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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 28, 2008 on DAYS
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Monday, April 28, 2008

One of Ava's men forced Stephanie to leave the Brady Pub at knifepoint. Meanwhile at the police station, Ava was taken into custody.

Abe told Bo and Hope that Chelsea had been readmitted to the hospital, and they left to visit her.

Steve asked Ava if she knew anything about Stephanie's disappearance, but she was uncooperative. Abe received a phone call and learned that Max had gone to look for Stephanie. Steve and Kayla left the police station to help search for Stephanie. Max found Stephanie, negotiated her release, and scared off her captor. Kayla and Steve caught up with Max and were reunited with Stephanie; they thanked Max for saving Stephanie's life. Steve told Max that Ava was in custody and that the police were rounding up the guards that were responsible for holding them hostage at the Vitale compound.

Kayla assured Stephanie that the baby was fine but did not want to discuss what had happened while they had been held hostage. She said that she wanted to put the entire matter in the past. Steve warned Max and Stephanie that Ava's father was a threat to them.

Back at the police station, Ava became agitated. She warned Roman and Abe that her father would not be very happy when he learned that she had been arrested. Ava demanded to make a phone call and have her lawyer present. Roman and Abe left Ava in the office to make her phone call. Ava phoned someone to summon her father because she needed his help.

Abe asked Ava to make a statement before she was booked, but she refused. She became very upset and told him that she would not make a statement unless Steve was with her. Ava was distressed and told Roman and Abe that she'd suffered mental anguish for years after Steve had left her. Abe tried to calm her, but she ranted on that her life would be meaningless without Steve. The stress caused Ava to have a seizure, and she was rushed to the hospital and subsequently placed on suicide watch.

Nicole told Chloe that Victor had known of Brady's whereabouts since before Chloe had arrived in Salem. Nicole further explained that Brady had been in a rehabilitation clinic somewhere in Switzerland, recovering from a drug addiction.

Victor and Philip arrived at the Brady Pub and interrupted Nicole's conversation with Chloe. Chloe explained to Victor, Philip, and Nicole that Brady was lonely and missed his family and friends in Salem. Chloe said that she had introduced Brady to some of her friends and she was unaware that he had accidentally become addicted to various recreational drugs. Victor lashed out at Chloe's wild lifestyle and blamed her for Brady's drug addiction.

Chloe screamed at Victor and accused him of leading the authorities to suspect her for Brady's disappearance when he'd known Brady was in a rehabilitation facility. Chloe told Victor that she loved Brady and was trying to help him, and she explained that Brady had not wanted anyone to know about his addiction. Victor told Chloe that he felt justified in his actions and, as a result, believed he'd saved Brady's life. Philip was furious that Victor had not told him about Brady's whereabouts and was sympathetic to Chloe's cause.

Steve told Victor what had happened at the Vitale compound and that Bo and Hope were at the hospital with Chelsea. Victor left the Pub to be with Bo, Hope, and Chelsea.

Philip accompanied Chloe to police headquarters to advise Roman and Abe about Victor's plot to frame Chloe. Chloe told Abe that she wanted her passport returned to her so she could return to Europe and reunite with Brady. She told Abe that Victor had kidnapped Brady and had tried to implicate her in a foul play plot surrounding his disappearance. She told them that she wanted to file charges against Victor.

E.J. helped Sami prepare for her upcoming interview with the immigration officer that was critical in finalizing E.J.'s visa. Sami and E.J. bantered with each other about their good and bad traits, and E.J. told Sami that, contrary to her protests, they knew each other very well and were quite compatible. Sami told E.J. that she had no interest in being married to him after Immigration cleared his status. E.J. was shocked, but as she was about to explain to him what she'd meant to say, Nicole walked into the room before they could finish their conversation.

Sami asked Nicole to leave, but Nicole told E.J. that she needed his help and was in a divorce war with Victor. Nicole explained that Victor had thrown her out of the mansion, and she'd retaliated by revealing his secret. Sami was curious about Victor's secret and told Nicole she could stay. Nicole explained that Victor had learned that Brady had been suffering from drug addiction and had transferred him to a rehabilitation facility in Switzerland without Chloe's knowledge. Victor had set up Chloe to make it appear that she had been involved in Brady's disappearance. The truth was out, and Victor was out for blood.

