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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 26, 2008 on DAYS
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Monday, May 26, 2008

Roman and Marlena questioned John about the drug bust at the docks. John became very angry at Roman and Marlena and told them that he was framed and was going to the docks to find out what happened. Roman would not allow John to leave the house because the docks were under investigation. John was furious and told Roman to get out of his way. Roman warned John that if he took one more step he would be arrested.

Marlena intervened and told John that if the Kiriakis family planted the drugs on his docks, then she was on his side. John was determined to leave, but as Roman tried to stop him, John punched Roman in the face. Roman told John that he had made a big mistake. John ordered Roman out of his house, but Roman told John that he was under arrest for assaulting a police officer and that more charges might follow depending on the outcome of the investigation.

Roman proceeded to handcuff John who became very agitated as it triggered horrible memories of when Stefano and Dr. Rolf erased his memories. Marlena tried to calm John down and promised that she would go with him to headquarters. John told Roman that he was set up and that he could not bear to be locked up again. Roman told John that he regretted having to arrest him and could not give him special treatment. While Roman was talking to John, Marlena was in the background preparing to administer a sedative to John. Roman tried to talk John down and agreed to question him at the house. John told Roman he was through talking and not to make him angry.

Roman went along with Marlena's plan to drug John and continued to talk to him and then Marlena injected John with the drug. John was very angry and accused Marlena of betraying him. She told John she was sorry, but she didn't want anyone to hurt him again and she was doing it to help him. John collapsed.

E.J was at the Brady Pub and noticed Philip sitting at a table. E.J. mentioned to Philip that he was surprised he was not at the docks, especially since the incident might involve Kiriakis shipping. Just then, Chloe burst into the pub and told everyone about a drug bust at the docks and that there was some kind of shootout. Stephanie realized that Max might be there and questioned Chloe about what happened. As Stephanie was leaving the pub to find Max, he arrived and explained to her that it was not a shootout, but that the police were searching the docks for drugs.

Max assured Stephanie that he was not in any danger as his supervisor advised him what was going on and asked him not to report to work. Max tried to find out what was going on, but a local police officer explained that an investigation was in process and he could not comment further. Max told Stephanie that a supply of medication was being shipped to India that day and if he had been working he would have been in the middle of the situation. Stephanie was grateful that Max was not involved, but Max remained suspicious.

Nicole arrived at the Pub to join E.J. and Philip. She told them she was elated that Pookey, her dog, recovered, and she was so happy about the news she offered to buy them drinks. Philip reminded Nicole that she had no money and she asked him to pick up the tab while she warmed up to E.J. Nicole, Philip, and E.J. discussed the drug bust on the docks, and Nicole seemed to make light of the situation. Chloe was disgusted at Nicole's attitude. Nicole taunted Chloe when she remembered that Chloe was sensitive about drug issues because of Brady's addiction. Chloe and Nicole started a fight but Philip asked them to be civil to each other or else one of them would have to leave.

Max and Stephanie entered the pub and Max asked if he could speak with Philip alone. Max told Philip that he never told anyone that Philip asked him to spy on John. Max asked Philip if he planted the drugs on the DiMera side of the docks to get back at John. Philip told Max that he was not involved, just as Abe walked into the pub. Abe pulled Philip aside to ask him a few questions.

Nicole continued to go after Chloe and mentioned to her that matters didn't look good for Philip, but E.J. intervened and decided to take Nicole home. E.J. warned Nicole that she had to control her temper if she wanted any chance at acquiring a reasonable divorce settlement. E.J. told Nicole to go home and stop causing trouble.

Philip told Abe that he was surprised that drugs were in containers on the DiMera docks and denied any knowledge or involvement in the incident. Abe was suspicious and told Philip not to leave town. Philip was very smug and assured Abe that he was a concerned citizen and was not involved in any drug deals.

Stephanie told Max that she was surprised that Philip might be involved in drug trafficking because he was rich and didn't need the money. Max advised her that money wasn't the only reason people got involved in illegal activities and mentioned that the drugs were not found on the Kiriakis shipment, but on John's side of the docks.

