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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 16, 2008 on DAYS
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Monday, June 16, 2008

In Kate's hospital room, Daniel explained the details of the surgical procedure that he would perform. Kate interrupted Daniel and told him and her family that she did not want Daniel to perform the surgery. Daniel argued with Kate but she became agitated and requested that another surgeon perform the procedure. Daniel asked Chelsea to leave the room so that he could speak with Kate alone.

Daniel asked Kate to explain why she did not want him to perform the surgery. Kate offered Daniel no explanation other than his connection to Victor and that she did not feel comfortable with Daniel as her surgeon. Daniel left the room and told Chelsea that Kate requested another doctor to perform the surgery. Philip arrived and could not understand why Kate did not want Daniel as her surgeon. Philip told Daniel and Chelsea that he would speak to Kate and try to convince her to change her mind.

Kate did not change her mind and Daniel recommended Dr. Stahl, who agreed to perform the surgery, and Kate agreed. Kate asked everyone to leave the room, and said that she would see them after her surgery.

E.J. arrived at the Kiriakis mansion to speak to Victor about Nicole's divorce settlement, but Victor told E.J. that he was not in the mood to discuss it because he was on his way to the hospital to see Kate. E.J. persisted and presented the deal to Victor. Victor was angry and accused E.J. of being insensitive. E.J. told Victor that he cared about Kate but knew that the surgery was routine and that she would be fine.

E.J. advised Victor that if he did not settle with Nicole that Victor might face fraud charges related to his attempted murder a year earlier. E.J. reminded Victor that he could prove that Victor employed Jan Spears, now in a coma, to help him frame Nicole for a fake murder. Victor lashed out at E.J. and advised him that blackmail was not an option. E.J. asked Victor why he did not want to settle the divorce and end his marriage to Nicole. E.J. told Victor there were other ways to make Victor regret his actions-for example, expose the details of his past failed marriages and have his financial history printed on every newspaper in town. E.J. asked Victor to cut his losses and take the settlement. Nicole walked in and asked Victor if he agreed to the deal. Victor laughed in her face and told her that he did not intend to pay her the amount that E.J. requested.

Nicole encouraged Victor to end the marriage and pay her off so she would be out of his life. Victor was furious and reminded Nicole that she tried to kill him and he would not give her one red cent.

After Victor told Nicole that there would be no deal, Nicole called Henderson into the room. Nicole ordered Henderson to prepare a lavish party for 150 guests at the mansion and order the food from Chez Rouge, and assigned him to complete several other tasks. Before Nicole could finish speaking, Victor immediately ordered Henderson to leave the room and agreed to a divorce settlement so that he would no longer have to endure Nicole's shenanigans.

Victor told E.J. to cut the amount suggested in half if he wanted a deal. As E.J. was about to refuse, Nicole spoke up first and told Victor that she agreed to his deal. E.J. advised Nicole against accepting Victor's offer, but Nicole told E.J. she wanted to end her marriage to Victor and get on with her life. Nicole accepted the offer against E.J.'s advice.

E.J. left to draw up a new divorce agreement. Victor told Nicole that he knew what she was doing and said that he felt sorry for her next victim. Nicole told Victor that not everything was about the money.

Victor left Nicole to join his family at the hospital and to check on Kate's condition.

Victor questioned why Daniel was not in the operating room. Victor did not understand why Kate refused to allow Daniel to perform the surgery and seemed confused by her actions.

As Kate's surgery progressed, Daniel returned to the waiting room and told the family that Kate was doing fine and that she would recover without complications. Daniel called Chelsea aside and asked her to have dinner with him. Victor overheard their conversation and did not seem pleased.

Victor told Philip that he agreed to a settlement with Nicole to end the marriage and all the madness. Victor apologized to Philip for not having faith in him and then complimented him on his work at Titan. Victor told Philip that he was proud of him and trusted his judgment regarding the business in general.

Roman and Abe were talking on the pier, and Roman sensed something was bothering Abe. Roman suggested that Abe take time off to think. Abe told Roman that work helped him forget about his problems and that he did not want to talk about it. Their conversation turned to Marlena and John. Abe told Roman that he heard that Marlena moved out of the mansion and left John. Roman told Abe that Sami was not happy that Marlena moved out, but that she had no choice and would have to deal with it.