At the hospital, Chelsea asked Daniel why he was running so many of the same tests repeatedly. Daniel explained that he wanted to make sure he had all the facts before he told her about the long-term effects of the infection.

Bo and Hope arrived at the hospital to visit Chelsea and talk to Daniel about her condition. Bo was upset and felt guilty that Chelsea had had a relapse and was suffering as a result of the transplant. Bo told her he had never wanted her to make the sacrifice. Chelsea assured Bo that having the surgery and helping her dad was the best thing she had done in her life and that she would agree to surgery again if necessary. Daniel reminded everyone that Chelsea had known the risks and that it had been her decision to have the surgery.

Daniel explained to Chelsea's family that she had contracted an infection and that he was treating her with a regimen of antibiotics that would eventually cure the infection. However, Chelsea was diagnosed with peritonitis, a very serious poisonous infection that caused irreversible damage to her pelvic area and fallopian tubes.

Daniel was saddened to inform Chelsea and her family that, due to the considerable scarring, she would never be able to have children.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

At the police station, Philip updated Abe on Chloe's travels to Zurich to meet up with Brady. While Philip took a phone call, Roman let Abe know that Ava could not reach her father right away because he was off on his yacht, incommunicado. Roman and Abe seemed pleased for the extra time they would have to make a case against Ava before her father could interfere. Philip returned and asked Abe if there were any possible charges that Chloe could file against Victor. Roman told him there was nothing to charge Victor with, and satisfied, Philip headed off to tell his father the good news.

At the Brady Pub, Sami and E.J. reviewed personal questions about one another over breakfast. Sami was frustrated when she could not reach Marlena on her cell phone, so E.J. tried to take her mind off the situation by asking her what kind of underwear he wore. Sami looked less than amused, but after a grinning E.J. reminded her of the steam room incident, she grudgingly admitted remembering that he wore monogrammed blue boxer shorts. Before E.J. could tease her anymore, a beaming Marlena entered the pub with John.

Sami rushed over and told Marlena the good news about Brady, but the celebration was short-lived, since Victor walked in just as Sami was filling her in. Angry, Sami was quick to jump in and let Marlena know that Victor was to blame for Brady's absence. Victor countered that Brady's drug problem was all Chloe's fault. When Victor growled that he had set up Chloe to make her suffer, Marlena was quick to ask Victor, "What about us?"

John's face was as stony as ever, but he stared Victor down before finally warning him that he had crossed the line by lying about John's son Brady. Before Victor could respond, Philip rushed in and ushered Victor off to a corner to tell him that there would be no charges filed against Victor for the ruse with Brady. Still frustrated, Philip pushed Victor to explain why he had not told anyone. When Victor began to blame Chloe again, Philip told Victor that Brady had gotten himself hooked on drugs and had no one else to blame for it. Victor reminded Philip that he would do anything for family -- as Philip surely had to know from past experience.

Across the room, John received a phone call summoning him to the police station. On John's exit, Philip told Victor he was headed down to the police station to gather information and that Victor had better not follow. Marlena then also followed John to the police station, leaving Sami and E.J. alone at their table. E.J. asked Sami to look at her wallet and pointed out that every item in it had the name "Samantha Roberts" emblazoned on it.

Defensive, Sami flatly told E.J. that Samantha Roberts was her name and that she would not be changing it. Switching tactics, E.J. tried to pretend that they were a happy couple in love, but it only made Sami laugh out loud. Smiling in defeat, E.J. agreed that Sami's first instinct was likely the right one; they were going to be their usual hostile selves and act like a normal, bickering couple.

Back at the police station, Paul Hollingsworth tried to get his daughter Morgan to go home, but she refused to leave her father's side. When Morgan also resisted Roman's request to wait outside, Roman and Abe were forced to let Morgan accompany her father into Roman's office. Abe reminded Paul of his right to an attorney, but Paul said he felt no need, since he had not done anything wrong.

