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Monday, September 1, 2008

Due to the Labor Day holiday, there was no new original episode of Days of our Lives today. This scheduling change has been accounted for and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming returns on Tuesday, September 2nd.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

In France, Stephanie attempted to talk Max into packing up their things and heading back to Salem. However, Max resisted the idea, explaining that he needed to convince Melanie to accompany then to Salem. Kissing Max softly, Stephanie promised not to leave his side.

After taking the morning off, Abe stopped by the hospital to spend some time with Theo, and was surprised to find Lexie there with him. Abe immediately offered to go home so that Theo would not feel the tension between his parents, but Lexie reached out to her husband saying, "I've been judgmental." "You make me feel like I failed my son," Abe countered. Lexie explained that she did not think that Abe failed his son, and that he was a good father. As a way to make Abe feel better about his feelings of insecurity in dealing with his autistic son, Lexie told Abe about how she had tried to put Theo to bed one night and, after an hour, she had left his room frustrated, while Theo continued to bang on the wall with his fist. Calmed, Abe suggested that Lexie and Theo join him in the park to spend some time together bonding. Lexie and Abe picked up Theo from his session with his therapist and learned that his vestibular work to help his inner ear sensitivity had gone well. Ready to celebrate, Abe and Lexie took their son to the park and discussed Theo's improvement.

Outside the Brady Pub, Philip learned some new information about Paul Hollingsworth and said, "Gotcha." At the nearby park, Morgan nervously walked around. Suddenly, Paul appeared behind her and called out her name. Exhilarated by the appearance of her father, Morgan rushed into Paul's arms. Paul apologized to Morgan and swore that he would right all his mistakes and turn himself in. Just as Paul was telling Morgan how proud he was of her, Morgan's phone rang. Morgan was reluctant to answer the call, but Paul urged her to go ahead when she said it was Philip calling. As she curtly answered the phone, Philip asked her to put Paul on the line. Once Paul put the phone to his ear, Philip warned him not to run again. Paul quickly ended the call, just in time for Hope Brady to appear and arrest him.

At the DiMera mansion, Anna, E.J., Marlena, and John were stunned to hear Tony talking to Stefano on the phone about returning to the mansion. As Tony warned Stefano that returning would be a big mistake, Bo entered the mansion and overheard the phone conversation, as well. Realizing that Stefano was planning on returning home, Bo grabbed the phone from Tony and put the call on the speakerphone. After a brief bit of gruff conversation, Bo hung up on Stefano and walked over to John to ask him about Paul Hollingsworth. Before Bo could get any answers from John, Marlena interrupted to urge John to stop Stefano from coming back to the mansion. Bo called the police to inform them of Stefano's impending arrival and, while he waited, John informed Bo that if Stefano were not kept away from Marlena, then John would kill Stefano.

While John grilled E.J. for legal advice on the DiMera assets, Stefano strolled into the room saying, "It's good to be back!" Bo immediately arrested Stefano, while Stefano continued to taunt Bo and John. After Bo escorted Stefano out, a dizzy Marlena headed upstairs to rest, and John continued to quiz E.J. about his legal rights to the DiMera fortune. Unhappy with E.J.'s vague answers, John ordered Tony and E.J. to move out of his house. Tony tried to reason with John, citing that Stefano was his brother, and when that failed, Tony flatly refused to leave the mansion. Frustrated, John again asked E.J. for legal answers about his rights to the DiMera fortune, and E.J. informed him that if Stefano did not go to prison, then all legal settlements were null, including all of John's rights to the estate.

At the Salem Police Station, Philip stopped by to talk to Paul, and ominously told him, "You made a big mistake in switching alliances." Unfazed, Paul told Philip that he did what he felt he had to do, and that he was going to do the right thing. After hearing part of the conversation, Hope asked Philip what he was talking to Paul about.

As Stefano was escorted into the police station, Roman welcomed him, with Hope and Steve close behind. Unable to contain himself, Steve attacked Stefano and demanded, "What did you do to my boy?" No sooner had Stefano entered Roman's office than a call came in from the district attorney to release him. Frustrated, but out of options, Roman ordered Stefano's release. While Steve and Bo pleaded with Roman to ignore the order, Abe rushed in and informed the group that he also had been ordered to free Stefano. Noting that no one was actually freeing Stefano, Abe unlocked his handcuffs and sent him out the door. "Give my best to your families," Stefano chuckled as he casually walked out of the station.

