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Monday, June 23, 2008

At the hospital, the nurse informed Kate that a doctor must examine her one more time before she could authorize her discharge. Kate agreed but told the nurse any doctor except Dr. Jonas. The nurse questioned Kate about why she did not want Dr. Jonas to examine her, but Kate ignored her and the nurse left the room to summon a doctor.

At the DiMera mansion, Lucas overheard John on the phone instructing someone to get the evidence needed to prove that Philip framed him.

John left the house and Sami entered the room and told Lucas that E.J. was moving out. E.J. walked in and told Sami and Lucas that he did not intend to move out of the mansion. Lucas told E.J. and Sami that he was sick and tired of listening to their squabbling and said he was leaving to go upstairs. Later, Lucas used his special key to unlock his ankle monitor and left the mansion undetected.

After Lucas left the mansion, Kate called him on his cell phone. Kate asked Lucas why he was whispering, but he lied and told her that the twins were sleeping and that he could not talk. Lucas told Kate that he was happy that she was feeling better and would call her later. Kate was suspicious about Lucas' behavior, but then forgot about is as she had her own problems concerning Daniel.

Back at the mansion, Sami and E.J. quarreled over E.J. moving out. E.J. protested and reminded Sami that John owned the mansion and John told him that he did not have to move out. E.J. tried to reason with Sami and told her that she was not being fair about their relationship. Finally, disgusted at Sami and her stubborn rage, E.J. gave Sami and ultimatum: if he moved out, he planned to take Johnny with him. E.J. told a shocked Sami that she could visit Johnny at any time. Sami was furious and yelled back at E.J. and told him that he would never have custody of Johnny.

Sami handed E.J. moving boxes, but he stood his ground and again told Sami that he did not intend to move out. E.J. reminded Sami that the entire matter revolved around Lucas' insecurities. E.J. told Sami to stop pushing aside her feelings for him because even Lucas knew that she would never have casual sex with anyone unless she had serious feelings for him.

Sami screamed at E.J., called him every name in the book, and emphasized to E.J. that Lucas was the only man she could or would ever love. Sami begged E.J. that if he cared anything for her to please to give her and Lucas a chance at happiness.

Sami told E.J. that she knew that he was a good father and that he had the potential to be a very good and kind man. She pleaded with him to make the sacrifice for her and move out of the mansion. Sami apologized to E.J. for saying such nasty things to him, but said that he pushed her to the point of no return. Sami told E.J. that she wanted him to be part of Johnny's life, but it was important that he understand why he must move out. E.J. told Sami that no matter what she said, he was not moving out of his family home.

John walked into the room and Sami asked him to intervene and help her convince E.J. to move out. John asked E.J. if he wanted to move out, E.J. said no, so John simply said that E.J. stayed-and hinted that blood was thicker than water. Sami looked at E.J. and John in total disgust and did not know what to do next.

At the gym, Daniel worked out with a passion as Philip approached him to talk. Philip noticed the latest tabloid on the bench beside Daniel that displayed John and Philip's pictures underneath the headline entitled "Dock Wars." Philip asked Daniel why he was reading that trashy newspaper and assured Daniel that he was not guilty of drug trafficking. Daniel told Philip that he did not believe everything he read. Philip told Daniel that he would never be involved with drugs, especially after Brady's recent drug addiction and hospitalization that culminated in his divorce from Chloe. Daniel remarked that drugs could ruin a person's life and that he was happy that Brady was on the road to recovery. Daniel asked Philip about his relationship with Chloe. Philip confided to Daniel that he and Chloe had a history together and he was not sure if they could pick up and resume their romance after so many years. Philip told Daniel that he was also interested in another woman and that he was confused about what to do and did not want to hurt Chloe's feelings.

Daniel asked Philip what he was doing for the Fourth of July holiday and Philip said that he was probably going to Bo and Hope's annual barbeque.

Just then, Kate called Philip on his cell phone and asked him if he could pick her up from the hospital. Kate asked Philip why he was with Daniel and commented that she did not realize that they were friends, but Philip did not respond to her concern. Philip told Kate that he was worried about her and asked her to recuperate at the Kiriakis mansion-and insisted that he would not take no for answer. Philip assured Kate that Victor would not object to her living with them for a few days, and Kate reluctantly agreed.

