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Monday, April 14, 2008

Ava arranged to spend time alone with Steve. Ava reminded Steve of their past love together. Steve told Ava that their love was real and that he cared about her, but he was married to Kayla and expecting another child. Ava kissed Steve and tried desperately to convince him that they were meant to be together.

In another room, Hope was frustrated at being held prisoner, and searched for a way to escape.

Steve apologized to Ava for complicating her life and causing her such pain and heartache. Ava had her own agenda and told Steve she loved him and began to seduce him. Steve pulled away and feigned soreness in his ribs, from injuries suffered in the plane crash, to discourage her advances.

Ava expressed remorse for almost having killed Steve in the plane crash, but yearned to be with him. Steve told Ava that he was in too much pain to make love to her. Ava was upset and cautioned Steve that he must decide whom he loves, her or Kayla. She told him that she would not wait for him forever and left the room.

Steve left his room and went to find Hope to give her an update on what was going on. Steve told Hope that he felt responsible for Ava's state of mind. Hope told Steve that she was surprised at the extent of his relationship with Ava. Hope reminded Steve that it was important for him to remember that his relationship with Ava was part of his past. Angelo caught Steve in Hope's room and told him that Ava would not be pleased that he was visiting Hope (who they thought was Kayla) and ordered him back to his room.

Bo asked Lexie to prepare the paperwork for his discharge from the hospital as soon as possible. Lexie advised Bo that she was concerned about his health. She urged him to call Abe to help him find Hope. Bo explained to Lexie that it was too dangerous to involve the police at that time and for her to trust him.

Daniel entered the room and reminded Bo that he was recovering from major surgery. Daniel told Bo that he would agree to sign the discharge papers provided Bo followed his post-operative instructions. Daniel explained the importance of taking all prescribed medication, and said Bo should call immediately if he experienced any side effects. He urged Bo to get plenty of rest. Bo agreed to the terms and thanked Daniel for saving his life.

Bo called Caroline and asked his mom for a favor.

Daniel visited Kayla in her hospital room and asked her how she was feeling. During their conversation, Daniel told Kayla that he had reviewed her file and credentials prior to Bo's surgery. Daniel explained that he wanted to make sure that she was qualified to join his surgical team, especially since his patient was her brother.

Kayla asked Daniel to speak to Dr. Elman to expedite her discharge from the hospital. Daniel agreed and left to process the appropriate paperwork.

Lexie entered Kayla's room and urged her to take care of herself and get bed rest. She asked Kayla to encourage Bo to do the same. Kayla agreed and called her mom and asked her for a favor.

Caroline picked up Bo and Kayla from the hospital but questioned the whereabouts of Steve and Hope. Bo and Kayla asked Caroline to drop them off at the Brady Pub and not to ask any questions.

Caroline, a wise mother, knew Bo and Kayla were up to something and begged them to be careful and take care of each other.

Bo showed Kayla a surveillance disc from hospital security. Bo said that he hoped the information on the disc would help lead him to Hope. Kayla and Bo put a plan together to find their spouses. Bo sensed that Hope was in danger.

John and Marlena went on a date at Chez Rouge. While they were dancing, Marlena pulled away from John and told him that she was confused about her feelings for him. Marlena told John that she wanted to spend time with her husband but it was difficult for her because he was not the same man that she married. Marlena tried to explain to John that she was remembering their love and life together, but she was frustrated because he could not remember that he loved her, or their marriage. She told John that even though he was her husband that he was a stranger to her. John reminded Marlena that Stefano was the villain who transformed him into a killing machine programmed to respond like a robot. John told Marlena that spending time with her was helping him to become more human. Marlena confided to John that she was sexually attracted to him, but that she needed more time before she could make a commitment to him. John encouraged Marlena to continue their relationship to see how things would work out between them. Marlena was emotional and told John that she was going to leave town to take some time to think things through. She told him that she didn't know how long she would be gone.

