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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 30, 2008 on DAYS
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Monday, June 30, 2008

At the DiMera mansion, John asked Ava to accompany him to the lab in the basement to investigate the contents of the memory disk. As John and Ava were about to leave the room, E.J. walked in and apologized for interrupting them. E.J. told John and Ava that he came downstairs to get Johnny a bottle. John questioned E.J. about how long he planned to keep the truth from Sami about the annulment. John revealed to E.J. that he knew that E.J. and Sami were no longer married and that E.J. was lying to Sami about it.

Just then, Sami walked into the room and overheard John and E.J.'s conversation. Sami was shocked at the news and challenged E.J. to tell her the truth about their marriage. Sami asked John how he found out that the annulment was valid, and John told Sami that Nicole told him that E.J. lied to Sami about it all along. E.J. was upset that Sami learned the truth and asked her if they could discuss the matter in private, but he did not deny what John said.

Sami became furious at E.J. for lying to her and asked him how long he intended to keep the truth from her. E.J. told Sami that that he would do whatever was necessary to keep his family together. Sami screamed at E.J. and asked him if he lied to her about his immigration problem and used that as another way to blackmail her so that they could remain married.

E.J. admitted to Sami that he bribed Agent Burke to make it appear as though E.J.'s immigration problems were critical when all along the U.S. government was prepared to grant him dual citizenship. E.J.'s defense to Sami was that he lied to her to keep their family together.

Sami could not believe that E.J. manipulated her and called him a bastard. Sami told E.J. that she would never forgive him for the deception and lies. E.J. accused Sami of doing worse deeds, but Sami told E.J. that Lucas redeemed her and taught her how to be honest and trustworthy in a relationship. E.J. laughed and reminded Sami that Lucas walked in on them having sex and that Lucas could probably never trust her again. Sami told E.J. that he was still the evil manipulative man she first met and that he had not changed after all. E.J. tried to explain to Sami that if she were in his place, that she would have done the same thing. Sami told E.J. that she could never trust him again and gave him back her wedding ring. Sami professed that their relationship was over, but E.J. reminded Sami that she was lying to herself, that she wanted to be married to him, and that he knew that she still had feelings for him. In the heat of the moment, E.J. pulled Sami close to him and she admitted that she did have feelings for him and then ran and left the room.

Roman called Bo into work while he and Hope were out together for dinner at Chez Rouge. Roman teased Bo for coming to work in a suit and tie, but Bo laughed and said that he left directly from the restaurant. Bo told Roman that he was happy to come to work because he had a tiff with Hope because he found out that Chelsea had a date with Daniel Jonas. Bo asked Roman his opinion about whether or not Chelsea should be dating someone so much older than her, but Roman told Bo that Chelsea was a grown woman and to stay out of it.

Bo asked Roman why he called him into work and Roman said that Paul Hollingsworth was missing and that his daughter, Morgan, was worried about him and asked the police to investigate. Roman filled Bo in on the details and told him that Chloe gave a statement to the police that placed Paul on the dock the night of the fire and that Chloe remembered that Paul smelled of gasoline. Bo asked Roman if he thought that John ordered Paul to set the fire, but Roman indicated that there was no evidence to implicate John.

Roman obtained a search warrant for Paul's apartment, but Bo and Roman did not find any evidence during their search. Back at the police station, and officer located Paul's suitcase abandoned at the airport and returned it to Roman's office. A few minutes later, Morgan arrived at the police station and asked to speak with Roman and Bo. As she entered Roman's office, she noticed her father's suitcase in the corner of the room and questioned Roman and Bo why his suitcase was there. Morgan demanded to know what was going on and told Roman and Bo that John Black was responsible for her father's disappearance. Roman and Bo urged Morgan to return home and get some rest. Bo felt bad for Morgan, and Roman told Bo that he believed that Paul was not the father Morgan adored.

Roman and Bo searched Paul's luggage and then found a letter addressed to Morgan.

Stephanie seemed worried and preoccupied as she visited with Chelsea at Bo and Hope's house. Chelsea asked Stephanie what was bothering her, but Stephanie quickly dismissed Chelsea's question and asked Chelsea to tell all about her date with Daniel. Chelsea told Stephanie that she had first date jitters but that she had a fantastic time and was glowing with excitement about her night out with Daniel. Chelsea recounted with pleasure all of Daniel's charming qualities and was anxious to find out if Daniel would ask her out on another date. Stephanie encouraged Chelsea and gave her advice about how to reel Daniel in, but Chelsea reminded Stephanie that Daniel was a mature man and that she did not intend to play college pranks with someone experienced and sophisticated in the art of seduction. Stephanie teased Chelsea and they fantasized about Chelsea's future life as Mrs. Daniel Jonas.