Sami and Lucas talked, kissed, and professed their love to each other, but their happiness was short-lived. Their discussion led to accusations, first Sami accusing Lucas of leaving her and then Lucas blaming Sami for bedding E.J.

Sami told Lucas that he was responsible for their failed relationship and all of the incidents that led to her involvement with E.J. Lucas told Sami that he pushed her away for her benefit and never thought she would end up in E.J.'s arms. Lucas asked Sami if she loved E.J. but Sami was silent at first. She told Lucas that she thought he was never coming back and turned to E.J. for comfort. Lucas asked Sami again if she loved E.J., but before she could respond, she told Lucas that it was important for him to understand what she had been through. She explained that she and E.J. were thrown together because of Stefano. They had been living together under the same roof for months and bonded over the children, especially when Allie was sick. Sami told Lucas that E.J. has been there for her and the children and that he had changed. Lucas told Sami that he did not want E.J. near Allie again. Sami reminded Lucas that all of them were flawed and had made many mistakes in their pasts, but the most important thing was the welfare of Johnny and Allie. Sami asked Lucas if he was going to sue her for custody of Allie or give their relationship a second chance.

Lucas told Sami that all he did while in prison was dream about coming home to her and Allie. Lucas told her that he wanted to start over but that it would difficult to erase the memory of her and E.J. in bed, and that was a major setback in their relationship. Lucas was angry and told Sami that she probably wanted to have sex with E.J. the first time, but Sami couldn't believe her ears. She reminded Lucas that she agreed to have sex with E.J. to save his life. Lucas recalled that Sami was a resourceful person and probably could have found another way to save him, but she had sex with E.J. because she was attracted to him from day one. Sami was overcome with anger and hurt and asked Lucas to leave the room.

Sami was crying and alone with her thoughts when Lucas returned to tell her that he was sorry for what he had said, but that he was trying to hurt her because she hurt him. Sami told him he succeeded, but he explained again that she was the only person he thought about every day, and the situation with the house, E.J., and all the rest was too much for him to take. Sami asked Lucas how he would feel if he found her with someone else. He said that that he would be upset if Sami were with anyone, but E.J. was the worst choice. Sami told Lucas that he knew she still loved him, especially after their kiss. Lucas admitted the he believed she still loved him, but asked her again to be honest with him about her feelings for E.J. Sami didn't lie and told Lucas that she had feelings for E.J.

Lucas thanked Sami for being honest with him and then started to leave the room. Sami stopped him and told him that she loved him but she was drawn to E.J. She told Lucas that E.J. had changed and she saw the good in him, but she was not in love with him. She explained that it was important to give E.J. the benefit of the doubt as both of them had been given second chances in the past, and E.J. deserved the same. Lucas was resistant to Sami's defense of E.J.

During their conversation, Sami received a phone call. Sami got off the phone and told Lucas that the call was from Mickey, who confirmed that Lucas would not have been released from prison without E.J.'s help and testimony. Lucas lashed out at Sami and told her that E.J. helped Lucas in order to impress and soften her up so that she would be vulnerable and indebted to him. Sami told Lucas that E.J. didn't force or influence her to have sex with him; she wanted to be with him. Sami told Lucas that he must know and understand why and how her and E.J.'s relationship had grown. She apologized to Lucas for hurting him, but he pushed her away and said E.J. was there for her and the children. Lucas didn't want to listen to any of what Sami had to say in E.J.'s defense and could not stand to hear another word about how she and E.J. bonded. Sami begged Lucas to start over and told him that her feelings for E.J. would go away if she knew she and Lucas had a chance at a future together. She reached out to Lucas and told him that he was the love of her life. She told him that every time she looked into his eyes, she wanted them to be together. Lucas pulled away and said he could not love a woman who had feelings for two men. Lucas accused Sami of falling for E.J.'s scam and told her that she was the one who had changed and that he could never forgive her for sleeping with the enemy. Sami was devastated as Lucas turned away and walked out of the room.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