In the corner of the police station, Philip asked Morgan for an apology. Citing the fact that Philip always lied to her, Morgan pushed him away. Anxious to speak with her father, Morgan pleaded with Hope to let her see him. Hope gently turned Morgan away but promised that she could speak with Paul after she answered some questions. Philip again attempted to talk to Morgan but, hurt by his deceptions, Morgan told him that she had been falling in love with him, but that she had been wrong.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Marlena was leaving the house when she ran into Stefano at the front door. After noting that he had unfinished business with Marlena, Stefano marched into the living room to berate his sons for not meeting him down at the police station. After Stefano finished ranting, John took a phone call from Roman, who informed him that Paul was in custody. Dismayed by the news, John smashed his phone on the ground and cursed the day.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Max was in his hotel room in Marseille when Melanie dropped by. He invited her to sit so they could get to know each other better, and asked how she had come to live in France. Melanie related how she and her dad, Trent, had moved around a lot when she was a kid, because he'd been trying to advance his academic career. They'd lived in Paris for a time while Trent was on a sabbatical, then they'd finally settled in Ann Arbor when he got a full-time professorship at the University of Michigan. She added impishly that she'd first gotten in trouble there, in the sixth grade, for stealing a teacher's wallet so she could shop. Afterwards, Trent had sent her to boarding school-the first of many, thanks to her misbehavior. Eventually he'd agreed to let her return to France, because in Marseille she was attending an all-girls' school, which would theoretically keep her out of trouble.

Melanie then confessed that she'd lied to her dad that she was going to summer school, and that the two of them didn't really get along. Max pointed out how ironic it was that Trent had rejected Max, but Melanie-the child he wanted-was rejecting Trent.

Max joined Nick in the bistro later and reported that Melanie had opened up to him some, but he still felt like she was hiding something. Nick replied that secrecy seemed to be the norm for Melanie. Max admitted that Stephanie believed that Melanie was a lost cause and that he should just give up and go home.

Meanwhile, Melanie instructed someone on the phone to send a car for her, adding, "Things are getting a little too intense around here."

In the child development lab, Chelsea was trying to get Theo to open up to her when Daniel came in. After Mark had taken the child to therapy, Daniel complimented Chelsea on how good she was with Theo. He then tried to convince her that the past, including what had happened between him and Kate, had nothing to do with his relationship with Chelsea, and that she was the only thing he cared about. "You mean the world to me," he proclaimed. Chelsea said she understood but was having a hard time being objective. She reminded him that she'd been hurt by the two people who, after her parents, supposedly cared about her the most. She acknowledged that Daniel had tried to warn her, but she hadn't listened. Daniel conceded that he'd used his past as an excuse not to get involved, but she'd seen right through him and had accepted him, flaws and all. He implored her not to walk out of his life, and offered to give her time and space to think things through.

When Lexie arrived to pick up Theo, Chelsea offered to take the boy out for ice cream after his session. Lexie accepted and thanked her, then left. Daniel asked Chelsea to consider starting anew. Chelsea admitted that she wanted to be with him more than anything, but she didn't think she could ever sleep with him without remembering that he'd slept with Kate. She declared that it was over and asked him to leave. After Daniel had gone, Chelsea gently told Theo she had to go away for a little while, but she'd be back very soon.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano announced that it was good to be home. He then asked if it were true that E.J. was working for John. E.J. replied that he was working at Mickey Horton's law firm, where John was a client. E.J. was curious about how Stefano had gotten out of jail. Stefano replied that he had friends on whom he could rely, unlike his disgraceful children who had shipped him off to an institution. Tony explained that they'd been told Stefano had been in an irreversible coma and so his children had seen no alternative. Stefano angrily declared that his family should have taken care of him, adding, "You turned on me, so hear this: I am done. Finito! As of this moment, you are all disowned."