With his eyebrow raised high, Roman advised Paul that he had enough evidence to charge Paul with graft and that the Department of Homeland Security was very interested in pursuing the case. Roman then offered Paul a deal: implicate John Black and go free. Right on cue, John breezed in, with Marlena close behind him. Roman asked John if he wanted a lawyer, but like Paul, John dismissed the need for one.

Once John was advised of his rights, Roman and Abe began to question John as to his involvement in the Kiriakis quarantine. A huffy Philip entered the room, eager to hear the questioning, but John just narrowed his eyes and told Philip that he was only there because he had "dropped the dime" on Paul. "Are you admitting he is guilty?" Philip asked. Smirking, John stated that the investigation was a waste of time because there was no evidence.

Finally, Paul spoke up and informed John that the police had evidence of graft and had offered him a deal. Unfazed, John demanded to see the evidence of graft, but he was only greeted with silence. With Roman's bluff called, Paul left the station. Morgan stomped across the room to tell Philip to leave her father out of his plans to hurt John. Morgan defended her father to Philip, but when Philip tried to tell her that both their fathers had done questionable things, Morgan yelled at him and stormed out of the police station.

Back in Roman's office, John looked around the room and seemed shaken by his surroundings. The nameplate on the door and on Roman's desk caused John to look rattled. Noting his change in demeanor, Marlena eagerly rushed to his side and asked what was wrong. When Marlena questioned whether he had recovered a memory, John denied that he was thinking of anything but Philip. After the two left, they headed back to the Brady Pub.

Marlena again questioned John as to what had happened back in Roman's office and pushed him to tell her. John denied remembering anything, and Marlena informed him that if he remembered anything, it was likely because he had once worked in that office. John shook the moment off and walked into the pub. Marlena followed but stopped by Sami's table to chat with Brady on the phone. Hopeful of jogging more memories, Marlena passed the phone to John. Though John briefly talked to his son Brady, he told Marlena that talking to Brady was like talking to a stranger.

At Salem Hospital, Bo and Hope hovered over Chelsea while she slept. Lexie asked Bo to stay for some tests to ensure that his ordeal at the Vitalis' had not set his health back. Bo refused to leave Chelsea, and when Daniel entered, Bo turned his frustration on Daniel. Daniel advised Bo not to expend the energy worrying when it could not help the situation.

Bo angrily questioned Daniel's patient care with Chelsea and the two began to argue. As their voices grew louder, Chelsea stirred awake and asked Bo to listen and trust Daniel. Hope asked Lexie and Daniel to give Bo some time alone with Chelsea. The doctors agreed, and before leaving the room, Daniel promised Chelsea that he would be back.

Bo and Hope sat next to Chelsea's bed and fussed over her. Shortly thereafter, a nurse arrived to collect Bo for his tests, leaving Hope behind to say how proud she was of Chelsea. Hope started to say that if they had known infertility could have happened, she might not have signed off on Bo's surgery, but Chelsea interrupted to say that she did not believe Hope would have let Bo die. A tearful Chelsea then went on to tell Hope that she'd had a dream about Zack the night before and that she felt her infertility was her punishment for killing Zack. Hope firmly told her never to say that again, while a saddened Bo listened to them from the doorway.

Staring into Chelsea's eyes, Hope held back her tears and told Chelsea that what had happened to Zach had been God's plan and that he'd died because of an accident. The two hugged and exclaimed their love for one another. Later, Hope headed out to have Lexie check on her shoulder, and Bo took her place at Chelsea's side. Hope returned a short time later and found Bo sitting on Chelsea's bed, cradling his daughter in his arms.

Out in the hallway, Daniel lamented Chelsea's situation and wondered if he had been too hasty in performing the surgery on Bo. When Lexie tried to reassure him that Chelsea might not be infertile, Daniel angrily told her that the chances were minimal. Trying to stay positive, Lexie told Daniel to get multiple consults and try to help Chelsea recover. Shaking his head, Daniel admitted feeling too close to the case.

