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Monday, December 1, 2008

Nicole had a bad dream where she heard a baby crying. She followed the sound to the living room, and E.J. was holding an empty baby blanket. When she woke up from the dream, she was in the clinic where she had miscarried. She saw Dr. Baker, who had treated her, and he warned her to get follow-up treatment. Nicole yelled at him, because she didn't want to accept that she had a miscarriage.

Nicole asked the doctor what her chances were of having another baby, and he said that after looking at her medical records, her chance of conceiving again was highly unlikely. Nicole said the doctors told her that before and she had other options, including IVF and other infertility treatments. However, he said no responsible doctor would tell her anything different than what he was saying and that even if she got pregnant again, the scarring would prevent her from carrying to term, like what happened the first time.

After leaving the clinic, Nicole visited a maternity store. A salesperson tried to sell her a dress and suggested she try on a pregnancy belly to see how the dress would look when she was further along in her pregnancy. Nicole decided to buy the dress and the pregnancy belly, which she decided to wear home.

The maid told E.J. that Nicole was crying and hadn't been the same ever since she and Brady returned home. E.J. then went to the clinic where Nicole was treated and asked to know what her prognosis was. The doctor checked the file and saw that E.J. was listed as the baby's father, so the doctor could share Nicole's medical information. Then he said he misspoke when he said he could share everything with E.J. E.J. threatened the doctor with an injunction to find out the truth. The doctor told him to talk to Nicole.

Lucas teased Chloe with his surprise by showing her the ring box, but he said he wanted to wait until Christmas to show her. He gave it to her anyway, and Chloe opened it and found a key. Lucas explained that it was the key to their dream house. He followed that with another ring box that contained an engagement ring. Lucas got down on a one knee and proposed.

Daniel found Kate walking the grounds of the Kiriakis mansion and asked her to go inside, but she wanted to know if he received her latest test results. Daniel explained that Kate's cancer had spread to her lymph nodes, blood stream, and bone marrow, which meant she was in stage 4. She asked how much time she had left.

Daniel said it was impossible to predict because there were too many variables, but he said there were cases where the person had been given very little time, but the cancer went into remission and they survived for years. Kate considered her diagnosis bad karma coming back to get her.

Kate wanted to be alone, but Daniel felt that was the last thing she needed. He advised her to go back to the hospital to continue her treatment. Kate agreed, but made him promise her that if she went to the hospital, she would come back out of it. Kate called Lucas and told him the bad news, and he shared it with Chloe.

At the hospital, Lucas asked Daniel what the next step was in Kate's treatment, and Daniel said she needed a bone marrow transplant. In the hallway, Chloe confided in Daniel that she and Lucas had just gotten engaged, but she wanted to hide her ring because she didn't want Kate to have anything else to deal with. In the hospital room, Kate asked Lucas if he would be all right without her, and they shared a touching moment.

Brady met Marlena at the Brady Pub, and she said John agreed to join them-and that he had agreed to see a therapist. John overheard them talking and was upset that she told Brady about his medical situation. Marlena defended her decision by saying she was simply telling family. Then John blurted out that he was a DiMera, and so was Brady. Brady wondered why no one bothered to tell him.

Marlena said that Brady was busy getting clean and they wanted to wait until the right time. John told Brady to suck it up, be a man, and play the hand he was dealt. Brady said John should try to do the same. John warned Brady not to talk to him like that. Brady said John wasn't his father anymore - he was a pathetic robot who mocked and insulted people.

John asked Marlena if she was going to let Brady mock someone with abnormal brain patterns. Brady challenged him to be a decent man and do what he needed to do to get his life together, and to stop being a coward. After Brady left, Marlena told John that his old self was a man of honor, and she believed that part of him still existed. John also made her promise not to talk to other people about his medical treatment. She apologized for overstepping her bounds by telling Brady about his medical issues, but she felt she owed John for saving her life in the past.

Marlena called Dr. Taylor to ask if he could let her know if John decided to continue his therapy after their first session. Back at the pub, John bumped into a woman, who had his medical file, and he said that he didn't give Dr. Taylor permission to share his file with anyone. She explained that she was Dr. Charlotte Taylor.