At the Brady Pub, Morgan talked to her mother on the phone about her father's strange behavior and noted how unusual it was for him to leave town unexpectedly.

After Morgan finished her phone call, she approached Chloe and asked her why she did not like Morgan. Chloe stared back at her, warned her to stay away from Philip, and left the pub.

At another table, Bo and Hope talked about the investigation at the docks. Chelsea walked in, said hello, and then asked Hope if she could speak to her alone. Hope and Chelsea went to talk at another table. Caroline walked over to Bo's table and Bo asked his mother why Max was not working that shift. Caroline explained to Bo that Max had personal problems and needed some time off. Bo offered to help, but Caroline said that Max needed to work things out on his own.

Chelsea asked Hope if she could borrow her gold earrings with the diamonds because she wanted to wear them for a special date. Chelsea told Hope that she did not want Bo to know that she was going out on the date. Hope reminded Chelsea that she did not keep secrets from Bo, and asked her why she did not want Bo to know.

Chelsea told Hope that Daniel was her date and Hope did not seem pleased. Hope advised Chelsea, in a motherly way, that she was very concerned about the age difference between her and Daniel. Chelsea asked Hope to trust her and insisted that she knew in her heart that Daniel would never hurt her. Hope asked Chelsea if she asked Daniel out or if Daniel asked her. Chelsea confirmed that Daniel was the one doing the asking. Hope reluctantly agreed to keep silent for the time being under one condition-that Chelsea must tell Bo if she accepted a second date with Daniel. Chelsea agreed to the terms and Hope told Chelsea that she would let her borrow the earrings.

Bo told Caroline that he never thought Chelsea and Hope would ever be having a mother/daughter talk. Caroline agreed and reminded Bo that he was a lucky man and had a wonderful family. Bo told Caroline that he was planning a party for Hope and needed her help because he was very busy at work. Just then, John walked over and suggested a way for Bo to lighten his workload.

John told Bo that Philip set him up and it was time that the police stepped up the investigation. Philip walked into the pub and joined John and Bo. Morgan approached John and blasted him for ruining her father's life. Morgan told John that he was an evil man and deserved whatever punishment came his way. John told Morgan that if she wanted to be mad or to blame someone, Philip was her man. Bo and Hope asked Morgan to try to calm down, and told her that they wanted to question Paul. Morgan told Bo and Hope that her father left town the night before because he feared his life might be in danger. Morgan and Philip pushed the blame back to John for Paul's dilemma. John denied everything that Morgan and Philip said and then left the pub. Bo told Hope that he was certain Philip knew more about Paul Hollingsworth than he was saying.

Afterward, Bo asked Hope what she and Chelsea had discussed. Hope told Bo that it was girl talk and that Chelsea wanted to borrow her earrings for a special date. Bo asked Hope who Chelsea's date was, but Hope said that she did not know because Chelsea did not want to jinx it and would tell them more if she made another date with this man.

As Philip and Morgan made their way to another table to talk, Chelsea walked over to them, having finished her conversation with Hope. Philip told Chelsea and Morgan that Kate called to say that she was awaiting her discharge from the hospital. Chelsea was happy and told Philip, Chloe, Bo, and Hope that she wanted to go see Kate, and said goodbye to everyone. Philip told Chelsea to tell Kate that he would be there shortly, but that he wanted to talk to Morgan first. Philip asked Morgan to be patient and then asked her how she was doing. Morgan mentioned to Philip that Chloe told her to stay away from him.

Back at the hospital, Kate recalled previous conversations with Daniel and the reasons why she did not want him to perform the surgery or to authorize her release. Just then, Daniel walked into Kate's hospital room and asked to take one last look at her before she checked out of the hospital. Kate refused and then Daniel asked Kate as a favor if they could try to get along for Chelsea's sake. Daniel and Kate began a very heated and somewhat mysterious conversation about some connection in their past. Daniel urged Kate to put their feelings aside as Chelsea would never understand if she knew the truth. Just then, Chelsea walked into the room and asked what they were discussing. Chelsea and Daniel glanced at each other with anticipation the entire time that they were in the room together.