As Abe and Roman continued talking, Chloe walked onto the pier and decided to eavesdrop on their conversation. Roman told Abe that Sami was worried about Lucas. Abe suggested to Roman that Lucas must be careful not to violate his house arrest because risking a few hours of freedom could land him back in jail for another ten years and risk losing his family. Chloe left and headed for the mansion to talk to Lucas.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami returned home from her jog and told Lucas that it was very hot outside and it was a good day to spend time at the lake. Lucas sarcastically reminded Sami that she might enjoy a day on the lake, but that he was stuck in the house under house arrest. Sami hinted that maybe there was a way for Lucas to remove the ankle monitor. Lucas sensed that Sami thought he left the house the other evening and found a way to remove his ankle monitor. Lucas became nervous and defensive and lied to Sami. He told her that he never left the house and did not know of any way that he could escape house arrest. Lucas changed the subject and told Sami that living under the same roof was not working. Just then, the doorbell rang and Chloe arrived. Lucas invited Chloe in to talk, much to Sami's displeasure. Chloe asked to speak to Lucas privately and Sami left to take a shower.

Chloe asked Lucas why he would risk his permanent freedom for a few hours of fun walking along the pier. Lucas acted as if he did not know what Chloe was talking about, but she challenged him. Chloe pressured Lucas to admit to her that he was on the pier and he begged her not to tell anyone. Lucas told Chloe that he needed to get away for an hour. Chloe questioned Lucas about how he removed the ankle monitor, but he did not offer the information and she let it go for the moment.

Max confided in Stephanie and apologized for the way he treated her. Max told Stephanie to trust him and promised he would tell her everything soon. They made love and afterwards Max woke up and recalled his encounter and conversation with the dean. Max got out of bed while Stephanie was still asleep and left his room. Stephanie woke up and could not find Max. Stephanie got dressed, went down to the pub, and looked for Max. Stephanie called Nick and told him that Max was missing and asked him to help her find Max.

Meanwhile Max broke into Dean Robbins' room and started to search through all of his papers. Max rummaged through everything in the room and then went into a rampage breaking things, emptying drawers, and throwing the contents of Dean Robbins' belongings everywhere. As Max was leaving the room, he found a picture and then heard someone entering the room, so he hid.

Steve and Kayla arrived at the hospital to visit with Joey. Steve asked Kayla about Stephanie's whereabouts and if Stephanie spent the night with Max. Kayla told Steve that Max was going through an emotional crisis. Kayla explained to Steve that Max helped Nick with his energy project but did not want anyone to know that he had a gift for numbers and formulas. Kayla told Steve that Max was getting into fights and that Stephanie felt Max might be leading a double life, because Max wanted to keep secret certain information about his past. Steve seemed concerned and wondered why Max was being so secretive and hostile. Steve was worried about Stephanie, but Kayla convinced him to let Max and Stephanie work things out together.

The nurses wheeled out little Joey and Kayla and Steve held their son for the first time since he was born. Stephanie and Nick arrived to celebrate Joey's recovery with Steve and Kayla. Nick and Stephanie mentioned to Steve that Max was missing and that they were going to look for him. Steve, concerned about Stephanie's welfare, questioned her about Max.

Sami asked Roman to meet her at the Brady Pub to discuss her marriage to E.J. and relationship with Lucas. Sami told her father that Lucas gave her an ultimatum. Lucas told Sami that either she or E.J. must move out. Sami told Roman that she did not want E.J. to leave the mansion, but that she could not tell Lucas because he would not understand why she felt attached to E.J. Roman asked Sami if she had romantic feelings for E.J. Sami told Roman that E.J. was a good parent, and he was an important part of her life. Roman asked Sami about her feelings for E.J. and if she was jealous when she saw E.J. with Nicole. Sami never had a chance to answer the question because E.J. and Nicole walked into the pub.

E.J. complimented Nicole on how she handled Victor and the divorce settlement. E.J. told Nicole that he enjoyed seeing the tender side of her personality. E.J. suggested that they celebrate, but Nicole insisted that E.J. go over and talk to Sami. Nicole told E.J. that she enjoyed getting to know him. Nicole asked E.J. if she could give a thank you hug to a married man. E.J. smiled and leaned forward, and Nicole thanked him for helping her win her settlement from Victor and for being her friend. Nicole left the pub and stared back in at E.J. and Sami. Nicole realized that E.J. meant more to her than she realized.

While standing outside the pub, Dean Robbins arrived and greeted Nicole in a friendly manner. Nicole froze and asked him what he was doing in Salem. Dean Robbins flirted with Nicole and reminded her of the old days and said that they had a lot of catching up to do. Dean Robbins ran his fingers through Nicole's hair and reminded her that she could never say no to him.