Chelsea told Stephanie that she had enough talk about Daniel and asked her about Max. Stephanie told Chelsea that Max's biological father was in town and he was Dean Robbins. Stephanie and Chelsea discussed Max's situation and Chelsea advised Stephanie to give Max some space and let him work out his problems. Stephanie asked Chelsea if she thought Bo and Hope could help Max, and then left just as Morgan arrived.

Morgan seemed depressed and Chelsea asked her if she had talked to her father. Morgan told Chelsea that things did not look good and she was worried that something awful had happened to her father. Chelsea tried to help Morgan forget about her problems, but it was almost impossible to cheer her up. Morgan told Chelsea that she was going to get some rest and went upstairs to bed.

Trent watched Max through the window at the Brady Pub and then knocked on the door. Max opened the door but was upset and angry that Trent had kept him waiting. The conversation was strained as Max railed at Trent for all his shortcomings as a father.

Trent told Max that he wanted to make amends, but Max was not convinced of Trent's sincerity. Max could not control his anger and disgust and accused Trent of abandoning him when he was a child. Trent tried to make Max understand that he thought that he did what was best for him at the time.

Trent explained to Max that when he returned to Salem many years before it was to claim custody of Max, however when he saw how happy Max was living with the Brady family, Trent left town because he knew that he would never be able to give Max the happiness that he deserved.

Trent told Max that when he accepted the job at the university that he was not sure if Max was living in Salem or if he would ever see him again. Trent admitted that he knew Max was a racecar driver, but then lost track of him. Max became almost violent when Trent suggested that Max could have a better life than working in a pub. Max emphasized to Trent that he did not intend to claim Trent as his father, and Trent conveniently suggested to Max that it should not be a problem for Max to keep their relationship a secret. Max told Trent that some family members and close friends knew that Trent was his father, but that Max did not want anyone else to know he had such a lowlife jerk for a father and encouraged Trent to leave town.

Max berated Trent and told him that he did not know how to love anyone except himself, and Max said he was proud to have had Shawn Brady as his father. Shawn was a man of integrity and character. Max threatened Trent and told him that he would expose him as an abusive parent and would make sure that the university knew that he was a deadbeat dad. Trent accused Max of being a punk and person of no character and Max replied "like father like son." Max told Trent that he promised Shawn that he would not take the low road and agreed not to tell anyone that he was Trent's son if Trent agreed to reveal the girl in the photograph. Max asked Trent if the girl was his sister. Before Trent could respond, Stephanie walked into the pub and pushed by Trent who glared at her before he left.

John and Ava went downstairs to the lab and eventually located the equipment used to make the disk. John sat in a chair and began to have flashbacks about his brainwashing sessions and conversations with Stefano.

Ava asked John not to play the disk and cautioned him about the aftereffects. Ava told John that learning the contents of the disk could be dangerous. John sat in the lab-debriefing chair and started to remember that Stefano told him how amazing it was that a man's memories could be stored on such a small disk. John became emotional after he remembered that the disk more than likely contained his past memories. Ava tried to comfort John, but he insisted that he had to find out what was on the disk. Ava begged John to destroy the disk and set himself free. Ava asked John if he hesitated because he wanted to remember his past relationship with Marlena, and he told her that was part of the reason. Ava told John that she liked the man he had become and did not care about who he was before they met. She asked John if he was happy and encouraged him to leave the past behind him. She stressed that if he remembered his past, they would never get to know each other and she did not want to miss out on that opportunity. John removed the disk from the machine and locked it in a cabinet in the lab.

John seemed pleased that he accepted Ava's advice and they embraced and kissed as they left the lab.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

At the Brady Pub, Chelsea helped Caroline prepare food for the Fourth of July picnic at Bo and Hope's house. When Caroline caught herself saying how much "we" enjoy the holiday, she corrected herself so as not to include Shawn, Sr. Caroline reminisced about how much Shawn Sr. enjoyed the holiday and decided to go over to the cemetery and plant a flag at his grave. After Caroline left, a low-spirited Morgan entered the pub and thanked Chelsea for letting her spend the night. When Chelsea learned that Morgan was going to be alone, she invited her to go to the Brady picnic. Morgan happily accepted and then asked Chelsea about her date with Daniel. A giddy Chelsea filled Morgan in on the details, prompting Morgan to lament being single. "I wish I could find somebody to sweep me off my feet," she said, before spotting Philip enter the pub with Chloe.

Chelsea then started to talk about her father's issues with Daniel, and Morgan became silent. Realizing that she was talking about her father when Morgan was still worried about her own father, Chelsea quickly apologized. Morgan explained that the police had found her father's packed luggage but had still not found him. On the verge of tears, Morgan wondered aloud whether her father would ever return. Feeling sad, Morgan opted out of attending the picnic, and told Chelsea to go on ahead without her.