Kate made an excuse that she was anxious to leave the hospital and Chelsea told her that Philip was on his way to pick her up. Chelsea thanked Daniel for his help in taking care of Kate. Daniel said goodbye and left the room. Kate asked Chelsea to go out to dinner with her, but Chelsea apologized to Kate and told her that she had a date and could not make it. Kate asked Chelsea about her date, but Chelsea said that she did not want to jinx it and say with whom, at least for the time being. Kate did not question Chelsea further and seemed happy for Chelsea, unaware that Daniel was reason for her excitement.

Lucas showed up at Chloe's place and she quickly pulled him into her apartment so that he was out of sight. Lucas told her that he was very careful and that no one saw him, but he had an important matter to discuss with her. Lucas told Chloe that he overheard John's earlier telephone conversation telling another person that he blamed Philip for planting the drugs on his ship and setting the fire at the docks. Lucas told Chloe that he knew who set the fire and that he was not going to let Philip take the blame. Chloe questioned Lucas about who he thought set the fire. Lucas told Chloe that he suspected Paul Hollingsworth because he bumped into him on the docks the same night he strayed from the house, and that Paul's clothing smelled of gasoline. Chloe asked Lucas if Morgan was Paul's daughter and Lucas confirmed it. Lucas told Chloe that he thought that perhaps Paul was upset because John turned on him, and setting the fire was a way to get back at John. Chloe told Lucas to inform the police to clear Philip, but Lucas refused because the authorities would learn that he violated his house arrest. Chloe understood, and Lucas told her that she must be the one to inform the police. Lucas told Chloe that he knew it was a lot to ask of her, but that he would coach her so she could get the story straight. Chloe agreed so that she could help clear Philip's name.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

While Max sulked in his room at the Brady Pub, Caroline crept into the room behind him. Caroline gently broached the subject of his biological father, and Max immediately attempted to avoid the subject. Caroline became frustrated with Max's evasiveness and assured him "everything about you matters to me." Caroline told Max that he should not be keeping secrets from her and she recounted all the things that Max had been holding back from her recently. An emotional Max told Caroline that he had recently spoken with his biological father who had told him that he did not want anyone to know that Max was his son. When Max yelled that he wanted nothing to do with his father, Caroline suggested that it would be a mistake to give up. "Find out who you are and embrace it so you don't waste your gifts," Caroline quietly told Max. Barely able to speak, Max sputtered out the last memory he had of his father from his childhood. Max explained that when his mother became ill, his biological father had been called by child services to pick up Max. Holding back tears, Max told Caroline that child services had to drag him away from his father crying and screaming while his father stood back and did nothing. When Max could no longer speak about that moment, Caroline took him into her arms to comfort him.

At the Salem Inn, Philip met with his Hong Kong contact in a hotel room to discuss the disk he had given her. The contact explained that she was not able to decrypt the disk but that the information on the disk bore a resemblance to brainwave patterns. Philip called off her investigation and sent her back to Hong Kong. With the disk clutched in his hand, Philip called Marlena and asked her to come meet him. Marlena reluctantly agreed.

When Marlena arrived at Philip's door, she admitted immediately that she was suspicious. Philip explained that he found something that could help John regain his memories, and then he held up the disk. Curious but wary, Marlena asked, "Are you saying that that disk contains John's memories?" Philip admitted that he did not know that but that he did know the disk contained brainwave patterns. Unsure, Marlena questioned how Philip had obtained the disk, but Philip continued to avoid answering the question. Marlena threatened to call Roman and report that the disk was proof that Philip had broken into the DiMera Mansion. Philip calmly quieted Marlena by explaining that if she made the call, he would get rid of the disk. Though Marlena told Philip that his motives were self-serving, she said, "All that matters is that we get John back." As Marlena left, Philip made Marlena promise not to tell John where the disk came from. Though Marlena was uncomfortable with lying to John she admitted that the right thing to do was not to tell John.

In Abe and Lexie's living room, the two paced about, trying to talk about the situation with Theo. Abe told Lexie that the results of Theo's tests were too painful to deal with, but feeling guilty for missing her son's symptoms, Lexie firmly told Abe that Theo's diagnosis was right. As the two discussed their son's performance on the tests, there was a knock on the door. Abe opened the front door to find Marlena. Marlena explained that the doctor had called to tell her that Lexie might need a friend. Abe started to tell Marlena that everything was fine, but Lexie interrupted to disagree. Taking a deep breath for strength, Lexie explained that the doctors had diagnosed Theo as autistic.