Back inside the pub, E.J. told Sami that he settled Nicole's divorce and then asked Sami to go out to dinner to celebrate. Sami hesitated, but E.J. told her that they had a few things to go over and said she needed to stop avoiding him. Sami agreed to have dinner with him, but first blurted out that he had to move out of the DiMera mansion.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

At the Salem Inn, Max hid in the bedroom of Dean Trent Robbins' hotel room as Trent stood at the front door talking to Nicole. Speaking in a deep, sultry voice, Trent attempted to invite Nicole into his hotel room to reminisce about old times. Nicole looked like she was terrified to be so close to Trent, and she tried to make an excuse to leave. Trent insisted that he was anxious to reconnect with her because it was long overdue. When Trent opened his front door, he was shocked to find the front room trashed. As Trent called security to report the break-in, Nicole ran off. When Trent noticed she had slipped away, he called out after her, but he was too late to stop her from running off into the night. Trent looked around the place to see what was missing when suddenly he heard a noise in the bedroom. While Trent grabbed a blunt instrument for protection, Max climbed out the bedroom window and escaped.

At the Brady Pub, Bo and Hope wandered in for a bite to eat while they discussed their investigation into the fire. Still upset by the situation, John interrupted to demand answers about the investigation. Bo and Hope tried to assure John that they were not giving Philip preferential treatment, but frustrated, John announced that he would find the evidence himself before he stormed out. Bo informed Hope that he had invited Philip down to the pub to ask him a few questions, and as Bo and Hope waited for Philip, they discussed John's theory about the fire. Bo said he hoped Philip was not stupid enough to try to frame John or set the fire, but he also worried that Philip had enough motivation to do both. Surprising Bo and Hope by arriving suddenly, Philip sat down at the table. Without any pretense, Bo asked Philip point-blank whether he had anything to do with the fire or drugs. Philip again denied any connection to either event. Hope asked Philip what Paul's alibi was and Philip snapped, "I don't know. Why don't you ask him?" "I'll do that," Hope replied as she got up and walked away. Bo then received a call about the break-in at the Salem Inn and cut his interview with Philip short so he could go investigate the crime scene there. Before Bo left, Philip promised that he was innocent.

Back at the Salem Inn, a frustrated Trent paced in front of the window as Bo walked in to investigate. After a cursory investigation, Bo informed Trent that he was not sure they could solve the case without any witnesses. When Bo asked about enemies, Trent told Bo he had no idea who would be after him since he was only the head of the local physics department.

At the DiMera mansion, Lucas explained to Chloe why he had crept out of the house and went to the docks. Satisfied with Lucas' explanation that he just needed to get out of the house, Chloe agreed to keep his secret. Worried for her new friend, Chloe warned Lucas not to risk leaving the house again. Lucas promised not to sneak out again. When Chloe then asked about life with Sami, Lucas informed her that he had given Sami an ultimatum that either she or E.J. would have to move out of the house, or else their life together was over. "Sami's a fool if she lets you go," Chloe said. Lucas countered that he could say the same about Chloe to his brother. When Chloe started to tell Lucas that Philip swore he had no involvement in the fire at the warehouse, a surly John entered and demanded that Chloe tell Philip he had made too many mistakes. Tossing her hair aside, Chloe sauntered out of the house leaving a seething John and a nervous Lucas alone in the living room. John and Lucas argued a bit about the people in the mansion and, frustrated with John, Lucas stormed off upstairs to check on the twins. Meanwhile, John called Ava and told her he wanted to take her up on her offer.

A short time later, Ava arrived at the DiMera Mansion. John asked her if she was sure that she wanted to help him with the Philip situation since she was trying to keep her business on the straight and narrow. Ava insisted that she wanted to help John and made a quick call to Cousin Angelo, asking him to pick up Paul Hollingsworth. While they waited for Angelo, Ava asked John whether Philip had started the war between them. Grinning, John admitted that he had "fired the first shot" because he did not feel that the Kiriakis family should exclusively control the shipyards. His smile fading, John told her that it was Philip who escalated the whole affair between the two companies. As John explained to Ava that her father reminded him of Stefano, they discussed the reasons that Stefano and the Vitalis had kept their distance from one another. When John admitted that he had control of Stefano's business interests, Ava smiled slyly and suggested that John pool forces with her business interests.

Eventually Angelo arrived at the DiMera Mansion with a struggling Paul pulled along behind him. Paul frantically struggled against the might of the two goons restraining him, and made an appeal to John as his friend. John offered to forgive Paul only if he came clean about the fire. Paul refused to admit that he was working with Philip, despite the fact that Angelo hit him after every denial. Tired of hearing no, Angelo pulled out his gun and warned Paul that he had five seconds to tell the truth. Outside in the front hall, Lucas eavesdropped on the whole scene. When Paul swore again that he did not betray John, John asked Angelo to throw Paul out on the street alive. Angelo looked to Ava for guidance, and she advised Angelo to listen to John's wishes. As Angelo dragged Paul out into the night, Lucas crept downstairs and remembered seeing Paul down at the docks on the night of the fire.