At the DiMera mansion, Marlena roused John awake as the drugs she had injected in him wore off. John was terrified to realize that he was handcuffed to a chair in his living room. Roman and Marlena explained that he had to be restrained because he had acted out of control. While the three argued, a surprised Sami entered the room and asked what was happening. Marlena gave Sami a short explanation and when E.J. entered and surveyed the room, he offered, "Somebody need a lawyer?" John quickly jumped at the opportunity and stated that E.J. could double his wage if he would free him immediately. E.J. asked Roman about the charges and when he learned that John had assaulted a police officer, he cautioned John that his ability to help would be limited. John growled that he would make Roman regret his actions but, unfazed, Roman turned to E.J. and asked him to calm his client. After Roman and Marlena escorted John out, Sami turned to E.J. and asked him if he could help John. "I thought you hated John?" E.J. asked. Sami admitted that the new John was growing on her, and that she really did not believe he would be capable of drug smuggling. E.J. nodded and left the room.

Later, Sami sat on the sofa alone as Lucas entered the living room. The two talked about the kids for a moment before Lucas asked what the screaming had been about. Sami explained what had happened with John and, though Lucas agreed with her at first, he eventually admitted that he was not sure whether the new John was capable of getting involved in drugs. As Sami started to talk about the new John, she admitted she liked his tolerance of her. Sami's statement made Lucas defensive, believing her comment was a veiled criticism of him. Sami denied that she meant that, but Lucas reiterated his reluctance to forgive her. Frustrated, Lucas wondered aloud why Sami had to fall in love with E.J. In the hallway outside, E.J. stopped in his tracks when he heard Lucas' declaration. Sami quickly responded that she never said that she was in love with E.J., only that she had feelings for him. Lucas countered her argument by saying that there was no difference. As Sami yelled that jumping into bed with E.J. had no correlation to love, E.J. grimaced and entered the room. Sami and Lucas became quiet as E.J. said, "Good to know that, isn't it?" E.J. explained that he just came in to get his briefcase, and as he crossed to his desk, Sami rushed to his side and began to rifle through his papers. E.J. was annoyed with Sami, but his irritation became quite pronounced when Sami pulled out the annulment papers from the pile. Angry, E.J. took out his pen, slapped it down on the desk and yelled, "Sure! Absolutely! My part is already signed! Have a nice life." As E.J. stormed out of the mansion, Sami picked up the pen and signed her annulment papers while Lucas sulked nearby, watching her.

A little later, Sami and Lucas seemed to bond as they played with their kids. However, after putting the children to bed, Lucas admitted that he worried about E.J. remaining in their lives. Sami quietly asked him if they could start over, but Lucas firmly told her that he did not think he could get over her infidelity. Lucas asked for space, and Sami agreed but begged Lucas to at least leave her with hope. The two kissed tenderly for a moment, but then Lucas delicately pushed her away and left the room.

Down at the Salem police station, Ava arrived to sign the papers to release her father's body. While she was there, a furious Chelsea stalked up behind her and demanded to know what Ava was doing at the station. Confused, Ava asked Chelsea what her problem was. "My problem is you, bitch!" said Chelsea. Ava was even more puzzled by this exclamation, so Chelsea introduced herself. Comprehension dawned in Ava's eyes as she realized that Chelsea was Bo's daughter. Ava tried to walk away but Chelsea continued to confront her. Ave then tried to explain herself, but cut it short when she realized that Chelsea had no inclination to listen to any explanations. Chelsea demanded that Ava leave town, but Ava cited that her bail prevented her from leaving Salem. Frustrated, Chelsea warned Ava to stay away from her family. Ava seemed to soften at this and told her that she was fortunate to have a father like Bo that she could be proud of. At that moment Abe returned with the paperwork for Ava's father's body, prompting Ava to say to him, "What do I do now? Get a shovel and bury the son of a bitch myself?" Ava sighed and as she passed Chelsea on the way out, whispered that she would see her around.