At the DiMera Mansion Lucas hurriedly struggled to get his monitoring bracelet back on his ankle, while a tense Chloe stood nearby watching. Chloe assured Lucas that she still wanted to go through with the plan to tell the police everything that Lucas saw because it had to be done. With an eyebrow raised, Sami entered the living room and wondered aloud why Chloe was acting in the interest of someone else. A defensive Chloe told Sami that she did not need to explain what she was doing or why she was visiting Lucas, and Lucas calmly agreed with Chloe. When Sami began to argue with Chloe about her effect on Brady, an agitated John entered the room demanding that all the fighting in his house stop.

John told Chloe to leave immediately-because as she was involved with Philip, she was not welcome in the house. When Lucas interjected to explain that Chloe was in the house based on his request as her friend, an annoyed John told Lucas that Chloe was not welcome in his house. Frustrated, Chloe said, "You would change your mind if you knew what I had to say." However, Lucas interrupted her and stopped her from telling John what Lucas had seen down on the docks the night of the fire. A hopeful Sami asked John if E.J.'s continued involvement with Philip was grounds to kick him out, but John reminded Sami that E.J. was family and Chloe was not. John further stated that if Lucas invited Chloe back, he would kick him out of the house. Noting Sami's frustration, John reminded Sami that he was on her side. Much to Sami's surprise, John then invited Sami to join him for a snack. Bewildered but unsure how to decline the offer, Sami agreed to go out for a bite to eat with John. As he left, John yelled back to Lucas, "I want Chloe gone when I get back."

Chloe demanded to know why Lucas stopped her from talking about the night of the fire and asked whether he was having second thoughts. "Of course I am, Chloe. You'll be lying to Philip, John, and the police," Lucas said. However, the two agreed that they had no choice in the situation and that they needed to continue with the plan in order to protect Philip.

Over in the Salem Gym's juice bar, Nicole and Ava lamented the lack of men at the gym. Just as the two were making plans to return later in the day to find more men, Ava noticed that E.J. was up at the cash register getting a drink. When Nicole waved hello to E.J. and he nonchalantly nodded back, Ava immediately began to question Nicole about E.J.'s behavior. Nicole updated Ava on her encounter with E.J. and how, though he had wanted to sleep with her, she pulled away. Nicole explained that she wanted a man to really love her, and not just want to have a one-night stand with her. When Nicole joked that E.J. was going to toss her aside once he received his payment for her legal services, Ava disagreed with a chuckle. Ava informed Nicole that E.J.'s body language showed that he was attracted to Nicole but was trying to hide it. Before Ava could say any more, Nicole interrupted her to note that John had just walked in with Sami.

At the register in the juice bar, Sami looked over at Nicole, horrified. John smiled over at Ava and walked off with Sami. With a smile plastered across her face, Ava told Nicole that she was going to ask John to join them. Ava walked over and after a little bit of chit-chat with John, he casually mentioned that Marlena was considering a divorce. Stunned, Sami asked whether John wanted to get a divorce. Thinking for a moment, John said, "Maybe." Surprised, Sami shook her head and left.

In the main part of the gym, Sami ran into E.J. E.J. began to preemptively tell Sami he was not moving out of the house when she began to beg him again to move out. When Sami claimed that E.J. was being selfish, E.J. shook his head in disbelief. "Wow. You really think that? Do you really think that I'm being selfish? Asking me to move out of my house, leave my son and allow you to take up with another man, well boohoo," E.J. exclaimed. Sami reminded E.J. that the man she was taking up with was the love of her life and that there was no reason to live with all the tension of Lucas and E.J.'s hatred for one another. E.J. again declined her request and stormed off.