Stefano was ordering everyone to leave his home when Lucas walked in with Chloe. Stefano was furious when he learned that Lucas had been living in the DiMera mansion, but Lucas assured him he was only there to pack his belongings and move out.

Victor arrived next to talk about business with Stefano, who shooed the others out so they could speak in private. Victor declared that it was a pleasure doing business with Stefano again. The men chuckled as Stefano agreed the pleasure was mutual. Victor then thanked Stefano for informing him that John had been hiding Paul and that Paul had escaped. Stefano credited Rolf, but when Victor vowed he owed Stefano a debt of gratitude, Stefano assured him that he would collect one day. Victor acknowledged that he'd needed to find Paul to protect his son, but wondered why Stefano would go out on a limb for John. Stefano replied, "Let's say this move is all about control."

Lucas and Chloe returned to the foyer with suitcases and a load of Allie's things. E.J. tried to prevent Lucas from taking Allie's belongings, while Stefano applauded Lucas' departure. Lucas told E.J. to butt out, and then left with Chloe.

When Stefano asserted that E.J. and Tony should follow Lucas' lead, Tony declared that he and Anna had no intention of moving out. E.J. echoed that sentiment for himself and Sami. Tony reminded Stefano that he and E.J. had every right to be there. Stefano demanded, "Are you challenging me?" E.J. confidently replied that they were. Stefano asked if that held true for John Black, who'd been operating under the mistaken belief that he still controlled the DiMera empire. Tony and E.J. assured Stefano that they'd learned a lot from watching him and hence could handle John. Stefano had no doubt he would win, one way or another, and welcomed the battle.

At the police station, Morgan asked Bo when she could see her father. Bo replied that Paul was being processed, which could take a while. Philip asked Morgan how she was doing. She brushed him off and crossly reminded him that she wasn't going to apologize. Bo pulled Philip aside and informed him that they weren't off the hook just because Paul had been found alive, and that Bo still had to answer Internal Affairs' questions about the recording.

Abe, Roman, and Hope were in Abe's office, bemoaning that the D.A. had ordered them to free Stefano. Abe said that John could still file a civil suit against Stefano, which they all hoped he would do. Roman pointed out that Stefano had connections everywhere.

John arrived at the police station and Morgan confronted him, demanding to know what he had done to her father. John didn't understand why he'd been called to the station, so Bo explained that when Paul was arrested he claimed he'd already been planning to turn himself in. Bo continued that there would be a thorough investigation, so John should come clean right then about what he did to Paul. John instead wanted to know why the D.A. wasn't filing charges against Stefano. "Corruption. Failed bureaucracy," was Bo's pithy reply. Bo agreed with John that Stefano belonged behind bars.

Abe came out of his office, so John confronted him, threatening to sue Stefano since the police couldn't do anything. Abe said they all hoped he would, because it might be the only way to get the old man. Abe then informed Bo that Internal Affairs needed to talk to him, so the two of them left, and Hope followed. John seemed to believe he was off the hook, so Roman privately reminded him that he was still a suspect in the Hollingsworth case.

An officer brought Paul into the outer office, where Morgan greeted him with a hug. Over Morgan's shoulder, Paul told Philip, "Hey Kiriakis-today's your lucky day."

In Abe's office, Roman reviewed Paul's statement aloud while John listened. He read that Paul attested that he'd left town of his own volition and had come back voluntarily to turn himself in. He added that Paul was pleading guilty to planting the cocaine on John's ship, and to setting fire to the storage warehouse on the docks that contained John's confiscated goods. Paul confirmed that to be true, referring Roman to the statement he'd already entered.

Roman asked John to step outside, and then reminded Paul that Morgan maintained that Paul had feared for his safety because his life was being threatened. Paul tried to write it off as Morgan's usual melodramatics, but Roman's theory was that John Black had kidnapped Paul and held him prisoner. Paul laughed that theory off, so Roman asked where Paul had come up with the money for such a large amount of cocaine. Paul was silent, so Roman offered to try to get him a deal in exchange for the truth. He asked if Philip had purchased the drugs and paid Paul to plant them. Paul continued to deny that Philip was involved, and swore that he'd acted alone and was ready to face the consequences. Roman was sure Paul was covering for someone, but couldn't figure out why. He urged Paul to think about his daughter. Paul assured Roman that he was.