At the mansion, the maid asked Nicole how she was feeling. Then the maid shared that when she was pregnant, she would cry at the drop of a dime. When the maid left, Nicole walked over to the ceramic manger decorations, picked up baby Jesus, and broke him into pieces.

Brady stopped by to talk to her about finding out that he was a DiMera. He refused to leave when Nicole asked him to, and, when he walked in, he noticed the pregnancy belly Nicole was wearing under her dress. Brady realized she was pretending to be pregnant, but she told him he had no right to tell her how to live her life. He thought she was in denial, but she said she was painfully aware of what she'd lost. She explained that Dr. Baker said there was no hope of her conceiving another child.

She said E.J. let her move into the mansion because she was pregnant, and she was afraid she would lose him if he found out she wasn't pregnant anymore. Nicole begged Brady to give her more time to tell E.J. the truth when she was ready. She asked him not to say anything to E.J. Then, E.J. walked in and asked what was going on.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bo dropped by the Cheatin' Heart to see Max, who was getting the bar ready to open. Bo tried to give his brother the mysterious box that Trent had left for Max in his will, but Max wasn't the slightest bit interested in its contents. He irritably told Bo, "Keep it or throw it away, because I don't want it." Bo gave the box to Max anyway, declaring that Max had to make the decision as to what to do with it. Bo then reminded Max that, regardless of what had happened with his biological father, he still had family who loved him.

Philip went to see Melanie at the Horton house, and she thanked him for giving her a job. Philip gave her a memory stick containing detailed information about the company, with which he told her she had to familiarize herself before she started work the next morning. Melanie was reluctant at first, until Philip reminded her that hiring her had been a big risk. Stephanie arrived just then, and was incredulous to learn that Philip had actually hired Melanie. Philip informed her that Melanie would be Titan's newest Administrative Assistant in Business Affairs. Stephanie scoffed at Melanie's lack of qualifications, but gave Philip a file he'd requested. After Melanie had assured her new boss that she'd study the information he'd given her, Philip and Stephanie left.

Max then stopped by to see Melanie, and was pleasantly surprised to hear she'd gotten a job at Titan. When she told him about the homework Philip had given her, Max cautioned his sister not to be careless with it, lest she blow her big opportunity. Melanie promised him she wouldn't. Max then presented her with Trent's mystery box, since she'd expressed interest in its contents at the reading of the will, but Melanie didn't want it, either. As Max was on his way out, Melanie suggested that they open it together. Max replied that he wasn't ready to do that yet-if he ever would be.

Once they were alone, Stephanie asked Philip why he'd changed his mind about hiring Melanie. Philip admitted that it had hit home when Melanie had declared that he'd had an easy life, because he knew how difficult hers had been. Stephanie was skeptical, convinced that Melanie was just playing Philip, but he insisted that he was also concerned that Melanie would ruin her life if someone didn't step in to help her. He added that he was trying to ease his guilty conscience, and to be a better person. Stephanie kissed Philip on the cheek and declared, "I just hope Melanie knows how lucky she is.

Sami confessed to Rafe that she was glad he was back, and asked why he'd left her in Hilda's care. He informed her that he'd been on a "fact-finding mission," to learn what he could about E.J. Sami was less than thrilled, and demanded to know what Rafe had found out. He said that he'd determined that E.J. would do anything for his child. Sami pointed out that E.J. had already proven that when he'd gotten a court order to keep her from leaving with Johnny, but Rafe seemed to think it was more about E.J. being afraid to lose Sami. Sami wasn't buying it, and said she just wanted to stop talking about the DiMeras. Suddenly, she dropped the medallion that she'd gotten from the nun earlier. Rafe picked it up and immediately noticed that it was from the Convent of the Holy Cross. He accused her of sneaking out after he'd left. Sami admitted she had, but insisted she'd been careful. A furious Rafe demanded to know why she'd gone to the church. She sadly replied that she missed her kids, and had just wanted to light a candle and say a prayer, in the hopes that it would help her feel less alone. Rafe became even angrier when she mentioned meeting the nun, but Sami tearfully pleaded with him to take her back to the church. He reluctantly agreed, though he was adamant that it would be on his terms, or not at all. Sami, thrilled, threw her arms around his neck and thanked him enthusiastically.