Abe turned his attention to Chelsea, who explained that she was there to find Bo. Abe directed her to the Brady Pub, and then excused himself to help Roman bring a very loud and disruptive John into the police station. Marlena begged Abe to release John because the pain of the restraint was emotional torture for him. Meanwhile, John appealed to Roman to remember that his reaction to him had been instinct based on his programming. Roman claimed he understood John's pain, but explained that he could not ignore the evidence against John. E.J. arrived and, citing a host of civil liberty infractions, demanded that Roman release John.

Marlena took Roman aside and quietly pleaded with him to think about John's emotional welfare and the possibility that confinement could cause her John to be lost forever. Roman stated that he could make no exceptions for friends and took John downstairs for booking, while Marlena watched in horror as John unraveled.

While John was being booked downstairs, Ava sidled up next to E.J. in the police station and complimented his legal skills. Ava asked him if he would take her case, but E.J. bluntly announced that he had no interest and that his boss would never let him anyway. When Ava offered E.J. twice whatever John was willing to pay, E.J. made a phone call. After getting off of the phone, E.J. reluctantly agreed to take Ava's case. While a happy Ava left the precinct, a tired E.J. sat down and thought about Sami signing the annulment papers. "I'm not giving up. Not giving up," he whispered.

At the Brady Pub, Daniel stopped by at Bo's invitation. When Daniel saw Bo at the bar with Nick and Maggie, he immediately asked if the request to come over was because of Chelsea. Nick and Bo appeared bewildered by the question, and Daniel explained that when he saw Chelsea's father and boyfriend together, he had just assumed Chelsea was the reason. Smirking, Nick corrected Daniel and explained that he was Chelsea's ex-boyfriend. Bo explained that he had invited Daniel over to discuss how to make the pub more eco-friendly. Daniel suggested that Bo ask Nick for advice, but a modest Nick explained that his experience was in environmentally friendly transportation. When Nick then asked about Daniel's prototype hydrogen car, he followed it up by saying, "It's all about who you know I guess." Unsure whether Nick was trying to take a dig at him, a defensive Daniel asked Nick if he had a problem with him. Nick said he was unaware of one, but before Daniel could question Nick further, Chelsea entered the pub and walked over to the group. Daniel told Nick he had overreacted, and Nick wished Chelsea and Daniel "Good luck!" as he exited the pub.

Chelsea started to ask Daniel about their connection but was interrupted by a former patient and the child's mother. Daniel spoke kindly to the little girl, as Chelsea beamed behind him. After the mother and daughter left, Chelsea and Daniel bickered for a few moments. Chelsea asked Daniel whether he thought she was interested in him because he was a doctor and explained that his occupation had nothing to do with her feelings for him. Before the conversation could go any further, Daniel received a cell phone call. Daniel tried to get off the call, but soon agreed to meet with the caller privately.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip was undressing in his bedroom when he was interrupted by a knock at the door. He opened it to find a somber Chloe who asked to enter. Chloe explained that she was worried about how upset he was earlier to be accused of setting John up on drug charges. Philip dismissed her fears saying that the situation was a good test of his leadership skills under pressure. Chloe apologized for being jealous of Morgan earlier, and the two once again agreed to keep their "friends with benefits" agreement. After a moment of silence, Chloe told Philip that she was there to say goodbye since she was leaving Salem to make a fresh start. Philip was not surprised by the news but asked her why she had to leave town in order to make a fresh start. When Chloe explained that she had worn out her welcome, Philip urged her that she had not worn out her welcome with him. Philip then leaned in for a kiss, and pulled her close to him. Chloe attempted to pull away, but Philip stopped her saying that it felt right to kiss her. The two began to kiss passionately when a knock at the door interrupted their embrace. Philip answered his bedroom door to find Henderson with an envelope for Chloe. Chloe tentatively opened the envelope to find divorce papers. Stunned, Chloe wondered aloud how she could be so naïve to believe that Brady would change his mind. Philip advised her that Brady was a fool. As she began to cry softly, Philip pulled her close to his body and assured her that someday they would both find love. The two began to kiss again, and this time, Philip pulled her onto the bed with him.

