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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 29, 2008 on DAYS
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Monday, September 29, 2008

Caroline was sitting beside Shawn's grave, and became frightened when she saw a figure staggering toward her from the bushes. She screamed and realized that it was Trent. He continued toward her and then fell on top of her. She seemed to be in shock and noticed that someone had stabbed Trent in the back with a large knife. Instinctively, she pulled out the knife and sat there motionless. Nearby, Bo, Hope, and a few police officers heard the screams and found Caroline kneeling over Trent's body with the bloody knife in her hands. Bo and Hope were stunned to find Caroline in such a precarious situation. Bo asked Caroline if she was okay and what happened.

Caroline was so upset, she could barely speak, and then Bo asked Caroline to put the knife down. Hope rushed over and advised Bo to do everything by the book. She advised Caroline not to say a word without an attorney present. Bo was visibly shaken, but asked Hope to call Mickey, and then instructed Officer Lopez to read Caroline her rights.

Caroline tried to explain to Bo what happened, but Bo discouraged her from discussing the matter, and asked Officer Lopez to take his mother to the station.

At the hospital, Daniel informed Kate of the grim news that she might have lung cancer based on tests reviewed by a pulmonary specialist. He recommended that she schedule a biopsy of an apparent tumor in order to determine a proper diagnosis.

Daniel assured Kate that if the prognosis was cancer that it might be in the early stages. He told her that there were many options to treat lung cancer. Kate agreed to schedule the tests, but asked Daniel to keep her medical condition private until he was sure of the diagnosis. Daniel attempted to comfort Kate, but she pulled away and sarcastically told him to go and attend to the business of helping others.

Nicole had arrived at the hospital earlier and was waiting to speak to Daniel. Daniel asked her what was wrong. She told him that she felt dizzy, could not keep any food down, and had felt ill for some time. Based on the symptoms and Nicole's over-indulgence in alcohol, Daniel suggested that she might be experiencing alcohol withdrawal.

Just then, Kate walked by and made a few snide remarks to Nicole, then told Daniel to carry on with business. Kate told Daniel that she scheduled the tests that he recommended and then left.

Nicole told Daniel that she drank regularly, and could not understand how she could have withdrawal symptoms. Daniel explained his theory to her, and asked her to check in to the hospital so that he could run more tests. Nicole agreed but pleaded with Daniel to help her. She explained to him that she needed alcohol more than ever because she was going through a stressful time, and it was the only thing that relieved the tension.

Daniel started Nicole on intravenous fluids to help ease the symptoms. Daniel advised Nicole to stop drinking, but Nicole seemed indifferent to the suggestion. She asked Daniel to find out what was wrong with her so she could get on with her life. Daniel told Nicole that he would know more after reviewing her blood work. He asked her about her problem, and Nicole explained that she was on the brink of losing her divorce settlement because Victor learned that she was married to Trent Robbins when she married Victor. That made her marriage to Victor null and void-and Victor wanted payback. Daniel wished Nicole luck in her case against Victor, but she told Daniel that she was confident that E.J. would find a way to help her.

Later, Daniel returned to Nicole's room to find her making a list of personal items to sell in an attempt to earn money to pay off her debt to Victor. She asked Daniel if he knew what was wrong with her. Surprisingly, Daniel told Nicole that he knew the reason for her nausea. He said that she was perfectly healthy, but that she was pregnant. Nicole looked at Daniel and was flabbergasted to hear the news.

After he left Nicole's room, Daniel called Kate to find out how she was doing. He was upset and surprised to learn that she was waiting for a client and working late. Kate assured Daniel that she was fine and said to stop worrying about her. Daniel told Kate that she did not have to put on an act with him and that if she needed to talk, she should call him. Kate brushed him off and told him to tend to Nicole, who probably needed him more.

At the Brady Pub, Chloe was sitting by herself drinking a glass of wine when Philip arrived and asked if he could join her. Philip asked how she and Lucas were getting along living at the Horton cabin. Chloe told Philip that living full-time at the cabin with an infant could be a bit much. She decided to take a break for a few minutes and relax. They continued to talk, and Chloe asked Philip about Morgan. He told her that she was out of town visiting her mother.

Philip admitted to Chloe that at first he did not like the idea of her and Lucas together, but that they were all friends and he wanted her to be happy. Chloe thanked Philip and wished only the best for him. They agreed that their friendship was important and that neither of them could survive without the other.

Chloe thought about the past and told Philip that she missed her career as an opera singer. Philip encouraged her to pursue her dreams and said that Victor would no longer stand in her way. Chloe told Philip that if she went on tour and pursued her career full-time, she would not be able to commit to Lucas and Allie.

Outside the pub, Lucas noticed Philip and Chloe sitting together and decided to walk in and join them. Lucas arrived in time to overhear the end of Chloe's comment to Philip. Lucas told Chloe that he loved her loyalty and commitment to him and Allie, but he encouraged her to focus on her career. He asked Philip to help Chloe. Lucas told Philip that Titan had connections in the opera world through one of the company's foundations. Lucas praised Chloe and told her how special she was to him. Chloe was glowing and expressed deep affection for Lucas for understanding her needs.

