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Monday, December 29, 2008

Nicole stood on the docks waiting for whom she thought was a hooker that Dr. Baker used. Instead, Jill showed up - a pregnant teen. Nicole asked if Dr. Baker got Jill pregnant, and Jill said he wasn't the one who impregnated her. Nicole wanted to help Jill, but she was suspicious of Nicole. She wondered how Nicole got her number, and Nicole told Jill she got her number from Dr. Baker's cell phone. Jill tried to leave, but Nicole stopped her and promised she wouldn't hurt Jill.

Jill realized Nicole was pregnant and assumed she was planning to put her baby up for adoption. Jill said that Dr. Baker promised her that her baby would go to a wonderful home. Nicole wondered whom else Dr. Baker was helping find a home for their baby. Jill thought there might be more pregnant mothers looking to give their babies up for adoption, and she wondered what Dr. Baker was paying Nicole.

Nicole said they hadn't discussed a price yet, and Jill said Dr. Baker was paying her $10,000. Jill wondered how much Dr. Baker was getting from the adoptive parents, and she assumed that Dr. Baker was getting a lot of money. Jill said she was finding it hard to think about giving her baby up for adoption. Nicole said Jill convinced her to change her mind about giving her baby up for adoption. Nicole wanted to do more for Jill, so Nicole offered her some money.

At Titan, Melanie told Brady she owned the rights to the alternative fuel project that the company was working on. She asked him whether they could institute a business casual work environment so that Philip would stop hassling her about the length of her skirt. He said he wasn't really the boss. Melanie invited him out to lunch, and Brady wondered what she was doing there, since everyone else had the day off. She said it was because she was a go-getter and the project was important to her.

Philip interrupted their conversation and told her that Brady had other plans that did not include her. Brady said he didn't know he had specific plans, and Philip said the plan was to get some work done. Philip told Melanie to take the rest of the day off, but she thought she should be involved in their briefing. Melanie decided to work from home and then asked if Philip could get her a secretary. Philip wondered why she needed a secretary since she just owned the patents to the alternative fuel project.

Melanie pointed out that that meant the company was giving her an office and money to do nothing. Brady said they needed to nail down the specifics of her job first. Philip said the project could turn out to be lucrative, but it could fail. She said the project wouldn't fail and she would see to that.

Philip badmouthed Melanie to Brady, and Brady suggested that they show Melanie respect since she owned a stake in their biggest project. Brady said he talked to Melanie as a human being, as opposed to the way Philip treated her, and Brady said Melanie was indirectly the reason why Brady was at Titan. Philip admitted that he and Brady would make a great team. Philip said Victor was tougher on him than on Brady, and Brady said that was because Victor was Philip's father and felt he needed to be hard on Philip.

Chloe stopped by the Brady Pub to pick up Allie, since Caroline was watching her. Caroline was upstairs getting Allie dressed, and Stephanie congratulated Chloe on her engagement to Lucas. Stephanie was impressed with Chloe's decision to donate her bone marrow to Kate and said Kate's cancer diagnosis was hard on Philip. Chloe noticed that Stephanie had a lot of information on Philip, and then realized that it was because Stephanie and Philip were dating. Chloe told Stephanie that they needed to talk.

Chloe said that Philip was a great guy and her first love. Stephanie said that Chloe's name had never come up and she didn't see how Philip being Chloe's first love concerned Stephanie. Chloe said that Philip was Stephanie's rebound and vice versa. Stephanie said it was more like Chloe still had feelings for him and she was trying to spoil it for Stephanie and Philip.

Chloe said she wasn't jealous of Stephanie and Philip -- she was just looking out for Stephanie. Stephanie thought it sounded phony and pointed out that she didn't ask for Chloe's advice. Chloe said she was just trying to be helpful, but since Stephanie thought that Chloe was being phony, she got up to leave. Stephanie stopped her and asked her what Chloe wanted her to understand.

Chloe said Philip wasn't the same person he was when Chloe and Philip first got together. She said she broke Philip's heart by dumping him for Brady, and Philip had been weary of getting close to anyone since. Chloe warned Stephanie to be careful.

Stephanie noticed that Chloe didn't seem that excited about being engaged to Lucas, and wondered if it was because Chloe still had feelings for Philip. Chloe denied Stephanie's accusation and left the table to check on Allie. Then, Melanie walked in. Melanie asked for Stephanie's help with a project, but Stephanie said she had to study for an exam and couldn't help.

