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Bo was arrested at his and Hope's church wedding, where they planned to review their vows. E.J. assured Nicole that he would keep Trent under control and away from Victor. Philip came clean to Morgan. Stefano remembered that Marlena had drugged him and vowed to get his revenge. Max learned that his long-lost sister, Melanie, was quite the con artist.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 4, 2008 on DAYS
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Monday, August 4, 2008

At a small café in Marseilles, France, Max was talking to Stephanie on his cell phone. He encouraged her to sleep in and take care of her headache and promised that he would catch up with her later. While Max was talking to Stephanie, Nick called to tell Max what he had learned about Melanie and the Internet site, Premier Party Girl, but lost the cell signal.

Max sat down to have a cup of coffee and recalled his conversation with Les and his friends who had threatened Max to pay off Melanie's debts or else. Just then, two young women entered the café, and Max recognized one to be Melanie; the other was apparently one of her friends. The women seemed upset about something that had happened the night before with one of their male friends.

Max approached Les to talk to him about Melanie's money problems, but Les pushed Max aside when he saw Melanie walk into the room. Les walked over to Melanie, grabbed her, and threatened her to pay up or suffer the consequences. Max stepped in between Les and Melanie and ordered Les to take his hands off Melanie. Max asked Les how much Melanie owed him and then offered Les all of his cash, about 500 Euros. Melanie looked at Max and yelled at him then asked him who he was and why he had offered to pay off her debt. Melanie wanted to know why Max was involved in her business.

Max warned Les to take the money and accept partial payment then warned him to stay away from Melanie. Melanie looked confused and kept asking Max who he was and why he had paid off Les. Melanie did not seem very grateful to Max, threw her diamond bracelet at him, and declared that she paid her own debts. Melanie continued to yell at Max and asked repeatedly who he was and why he had paid off her debt.

Max asked Melanie to sit down, but she blasted him and insisted that he explain who was and why he had involved himself in her life. Max was so frustrated with Melanie because he could not get a word in that he finally blurted out that he was her brother. Melanie appeared confused and shocked at Max's revelation.

At the Java Café, Nick logged onto Melanie's blog and enjoyed her latest sultry web cam broadcast. Chelsea walked over to Nick's table and said hello but noticed that Nick did not seem interested in talking to her. Chelsea told Nick that he looked stressed out, and Nick told her that he needed to get in touch with Max. Chelsea questioned Nick then peeked over at his computer and saw the picture of Melanie.

Chelsea quizzed Nick about the Internet site, Premier Party Girl, and told him that she did not think that it was his type of blog. She asked Nick about the woman on the screen, and Nick told her that he could not tell her anything about the young woman. Chelsea seemed surprised that Nick was so secretive, but Nick told her that he wanted to get on with his life just as she had done with hers.

Just then, Lexie and Theo walked over to Nick's table. Lexie asked Chelsea to join her and Theo for lunch so that Chelsea could get to know Theo better, since Chelsea would be working with him in the children's program at the hospital.

Nick continued to watch Melanie's Internet session and tried again to get through to Max in France, but he kept losing his connection. Nick decided to go to France and called a colleague to cover his classes.

Lexie, Theo, and Chelsea left for the hospital, and Chelsea offered to watch Theo for the remainder of the afternoon.

At the hospital, Kate visited Victor, who was awake and feeling much better. Victor teased Kate about disobeying Daniel's strict visitor policy but thanked her for breaking the rules and being honest with him about Philip's condition. Kate told Victor that she was sick with worry for him, Philip, and Lucas, but she seemed relieved to know that Victor and her children would recover from their injuries.

Victor and Kate seemed concerned over Philip's involvement in the Hollingsworth case but were certain that Bo would exonerate Philip in the end. Victor noticed the worry on Kate's face and asked her tell him what was going on. Kate reluctantly told Victor that Philip had received an anonymous note that suggested that someone knew that Philip had threatened Paul or knew about the tape that she had destroyed earlier.

Kate mentioned to Victor that Philip and Morgan suspected that John was responsible for the note and had framed Philip. Kate and Victor tried to figure out why Philip was involved in the illegal aspects of the Hollingsworth matter, but Victor assured Kate that he would take care of things. He complimented Kate on her devotion to her children and admired her for protecting them at all costs.

Morgan arrived at Philip's room to visit him and greeted him with a kiss. Philip told her that he'd had a wonderful dream the night before about her, and he remembered that they had admitted having feelings for each other. Morgan told Philip that she still could not believe that he had taken a bullet for her, and she tried to make Philip believe that she had been lost in the moment when she'd told him that she loved him because he had saved her life. Philip reminded Morgan that they both knew what they had said to each other. Philip asked Morgan if she had meant what she'd said, and she asked Philip if he had. They smiled at each other, and Morgan kissed Philip.

At the hospital, Tony located Lexie and told her that Stefano had suffered a seizure and that he was on his way to the hospital. Tony explained to her that the doctors felt that there was a good chance that Stefano could emerge from the coma.