Later, Rafe led a disguised Sami into the chapel, where Sami told a nun she wished to see Sister Theresa. After they'd seated themselves on separate pews, Rafe confided to Sami that one of the nuns there had practically saved his life when he was a kid. He continued that he'd been in a gang, and constantly in trouble, until Sister Agnes had straightened him out. After a brief moment of apparent understanding and even warmth between the two, Rafe and Sami were soon bickering, but in a much more good-natured fashion than before. Sami then apologized for sneaking out, and promised to try not to be such a pain in the future. When Rafe tried to reciprocate, promising not to be so hard on her, she stopped him, reminding him that it was his job. She added that he made her feel safe, and that the church must be pretty special if it had helped him become the man he was.

Brady had just reassured Nicole that he wouldn't tell E.J. she'd lost the baby, when E.J. walked in and caught the two of them hugging. He demanded to know what was going on, but when he saw how upset Nicole was, asked if something was wrong with the baby. Nicole quickly covered, claiming that Brady had just come by to discuss John. Though E.J. tried to get Brady to leave so Nicole could rest, Brady added that he'd just learned that John and Stefano were brothers. When E.J. stepped out to take a phone call, Brady once again urged Nicole to come clean. Nicole asserted that she'd lost her baby, and didn't want to also lose her future with the man she loved. Brady pointed out that the longer she waited, the harder it would be, and asked why she hadn't already told E.J. Nicole replied that she'd tried, but when she'd seen the look in E.J.'s eyes, she'd suddenly found herself lying. Brady shook his head, disappointed, and cautioned her that it wasn't wise to deceive the DiMeras.

After Brady had gone, E.J. returned and asked Nicole again why Brady had been there. Nicole playfully asked if E.J. were jealous, and he just as good-naturedly admitted to it, but pressed her to tell him why she'd been so upset before. She lied that the doctor had told her that she and E.J. couldn't make love. E.J. confessed that, because he'd sensed something more had gone wrong, he'd also gone to see Dr. Baker. Nicole tried to hide her alarm as she asked what the doctor had told E.J. She was relieved to hear E.J. hadn't been able to learn anything, because of patient privacy laws. E.J. then declared that he wanted them to go to the clinic together right away. Nicole had no choice but to agree, albeit reluctantly, but when E.J. left to make a phone call, she quickly made one of her own.

Brady joined Bo at the Brady Pub, and the two of them caught up over coffee. When Bo learned that Brady had been in touch with Nicole, he warned his nephew that, since becoming involved with the DiMeras, she was more dangerous than before. Brady argued that people could change, and that E.J. didn't seem anything like Stefano. Bo grudgingly admitted that E.J. had made an effort to change, and filled Brady in about how E.J. had gone against the DiMeras to let everyone John was still alive. Bo added that he still didn't believe E.J. was trustworthy, and that Nicole would be very sorry if she tried to pull her old stunts with the DiMeras.

As they arrived at the clinic, Nicole tried to convince E.J. to let her make an appointment with her regular obstetrician. E.J. was insistent that he wanted the doctor to explain what was going on with the baby. When Dr. Baker joined them, E.J. declared that he wanted to know everything that had happened with Nicole and the baby. The doctor asked if it were all right with Nicole to discuss the details with E.J. Nicole nodded. "Yes. Tell him everything," she replied.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sister Theresa found Sami and Rafe where they were waiting in the church to see her. The sister warmly greeted Sami, whom she called "Colleen," and Sami introduced Rafe as "Ryan." Sami asked to speak with Sister Theresa in private, but Rafe forbade it. When Sami pulled Rafe aside, he told her firmly that he had to stay with her at all times. Sami was incensed, and tried to persuade him to let her have just a few minutes so she could talk about "spiritual things" with the nun, but Rafe was adamant. After they had returned and were chatting with Sister Theresa again, Rafe spotted a man, wearing a hood that covered his face, entering the church. Rafe quickly strode over and grabbed the man, demanding to know who he was. As the man struggled to get free, Sister Theresa intervened and ordered Rafe to let go of the evidently homeless man. Rafe apologized for overreacting, and Sami tried to explain that he'd only been trying to protect her. When Rafe asserted that it was time to go, Sister Theresa concurred. Though Sami protested, she left with Rafe after grabbing a flyer from a table near the door.