John begged Marlena to say in Salem, but respected her decision and assured her that he would wait for her to come home. Marlena was touched by John's kind words but reminded him that she could not promise him anything. Marlena said goodbye to John and left the restaurant.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bo lay soundly asleep in his darkened hospital room as a smiling Ava crept in with a syringe full of drugs. Ava injected his IV, causing Bo's heart rate monitor to flatline. Fortunately, this was all just a nightmare that Hope was having during her restless sleep at the Vitali compound. Tired, Hope finally fell back asleep and this time dreamt that Ava went to see the real Kayla after learning the truth. An angry Ava argued with Kayla who begged for her baby's life, to no avail. The two women struggled and Ava tossed Kayla out the nearby window. In the real world, Hope tossed and turned in her sleep and had a third dream, this time about Bo walking along the foggy docks. When Hope tried to stop him in her dream, he told her he had to keep going because he was going to visit Pop and their son. A tearful Hope begged him to stay, but Bo told her to be careful of Ava and know that he would always love his Fancy Face. Terrified, Hope sat bolt upright and hurriedly began to search the room for an escape.

Down the hallway, Steve feverishly paced his room and looked for a way out. Realizing the search was futile, Steve finally sat down and flashed back to remember his past with Ava. In the past, Ava told Steve that she believed he was a good man who would never hurt her. Steve had agreed with her and promised never to leave. Ava told him that she believed in him and after a moment of staring lovingly into each other's eyes, Ava proposed to him. Steve did not accept at first, citing her father as an obstacle to their marriage. Ava suggested that they run off to Vegas to elope so that they could start having babies as soon as possible. Eventually Steve agreed, telling her, "Didn't I tell you I'd never leave you? I meant that." Shaking his head, Steve came back to the present time and ran to the bedroom door calling out for Angelo. After a few moments, a grumpy Angelo answered the door. Steve told Angelo that he did not remember Ava ever acting like she had been recently and that he was worried that she needed help. Gritting his teeth, Angelo countered by informing Steve that she had a doctor already because Steve had caused her illness. Adding, "If not for her orders, I'd kill you."

At the Brady Pub, Bo played the hospital surveillance DVD while Kayla watched the footage over his shoulder. After a little searching, the two finally found what they were looking for on the DVD when they spotted Hope's car leaving the parking lot with another woman at the wheel, while Hope lay slumped over in the backseat. Kayla immediately tried to calm a frantic Bo, and then the two worked to think of where Ava might have taken Hope. When Kayla began to worry if Steve and Hope were hurt, it was Bo's turn to remind her not to panic and stay positive. After a few sweat-filled moments, Bo finally remembered that new security cameras had been installed on all the bridges in town. Bo furiously dialed up his friend Bill and asked him to find information on Hope's car. While Bo waited for a call back from Bill, Kayla nervously searched the pub for food to eat. After a couple of tense minutes, Bill called back and told them that the car was spotted headed into Brookville, a large area to the north. With a lot of ground to cover, Kayla and Bo brainstormed for ideas of how to find Steve and Hope. They figured out that Ava was likely not alone and that her family might have land in the area. Bo reached out to a street informant named Earl, who arrived a little later. When Bo could only offer $250, Earl balked at giving Bo any information. At his wit's end, Bo grabbed Earl by the collar and screamed, "Listen up you little weasel! Those people have my wife and you don't start talking, I will break you in half!" Kayla stepped in to ask Earl a little more nicely, and Earl informed them that the Vitalis had a compound on the hill staffed with a large number of armed guards. Before leaving, Earl cautioned them not to storm the place because it could get Hope killed whether she was at the compound or not. Bo grabbed his gun and argued with Kayla about whether either of them should run off to the Vitali compound, but ultimately they both agreed to go and inform one another if they needed medical attention.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole was tossing in her sleep but her dreams only seemed to be pleasant ones. Unfortunately for her, Philip began to knock loudly on her bedroom door. Philip barged into the room to find a displeased but joking Nicole. Philip accused Nicole of turning Chloe in to the Austrian embassy but Nicole denied it. Nicole did admit that she did not like Chloe because she was "creepy" and that Brady's disappearance showed her that her instincts about Chloe were correct. Furious, Philip demanded that she leave the mansion immediately. Nicole refused and called a sleepy E.J., demanding that he rush over at once. While Nicole held Philip off by talking and cracking jokes, E.J. finally arrived. Nicole brought E.J. up to speed on the night's events, and E.J. informed Philip that he could not throw Nicole out by force or with police aid since she was not legally separated from Victor. E.J. cautioned Philip not to push the issue since the judge could side with Nicole and have Victor and Philip removed. Philip reluctantly backed off and started to leave the room. As E.J. began to follow, Nicole stopped them both, attempting to thank E.J. by hugging him. Not amused, E.J. pushed her away and firmly stated that he was not available "24/7" and that a hefty surcharge for the evening's work would be on its way to her shortly.