E.J. arrived, and Lexie and Tony told him about Stefano's condition. They seemed shocked and concerned that Stefano might recover and regain consciousness.

At Bo and Hope's, Ciara and Hope were having breakfast. Bo walked into the kitchen, and Hope gave him the cold shoulder. Ciara asked Bo why Hope was sad, and Bo and Hope looked at each other strangely. Ciara left the room to get ready for school, and Hope told Bo that she was worried that he had withheld police evidence. Bo told Hope that he was certain that Philip had not killed anyone and that Bo had done the right thing for his brother. Hope, disappointed in Bo's comments, told him that he was acting more like a Kirakis as opposed to the Brady that she loved.

Bo dropped off Ciara then returned home, where he and Hope continued their conversation. Bo convinced Hope that justice was the most important duty of his job and that he intended to find the truth. Bo admitted to bending the rules as he always did, and said that she should understand his position. Bo told Hope that maybe she did not know him as well as she thought she did.

Bo later apologized to Hope because he had wanted to keep her out of the matter, but since she knew that her husband had withheld evidence, he asked her if she was going to turn him in or trust him. Hope reminded Bo that the matter was more complicated, since John, Philip, Morgan, and others were involved. However, Hope told Bo that she would always stand beside him, no matter what happened and that they would deal with it together.

At the DiMera mansion, Ava ran into the house and told John that she thought the police were following her. Ava said that she did not care about herself but only feared that the police had followed her to trap John.

E.J. walked into the living room; John said that he wanted to speak with Ava privately and asked E.J. to leave the room. E.J. reminded John that he was John's lawyer and that it was important to have John's trust. John told E.J. that there was nothing to know, but Ava chimed in and told E.J. that she thought the police were following her.

E.J. asked John to leave the room so that he could talk to Ava about her case and told Ava that he had bad news.

While E.J. talked to Ava, John visited Paul in the holding cell in the basement of the mansion. Paul seemed frustrated and demanded to know how long John intended to keep him locked up there. John told Paul that the recording naming Philip as Paul's alleged murderer had not surfaced. Paul told John that he wanted Philip behind bars even more than John wanted revenge. Paul told John that he did not want Morgan to be involved with Philip, and Paul felt he needed to speak to Morgan and set her straight about Philip. John assured Paul that Philip would fry and that Paul would see Morgan very soon and would have the chance to explain everything to her.

E.J. explained to Ava that Judge Fitzpatrick would no longer handle the case. He also explained that the district attorney had presented direct evidence that linked her to planning the plane crash and the subsequent death of three people. Ava told E.J. that she was certain that she had deleted all of her email correspondence about the crash and her contacts. Ava was very upset at the turn of events in her case and pleaded with E.J. to find another defense. She asked E.J. to tell the court that she had been under the influence of drugs and not in her right state of mind, but E.J. was not hopeful and admitted that without Judge Fitzpatrick on their side, there was little hope of an acquittal. E.J. apologized to Ava and seemed upset that he could not help her, but he explained that he had no control over what happened.

John walked into the room, and Ava signaled E.J. not to tell John anything about her case because she wanted to tell John in her own time. John asked E.J. to leave the room, and again E.J. encouraged John to trust him if he were to continue to represent John in the best possible way; however, he left as John requested. When John and Ava were alone, John said that he could not trust E.J. with the knowledge that he held Paul hostage in the basement. John said that he did not understand why the tape had not surfaced and decided to call his contact at the police station to find out what had caused the delay in uncovering the evidence.

John told Ava that the police had received the email, and Ava told John that the entire Paul matter was getting out of hand. Ava seemed depressed, and John asked her if she wanted to leave him. Ava smiled and told John that she wanted to concentrate on him and how happy she was since she had met him. Ava invited John to go upstairs with her so that she could show him her appreciation.

Later in the evening, Ava slipped downstairs, left a note for John in the foyer, and walked out the front door of the mansion.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

In the café in Marseille, a skeptical Melanie wanted to know what kind of game Max was playing in telling her that he was her brother. She asserted that she'd never heard anything about having brothers or sisters. Max explained that when he had been little, their father, Trent Robbins, had left Max in foster care. He then showed Melanie the picture of her that he'd taken from Trent. Melanie admitted that her dad was the only other person who had a copy of that photo then pulled out her phone to call Trent to verify Max's story.

Max urged Melanie not to contact her father, confessing that he and Trent weren't on great terms. He added that Trent had refused to divulge anything about Melanie, so Max had gone to France to find her on his own. He also asked her not to let her dad know that he was there. Melanie smiled slyly and said she was warming to the idea of having a big brother -- and one who'd shell out money for her.