As Sami and Rafe returned to the loft, he was ranting about how they should never have gone to the church. Sami offered to return the next day to apologize to Sister Theresa, but Rafe declared that she could never go back to that church. After some arguing and name-calling, Sami pleaded with Rafe, very insistently, to let her return to see the nun again. Curious, he wanted to know what it was about the nun that was so important. Sami reluctantly confided that Sister Theresa reminded her of a nun she'd known during her somewhat rough childhood. She related a tale of how she'd once gotten in trouble in CCD class, but as "punishment," Sister Bridget had "made" Sami help decorate the altar of the church for Christmas. It had made such an impression on Sami that she'd helped the nuns decorate the church every year from then on.

Sami continued that she missed her family so much that she'd just wanted to recreate that sense of tradition and familiarity. Rafe was sympathetic, but maintained that Sami couldn't go back to the church until they'd caught the mayor's killer. Rafe then went into the bathroom and shut the door, oblivious to Sami's petulant assertions that he was a coldhearted jerk. She immediately pulled out the crumpled flyer from the church, which was for a charity event the convent was holding, and found Sister Theresa's phone number at the bottom. She muttered to herself that she had to get back to the church, regardless of whether Rafe wanted her to.

At the clinic, E.J. and Nicole waited in an exam room for Dr. Baker. Nicole paced nervously, and E.J. asked why she was so anxious. She confided that it was difficult to be back in the clinic, because it brought back bad memories. E.J. apologized for not having been there for her, and swore he wouldn't leave her again. As he held her, Nicole remembered how upset she'd been when she'd discovered she was bleeding, and how Brady had carried her, sobbing, from the lodge. Suddenly she declared that she hated the lodge and never wanted to go back. She explained for a confused E.J. that, because of her pregnancy scare that had begun there, they could no longer make love, and she desperately wanted to be able to express those feelings she had for him. E.J. gently reassured her that it would just be that much sweeter once they could be intimate again.

Dr. Baker returned, but before they could get started, E.J.'s cell phone rang. Nicole insisted that E.J. step outside to take the call, since it was from his father, and because she wanted privacy so that the doctor could perform a follow-up exam. Once she'd hustled E.J. out, Nicole confessed to Dr. Baker that she hadn't told E.J. about the miscarriage-and the doctor mustn't, either. She pleaded with him that she just needed time to think of how to break it to E.J., but Dr. Baker refused to lie for her. She sadly clarified that she'd already lost her child, and she didn't want to lose E.J., as well. The doctor said he understood, but he couldn't help her.

Stefano tried to talk to E.J. about their recent business in Argentina, but E.J. irritably declared that he was in the middle of something, so Stefano's business would have to wait. Stefano wanted to know what was so urgent. E.J. informed his father that he was at the doctor's office with Nicole, because there had been a complication with the pregnancy. Stefano immediately changed his tune and expressed concern for the baby, but E.J. angrily hung up on him.

When she saw that Dr. Baker wouldn't bend, Nicole pulled out her cell phone and said she'd had a friend run a background check on him. She read him what she'd learned: Dr. Baker had three ex-wives, five kids in private school, and a lot of debt. She hinted that she could probably dig up more dirt on the doctor, so he assumed she planned to blackmail him. Nicole quickly clarified that she only wanted him to do her a tiny favor, and in exchange she'd wipe out all of his debt.

E.J. returned just then and asked if everything was all right with the baby. After a moment's hesitation, Dr. Baker lied that the baby was fine. Suddenly, a nurse interrupted to call the doctor away. Nicole wanted to leave immediately to celebrate the good news, but E.J. asked why she didn't seem happier to hear that their baby was healthy. She put on a smiling face for him, and agreed with him that it was a blessing.

Stefano, meanwhile, made a phone call to a Dr. Heisman in Zurich. Stefano assured the doctor that he would be well compensated for his time, adding that as soon as the DiMera jet brought him to Salem, Dr. Heisman would be examining the mother of Stefano's future heir.

