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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 6, 2008 on DAYS
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Monday, October 6, 2008

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano was in the living room playing with Johnny and reading him a book about business and family loyalty.

John walked in and criticized Stefano for teaching Johnny about things that a child need not know at his age. John encouraged Stefano to give up the fight for the DiMera empire and spend more time reading normal bedtime stories to Johnny.

While talking to Stefano, John had another headache and seemed to lose consciousness for a moment. Stefano looked on in pleasure, well aware of what was happening to John. Stefano asked John if he was still having headaches and John said that the noise from the construction was bothering him. Stefano suggested that John move out, but John smiled sarcastically and refused. He reminded Stefano that their problems would soon be resolved.

John made a phone call and told someone that the board would be surprised to know some facts about his beloved brother, Stefano.

E.J. walked into the living room and asked Stefano if he had seen Sami. He accused his father of concealing her whereabouts. E.J. said that Sami was acting strange the night before, and it was unusual that she would leave overnight without telling him where she was going or when she was coming home. E.J. told Stefano that he would try to track her down later because he had an important meeting to attend. He told Stefano that he had to make arrangements for someone to watch Johnny. Stefano volunteered to watch Johnny while E.J. went to his meeting, but E.J. refused. Stefano finally convinced E.J. to let him babysit Johnny. E.J. ordered Stefano to let Johnny take his nap, and not to leave the house. Stefano joyfully agreed.

Stephanie and Max met at the Brady Pub to discuss the aftermath of Trent's murder. Philip walked in and Melanie seemed very cozy with Philip. Max asked what was going on. Philip said that he did not know who Melanie was when he offered to investigate Trent's murder. Melanie tried to convince Max that she was trying to help clear Caroline's name, but smiled and thought that it was a bonus that Philip was hot to boot.

Chelsea walked into the pub and asked Philip about his breakup with Morgan. Philip told Chelsea that he felt bad that he hurt Morgan, but said that as soon as he realized that he still had feelings for Chloe, he tried to be honest with Morgan and told her the truth. Philip told Chelsea that Morgan was lucky to have her as a friend, and that he hoped that Morgan would be happy living in Chicago.

Philip asked Chelsea how she and Kate were doing with their relationship. Chelsea said that she was still angry with Kate, but wanted to know if there was something wrong with her. Philip hesitated and Chelsea became concerned. He told her that Kate was sick, but that he could not say any more. Philip told Chelsea that he hoped that she would cut Kate some slack due to Kate's medical crisis.

Chelsea was quite concerned about Kate and felt terrible that she had treated her so poorly. Chelsea seemed frightened and asked Philip if Kate was going to die. Philip tried to comfort Chelsea and assured her that Kate was a fighter, and that he had every confidence that she would pull through. Philip urged Chelsea to stay positive. Chelsea told Philip that she was a bitch to Kate about the affair with Daniel. She asked Philip if she could talk to Kate or visit her, but he told her that Kate wanted to be alone until there was a definite diagnosis. Chelsea agreed, but was quite shaken at the news.

Stephanie walked over and asked Chelsea what was wrong. She told her that Kate was very sick and that Kate's condition was serious. Chelsea told Stephanie that she was very upset at Kate and Daniel, but that she loved Kate, and did not want anything bad to happen to her. Stephanie hugged Chelsea and told her to try not worry.

Meanwhile, Max pulled Melanie aside and asked her to step outside so he could talk to her. He asked her not to talk to or ask the Kiriakis family for any assistance. Melanie told Max that she trusted Philip and thought that he was a nice guy, and that she thought that he could help her. He warned her that Philip was a womanizer and often involved in shady business deals. Max told Melanie that she was his sister and that he cared about her; he advised her to make wise choices.

Philip walked out of the pub and asked Max if he could speak to Melanie alone. Philip told Melanie that Max probably told her to stay away from him. Melanie smiled and told Philip that she made her own choices. Philip asked Melanie if she had any clues as to who might have killed her father. She said that she came to the conclusion that many people hated him, but that she had no idea. She told Philip that she was glad that he was dead.

Melanie cranked up the tears to get Philip's sympathy. She told him that she felt guilty because she told her father that she wished that he were dead. Ironically, her wish came true and someone killed him.

Sami was dreaming that she was in bed with E.J., but she was actually sharing a bed with Lucas at the Horton cabin. She continued to fantasize about kissing E.J., and then woke up and realized that she had kissed Lucas. She jumped out of bed and started yelling at Lucas and asked him if they had been together the night before.