Philip agreed to help Chloe, and left the pub, but seemed somewhat annoyed at the closeness between Lucas and Chloe.

At Chez Rouge, Melanie invited Nick to dinner and offered to pay for the meal with the money that she pulled out of Trent's wallet. Apparently, she stole Trent's wallet earlier that evening. Nick told Melanie to put her money away because dinner was his treat. Melanie asked Nick to show her Salem's nightlife. Nick agreed, but told Melanie, the party girl, that he should call Max and Stephanie as he was not an expert on nightlife. Melanie discouraged him and said that it would be fun to spend time alone with him. Melanie went over and sat on Nick's lap, kissed him, and then smiled at him and told him that he was her hero. Melanie told Nick that no one ever defended her honor, and that she would always be grateful to him.

Doug and Julie arrived at Chez Rouge and chatted with Maggie and Mickey. Maggie pointed out that Nick was also there with Melanie, Max's sister. Julie and Doug said that they did not know that Max had a sister. Julie observed Melanie's body language and told everyone that there was something about her that she didn't like. Julie told Doug that Melanie was a troublemaker, and it took one to know one.

Just then, Mickey received a phone call from Hope, who explained that Caroline had been arrested for the murder of Trent Robbins and that she needed his help. Maggie, Mickey, Doug, and Julie were shocked to hear the news, and decided to join Mickey at the police station to support Caroline. Maggie reminded everyone that Trent was Melanie's father and that someone should tell her what happened. Mickey went over to Nick and Melanie's table and informed Melanie that Trent was dead.

In Max's bedroom, after Stephanie and Max made love, Stephanie found blood on Max's shirt and asked him what happened. Max told Stephanie that after he left the garage he went to visit Shawn's grave. He bumped into Trent and had a fight with him. Max said that was how he ended up with blood on his shirt and the scratches on his back. Max told Stephanie that he did not tell her because he did not want her to worry about him. Stephanie believed Max and they carried on with their lovemaking.

Shortly after, and at about the same time, Stephanie and Max received a call on their cell phones. They were shocked to learn that Trent was murdered and that Caroline was arrested as the prime suspect. .

Stephanie and Max got dressed and left for the police station. They were certain that Caroline did not kill Trent, but were upset that she was arrested for his murder. Stephanie was very quiet and Max asked her if she thought that he killed Trent. She did not answer at first, but she looked worried and concerned. Stephanie told Max that she did not believe that he could kill anyone, but that she freaked out when she saw the blood on his shirt. Stephanie said that she knew Max hated his father, and she was worried about him. She feared that the police might name him as a suspect.

At the police station, Roman was called in on a new murder case unaware that Trent was murdered and Caroline was the prime suspect. When Bo arrived with Caroline, Roman could not believe that his mother was arrested for Trent's murder. Bo explained the facts to Roman, who insisted that their mother could not have murdered Trent in cold blood. Caroline told Bo and Roman that she did not kill Trent, and that she was scared. They assured her that everything would work out. Mickey, Maggie, Doug, and Julie arrived at the police station. Mickey told Bo and Roman that he wanted to speak to Caroline alone.

Outside the office, Doug asked Bo what happened, and he explained everything, but told him that there was circumstantial evidence present, and that he did not have a choice. Bo emphasized how important it was that he and Roman do everything by the book.

Roman and Bo were anxious and upset that they could not be in the office with Caroline while Mickey questioned her. Maggie offered to stay with Caroline, and Bo and Roman agreed. Doug and Julie were upset at the thought that anyone could think that Caroline could murder anyone. Nick and Melanie arrived, and Julie introduced herself and Doug to Melanie and offered her their condolences.

Melanie told Nick that she wanted to know what happened, because as bad a father as Trent was, he was still her father. Bo asked Melanie to identify Trent's body. She agreed, but asked Bo to give her a few minutes to compose herself. Melanie turned to Nick and thanked him for being there for her.

Mickey told Roman that he knew that Caroline did not stab and kill Trent. Roman agreed but said that he had no choice and would probably have to place Caroline in jail for the night. Roman hoped that forensics would find other fingerprints on the knife, but that it would be up to the District Attorney to make the final call. Shortly after, the District Attorney ordered Roman to place Caroline in lockup.

Back at the cemetery, Hope called in Steve to assist with the investigation into Trent's background. Steve agreed to assist in order to help Caroline and prove that someone else wanted Trent dead. Hope and Steve discussed Nicole's marriage to Trent and the fact that she was very upset that he caused her to lose her divorce settlement from Victor.

Hope told Steve that the preliminary reports indicated that Trent had several encounters that night, and that it appeared that more than one person might be responsible for his death. As Hope described Trent's wounds, several Salem residents were on their way to becoming suspects in Trent's murder. Nicole, Max, Melanie, and Nick all seemed to be hiding secrets about where they were the night of Trent's murder.