Stephanie arrived, and Max introduced her to Melanie. As Stephanie and Max were sitting down, a fan approached and asked for Max's autograph. Melanie realized that her brother was Max Brady, the racecar driver, and proclaimed that it was "très cool" to have a brother who was a celebrity. Max pointed out that Stephanie had been a racecar driver, too, but Melanie didn't seem impressed. When Max left to take a phone call from Caroline, Stephanie and Melanie sized each other up. Stephanie disclosed that she'd met George, whose heart Melanie had broken when she'd dumped him, but Melanie called George an imbecile.

Melanie's cell phone rang, and she took the call from her dad without leaving the table. She seemed to take pleasure in claiming -- in front of Stephanie -- that she needed more money because she'd given her allowance to a nun collecting for an African mission. As Max was returning to the table, Trent asked Melanie if she'd met anyone new and interesting. After making sure that Max was listening, Melanie professed that she hadn't. When she'd hung up, Max thanked her. Melanie shrugged it off, saying, "What my father doesn't know won't hurt him."

When Melanie went to the ladies' room, Stephanie told Max about how Melanie had lied to her dad to get more money and warned him that Melanie likely planned to do the same to Max, since she had learned he was famous. She urged Max not to let Melanie use him because he was blinded by family loyalty. Max argued that they should wait to pass judgment until they knew Melanie better.

Melanie emerged from the restroom and saw that a couple of policemen had arrived and were speaking to a waitress. She swore under her breath then ducked her head down and tried to hurry out the front door, but the gendarmes spotted her and grabbed her. As they dragged her out, Melanie shouted, first for the "pigs" to leave her alone and then for Max's help. Max rushed after them, leaving an exasperated Stephanie to deal with the tab.

Henderson took a pitcher of lemonade out to the Kiriakis pool, where a shirtless Philip sunned himself in a lounge chair. As Henderson was returning to the house, Hope arrived and announced that she and Philip needed to talk. She said when she'd confronted Bo, he'd told her about the tape then she angrily asked how Philip could have asked Bo to risk so much for him. Philip replied that no one had forced Bo to give Victor the tape, adding that Bo had done the right and honorable thing by protecting his family.

Hope pointed out that she was as guilty as Bo, since she knew a crime had been committed, but she had to keep silent to protect Bo. She also told Philip that the truth was bound to be revealed because the anonymous email proved that someone else knew they'd suppressed evidence. Philip asked why Hope didn't believe in his innocence like Bo did. Hope reminded Philip that he'd threatened to kill Paul and that Paul had since been presumed dead.

Philip smugly asked if Hope was investigating John because they both knew that John Black was responsible for Paul's disappearance. Hope refused to discuss it and said that she was only concerned about what happened to Bo. Philip swore that he would protect Bo if it were revealed, but Hope declared that it might already be too late for that.

After Hope had gone, Morgan went to the Kiriakis estate and announced that she'd relieved Henderson of his duties and was going to take care of Philip. She served him some lemonade and then applied sunscreen to his back. Philip was quite pleased but pouted when he tried to thank her with kisses and she resisted. She reminded him that he was still healing from a bullet wound and said she planned to make sure he didn't do anything to set his recovery back.

John walked down the stairs of the DiMera mansion, calling for Ava until he found her note in the entryway. He had only read as far as, "Dear John: By the time you read this, I'll be miles away," when the doorbell rang. Muttering that Ava had made a big mistake, he angrily flung the note down, opened the door, and found Marlena. She warned him that Stefano had suffered a seizure and might emerge from his coma soon.

John was disappointed that the injection Marlena had given Stefano hadn't permanently disabled him, but Marlena was more concerned that Stefano would seek revenge on John for taking over the DiMera empire. John was glad that, as his wife, Marlena wouldn't have to testify against him because he was going to kill Stefano. Marlena begged him not to, and when he pointed out her hypocrisy, she insisted she'd never stopped regretting what she'd done. Despite her pleas, he left for the hospital.

A perplexed Marlena turned to go to the living room then discovered Ava's note on the floor. In it, she read that Ava couldn't bear to be locked up again, so she had to disappear. Ava also confessed that she loved John and that he was the only reason she'd found it hard to leave. The letter closed with, "Always remember I'm thinking of you, and for my sake, please learn how to be happy in your new skin. You deserve it." With a sigh, Marlena dialed Roman to tell him that Ava had jumped bail and left town.

In Stefano's hospital room, Tony and E.J. discussed their father's condition. E.J. was unconvinced that Stefano would emerge from the coma, but Tony felt sure the old man was already plotting his revenge. He added that since the family had committed Stefano, they would be his first targets. When Kayla entered to check on her patient, she explained that the seizure Stefano had experienced indicated an increase in brain activity and that they'd know more when they saw the results of his recent MRI.

Tony considered -- and immediately dismissed -- the notion that Stefano might emerge from the coma with a more positive outlook on life. Tony urged E.J. to think about resigning as John's lawyer. E.J. countered that perhaps Stefano would be thankful that someone had been there to keep an eye on John. E.J. and Tony agreed that the DiMera empire should belong to them, not to John.