Lucas assured Sami that nothing had happened, and that they simply shared the bed together. Lucas told Sami that she didn't even remember what happened because she was exhausted, passed out, and fell into bed.

Sami was shocked that she was wearing Lucas' shirt and wondered who undressed her. Lucas laughed and reminded her that he had seen her naked before, and that it was no big deal.

Lucas and Sami talked about her pregnancy. He encouraged her to tell E.J. that she was pregnant with his child. Lucas told Sami that she would have to tell E.J. sooner or later, because she was starting to show, and then he chuckled. Later, Lucas apologized to Sami for making fun of her, and told her that she looked radiant and beautiful. As Lucas prepared to leave for work, Sami's cell phone rang, and it was E.J. checking on her whereabouts. Sami told E.J. that she sent him a text message, but he said that he never received it. He told Sami that he was frantic with worry about what had happened to her. He asked if she was okay, and she said that she was fine, but she needed to talk to him.

At the hospital, Marlena bumped into Kayla, who overhead Marlena talking to Mickey about her divorce papers. Kayla asked Marlena if she was going to divorce John even if his life was at risk. Marlena asked Kayla if she was trying to guilt her into saving her marriage, and told Kayla that she could no longer be married to John. Kayla tried to explain to Marlena how her own relationship with Steve finally returned to normal after Steve endured long-term brainwashing sessions at Stefano's hand. She told Marlena to try to wait it out and thought that she was making a mistake to divorce John. Marlena said divorce was the only alternative, not because she wanted it, but because it was the only way. She said that she didn't have to be married to John in order to help him. She told Kayla that she would talk to John about his condition and urge him to get medical help. Kayla suggested that Marlena personally hand him the divorce papers. Marlena asked Kayla why she had a change of heart. Kayla told Marlena that she could use the divorce issue to force John to get medical attention so he could please Marlena. Marlena disagreed and refused to use the divorce papers as leverage against John.

Marlena arrived at the DiMera mansion and John let her in. He looked weary, and Marlena asked if he was okay. Marlena told John that she had the divorce papers, and that she wanted him to sign them.

He told her that he thought that she changed her mind, and tried to convince her that she really didn't want to divorce him. Marlena insisted that she wanted the divorce, but John told her that he would not give up on their marriage, and then pulled her into a long, passionate kiss.

After Johnny woke up from his nap, Stefano decided to take Johnny for a walk through the cemetery at St. Luke's. Sami happened to walk by, and was shocked to see Stefano and Johnny together alone. Sami asked Stefano what he was doing with Johnny. Sami told Stefano that she did not want him anywhere near her son. Stefano looked annoyed and told Sami that E.J. had to attend an important meeting and asked him to watch Johnny. Sami told Stefano that E.J. should have asked someone else to watch Johnny. Stefano told Sami that Johnny was his grandson and someday he would share the DiMera legacy. Sami became frightened for Johnny and for her unborn child. While Sami was talking to Stefano, E.J. called. She was furious with him for allowing Stefano to watch Johnny, but agreed to meet him later at Chez Rouge. Stefano told Sami that he did not want to break up her and E.J., and hoped that they would get back together and have many more DiMera heirs. Sami looked disgusted and frightened, and then left with Johnny to meet E.J.

Stefano received a call from a friend to inform him that John was lobbying against him to replace him as CEO. At first Stefano was upset, but later re-thought his strategy. Stefano told his friend to persuade the board to allow John to have a meeting. Stefano felt that John was vulnerable and that the board would conclude that John was incompetent-and Stefano would retain control.

At Chez Rouge, Lucas walked in and bumped into E.J., who was waiting for Sami. Lucas asked E.J. if he talked to Sami, but then realized that Sami did not tell E.J. that she was pregnant.

Back at the Horton cabin, Sami pondered her dilemma and how she could protect her children from Stefano.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

In the foyer of the DiMera mansion, John kissed Marlena passionately until she struggled out of his arms in protest. Her eyes misting with tears, Marlena insisted that she wanted to go through with the divorce no matter how much she still wanted John. Marlena explained that because she wanted her husband and John did not want to be that man, then their marriage had to be over. John attempted to convince Marlena to stay with him, offering to do anything to prove his love. Marlena countered that she would stay only if John agreed to have medical tests done to figure out the cause of his headaches. When John refused, Marlena reiterated that the marriage had to be over. "I can't lose you!" John bellowed. Trying to prove his case, John rattled off the list of lifestyle changes he had made, but, smiling in sympathy, Marlena explained that she could not trust John or his feelings. As Marlena walked out the front door, John grabbed the divorce papers and studied them. John angrily knocked over a flower vase and screamed, "I can't lose!"