Desperate, Sami ran back into the juice bar and politely greeted Nicole. Immediately suspicious, Nicole asked Sami what she wanted. Sami explained that she needed Nicole to convince E.J. to move out of the mansion. Clearly relishing the opportunity to tell Sami about her night with E.J., Nicole explained that she was not really talking to E.J. since they "came this close to...oh, never mind." Noting the smile on Nicole's face, an aggravated Sami quickly retreated out of the room. Once Sami was gone, Nicole sat back down at her table and furrowed her brow. Ava noted the look on Nicole's face and asked her what the problem was. Nicole was reluctant to say anything about E.J.'s secret, but when Ava pressed her to talk to John for advice, Nicole relented. John appeared uneasy to talk to Nicole, but he quietly listened as Nicole explained that E.J. had lied about his annulment and that he was no longer married to Sami. John smiled as he learned the news of E.J.'s deception.

Back at the DiMera mansion, a solemn E.J. returned home with some takeout food. Lucas immediately began to ask E.J. questions. Obviously too tired to argue with Lucas, E.J. told Lucas that he had just told Sami that he had no plans to move out and that she was furious. When E.J. mentioned that he had not seen Sami that angry since he had told her that he had taken Nicole on as a client, Lucas laughed to himself. Lucas shared that he was not surprised by Sami's behavior since she was upset earlier when he was talking to Chloe. "That woman is nothing if not possessive," E.J. muttered. Lucas agreed and explained that her history with men showed that was true. "She always wants what she can't have," said Lucas. "Why don't you tell me something I don't know, Lucas" E.J. retorted good-naturedly.

Just as Sami returned home and began to listen to E.J. and Lucas from the hallway, Lucas said, "I'm just saying I think she gets confused about what she really wants and what she thinks she wants." "I certainly experienced that a few times," E.J. agreed. Furious at what she was listening to, Sami threw open the doors to the living room and yelled, "I can't believe that you almost had sex with Nicole!" E.J. shrugged at Sami and said hello. When Sami asked how E.J. could do that to her, E.J. looked dumbfounded. E.J. recounted that Sami had warned him that there was nothing between them and that she was actively attempting to kick him out of the house to be with Lucas. "So don't act like you were betrayed," he said as Lucas nodded nearby. Sami attempted to say that her fury was about her issues with Nicole, but E.J. turned to Lucas and told him he was right about Sami. Lucas suggested they finish their conversation in the kitchen, and while E.J. and Lucas talked about Sami's issues as they headed toward the kitchen, Sami stood confused in the in living room.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bo and Hope sat in the bar at Chez Rouge, enjoying cocktails while they waited for their table. Hope pestered Bo to tell her what the occasion was, since he never asked her to get dressed up and go out on a weeknight, but he would only say the evening was about the two of them.

Daniel arrived, nattily attired in a suit and tie, and said hello to Bo and Hope. Bo joked that he didn't know Daniel even owned a tie, and asked if the doctor was meeting a hot babe for a date. Before Daniel could answer, the maître d' came to show the Bradys to their table. After they'd gone, Daniel tried to call Chelsea, but got no answer.

In the dining room nearby, Trent and Nicole were having dinner, though Nicole was openly unhappy about being there. When he noticed her looking toward the Bradys' table, he remarked that Bo's daughter had dated one of his brightest students. Nicole asked if Trent was planning to steal that student's ideas and crush his dreams like he usually did. She then asked why he wouldn't just leave her alone. He claimed that he'd missed her and that he wanted to make amends. She didn't believe him, so he assured her that he would keep their secret.

As Bo and Hope sat down at their table, Hope remarked that she was surprised to see Nicole and Trent together. A bit later, Bo told his wife that she was more beautiful than the day they were married. She asked again what they were celebrating. He replied that, especially after he'd nearly died and she'd been kidnapped, he'd realized how precious life was and he never wanted to take anything for granted.

A fawning admirer interrupted Trent and Nicole's diner to praise the professor's book. Afterward Nicole said she was shocked that he'd introduced her to the young man, since in the past he'd been embarrassed to be seen with her. Trent later admitted he'd thought that his son, rather than Nicole, would've been the part of his past to catch up with him. Nicole was surprised to hear that Trent had a son, and even more stunned when she learned that it was Max.

Chloe was getting dressed in her hotel room after a romp with Philip. He was disappointed when she told him that she wasn't going to dinner with him, but she said she had something important to do, and that it was for him. He wanted to know what it was, but she just replied that he could come with her if he wanted. While Philip went to get the car, Chloe called Lucas to tell him she was about to see Roman.

