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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 24, 2008 on DAYS
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Monday, March 24, 2008

Angelo, Ava's cousin, visited her at the family house and filled in for one of her bodyguards. Ava told Angelo that her father was keeping her captive for no good reason. She explained to him that she did not need sessions with a psychiatrist or medication, and she was perfectly sane. Angelo told Ava he would always be there for her just like when they were kids. Angelo said that she must try to forget about "Patch" because he was responsible for disrupting her life, but Ava insisted that she wanted "Patch" back in her life. Ava sweet-talked Angelo until he agreed to let her leave the room for 15 minutes while he prepared her favorite lunch. Ava hugged Angelo to thank him and lifted keys from his pocket. When Angelo returned, another guard told him that Ava disappeared, disabled all the electronic locks on the gates, and stole Angelo's car. Angelo remembered how smart and charming Ava could be and immediately set out to find her.

In Bo's hospital room, Kayla and Hope were chatting about their families. In particular, they discussed Sierra; Kayla's pregnancy; and Shawn, Belle and Claire's sailing trip around the world. Hope told Kayla that she and Bo were sad that the kids were leaving town and they would miss them, but understood how important the trip was for their marriage.

Just then Bo's monitor went off and it appeared that his body was rejecting the transplant. Dr. Jonas had assigned another physician to Bo's case who immediately entered the room and ordered a new medication and dosage for Bo. When Kayla realized what medication the doctor prescribed, she challenged him and forbid him to administer the drug to Bo. Kayla referenced the treatment plan for Bo's particular type of transplant surgery and pointed out that the medication he recommended could have killed Bo. The doctor was speechless then apologized to Kayla and left the room. Hope was horrified to think what could have happened if Bo had received the medication. Hope was grateful that Kayla was there to step in on Bo's behalf. Kayla told Hope that she was going to recommend disciplinary action against the doctor because he should have reviewed Bo's medical chart before prescribing a new treatment plan.

Steve arrived at the hospital and asked Hope what had happened. She told Steve that Kayla saved Bo's life. Steve hugged Hope just as Ava arrived to see them embrace. Ava still believed that Hope was Kayla. Hope suspected that Steve was worried about something and questioned him. Steve hesitated to burden Hope with his problems but finally told her that someone was out to get Kayla because of him. Steve explained his connection to the Vitale family as well as his personal involvement with Ava during the time when he had no memory of his past life. Steve revealed that Ava and her people admitted they were responsible for the plane crash that cost Shawn Sr. his life. Steve feared that Ava was mentally disturbed and would do something rash. Hope was shocked and frightened for the safety of Steve's family and urged Steve to go to the police. Steve explained that he needed to handle Ava his own way and Hope understood. Hope told Steve that she remembered meeting Ava after Shawn's funeral and that Ava asked her if she loved Steve. Hope said she was frightened by the encounter and recalled that Ava acted strange. Steve told Hope he hired bodyguards to protect Kayla and Stephanie and would do anything to protect his family. Hope agreed and told Steve she would keep their conversation confidential.

Bo woke up and asked Kayla how he was doing. Kayla told Bo they had thought his body was rejecting Chelsea's pancreas, but everything was under control and he and Chelsea were both doing fine. She ordered Bo to get plenty of rest. Hope returned to Bo's room just as he fell asleep. Kayla convinced Hope to go home and relax. Before she left, Hope asked Kayla to take care of herself and the baby as Steve was worried about them.

At the Brady Pub, Belle and Shawn told Marlena they were leaving Salem to sail around the world in the Fancy Face IV. They told Marlena that John gave them the boat as a going away gift. Sami arrived with the twins as Belle was telling Marlena about her plans.

Marlena was shocked and asked to speak to Belle privately. She warned Belle that it was not a good idea to accept such an expensive gift from her father. Marlena cautioned Belle that even though John was her father, he was not the same person he was before his accident. Marlena told Belle not to believe that her father was regaining his memory just because he wanted to give her a gift. Belle understood and explained to her mom she believed John's gift to her family was his way of trying to be a dad even though he didn't remember being her father. Marlena finally understood Belle's point of view. Marlena gave Belle, Shawn, and Claire her blessing to leave Salem, because she knew that it was important for them to get a fresh start.

Belle told Marlena that she felt bad taking Claire away from John at that time because Claire seemed to be the only one with whom John connected. Marlena viewed John's bond to Claire as a sign of hope for John's future, that he might regain his memory and remember his family.