Hope walked over to Shawn's grave and prayed for him to help Caroline. Hope left the cemetery and Steve walked over to Trent's body. Steve looked down at Trent and felt that there were people who were probably very happy that Trent was no longer part of their lives.

Back at the police station, Roman led Caroline to a jail cell and locked the door behind her. Caroline was left alone with her thoughts.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

At the DiMera Mansion, Sami poked at the keys of her computer with frustration. Lucas walked into the living room, surprising Sami. Right behind Lucas was a sweaty and annoyed E.J. who complained that Lucas almost ran over him with the car. After a bit of bickering, Sami ordered Lucas and E.J. to keep quiet and leave the twins alone since they had just gone down for a nap. Immediately suspecting Sami's motives, Lucas scoffed at the nap excuse and headed upstairs to pick up Allie for his visitation.

Concerned with Sami's furrowed brow, E.J. inquired as to what was wrong. Sami pretended all was well but E.J. was not swayed. He opened her laptop computer to find a resumé. Sami seemed a bit embarrassed by her resumé, but E.J. told her that he was impressed with her initiative in looking for work. Pulling up a chair, E.J. sat down next to Sami in front of her computer and attempted to help her spruce up her resumé. After establishing that Sami had incredible S.A.T. scores and a fair to moderate command of "Für Elise" on the piano, E.J. changed tactics and began to compliment Sami. Though E.J.'s comment about Sami's trustworthiness made her laugh, his pitch to include her "sexy eyes" on her resumé caused Sami to pause and stare into his eyes. Lucas interrupted the moment to ask Sami for the diaper bag and to inform E.J. that Johnny was awake.

After E.J. headed upstairs, Lucas and Sami discussed her resumé and lack of job prospects. Lucas then brought up Caroline's arrest for murder, prompting a disbelieving Sami to accuse him of making a sick joke. Lucas urged Sami to call Roman and when E.J. returned downstairs with Johnny in his arms, Lucas hinted to E.J. to help Sami. Barely holding back her emotions, Sami told Lucas and E.J. to go out with the children and leave her alone. Once both the men and children were gone, Sami picked up the phone and attempted to reach her father, but she was thwarted by an officer at the station who claimed Roman was too busy to be bothered. Frustrated, Sami hung up the phone angrily then wobbled a moment before collapsing to the floor. Having forgotten to bring something for his day out, Lucas returned to the house with Allie and found an unresponsive Sami unconscious on the living room floor.

Max rushed around his bedroom, hurriedly getting dressed in order to go visit his mother in jail. As Max blamed himself for bringing Trent into their lives, Stephanie attempted to soothe his manic mood by assuring him that not only was Max not to blame for the situation, but that Caroline did not blame him either. Just before they headed out, Melanie stopped by to talk to Max. When Stephanie left the room, Melanie breathlessly assured Max that she would keep his secret. Confused by Melanie's statement, Max asked her what she was referring to. Melanie told Max that she knew he had killed Trent, and Max vehemently denied the charge then blamed her for killing Trent. Both Max and Melanie argued their own innocence and the other's guilt until a frustrated Melanie stormed out of the room.

At the Brady Pub, Hope rushed in to meet with Chelsea who was already sitting at a table struggling with her school registration paperwork. Chelsea launched into a complaint about how she was stuck in a class with Trent Robbins as her professor, prompting Hope's face to fall in discomfort. Reading Hope's awkward facial expression, Chelsea asked Hope to tell her what was wrong. Hope informed Chelsea about Trent's murder and Caroline's arrest, but asked Chelsea not to go down to the police station yet. Chelsea reluctantly agreed and suggested to Hope that she take note of Melanie as a suspect in the murder. Hope then asked Chelsea about her social life, and when Chelsea mentioned that she deserved the Daniel mess for how she ended things with Nick, a curious Hope wondered aloud whether Chelsea still had feelings for Nick. Chelsea denied that she did, and immediately informed Hope that Nick had moved on to someone else.

At the hospital, Lexie dropped Theo off for his therapy appointment with Mark and then visited Kayla. A nervous Kayla told Lexie that Kayla was the new interim chief of staff. A jubilant Lexie congratulated her and took her out for coffee to discuss the job. Lexie also discussed how happy she was that she had decided to cut back on her workload and spend more time with Theo.

Down at the police station, Bo worried about Caroline's emotional frailty and discussed the facts of the case with Roman and Steve. According to the reports, the suspect was found at 9:15 PM in the cemetery and was covered in a multitude of injuries other than his stab wound. Steve played devil's advocate and suggested the other injuries could support a claim of self-defense by Caroline, but Bo and Roman both shot down the idea since Caroline would have already mentioned such a claim. Abe walked in during the discussion and offered his support. Unfortunately, May or Marino walked in, as well, and expressed his concern over the conflict of interest in the case. Abe assured the mayor that the best men were already assigned to the case, and the mayor agreed to leave Bo and Roman in charge, but he also warned them that internal affairs would be watching them closely. Roman had to hold back an angry Bo, who screamed, "What's your problem?" "I don't like the Brady attitude," Mayor Marino responded.