Marlena bumped into Kayla, who was with baby Joe at the Brady Pub, and asked if Kayla had seen John. Kayla said she hadn't, but when she noted how distracted Marlena seemed, she asked what was going on. Marlena confided that John had agreed to meet with her old college professor for therapy. Kayla thought that was good news, and Marlena concurred. Marlena admitted that she'd found John's recent behavior troubling, but added that if anyone could help John, it was Dr. Taylor.

John led Dr. Charlotte Taylor to a park bench, where she informed him that she was taking over the caseload of her late father, Dr. Kenneth Taylor. John curtly grilled Dr. Taylor about how her father had died, and why Marlena hadn't known about it. She patiently and professionally replied that her father had been a very private man, and most of his colleagues hadn't known he was ill.

Steve arrived at the park just then, and privately told John there were no new leads about the mayor's killer. John urged him to keep looking, because he'd promised Marlena to find the assassin so that Sami would no longer be a target.

John sat back down with Dr. Taylor, who seemed unconcerned with Steve's interruption. When John wanted to know why, she replied that if it didn't have anything to do with their session, it didn't matter. John seemed pleased, and Dr. Taylor reviewed what she'd learned from his file: his behavioral problems seemed to have begun with lab experiments performed on him against his will. John conceded that he was no longer the man he used to be, but added that he didn't think there was anything wrong with him. Dr. Taylor agreed. A pleasantly surprised John asked her to clarify, so she explained that often people who had gone through a profound trauma developed a different personality-a type of amnesia-and their loved ones often resisted that change. She added that the loved ones' efforts to bring the old person back were frequently successful, but only if the patient cooperated-and if the patient were comfortable with his new life and didn't want to change, that was perfectly valid, too. With his usual inscrutable grin, John asked, "Let me get this straight. If I don't want to change, you're okay with that." Dr. Taylor assured him that it was his life and his decision.

Steve joined Kayla at the pub, and told her how he'd just informed John about the lack of leads in the mayor's murder. When he saw Marlena returning, he quietly urged Kayla not to mention it to her. Joe began to cry, so Kayla whisked him off to change his diaper, and Marlena and Steve caught up. Steve expressed his sympathy about John and Marlena's divorce, but she declared that perhaps it had motivated John to get the help he needed.

Kayla returned with the stroller and found Steve alone, watching a game at the bar. They kissed, and Steve suggested they leave for a romantic, sexy evening at home, complete with candlelight and Barry White. Kayla giggled and kissed her husband happily in reply.

Steve and Kayla had gone, and Marlena was alone at the bar, when John entered with Dr. Taylor. They were discussing his next appointment, and she was pleased that he was so eager to begin therapy. Marlena marched over and stuck her hand out, and introduced herself to the pretty, young doctor. Dr. Taylor enthusiastically shook Marlena's hand and smiled. "So good to finally meet you! I'm Doctor Taylor," she said. Marlena narrowed her eyes and declared, "No, that's impossible."

Thursday, December 4, 2008

At the bar, Chelsea told Max about Kate's latest cancer diagnosis. Chelsea felt useless, because she couldn't get tested to see if she was a donor match for Kate. Max was angry with Chelsea for being sad that she couldn't save her grandmother because she donated her pancreas to Bo.

Marlena told John that the Dr. Taylor he was scheduled for treatment with was supposed to be an older man, not a young woman. Dr. Taylor explained to Marlena that her father, Dr. Kenneth Taylor, died, and she decided to take over his practice. Marlena was upset that Dr. Taylor didn't notify her of the change, since the referral was for her father, but John told her not to get hung up on technicalities.

Marlena was surprised that John was okay with being treated by Dr. Taylor after being so against treatment when they'd talked earlier. Dr. Taylor said she had sent a notice to Marlena about Dr. Taylor's father dying and her decision to take over his practice, but Marlena realized she didn't get it because the temp she hired had not notified her.

Dr. Taylor expressed concern for Marlena's relationship with John and said Marlena needed to respect the confidentiality of her relationship as John's doctor. John agreed to therapy as long as Marlena agreed to back off. Dr. Taylor told Marlena privately that she manipulated John into agreeing to treatment. She told Marlena of her plans to move her practice to University Hospital, right next door to Marlena's office.