In the meantime, Sami asked Shawn how their grandmother, Caroline, felt about Shawn leaving Salem so soon after their grandfather's death. Shawn told Sami that everyone in the family was rooting for him, Belle, and Claire and wanted them to have the adventure as a family.

Marlena, Sami, and Belle shared a few precious moments together and then said their final and tearful goodbyes to each other. Marlena promised Belle that she hoped John and she would visit them one day soon. All agreed to keep in touch regularly and then Shawn, Belle, and Claire left to prepare to set sail.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

At Salem Hospital, Kate admired the flowers in Chelsea's hospital room while she explained that Billie was calling every hour to check on her daughter. Chelsea lamented not seeing her mother, but told Kate that if Billie flew home to visit then Chelsea would feel like she was dying. Dr. Daniel Jonas entered the room to check on Chelsea's progress. Kate gave Daniel a hard time, but she eased up when Daniel informed them that Chelsea should be able to go home the next day. After Daniel left to check on Bo, Kate asked Chelsea why she did not seem enthusiastic about the news, and Kate guessed that it had to do with leaving Daniel behind. Kate teased Chelsea about her crush on Daniel, but Chelsea denied any feelings other than friendship. Before Kate could ask her any more questions, Nick arrived, flowers in hand. Kate left to give the two some privacy. When Chelsea informed Nick that she was probably going home the next day, a thrilled Nick congratulated her. Since Chelsea was not smiling, Nick asked her what was wrong. Chelsea admitted that her lack of enthusiasm was due to the weight of life or death situations on her mind lately. Chelsea continued that she wanted to use the experience to become a better person. A loving Nick looked into her eyes and told her that she was already a good person. Nick then told her that a small part of him was angry at her for becoming Bo's organ donor. Nick went on to say that he felt guilty about those feelings but that he understood why she had to do the surgery. He concluded, "I'm mostly proud of you. I love you."

Down the hall Bo woke up in his bed to find Kayla fussing over him. He joked, "I'm finding it hard to breathe because you are suffocating me. Stop hovering!" Bo gently pleaded with Kayla to go home and rest but Kayla refused, telling Bo that she would not leave him until either Daniel or Lexie checked in. Tired, Bo stopped arguing and thanked Kayla for being a great sister and doctor for him. When Bo asked if he could go see Chelsea, Kayla told him that Chelsea was doing well but that Bo needed to stay in bed to keep from rejecting Chelsea's pancreas. Changing the subject, Kayla asked Bo about Shawn's sailing trip. Bo admitted he was disappointed that he would not get to see the boat before they left and that he missed sailing on the open seas. Steve walked in the room and again asked Kayla to accompany him home. When Kayla refused, Bo and Steve joked about how stubborn their wives were. Smiling in spite of herself, Kayla asked Bo if there were any of Shawn Sr.'s belongings that he would like. First Bo asked about the fishing poles he used with his dad when he was a kid, but Kayla sheepishly admitted she had already grabbed them to save for her baby some day. Bo then asked about Shawn Sr.'s pocket watch, but Kayla explained that Roman had already snapped that item up. Finally Bo asked Kayla if he could have the one fishing pole with his initials carved in the handle, and Kayla happily agreed. As the three laughed in Bo's room, Daniel entered to check on Bo. With an edge in his voice, Steve asked Daniel where he had been hiding because another doctor nearly messed up Bo's medications. Kayla explained what had happened with the other doctor, and Daniel promised that it would not happen again.

After sending Kayla and Steve home, Daniel examined Bo. Bo admitted to Daniel that he disagreed with Hope's decision to consent to the surgery because he did not wish to endanger his daughter's life. Daniel turned the argument around on Bo and told him that how Bo was feeling about his daughter was exactly what Hope was feeling about him. Grinning, Daniel told Bo that Hope was right and that Bo should stop "bitching and accept Chelsea's gift." When Bo asked Daniel about visiting his daughter, Daniel had the same assessment as Kayla and told Bo to wait for Chelsea to come visit him since she would be released soon. With the exam concluded, Daniel gave Bo a sedative so that he could rest. However, even when Bo was sleeping he was restless, calling out Hope's name.