As Abe left the commissioner's office, May or Marino stopped him and offered him a freelance job keeping an eye on Bo and Roman. Shaking his head in disbelief, Abe said, "Unlike you I can't be bought." Abe then headed over to the hospital to meet Lexie, and he informed her of Mayor Marino's offer. Scott, one of the members of the board of directors, interrupted Abe and Lexie when he heard Abe's negative comment about the mayor. When Lexie went to pick up Theo, Scott asked Abe to run for the office of mayor against Marino, and he promised to be his financial backer for the campaign. Abe seemed reluctant, but promised to think about the proposal.

Lexie picked up Theo at his therapy session just as Chelsea arrived with a present for Theo. Smiling, Chelsea presented Theo with a snow globe she found for him when she was in Europe. Lexie and Chelsea chatted for a bit about Theo, but when Lexie asked Chelsea to hang out, Chelsea declined so that she could go check on Caroline.

Back in the commissioner's office, Bo, Roman, and Steve discussed the mayor's interest in the Robbins case and then began to list the possible suspects for the murder. Though Max was named, Steve adamantly argued that Max was unlikely, since he would not let his mother take the fall for a crime he committed. Nick was also listed as a suspect, but no one felt he was capable of stabbing someone. Bo theorized that Trent was blackmailing Nicole over their marriage, which surprised Roman who was still out of the loop on that information. In the middle of the discussion, Hope walked in and added Melanie's name to the suspect list and, when Stephanie stopped by, Bo asked her whether Melanie was capable of killing Trent. Before Stephanie could answer, Melanie marched into the room saying, "Why don't you just ask me yourself?" Melanie was stunned to have her comment greeted with silence. Unnerved by the mood in the room, Melanie announced that after coming to Salem for a fresh start, she was officially ready to leave town. Stepping in front of the door, Bo warned her that as a suspect in a murder, she was not allowed to leave town.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Victor showed up at the police station and demanded to see Caroline. Kayla and Steve arrived to hear him trying to get his way by throwing his weight around. Kayla angrily told Victor that Caroline did not need his kind of help, not when the District Attorney seemed dead set on prosecuting her for Trent's murder. Victor, offended, swore he would never intentionally hurt Caroline.

Bo visited his mother in her cell and warned her that, because she was the D.A.'s prime suspect, she might not get out anytime soon. Caroline was upset that she was still in jail, but Bo assured her that they were using every bit of technology they had to find someone else's fingerprints besides hers on the murder weapon. He vowed that, regardless, they would come up with a way to prove her innocence. Caroline admonished her son not to do anything that wasn't completely aboveboard, because the higher-ups were surely watching him like a hawk since he'd tampered with evidence to help Philip. She added that she'd turn him in herself if she found out he'd done anything like that for her, because she didn't want him jeopardizing his chances at becoming the next police commissioner. Bo was worried about Caroline's well-being if she had to stay locked up any longer, but she reassured him that she was tough, plus she had faith in the justice system and in God.

Officer Chatsworth brought Victor to see Caroline, and Bo reluctantly left them alone to talk. Though Caroline was confident that Mickey would get her out in time to make the chowder for supper at the pub, Victor urged her to let him hire his attorney, Gene Briscoe, to defend her. When she refused, he pleaded with her to let him help somehow. She asked him to just step back, reminding him what had happened when he'd gotten involved trying to prove Philip's innocence in Paul Hollingsworth's disappearance. Victor said he didn't have the confidence in the legal system that she did, and worried because even though she hadn't killed Trent, her case would seem open-and-shut to the D.A. Caroline declined his offer to let him fix things for her, but assured him that it meant the world to her that he cared enough to be there. He told her he didn't want to lose her again, because he'd never stopped loving her. Citing her faith, Caroline asked him to trust her to handle things her way. Victor reluctantly agreed not to do anything she wouldn't approve of, but vowed he would not stop trying to find Trent's killer. Chatsworth returned to inform Victor that his time was up, so Victor left after promising Caroline that everything would be all right.

Kayla was worried because Victor always had a way of getting to Caroline. Steve reassured her that Caroline would never be charged, confiding that both Melanie and Nicole were high on the cops' list of suspects in Trent's murder. Though Kayla was stunned to learn that Nicole and Trent had been married, she immediately realized that it gave Nicole motive to murder him.

Chatsworth brought Bo a lab report that indicated there had been fibers on Trent that didn't match his clothing. Kayla fretted to Bo that Victor was trying to get closer to Caroline by coming to her rescue, but Bo dismissed her concerns, reminding her how strong their mother had always been. He was also sure it was only a matter of time before they found the evidence that would free Caroline.

Bo soon learned that, because no other fingerprints were found on the knife, the D.A. planned to charge Caroline with Trent's murder. Victor returned to the squad room just in time to overhear Bo tell this to Kayla, but did not make his presence known. Kayla and Bo broke the news to Caroline, who was stunned into silence at the knowledge she'd have to stand trial for murder.