After making love, Chloe began to get dressed and mumbled that they had made a mistake. Philip joked that she should get back in bed and make another mistake. Not amused, Chloe chastised herself for letting her emotions run wild. Philip told her that he liked her passion, and Chloe admitted that she was afraid that she would hurt Philip if she used him as a rebound guy. Philip told her he was fine and kissing her, pulled her back into bed with him.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nicole barged into Philip's bedroom, where she found Philip and Chloe naked in bed together. "Oh! That is not right!" she exclaimed in disgust. Nicole began a tirade of insulting remarks about Chloe, and both Chloe and Philip angrily told her to get out. Nicole claimed that half of the mansion was hers and tried to order Chloe out of it. Chloe got out of bed, covering herself with a sheet after Nicole made another snide remark, and their argument escalated. As Philip pulled on some pants, Nicole hurled one insult too many and an irate Chloe lunged at her. Philip broke it up and physically threw Nicole out of the room. Chloe confessed with a smile that she kind of liked Philip defending her. He apologized for Nicole, and then told Chloe she should stay in Salem. He reminded her that she didn't have much money or even a plan, but she insisted she had to leave in order to get her life back on track. He playfully got down on his knees and begged her to stay. They both laughed, and Chloe agreed to stay-"For now," she added. They fell back in bed, kissing and giggling.

Kayla was being released from the hospital, so Stephanie pushed her mom's wheelchair to the window overlooking the neonatal I.C.U. As they looked at baby Joey through the window, and Kayla worried aloud about his chances. Steve joined them and announced that it was time to go, but Kayla tearfully said she couldn't leave her baby. Steve and Stephanie promised they'd come back soon and even told Kayla they had a surprise for her, but she still didn't want to leave. As Stephanie tried to reassure her mom that Joey was getting the best care, Steve left for a moment. When he returned he told them that they could go in to see the baby.

After donning protective gowns, the Johnsons gathered around the incubator and gazed at the tiny, fragile infant as they introduced themselves to him. Steve and Stephanie joked about how Stephanie would be a bad influence on her new baby brother, and Kayla smiled weakly at their attempts to behave as if everything were normal, but they all had tears streaming down their faces. Kayla asked the nurse if it was all right to touch him, and then put her hand through the opening in the incubator and gently stroked her son's head. She spoke to him softly, telling him that he had to get better because they wanted him to come home. When she began crying in earnest, Steve put his arm around her and reassured her that their boy would be coming home soon. The three of them were discussing what little Joe Johnson would be when he grew up when the nurse announced it was time to leave, but promised she'd try to get them back in after visiting hours. Steve and Stephanie told Joey goodnight, and Kayla briefly hung back and, weeping, wished her son sweet dreams before getting back into her wheelchair and allowing herself to be wheeled out.

Steve and Stephanie later guided a blindfolded Kayla down a hallway, where Steve unlocked a door and turned on the lights. "Welcome to our new home, Sweetness!" said Steve as Kayla pulled off her blindfold. Eyes wide with surprise, she took in the new apartment. Steve and Stephanie showed her around and pointed out how Kayla could not only watch her favorite cooking shows, she could also cook, since they now had a kitchen. Kayla marveled at where they'd found the time to do it all. Stephanie replied that Steve had found the place and she had decorated it.

When Stephanie's cell phone rang, she remembered she was supposed to be at the pub for her internship evaluation. She bid her parents a hasty goodbye and ran out the door. Steve then turned to Kayla and asked what she really thought. She smiled and said it was perfect. Later, as she wandered around the apartment distractedly examining the décor, Steve offered to make her something to eat. She said she just wanted to get back to the hospital. He told her that he wanted to be with their son, too, but she needed to recuperate. He led her to their new couch and sat her down and put his arm around her. He said they should try to enjoy their first night in their new home, but Kayla said, "It's never gonna be a home without our baby." Steve promised her that Joey would be home soon.