John stalked into the living room, closed his eyes, and attempted to calm down. Grinning ear to ear, Stefano entered the room and inquired about John's headaches. Noting John's reluctance to share any of his recent medical developments, Stefano instead changed the subject to Johnny before asking about Claire. John replied gruffly, and Stefano urged John to sign the divorce papers and let Marlena go. Surprised that Stefano was aware of the pending divorce, John asked Stefano to explain how he knew about that. "I know everything. It would do you well to remember that," Stefano said calmly as he walked out of the room. Frustrated, John snatched up the divorce papers from his desk. As John stared at the papers, he slowly began to spin, and then fell to the ground while Stefano watched from the doorway.

At Chez Rouge, E.J. anxiously waited for Sami when Lucas walked in and noticed him at the bar. Lucas slowly approached E.J. and asked if he had spoken to Sami. At first E.J. remarked that he did, prompting Lucas to infer that Sami had told E.J. about the news of his impending fatherhood. When it became apparent to Lucas that E.J. did not actually know about Sami's pregnancy, Lucas backpedaled and assured E.J. that he did not know what Sami's news was.

Nicole entered Chez Rouge and noted a pregnant woman with her husband nearby. "He deserves to know," Nicole whispered, then turned and marched over to E.J. and Lucas. After Nicole forced Lucas to leave her alone with E.J., Nicole lit into him for ditching her on their date in order to run after Sami. A defensive E.J. tried to justify his actions by saying that he was worried about the safety of his son. Frustrated with the situation, Nicole gave E.J. an ultimatum to pick her or to pick Sami. Nicole noted that E.J. could not possibly love them both, and therefore, E.J. had to tell her who his heart belonged to. Quiet at first, E.J. slowly looked up and whispered, "I care about you both." Fighting back tears, Nicole said that she had her answer and got up to leave. E.J. reached out to Nicole to stop her and softly urged her to explain why she needed to talk to him so urgently. Instead of answering E.J.'s question, Nicole responded that she appreciated his honesty, and then ran out the door of the restaurant.

Baffled by Nicole's cryptic answers, E.J. sat back down and scratched his head. Noting Marlena's entrance, E.J. called her over and asked whether she had seen Sami. Marlena denied knowing Sami's whereabouts, and then asked E.J. for help. Surprised by Marlena's request, E.J. asked her what she needed. Marlena explained that she wanted E.J. to convince John to submit himself for medical tests. E.J. said he was doubtful he could help, but agreed to anyway.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Nicole walked into the living room and found John struggling to get up off of the floor. Nicole rushed to John's side to help him, but when she tried to call for an ambulance, John ordered her to hang up the phone. Nicole chided John for ignoring his headaches, since they did not seem normal, but John countered that he was not normal, so it was fine. Changing the subject, John asked Nicole whether she had told E.J. about the baby yet. Nicole's face fell as she explained that she did not want E.J. in her or the baby's life. Confused by Nicole's complete reversal, John pushed her to explain why she decided not to tell E.J. Holding back tears, Nicole explained that she was not convinced that she wanted her child to be brought up as a DiMera and that E.J. could not choose between her and Sami, anyway. Arching his eyebrow, John suggested that it was possible that E.J. made an uninformed decision. When Nicole turned away in answer to his question, John's face lit up and he excitedly offered Nicole money to help her raise her child. Smiling with gratitude, Nicole thanked John for his generous offer, but declined to take any money from him. "What I want is your friendship," Nicole said softly and took his hand.

At the Horton cabin, Sami discovered a baby rattle with the DiMera family crest painted on it in Johnny's diaper bag. Disgusted by the discovery, Sami swore to figure out how to save her son from Stefano. Tired, Sami fell asleep on the couch and dreamed that Stefano had raised her son to mimic his image and temperament. When Sami dreamed that Johnny shot a man in cold blood, she woke up screaming. As Lucas was just walking in the front door with Allie, he rushed over to Sami to check on her. Sami explained her fears about Stefano raising Johnny, but Lucas lectured her about letting her fears get in the way. Lucas urged Sami to go meet with E.J. and tell him the truth, but Sami would only respond by wondering aloud whether their lives would have been better if Johnny's paternal parentage had remained a secret. Wary of keeping that kind of secret, Lucas told Sami that if she did not tell E.J., then he would. Without missing a beat, Lucas headed out the front door, leaving a fearful Sami pacing in the living room of the cabin.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