Kayla returned with Stefano's test results and showed Tony and E.J. that there were indeed areas of increased brain activity. She cautioned that there were many possible explanations for the results, but she'd have Lexie review them as well. She added that it was too soon to tell when or if Stefano would wake up.

John then strode into the room and peered impassively into Stefano's face. "What are you plotting now?" he whispered, and he seemed amused when Kayla warned that Stefano might be able to hear him. John then asked about Stefano's prognosis. He never took his eyes off the old man as Kayla explained that they really didn't know whether Stefano would emerge from the coma or what sort of shape he might be in if he did. John left but declared that he hoped his brother had brain damage. Kayla told E.J. and Tony that it was also possible that the seizure meant Stefano was deteriorating and that she'd ordered additional tests to determine more.

E.J. and Tony exited their father's room, and Tony left to phone Anna. Nicole stopped by to see E.J., and he updated her on Stefano's condition. Genuinely concerned for E.J., she asked if he were all right. E.J. confided that he had just been beginning to feel like his own man, out of his father's shadow, adding, "If he wakes up, there's going to be hell to pay, but if he dies, I'm going to be devastated."

Trent approached Nicole at the nurses' station and she greeted him coldly. He wanted to know if she'd found out why Max had gone to France. When she flippantly replied that he should be patient, he grabbed her arm and threatened to visit Victor Kiriakis' room. Nicole was shocked when Trent divulged that he'd known about her marriage to Victor all along, and the shock turned to fear when Trent vowed to expose how she'd defrauded Victor -- unless she followed orders.

Nicole was quietly pleading with Trent not to tell anyone they were still married when E.J. walked up and asked to speak to his client privately. Trent reluctantly allowed it and walked a few feet away. E.J., pretending not to notice Trent's eavesdropping, informed Nicole that he'd learned Max and Stephanie were in France, hanging out with some old racing buddies. Nicole, relieved, feigned casualness as she thanked him. After E.J. left, Nicole asked Trent if he were satisfied. He replied that he was -- "for the moment."

Marlena arrived at the hospital and regarded Stefano through his window. She imagined him waking up and grabbing her while vowing his revenge. She almost jumped out of her skin when she turned and found John right behind her. John warned her not to interfere when he killed Stefano, and he promised he'd make sure no one could trace it back to him. Marlena expressed her disapproval and reiterated her regret for using her skills as a doctor to hurt someone; she added that she'd done it out of sheer desperation. John declared that Marlena didn't have to be involved or know the details, but he was going to take care of the situation.

Marlena entered Stefano's room and leaned in close to him. She reminded him of what she'd done in his jail cell and whispered in his ear, "I would do it again in a heartbeat." Stefano slowly opened his eyes and turned to look at her then closed them as his heart monitor started beeping wildly. Kayla rushed in, followed by Tony and E.J., and checked the monitors. Silently, Stefano vowed, "Prepare yourselves. I will have my revenge!"

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

At the Brady house, Bo was bustling around, going over a last-minute checklist with Chelsea. Chelsea was briefly distracted because her dad had just shaved off his beard, but an anxious Bo urged her to focus. Chelsea happily assured him that everything was taken care of and complimented Bo's choice of white roses, which he said were Hope's favorite flowers.

Bo answered the doorbell, and instantly the house was filled with Hortons and Bradys, as Julie, Maggie, Steve, and Kayla filed in, chattering excitedly, their arms filled with shopping and garment bags. Julie took charge, ordering Steve to get Bo ready and Kayla to change out of her scrubs. The women briefly discussed Stefano's condition until Bo overheard and told them to change the subject. Maggie asked if Hope had suspected anything, and Bo replied that she only knew that something was going on, not what it was.

Hope arrived home to boisterous laughter and asked what everyone was doing there. They all shrugged and feigned ignorance, and Bo teased, "It's a surprise." Julie sat Hope down on the couch then dismissed the men, who grabbed their garment bags and went into the kitchen. As Julie began to apply makeup to Hope's face, Hope asked again what was going on. The others kept mum and told her to just relax and let them pamper her.

In the kitchen, Bo opened a couple of beers as Steve reassured him that Hope had been completely surprised. Bo confided that he'd almost cancelled the whole thing, but he'd changed his mind after finally confessing to Hope that he'd concealed evidence in the Hollingsworth case. Steve wasn't surprised to hear that Bo had admitted it only after Hope had begun to put the pieces together herself. Bo then told Steve that the police had received an anonymous email alluding to missing evidence.

Bo added that the police suspected that John was behind the missing evidence, because they'd discovered that Ava had been using a computer at the Java Café around the time the email had arrived. Steve was surprised but also confident that Bo was in the clear, since the email hadn't mentioned Bo's name. Bo vowed to find out who was responsible and lock them up.