Back in Chelsea's room, Kate returned to visit. Chelsea asked to see Bo, and Kate promised she would make some calls. Thankful, Chelsea told Kate that she appreciated all the time Kate was spending with her. The two then talked about Kate's new company, and Kate asked Chelsea for her input on the new product line. When Kate mentioned her advertising dilemma about whether to choose Tony for his likeability or Anna for her great ideas, Chelsea declined to help with the decision. Daniel returned while the two were chatting, and Kate explained her behavior earlier by telling him that she was very protective of her family. After Kate left, Daniel went over to a flushed and beaming Chelsea to feel her forehead and examine her. When Daniel called Chelsea a hero, Chelsea could not help but giggle and blush.

In the Salem Hospital parking lot, Hope talked on her cell phone to Caroline, explaining that she would pick up Sierra after she stopped at home to grab some things. As she hung up the phone, Ava snuck up behind her with a chloroformed rag and rendered her unconscious. Ava pulled Hope into the back of the car and took her back to Ava's house. Once back at the house, Angelo carried Hope into Ava's room and put her on the bed. "What the hell did you do?" asked Angelo. "I invited her back for a slumber party," Ava quipped. As Angelo warned Ava that her father would be furious that she kidnapped someone, a groggy Hope woke up. Ava turned to Hope and said, "I have so much to discuss with you Kayla." Stunned Hope asked her if she just called her Kayla. Misunderstanding, Ava said that she knew exactly who Hope was. When Angelo asked Hope if she was Patch's wife, Hope stared blankly back at him. Ava then corrected Angelo, reminding him that Patch went by the name Steve now, to which Angelo reiterated his contempt for Patch and what he did to Ava.

Hope told Ava that she knew who she was, that she remembered her from the pub, and that Steve had told her they were involved. "He mentioned me?" chirped Ava as her face lit up. When Hope said yes, Ava's face darkened as she questioned Hope as to whether Steve had told her they were once in love. Hope confirmed that Steve had told her as much. Wild-eyed, Ava told Hope that she and Steve would be in love again as soon as they dealt with the situation. When Hope asked what that was, Ava told her that she knew about the baby. "So you know about the baby?" Hope inquired as she casually rubbed her own stomach. When Ava talked about taking Hope out of the equation, Hope asked if Ava planned to kill her. Coyly, Ava teased that she never said that. Leaning in close, Ava warned Hope, not to get on her bad side. When Ava stated that she would get Steve back baby or not, Hope thought about Steve's plea to keep Kayla in the dark for the sake of the baby. Tilting her head up defiantly Hope agreed to talk to Ava and said, "After all, I am Steve's wife." Hoping to ease the tension, Angelo asked Ava to talk to him in the hallway.

In the hallway Angelo told Ava that the kidnapping was a terrible idea. Ava begged him to help her talk terms with Patch's wife. When Angelo seemed reluctant to go along with the plan, Ava started to cry and beg for his help, telling him that she would make the pain stop one way or another. Eventually Angelo agreed but asked her to promise not to hurt herself again. As Angelo and Ava set off to find food for their "guest," Hope snooped around inside the room and found photos of Bo, Steve, and Kayla.

Back at their apartment, Steve attempted to get Kayla to rest. After she sent off an email to a children's charity committee, Steve reminded her that she needed to relax. Once he began to rub her shoulders and kiss her neck, a cooing Kayla gave in and the two started to make out. However, when Steve ducked into the kitchen for a bit, Kayla took the opportunity to call Salem Hospital and check on Bo. Daniel assured her that Bo was doing well and was sleeping after being sedated. Calmed, Kayla turned her attention back to Steve. The two chatted about baby names. If the baby was a girl, they wanted to name her Josephine or Caroline after their mothers. If it was a boy, they both agreed that neither of their father's names would work. A joyful Steve then recommended that a boy be named Benjamin after Benjy. The two discussed how Benjy's family was doing and they agreed that everyone was doing better now that Stefano was comatose. As Kayla happily talked about the lack of a constant threat in their lives, Steve thought about Ava and her demands. In for the night, Steve called the secret bodyguard he hired for Kayla and dismissed him for the evening.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Max and Philip ran into each other at the Java Café. Max asked about what was going on down at the docks, and said he didn't want to get involved in a war between the Kiriakis family and John Black. Philip advised him to stay out of it, and then asked about Morgan. When Philip mentioned that she was cute, Max warned him not to use her to get to her father. Philip insisted he wouldn't. Max then said goodbye and left to visit Stephanie on her first day of her new internship.