At the Horton cabin, Sami confronted Lucas over whether he told E.J. about her pregnancy. Lucas told her to relax and explained that he did not think it was his place to tell E.J. about the baby. However, Lucas argued that E.J. deserved to know so that he did not lose time with his child like Lucas lost with Will. Upset that Lucas brought up the Will issues again, Sami asked whether he would ever let go of his anger. After Lucas explained that he had forgiven Sami for taking Will from him, Lucas urged Sami to be honest and trust E.J. if he was the one she wanted to be with. Avoiding discussing her feelings, Sami would only answer that it was Stefano that she did not trust. When Sami stated that she wanted to keep the pregnancy from Stefano and risk him learning the truth later, a frustrated Lucas walked out the door. Lucas quickly returned and he and Sami apologized to one another. Lucas quietly assured Sami that he still cared about her and that if she wanted to be with E.J., he would support her and be her friend. Still nervous, Sami said that she was worried about E.J.'s reaction to the news because she did not think that he wanted to be with her. Trying to comfort her, Lucas urged Sami to talk to her parents for advice.

In the cemetery, Melanie stood in front of the murder crime scene and thought about the fight she'd had with Trent the night he died. That night Melanie told Trent that she loved him and wanted to help him, but that she did not want to give herself to Claude. Trent yelled that Melanie was the one that had "whored" her way through Europe and owed him. Crying, Melanie warned Trent that she did not owe him anything, since his love was conditional and that, as her father, he should have been providing for her anyway. Trent argued that it was Melanie's duty to help him with Claude, but she cried out "Don't touch me ever again!" and pulled out a knife. Trent attempted to calm her down with flattery and finally said that he would find the money on his own.

On the verge of a breakdown and brandishing a knife at her father, Melanie screamed at him that she was jealous of Max's childhood because he had such a wonderful family and had not had to deal with Trent all those years. Trent argued that her life with Max would lead her nowhere because he lacked ambition, but Melanie argued that Max was a better person for her to be around. Lowering the knife, Melanie told Trent that she would not kill him but that if he did not leave her alone, she would disappear forever. Angry, Trent grabbed her arm and the two struggled. Melanie lunged for the knife that had fallen to the ground. Back in the cemetery, Melanie came to out of her flashback from that night.

At the Salem Police Department, Bo and Roman went over the murder case in the commissioner's office. Roman argued that Nicole should be the top suspect, but Bo insisted that he though Melanie was a more likely candidate. As Bo and Roman discussed the evidence, they were interrupted by the sound of Nick yelling, drunkenly, outside in the main room. Bo and Roman rushed out to see what was going on and found a laughing and clearly drunk Nick with an officer. The officer explained that Nick had been brought in for a DUI. When Bo asked Nick why he was driving under the influence, Nick, still smiling, explained that his life sucked and that "it is because of me that Trent Robbins is dead." Surprised, Bo pressed Nick for an explanation to his statement and Nick cited his engine prototype as the reason for drawing Trent to town in the first place. Eager to find evidence on his top suspect, Bo asked Nick to tell him what Melanie had to do with the murder. Before Nick could answer, he got up and ran down to the bathroom to throw up.

While Nick drank coffee and attempted to sober up, Bo and Roman discussed Nick's status as a suspect. Bo argued that Nick was not capable of killing Trent, but playing devil's advocate, Roman reminded Bo that Nick had previously killed Willow Stark. Roman pushed Bo to keep an open mind and leave Nick on the list of suspects.

Maggie arrived at the police station and told Nick that she was disappointed in him. After lecturing Nick about the dangers of drinking and driving, she went to call Mickey while Nick was processed and booked for the DUI. Once arrangements had been made with Mickey, Maggie visited Nick in his cell and asked why he had been out binge drinking. Nick reluctantly explained that he had been having a rough week and that after a couple drinks at the bar, Daniel had walked in and made him feel even worse. Looking a little embarrassed, Nick told Maggie that seeing Daniel stirred up his feelings for Chelsea. Shrugging his shoulders, Nick told Maggie that he could probably get over Chelsea if he could only date someone else. Curious, Maggie asked Nick how he felt about Melanie.

Back in the police commissioner's office, Roman and Bo continued to discuss the murder case when Mayor Marino stopped by to commend them on the work they had done on the case so far. Noting Max's name on the suspect list, May or Marino complimented their work, despite the fact that their mother and brother were both suspects. The mayor then walked out, leaving a confused Bo and Roman in his wake. Roman argued that a search warrant would be necessary to rule out Max as a suspect, so Bo called the judge.