Outside Joe's room at Salem Hospital, Steve voiced his concerns to Stephanie about Max's odd behavior. Stephanie was defensive about Max's recent actions, but Steve advised her to give Max some room. "Are you saying I should break up with Max?" Stephanie asked, stunned. Steve assured Stephanie that he was not suggesting that, but explained that he was worried. Stephanie accused Steve of overreacting, and reminded him that the recent threat to her life was because of Steve and that the one that protected her was Max. Chastened by the reminder, Steve backed off. Stephanie apologized before leaving, but when she was gone, Steve told Kayla that he had no right to tell Stephanie what to do since he had not raised her. Kayla assured Steve that it did not matter because Stephanie was a grown woman and that even Kayla could not keep Stephanie from making up her own mind. Kayla advised Steve that Max was a good kid and that they needed to trust that he would not hurt Stephanie.

Back at the Brady Pub, Nick attempted to call Max's cell phone again but there was still no answer. Worried, Nick asked Hope whether she had seen Nick, and Hope tried to calm down the increasingly worried Nick. Stephanie rushed in and immediately walked straight over to Nick to ask whether he had heard from Max yet. While Nick and Stephanie discussed how strange it was that Max left without a word earlier and had not answered his phone all day, Max suddenly appeared from the back room. When questioned, Max explained that he went out for a run, but Nick quickly pointed out that Max's story did not make sense in light of the outfit he was wearing. Backed into a corner, Max lashed out at both Nick and Stephanie, telling them to leave him alone.

Bo returned from his break-in investigation and filled Hope in on the specifics. When Bo mentioned Trent Robbins, Nick immediately came over to ask what had happened to him. Bo told Nick about the hotel break-in and asked Nick whether he knew of anyone that might want to do something like that to Dean Robbins. Nick seemed stumped, while behind him, Max shifted his gaze away nervously. When the subject then changed to baby Joe's improved health, Stephanie and Hope cooed over a new photo of Joe, while Max stood in the corner staring at his own photograph.

At the Kiriakis mansion, a spooked Nicole marched into the living room in a panic, looking for Victor. Philip assured her that if she wanted any help, she would have to explain to him what she needed. On the verge of tears, Nicole explained that she was willing to give back some of her divorce settlement in order to secure a favor from Victor. "Good God, you are desperate," Philip said shocked. When Nicole explained that she needed protection from someone from her past, Philip pressed her for details. Obviously nervous and scared, Nicole told Philip to forget it and she ran off, bumping into Chloe on the way out. Philip mentioned to Chloe that Nicole seemed to be in trouble, and when he mentioned Nicole looked scared, Chloe was genuinely surprised to hear about that revelation. The phone interrupted their conversation, and Philip stepped aside to take the call. The caller informed Philip that two Vitali goons had taken Paul Hollingsworth to the DiMera mansion. Philip thanked the caller and turned his attention back to Chloe. When Chloe voiced her concern for Philip's business, Philip told her all was well and that "I'm gonna see to it." The two began to kiss and when Chloe backed off, citing fears that Victor would see them, Philip pulled her close and suggested they go to Chloe's place.

In his room at the Salem Inn, Trent sat at his desk drinking before finally picking up the phone to call Nicole. "You ran out on me. That wasn't very nice of you," Trent purred. Stammering, Nicole explained that she did not want to get in his way while he was dealing with a burglary. When Trent asked Nicole when he could see her again, she asked him whether that would be necessary. "Not only is it necessary, it's long overdue. Wouldn't you say so?" he responded.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Philip went to the pier to meet Paul, who told him how John had had Ava's goons rough him up. When he learned that Philip already knew about it because he'd been having him tailed, Paul became irate and demanded Philip's help. Philip, still angry that Paul had burned down John's warehouse, replied that Paul had made the mistake on his own so he'd have to deal with the consequences on his own. Paul offered to try to fix things, and even got down on his knees and begged, but Philip refused and coldly suggested Paul leave town.

At the Brady Pub, Marlena informed Hope that she'd moved out of the mansion. Hope, surprised, urged her not to give up on John just yet, because Marlena was the only one who could give him the help he so clearly needed. Marlena replied that she'd already tried to help in every way she knew how, to no avail-so perhaps the John she knew was indeed lost forever. Hope asked if Marlena thought John had anything to do with the cocaine shipment, adding that they had to try to end the war between John and the Kiriakis family. Marlena admitted she didn't know what John was capable of besides making bad decisions.