In the hallway outside Nicole's room, Philip asked E.J. why he was taking Nicole's case. Smirking a little, E.J. told him, "Let's just say I like a challenge." Philip tried to warn E.J. about Nicole, but E.J. reminded Philip that the law was on Nicole's side and her personality was not relevant to the issue of whether or not she could stay in the house.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

At the DiMera mansion, Sami listened nervously to the baby monitor as a yawning E.J. returned from checking on fussy baby Ali. E.J. questioned whether her fussiness was because she missed spending time with him since he was so busy lately. Sami was less than thrilled with his theory and quickly reminded E.J. of Lucas. E.J. was not happy to be reminded that Lucas was the girl's father, but suggested to Sami that her anger was about more. Sami agreed and listed off her recent woes about Lucas, Marlena, and moving into the mansion. Just as Sami began to yell about Nicole's case, John entered and told E.J. that he agreed with Sami about Nicole. John stated that as a Kiriakis, Nicole was the enemy. E.J. disagreed and explained that Nicole was a Kiriakis in name only and that her presence at the Kiriakis mansion was solely because of E.J.'s court order and not because of Victor's good graces. After stating this much, E.J. declined to say more about Nicole or the Kiriakis clan due to client confidentiality. Raising an eyebrow and a slight smirk, John told E.J. that he had not yet decided whether to let E.J. take Nicole's case. Angered, E.J. warned John that he had no say as to what case E.J. took because he was the head of his own family. John quickly reminded E.J. under whose roof he was living, to which E.J. rashly jumped up and declared he would leave at once. Sami balked at the idea of rushing out in the middle of the night with no money, no plan, and two babies in tow, so she vehemently declined to leave with E.J. Considering Sami's stubbornness, E.J. was forced to relent and stay.

E.J. informed John about Nicole's history with Sami, and Sami tried to tell her side of the story on each of Nicole's accusations. When Sami told John that Nicole had hurt Brady, E.J. fumed in the corner. Frustrated, E.J. left to check on Johnny, leaving Sami alone with John. When John analyzed Sami and claimed that she must feel trapped, a smiling Sami told John that he sounded a bit like the old John. The two seemed to bond for a moment. Seizing the moment of peace, John inquired about Marlena, but Sami denied any knowledge of where Marlena had disappeared to for her rest. Sami went upstairs and later, E.J. returned to talk to John. John explained that he had reconsidered his stance on Nicole's case and advised E.J. that Sami's anger was likely the result of jealousy and the fear of losing another man to Nicole.

At the Vitali compound, Angelo threw Hope into Steve's bedroom when the perimeter was breached by intruders. Angelo advised Ava about the situation and tried to keep her calm. Ava was worried that there would be more bloodshed, but Angelo continued to try to calm her down and soothe her nerves. Steve began to bang on the door, calling out to Ava. Though Angelo advised Ava not to go in, Ava demanded to see Steve. Angelo opened the door and Ava cautiously entered the room to find a pleading Steve, asking Ava to let Hope go, so Steve and Ava could start their life together. As Hope played along, yelling at Steve and Ava, Ava remembered her past with Steve. However, the memories caused her to visibly shake and grab her head in pain. Steve tried to hold her but Ava flailed her arms and screamed. When Angelo attempted to give her the medication she needed to calm down, Steve punched Angelo. Enraged, Angelo pulled out his gun and warned Steve that he was finally going to have his revenge on Steve for what Steve did to his cousin. Angelo knocked Steve out cold and when Steve came to, Angelo reentered the room with a much calmer and quieter Ava right behind him.

Out in the compound's yard, Bo and Kayla scurried across the grounds and ran into the bushes to avoid detection. Grimacing, Bo was clearly in a lot of pain from the effort of breaking into the compound. Kayla begged Bo to go along with her plan, but he steadfastly refused. As Bo breathed heavily, wincing with every gasp, Kayla calmly walked into the open yard and into the flashlights of the oncoming security guards. After the guards frisked Kayla, she demanded to see Ava, telling the guards that she was Steve's wife. Confused, the guards tried to radio Angelo but could not reach him. With the guards distracted by the radio, Bo attacked from behind, knocking out both guards. Bo and Kayla handcuffed the guards in the bushes and headed up toward the house.