As she walked out of the Brady Pub, Nicole recalled Daniel's words as he told her she was pregnant, as well as those of Colin Murphy from years before when he'd told her and Victor she could never conceive by natural means. She wondered aloud if perhaps her luck could be changing and miracles were possible for her after all, since she'd not only conceived, she'd done so with the man she loved.

E.J. arrived at Chez Rouge, where Maggie greeted him and told him that his client, Mr. Davidson, had not yet arrived. E.J. was annoyed because he'd had to postpone his outing to the zoo with Johnny for the meeting. When E.J. saw Philip sitting alone at a table, he strolled over and sat down uninvited. They argued about whether Victor or Nicole would prevail if Victor continued with his suit to recover their divorce settlement. When Philip's clients arrived, he politely told E.J. to leave.

E.J. bumped into Nicole at the bar, where she asked if he had a few minutes to talk because she needed to tell him something. She'd fantasized that when she told him she was pregnant, he'd replied that she'd made him the happiest man in the world. Instead, he seemed annoyed and distracted. When his client cancelled and he blew up, Nicole suggested that he pick Johnny up from Lexie's and go on their planned outing. She said he could take her to dinner later, on the date he'd been promising her, and then she'd tell him her news. E.J. agreed, but invited her to the mansion instead, assuring her that it would be just the two of them. He then begged for a tiny clue as to what she had to tell him, but Nicole rebuffed him playfully. "All I can tell you is: prepare for a big surprise."

Sitting at a table alone, Melanie overheard Maggie telling a waiter to keep an eye on the Kiriakis table, and listened in on their discussion of how powerful Victor was. After Philip's meeting had ended, Melanie approached him and asked for his help. When she addressed him as Victor, Philip set her straight and asked what she wanted his father for. Melanie replied that she needed help tracking down her father's killer, explaining that she had to find out who had killed Trent to prove that she hadn't. Philip tersely informed her that the Kiriakises were not private investigators, and wished her luck with her search.

Lucas pushed Allie's stroller through the front door at the DiMera mansion and found Sami unconscious on the floor in front of the sofa. Alarmed, he rushed over and tried to rouse her. She was dazed and woozy when she came to, but was still convinced she needed to go see her grandmother in jail. Lucas was adamant that she wasn't going anywhere until she saw a doctor.

In the emergency room, Sami maintained that she felt fine, but Dr. Whitaker wouldn't let her leave before running some tests. After the doctor had gone, Lucas admitted to Sami that he was worried about her, though she was skeptical. They each conceded that they'd hurt the other over the years. When Maxine, the nurse, came in to draw blood, Sami flipped out a little because she hated needles, so Lucas volunteered to stay and hold her hand.

As they waited for the test results, Sami paced and fretted about her grandmother. Lucas reassured her that her dad and his uncle Mickey wouldn't let Caroline stay behind bars for long. Clearly trying to tone down the sarcasm, Sami then asked Lucas how things were going between him and Chloe. He tried to fill her in about how Chloe wanted to sing again, but when Sami's claws came back out, he accused her of being jealous and tried to change the subject. Sami grudgingly admitted that perhaps she was jealous, but declared that Chloe just wasn't right for Lucas. When he pointed out that he'd said the same thing about Sami and E.J., she insisted that she and E.J. weren't a couple and never would be. She continued that she wanted to focus on getting a job and standing on her own two feet-and on not depending on a man to take care of her-so she and the twins could move out of the "DiMera loony bin." Lucas wished her luck, adding that he knew she wouldn't need it, and that he and E.J. would always be there to help her with the twins.

Dr. Whitaker returned with Sami's test results, teasing her that she wasn't dying. He then said he had some news she might want to hear in private, but Sami replied that Lucas could stay. "Very well," Dr. Whitaker said somewhat reluctantly. "You're pregnant."

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Philip heard over the phone from a doctor that his mother, Kate, was in the hospital. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Kate didn't want to tell her family about her possibly having lung cancer until she received the biopsy results. Kate had a problem with Daniel acting as her doctor because of their past together. Daniel tried to convince Kate not to make it personal and to put aside their romantic past and think of him only as her doctor.

Daniel said he was terrible at relationships, but he excelled as a doctor and no one else would give her better medical care than him. Kate reminded Daniel of the past he had with a woman he was involved with who had cancer, and she wondered how it would have affected him if Kate had cancer. Daniel said they would deal with if it came up. He said there was a chance Kate was fine, and he didn't want anyone giving her that news but him. Kate said she felt optimistic that the biopsy would turn out to be nothing.

The doctor told Sami in front of Lucas that she was pregnant. Sami told the doctor it wasn't possible for her to be pregnant, but Lucas disagreed. The doctor said Sami was in her second trimester. Sami said she hadn't had any symptoms, and even though she was a few months late, it wasn't unusual for her, because she had been under a lot of stress. Sami said she had only gained a couple pounds. That wasn't unusual, the doctor said, and he doctor suggested Sami see an obstetrician as soon as possible.