Julie asked to join Melanie at her table, and before Melanie could refuse, Julie sat down. Julie had gone to see Nick in jail, and Melanie said she meant to go visit him. Julie told her not to see Nick. Julie mentioned how lucky Melanie was to be working alongside Philip and Brady at Titan. While they were talking, Philip came in and sat with Stephanie.

Melanie told Julie that she was a professional and she, Philip. and Brady would make an excellent team. Then, Melanie remembered that she had work to do at home. Melanie watched as Philip asked Stephanie about her plans for New Year's Eve. Stephanie said was planning to babysit her little brother, but would ask her parents to find a sitter if there was something better to do. He asked her out for New Year's Eve, and she accepted.

Melanie overheard him talk about going to Maggie's New Year's Eve party, so she walked outside and called Maggie to accept her invitation to the New Year's Eve party.

Rafe realized that Sami was planning to give her baby up for adoption. He wasn't interested in helping her and wondered where she got the idea. She said he gave her the idea. Meanwhile, outside, the killer seemed to have identified their location.

Sami told Rafe that listening to his story about Sister Agnes and the convent convinced her that the convent would be a good home for her baby. Then she complained that Rafe wouldn't let Sami get anywhere near Sister Theresa. Rafe reminded her that it was because he was trying to protect her.

The killer pointed a gun at a homeless man holding a cell phone, thinking it was Rafe. When the homeless guy turned around, the killer realized his mistake.

Sami was insistent on trying to reach Sister Theresa, and Rafe pointed out that there was still someone trying to kill her. Rafe said he got rid of his cell phone, but he was still worried about Sami's safety. Rafe explained that he didn't mean to make her feel like he didn't want to be there with her. He was just concerned that Sami was anxious to get out of protective custody. Rafe admitted he cared for Sami. Sami hugged him and told him he had no idea what that meant to her.

Rafe and Sami played cards, and he wondered how Sami could consider giving her baby up for adoption. He tried to convince her that it was a bad idea, and she said she planned to temporarily give the baby up for adoption. Sami said she hadn't thought her plan all the way through and that Sister Theresa was supposed to buy her time to think of something. Rafe wondered who she was going to say the father was, and Sami wondered if she could say it was Rafe.

Rafe said while he wanted to help her, he wasn't willing to play deadbeat dad to a child that wasn't his. Rafe wondered what would happen if Sami gave the baby to the convent and a family wanted to adopt the baby. Sami reminded Rafe that she would go into labor at some point while in protective custody and wondered what Rafe planned to do. He said she would be taken to the hospital in an ambulance and would be guarded at all times.

Rafe told Sami he was impressed with her for telling him the truth about her plan to give her baby up for adoption. He asked her if she was over her plan to get rid of her baby, and she said she had no other choice. Then she reached down and rubbed her belly. Outside, the killer told someone on the phone that the cell phone lead went dead, because Rafe must have tossed the phone. He said as soon as Rafe or Sami showed their face, he would kill them.

At the DiMera mansion, Chloe answered the door when Brady rang the bell. As she left, she told Brady that Nicole wasn't home. Brady wondered why she assumed he was there to see Nicole. Chloe said she knew him and knew he wasn't good at being alone. She warned him to stay away from Nicole. Brady said he wasn't romantically involved with Nicole. Brady got a call while they were talking but ignored the call. It was Nicole calling.

Chloe said she didn't want to see Brady get on the DiMeras' or Nicole's bad side. She said no one knew as much as she did what Nicole was capable of, especially when Nicole was scorned.

Nicole went to see Dr. Baker, who was surprised to see her again, because he thought they were through. She told him to think again and showed him that she had his cell phone.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

At the Horton cabin, Chloe made passionate love to Lucas, but she imagined that he was Daniel the entire time. When Lucas commented on how Chloe had been a "tiger in bed" lately, a guilty Chloe blurted out that Lucas deserved to know the truth. However, when Chloe looked into Lucas' eyes, Chloe could only say that she was acting uninhibited because she felt safe and secure in Lucas' arms. Lucas professed his love for Chloe and as he kissed her neck, Chloe looked over his shoulder, clearly uncomfortable.