Marlena was on the phone in the DiMera living room when E.J. rushed in complaining about the traffic. He asked where Sami was, but Marlena urged him to give Sami and Lucas some time alone, as they were upstairs with the twins. When E.J. said he just wanted to see his son, Marlena pointed out that he'd asked about Sami, not Johnny, and accused him of being pleased that Lucas had walked in on him and Sami in bed. She continued that she believed E.J. hoped it would be the last straw that caused Lucas to end his relationship with Sami. E.J. reminded her that he, not Lucas, was married to Samantha, and that he had been the one who had gotten Lucas out of prison. He added that his wife had made love to him because she had wanted to, and that Marlena should stop clinging to the hope that Sami and Lucas would get back together. Marlena countered that if E.J. truly loved Sami, he should want her to be happy instead of hoping that Lucas wouldn't take her back. E.J. replied that he hoped Samantha would choose him, but he wanted her to do it of her own free will.

Ava was sitting alone at the Brady Pub, drinking vodka and surfing the Internet. She stopped with a look of surprise when she came across an article about E.J.'s fraud indictment. Nicole entered and was about to sit at the bar when she overheard Ava ordering a mojito. She told Pete she would like one as well, and tried to make small talk with Ava. Ava tried to ignore her, but Nicole said she recognized Ava from the newspaper and introduced herself, obliviously thrusting out her hand for Ava to shake. Nicole happily gabbed on and on-about Ava's shoes, the lack of decent shopping in Salem, her dog Pookie, even showing Ava a photo of the dog-then she sat down and suggested the two of them take a "girl trip." Ava said that they didn't even know each other. As Pete set down their mojitos, Nicole countered that they both had great taste in shoes and drinks, and declared, "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." Curious, Ava leaned forward and asked if Nicole was bothered by what she'd read about her in the papers. "Honey, you wouldn't believe what I do when I'm PMSing." Ava seemed to warm a bit, and an amused smile crept across her face.

Though she admired Pete's physique, Nicole said she should wait until she was divorced before she dated again. She and Ava briefly discussed Nicole's marriage to Victor and Ava's engagement to "Patch," then Nicole suggested the two of them go out, once her own divorce was final, and check out the singles' scene. They had some more drinks, and Ava filled Nicole in a little about how her doctor had given her the wrong medication, which she said made her "a little bit crazy." Nicole assured her that she seemed completely normal without the medicine, and Ava agreed it was time to move on. She then shocked Nicole by admitting she hadn't dated or been with anyone since Steve.

Ava and Nicole were commiserating about men and giggling about whom Ava could go out with when E.J. entered. Nicole introduced him as her lawyer, and a surprised Ava replied that he was her lawyer as well. When E.J. asked how they knew each other, they pretended they'd known each other a long time. Nicole asked about her divorce, and E.J. advised her that he had set a date for the preliminary hearing. After Nicole left to get another drink, E.J. told Ava he also had a meeting soon with the district attorney, at which he hoped to get a plea bargain for Ava.

At another table at the Brady Pub, Morgan told Max she was meeting her professor there for her semester evaluation. Mark and David, the film students, arrived with their cameras and asked where Stephanie was. Max told Morgan that Stephanie was at the hospital with her folks and the new baby. While David went outside to wait for Stephanie, Mark began interviewing Morgan, who did not try to hide her annoyance at being videotaped. When he asked who Max was, he was surprised and excited to learn he was Max Brady, the famous racecar driver. Max downplayed his fame and reminded Mark that the focus should be on Morgan. Mark continued with his interview, and Morgan told him that her favorite part of her internship had been working with Tony DiMera. Max was surprised to hear that Tony and Anna had just gotten married. Max and Morgan convinced Mark to leave them alone, and they discussed the recent drug bust on the waterfront.