Julie finished Hope's makeup and sat back to admire her work. The others exclaimed that Hope looked like a princess. Hope peered into a hand mirror and gasped, "Where's Hope?" She kissed Julie and thanked her just as they heard a knock at the front door. Chelsea then admitted Glorianne, Hope's hairdresser. Glorianne revealed that she only made house calls for special occasions, but Julie ushered her upstairs before she could spoil the surprise. Hope pulled Chelsea aside and begged her to divulge what was going on, even threatening not to let Chelsea borrow any more jewelry unless she did. Chelsea firmly refused to spill the beans.

Chelsea went to the kitchen to give her dad an update on Hope's progress. Bo asked if Chelsea thought what he had planned was corny. Grinning, Chelsea rolled her eyes and admitted she thought it was very romantic.

Glorianne returned downstairs and announced Hope's arrival. Smiling from ear to ear, Hope glided down the stairs and modeled her new, glamorous 'do as the other women applauded. Hope guessed that Bo planned to take her to a fancy dinner, but the women still wouldn't tell her what the surprise was. Julie then ordered Hope to get dressed.

A bit later, Maggie, Julie, and Kayla were gabbing about the lengths to which Bo had gone to arrange everything, including ordering gumbo and crawfish étouffée. Hope then returned down the stairs, looking radiant in a simple, one-shouldered sheath of sand-colored silk. The ladies oohed and aahed over how beautiful she looked, and Hope posed so they could admire the dress. Hope said she'd overheard them talking about the food and confessed that she hadn't had those things since she had been in New Orleans with Bo.

Dreamily, Hope recalled her time there with Bo, many years before. The two of them had dressed up in antebellum costumes, and Bo had carried her up the staircase of a grand Southern plantation, where they'd made love for the first time. A blissful Hope snapped out of her reverie at last and softly declared that it had been an unforgettable trip. The others wanted to know what had made it so special, other than being alone with Bo. Hope confessed somewhat sheepishly that it was when she and Bo had first been married. Julie and Maggie exchanged a conspiratorial glance as Kayla looked at the floor.

Hope explained that it had just been the two of them, and therefore not a legal marriage, but it was still very romantic. She remembered floating down the staircase in an off-the-shoulder white dress, covered in lace and ruffles, to where Bo awaited, clad in a long, pale tan coat, complete with ascot. Hope had carried a lace fan, and Bo had presented her with a small bouquet of white roses. They'd recited their vows before two similarly dressed mannequins. Bo had slipped a plain gold band onto her finger, and they'd shared a tender kiss. As Hope described how beautiful it had been, suddenly a light dawned, and she snapped out of her dream state, exclaiming, "I'm getting married today! Right?"

Steve returned to the kitchen and informed Bo that everything was progressing as planned, with Doug and Mickey setting up lights in the back for the reception. When Steve declared that Hope was "drop-dead gorgeous," Bo excitedly tried to get a look at her. Steve stopped him, maintaining that his orders were to keep Bo away from his bride until it was time. Steve praised Bo for putting together something so cool for Hope. Bo acknowledged that Hope was an amazing woman who had stood by him through lots of tough times and that he was a very lucky man. The two men then left to don their "monkey suits."

Hope was thrilled that Bo had arranged such a wonderful surprise for her. The ladies admitted that Bo had been planning for them to renew their vows for months. Maggie then presented Hope with a lace-trimmed handkerchief from the Brady hope chest, which Chelsea said was Hope's "something old." For "something new," Kayla gave Hope a fleur-de-lis bracelet that Hope had admired in a store. Julie helped Hope put on her "something borrowed"-- a necklace that had belonged to their mother. An emotional Hope began to get teary-eyed, but Chelsea prevented her from ruining her mascara by giving her a traditional blue lace garter for "something blue." Hope thanked them all for making her day so special.

Soon, the women announced that it was time. Chelsea gave Hope a bouquet of white roses to carry as Kayla escorted the giddy bride out the front door. Maggie praised Julie and Chelsea for getting Hope ready in time then reminded the ladies that they all still needed to get dressed as well.

Hope was soon standing, blindfolded, in a park. She begged Kayla to take off the blindfold, and right away, someone did just that. Opening her eyes, Hope was amazed to see a beautiful white horse and carriage festooned with white flowers. She turned around and found Bo, looking handsome in his tux. Ecstatically, she threw her arms around her groom and kissed him, and Bo picked her up and swung her around.

Bo tried to ask, "What do you think, Fancy Face?" but Hope kept smothering him with happy kisses. At last, she gushed that she loved it and thanked him for everything he had done. He picked her up and carried her to the coach. The two of them paused happily to remember a similar carriage ride they'd taken on their New Orleans wedding day. Bo then lifted Hope into the carriage and told the driver that they were ready. The beaming bride and groom kissed and snuggled as their horse and carriage drove them through the park.

Outside Stefano's hospital room, a furious E.J. blasted John for not telling him that Ava had jumped bail. John countered that E.J. should have informed him about Judge Fitzpatrick's removal from Ava's case, especially since John had made such a big contribution to the judge's campaign. John also said he had a pretty good idea of how the district attorney had found out that Ava had left town. Though E.J. was concerned that Ava could receive the maximum sentence if she were found, John was sure that Ava, as a Vitali, knew how to disappear without a trace.