Inside the Vitali house, Angelo continued to hold a gun on Steve when a guard rushed in and told him that two guards had been found tied up outside. Angelo pulled Ava into the hallway, leaving Steve and Hope tied up and locked inside the bedroom behind them. Ava apologized to Angelo for all the trouble and, when she hugged him, carefully picked his pocket in order to steal his keys. Once Angelo ran off in pursuit of the intruders, Ava used the keys to go back into the bedroom. Ava calmly squatted in front of Steve and told him that she knew he never intended to leave Kayla but that she wanted to hear him admit it. When Ava asked Steve if he was only there for Kayla, Bo and Kayla burst into the room, guns drawn. "That's right!" said Bo. With the gun pointed at Ava, Bo hurried to untie Hope who then hugged him tightly. Kayla rushed to Steve's side and put her gun down on the bed behind Steve so that she could untie him. Once he was unbound, Steve kissed Kayla, sighing, "Oh, Sweetness." Horrified, Ava watched the scene unfold before her. "Who the hell are you?" she asked Kayla. "I'm Steve's wife. Kayla." Steve, Kayla, Bo, and Hope ran for the door, hoping to avoid Angelo, but with their backs turned on Ava, she took the opportunity to grab Kayla's gun. Ava called out to the foursome and fired a shot directly into Hope's stomach. Shocked, Bo quickly raised his gun in response.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ava shot Hope. Steve rushed Ava and knockeds her out, as the others rushed to Hope's aid. Hope was only hit in the shoulder. Kayla tended to her while they considered their options. Hope, Bo, Steve and Kayla started to escape while Ava was unconscious. As they sneaked out, Ava came to and set off an alarm. Suddenly, the foursome was surrounded by heavily-armed guards. Hope was losing blood and fainted as the guards jumped Bo and Steve. The fight stopped. Ava ordered the guards to kill them all. Steve tried to talk Ava out of it. He begged her to take him and leave the others alone. Ava was about to shoot Steve when Angelo spoke up and stopped her. He'd do it. Hope asked Ava to tell them why she hated Steve so much. They wanted to know what he did to her. Ava agreed to tell them the love story of Patch and Ava. The Salemites had bought themselves some time.

Chloe returned to the Kiriakis mansion, spitting nails. She accused Nicole of ratting her out. Nicole was caught. She had a real fondness for Brady and suspected Chloe was responsible for his disappearance. Chloe denied it and the two women got into a fight. Philip had to pull them apart. Philip sent Chloe upstairs and told Nicole he had a proposition for her.

Stephanie sneaked into Max's bedroom for some company. She was so worried about her parents and didn't want to be alone. She told Max how she hadn't heard from her parents or from her Uncle Bo and Hope. She thought they were all in grave danger. Max tried to comfort her and told her to have faith.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Chelsea joined Kate for breakfast at the Brady Pub, and apologized for being late. Kate noted that her granddaughter looked pale, and Daniel, who had overheard them as he approached, concurred. Chelsea insisted she was fine, but Daniel put his hand to her forehead and said she felt clammy. After Daniel excused himself to take a phone call, Kate decided to take Chelsea home. Though Chelsea protested, Kate was adamant, and Daniel watched as Kate led her granddaughter out the door.

In the living room of the DiMera mansion, John offered Paul Hollingsworth coffee, but Paul refused. He angrily demanded that John live up to his promise to make things right. John calmly assured Paul that things would be back to normal soon, but that he'd then be in John's debt. Paul argued that their deal was just for John to fix the problems he'd caused. John said that he was going to go the extra mile and see to it that Paul was living in luxury when everything was all over, and that he'd need something in exchange for his efforts. Paul's brow furrowed as John left the question of what he'd demand in return up in the air.

Philip reminded Nicole of the terms of their deal, and then informed her that her part would be to spy on John Black for him. Nicole was surprised, but Philip filled her in about John's memory loss and subsequent personality change. He assured her that she'd get everything she deserved in her divorce settlement from Victor. Nicole agreed to keep tabs on John, and, after she'd sufficiently shocked Philip with her desire for a cocktail at that early hour, the two of them left for the Brady Pub. Before sending Nicole inside, Philip advised her to use her "womanly wiles" to befriend John. She worried about the past animosity between her and John, and about Marlena, but Philip assured her neither would be a problem. So Nicole undid another button on her slinky violet blouse, and confidently walked in the door while Philip watched through the window.