Roman led Paul out and instructed the officer to let him say goodbye to Morgan and then take him to the holding cell. Morgan cried that she knew Paul hadn't done what he'd been accused of and begged him to tell her the truth. Paul told Morgan he loved her and murmured reassurances that everything would be all right, then the officer led him away. Morgan pleaded with Roman to help her father.

Stefano called John at the station to inform him that he'd intervened, and consequently John could thank Stefano for his freedom. In return, Stefano demanded John's silence about what Stefano and Rolf had done to him in the lab. John wanted to know how Stefano had convinced Paul not to blab the truth, and Stefano replied that he'd threatened Paul's daughter. When John remarked that he could put Stefano away for good, Stefano countered that he could easily persuade Paul to recant his confession and tell everyone what really happened.

Roman pulled John into his office to discuss John's civil suit against Stefano. John declared that he'd changed his mind. Roman was surprised, but John claimed not to remember much of what Stefano had done to him, so he knew he didn't have much of a chance at winning the lawsuit. Roman shook his head skeptically as John left.

Philip's cell phone rang with a call from Victor, who told him that Paul was going to take the fall for the cocaine and Philip was in the clear. Philip hung up with a relieved smile.

John came out of Roman's office and cautioned Philip that their war was still on, as was John's war with Stefano. Philip agreed that John should go after Stefano. John proclaimed, "The old man hasn't taken control yet, and as long as I'm around, he never will."

Tony couldn't believe Stefano could live with himself after his nefarious exploits at the hospital. Stefano denied having anything to do what had happened, claiming he'd left the hospital before the lockdown. Neither E.J. nor Tony bought it. Stefano dared them to try to prove he'd done it, adding, "Listen carefully, my sons: I am back, I am free, and from now on, I will be calling the shots around here. Any questions?"

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lexie tried to play with Theo in the park, but Theo kept ignoring her. Abe told Lexie not to push Theo, because the doctor said it would be a long process. Lexie apologized for not being patient. Kayla and Steve took Joe for a walk in the park too and saw Lexie, Abe and Theo. Steve got down on the ground and tried to play with Theo, but Theo didn't respond to Steve either. Kayla asked Steve to go feed the birds with Abe, and after they left, she and Lexie bonded over feeling guilty because they had children with medical issues even though they were doctors.

Lexie told Kayla that Lexie could leave her job over Stefano locking down the 7th floor and releasing gas into vents in the hospital, but Lexie said she would give up her job if it meant Theo would be normal. Lexie said she and Abe dreamed that Theo would one day have a career, wife, and kids some day. Kayla said that could still happen, but Lexie needed to lower her expectations. Lexie wondered if Theo would be able to make his own meals, drive a car, or still be living at home when he turned 30. Kayla said if Lexie and Abe showed Theo that they were happy, Theo would be happy.

Abe and Steve bonded over being fathers, and Steve said that things would get easier when their sons got older and they could start taking care of themselves. Steve realized what he'd said and apologized. Abe said he didn't want anyone tiptoeing around his feelings. Abe said Lexie was desperate to have Theo show affection, but that would never happen.

A mover removed a painting from the DiMera mansion, and Tony wondered what was up. He asked Stefano, and Stefano said he was planning to give the mansion a facelift. While they were talking, the mover came back in with a painting of Stefano and hung it on the wall. The mansion was starting to feel like home, Stefano said, if only he could evict the freeloading tenants. E.J. overheard Stefano and said that was not going to happen. E.J. gave Stefano an injunction barring Stefano from kicking out E.J. or Tony. Stefano wasn't happy with E.J.'s legal maneuver. Stefano asked to speak with each of them one-on-one. Tony thought it was Stefano's way of dividing and conquering and demanded that Stefano speak to them together. Stefano said E.J. and Tony would never be able to maintain the family legacy. Tony took Stefano up on his challenge and agreed to speak privately with Stefano.