A surprised Lexie asked Daniel if he had become emotionally involved with Chelsea and whether he would be taking himself off of her case. Daniel admitted that he was going to remove himself, but when he later went to tell Chelsea the news, he stopped at the doorway and walked away instead.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

At the police station, Abe was on the phone with the district attorney when Lexie dropped by to see him. She confided that she'd had a rough day, and told him how learning of Chelsea's infertility had hit her hard, since she and Abe had had so much trouble conceiving before they'd had Theo. Abe invited his wife to dinner to take their minds off things. Lexie happily accepted, and the two kissed and embraced.

Bo took a stuffed animal to Chelsea in her hospital room. She admitted to her dad that it was weird to think about never being able to have kids but added that she'd rather live in the moment. Bo told her he'd talked to Billie, and the two of them thought it might be a good idea if Chelsea talked with Marlena. Chelsea said she'd prefer to handle everything on her own.

Hope took Ciara by to see her big sister, but before Chelsea could even give the toddler a hug, a nurse entered to tell Chelsea it was time for some more tests. Chelsea was pleased to hear that if the results looked good, she could go home soon, but she wanted to know why Daniel wasn't the one giving her the news. The nurse just said that Daniel wasn't on call. Chelsea thought it was odd that he'd left without saying goodbye. The nurse advised them all that the tests would take a while, so Bo and Hope kissed Chelsea goodbye and left with Ciara.

When Kate found Daniel tossing back shots at the Brady Pub, she asked why he was out drinking instead of keeping an eye on Chelsea. He informed her that he was no longer Chelsea's doctor. A stunned Kate wanted to know why, but he wryly reminded her that ethics prevented him from discussing it with her, though he stressed that Chelsea would need her family more than ever. Observing his condition and his mood, Kate reluctantly accepted what he said but remarked that Daniel was just as concerned about Chelsea as she was.

Kate apologized for being too hard on Daniel and admitted she could be crazy about her family. He assured her she'd been nothing but caring, and the two of them agreed that Chelsea was a special young woman. She thanked him again for everything he'd done for her granddaughter then bid him goodbye. Daniel downed another shot while he recalled confessing to Lexie that he'd lost his objectivity with Chelsea, and he ordered the bartender to keep pouring drinks.

Chelsea used her cell phone to call Daniel from her hospital bed and asked why he hadn't said goodbye before he'd left. He admitted he should have and mumbled an excuse. When she suggested he stop by to discharge her, he informed her he wasn't her doctor anymore and had handed her case off to Lexie. Frowning, but endeavoring to remain professional, he reasoned that he was a surgeon, and someone with Dr. Carver's background could better handle Chelsea's post-op care.

Chelsea pretended to understand and thanked Daniel for all he'd done. He wished her well with an air of finality, so she stammered, "I guess that I will just see you around." After they hung up, Chelsea immediately dialed Stephanie.

At the Brady Pub, Tony literally bumped into Anna, sending his laptop flying. When he simply apologized for not watching where he was going instead of using the opportunity to verbally spar with her, she asked what was going on. He told her that he was worried about Kate, since she was so upset about Chelsea's illness. Anna asked if he had feelings for Kate, but Tony insisted he loved only Anna. She confessed that she loved him, too, and they shared a tender kiss. He said he hoped the kiss helped her see how much he loved her, but she admitted she was still wary of Kate. Tony assured her he only had eyes for Anna.

Kate joined Anna and Tony, and Kate and Tony began discussing their ad campaign. Anna was surprised to hear that Kate was going to be in the commercials for her company's products. When Tony revealed that they planned to use Kate as the face of the company -- like the "next Martha Stewart" -- a skeptical Anna guffawed, though they insisted they were having a lot of fun in their efforts to "brand" Kate. Anna then informed them that she, too, had a fun new account.

Kate left to give Tony and Anna some privacy, and Anna divulged to Tony that John Black was her new client. Tony pressed her for more details, but she claimed it was still top secret, intimating that, as her competition, she'd disclosed too much already. Tony, annoyed, insisted they should stop their silly competition and just be together. Anna was on the verge of agreeing when Kate interrupted and reminded Tony that they had to leave for their production meeting.