Back in Max's room, Max softly kissed Stephanie in bed and suggested that they spend the day together under the covers. With lives to lead, Max and Stephanie decided instead to get dressed and start their day. Unfortunately, the day started with the newspaper headline "Top Cop's Mother Arrested for Murder." Angry and worried, Max fretted about the media's interest in his mother and over whether they would look at the story fairly. Stephanie suggested that she and Max start their own investigation, but Max adamantly refused to do anything, citing the possibility that the real killers might murder them as well. Suspicious, Stephanie demanded that Max tell her whether he was resisting an investigation because he thought Melanie was the murderer. Max again denied that Melanie was involved and reminded Stephanie that even if she was, he would not protect her at the expense of his mother. Max pleaded with Stephanie to cut Melanie a break, but Stephanie appeared reluctant to see the good side of Melanie.

While Max and Stephanie talked, Bo knocked on the bedroom door and entered with Roman, another officer, and a search warrant. Almost immediately, the officer found a bloody shirt in Max's bathroom. Max promptly fessed up that he had been in a fight with Trent the night Trent was murdered, but that he did not kill him. Frustrated that Max had withheld this information, Bo and Roman took him into custody and logged the bloody shirt into evidence.

Back at the police station, Bo sent the shirt off to the lab to test the blood and fibers against the evidence that had already been collected. Bo and Roman lectured Max that he should have known better than to keep the information about the fight from the police. Bo took Stephanie outside to the main room and left Roman to talk to Max about the fight he had with Trent. While Roman talked to Max in private, Bo received the results from the lab, which proved the blood was Trent's and that the fibers on the body matched the fibers in Max's shirt. Bo showed the results to Roman and Max, and the three discussed the night of the murder.

In the police department waiting area, Stephanie called Melanie to tell her that Max had been arrested. When Melanie walked in, Stephanie immediately blamed her for Max's predicament and argued that Melanie was only using Max. Melanie argued just as passionately that Stephanie was the one using Max, angering Stephanie. Just as the situation appeared to be coming to blows, Roman pulled Stephanie into the office to support Max. Melanie listened at the door as Max explained that he had fought with Trent that night, but had left him alive. "Unless something else turns up, that's all there is," Roman explained about the bloody shirt. Worried, Melanie reached into her purse and pulled out a mysterious wallet.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

At the police station, Stephanie worried that the district attorney might press charges against Max and he would go to jail, but Melanie was more concerned with having someone take the rap for Trent's murder, and she eyed Stephanie's purse. Max said he was willing to be charged with Trent's murder if it got his mother off the hook. Bo told Max he was free to go, but their mother was still a suspect in Trent's murder. Bo said the fight that Max had with Trent the night Trent was killed explained Max's bloody shirt and the fibers on Trent's body. While Bo was talking to Max and Stephanie, Melanie slipped Trent's wallet into Stephanie's purse.

Bo said he was surprised that Max wasn't happy to be released, but Max asked how he could be happy when his mother was still behind bars for Trent's murder. After Max and Stephanie left, Bo questioned Melanie about the murder. Melanie tried to convince Bo that she didn't have anything to do with his death. Then Bo asked Melanie about the confrontation she had with Trent at Trent's hotel room the night he was killed. Melanie explained how Trent's gambling problem got out of control, and she tried to divert attention to Claude, the man who Trent tried to pimp Melanie out to. Bo told Melanie that if she did kill her father, he would find out and when she slipped up, Bo would be there.

At Chez Rouge, Nicole asked Philip to join her. She asked what happened between Philip and Morgan, and Philip explained that Morgan was in Chicago on an internship. Nicole wondered whether Philip was over Chloe, and she didn't buy Philip's explanation that he was okay with having Chloe as just a friend. Philip said his relationship with Chloe wouldn't have worked. He said they were attracted to each other, but that only went so far. Nicole said Chloe was not better off with Lucas, because Chloe complained to Nicole about how Chloe wasn't ready for motherhood.

Philip turned the attention on Nicole and asked about her legal husband, Trent. He asked Nicole for her theory on who might have killed Trent. She said Trent had a lot of enemies, but she was surprised that the police would try to pin Trent's murder on Caroline. Nicole said whoever had Trent's wallet probably killed him. When Nicole left the table to answer her cell phone, Philip called Bo at the station and told him he had a tip on Trent's murder.