Roman arrived at the pub to help Caroline with the food, and he joked with Caroline about how Shawn Sr. used to judge Roman and Bo's burger cooking contest. When Caroline informed Roman that Sami would head over to the picnic after visiting Alice, Roman asked whether Sami was inviting E.J. to the picnic. "Oh I hope she doesn't do that!" said Caroline with a sour look on her face.

At a nearby table, Chloe insisted to Philip that she had only given her eyewitness account about the night of the fire to the police in order to keep Philip from being implicated in setting the fire. Angry, Philip pointed out that her statement made things worse because now John was accusing Philip of hiring Paul Hollingsworth to set the fire. When Chloe admitted she had no proof to back up her statement, Philip said what was done was done and changed the subject to his holiday plans. Philip explained that he was not going to the Brady picnic because he wanted to spend some time with Kate, who was going to be alone. Philip suggested that Chloe meet him later, and she agreed before heading off to the restroom.

From across the pub, Philip noticed Morgan crying in the corner. Philip walked over to her and asked about her father. Unable to control her tears, Morgan began to openly cry as Philip pulled her close to hug her and comfort her. Attempting to lift Morgan's spirits, Philip informed her that he had people out looking for Paul. Not fooled, Morgan asked Philip to admit the real reason he had people looking for her father. Staring into her eyes, Philip admitted that Paul was likely working for John, and that he wanted answers. Morgan told Philip that she was furious with Chloe for telling the cops about her father because the police were looking for a criminal rather than a missing man. Philip hugged Morgan one last time, promising to support her if she needed him. While Philip and Morgan lingered in their embrace, Chloe returned from the restroom and interrupted them in order to drag Philip out of the pub.

At Bo and Hope's house, Hope was busily working in the kitchen to prepare for the picnic. Bo returned home and briefly updated Hope on the Hollingsworth disappearance before teasing Hope about her cooking. While Bo and Hope laughed and kissed, Doug and Julie burst into the kitchen door dressed as Uncle Sam and Betsy Ross. With Bo and Hope clearly surprised to see them, Doug and Julie explained that they were taking a brief break from their vacation tour to return home for the Fourth of July celebration. Doug asked Bo about the solar panels on the roof, and Bo eagerly pointed out all of the environmentally friendly improvements that he was working on for the house. After chatting about the work on the house, Doug and Bo headed out to the backyard to fire up the grill and start cooking burgers while Julie and Hope stayed inside to talk. Hope broached the subject of Bo's reluctance to let Chelsea date Daniel, and Julie reminded Hope about how difficult Doug had been when Hope first dated Bo. Hope found it humorous that Bo was acting as Doug once had but lamented, "Because of the past you would think that Bo would be more understanding." Julie reminded Hope that Bo was a father rather than a suitor, and that it was not strange that Bo might feel just as strongly about Daniel as Doug had once felt about Bo. Julie advised Hope to let it happen because true love could not be stopped. Hope laughed and pondered aloud whether Doug and Bo were having the same discussion outside. Curious, Hope and Julie rushed over to the window to spy on the men.

In the backyard, Bo asked Doug for advice on how to handle Chelsea's relationship with the much older Daniel. Doug reminded Bo how he had tried to keep Hope away from Bo and that it had only made Hope more determined to fight for her relationship with Bo. When Doug asked why Bo was opposed to the match, Bo admitted that it was because Daniel had no roots and seemed to be a "flight risk." Dough chuckled and remarked, "Exactly what people were saying about Julie and me back then. Look how that turned out." "You're going on what, a couple hundred years?" Bo joked. When Doug asked Bo to seriously consider whether Daniel was wrong for Chelsea, Bo admitted that Daniel could probably make her happy. However, Bo was still nervous about the relationship because Chelsea was so young and Daniel was so experienced. Doug advised that Bo could not control Chelsea's heart and that she would follow it despite what Bo said. Doug warned that if Bo tried to keep Chelsea from Daniel, he might end up with a "hurt and angry daughter not big on forgiving and forgetting."

After Hope went to check on Bo, Doug walked over to Julie in the backyard and asked her whether they were discussing the same topic. "Remind you of anybody?" Julie teased Doug. "I was never that pigheaded," countered Doug. "No, you were much worse," Julie said laughing.