Chloe got dressed and ready to head over to the hospital for her appointment, while Lucas continued to question whether she should go to her checkup by herself. Chloe urged Lucas to spend some time with Kate instead. As Chloe headed over to the door, Lucas remarked on how beautiful she looked. "That's not true and it never will be," Chloe commented just before closing the door behind her.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Daniel brought Kate some flowers. Concerned that Daniel had left the hospital in the middle of the day, Kate questioned his motives for visiting. Smiling, Daniel explained that he needed to see and hold Kate. Daniel told Kate his New Year's Eve plans for the night were to order in Chinese and watch movies with her. Delighted to spend some time with Daniel, Kate kissed him. When the kissing became more heated, Kate pulled away. Kate apologized for sending Daniel mixed signals and explained that she was not in the mood and was only seeking platonic company. Daniel immediately said that he understood, and he explained that he only wanted to spend time with Kate. Daniel urged Kate to remember that the loss of her libido was normal due to the illness and treatments, but that she would be feeling better soon.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. admired the engagement ring he'd had made for Nicole. Stefano inquired with E.J. whether he was ready for the next step. Noting E.J.'s confusion, Stefano pulled a prenuptial agreement out of the drawer in his desk. E.J. said that he was insulted by Stefano's suggestion, but Stefano argued that he wanted to protect his family. Stefano reminded E.J. of Nicole's past relationships and her pursuit of money, but E.J. countered that Nicole's past relationships were different because they were abusive. Pleading with his father, E.J. told Stefano that Nicole was his anchor and that, unlike his relationship with Sami, with Nicole he was free to be a DiMera.

After taking a phone call from worried investors, Stefano instructed E.J. to call them back, but after that, he was free to decide whether to ask Nicole to sign the agreement. Pleased that Stefano had backed off, E.J. pulled the ring out of his pocket and gazed at it, saying, "Tonight is going to be a New Year's Nicole will never forget."

At the Kiriakis mansion, Lucas stopped by to visit Kate and found her doing research on the computer. When Lucas asked what Kate was doing, Kate explained that she was researching reception halls for the wedding. Lucas reminded Kate that he and Chloe had yet to set a date for the wedding, but Kate noted that she wanted it to happen sooner rather than later. Concerned, Lucas asked Kate whether she had bad news about her health. Kate quickly explained that she was skeptical about the future and wanted to make sure that she saw Lucas marry Chloe. Lucas agreed, and Kate offered to talk to Chloe about wedding dates.

At the clinic, Nicole yelled at Dr. Baker about his baby brokering activities and threatened to expose him to the police. "Unless you can find me a baby like now you are going down," Nicole growled. Dr. Baker denied that he was selling babies, but Nicole continued to yell and push the issue. Frustrated, Nicole cried out asking Dr. Baker how he could watch her suffer through her miscarriage and not try to help her find a baby. Dr. Baker admitted that he was going to help Nicole, but when she started to throw around the DiMera name, he became nervous. Dr. Baker warned Nicole not to deceive the DiMeras, but Nicole reiterated her threat to expose Dr. Baker to the police. Nicole explained that she would lose everything if she told E.J. the truth and that she could not lose any more. Dr. Baker argued that there was no baby available that was the right age or one that looked like Nicole or E.J., but Nicole would not be swayed. Defeated, Dr. Baker shook Nicole's hand and she forced him to say out loud, "We have a deal."

At Salem Hospital, John told Dr. Taylor that he was unhappy with his progress because he had not had any new memories. When John told Dr. Taylor that he no longer wanted to have any more sessions, Dr. Taylor suggested a shortcut to locate his lost memories. Curious, John asked what she had in mind. Dr. Taylor suggested that John undergo hypnosis, but John steadfastly refused. Hoping to maintain John's interest, Dr. Taylor offered to videotape the hypnotherapy so that he could watch it afterward. John agreed to think about the offer.

At the Brady Pub, Marlena joined Tony for a drink and the two discussed their holidays. Tony apologized for the awkwardness at the DiMera Christmas party, but Marlena explained that it was her fault because John had promised a family Christmas and then took Marlena over to the DiMera mansion. Marlena told Tony that John had rushed out of the Horton family celebration, but Tony theorized that John had left in order to escape the emotion of the group. Tony wondered aloud whether John would ever be healed, but Marlena swore not to give up on him. "I just love him so much. Tony, I just can't let myself give up on loving him," Marlena said.

Outside the Brady Pub, Tony asked Marlena what she would be doing for New Year's Eve. Sighing, Marlena said that she planned to spend the evening at home. John interrupted by chiming in that Marlena's plan was an excellent one and that he planned to stay in, as well. Tony pushed John to discuss his ideas for the evening, and John said that he planned to head over to the Salem Inn and spend the evening there. As John headed inside the pub, Tony turned to Marlena and apologized for pushing the issue, explaining that he believed John was going to make plans with her. Marlena wondered aloud whether John had any feelings for her at all.