Max and Stephanie went to the Brady Pub and found his mother, Caroline, working. Caroline couldn't believe that Max was arrested for suspicion of murdering Trent, and Max said he wished he had been arrested for Trent's murder because that would have taken the heat off his mother. Caroline had faith that the real killer would be caught. Max thanked Stephanie for trusting him after finding the bloody shirt in his room and asking him about it instead of freaking out. He said it meant a lot that Stephanie stood by him. Stephanie said that Max told her the truth and she believed him. Max said Stephanie stayed with him when he was acting crazy when Trent showed up in town and Max appreciated Stephanie standing by him then, too. Stephanie told Max he was worth it.

At the hospital, Kate was anxious to leave. Daniel urged her to get back in the bed to wait for the test results to find out if she had lung cancer. When Kate had a coughing fit, she reluctantly climbed back into bed. She was getting impatient waiting on her diagnosis, Kate said, but she was committed to getting better. Daniel told Kate he would go to the lab personally to get her results, but after he left, Kate planned to leave the hospital. Kate was fully dressed by the time Daniel returned to tell her the lab was still working on the biopsy results. Daniel tried to convince Kate to at least let him give her a portable oxygen tank, but Kate refused it. She told him to call her when he got the test results.

At the jail, Hope visited Nick in his cell to give him some moral support, but she said she couldn't release him. Hope asked Nick why he was drinking and driving, and he asked for time to process things before he could explain his actions to Hope. She said Nick would be fined for having a DUI, but Nick wasn't in the mood for a lecture. He was worried that the university would fire him for what he did. Hope had no sympathy for Nick, because he could have hurt or killed himself or someone else. Nick apologized for being insensitive to the fact that Hope's son, Zach, was killed in a hit-and-run accident. Hope clarified that Zach wasn't killed by a drunk driver, and Chelsea overheard them talking. Chelsea told Nick that while she would be paying for the rest of her life for killing Zach, what Nick did was unforgivable.

Nick told Chelsea that he felt like it wasn't him behind the wheel, because he didn't think he could do something so horrible. Chelsea asked Hope to give her time alone with Nick. Then Chelsea asked Nick why he decided to drink and drive. Nick asked Chelsea not to be so hard on him because he already felt guilty about what he did. Nick felt responsible for Trent's murder because the only reason Trent was in town was to consult on Nick's alternative fuel project. Chelsea told Nick that he didn't have anything to do with Trent's murder.

Bo asked Hope what set Nick off, because it wasn't like him to drink and drive. Hope asked Bo if he thought Nick could have had something to do with Trent's murder, but Bo was more suspicious of Melanie.

Chelsea asked Nick about his bruised hand, and Nick claimed he hurt it in the lab. Nick tried to change the subject and inquired about her and Daniel, but Chelsea didn't want to talk about him. Nick asked about Max, and she said Max was released from police custody. Nick still felt responsible for what happened to Trent, so Chelsea told him that in a way, Nick helped Max save his sister, Melanie, from Trent. Melanie overheard their conversation and agreed with Chelsea's theory.

Melanie asked what happened to Nick, but Nick said he would tell her later. Melanie pressed Nick to talk about it, but the guard came by to tell them that visiting hours were over.

At the park, Abe and Lexie waited with Theo for the babysitter to show up so they could go to their meeting. When the sitter showed, Lexie explained that they would be gone for a couple hours. Lexie and Abe went to Chez Rouge to meet with Scott, who introduced them to Evan, who was willing to run Abe's mayoral campaign. The mayor overheard their conversation and realized that Abe was running against him.

Abe shook Mayor Marino's hand and said, "May the best man win." The mayor told Abe's backer that he was supporting the wrong man. The mayor warned Abe that he would exploit his family's weaknesses publicly, including Theo, calling Abe and Lexie's son a "slow child." Abe almost lost his temper, but Lexie warned Abe not to take the bait. Abe's backers told Abe that the mayor probably had a photographer nearby waiting to take a picture of Abe attacking the mayor, and it was good thing that Abe didn't fall for it.

At the park, while the sitter was on her cell phone, Theo snuck away. Lexie and Abe went to the park to meet Theo and the sitter. Abe admitted that he really wanted to be elected mayor, but he felt conflicted because it would take time away from his family. Lexie said she wouldn't let anything take him away from her and Theo, and she would make sure he set aside family time. Lexie said Abe would be helping a lot of people. Suddenly, the sitter ran up to them and told them that Theo was gone.

At the police station, Philip stopped by to see Bo, when he noticed Melanie. Philip asked Bo if Melanie had been questioned about Trent's murder, because Melanie asked Philip for help finding her father's killer. Philip said he told Melanie he couldn't help her, and Bo asked about the tip Philip mentioned. Philip saw Melanie at the police station and said he didn't mean to say a tip exactly. Instead, Philip said he planned to set up a donation to the families of fallen officers. Hope and Bo thought Philip's behavior was odd. Philip walked out of Bo's office and confronted Melanie about having her father's wallet. She said Trent gave her his wallet, but Philip didn't believe her, so he threatened to tell Bo if Melanie didn't tell her why she had it.