At the Brady Pub, Caroline thanked Stephanie for getting Max to open up about finding his biological father. They agreed there must be more to the story than Max had told either of them. Just then, Chelsea rushed in, her arms full of dresses and shopping bags, and frantically asked for Stephanie's help getting ready because she was late for her date with Daniel.

The two girls ran upstairs and Chelsea pounded on Max's door. Chelsea thanked him as she ran into the bathroom to try on her clothes, and Stephanie apologized for barging in. Max said he was leaving anyway to confront his father. Stephanie tried to talk him out of it, or to at least let her go with him, but he refused, promising only that he'd tell her the rest of the story when he got home. Chelsea emerged from the bathroom, thanked Max again, and then dashed out.

Chelsea finally arrived at Chez Rouge and apologized to Daniel for being late. Daniel beamed when he saw her, and they exchanged somewhat awkward compliments. As they headed for their table, Chelsea saw her dad and stepmom in the dining room and stopped. She admitted she hadn't told Bo about their date. Daniel said he understood Bo's concerns, but added that they were two adults and shouldn't worry what other people thought. Chelsea agreed that they had nothing to hide.

Chelsea and Daniel walked over to Bo and Hope's table, and while Hope told Chelsea how beautiful she looked, Bo was stunned that his daughter was Daniel's date. Though Hope kicked him under the table, Bo still pointed out Daniel and Chelsea's age difference. When Chelsea started to get upset, Bo finally conceded, "He does seem...rather youthful for his age." Chelsea politely said they should let Bo and Hope get back to their desserts, and then she and Daniel left. Hope scolded Bo for being rude, but he hissed that Daniel should be with someone his own age.

Daniel led Chelsea to their table and admitted he was worried about how things had gone. Chelsea assured him that her dad would come around and reminded him that together they'd saved Bo's life. When Daniel praised her smile, she blushed and returned the compliment.

Roman sat at the pub with Steve and Kayla, discussing baby Joe's progress. Roman agreed to try to go see his new nephew the next day if he could get away from work. Stephanie and Max came downstairs, and Steve got up to ask to speak to Max in private.

Steve asked Max to explain his recent erratic behavior. Max confessed he'd been hiding something because he didn't want to be anything like his biological father, who was back in Salem. Steve reminded Max that he'd also had a terrible father, and agreed that while that didn't excuse Max's actions, it explained them a little. Max assured Steve that he would never hurt Steph, and that he'd explain the whole story soon. Steve vowed to be there if Max ever needed anything.

Just as Stephanie was sitting down next to her mom, Morgan burst into the pub and asked Roman for his help locating her missing father. Roman said he couldn't do anything until Paul had been gone for 24 hours. Chloe and Philip came in just then, and Chloe announced to Roman and Morgan that she'd seen Paul on the pier the night of the fire-and that he'd reeked of gasoline.

Marlena listened as Abe and Lexie talked about their heartbreak over Theo's diagnosis of autism. Lexie tried to talk her husband out of his denial, pointing out how little their son spoke or laughed, but Abe said he didn't want to condemn the boy with a label. Marlena offered her help as their friend. She reminded them that she'd lost a baby to SIDS and the strain had destroyed her marriage to Don. She encouraged her friends to get counseling if they needed help, so the same thing didn't happen to them. A tearful Lexie admitted that it would be easier to deal with if Theo had a physical sickness that she could fix. Marlena then warmly hugged Lexie and Abe goodbye. Abe tried to reassure his wife that they would get through it together.