Tony wished Marlena well and walked off to meet up with Anna. Before Marlena could walk to her car, Dr. Taylor met up with her outside the pub. As John was headed out of the Brady Pub, he spotted Dr. Taylor and Marlena talking and eavesdropped on their conversation. Dr. Taylor invited Marlena to join her for drinks at Chez Rouge, and Marlena happily accepted.

Back at Salem Hospital, Chloe arrived for her follow-up appointment and explained to the nurse that she expected a different doctor, since Daniel had injured his hand. Right on cue, Daniel entered the exam room and told Chloe that his hand was fine. Daniel and Chloe awkwardly discussed her health, and he felt her lymph nodes. As Daniel thought about seeing Chloe in her lingerie, he slowly backed away from her. Chloe admitted that she had arrived early for her appointment so that she could find another doctor. Citing family ties as the conflict, Chloe asked Daniel to find her another doctor and he agreed. When Daniel left the room to make the arrangements, Chloe whispered to herself, "You did the right thing."

Out in the hallway, Daniel told a nurse to make an appointment for Chloe with another doctor. As Kate was walking up behind Daniel, she overheard him and asked why he was passing Chloe off to another doctor.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

At the Kiriakis mansion, a nervous Stephanie arrived for her date with Philip. Stephanie tried to cancel their date, explaining that she was worried she would do something dumb. Trying to be sensitive to her feelings, Philip offered to cancel the family dinner at Chez Rouge and stay home with Stephanie for New Year's Eve. Smiling, Stephanie told Philip that all her worries melted away when he offered to stay in for the night with her. As Stephanie and Philip kissed, Lucas walked in and interrupted them. Stephanie stepped outside to take a phone call and left Lucas and Philip alone to talk. Lucas asked if things were going well with Stephanie and, grinning ear to ear, Philip said yes.

At the Brady Pub, Chelsea walked up to Max at the bar and asked whether he wanted to talk about sex or football. When Max raised an eyebrow, Chelsea explained that he had asked to talk to her and in her experience that usually involved one of those two topics. Chuckling, Max said that his new year's resolution was to give up sex. After making a couple of jokes, Chelsea noted that resolutions were only about giving up things one had no intention of doing anyway. Chelsea told Max she was sorry for how things ended with Stephanie but that he could not let it color all future relationships. "If you have a bad batch of shrimp, are you gonna stop eating food altogether for the rest of your life?" Chelsea reasoned. When Max smiled, Chelsea urged him to join her for the evening at Chez Rouge. Just as Max agreed, Chelsea attempted to rescind the offer. Max questioned whether the change of heart was because of Stephanie. Chelsea said she was more worried that Stephanie would see him looking downcast. Chelsea urged Max to put on a suit and have fun with her at Chez Rouge.

In the hallway at Salem Hospital, Kate questioned Daniel about his removal from Chloe's medical care. Overhearing from down the hallway, Chloe piped up that she had asked for the referral. When Kate asked why, Chloe explained that it was to make things less complicated and personal. Kate pointed out that donating bone marrow was pretty personal and that she was worried Chloe would not be getting the best medical care. Chloe assured Kate that she was fine and not to worry.

Changing the subject, Kate asked to talk about a matter that involved both Daniel and Chloe. Kate explained that thanks to both of them, she was getting better, but that her recovery was not certain. "I want to see you and Lucas get married," Kate pleaded. Kate asked Chloe to move up the wedding date and then turned to Daniel and urged him to tell Chloe that if the transplant failed that Kate would not have much time left. Chloe agreed to talk to Lucas about the wedding date, and then left to get ready for the party at Chez Rouge. As soon as Chloe was out of earshot, Kate turned to Daniel and asked him what was going on between him and Chloe. Daniel vehemently denied that there was any issue between him and Chloe, but Kate remained suspicious. "Someone or something is bothering Chloe," Kate said. Daniel thought about Chloe holding his bandaged hand up at the Horton cabin.

Tony entered the DiMera mansion living room to find E.J. yelling at his phone and then screaming, "Where the hell is Nicole?" When Tony asked what was going on, E.J. explained that he was transferring his anger from work over to Nicole because she was not around. E.J. told Tony that he had been planning to propose to Nicole that night but instead, he needed to head into the office for a video conference call. Tony offered to take the call so that E.J. could stay behind to spend the evening with Nicole, but E.J. declined, noting that Stefano would not be pleased if "I shirked my responsibility." "Is he distracting you in your relationship with Nicole by spending your hours with family business?" Tony theorized about Stefano. E.J. paused for a moment and then said that if Stefano was attempting to control him that he would not succeed. When Tony renewed his offer to take the business call, E.J. declined again.