Over cocktails at the DiMera Mansion, John and Ava were discussing how neither of them liked getting their hands dirty-but Ava said she'd had no choice because John had needed her help. E.J .interrupted when he burst through the front door, shouting angrily for Lucas, then stalked into the living room. John asked for some privacy, and E.J. apologized, but then proceeded to pour himself a drink. While John and Ava listened, amused and a bit bewildered, E.J. began ranting about how Lucas was demanding that he move out, and how he had more of a right than Lucas to live there. Lucas then came in and E.J. let him have it, insisting that, because E.J. was John's nephew, Lucas should be the one to move out. John agreed that it was his mansion and E.J. could stay if he wanted. Nicole barged in, despite Rolf's protests, and asked if she and Ava could speak elsewhere. John and Ava agreed to get together later, then Ava departed with Nicole, and John left E.J. and Lucas to hash it out.

Lucas and E.J. argued, baiting each other, until E.J. pointed out that Lucas had all but declared he wasn't in love with Sami anymore. Lucas replied that he couldn't get past Sami's sleeping with E.J. or her admitted feelings for him. E.J. scornfully asked why, if Sami cared for him so much, she was throwing him out. Lucas said he didn't know, and than informed E.J. that Sami had packed all of E.J.'s stuff. With a wry wink, E.J. declared he wasn't going anywhere, then sauntered out.

Stephanie dropped by Max's room, and he became angry when she questioned his explanation for where he'd been earlier. She asked if he and Dean Robbins were enemies, but he insisted he didn't want her involved because he wanted to protect her. She urged him to trust her, and begged him to tell her what was wrong. At last Max admitted he'd broken into the dean's room. Stephanie, confused as to why, pressed him for more details, but he said he couldn't talk about it. Over her protests, he then told her that he was going to deal with Robbins.

Ava and Nicole entered the pub, and when Ava noticed Hope and Marlena, she announced she was going to "make nice." She walked over and asked if Hope and Marlena would like to join her and Nicole for a drink. Hope, irked that Ava was bothering them, was stunned to learn that Ava and John were seeing each other. When Ava said John had told her that, though they were technically married, he and Marlena didn't have a connection anymore, a furious Marlena stood up and quietly stated that Ava didn't know anything about it. Hope interceded and told Ava to leave. Ava insisted she'd only been trying to make nice, but Hope argued that Ava had deliberately tried to bait Marlena. Conceding nothing, Ava returned and sat with Nicole.

Nicole wanted to know what happened, but Ava said she'd rather not discuss it, then asked why Nicole had needed to see her so badly. Nicole replied that her past had once again come back to haunt her. After some gentle prodding from Ava, Nicole confided that a man she'd known when she was younger had returned to Salem, adding, "He's freaking me out." Ava asked if he had hurt her, and when Nicole didn't reply, she assured her friend that she knew all about being victimized by men. Nicole broke down and sobbed, "It's just sometimes I feel like I'm the only one." Ava made Nicole promise to call if the guy bothered her, and offered the use of her "resources." Nicole gratefully said she didn't know why she hadn't thought of Ava before going to Victor for help.

Max knocked on Dean Trent Robbins' hotel room door, and when the dean saw him standing there, he tried to slam the door in Max's face. Max pushed his way in as Trent threatened to call security. The two began arguing, trading sarcastic barbs, and while the dean's back was turned to close the door, Max placed the picture he had stolen on an end table. He then pretended to find it and asked, "Who's the girl?" Trent became furious and snatched the picture away, bellowing, "Get the hell out-NOW!"

Just then, Stephanie pounded on the door, shouting that she knew Max was inside. When Trent heard her say "Max Brady," he ordered Max to let her in. Once Max had done so, the dean asked Stephanie if that was indeed what she'd said. When she confirmed it, he ordered them both out, but Max refused to leave until Trent told him who was in the photograph-and until the truth came out. The dean's eyes narrowed and he asked quietly, "How did you know?" Max hotly replied that he'd known about Trent for a while because he'd left a paper trail. Stephanie wanted to know what was going on, and Max demanded that Trent answer her.

Hope urged Marlena to keep trying to reach out to John, and to ask him to back off from the Kiriakises. Marlena agreed to give it one last try. Hope pointed out that John had just arrived, and left so Marlena could talk with him. Marlena cautiously approached John at the bar and invited him to dinner so they could talk. He refused, because he said he'd gotten tired of groveling and being compared to a man who no longer existed. She promised not to do that anymore, but he asserted that she'd promised that before and he didn't think it was possible. "I moved on," he said. "Do the same." He walked to where Ava was waiting for him at the door, and the two of them departed hand-in-hand.