Morgan and Stephanie visited Chelsea at the hospital, bringing balloons, stuffed animals, and flowers. Stephanie said they'd overheard the nurses say Chelsea might get to go home later that day, though Chelsea thought it wouldn't be until the next day. The girls then had to leave, and Chelsea wished them luck on the first official day of their internships.

Bo awakened in his hospital room and asked Lexie where Hope was. Lexie reminded him his wife had gone home to get some rest. He was worried when he couldn't reach Hope by phone, and when he learned that she hadn't picked up Ciara from the pub. Lexie tried to reassure him that Hope had been so tired she probably just hadn't heard the phone ring. A nurse then brought Chelsea by to visit her dad. Though Bo initially protested, Chelsea got out of her wheelchair and sat on the edge of his bed. With a twinkle in his eye, he asked her to sneak him in a burger as soon as she got out of the hospital, then he took her hand in his. "I could beat you with a stick for what you did," he chided. "But thank you. You saved my life." Chelsea told him it was her way of repaying him after all the trouble she'd caused him. She put her head against his chest and he put his arms around her, and they talked about how glad they both were that the transplant was successful. When Bo later called and learned Steve and Kayla hadn't heard from Hope either, Chelsea asked if he was worried, but he claimed he wasn't. Then the nurse returned to take Chelsea back to her room, and Chelsea promised to visit her dad every day until he went home.

Abe stopped by to see Lexie and asked his wife if she would be leaving work soon. When she told him she likely wouldn't be home until time to put Theo to bed, Abe laughed-he was working the graveyard shift that night. Abe blamed their busy schedules, especially since she'd just been named chief of staff at the hospital and had been so busy with Bo's case. They agreed they would try to find a way to spend more time together.

Stephanie and Morgan bumped into Philip at the Java Café, and he offered to buy their lattes. When Stephanie asked why, he admitted he had an ulterior motive-to make up to Morgan for being so rude to her father. Morgan replied that Philip should apologize to Paul, and Philip assured her he would as soon as his shipments were out of quarantine. He then bid the girls goodbye, leaving them to wonder what he was really up to. Stephanie asked if Morgan were nervous or excited about their first official day. Morgan admitted she hoped working at competing firms didn't affect their friendship, but Stephanie assured her that she didn't see why it would. They gossiped a little about Tony and Anna's obvious attraction to each other, but agreed they really shouldn't get involved. Just then, their professor showed up with two cameramen in tow. He announced that the photographers, who were communication majors, would be filming the girls' internships, and all four students would receive class credit for the project. The professor also advised them that he had set everything up with their employers. He then introduced the girls to their cameramen: Mark Keener would be working with Morgan, and David Chapman would film Stephanie.

Kate dropped by Tony's office to tell him she'd chosen his agency to market her company's new product line. While they were talking, Anna called to ask if Kate had picked an agency. Kate advised her she was going with Tony's company, but offered Anna the chance to work on the advertising for a different line of products. After Kate had hung up, one of Tony's assistants brought in a bottle of champagne. As Tony was toasting their future business relationship, he accidentally spilled champagne on the front of Kate's blouse. He was trying to blot it up with his handkerchief when Morgan and her cameraman showed up and caught it on film. Kate chided Morgan for barging into her boss's office without knocking. Morgan apologized profusely, and explained why Mark was filming. Tony said no one had cleared it with him, but gave reluctant approval. Tony then announced that he and Kate were celebrating her hiring DiMera Advertising, so Morgan congratulated them both. Philip then arrived and was surprised to see Kate there, but Kate was more surprised that he knew Morgan. Philip explained they had met because Morgan's dad, Paul Hollingsworth, worked for customs. Tony asked why Philip was there, and Philip replied that he wanted to hire DiMera Advertising to promote the Kiriakis shipping line. Tony said he was interested, and they agreed to meet later so Tony could present some ideas. Philip shook Tony's hand, and told Morgan how nice it was to see her again. Morgan enthused, "Hopefully I can be part of the team that services your needs," then smiled awkwardly when she realized not only how inappropriate it sounded, but that Mark had caught the whole thing on film. She continued to smile as she closed the door behind Tony when he showed Kate and Philip out, then turned and glared at Mark. "I hate you."