Lucas told Sami to call E.J. and tell him about the baby, but Sami said she couldn't do that. Lucas wondered whether the baby was fathered by someone else, but Sami admitted it was E.J.'s baby, because he was the only one she'd been with and it only happened once. Sami vented her frustrations to Lucas about how she planned to get the twins out of the DiMera mansion and get her life back. Lucas told her she could still do all those things, but Sami wondered who would hire her while she was pregnant. Lucas said Sami had to start with calling E.J.

Nicole went to the DiMera mansion for her date with E.J. While she waited for E.J. to join her, John walked in and offered her some alcohol, but she refused it. John was surprised that she turned down alcohol and asked what was going on. Nicole blamed it on stomach problems, but John didn't believe her. Nicole tried to change the subject by asking about Rolf, but John redirected the conversation back to Nicole, saying he found her intriguing in a peculiar way.

Nicole told John she felt she could trust him, and she confided in him that she was pregnant by E.J. and planned to tell him that night. She told John that she was told she couldn't have children after she got shot in the abdomen. Nicole admitted that she'd never liked children, but once she got pregnant, Nicole was excited about it. John congratulated Nicole and said he didn't think he'd seen her that happy without a drink. Nicole said she hoped E.J. would be happy about the pregnancy and that it would force E.J. to stop his fixation with Sami. If E.J. didn't get over Sami, Nicole said she would have to raise her baby by herself.

Nicole urged John not to pick sides, and he promised not to get involved. E.J. walked in and apologized for keeping Nicole waiting. E.J. had a romantic evening planned with a gourmet meal followed by a stroll along the riverfront to a jazz club. E.J. gave Nicole a drink and asked what they should toast to, and Nicole said she had the perfect toast.

Sami wondered what would happen if Stefano found out she was pregnant, because he would never leave Sami alone once he found out she was carrying his grandchild. Lucas urged Sami to forget about Stefano and concentrate on telling E.J. Sami said she had to process the news before telling E.J. Lucas said Sami didn't have much time, because she was quite far along already. Sami said she planned to tell E.J., but she couldn't tell him right then. Lucas said it wasn't about Sami, and Sami disagreed, because she was the one who was pregnant. Lucas said E.J. wasn't stupid and would find out Sami was pregnant after a while. Sami thought about going away for a while, but Lucas said she couldn't because she had the twins. Sami had no choice but to stay and face the music, Lucas said.

Sami said there were always options, and Lucas told her she shouldn't scheme or do anything to mess it up. Sami wondered why Lucas was sticking up for E.J., because E.J. and Lucas hated each other, and Lucas said he wasn't sticking up for E.J. Lucas said he wouldn't stand by and allow Sami to keep her pregnancy a secret like she did when she was pregnant with Will. Lucas decided to call E.J. himself, and he told E.J. to come to the hospital because Sami needed him right away. E.J. agreed to go to see Sami and asked Nicole to put their date on hold. Sami couldn't believe Lucas told E.J. to come to the hospital, and Lucas left Sami alone to face the music with E.J.

Philip walked into Kate's room and questioned her about what was going on. Philip said he wasn't leaving until Kate told him what was happening. Kate told Philip she was just having a few tests taken, but Philip didn't believe her, so he asked Daniel. Philip wondered if Daniel was there as Kate's doctor or as her lover. Daniel refused to answer Philip and excused himself. Kate told Philip she was just having some outpatient surgery and she didn't want to worry him. Then, Lucas walked into Kate's room, saying he'd heard from a nurse that she was in the trauma center.

Philip and Lucas both teamed up to convince Kate to tell them what was really going on with her health. Kate asked Lucas why he was at the hospital, and he told her he'd found Sami passed out at the mansion and brought her into the hospital. Then Lucas quickly turned the attention back to Kate, who said she was having some tissue and fluid from her lungs examined to do some more tests. Philip asked if the surgery was about her cough, and Kate admitted that the doctors found an abnormality on the x-rays and wanted to check it out, because it might be lung cancer.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole was angry that E.J. left her again to tend to Sami. John overheard Nicole venting. At the hospital, E.J. asked what was wrong with Sami. She told him she fainted and it wasn't a big deal. E.J. asked if the doctors knew why it happened.

At the station, Roman told Caroline that the district attorney had filed murder charges against her. Roman questioned Caroline about Trent's murder. Bo asked Caroline to tell them about her relationship with Trent. Caroline recounted her run-ins with Trent, including when she told Trent not to visit the Brady Pub. Caroline said she threw Trent out of the pub when she found out how he had pimped out his daughter to pay off his gambling debts. Caroline said she also got into a heated argument with Trent when he came into the pub the night that he died.

Mickey asked to speak with Caroline alone as her lawyer, and he advised her to remember to think of Roman and Bo as officers of the law, not just as her sons, because anything she said could be held against her in court. Kayla updated Max on what was going on with Caroline, and Max admitted he was worried about Caroline and he couldn't believe his father was causing problems even after his death.

Max asked Caroline to forgive him, but Caroline said it wasn't his fault. Max felt guilty for looking for his sister. If Max hadn't done that, Caroline wouldn't have been in that situation, he said. But Caroline said she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Max felt like Trent sought Caroline out for a reason. Roman overheard Max's comment and wondered if Trent was attacked before he ran into Caroline and that maybe Trent was trying to tell Caroline who stabbed him.