E.J. wanted John's assurances that he wasn't going to follow Ava out of town. John freely gave his word that he wouldn't because he was certain he would beat the charges against him. John then wanted to know whose side E.J. would take if Stefano emerged from his coma and wanted to resume his position as head of the family. E.J. thought for a moment then replied, "If I have to choose between you and my father, I'm going to choose me."

Later, John left a message for Marlena, declaring that they needed to talk.

Lexie and Tony stood at Stefano's bedside, quietly discussing Stefano's prognosis. Lexie couldn't figure out why Stefano hadn't regained consciousness, since his latest test results indicated normal brain activity. Tony suggested that Stefano was actually awake and just preparing to make his first move. A fleeting look of terror passed over Lexie's face before she stated that even if Stefano were awake, he'd been comatose for so long that his muscles would have atrophied, and he'd need help to do anything. Lexie then departed to make rounds.

As Tony closed the door behind her, Stefano softly uttered, "Antony." Tony whirled around, startled to find his father's eyes open. He started to run to get a nurse, but Stefano weakly ordered Tony not to tell anyone he was awake.

Tony closed Stefano's blinds and tried to persuade his father that he should at least let a doctor examine him. Stefano refused, explaining that the person who had caused his coma could not find out that he was awake. Tony, appalled, wanted to know who had done it. Just then, Anna entered and was startled to hear Tony talking to Stefano. Tony covered, claiming it was because Lexie had said voices might help draw Stefano out of the coma. A repulsed Anna couldn't understand why Tony would want that. She then proclaimed that Stefano was evil, and she whipped a cross out of her purse with which she planned to stab him in the heart.

Tony quickly hustled Anna out of the room. Once in the hallway and out of Stefano's earshot, Tony whispered that his father was awake. "What!" Anna shrieked as Tony desperately tried to shush her. "Stefano is awake?" she said. Lexie and John walked up at that moment and overheard, and Lexie asked if what Anna said were true. Tony quickly clarified that he'd only said that Stefano should be awake, based on the test results. John announced that he would see for himself and strode into Stefano's room, followed quickly by Lexie after Tony pointed out that John shouldn't be alone with their father.

A bemused Anna asked why Tony had confided in her but not in John and Lexie. Tony declared that although he'd promised to conceal the fact that Stefano was awake, he had also vowed never to lie to Anna again. Anna was moved but still worried that Stefano would soon put an end to their happiness.

E.J. sat at his father's bedside and apologized for having sent him to the long-term care facility and said he hoped Stefano would forgive him some day. He rose to leave, but as he reached the door, he heard Stefano's voice intoning, "Elvis." Stunned to see his father awake, E.J. wanted to get Lexie, but Stefano declared that he didn't completely trust his daughter. Though E.J. argued that Stefano should get checked out, Stefano said, with a hint of amazement, that he felt invigorated, like he was getting even stronger. Stefano wanted E.J. to promise not to tell anyone he was awake, and E.J. reluctantly agreed.

Soon John, Tony, and E.J. were gathered at Stefano's bedside as Lexie prepared to test Stefano's motor responses. When they saw the instrument she planned to use, E.J. and Tony questioned the necessity of that particular test. Lexie maintained that it was the best way to gauge the level of Stefano's consciousness and ordered them to either leave or be quiet. When she used the implement on Stefano's hand, his eyes flew open, and John smirked. "I knew the bastard was awake." However, despite everything Lexie tried, Stefano showed no further reactions to stimuli, and Lexie pronounced him "non-responsive." She asked the others to step outside to discuss additional testing and treatment options.

In the hallway, Lexie informed them that she'd consulted some specialists, all of whom had recommended electroshock therapy. Tony and E.J. immediately objected that it was too dangerous and insisted they try other options first, but John's gleeful reaction was, "When can we start?" After John left to take a cell phone call, Lexie asked her brothers what they were hiding about Stefano's condition.

As Marlena, alone in her townhouse, prepared to take a shower, a masked man with a syringe crept into her bedroom. Meanwhile, in his hospital bed, Stefano laughed maniacally to himself.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bo and Hope rode in a horse-drawn carriage to their recommitment ceremony, reminiscent of the time they "got married" in New Orleans years earlier. Hope was impressed with Bo's romantic gesture and agreed to marry him again. Bo opened the doors to the church sanctuary, and all their loved ones were there to greet them. Bo read a letter from Shawn-D and Belle, thanking Bo and Hope for being their inspiration for how to stay together when times got tough. Bo asked his mother and Hope's father to officiate their ceremony.