John overheard Lucas' end of the phone call with Chloe and demanded to know what was going on, but Lucas wouldn't say. Just then, Rolf announced Marlena's arrival. Marlena rushed in, full of smiles, and asked Lucas to please give them some privacy. Lucas left to check on the twins, and when Rolf tried to follow suit, Marlena told him to stay because what she had to say involved him too. She produced the disk that Philip had given her, and confirmed that it was the one that had been stolen from the mansion. While Lucas eavesdropped, John asked where she'd gotten it. Marlena replied that the only thing that mattered was that she believed it contained the key to unlock John's past.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chelsea and Daniel went on a date at Chez Rouge, and he made it a point to tell her for the third time that he was on call for the night. They both noticed that even though they knew each other, their date was awkward. Chelsea said she was glad that her father and Hope had to go home from their date early, because Bo's presence in the same restaurant made her nervous. Chelsea told Daniel that Bo liked him, but he was just hung up on their age difference. Daniel said he wanted to make Chelsea smile every day. He said Chelsea was lucky to have such a cool, caring family, and Chelsea agreed-with the exception of Kate, who could be overprotective, Chelsea said. Then she changed the subject back to them. Daniel got a page to go back to the hospital, and he invited Chelsea along. He asked her to wait for him in a private room and he'd return as soon as possible. While she was waiting, a man wheeled in a cart, which Daniel revealed was dinner courtesy of Chez Rouge. They shared an intimate moment and kissed.

Nicole and Trent Robbins were on a date of their own at Chez Rouge, and he told her to slow down on her drinking, because he didn't want her to get drunk and make a spectacle of herself. Nicole said he used to like it when she got drunk. She said she was nothing but a sex toy to him in their past and he was good at twisting her mind and torturing her ego. Nicole said she had trouble letting her guard down. She accused Trent of being afraid she would blurt out the truth about his past. Nicole asked about Trent's son, Max, and she accused Trent of using her in the past. Trent said if it weren't for him, she would probably be dead. Nicole disagreed that Trent helped her turn her life around after her father made her do porn. She said she was the one who kicked her drug habit and went back to school and turned her life around. She said Trent turned her into his "it" girl whenever he needed a warm body and then dumped her when his career took off. She said her self-esteem was so bad that she didn't care if she lived or died. Trent didn't believe Nicole, but she said she thought he was in love with her and they would be together forever, but he left her with nothing. Trent said Nicole was someone who loved feeling sorry for herself. Nicole accused Trent of being a selfish person who would hurt anyone to get to the top and she was going to make sure everyone knew it. Trent said if Nicole didn't stay quiet, he would tell everyone her secret.

Morgan accused Chloe of lying about her father being on the pier and smelling of gasoline the night that John's cargo got burned up in a fire. Roman asked why Chloe would lie, and Morgan said Chloe was covering for someone. Morgan suspected John burned his impounded cargo. Roman said they didn't have evidence of that, but they had Chloe as a witness that Paul did it. Chloe said she was just reporting what she saw. Roman decided to take Chloe's statement, when Morgan interrupted, and accused Chloe of being jealous that Morgan kissed Philip. Morgan asked Roman to question John about her father's whereabouts. When Roman continued interviewing Chloe, he asked what Paul was wearing when she saw him. Chloe wanted to know why it mattered what Paul was wearing, and Roman pressed her to think about it. While Roman put out an APB on Paul, Chloe texted Lucas to get details of what Paul was wearing the night he saw him on the docks. At first Chloe made up some vague details, then she got a text message. Roman asked about it and asked her to come to the police station. When Roman took a phone call, she checked her text message and then remembered exactly what Paul was wearing. Philip vowed to Morgan if it turned out that John was behind her father's disappearance, he would make sure John paid.

Marlena told John the disk she recovered had all the memories of who he was, and could be the key to their future. She asked Rolf to verify that the disk contained John's memories, but Rolf played dumb. She asked him to give John back his memories. Rolf denied that he removed John's memories and placed them on the disk, but Marlena called his bluff.

Lucas, who had been listening in the hallway, asked why John didn't read the disk. John said he already did, but it was encrypted. Marlena said her source told her what was on the disk. The source said there were brainwave patterns on the disk. Lucas wondered how they could know they were John's. That's why they needed Rolf, Marlena said. She said Rolf knew what was on the disk, but Rolf denied it. Marlena said he was the mastermind behind Stefano's plan to steal John's memories. John asked Marlena how she got the disk and asked if she had it all along. John asked her why she was protecting Philip, and she said she never said it was Philip. Marlena asked Rolf to show her the equipment in his lab, but Rolf accused her of wanting the old John back so badly that she'd believe the disk could bring him back. John said no one was doing anything with the disk until Marlena revealed her source. John said even if Rolf could return his memory from the stolen disk, he wasn't sure he wanted to subject himself to any risk. John knew there was no guarantee that he wouldn't end up even more messed up than before, so he refused to go through with the procedure. Marlena agreed that it could be dangerous so they needed to proceed with caution, but she refused to give up the disk or her source. She insisted they try the procedure immediately.