Anna conveyed her displeasure by alluding to Kate's past as a prostitute, but Tony and Kate ignored her, and Tony offered to drop by Anna's suite later. She sweetly but curtly turned him town on the pretense that she had a lot of business calls to make then feigned a cell phone call. Tony left with Kate, shaking his head, as bewildered by Anna as ever.

Stephanie dropped by the pub to visit Max. She told him her folks had gone to bed then she thanked him for saving her life with a hug and a big kiss. After making sure the relief bartender had arrived, Max led Stephanie upstairs to his room. He quickly straightened up a little, apologizing for the mess. She teased him for not having candles or music, and he responded by uncovering a lava lamp. She smiled and said she didn't think they needed the ambiance. She told him she only needed to be with him for it to be the most romantic place on earth.

Max and Stephanie began kissing, and he led her to the bed, where they undressed each other and made love for the first time. Afterwards, Stephanie lay in Max's arms, and they talked about how long it had taken them to finally be together -- but how right it felt and how connected they felt to each other. Max declared, "Now that we love each other, the only thing standing in front of us is our future." They agreed to take things slowly and have fun together.

When Stephanie's cell phone rang, Max urged her to ignore it, but she said it might be her parents and answered anyway. It was Chelsea, who asked if they could talk then tearfully related her conversation with Daniel. Stephanie assured her that she shouldn't take it personally that Daniel had dropped her as a patient, but Chelsea would not be appeased. She insisted that it was because of the time she'd told Daniel she wished he weren't her doctor, or perhaps he thought she was "damaged goods" because she couldn't have children. Stephanie offered to go downstairs and give Daniel a piece of her mind, and Chelsea realized that Stephanie was in Max's room over the pub and apologized for interrupting.

Chelsea hung up with Stephanie and found Nick waiting to see her. He was happy to hear that she might get to go home later that day and excitedly told her, "So you're as good as new!" "Not exactly," she replied. Struggling to find the right words, she told him she couldn't have kids. Nick immediately expressed his sympathy, and asked if she was all right.

Chelsea admitted that it hadn't fully hit her yet then she asked Nick somewhat bitterly how it made him feel to hear that she was infertile. He interrupted her and assured her that he was only concerned with her. He told her that he loved her and that she meant everything to him. She hugged him and said, "You don't know how much I needed to hear that." He stroked her hair and kissed her, and she gave him a weak smile before resting her head on his shoulder.

An anxious Bo waited in the hall outside Chelsea's room, contemplating how his Pop had given his life for him and how Chelsea had sacrificed her ability to have children. Hope and Ciara found him and assured him he shouldn't blame himself, but Bo countered that Chelsea would still be able to have kids if she hadn't gone through with the transplant surgery. He pulled his wife and daughter close and kissed them both lovingly.

At the Brady Pub, Abe raised his wine glass to Lexie and toasted to the two of them. They caught up about their respective workloads, and they agreed that their new responsibilities should not interfere with their family time -- or their couple time.

When Abe went to the bar, Kate approached Lexie and asked what Daniel had meant when he'd said Chelsea would need the support of her family and why he had seemed so sad. After assuring Kate that Chelsea would recover just fine, Lexie confidentially told her that Daniel had removed himself as Chelsea's doctor because he'd become too emotionally involved. Kate looked only slightly surprised.

With Max trailing behind her, pleading with her to stay out of it, Stephanie strode up to Daniel at the bar. He greeted her with a smile and was taken aback when she lit into him for taking himself off Chelsea's case. She stressed that Chelsea needed to be around people she trusted, and that included Daniel, because he was more important to Chelsea than just being her doctor. When Daniel began his counter-argument and Stephanie started in on him again, Max gently pulled her away. After the two of them had left, Daniel continued to sit alone at the bar, looking miserable as he polished off another drink.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Chelsea fantasized that Daniel apologized for taking himself off her case because he wanted to be more than just her doctor -- he was in love with her. Hope interrupted her daydream. She questioned Chelsea about her daydream, and Chelsea said she was thinking about family. Hope told Daniel that Bo hadn't meant it when he'd blamed Daniel for Chelsea's infertility. Hope asked him for special instructions on taking care of Chelsea, but Daniel told her he was no longer Chelsea's doctor.