At the Brady Pub, while Max was cleaning up, he found Trent's wallet in Stephanie's purse.

Friday, October 10, 2008

In the park, a terrified Lexie shrieked at Lacy for not keeping a better eye on Theo, who was missing. Though Abe was obviously just as worried as his wife, he calmly questioned Lacy about what had happened. He then tried to reassure Lexie that Theo would be found, and that he hadn't been kidnapped, but she was inconsolable. She excoriated Lacy, preemptively blaming her if Theo were harmed, and was speculating hysterically about what could have happened, when Officer Chatsworth arrived. He gave Theo's cap to the Carvers and told them an officer had found it near the road on the other side of the park. Lexie clutched the cap and sobbed, even more frantic and worried, but Chatsworth assured them that there was no evidence that Theo had been hit. He vowed that he and the other officers would keep looking for Theo all night if they had to. When he left to continue the search, Lacy ran after him to help.

Chelsea found Daniel in the hospital hallway, where he asked her to find Kate and convince her to return to the hospital for more tests. When Daniel stressed that Kate's life could depend on it, Chelsea became worried, but Daniel couldn't tell her anything more. He would only say that Kate had checked out of the hospital before she'd had all the tests he'd ordered.

As Chelsea was thanking Daniel for calling her, Theo ran up. He put his toy giraffe in Chelsea's hands and said, "Chelsea. Zoo." Daniel immediately called Lexie to tell her Theo was at the hospital. Overcome with relief, Lexie thanked him and hung up, falling into Abe's arms with grateful sobs.

In her down-to-earth way, Chelsea questioned Theo about how he'd gotten to the hospital. Daniel reported back that Theo had wandered off from his sitter in the park across the street, and when Chelsea asked the child if that was what had happened, he nodded. Chelsea asked why, adding, "Don't tell me you came here to see me." Theo nodded harder, and leaned against her in his "no-arms" version of a hug.

A little later, as they waited in an exam room for Theo's parents, Chelsea gently asked Theo to promise not to wander off from his sitter or parents again. "Okay," Theo replied quietly, and his verbal response thrilled Chelsea. Just then, Lexie and Abe rushed in, and Lexie screeched, "Theo!" when she saw her son. The boy covered his ears and lay down on the bed, as if to try to hide, but Lexie and Abe seemed not to notice as they gratefully scooped him up and kissed him. Daniel explained that Theo had come to the hospital to find Chelsea, who just looked embarrassed as Lexie and Abe turned their baffled gazes toward her.

After the Carvers had gone, Chelsea expressed her relief that Theo hadn't been hurt coming to find her, even if she didn't understand why he had. Daniel maintained that she shared a bond with the boy like no one else seemed to. When his flattery began to make her uncomfortable, she tried to leave, but he stopped her and asked if they could try to at least be friends, if there were anything that would enable them to get past what had happened. Chelsea angrily replied that they'd already talked it to death, and besides, Daniel had lied to her-which she'd never be able to get past. Daniel pleadingly stated that he missed Chelsea, but she urged him to move on, as she had.

After thanking all the volunteers who had helped in the search, Lexie and Abe returned to the park with Theo. Both parents gently admonished Theo to never run off from them or from Lacy again. Later, as he and Theo enjoyed their ice cream cones, Abe marveled at how Theo had found his way to the hospital, and Chelsea, on his own. He and Lexie were both impressed at the bond Chelsea shared with their son, and the affection he showed her-though Lexie was visibly disappointed when Theo didn't comply with Abe's request to give them a hug.

Nicole was waiting for her takeout order at the Brady Pub bar when Sami came in. Pete informed Sami that, since the pub was so busy, the stool next to Nicole's was the only seat available, so Sami reluctantly sat. As she and Nicole traded catty remarks, a waitress set down a tray of steamed clams, which caused both women to bolt, gagging, from the bar.

Marlena and Roman arrived at the pub to meet Sami, and paused for a moment outside to discuss her impending divorce from John. Roman had a hard time believing that John refused to comply with Marlena's single request, to get further medical tests, in order for her to stop the divorce proceedings. Marlena assured her ex that she was only giving John one last chance. They both admitted to being worried that Sami had asked to talk to the two of them together, because that usually meant trouble.