Observing him skulking around outside the Pub, Morgan arrived and asked what Philip was up to. The two of them bantered a bit, and Philip called her coy, which she freely admitted to. She then accused him of being out to get John and putting her dad in the middle, but he denied it, then asked her to breakfast so he could prove it. She politely declined, because she said she was meeting her father. Paul arrived just then, and the two men squared off over the business on the docks. When Morgan pointed out to Philip that this was what she had meant by putting her father in the middle, Paul told Philip they'd continue the discussion later, and led his daughter inside.

As she walked into the Pub, Nicole spotted a waitress, snatched a Bloody Mary off of the woman's tray, and told her to put it on John's tab. She then ambled past John's table and feigned surprise to see him back from the dead. She introduced herself, and when he hinted that her reputation preceded her, she urged him not to listen to gossip. She asked if she could sit with him, then, as she slurped her drink, pronounced him much more interesting than the old John. He seemed surprised and pleased by the flattery, and even more so when Nicole confessed she'd had a crush on the old John. He reminded her that the old John had been "boring as hell," but she continued to pour on the flattery, deeming him sexier and in better shape than before. She professed sympathy for his presumed loneliness, but was genuinely surprised when he informed her Rolf was his butler. Finally, admitting she was being forward, she asked him to dinner. When he tried to demur, she persisted that it would be fun, and then Philip, who had been eavesdropping, pretended to "catch" them together. When Philip proclaimed that the two of them deserved each other and stalked out, John seemed to decide dinner with her might not be a bad idea, and invited Mrs. Kiriakis to join him at the DiMera mansion that night. She thanked him, kissed him on the cheek, and left, as his eyes followed her out.

Meanwhile, Paul and Morgan were dining at the next table. Morgan admitted she'd lost her appetite because of John, but Paul tried to reassure his daughter that John was helping him with the "misunderstanding" at the customs office. Morgan argued that it was John's fault Paul was in trouble, because he had strong-armed Paul into accepting a bribe, and she worried that her dad would go to jail for it. Paul promised her that would not happen. Morgan then said she'd told Chelsea she'd stop by, and gave her father a hug goodbye.

Outside the Pub, Nicole somewhat excitedly informed Philip that she and John had a date for later that night. He cautioned her not to forget their objective, but she promised him John would never suspect a thing.

As Paul paid his tab at the bar, John sidled up behind him and said, "I hope you're not following me now." Paul, clearly disgusted, replied that he'd merely been having breakfast with his daughter. Paul then pointed out that although John was purportedly married, he'd been dining with a "hot little blonde." John told him to mind his own business.

Once Kate got Chelsea back to the Kiriakis mansion, Chelsea admitted she wasn't feeling well, and collapsed on the living room floor. Just then, Daniel knocked on the front door, and when he heard Kate's shouts for Henderson to call an ambulance, he rushed inside. He said he'd come by to check on Chelsea because she hadn't looked well at the pub, and moved her to the couch. He observed that Chelsea was running a fever, and instructed Kate to call 9-1-1 as he continued trying to rouse his patient. He placed a cool compress on Chelsea's forehead and listened to her heart, as Kate paced and complained about how long it was taking the ambulance to arrive. Daniel tried to reassure her, but Kate turned her frustrations on Daniel and blamed him for Chelsea's condition. He reminded her that he'd been against doing Bo's transplant in the first place, and that Chelsea had been aware of the risks when she volunteered to donate part of her pancreas to her dad. Kate apologized, then ran to open the door when the ambulance arrived. Daniel gently stroked Chelsea's brow and told her to hang on. He quickly apprised the paramedics of Chelsea's condition and ordered them to take her to University Hospital immediately. The EMTs took Chelsea's vitals and informed Daniel her temperature was over 103. Daniel told a panicky Kate that he wouldn't know what was wrong until he could run some tests. Morgan showed up, and when she saw Chelsea lying unconscious on the gurney, worriedly asked what had happened to her friend. Chelsea woke up and weakly asked Daniel if he would stay with her. He assured her he would take good care of her, and then the paramedics wheeled Chelsea out as Kate and Morgan looked on with deep concern.