Bo told Hope that he had talked to Doug, who suggested he should take a step back and let Chelsea go. Bo was reluctant but when Hope urged him to remember how she had acted when Doug attempted to keep them apart, Bo seemed to see the wisdom of Doug's advice. Roman then arrived and interrupted the conversation with a challenge to Bo. Roman bet Bo that whoever had more of their burgers eaten at the end of the picnic would win and that the loser had to buy the winner a six-pack of beer. As Roman hurried off to work on his burgers, Hope stopped Bo to ask him about the secret he had promised to tell her at Chez Rouge. Playing coy, Bo playfully refused to talk about it.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. asked Lucas where Sami had gone. Lucas explained that Sami had left with the twins to attend the Brady picnic. E.J. needled Lucas by saying, "You look a bit miffed. Is it because you're stuck here, can't be with her?" Lucas quietly admitted that was the case. E.J. then started to head over to the picnic, but he stopped when Lucas suggested that since E.J. was not invited that he was not welcome there. After a brief chat, it became obvious that Lucas was not yet aware of the news that E.J. and Sami were no longer married. Smiling to himself, E.J. decided to stay home for John's party and headed into the living room as Lucas headed upstairs. As the doorbell rang, E.J. turned around and headed back to the front door to find Nicole bearing the gift of alcohol. Nicole admitted that she heard about John's party and that she decided to stop by since Sami was likely at the Brady picnic. While Nicole and E.J. shared a drink, E.J. wore a telling smile on his face. Curious, Nicole asked. "You're smiling like something good happened, so do tell." Reluctant to tell Nicole at first, her constant questioning caused him to relent and promise to fill her in after he changed for the party.

As E.J. headed upstairs, Lucas wandered into the living room where Nicole offered him a drink. Not amused, Lucas turned down the offer causing Nicole to suggest life with Sami meant that there would be an end to his sobriety eventually. When Nicole asked Lucas why he kept going back to Sami, Lucas bluntly announced it was because they were in love. Nicole reminded Lucas that his homecoming was spoiled when he found Sami in bed with E.J. "Do you really think there is anything that would make Sami truly happy?" Nicole marveled. "I can," Lucas answered firmly. Stunned by the realization that Lucas was being sincere, Nicole told him that she wished everything worked out with Sami. Nicole warned Lucas to be careful, but unfazed, Lucas told Nicole that he did not think Sami would break his heart again.

After Lucas headed upstairs, E.J. returned to the living room dressed in his party clothes and carrying a bottle of champagne. Grinning from ear to ear, E.J. told Nicole that Sami had learned that she was not married to him when Sami overheard John ask about it. E.J. explained that after Sami went crazy over the lie that she was forced to admit that she had feelings for him. "So I suppose I should be thanking you," E.J. told Nicole as he waggled his eyebrow. Meanwhile, in the hallway, Lucas eavesdropped on the conversation. "Oh, God, Sami. How could you?" Lucas whispered, heartbroken.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

John's Fourth of July party was in full swing. Ava was there and chatting with EJ and Nicole as the lights flickered. Nicole told Ava she didn't intend to give up on EJ. Marlena showed up at John's party wanting to know if he had accessed the disk. She apologized for getting angry earlier and was curious if John had reconsidered. He told her he was not going to access the data. Marlena pleaded with him but John held firm. He told her the John she loved was dead.

Ava was eavesdropping and was pleased. Later Ava snuck into the lab and confiscated the disk just as John entered and found her. Marlena had also made her way to the lab and was in the corridor outside. The lights went out due to a power outage throughout Salem. Marlena overheard Ava pleading with John to destroy the disk. Through the locked door, Marlena begged John not to throw away his past.

Chloe got a call from Lucas who was upset after overhearing that Sami admitted she still had feelings for EJ. He needed to get out and was coming over. Lucas left the mansion and went to see Chloe at the Salem Inn. Chloe and Lucas ended up in an elevator just as the power went out. Chloe was claustrophobic and started to panic. Lucas tried to calm her down and held her tightly. He leaned in for a kiss, and suddenly Chloe felt a whole lot better.

Sami told EJ that despite her feelings for him she would always love Lucas. She intended to spend the rest of her life with Lucas and that was the way it had to be. EJ was angry and needed to get some air. He left with Nicole. They ended up at the Salem Inn, as well, and also get stuck in an elevator as the power outage hit Salem. Nicole came on to EJ and they began to make wild, passionate love in the elevator.

Bo and Hope's party was underway. It was a festive Fourth of July celebration with all the trimmings. Victor chastised Daniel for not informing him he was dating his granddaughter. Victor was not happy. He was fond of Daniel, but he was not sure he was the right man for Chelsea. Bo told Chelsea he thought Daniel was too worldly for her. Besides she was way too young to be dating him. Chelsea didn't agree. The blackout hit and Bo and Hope's house was not affected, nor was Chez Rouge because of their "green" conversions.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Due to NBC Sports coverage of The Championships Wimbledon, Days of our Lives did not air today. Regular broadcasting will resume on Monday, July 7th. There will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this preemption.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Due to NBC Sports coverage of The Championships Wimbledon, Days of our Lives did not air today. Regular broadcasting will resume on Monday, July 7th. There will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this preemption.

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