Marlena ran into Trent at the Brady Pub, and Trent offered to buy Marlena a drink. She turned him down at first, and then she ran into John. John asked Marlena to stay with him at the mansion. Marlena said she wasn't comfortable doing that, but John kept pushing her, so she blew up at him. Then, Marlena walked over to Trent and decided to take him up on his offer to buy her a drink.

In walked Nicole, who noticed that Trent and Marlena were seated together, and Nicole gave John the rundown on Trent and warned John that Trent was a jerk. Nicole tried to make small talk with John, but he was preoccupied with what Marlena was doing with Trent. Nicole asked whether John and Marlena were still separated, and John said Marlena was still his wife. Trent asked if Marlena accepted his offer just to make John jealous. Trent didn't mind, because it gave him the chance to get Marlena's attention. Marlena explained that she and John were still married and John didn't have making their marriage work as his top priority.

Nicole encouraged John to go over and talk to Marlena and fight for his marriage. Trent questioned whether Marlena was willing to work things out with John. John asked Nicole why she hated Trent so much, and Nicole told John about Trent's dark side. Nicole offered to help John drive a wedge between Trent and Marlena. Marlena apologized for boring Trent, and Trent said he wasn't bored. He chose to make a career out of meeting new and interesting people, he said. Marlena realized he was referring to his career as dean of the physics department. Marlena said she chose her career for the same reason Trent did. Trent asked Marlena out on a date.

Marlena was flattered by Trent's invitation, but she said it would be awkward because she wasn't comfortable about the way Trent treated Max. Marlena considered Max to be part of her family and she loved Max. Trent asked if that meant Marlena was turning him down, and she reminded Trent that she was a married woman. Trent asked her to let him know if she changed her mind.

Stefano showed Tony a glass globe and asked him if it looked familiar. Tony recognized it as one Stefano gave him when Stefano gave Tony his first job. Stefano reminisced about how he and Tony were of the same mind on everything from business to family and Stefano trusted him on anything. Tony said he didn't want to revisit that time and Stefano was an example of what not to be. Tony warned Stefano not to underestimate him. After Tony left the room, E.J. went into the living room to talk to Stefano. E.J. said whatever Tony said to Stefano went double for E.J.

Stefano expressed his disappointment with E.J., saying he felt closest to E.J. out of all of Stefano's children. E.J. said that would explain why Stefano kicked him out, and Stefano said he would have been happy to have E.J. live at the mansion as long as he made certain concessions. E.J. considered it selling his soul to the devil, and he wanted no part of it. Stefano was hurt at the thought that that was how E.J. saw Stefano.

E.J. condemned Stefano's controlling ways and said he didn't want to be like Stefano when he grew up. Stefano was offended and pledged that E.J. wouldn't get influence or power without Stefano. E.J. told Stefano he was wrong and pledged to prove it. Stefano asked E.J. and Tony to imagine how powerful they could all be as a team, but in order for that to happen, E.J. and Tony needed to demonstrate their unwavering loyalty. E.J. interpreted that to mean they would be Stefano's puppets, but E.J. and Tony weren't interested. Stefano said if they turned their backs on him, they would get no more chances. Stefano asked if they were willing to throw that away, and Tony said they were.

After Kayla and Steve left, Lexie told Abe she would be working late at the hospital. Abe was disappointed, because they had planned to have dinner together, but Lexie said there was too much going on at the hospital. Abe tried to get Theo to leave, but Theo refused to go and started yelling. Abe asked Lexie for some snacks to calm Theo down, but Theo threw the snacks that Lexie gave him. Abe was finally able to calm Theo down and decided to leave. After they left, Lexie imagined what it would be like if Theo were not autistic.

Kayla saw Marlena at the Brady Pub, and Marlena said she was glad to see Kayla up and about. Steve told Kayla it was hard to imagine what Lexie and Abe were going through with Theo's autism. Steve said he didn't think Lexie was handling it well, but Kayla felt confident that Lexie would come around.

At the pub, Nicole advised John to tell Marlena that he loved Marlena and wanted her back, but before John could tell Marlena how he felt, Marlena told him she wanted a divorce. Kayla and Steve wondered whether Stefano would go after Joe, but Steve said he would make sure Stefano steered clear of their baby and promised to spend every minute making sure Joe was safe.