Bo told Mickey that as far as they could tell, Caroline was the only one at the cemetery the night Trent was killed. Roman theorized that Trent saw Caroline before he was attacked and tried to reach her before he died to get help or tell her who stabbed him. Roman and Bo agreed to explore that angle. Roman asked Caroline if Trent said anything when she found him stabbed. Caroline said no. She was terrified by the look on Trent's face.

Kayla asked Max how his sister, Melanie, was handling Trent's death, and Max said he didn't care because Melanie accused Max of killing their father. Kayla said Melanie was probably just in shock, but Max said Melanie hated Trent along with everyone else after Trent tried to pimp Melanie. Kayla thought Max and Melanie got along, but Max said he and Melanie were complete opposites. Kayla said that didn't mean Max and Melanie couldn't have been close. Max assumed he and Melanie would have bonded immediately, but all Melanie cared about was herself, he said, and Melanie was a stranger who meant nothing to him.

Roman asked Caroline to tell them about her encounter with Trent the night he died, but before she saw him at the cemetery. She said Trent had come into the pub looking for Max and Melanie, but Caroline told him to leave. Trent refused to leave his children, and Caroline said it was a little late for that, since Trent didn't have any trouble leaving Max when he was a child. Trent said the Bradys thought they were high and mighty, and even though he left Max as a kid, Trent did it because he wanted him to have a better life than Trent could have given him, and Trent never stopped caring.

Caroline said she hadn't believe Trent. Trent told Caroline he had been following her and her family for years and they had their share of problems. Caroline admitted to having problems, but she said her family worked through their problems and bonded because of them. The Bradys loved each other, and they didn't destroy each other along the way, Caroline told Trent. Mickey said Caroline was obviously angry at Trent, but there was nothing incriminating about what she said, because she was just protecting her family. But Caroline said that wasn't all.

Caroline said Trent refused to leave the pub and the argument escalated. Caroline told Trent he was trespassing and if he didn't leave, she would call the police. Trent threw the phone, and Caroline picked up a knife to defend herself. She told Trent to leave the pub or she would kill him. Caroline told Bo and Roman that she didn't kill Trent, but she had murder in her heart at that moment. Mickey got a call and had to leave the room. Then Bo asked Caroline why she didn't tell them that before. Caroline said it was because it looked so bad. She swore she didn't kill Trent.

Roman said with Mickey out of the room, their conversation was off the record. Roman asked what happened after Caroline threatened Trent with the knife. Caroline said she had a few words with Trent and then he left. Roman asked if Trent ever saw Max or Melanie, and Caroline said she didn't know. Roman said that was good news, because that meant there were no witnesses, but when Mickey returned, it was clear someone saw something. The district attorney said a witness who was walking past the pub saw Caroline holding a knife on Trent. Mickey said there was no way Caroline could have murdered Trent, and Roman said they all agreed, but they had better find the real killer quickly.

Friday, October 3, 2008

In her room at the hospital, a reluctant Kate finally admitted to her sons that she was having a lung biopsy-and that there was a possibility that she had lung cancer. Though obviously worried, Lucas and Philip tried to look on the bright side by pointing out how healthy Kate was, and how she'd never smoked. Philip was furious when he found out that Daniel was going to assist with the biopsy, but Kate insisted she wanted Daniel to consult, even though he wasn't a pulmonologist. She hugged both her sons and confessed that she was scared, but reassured them that she would be fine. She added that, if it did turn out to be cancer, she'd need their strength and support to help her fight it.

Daniel entered to let Kate know that her anesthesiologist would be in shortly, and then she'd be prepped for the surgery. Philip confronted Daniel angrily, adamant that he shouldn't be involved in Kate's case because of their personal history. Lucas and Kate tried to get Philip to back off, but he continued berating and insulting Daniel-who remained surprisingly unruffled throughout Philip's tirade. Kate finally told Philip that, though she was grateful for his concern because it came from a loving place, her medical treatment was none of his business.

Kate apologized to Daniel for Philip's behavior, which she attributed to how worried he was, and Philip rather unconvincingly echoed her words. After Daniel had gone, Kate instructed Philip and Lucas to leave, as well, maintaining that she needed to be alone. Reluctantly, they bade her goodbye, and Kate promised to call them soon.

In pre-op, the anesthesiologist checked Kate's I.V. bag and told her in a soothing voice that she wouldn't be out long, as the procedure would be quick. Daniel, scrubbed and gowned for surgery, came in to see how Kate was doing. She took his hand and whispered that she was glad he was there.

E.J. found Sami sitting alone in the trauma center and asked why she was there. Sami hedged, professing that she was fine, so he tried to press her for answers. When she found out he'd been having dinner with Nicole, an annoyed Sami apologized that Lucas had called him, and then shouted for E.J. to get out. This infuriated E.J., who bellowed right back at Sami, and their argument escalated. Finally he stopped and quietly asked her again what the doctors had said. Still fuming, Sami maintained with a trembling voice that she'd just let her blood sugar get too low, and asked him once again to leave. Without a word, E.J. did as he was told, and then Sami broke down in sobs.