Bo later ran into Daniel in the hospital corridor, and Daniel advised him not to blame himself for Chelsea's condition. Daniel said he would rather Bo blame him. Bo said assigning blame didn't undo what had been done to Chelsea, and he had to help her through the difficult time. Bo suggested Chelsea move back in with him and Hope. Hope questioned Daniel on why he'd decided to take himself off Chelsea's case.

Max found Nick working on his grant project at the Brady Pub and offered him some coffee. Max hovered over Nick, annoying him. Max ignored Nick's hint to leave him alone. Instead, he sat down at the table and plugged in calculations from Nick's project and produced a different answer than Nick had in his notes. Nick confirmed Max's discovery and realized his mistake. Nick got a call from Daniel informing him about Chelsea's release from the hospital, so he left.

Lexie told Abe she didn't have time to sit and eat lunch because she was anxious to get to the hospital to help Bo, who had been taking Chelsea's infertility hard. Lexie and Abe argued about her decision to put their special morning on hold so she could get to the hospital. She suggested she and Abe go to counseling to work on their relationship, and Abe agreed to do whatever it took to save their marriage.

At the hospital, Lexie helped Chelsea get her prescription filled, and Daniel bid Chelsea goodbye. He told her just because he wasn't her doctor anymore didn't mean the two couldn't be friends. After Chelsea went home, Daniel told Lexie it was time for him to move on. Later, he made reservations to fly Australia. At Bo and Hope's house, Nick stopped by with cookies and magazines for Chelsea to read, and Chelsea told him she didn't deserve him. Chelsea assured Bo that her infertility was not his fault, and if she had it to do all over again, she would have the operation to save his life.

Steve, Kayla, and Stephanie woke up on the couch together, and Stephanie made her parents promise they would keep themselves safe. Kayla assured Stephanie that she and Steve were fine despite the ordeal they had gone through. Stephanie confided in Kayla that she was in love. Stephanie asked Kayla if that was how it had been when her parents had fallen in love.

In the hospital, Ava woke up screaming Patch's name, only to find a police officer guarding her. Ava yelled for the officer to leave, or she would be sorry. A nurse entered and gave Ava a sedative. Ava was talking in her sleep, telling her father to "kill them all." Steve went to the hospital to see Ava. Kayla gave Ava's medicine to a lab technician to have it analyzed.

While Steve was visiting Ava, Stephanie walked in. She tore into Ava for what she had done. Kayla entered the room and tried to calm down Stephanie then took her out of the room while Abe questioned Ava. Stephanie told Max that she didn't feel better, even though she had told Ava off.

Ava refused to answer Abe's questions. He told Ava that they had enough evidence to convict her, whether she cooperated or not. Steve warned Abe that death and destruction followed Ava's father, and there was nothing her father couldn't do when he put his mind and resources to it. The lab technician gave Kayla the results of the lab work.

Max assured Stephanie that Ava would go to jail -- where she wouldn't be able to hurt anyone else -- for a long time. Steve told Abe he didn't want Ava's father for an enemy. Abe said he wouldn't let Ava walk free. Steve said jail might not be the best place for Ava. Stephanie told Abe and Lexie they wouldn't believe what the pills Ava was taking were.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Kate sat in the makeup chair on the set of her company's new commercial, rehearsing her lines while being coifed and made up. Tony arrived and introduced himself to Barney, the director, then presented Kate with a rose -- and a kiss for good luck. Anna showed up just in time to see the kiss and made a catty remark about Kate's makeup. Kate wanted to know what Anna was doing there, but Tony informed her he'd invited Anna for her expertise.