Anna called her boss, Mr. Lumburg, and apologized for losing Kate's account, but vowed she would woo Kate's company away from DiMera Advertising. Stephanie arrived with her cameraman, but Anna told them no one had cleared it with her-though she said as long as none of the footage wound up on the Internet, she'd allow it. Max dropped by with flowers for Stephanie, and said he'd come by to wish her luck. Stephanie introduced David and explained why he was filming them. After Anna left to put the flowers in water, Stephanie thanked Max with a kiss, which David caught on camera. Max asked if Steph would visit him at the Pub later, then kissed her goodbye.

Hope searched the room where Ava was keeping her prisoner, rifling through drawers until she found something with which she could try to pick the lock. Before she could get the door open, however, Ava entered with a tray of food, and warned Hope not to try to escape. Hope asked why Ava had kidnapped her, and Ava claimed she only wanted to talk. Since Ava believed Hope was Kayla, Hope played along, and asked how long Ava planned to keep her there. Ava told her it would just be until "Patch" got there. When Hope asked why she'd sabotaged the plane, Ava got defensive and blamed it on her dumb cousins, who she said were only supposed to ground the plane. Hope reminded her that three people had died in the crash. When Ava showed no remorse, insisting she'd only done it to get Patch back, Hope told her she was crazy. Ava became irate and, eyes blazing, grabbed Hope by the arm, then seemed to relax a little when Hope asked how they were going to get Steve to come. Ava smugly said she wouldn't have to force him, and started reminiscing about how in love they'd been. She admitted that when he left her she hadn't handled it very well, and she still wasn't handling it well. Hope gently asked if she'd be better once Steve came back, but Ava again insisted she was fine. Hope changed tactics and tried to convince Ava she didn't need a man to complete her, but that only caused Ava to swear she and Patch were soul mates and completed each other. She insisted that if given the choice between the two women, Patch would pick Ava. Hope asked again how Ava planned to get Steve there. Ava replied that she'd stolen a cell phone from her guard, and "Kayla" was going to call and tell him that if he ever wanted to see her again, he'd do exactly what Ava said.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dr. Jonas entered Chelsea's hospital room with a concerned looked on his face. He began to read her blood analysis and CT scan and soon after informed her that he was afraid that she must be moved. Clearly, Chelsea was baffled and concerned. She wanted more information, but he said that he could not be the one to inform her. He opened the door to Stephanie, Max, and a balloon decorated wheelchair. All smiles, they chimed, "You're going home!" The joke was not amusing to Chelsea, but she later thanked Dr. Jonas for everything. She inquired regarding his future in Salem, and he stated that if he were made an offer by the hospital to work there, he would happily accept it. As Dr. Jonas exited Chelsea's hospital room, Stephanie commented regarding Chelsea's obvious interest and admiration of the doctor. Chelsea denied the infatuation.

Philip, at the Kiriakis mansion, was deeply engrossed in a phone conversation when Chloe entered looking stunning. When the phone conversation ended, Philip commented on Chloe's alluring appearance. She stated that she had an audition and felt that she was destined for the part. Philip encouraged her, but he was hesitant to share her confidence.

Kayla attempted to sneak out while Steve was sleeping on the couch, but just as she made her way to the door, she heard, "Where do you thing you're going?" Kayla admitted that she intended to check on Bo at the hospital, but stayed home with Steve.

Kayla was not the only Brady who attempted to "escape." As Bo painstakingly maneuvered from his hospital bed, Lexie entered and scolded Bo. He stated that he was concerned about Hope because her whereabouts were unknown. Lexie assured Bo that Hope was probably home resting. Lexie admonished Bo to stay in bed, for he could do more harm during the recovery process. He had undergone major surgery, and only time would dictate whether the transplant was a success. She told Bo to avoid jeopardizing his health. Finally, she agreed to contact Abe regarding Hope's whereabouts.

Ava directed Hope to call Steve. Hope was hesitant but followed Ava's orders. Steve answered the phone to hear, "Hello darling; it's Kayla." Ava was close enough to hear most of the exchange between Hope and Steve. After a few moments of confusion, Steve realized that Hope was on the phone and was obviously being detained by Ava. He played along with the conversation. All the while, Kayla was still in the room with Steve; however, she could only pick up on sparse pieces of information. Hope told Steve that she would be staying with Ava a while. Ava snatched the phone from Hope and threatened Steve: "If you do anything stupid, it will put me in a really bad mood, and you know how I get!" She warned Steve that he must not tell anyone about the situation. When the phone conversation ended, a concerned Kayla asked Steve what was going on, and a disturbed Steve began to relate the truth to her. However, before he said more than a few words, Kayla winced in terrible pain, thus abruptly ending the conversation.