Outside the pub, E.J. was talking on his cell phone when he literally ran into Nicole. Nicole tried to hurry off, but E.J. stopped her and said he wasn't happy with the way they left things. Nicole brushed it off, but E.J. said he was sorry Nicole had to see what happened between E.J. and Sami. Nicole said she understood that E.J. wanted to work things out with Sami, since she was his son's mother. E.J. said he didn't know what would happen between him and Sami. E.J. said when he was with Sami, he felt like he was cheating on Nicole.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano looked at old pictures of him and Tony when Tony walked in. Stefano said family was the most important thing to him and it was a shame that Tony didn't feel the same way. Tony left, and Stefano threw the photo album he was looking at in the trash can.

Marlena told John she felt like they were fighting a losing battle. She said she never wanted it to come to that, but sometimes things worked out that way and it wasn't anyone's fault. Marlena thought a divorce would make them happier.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Daniel came upon Lexie having a minor meltdown at the hospital, and offered to listen if she needed to unload. She confided that Theo was in therapy, she and Abe weren't seeing eye-to-eye, the hospital review board had called a meeting to discuss her responsibility for what had happened during the lockdown, and she felt like her life was spiraling out of control. Daniel volunteered to speak to the board on her behalf if the need arose and had just pulled her into a hug when Abe rounded the corner. After asking Lexie to have coffee with him before their appointment, Abe told Daniel, "I want you to stay away from my wife." Daniel, taken aback, hotly retorted that he and Lexie were nothing more than colleagues who were also friends.

After Daniel had gone, Lexie told Abe she'd been talking to Daniel because she'd needed a friend, since she and Abe hadn't been connecting lately. Pointing to her affairs with Brandon and Tek, Abe angrily said it looked like the same thing was happening with Daniel. Hurt, Lexie said she thought they'd gotten past that and swore that she and Daniel were just friends, but Abe didn't know if he could believe her.

In their therapy session later, Lexie told Dr. Carrington how Abe had just accused her of having an affair. The doctor asked Abe what had made him suspicious. Abe replied that Lexie had been distant for months and then he'd found her in Daniel's arms. Dr. Carrington suggested that Lexie's past infidelity was the cause of Abe's insecurity, and though they'd discussed it before, perhaps they should revisit the issue. "I've lost my little boy, and all we can talk about are the affairs I've had?" cried a frustrated Lexie. The doctor urged her to talk about what she meant, and Lexie broke down. "Why can't my little boy be like anybody else? Why does he have to have autism? Why does this have to happen to him? Why?"

After their session was over, Dr. Carrington left Lexie and Abe alone to talk. Abe put his arm around his wife and thanked her for being honest about her feelings. Lexie replied that she was a terrible mother, but Abe denied it and apologized if he'd somehow made her feel that way. As Lexie cried some more, Abe reassured her that, although he couldn't promise everything would be all right, he knew they both wanted what was best for their son.

Hope stopped Daniel in the hallway and asked him what he'd done to upset Chelsea so badly that she'd fled to France. Daniel wasn't aware that Chelsea had left the country, but refused to discuss his relationship issues with Hope. He argued that it was private, and he and Chelsea had to work things through on their own.

E.J. found Sami at the Brady Pub and told her that the hearing for Allie's custody had been moved up to later that day. He added that she didn't need to be there because the judge planned to base his decision on depositions that Sami and Lucas had already given, and would likely make a decision by the end of the day. Sami told E.J. that Allie had said "Mama" for the first time recently, and worried what she would do if Lucas got custody. E.J. wondered whether it bothered Sami to see Lucas moving on with Chloe so quickly. Sami claimed that as long as she didn't lose Allie, she didn't care whom Lucas was with. E.J. asked if she regretted what had happened between them in the hospital stairwell, but she said she didn't.