Kate and Anna exchanged barbs again, and when Tony pulled Kate aside, she threatened to walk off if he didn't get rid of Anna. Meanwhile, Anna had picked up Kate's script and was reading it aloud. Barney overheard and immediately offered her a role in the commercial, to replace an actress who had called in sick. When Anna saw how furious that made Kate, she accepted.

When the cameras rolled, Kate removed her "home-baked" cookies from the oven and offered one to Anna, who was dressed like a soccer mom. Anna missed her line and instead said something disparaging about men, which infuriated Kate and in turn almost caused a fistfight between the two women. Tony and Barney stepped in to break it up as Anna threatened to wallop Kate with an omelet pan she'd grabbed from the set.

After shooting had finished, Kate whined to Tony that Anna had ruined her commercial. Though he assured her it had gone well, Kate stomped over to Anna, fired her from Kate's Hearth & Home Internet account, and vowed they'd never work together again. Anna huffed, but Tony told her to just let Kate cool off. Anna thanked Tony for letting her be in the shoot, but she was worried what would happen if Kate fired him too.

Tony replied, "There are many other accounts out there, but there are no other Annas." He then invited her dinner, and, beaming, she gratefully accepted. Eyeing a cheese grater curiously, she asked if he were looking for a more domestic kind of woman. He assured her she was exactly the kind of woman he wanted, and he grabbed and kissed her, growling playfully as she giggled.

Marlena, smartly attired in a bright pink suit, approached John as he worked at his desk and asked if she could borrow his computer. He rose and informed her that he would expect something in return, and before she could even ask what, he grabbed her and kissed her deeply. Sami and E.J. entered just then, and Sami, startled by the sight, cleared her throat. John stopped kissing Marlena and intoned, "You kids should know better than to ever interrupt me when I'm making out with my wife."

Sami and E.J. teased Marlena for protesting, and when John referred to Marlena as "Doc," Sami excitedly jumped to the conclusion that the old John had returned. This startled Rolf so badly that he dropped a tray, spilling its contents all over a chair. As Rolf cleaned up the mess, John explained to Sami and E.J. that he'd been the one who had kissed Marlena. Rolf advised John that he'd have to have the chair cleaned, but John told him to just throw it out. E.J. objected on the grounds that it was an antique. John agreed with a shrug but said there were plenty of other things around the DiMera estate that he'd like to get rid of, and he ordered Rolf to start by removing the portrait of Stefano.

Rolf panicked, remembering that the disc containing John's memories was in the safe hidden behind the painting. He claimed he didn't have the heart to take the painting down because it would mean the end of Stefano's era. When he continued to stall, a determined John strode over to the painting to remove it himself. He gripped the frame, and it swung away from the wall, revealing the safe. As the others exclaimed in surprise, Rolf tried to beat a retreat to the kitchen, but John stopped him and ordered him to reveal the combination.

Rolf denied that he'd even known of the safe's existence, but John was adamant that he'd get into it one way or another. E.J. suggested John just hire a locksmith, but John had a better idea and removed the stethoscope from Marlena's bag. He used it to listen while he spun the dial, and he eventually got the safe open. He removed a folder of real estate documents, and everyone was a bit surprised to see that was all that was inside. John thumbed through the papers and found the disc, and he declared that he'd look at it more closely later.

When John asked what E.J. and Sami had wanted when they'd first entered, Sami replied that they needed John and Marlena to testify for them at E.J.'s immigration hearing. Sami assured them they wouldn't have to lie, and she pointed out that she and E.J. behaved more or less like a normal couple. Marlena reluctantly consented, while John was more enthusiastic with his support, noting that the sooner E.J. got his visa, the sooner everyone would move back out of his house. Sami then informed them that the hearing was in a half hour, so after a warning from E.J. that Mr. Burke had no sense of humor, everyone hurried out. After the others had gone, Rolf entered and gazed anxiously at Stephano's portrait, fretting aloud that he would be in big trouble if John were to learn what was on that disc.