When they returned to their barstools, each clearly annoyed to see the other returning as well, Sami claimed she'd felt nauseated from Nicole's cheap perfume, while Nicole blamed her sudden departure on Caroline's "bad clams." Sami tried to leave in a huff, but bumped into her parents as they were coming in.

Once the three of them were seated at a table, Marlena asked Sami why she'd wanted to meet them. When Sami hedged, making excuses about Nicole's tendency to gossip, Roman and Marlena called her on it, even concluding that she must have done something wrong and that she'd changed her mind about confiding in them. Sami, though indignant at the assumption, admitted that she was in trouble and needed their advice. They implored her to tell them what was going on, so, steeling herself, Sami began by stammering, "What if you know something that you should tell someone that you love-you know, like a husband or wife, someone really close. Whatever. But it might hurt someone else that you love. Do you have to tell?"

Her bewildered parents tried to get her to clarify, but Sami claimed that was the best she could do, so Marlena could only advise her that it was never all right to keep a secret from someone important to you. Sami wanted to know if it were always black-and-white, but Marlena stood firm that Sami should tell the truth. "Even if it could destroy an innocent life?" Sami asked. Marlena and Roman, alarmed but exasperated, urged Sami to just spit it out. Sami tried swear them to secrecy if she told, but they both refused, citing her past misdeeds as legitimate cause not to. Sami insisted that this time, she was keeping a secret out of love, so Marlena asked if by "innocent life," Sami meant the twins. Roman wanted to know if it were Johnny, pointing out that Sami had always worried about Stefano's influence.

Marlena reassured Sami that she and Roman would always be there to help ensure that Johnny had as normal a childhood as possible, and both parents promised to help Sami and her children however they could. Roman cautioned, however, that they would not lie for her, and asked her again to tell them what was going on. Sami thanked her parents for their help and rose to leave. Taken aback, they asked where she was going. "I'm going to tell the one person who needs to hear this news before he hears it from anyone else," she replied as she practically ran out the door. Roman and Marlena remarked that they still didn't know what Sami's secret was-or whom she was going to tell.

John was sitting in front of the fire, sipping a brandy and reflecting on his last conversation with Marlena, when E.J. found him. He tried to persuade John that Marlena still loved him, but John was not convinced, showing E.J. the divorce papers as evidence to the contrary. E.J. argued that Marlena felt John didn't care enough about her to get help-and that she was right to be concerned. Though John admitted quite earnestly that he didn't want to lose Marlena, he still refused when E.J. encouraged him to get checked out. E.J. gently assured his uncle that, because of what Stefano and Rolf had done to John, everyone understood why he feared hospitals. "Unfortunately," John rasped, "I'm not afraid." E.J., confused, asked what else it could be, pointing out that Marlena was going ahead with the divorce if John didn't see a doctor. "There is not a doctor in this world who can cure what I have," John replied, and refused to discuss the matter further, apparently unconcerned that his condition could be fatal.

E.J. tried arguing Marlena's case a while longer, and then finally gave up in disgust. He lit into John, concluding that Stefano had not only removed John's memories, but also the part that made him human, and had left him a machine completely without emotion. Softening a bit, E.J. continued that neither he nor Marlena believed that John was a lost cause. He tried once more to get John to make an appointment, even offering to dial Kayla for him, but John shouted for E.J. to mind his own business. Shaking his head in contempt, E.J. conceded defeat and left after pronouncing John utterly devoid of compassion.

John summoned Nicole to the mansion, and when she arrived, she found him at the chessboard, contemplating a pawn. He invited her to sit, and confessed that he needed a friend-and an honest answer. "Do I seem like the kind of person to you who is incapable of normal human emotion?" John asked falteringly. Nicole reassured him that she thought he was just misunderstood, like her. He then said he'd changed his mind about the advice he'd given her, and she needed to tell E.J. about the baby immediately. John's change of heart annoyed and bewildered Nicole, but he argued that not only would she need E.J.'s help raising the child, he had a right to know about it. Nicole wanted to know what had happened, because until then John had only been concerned with getting Marlena back. John conceded that it was probably too late for him and Marlena-but that might not true for Nicole.

E.J. arrived in time to overhear and asked what they were talking about. "Are you going to tell him, or should I?" asked John with a devilish, though reassuring, grin. Though Nicole told John to butt out and tried to shrug it off as unimportant, John and E.J. persisted that she tell. Finally she gave up, exasperated. "Okay, fine. You want to know? I'll tell you. I'm pregnant, E.J. I'm having your baby," Nicole blurted-just as Sami appeared in the doorway.

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