John found Nicole in the DiMera living room, where she was throwing a minor temper tantrum over the evening's events. She turned her anger toward John for not stopping her before she got her heart broken. "Why didn't I see this for the train wreck that it is? E.J. will never love me or this baby. Damn Sami to hell!" she yelled. John tried to talk her down, and asked how it had gone when she'd broken the news to E.J. that she was pregnant. Blinking back angry tears, Nicole described how she hadn't even had the chance to tell E.J. before Lucas had called with the news that Sami was in the hospital, and so E.J. had gone rushing off.

John asked why Nicole hadn't just told E.J. right then that she was pregnant, and she replied that, despite her reputation as a schemer, she would never play games about something so serious. She confided that for the first time in her life, she felt like she was doing something important and worthwhile-especially since several doctors had told her that she could never have children. John asked if Nicole still planned to tell E.J. about the baby, or if she'd raise the child alone. Though Nicole seemed unable to decide, they both agreed that E.J. was a good dad who took fatherhood very seriously. John assured Nicole that he thought she'd also be a good mother. He then invited her to celebrate with him at Chez Rouge-with nonalcoholic champagne.

Once they'd been seated at Chez Rouge and their glasses filled with sparkling cider, Nicole confessed that she thought John seemed like a decent guy whom she felt she could trust. She began rambling about how surprising it was that she'd confided in him about her impending motherhood until suddenly John crumpled face-first into his place setting. Nicole jumped up and shouted for someone to call an ambulance as she tried to get some response from John, who appeared to be having a seizure. Finally his growling became more coherent, and, after a few groans of, "My head," he adamantly refused to go to the hospital.

Though Nicole insisted she was worried about him and that he should get help, he contended that he was fine, and asked for her advice on how to win Marlena back. Nicole, taken aback, laughed and reminded John that she was a complete failure when it came to romance. Unfazed, John repeated his request. Seeing how sincere he was in his desire to get his wife back, Nicole agreed, but asked for his help with E.J. in return. They then raised their glasses to their new alliance.

E.J. stormed into the DiMera living room, where Stefano was smoking a cigar and pondering the chessboard, and launched into a bitter diatribe about Samantha's lack of redeeming qualities-while cataloguing all of her negative ones. Stefano listened patiently, deducing that E.J. was only lashing out in frustration, because he knew E.J. loved Sami-and they would always be bonded because they shared a child. Sami came downstairs in time to overhear what Stefano said, and, clearly distraught over the old man's words, bolted back up the stairs before either of them saw her. Stefano continued that E.J. could either love Sami or continue fighting his feelings-but E.J. and Samantha were meant to be together.

Philip went to the Brady Pub while he awaited news about his mom. He bumped into Chloe, who was there waiting for Lucas, and told her what was going on with Kate. Chloe informed him that she's gotten the job at the Kansas City Midwest Opera that he'd recommended her for. She expressed her gratitude for Philip's help and announced she was leaving that night, as rehearsals began soon for Le nozze di Figaro. Philip promised to come see it soon, and Chloe replied that she'd get him house seats. She rose to leave and admitted that she'd miss him. Philip took her face in his hands and kissed her, and she returned the kiss with enthusiasm.

Morgan walked into the pub just in time to witness Philip and Chloe's kissing become more passionate. "Please, don't let me interrupt," Morgan drawled when they parted. Chloe thanked Philip again and they said goodbye, then Chloe walked out the front door. Philip explained to Morgan that he'd helped Chloe get a job because she was a friend. "A friend you just happen to be in love with," surmised Morgan. Philip quietly admitted that he couldn't deny that he was.

Philip apologized to Morgan for disappointing her. She shrugged and said it was for the best, because knowing how he felt meant she wouldn't spend her time in Chicago pining after him. She then clarified that she'd been accepted for a two-year internship there, which would require her to transfer to a university nearby. Philip, though clearly sorry to see her go, wished her the best and offered his support if she ever needed it. Morgan conceded that Philip was a good guy. They agreed to part as friends and hugged goodbye. With one last glance over her shoulder, Morgan exited the pub.

As they walked in the door at the Horton cabin, Sami lit into Lucas for calling E.J. when she'd asked him not to. Lucas was annoyed but seemed to realize that Sami really angry because E.J. had been on a date with Nicole, so he listened to her rant for a while. When she finally admitted to being jealous, he urged her to tell E.J. she was pregnant. Sami would only say that she wasn't going to tell E.J. that night, adding that she couldn't think clearly at the mansion. Lucas offered to let her stay with him at the cabin. Sami balked initially, pointing out that they weren't together anymore and citing concerns about what people-including Chloe-would think. Lucas convinced her that he knew they could be there for each other without it becoming romantic, and filled her in about Chloe's new opera job. Sami accepted his offer to stay for the night, but acknowledged with a sigh that she'd have to figure out what to do about E.J. and the baby the next morning.

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