Morgan found Paul on the docks, and asked why he'd asked her to meet him there when he was always warning her to stay away. He replied that he didn't want to meet in a more public place, and stammered that he didn't want to leave without saying goodbye. A stunned Morgan wanted to know what was going on. Paul told her it wasn't safe for him there anymore, and so he was leaving town. The two shared a tearful hug.

Philip came across Morgan as she wept, alone, on the pier. She told him that her father had left town because his life was in danger, and Philip held her as she sobbed. He remarked that Morgan shouldn't cry over a man like her father. Morgan hotly came to her father's defense, insisting he would never turn his back on his family. She then began crying again, and asked Philip to make sure nothing happened to Paul. He promised to try, and she told him he was the only person she trusted. "I need you," she whispered, and kissed him.

Nicole called to order some champagne and vodka to be delivered, and turned to find E.J. standing there. Surprised, she said she thought their business was finished. He replied that he needed to talk, because Samantha had kicked him out. Nicole couldn't hide her glee, but E.J. said he wasn't going to move out. Nicole deduced that he was upset because Sami had hurt him, and offered to help take his mind off things. She said she could use a little distracting as well, adding that Victor wouldn't be home for a while. They moved tentatively toward one another, and then began to kiss.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

E.J. and Nicole took advantage of being at the Kiriakis mansion alone and began kissing. Nicole invited E.J. upstairs to Victor's room to have sex, saying it would make Victor angry, but E.J. suggested they stay where they were and do it on the couch. Nicole stopped E.J., and he asked her if she wanted to go upstairs, but she was having second thoughts about sleeping with him. E.J. was confused by Nicole wanting to stop. He accused her of becoming hostile. She told him to go home to Sami, who he was still in love with. Nicole said E.J. thought she would jump into bed with him like she was some kind of tramp. E.J. said she wasn't a tramp, but Nicole ordered him to leave.

E.J. went to the Brady Pub and ran into Tony, who toasted to E.J. finding happiness. Tony said despite his career success, E.J. was a total flop with love. E.J. said he was through with women, but Tony encouraged him to try again. He said if E.J. was so in love with Sami, he should fight for her. E.J. scoffed at the idea, saying Sami had no idea what she wanted and on top of that, he had to contend with Lucas, who had just been released from prison. Tony told E.J. he didn't seem like he was ready to give up on what Stefano wanted, which was E.J. marrying Sami and fathering a child with her. Tony asked E.J. if his feelings for Sami were out of a sense of lingering loyalty to his father. E.J. said there wasn't a lot of logic in loving Sami. Tony said he just wanted E.J. to understand the need to fight for Sami.

After E.J. left, Nicole thought about how unlucky she was in finding love. Victor came home and was surprised to see Nicole. She asked about Kate, and he told her Kate's condition was improving. Victor wondered what was wrong with Nicole since she got her settlement. Victor guessed that Nicole made a play for E.J. and he rejected her. Victor asked why Nicole was attracted to married men, but she refused to discuss it with him. Victor told her to leave, and she said all she wanted was money. After he left, she said to herself that wasn't true and money wasn't what she wanted.

Marlena stopped by the DiMera mansion to get the rest of her belongings and she ran into John, who asked her to hear him out. John apologized for turning down Marlena's dinner invitation. Marlena said she made a fool of herself, but John said he was the fool. He said he turned her down because she hurt him and he wanted to hurt her back. Marlena asked if Ava was part of his plan to hurt Marlena back or if he had genuine feelings for her. John said Ava was a friend and he didn't have many. Marlena asked him whose fault that was. Marlena said she never meant to hurt him, and John said he knew that. He said he realized Marlena had been hurt more than anyone, because she lost someone she loved and he had been callous about it. Then, he apologized. Marlena was stunned, but she accepted his apology. John insisted he make up for what he did. He asked her to stay for dinner, but Marlena was hesitant. She asked about Ava. John said Ava had left. He said there was nothing going on between him and Ava. Marlena said she saw the way Ava looked at him and it was clear that Ava wanted to be more than just friends. He reminded her that Ava had been obsessed with Steve and she didn't think John wanted someone obsessed with him. Marlena accepted John's dinner invitation, and then John got a phone call and excused himself. It was someone who updated him on Paul Hollingsworth's whereabouts. Hollingsworth was preparing to leave town, the voice said. John said to himself that Paul wasn't going anywhere. Later, John offered Marlena a drink, and they toasted to new beginnings. She told him it meant a lot to her that he apologized and it showed he cared about her feelings. John said spending time with Marlena felt familiar to him. He felt comfortable with her. John received another phone call and asked the person to find Paul and handle it. Marlena asked if John received bad news.

