and said he wondered if John were having the same sorts of problems with his shipments. When Max said he hadn't seen John, Victor thanked him and left.

As they sat and looked out at the water, Morgan confided to her dad that it was hard to deal with the fact that her parents no longer loved each other. Victor approached them and told Paul he was concerned about one of his shipments. Morgan bid her father goodbye, and then Paul advised Victor that he had to investigate the discrepancies with the latest shipment's manifest. Victor cautioned him against being swayed by John's influence. When Paul claimed not to know what Victor was talking about, Victor offered to double whatever John was paying him. Paul indignantly professed that he was not for sale, and if either Victor or Philip tried to bribe him again he'd have them thrown in federal prison. After Paul had stormed off, Victor remarked to himself, "John must be paying him a bloody fortune."

Later, Max asked Victor how his conversation with Paul had gone. Victor said Max had done the right thing by calling Philip. Max asked if Victor really thought John had gotten to Paul and had something to do with the shipment being quarantined. Victor mused, "I'm a reasonable man, Max. I'd like to think I could have the same sort of amicable relationship with John that I had with Stefano. But if I can't, then so be it."

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