Ava stood in the doorway of her room with Angelo hovering protectively behind her and asked her prisoners-Steve, Kayla, Bo, and Hope-if they were sure they wanted to hear what Steve had done to her. Though she was bleeding badly from the bullet Ava had put in her shoulder, Hope asserted that if they were going to be killed anyway, they should at least hear why Ava hated Steve so much. Bo concurred, because he said he couldn't imagine that his old friend was capable of doing something as horrible as Ava claimed. Ava consented, but said she'd rather start at the end of the story. While a weakening Hope leaned against Bo on the bed, and Kayla sat in a chair near them-and with Steve bravely standing to face his former lover-Ava cut right to the chase. She told them that she had believed that she and "Patch" were very much in love-soul mates, even-until their wedding day. She recounted how they had eloped to a small chapel in Nevada. She had worn a short, lacy white dress and carried a simple bouquet of wildflowers she'd picked nearby. Clad all in black, his long hair in a ponytail, Steve had beamed at his bride from the altar as she arrived at the back of the church. They'd mouthed "I love you" to each other while the priest and their two witnesses waited for Ava to walk down the aisle.

Ava stopped and sarcastically asked Steve if she was telling the story right. He assured her that she was, then turned to apologize to Kayla before pleading with Ava to stop, to forget about the past, and to move on. Ava retorted that the past wasn't over for her, so Hope weakly encouraged her to continue. Ava angrily insisted Patch take over the storytelling from there, and he reluctantly agreed, though he told Kayla he wanted to do it. Steve picked up the story where Ava had left off, with him watching happily as she started down the aisle toward him, until suddenly he'd begun to feel strange. He said he had started having flashes of another wedding-his wedding to Kayla, though he didn't know it at the time-and he knew something was wrong. He earnestly told Ava, "I just knew, in my gut, in my heart, I couldn't go through with it." Kayla watched sadly as Ava, her face streaked with tears, bitterly told him to continue because she hadn't heard this part of the story yet. As the flashes continued in his head, Steve said, he unconsciously backed out of the church, stumbling as he exited the side door. He'd gasped for air and held his head as he tried to make sense of the images in his mind. He said he'd realized he had to go back inside and explain why he couldn't go through with the wedding, but before he could, two men had grabbed him from behind and dragged him away, throwing him into the back of his own car.

Ava stopped him and asked if he really expected her to believe that, or if he thought she was stupid. He swore it was the truth, and that he had never intended to hurt her. Her voice breaking, she told him a part of her had died when she realized he wasn't coming back. He apologized again, and gently asked if he could explain the whole story. Ava said he'd just lie to her again, but Bo asked her to let Steve finish. Hope agreed that she'd like to hear the rest, and Kayla softly said, "So would I." Ava was clearly becoming angrier and more disinclined to listen, but she told Steve to go ahead. He related the story of how Stefano DiMera had abducted him, held him prisoner, erased his memory, and faked his death, in order to cause pain to Steve's loved ones. Ava acknowledged that Hope had told her something about that. Steve went on that after years of being Stefano's prisoner, he'd managed to escape, but he had no idea who he was or even where to go. "I was lost," he said, looking levelly at Ava, "but then I met you." He confided that falling in love with Ava had given him a reason to live. He swore on everything they had meant to each other that he had wanted to marry her, and that it had killed him not to be able to tell her goodbye. Ava's face crumpled, and Kayla closed her eyes, wiping away tears of her own.

Steeling herself, Ava offered to pick up the story from there, since she knew Steve had no way to know what had happened to her after that. She said after he had left the church, she thought he must have just been playing a game, so she waited for him. When she realized he wasn't coming back, she ran out the side door to look for him, but there was no sign of him. Devastated, she had collapsed in sobs in the churchyard. "The next thing I knew," she said, "I was in an ambulance being taken to a hospital, where I stayed for quite some time." Afterwards, she continued, her father had brought her back home and locked her in her room, claiming it was for her own good, and she had been there ever since. Kayla's cheeks were again wet with tears, and she, Hope, and Bo were clearly moved and saddened by Ava's tragic tale. His voice a whisper, and crying now himself, Steve managed, "I'm so sorry, Ava." She erupted in anger, sobbing and lashing out at Steve for ruining her life and turning her into the person she'd become-and whom she despised. "I hate you!" she shrieked and beat at his chest, as both Steve and Kayla wept miserably.

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