Steve and Kayla recounted the evolution of Bo and Hope's love for each other as they flashed back to each time Bo and Hope had been married. When they remembered their first real wedding, Ciara asked Hope if she looked like a princess, and Bo said she did all those years before, and she still did. Kayla and Steve continued their trip down memory lane to when Bo and Hope had left town on their boat with Shawn-D when he was a baby. They remembered when Bo and Hope had gotten married in the hospital as Zack was being born. Hope said Zack would be in their hearts forever. Kayla and Steve remembered how Bo and Hope had had a formal wedding at Christmas the same year that Zack was born.

Caroline read something that Alice had asked her to read, which Alice had read to Alice's husband, Tom, at their first wedding. Hope said the words had more meaning every time she heard them. Bo and Hope said their vows, and since Hope didn't have anything prepared to say, she spoke from the heart. She couldn't believe they'd been together for 24 years, but she said when she looked into his eyes, she still saw the man she had fallen in love with when she was a girl. Bo drove Hope crazy with his stubbornness, Hope said, but that was one of the reasons she had fallen for him -- because of his integrity and courage to follow his heart. They would always stand by each other, no matter what lay ahead, she said. Bo said he still wanted and needed only Hope. Bo didn't deserve Hope, he said, and her faith in him made him the man he was.

Lexie called a meeting with Tony and E.J. about Stefano's condition. She wanted to know why they were suddenly so concerned about Stefano's well-being, when they had all been willing to abandon him before in the sanitarium. Tony played dumb, and E.J. said he didn't think they should risk Stefano's health. Lexie accused them of not wanting Stefano to regain consciousness. Tony and E.J. said if Stefano woke up, Stefano would be angry at them for abandoning him in the first place. Lexie told them that Stefano should be awake according to his brain scan, and E.J. said they should let Stefano wake up naturally. Lexie was late for the wedding, so she left and joined Abe at the church.

In the hospital, John tried to smother Stefano with a pillow, but he was interrupted by a phone call. It was Marlena. Unbeknownst to her, a mysterious figure hid in Marlena's bedroom while she was on the phone with John. John wondered if Marlena had tipped the police off that Ava planned to skip town. Marlena admitted to telling the police about Ava, saying she had done it to keep John from being in more trouble than he was already in.

Marlena asked John if he was still serious about killing Stefano, and John told her he was in Stefano's hospital room. Marlena begged John not to kill Stefano, and John told her he had someone to deal with first. After John hung up, he went to the church, where Kayla noticed him sneaking past the sanctuary.

Bo and Hope exchanged wedding bands. Bo provided a replica of Hope's original wedding band, and Bo asked Ciara to give him his wedding band. It was the one that had belonged to his father, Shawn, and was meant to be worn as a symbol of a new beginning and of a love that, like Caroline and Shawn's, stood the test of time. Caroline prayed that God would continue to bless Bo and Hope in their lives together, so they would be an example of what true love could be.

Doug said Bo could kiss his bride even though Bo had sneaked in a few kisses before. Doug and Julie rushed to Bo and Hope's house to get ready for the reception. Bo and Hope thanked everyone for helping to arrange everything and keeping everything a secret. Bo invited everyone back to their house for a New Orleans-style barbecue. Before they could walk out, a reporter from the Salem Spectator showed up to ask Bo how he could sleep at night, knowing he was a liar and disgrace to the police. John lurked in the background, watching.

E.J. went to see Stefano at the hospital to talk to him again. Tony overheard E.J. talking and realized E.J. knew Stefano was conscious. Tony and E.J. compared notes and realized Stefano had lied to both of them and had sworn them to secrecy that Stefano was really awake. E.J. and Tony urged Stefano to tell them what was going on.

At Marlena's place, she saw the mysterious figure and grabbed a letter opener to defend herself. She threatened to stab him if he didn't leave her alone. She tried to distract him and ran for the door, but he grabbed her and forced her onto the bed then tried to stick a needle in her arm.

Friday, August 8, 2008

In France, a police officer hauled Melanie down to the station to answer to an accusation of theft. A young girl named Tiffany angrily pointed at Melanie, and she told the officer that she had seen Melanie take her diamond bracelet earlier. Melanie disagreed, but when Max entered the station with the bracelet in his hand, the police arrested both Melanie and Max for the theft. While in the cell together, Melanie explained that Tiffany was angry because her boyfriend had dumped her for Melanie. Melanie made an attempt to weave a sob story for the police officer, but he was not buying her crocodile tear theatrics and walked away.

Stephanie turned up at the station and told Max, "I'm happy to pay your bail, but there's no way I'm paying hers!" Max pleaded with Stephanie to help Melanie, as well, but Stephanie steadfastly refused. After consulting with the officers, Stephanie broke the news to Max that she did not have enough bail money for him. Melanie made her one phone call to George, who sold his watch and went to the station to bail her out. Stephanie urged George not to help Melanie, but, helpless to his love for her, George paid the bail and vanished into the night with Melanie on his arm. Angry about the situation, Stephanie yelled at the officer about the injustice of what had transpired, and he, in turn, arrested Stephanie and put her in the cell with Max.