After Max had left for his job on the docks, Professor DiCario arrived. He assured Morgan she had nothing to worry about regarding her grades. As he and the students were discussing their summer plans, Stephanie rushed in and apologized for being late. She joined Morgan and the professor at the table, and the boys resumed filming. Morgan noted that the story about Nick's grant had made the front page of the school paper. Professor DiCario said the faculty was impressed with Nick, which Max returned just in time to overhear. Professor DiCario then handed the girls their evaluations and commended them on their work. He reminded them that they wouldn't receive their final grades until their internship supervisors had completed their evaluations, but assured the girls they would do fine. Stephanie noticed that Max had come in, and introduced him to the professor. She then pulled Max aside and asked if he were going to the dinner for Nick later. He said he didn't think he could, but she urged him to go, reminding him that Nick's grant might not have been approved if Max hadn't mailed in the paperwork.

Marlena went to Roman's office to talk to him about Sami. They first discussed John's situation, and Roman tried to get her to see that the old John wasn't coming back, and that she had to let go of the fantasy that he would. Marlena said she wouldn't be able to live with herself if she gave up on her husband, and she also thought the missing disk might contain information that would help John. Roman reminded her that John was suspected of being a major drug smuggler. She countered that the drugs had probably been planted. Roman said he hoped that were true-for her sake. He then asked what was going on with their daughter. Marlena filled him in about how Lucas had caught Sami and E.J. in bed, and they agreed it wasn't Sami's finest moment. They both expressed their hopes that Lucas would eventually take Sami back, and agreed that they were worried about the effect the situation would have on the twins.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Steve and Kayla returned home from the hospital, but Kayla was upset that the hospital staff made them leave during the nurses' shift change. Steve tried to take Kayla's mind off of going back to the hospital, but when he was out of the room, she snuck out. After he brought her back into their apartment, the two put together a swing for the baby's nursery. Steve also surprised her with a stuffed giraffe and a baby monitor. Kayla worried that their baby would never get to use the things Steve bought for him.

At Chez Rouge, Maggie gathered Lexie, Bo, Hope, Daniel, and Chelsea to help celebrate Nick getting a grant for his prototype. Daniel told Chelsea he was also there for a boys' night out with some of his hospital colleagues. Chelsea told Nick she was proud of him for getting his grant, and Nick told her a friend helped him with his grant proposal. Lexie admitted to Hope that she and Abe were having problems. Stephanie showed up for Nick's celebration, and she tried to explain away Max's actions for interfering with Nick's proposal. Bo told Nick he thought he was good for Chelsea. One of Daniel's colleagues tried to pick up Chelsea, but she shot him down. Then Daniel and his other colleague laughed at their friend being rejected. Dean Robbins presented Nick with a check for his alternative fuel prototype. Nick told Dean Robbins he had help with some of his theorems and maybe he shouldn't have received the grant, but Dean Robbins was understanding. Max showed up at Chez Rouge and stared at Nick talking to Dean Robbins. When Maggie greeted Max and offered him some champagne, Max ran off.

Meanwhile, E.J. had drinks with Nicole, and the two commiserated over their love lives. Nicole admitted she was jealous of Chloe for getting Philip into bed before she could get her claws on him. E.J. told Nicole that Sami already signed the annulment papers, but he wasn't giving up on Sami. He said his plan was to make Sami think he was okay with the annulment, when in reality, he planned to play the role of the perfect gentlemen and Sami would end up with him. E.J. said he planned to show Sami he was more of an adult than Lucas. Nicole suggested E.J. make Sami jealous by sleeping with someone else, then the two almost kissed.