Steve, Kayla, Lexie, and Abe entered Ava's room at University Hospital, where Ava struggled miserably against her restraints. Kayla informed Ava that they'd had her medication analyzed, and Ava protested that it was a violation of her privacy. She demanded to see Dr. Neusbaum and became very agitated when Kayla refused. Kayla then told Ava the pills had been making her worse instead of better.

Kayla and Lexie continued that it was an anti-seizure medication that should never have been prescribed for Ava's brief psychotic disorder, because it could cause anxiety and mood swings. Ava insisted that she trusted Dr. Neusbaum and that he would never hurt her. Steve gently suggested that maybe Ava didn't know him as well as she thought and asked her if she knew why the doctor wouldn't want her to get better. Ava tearfully told the group that something had happened after Steve had left her, but she'd never been able to remember what it was, no matter how hard she tried in her sessions with Dr. Neusbaum.

Ava then became almost hysterical, and when Steve's efforts to calm her didn't work, Lexie ordered everyone out. Ava thrashed and wailed for "Patch" not to leave her. Lexie tried without much success to soothe her then had the nurse give her a sedative.

Out in the hallway, Kayla told Steve and Abe that Ava's memory might improve once the drugs were out of her system. Abe was amazed when Kayla declared that she truly wanted Ava to recover, but Steve echoed his wife's words. Both of them believed Ava was not responsible for her actions, and Kayla asked Abe to run a background check on Dr. Neusbaum. Lexie emerged from Ava's room, and Steve overheard when she privately urged Kayla to tell him the truth. He asked what they were talking about, so Kayla reluctantly told him that Ava had tried to commit suicide right after he'd left her at the altar.

Devastated, Steve asked his wife to go with him back into Ava's room. Inside, Steve reassured a very disoriented Ava that the hospital staff would take good care of her, and Kayla cautioned Ava that she probably wouldn't feel well while the drugs were being purged from her system. Ava weakly asked why Kayla was being so nice to her when she'd done such terrible things to Kayla and her family. Kayla replied that she was just doing her job, but Steve assured Ava that they knew it was the drugs that had caused her to do the things she'd done.

On his knees in a dark alley, a badly beaten Earl pleaded with Mr. Vitali to spare his life. He swore that Bo had threatened to kill him if he didn't reveal where the Vitali compound was. Martino assured Earl that everyone deserved a second chance, but later, he and his thugs stood over Earl's dead body, gazing at it dispassionately as the blood flowed unchecked across the pavement.

After Steve and Kayla returned from Ava's room, Abe's cell phone rang. When he hung up, he told them he had to leave because a body had been found in the alley behind the Cheatin' Heart.

After the commercial shoot, Kate was walking to her car when she stumbled across the scene, which had by that time been cordoned off with police tape. Stunned, she gave an officer her phone number, though she said she hadn't seen anything unusual, and she looked on in horror as the police tried to find some identification on the body. Her cell phone rang, and it was Martino Vitali, who told her he was in Salem and would like to see her.

Kate was surprised to hear from Martino. "You know I'm not in that line of work anymore. I gave up that lifestyle a long time ago," she informed him. Martino said he was glad to hear it, but he would still like to buy her a drink for old times' sake. She agreed, so they arranged to meet later, then with a final glance at the horrific crime scene, she walked to her car.

Steve went back into Ava's room and sat by the bed, where, in hushed tones, she pleaded with him to help her escape. When he gently refused, she told him that he owed her, and she began to cry. He tried to calm her, but she quickly became hysterical, shrieking, "Get me out of here!" Kayla rushed in, and she and Steve urged Ava to relax, but Ava just grew more and more agitated, flailing and screaming at them to let her out.

Suddenly Martino appeared in the doorway, and Ava immediately quieted down. "You're here," she said softly as Martino entered and kissed her on the forehead. Kayla demanded to know who the man was, and he replied, "My name is Martino Vitali. I'm Ava's father."

Kate returned to the crime scene, where Abe had just arrived. He demanded to know why she was in that part of town, and she informed him she was just getting some food for Chelsea. After Abe ordered an officer to escort Kate to her car, he took a call from Lexie. She asked how bad it was, and Abe informed his wife that the body they'd found was a professional hit.

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