At the church during Bo and Hope's marriage renewal ceremony, the Brady family stared stunned at reporter Brad Baker as he accused Bo of tampering with evidence. Caroline angrily turned on Victor and demanded to know if he knew about the accusation. While John watched from the shadowy corner, Brad quieted the confused and murmuring crowd by telling them that he had proof. From his jacket, Brad pulled out a copy of the email Hope had received that read, "What happened to the evidence in the Paul Hollingsworth case? Is there a cover-up going on?" Victor wondered aloud to Kate how much Brad knew, and he asked her to wheel him out. From across the room, Caroline watched Kate and Victor leave.

At the back of the church, Abe yelled for quiet and asked Brad to follow him to the station in order to make a statement on the record. Provoking a stronger reaction from the family, Brad announced that Paul was dead and that Bo was protecting the killer. Bo continued to remain silent throughout the commotion, and when Abe asked if he had tampered with evidence, Bo still said nothing. Brad continued to make his case, stating that there was a tape-recording and that Bo had "gotten rid of the evidence." Worried, Chelsea interrupted in order to defend her father, but Abe quieted her down and asked Bo, "Was there a tape?" Obviously struggling with his emotions, Bo quietly admitted, "Yeah. There was." Abe asked Brad to accompany him down to the station, and they left.

Bo turned to his family and said, "I'm sorry, everybody. There's no excuse for what I did. I made a bad decision. I'll accept responsibility for it." Hope quietly whispered to Bo that they all loved him just before Roman entered and asked Bo for answers. Bo told Roman that the evidence had been destroyed, but he would say no more about the tape. When Roman guessed that Bo was covering for someone, Bo denied the charge and told Roman that he was willing to accept full responsibility.

Roman attempted to escort his brother from the church, but Chelsea ran over to intervene. Bo pleaded with Daniel to take her home. "Is he going to jail or not?" Chelsea cried out. With a deafening silence in the air, Mickey offered to follow Bo down to the police station. As the family rushed out after Roman and Bo, John stepped out of the shadows, whipped out a notepad, and crossed an item off a list.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Morgan and Philip played cards on the terrace, and she joked about how she beat him at every game they played together. When Morgan got a phone call from her mother, her mood seemed to darken again. Morgan discussed her feelings with Philip, explaining that she felt her mother did not care that Paul had disappeared. Philip suggested that her mother was trying to be strong for Morgan, but Morgan disagreed, explaining that her mother had lost all respect for Paul long before when he had lost her money in the Internet investment bust of the 1990s.

As Morgan and Philip talked, Kate wheeled Victor out onto the terrace and asked Morgan to step inside for a bit so that they could talk privately with Philip. Once Morgan was gone, Victor told Philip that the press had learned that Bo had tampered with evidence. Philip attempted to go to the station, but Kate cautioned that such a gesture could implicate him. Morgan returned with Victor's phone, explaining that it would not stop ringing. While Victor went inside with Kate to talk to his lawyer, Morgan asked Philip what was on his mind.

"It's time you know what's going on," Philip said gravely. Philip prefaced his confession by telling Morgan that he had delayed telling her the information because he feared she would not forgive him. Philip then firmly assured Morgan that he had nothing to do with her father's disappearance and explained about the tape-recording and what he had said on it. Shocked, Morgan furiously screamed, "I trusted you, Philip! I defended you. Oh, my God, how could I have been so stupid? You want forgiveness?"

Morgan slapped Philip hard across the face, saying, "How's that for forgiveness?" before she stormed off. Kate witnessed Morgan's slap and hurriedly rushed to Philip's side, asking him what had happened. Philip explained that he had told Morgan the truth and then headed out to find her.

At Salem Hospital, Stefano told Tony and E.J. that although he was angry with their betrayal, his top priority was to repay the person that had put him in his physical condition. When Tony suggested that Stefano had no idea who had taken over his business, Stefano cocked an eyebrow and muttered, "Could it be my half-brother, John Black?"

Tony and E.J. were puzzled by Stefano's knowledge about John. Stefano explained that John himself had told him the whole story just before Stefano had been taken to the long-term care center. Noting his sons' shock at the announcement that he had been aware of his surroundings the whole time, Stefano sneered, "I'm gonna make him and everyone else who betrayed me pay."

E.J. cautioned Stefano that John had become such a different and difficult person that even Marlena had left him. "Poor Marlena," Stefano said smiling. Tony urged Stefano to tell them who had put Stefano in the hospital, and when he answered that it had been Marlena, neither Tony nor E.J. believed she was capable of such a thing. "She's already taken care of," Stefano said with a grin. Pleased, Stefano explained that Marlena had set out to destroy his life, "and now I have the pleasure of returning the favor."

In the penthouse, Marlena lay sprawled out on the floor, struggling to reach the phone. After several attempts, Marlena could only manage to pull the phone close and mumble into the dial tone. As the drugs that the intruder had injected into Marlena took effect, Marlena rolled over onto her back, eyes open, and seemingly comatose.

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