Stephanie tried to convince Max to wait until he calmed down to go meet with his father. Even Steve told him to calm down, because if he went around defaming his father, he'd be making a huge mistake. He said Max didn't know his father and he needed to make sure Trent was the monster Max thought he was before he did or said something he regretted. But Max insisted he knew exactly what kind of man Trent was and decided to deal with Trent the way he wanted.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Tony and Anna enjoyed a romantic dinner at Chez Rouge, where Tony raised his glass to their honeymoon never ending. He asked Anna to quit her job and come to work for him. She flatly refused, so he left to give her some time to think it over. While Tony was gone, Anna's boss joined her and informed her that he'd had to close the ad agency because it was bankrupt. Once Mr. Lumberg had gone, Tony returned, and Anna declared that she would accept his job offer-on the condition that she worked with him and not for him. Though admittedly confused, Tony was pleased. Anna then excused herself to go to the ladies' room. As soon as she'd left, her former boss introduced himself to Tony. Mr. Lumberg explained about the bankruptcy and predicted that Anna would only be without a job temporarily. Mr. Lumberg departed, and then Anna came back, but Tony didn't let on that he knew why she'd suddenly accepted his offer. Instead, he made another toast, this time to their marriage as well as to their professional relationship.

In the bar at Chez Rouge, Victor excoriated Philip for the way he was handling the Paul Hollingsworth situation. Philip assured his father that he had it under control. When Morgan walked in and Victor saw the look she gave Philip, he accused Philip of sleeping with her. Philip denied it and claimed that he was maintaining a friendship with Morgan so that he'd be the first to learn about it if her father resurfaced. Morgan soon joined them, and Philip introduced the two, then offered to buy Morgan a drink. Once she and Philip had been seated, Morgan accused him of playing her to find out more about her father. Philip admitted that he wanted to find Paul, but only because of the part he played in the turf war with John. He then offered Morgan a ride home, which she accepted.

Daniel and Chelsea continued their date in Kate's former room at the hospital. The two shared a kiss, and Daniel admitted that it was the first time he'd ever been on a first date. They were disappointed to discover the staff at Chez Rouge had forgotten their desserts. When his pager went off, Daniel left to check on his patient in surgery. He returned a while later, and Chelsea surprised him with a cup of Jell-O she'd pilfered from the room next door. They kissed some more, then Daniel put on some music and they shared a dance.

Abe pleaded with Lexie to talk to him, but she said they just had to learn to live with the fact that Theo was autistic. Abe tried to convince her that their son could still have a bright future despite his diagnosis. He held his wife as she cried and assured her that they would get through it together. Lexie finally smiled and agreed that the deep love they all shared was a good place to start.

Marlena was still trying to convince John to find out if his memories were on the disk when Ava dropped by unannounced. When she saw Marlena, Ava offered to leave, but John insisted she stay and give her input as well. Marlena was furious that John would trivialize his past by involving a stranger in something so important. John confessed with a sly grin that he was just trying to get Marlena's goat. When Ava heard the whole story about what the disk might contain, she encouraged John to go ahead and look into what was on it. He declared that he wasn't interested in those old memories. Marlena had finally had enough and walked out-but not before telling John, "The man that you were is the only man worth being."

Marlena arrived at the Chez Rouge bar, where Victor offered to buy her a drink. She replied that she'd rather be alone, but he said he could see how upset she was and just wanted to help if he could. Marlena declared that Victor couldn't-but perhaps Philip could.

John apologized to Ava that she'd had to witness his discussion with Marlena. She replied that she wasn't sure she wanted him to get the old John back. He agreed he was sick of hearing about that guy, and they kissed. He pulled away after a bit, and admitted he was distracted because he still hadn't decided what to do about the disk. Ava suggested that he destroy it, or at least stop thinking about it for a while. John said he couldn't do either, and when he left to find something in the lab with which to read the disk, Ava offered to accompany him.

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