Chloe spotted Morgan and Philip kissing on the wharf. Chloe confronted them. Philip told Chloe to calm down, and she said she shouldn't care that Philip was making out with another woman just because she and Philip were sleeping together. Morgan told Chloe the kiss just happened because she was upset. Chloe accused Morgan of being after Philip since the moment the two met. Morgan decided to take off. Philip asked her if she would be okay, and Morgan said yes. Chloe said she wanted to warn Morgan that Philip didn't really care about her father because her father was working for John. Morgan told Chloe she had no right to talk about her father and Philip was just trying to help. Chloe told Morgan that Philip had ulterior motives. Morgan told Philip she understood what he was trying to do and she appreciated it. Then she excused herself. Chloe told Philip she was starting to have feelings for him. He said he cared about her, too, and the last thing he wanted was to make her angry or jealous. Chloe said Philip didn't have the same feelings for her that she had for him.

Morgan saw her father outside the pub, and he said he couldn't stay in Salem. She asked if he was leaving forever, and Paul said he would contact her as soon as he could. He asked her to promise to stay away from Philip. She was resistant at first, but then she agreed.

Philip told Chloe he only wanted her, but Chloe thought Philip was just telling her what she wanted to hear. He got a phone call and told the person on the phone to make sure Paul kept his mouth shut because the police already suspected their connection. Philip asked Chloe if they could go to her place so they could talk, but she wasn't sure if that was all he wanted to do. Philip said he just wanted to talk. Tony ran into Morgan, who said she was trying to figure out what to do with her life. He offered her another internship at his company. Meanwhile, at the docks, someone threw Paul's body into the river.

Max told Dean Robbins to tell Stephanie that he was Max's father. She asked if it was true, and Robbins admitted it. He asked Max and Stephanie to leave because he needed some time. Max asked if he needed time to lick his wounds and if he was going to play the victim. Robbins said he needed to process the information. Max said he had some processing of his own to do, and needed Robbins' help with that. The dean told Max he came to see him when he was still little and learned that Frankie had taken him under his wing and they'd been adopted by the Bradys. He admitted that he lurked in the shadows and then left. Max accused Robbins of not caring about him. Robbins said he knew Max had been taken care of. Stephanie tried to get Max to stop his line of questioning, but Max said she wanted to know what was going on, so she was going to hear everything. Max demanded to know why Robbins left him. Robbins said he didn't have to justify himself to Max, but Max felt otherwise. Robbins told Max he wasn't the enemy and the past was the past.

Max threatened to tell the university faculty about Robbins' past and how he seduced Max's mother. Max accused Robbins of getting his mother pregnant and then dumping her and being abusive. Stephanie asked what happened to his mother. Max said his mother died so he was orphaned and left in the care of abusive foster parents until he was taken in by Frankie and the Bradys. Max said all he felt was hate for his father. Robbins asked Max how much it would take to keep Max quiet. Max was insulted that Robbins thought he could be bought. Stephanie told Robbins she couldn't listen to him bribe his own son. Robbins said he was asking his son to consider keeping quiet about it and Robbins was willing to help financially to motivate him to protect both of them. Robbins asked why either he or Max would want the truth to come out. Stephanie told Robbins that Max was a gifted and an amazing person and anyone would be proud to have him as their son. Robbins insulted Max, calling him a bartender who dabbled in physics. Stephanie stuck up for Max, but Max said he didn't care if he was brilliant or that Robbins was his father.

Max mostly didn't want to be like Robbins. His real father was Shawn Brady-a man of substance and character-Max said. Robbins asked Max to reconsider his offer and keep quiet about it. Max asked about the girl in the picture and said if Robbins told him, Max would think about his offer. Robbins pretended not to know about the photo, saying whoever broke in must have dropped it. Max wasn't buying Robbins' explanation. Max asked if the girl in the photo was his sister, but Robbins asked how he would know and why Max would even think of that. Max said it wasn't a leap. Robbins told Max he had no idea who he was dealing with. Stephanie asked if Robbins was threatening Max, but Robbins said Max couldn't move forward if he was dwelling on the past. Robbins asked Stephanie to leave so he and Max could resolve things between them, but she refused to leave with Max so angry. Robbins told him to calm down and said they could talk about it the next day at the Brady Pub.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Morgan and Chelsea were working out at the Salem Health Club when they ran into Crystle, their Alpha Chi Theta national chapter advisor. They discussed a breast cancer awareness walkathon that Crystle was organizing and that all three women planned to participate in. After Crystle had gone, Chelsea excitedly told Morgan that she had a date with Daniel that night. Morgan was less enthusiastic, and alluded to how Daniel had rebuffed Chelsea in the past. An irked Chelsea said she'd hoped Morgan would be more supportive. Morgan declared that she just didn't want her friend to get hurt. Chelsea tried to dispel Morgan's fears.