Lucas told Chloe that his brother, Austin, and sister, Billie, were being tested to see if they could donate bone marrow to Kate. Later, after Chloe and Lucas made love, he apologized for her not being able to tell the world about their engagement, but Chloe didn't mind keeping a happy secret.

Melanie decided to take a break from studying her notes for her first day of work. Then, she ran into Maggie down at the pier. She told Maggie about her work assignment and having to borrow Maggie's computer to study the materials Philip gave her. Maggie was fine with it, because she wanted Melanie to do well.

Melanie doubted whether Philip wanted her to succeed at the job, because she had been trying to reach him by phone, but he did not answer her calls. Maggie explained that he was probably busy dealing with his mother's cancer diagnosis. Maggie suggested that Melanie get tested to see if she was a donor match for Kate.

Kate told Philip to go back to work and not sit by her bedside and hold her hand. She said she wasn't about to give up, and she planned to fight the cancer. Daniel informed Kate that the tests were being done on Billy, Austin, and Will to determine if they were donor matches. Then, Kate had a twinge of pain, and she said she didn't want Philip there to see her in pain. She asked him if he could respect whatever she decided if the treatment got to be too bad.

Stephanie took some important papers to Philip at the hospital for him to sign. She offered him some comfort, and Melanie saw them hugging. Stephanie told Philip she was tested to see if she was a donor match for Kate. When Stephanie left, Melanie walked up to Philip, but he demanded to know why Melanie was there, because he wanted some privacy. She apologized and said she was there to see if she was a donor match.

Back at the pier, Melanie confided in Maggie that her attempt to do something nice for Philip backfired, and she was getting tested because she was genuinely trying to help Philip's mother. Maggie advised Melanie to leave Philip alone, because seeing her probably reminded him that his mother could die.

Kate confided in Daniel that she was afraid her case was getting too personal for him, and he said that was not for her to decide. When Daniel returned to her room later, he brought a Christmas tree bulb to help cheer Kate up. Daniel received the lab results about who could be a donor for Kate. Lucas, Chloe, Philip, and Chelsea gathered in Kate's hospital room awaiting news on the test results. Daniel told them none of Kate's kids were matches, but Chloe was.

Stephanie met Kayla and Steve in the park and gave them coffee, but she spilled the coffee and lost her temper. She told her parents about Kate and how worried she was for Philip.

Friday, December 5, 2008

At Salem Hospital, Chloe and Lucas stopped by Kate's room to visit. Kate told Chloe, "I know you would help me if you could, so don't feel badly." Lucas handed Kate a present to unwrap, and when she did, she found an old plaster mold of Will's hand from his childhood. While Lucas hung the mold on Kate's I.V. hook, Kate studied his face. Kate took a deep breath and told Chloe that there was a time that she was estranged from Lucas, but that she always knew when he was keeping things from her. Unwilling to lie, Lucas told Kate of his engagement to Chloe, and was greeted with an awkward silence. Uncomfortable, Chloe started to leave, but Lucas stopped her. Kate explained that she was overwhelmed by the news, but that she no longer could micromanage the lives of her children. Kate continued that she only wanted Lucas to be happy, and that she felt that Chloe could accomplish that. "Thank you and keep up the good work," Kate said, mustering a small smile.

An excited Daniel rushed into Kate's room announcing that he had qualified good news. Daniel explained that a colleague's research provided the possibility of allowing Chloe to donate her bone marrow, but that the procedure was not yet approved. Looking over at Chloe, Daniel continued that there would be considerable risk to Chloe. Kate immediately refused to take part in the procedure, and ordered Lucas and Chloe to leave her room at once. Chloe started to leave, but stopped and turned to tell Kate that although she could not force her to accept the transplant, she was going to donate her marrow anyway. Daniel jumped in and reminded them that it was only a backup plan in the event that another donor could not be found. When Chloe urged Kate to think of her as a safety net, Kate relented and agreed.

Chloe went outside to talk to Daniel about the specifics of the procedure, while Lucas stayed behind to talk to Kate. Once Chloe was out of the room, Kate leveled her gaze at Lucas and asked him to promise not to let Chloe undergo the procedure. Kate explained that she did not want to be responsible should the procedure kill Chloe. Staring into Kate's eyes, Lucas urged Kate to trust Daniel with Chloe's life.