Friday, May 30, 2008

As Marlena poured herself a drink, she recalled her recent conversation with Roman about John. The doorbell interrupted her memories, and she was stunned to find Ava at the front door. Ava said E.J. had told her that Marlena was an excellent psychiatrist, and added that she could really use someone to talk to. Marlena rather icily reproached Ava for showing up unannounced, and told her to call her office in the morning. When Ava pleaded with her that she had no one else to talk to, Marlena relented and led her into the living room. Ava thanked her, but Marlena advised her that she couldn't be an impartial therapist after what Ava had done to her loved ones. Ava apologized and started to leave, but Marlena said she could clearly see that Ava needed help, so she would listen. The women sat, and Ava briefly told Marlena her story, some of which Marlena said she already knew. Ava explained how her father had paid her psychiatrist to drug her, and that's why she had done all the horrible things she'd done. Marlena was skeptical, but said she understood when Ava said she no longer trusted psychiatrists. Ava continued that, although she had been drugged, she knew what she had done had been wrong, and wanted to get past the horrible guilt she felt.

Marlena said that taking responsibility was an important step, and that she'd refer Ava to a good therapist who could help her. Ava became upset and said Marlena thought she was lying. Marlena assured her that, from what she'd heard about Ava's late father, she believed what Ava told her-and that what he'd done to a daughter he claimed to adore was inexcusable. Ava admitted it was hard to come to grips with it all. Marlena pointed out that Ava was free of the drugs and of her father, and urged her to get on with her life. Ava admitted that she didn't quite know what to do with herself, since she was no longer obsessed with "Patch" after getting clean. Marlena assured her that by not living in the past, she was already on the right path, and offered to refer Ava to an experienced therapist who could help her continue to move forward. Ava thanked her and said she'd call Marlena's office the next morning, adding that their talk had really helped.

After Nick's party, Bo and Hope were still at Chez Rouge, discussing what to do with the rest of their evening, when Roman and Kate arrived. The four of them decided to have dinner together. Tony and Anna soon joined them, and they all toasted to Anna and Tony's recent marriage and caught up on each other's lives. Anna regaled them with tales about their honeymoon in Bora Bora while Kate tried to hide her annoyance. On the dance floor, Anna and Tony debated whether Roman and Kate were actually a couple again, while the other four took bets on how long the DiMeras' marriage would last. Kate swore to a skeptical Roman that she wasn't going to meddle in Lucas's life anymore. Hope later asked if Anna were going to quit her job to work at Tony's company. Anna replied that she was taking some time off until she decided what she wanted to do. The six of them toasted to living happily ever after.

Stephanie found Max working at the Brady Pub and confronted him about why he ran out of Nick's party at Chez Rouge. Max made excuses-about not being dressed well enough, about having to get to work-but Stephanie accused him of being jealous of Nick. When Max swore he wasn't and tried to change the subject, Stephanie pressed him about why he always became evasive whenever she brought up Nick's work. She asked why she never knew he was so good at math or applied physics, but he pointed out that they were still getting to know each other. Ava came in and Stephanie met her at the door, and, her eyes filled with angry tears, firmly told her to get out. After Ava had gone, Stephanie again begged Max to be honest with her. Though she was clearly upset, Max claimed he was too tired to talk about it because he'd just gotten off work, and went upstairs to change clothes.

An agitated John paced like a caged animal in an interrogation room at the police station. Abe arrived and informed John they had proof that the drugs found on his ship were indeed his. John swore Philip Kiriakis had framed him, and ordered Abe to get back to work finding the bad guys. Abe left and John resumed his restless pacing.

When Marlena came to see John, he lashed out at her for sedating him. She told him she had feared he might hurt someone, like himself, and then asked him if he had brought the drugs into Salem. He again said he'd been framed, and, angry and frustrated, he demanded to know why she wouldn't believe him. Marlena replied, "Because ever since you've come back, you're acting like a criminal." John scoffed and said she was really there because she was hoping the old John had come back. She said she was beginning to realize that wasn't possible, and was trying to decide if the new John was capable of drug smuggling. He asked what her gut told her. She quietly told him she believed he wasn't. The guard announced that Marlena's time was up, so she reluctantly left. John watched her leave, and his eyes filled with confused tears.

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