At a table nearby, Lucas told Chloe he planned to stay at the Horton Cabin for a while and invited her to come along. Kate overheard and butted into their conversation, but before she could finish warning Lucas not to get involved with Chloe, she had a coughing fit. Lucas admonished his mom to see a doctor when she admitted she'd had the cough for a while, but she insisted she was fine. When Kate started in again about Chloe, Chloe got up to leave, but Lucas stopped her at the door. He said he understood her not wanting to listen to Kate badmouth her, and asked if she'd pick up the keys to the boat and boathouse from Maggie. She agreed and then left.

Chloe and Maggie met in the park, where Maggie handed over the keys and explained what they were all for. Maggie said she was aware that Chloe was going with Lucas to the cabin, and cautioned Chloe about how overprotective Kate could be when it came to her children. Chloe acknowledged that, likewise, Sami hadn't exactly been thrilled when Chloe and Lucas got together. Maggie pointed out that Sami and Lucas had quite a long history, and correctly guessed that it had all become a bit overwhelming for Chloe. She then confided that she'd been in a similar situation herself when she'd fallen in love with Don Craig while she and Mickey were still married, although everyone had believed Mickey was dead at the time. Once Mickey had come back and they'd gotten a divorce, Maggie continued, she'd realized Don was only a "rebound guy."

Chloe confessed she didn't know if Lucas had gotten Sami out of his system, nor was she sure she was completely over Brady. Maggie asked if Chloe had thought about what it would mean for her relationship with Lucas were he to get custody of Allie. When Chloe admitted she hadn't, Maggie urged her to talk things through with Lucas while they were at the cabin to make sure they both had the same expectations. Chloe was grateful for Maggie's advice. Maggie replied that she cared about both Lucas and Chloe, and that Lucas deserved some happiness after all he'd been through.

After Maggie had gone, Chloe ran into Nicole, who said her dog-walker was nearby with Pookie. When she heard Maggie had been dispensing relationship advice, Nicole insisted on taking Chloe to the pub for a drink.

When Lucas sat back down with Kate, she pointed out that he was in the midst of a custody battle and that a judge might not think Chloe was an appropriate potential stepmother. Lucas told his mother to mind her own business. Kate was giving her usual half-hearted version of an apology when Mickey Horton walked in and passed them on his way to Sami and E.J.'s table.

Mickey told E.J. and Sami that the judge hadn't reached a decision yet. Mickey asked E.J. to take care of something at the office, and then went over to fill Lucas in. E.J. kissed Sami goodbye and left.

Mickey told Lucas that he had a message from Ken Matthews, Lucas' lawyer. Lucas explained to Kate that Mickey couldn't represent him because E.J., who was Sami's lawyer, worked for Mickey's firm. Mickey then informed Lucas that Judge Holland was reviewing the custody case and should reach a decision by the end of the day.

Mickey pulled Kate aside to talk about the plans to expand her company, Hearth and Home. While they were discussing calling in an expert in mergers and acquisitions to oversee things, Kate had another coughing fit.

Sami was upset to learn that Lucas was taking Chloe to the Horton cabin, maintaining that Chloe wasn't a good role model for Allie. Lucas was arguing that Chloe would be Allie's stepmother and that Sami should get used to the idea-just as Chloe and Nicole walked in and overheard.

Over martinis at the bar, Nicole tried to convince Chloe that being a stepmom was no big deal. Chloe wondered if things were moving too fast with Lucas, because she didn't know if she was ready to take on that role with Allie yet. Nicole urged her to talk to Lucas about her fears.

When Lucas came to the bar, Nicole left so he and Chloe could have some privacy. Chloe gave Lucas the cabin keys and then told him she wasn't going with him. She explained that he should spend the time alone with Allie, because he hadn't been around for a lot of her life. Lucas assured Chloe that, regardless of the outcome of the custody case, he still wanted to be with her.

Nicole slid into a chair at E.J.'s table and asked why he found it necessary to try to get her out of his system. He confessed that as much as he wanted to be with her, his relationship with Sami complicated things, because she was the mother of his child and so would always be in his life. Nicole bluntly told him to make up his mind soon because she was running out of patience. She strode to the bar and ordered another martini.

Mickey returned and announced that the judge had decided that Sami and Lucas would share joint custody of Allie. A furious Sami declared, "There is no way in hell I am agreeing to that."

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