Ava reminisced about her time with "Patch" years ago. She shared with Hope the first time she met Patch. They were in the same taxi and shared chemistry from the beginning. Ava and Patch spent an increasing amount of time together. She was intrigued by the mystery that surrounded Patch, as well as his strength. Not long after, Patch began working for "the family business." Hope inquired regarding the type of business, but Ava avoided providing specifics. Ava admitted that her father was not fond of Patch but gave him a job anyway.

Ava and Hope's conversation continued; all the while Hope, using her police skills, questioned Ava's time with Steve. Ava confided to Hope that she and Steve were engaged and that she was planning an elaborate wedding. However, when her father did not approve of the marriage, she and Steve ran away, and found a preacher in the desert to marry them, but Steve left her at the alter. Ava then accused Hope of patronizing her, but she did go on to admit that after being abandoned by Steve, she went home and "got sick." This admission was alarming to Hope, but she tried not to show it.

Chloe returned from her audition visibly upset. She admitted that the audition went well, but they knew of her reputation and assumed that she had something to do with Brady's disappearance. Philip offered reassurance, and they almost kissed, but his phone rang and interrupted the moment. Over the phone, Bo asked Philip for a favor: could Chelsea stay at the Kiriakis mansion to recuperate? Philip did not hesitate: "I'll hire a nurse; she'll be in good hands." Bo relayed the message to Chelsea, who was sitting at his bedside. They embraced, and Bo thanked her again for saving his life. Chelsea, escorted by Max and Stephanie, prepared to leave the hospital.

Bo received a call from Steve regarding Hope's whereabouts. He told Bo to avoid contacting the police and that he could find her. Steve went on to reassure Bo that he would look out for Hope. They lost the phone connection, abruptly ending the conversation. In the meantime, Dr. Ellman visited Kayla at home. She told Kayla to avoid being on her feet too much. Steve called Stephanie and ordered her home immediately.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Marlena had been summoned to Chez Rouge, though she didn't know by whom or why, and arrived to find that John had set up a romantic dinner for the two of them. She accused him of being presumptuous, but he countered that she wouldn't have come if he'd simply invited her to dinner. She conceded that he was probably correct. As he pulled out Marlena's chair, John told her he was trying to make up for what had happened at the docks. She asked why he suddenly cared about her opinion of him. After he'd persuaded her to sit down, he admitted that he did care, though he didn't know why. He confided that he felt bad when he disappointed her, and asked her to open the box next to her place setting. She protested, but finally she opened it to find a stunning diamond necklace. He smiled smugly and said he knew it would convince her to forgive him. Marlena set him straight, and told him she didn't care about material things. He argued, "Oh, come on. I read somewhere that diamonds are a girl's best friend." She coolly responded, "My best friend has always been my husband. And right now, I miss him more than ever." He accused her of playing hard to get, and she urged him to spend his money on better causes. She asserted that her husband-her real husband-would never have tried to buy her forgiveness or affection, then gathered up her coat and the jewelry box and left without saying goodbye. On her way out, she presented the necklace to Maggie. Maggie gasped when she saw it and handed it back to Marlena, saying she couldn't accept it. Marlena suggested she sell it and give the money to charity, then left. Maggie went over and sat with John, who confessed that he was at a loss when it came to women. Maggie advised him that if he wanted to impress Marlena, he should sell the necklace and donate the proceeds to a worthy cause. He claimed he no longer cared about impressing her, because she was too high-maintenance. Maggie laughed and said they both knew that wasn't true, then gave him back the jewelry box and walked off.

While Abe was reassuring Bo that he had officers out searching for Hope, Steve called and asked Bo not to involve the cops yet. Bo hung up and tried to convince Abe and Lexie that he'd overreacted, because Hope was probably just out shopping, and to please call off the search. Abe reminded him they hadn't been able to find Hope anywhere, and asked why Bo had suddenly changed his mind. Bo said he'd had a bad dream about not being able to find Hope and claimed he was calmer now that he was more awake. Lexie cautioned him to relax, and after Abe left, she demanded to know what was going on. Bo asked her to just trust him and try to keep Abe out of it, and she warily agreed-but vowed that if Hope hadn't been found by morning, the deal was off.