Believing that Rafe was in the shower, Sami attempted to sneak out of the safe house. When Sami opened the door, she was shocked to find Rafe. While Sami yelled at Rafe for scaring her, he changed into a uniform for the Salem Cable company. Rafe told Sami that he was going out for the evening, but since he did not trust her, he had a surprise for her. Sami started to talk about her family's Christmas traditions and became emotional. Unnerved by Sami's tears, Rafe apologized for being a jerk. With anger in her eyes, Sami jumped up from the couch and argued that she did not want Rafe to act like a human. Sami reasoned that she felt better being angry than being sad, so she needed to focus her anger on someone and she needed Rafe to be a jerk and not mention Christmas.

Right on cue, there was a knock at the front door of the safe house. Rafe attempted to send away the visitor, but curious, Sami insisted that she see what the surprise was at the door. When Rafe opened the door, Sami found Hilda singing a Christmas carol and holding a freshly cut Christmas tree. Sami became teary-eyed again, but insisted that she did not want to just throw the tree out into the cold, lonely night. As Rafe began to leave for the evening, she finally noted that he was wearing a disguise. Sami begged Rafe not to go after Stefano, but Rafe argued that everyone ignored the cable guy and that he would be safe. Rafe asked Hilda to be nice to Sami while he was gone, to which Hilda responded, "For two people who can't stand each other you sure worry a lot."

After Rafe left, Hilda sat Sami on the couch and pulled out a handful of photos of Sami's family. While Sami happily looked over the photos, Hilda told Sami the story of when she had been separated from her son when he was young. "Your kids aren't gonna forget you and they aren't gonna grow away from you," Hilda advised Sami. Sami agreed that she would not give up, and Hilda promised she would do what she could to get Sami home soon. As Sami could not keep the photos, she reluctantly returned them to Hilda, but smiling, Sami promised not to tell anyone that Hilda had been nice to her.

At the DiMera mansion Nicole went downstairs to meet with E.J., but instead she found Stefano waiting for her. Stefano explained that he wanted to talk to her honestly about her pregnancy and the trip to the clinic. Nicole appeared terrified by what Stefano was going to say, but she appeared to relax when E.J. arrived and cautioned Stefano to back off. Stefano explained that he was talking about the obstetrician he was flying in to examine her that night. Upset by the news, Nicole vehemently rejected the idea and argued that she would not be controlled. "I thought concern for your unborn child would trump hysterical feminism," Stefano joked. Nicole lectured Stefano about overplaying his hand and told him and E.J. that any further attempts to interfere with her pregnancy would cause her to sever ties with them both.

Stefano took Nicole aside and assured her that the doctor was his idea alone. While Stefano excused himself to take a phone call, E.J. explained that he was scared by the clinic and was only thinking of helping her. "No harm is going to come to our child because you're not gonna let it," E.J. cooed at Nicole. E.J. agreed to send the doctor away, and asked Nicole whether their relationship was still okay. "I don't know what I'd do if I lost you or lost the baby," E.J. said softly. Stefano interrupted to ask E.J. to accompany him on business, leaving Nicole standing alone in the living room. "I can't keep doing this to you. I know when I tell you it's gonna kill you and us," Nicole lamented out loud.

As Nicole headed upstairs to adjust her fake pregnancy belly, Rafe rang the doorbell and Mary admitted him inside. While Rafe pretended to go check the living room cable, Mary headed to another part of the house to handle some business. Finding himself alone, Rafe headed upstairs to do some snooping.

In her bedroom closet, Nicole stood in front of a full-length mirror in her underwear, staring at the fake belly. Rafe snuck into Nicole's bedroom and began to rifle through the mail on her desk, just as Nicole walked out of the closet, fake belly in hand.

Down on the Salem docks, Stefano and E.J. met with Argentineans Ramon and Juan about some business. Juan opened up his briefcase to show Stefano a selection of diamonds, and Stefano admired them, saying, "So many lives lost for these." Alarmed by Stefano's statement, E.J. inquired about the lost lives. Stefano casually explained that he was referring to the "blood diamonds" and nothing more. As E.J. handed over a briefcase of money to complete the transaction, Juan and Ramon pulled out guns and ordered Stefano to return the diamonds.

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