At the hospital, Daniel called Maggie to make a reservation at Chez Rouge for his date with Chelsea. He then checked on Kate, who yelled at him to get out of her room. Lexie overheard from the hallway and demanded to know what was going on. Daniel left before Kate could have Lexie throw him out. Lexie then asked why Kate had requested a surgeon other than Daniel. Kate suggested there was a conflict of interest, but when Lexie pressed her, she said she'd just been uncomfortable and asked to drop it.

Abe brought Theo to the hospital for his appointment with the specialist. Eager to see Lexie, the boy ran into Kate's room before Abe could stop him. Abe apologized, but Kate seemed thrilled to see the little boy. After Abe had taken Theo back out, Lexie confided that Theo was there for some tests and that she was worried about the results.

Marlena was having breakfast at the Brady Pub when John surprised her by joining her. He suggested that she move back into the mansion, but Marlena didn't think either of them was ready for that. When John brought up Philip's name, Marlena urged him to give up trying to prove Philip had planted the drugs, but John was insistent.

Chloe and Philip awakened in her hotel room. Chloe joked, "So much for just talking last night!" before they made love again. Philip was getting dressed when John called and ordered him to come to the Brady Pub immediately.

At the pub, Stephanie asked Max why he hadn't told her that Trent Robbins was his dad. When he started to fly off the handle about it, she calmly assured him she'd be there when he wanted to talk about it. She encouraged him to tell Caroline, because she knew his mom would be supportive and understanding, pointing out that Caroline knew he might find his biological parents someday. Max would only say that he'd think about it.

After Stephanie left, Caroline asked Max what was bothering him. When he said he couldn't talk about it, she let him have it about his seemingly endless foul mood, and ordered him to talk to her. Nick arrived just then, and Caroline asked him to try to talk some sense into her son. When Max tried to escape upstairs, Nick followed with a course catalog and urged Max to enroll in summer school at Salem University. Max was completely uninterested, which prompted Nick to ask what had happened to the cool, confident Max he used to know.

When Trent called and asked to see her, Nicole reluctantly met him in front of the pub. Though she was clearly unhappy to see him, he declared that their reunion was fate and that he was sorry he'd ever let her go. Nicole asked him to leave her alone. She expressed her incredulity that he'd gotten a job at Salem University, adding that no one there must know about his past. He acknowledged that someone did, lying that it was one of his graduate students, who had threatened him about it.

Stephanie joined Chelsea and Morgan at the gym and glumly told her concerned friends that Max had a huge secret that only she knew about. She said that although she'd encouraged him to tell someone else, he'd stubbornly refused even to discuss it further with her. While the girls were talking, Daniel called Chelsea to make sure their date was still on. Steph seemed thrilled for Chelsea, but Morgan again expressed her doubts. A little later, Morgan stunned her friends with the news that her father had left town.

Philip and Chloe arrived at the pub, and while Chloe and Marlena watched, John gave Philip until the end of the day to step down and admit defeat before he was publicly humiliated. Philip refused to give in, and stalked off with Chloe in tow. He then left Chloe to eat breakfast alone, announcing he was going to blow off some steam at the gym.

After showering and changing, Morgan, Chelsea, and Stephanie went to the pub. When Morgan saw Chloe, she groaned and called Chloe a harlot. Stephanie found Max, and again urged him to come clean with Caroline.

Max approached Caroline as she cleared tables. He confessed to his mom that he'd found his biological father. He admitted he'd known for years, but he hadn't wanted to tell her because he didn't want to upset her. She hugged him and thanked him for finally telling her.

Philip bumped into Daniel at the gym, and they commiserated about the mysterious hold women had on them. Philip asked for advice about the two women he was torn between. Daniel admitted that he didn't have any answers and that he was being uncharacteristically cautious about pursuing a relationship with Chelsea. Philip seemed pleased that his niece was dating Daniel, though both men agreed that Kate likely wouldn't be happy about it.

Chloe tried to caution Morgan that Philip was just using her. Morgan declared that Chloe was only saying so because she felt threatened-and that she should.

John and Marlena returned to the DiMera mansion, where Marlena acknowledged that he couldn't be the old John, but that she wasn't sure she could accept the new one. She then announced that if they couldn't resolve their differences, they should file for divorce. John was surprised, but Marlena said he should explore things with Ava or even someone else. She continued that it would be great if he ultimately came back to her because he wanted to, but if he decided he didn't, then they could end things.

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