Steve asked Stephanie to keep an eye on a napping Kayla while he went to visit Bo. Stephanie was suspicious, since Bo had just had major surgery and Steve hadn't left Kayla's side recently, and asked if it had something to do with Ava. Steve told her he couldn't tell her more yet, and filled her in about Kayla's cramping. He told her that the doctor had insisted Kayla stay calm and quiet, and then he left after promising to return soon. When Kayla awoke, Stephanie convinced her mom to move from the couch into the bedroom to try to get some real sleep. Max dropped by and asked why Steve had insisted she come home right away. Stephanie reluctantly agreed to tell him what was up, and quickly brought him up to speed about Ava. She urged him to keep quiet, lest the stress hurt Kayla's unborn baby, and Max agreed. When he offered to help track Ava down, Stephanie told him the only thing she needed was for him to be there. He hugged her, and confided that he wanted to tell her something. He stammered a bit and finally said, "I feel...very strongly for you." She giggled in response, and he thanked her sarcastically. She asked if he was afraid to say "the word." They playfully bickered, and then she told him she wasn't afraid to say it. She paused, and with tears in her eyes, said simply, "Love." He kissed her tenderly in response. Kayla emerged from the bedroom just then, and when she spied them kissing, she tried unsuccessfully to sneak past them. Max tried to make an excuse and leave, but Kayla insisted he stay. She then gently reminded the two of them that they were, technically, relatives. She added that she wanted to make sure they were prepared for what people might say, then noted that Steve should have been back by then. Stephanie offered to call him at the hospital, but Kayla admitted she was relieved not to have him hovering.

Steve entered Bo's room, and as soon as Lexie had gone, Bo demanded to know what was going on. Steve began doling out the details slowly, but when he saw how upset Bo was getting, he related the short version of Ava's story. After Steve told him that Ava had kidnapped Hope, Bo wanted to know why. Steve replied, "For some reason, the crazy bitch thinks Hope is Kayla." Bo's eyes widened in shock and fear, then he became furious when Steve said he was waiting for Ava to call him back. Steve assured him that he knew how to handle Ava and that he'd bring Hope home safely.

Meanwhile, the cat and mouse game between Hope and Ava continued, as Hope pleaded with her captor to allow her to make another phone call. Ava refused, and explained that the reason she hadn't told "Patch" to come to them was that he would just call the cops as soon as he knew where they were. Hope asked what Ava's father would do if he found out Steve was back in her life. Ava smugly replied that she could get away with anything while her daddy was out of town, and that, though her guards worked for him, they were family and always protected her from him. She added that because they blamed Patch for what happened to her, they all wanted him dead. Hope asked why Ava would put Steve in so much danger if she loved him. Ava claimed her father would accept it when he saw that having Patch back made her happy-and well.

Hope warned her that it wouldn't be easy to get Steve back, so Ava wanted to know what was so great about "Kayla" and Steve's relationship. Hope played the role of Kayla beautifully, and described for Ava how she'd almost immediately fallen in love with Steve when they met nearly twenty years before, and how they'd been together despite many obstacles. She continued that the only reason Steve had ever been with Ava was because everyone believed he had died in an explosion, and that he'd had amnesia afterward because he'd been manipulated by Stefano DiMera. Ava was stunned to learn all of this. When Hope said Steve had come back to her because he'd remembered their love, Ava became enraged and told her to shut up, but Hope stood firm. She apologized for upsetting Ava, but added that she was upset as well. Hope gently suggested that Steve had been with Ava because he hadn't known who he was, and asked Ava to tell her more about her life with him. Ava angrily insisted that Patch had loved her once and would again, and that they would have a future together. Hope calmly asked her to prove it by getting him there. Ava asked why she was so anxious, and Hope evenly replied that Ava would see how committed Steve was to her and the baby-and that she just wanted to get back to her life. Ava said that's what she wanted too, but they couldn't both have the same thing. Hope agreed, and reminded her they couldn't find out whom Steve would choose until he got there.

When Steve's cell phone rang, he noted that the incoming number was restricted, and told Bo it was probably Ava. He paused for a moment to consider his words, but after some urging from a frustrated Bo, Steve put the phone on speaker and answered it. Once Ava announced herself, Steve asked to speak to Kayla, but Ava refused. She told him to meet her near a roadhouse where they used to meet, in the alley behind the motel next door, in two hours. When Steve asked if Kayla would be there, Ava snapped, "Stop asking questions and do what I tell you to, otherwise you're never going to see your pregnant little wife again."

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