At the clinic, Nicole reminded Dr. Baker that she needed a baby with two Caucasian parents that was about the same age as the baby she lost. Dr. Baker noted that what Nicole needed was the kind of baby a lot of couples were trying to find. When Dr. Baker reminded Nicole that securing a baby like that would require the kind of money she currently did not have access to, Nicole ordered him to find the baby and leave the money up to her to figure out.

When Nicole arrived back at the DiMera mansion, a relieved E.J. rushed to greet her at the door and explain that he needed to head to the office. Nicole sarcastically joked that she would not stand for E.J. working and supporting her, then she told him that she was not mad that he needed to cancel their plans and go in to work. Nicole continued that she was exhausted and planned to go to bed soon anyway. E.J. suggested that Nicole take a nap so that they could spend some time together later in the evening. Kissing E.J.'s cheek, Nicole promised him a happy new year.

After E.J. left, Chloe stopped by the DiMera mansion to ask Nicole for advice. They went out to get some coffee and take a stroll down on the docks. Chloe informed Nicole that she feared something bad was going to happen and she did not know what to do. Chloe added that she was afraid she was not ready to settle down. Smirking, Nicole asked Chloe whether there was someone else. At first, Chloe denied there was, but soon she admitted that there was the possibility of someone else. "Do you want to leave Lucas?" Nicole asked. Chloe said she wanted to stay with Lucas, but she was not sure whether she should tell him that she was attracted to another man. Nicole advised Chloe to keep quiet about the other guy since most men "want to think they are the only one." While Chloe mulled over the advice, Nicole took a phone call from Dr. Baker telling her that he might have found a child. Nicole excused herself and headed off for the clinic, leaving Chloe alone down on the docks.

As Chloe stared into the water of the Salem River, Daniel came around the corner. Chloe and Daniel locked eyes from across the way. After a moment, Daniel suggested that he and Chloe talk about the situation. Chloe hurriedly declined and started to run away, but fell. Daniel examined Chloe's ankle and diagnosed a sprain. As Chloe was resistant to going to the hospital, Daniel swooped her up in his arms. With Chloe curled up against Daniel's chest, the two stared into one another's eyes.

Nicole called Dr. Baker's office from her car to say that she would be there shortly. When Nicole hung up her phone, her car began to make noises and then died. Frustrated and alone, Nicole banged on the steering wheel of her car as midnight approached.

E.J. returned home to the mansion to find an empty house. After checking upstairs, E.J. returned to the living room flummoxed by Nicole's absence. As the New Year approached, E.J. sat alone in the living room with a drink in his hand.

At Chez Rouge, Marlena and Dr. Charlotte Taylor arrived for their evening of drinks. No sooner had the two sat at their table than John joined them. "Is three a crowd?" John joked. Charlotte stood up and excused herself, noting that it was inappropriate for her to spend the evening socializing with John, since he was her patient. John sat back down and told Marlena that he was not aware that it was inappropriate to socialize with Dr. Taylor. "If you wanted to see me, just ask," Marlena huffed at John. Marlena explained that she did not want to play games with John anymore. "I keep doing things wrong that I don't know are wrong," John said defensively. Marlena reminded John of his hasty exit at the Horton Christmas gathering. When John countered that he did not know why he left that night, Marlena suggested that John talk to Dr. Taylor about the issue. "I don't like feeling that somehow you are working me," Marlena said in frustration before marching out of the restaurant. John chided himself saying, "That was really smooth."

As Marlena exited the Brady Pub, she was surprised to find John waiting for her outside. John admitted that he had followed her, and then apologized for hurting her earlier. Marlena wished John a happy new year and thanked him for the apology. With a quick kiss on John's cheek, Marlena walked away.

Melanie waited at the bar of Chez Rouge for Philip. When Philip arrived with Stephanie, Melanie rushed over to wish them a happy new year. Maggie whisked Stephanie and Philip to their table with Lucas, while Melanie returned to the bar and watched from afar. Julie walked up to Melanie and asked about her "project." "You're afraid that I'm on to you. And you should be," Julie warned Melanie.

At Philip's table, Lucas attempted to call Chloe, but could not reach her. Kate arrived for the festivities and ordered champagne for the table. Philip leaned over to Stephanie and whispered how happy he was to see Kate acting like her old self. Chelsea arrived with Max, and the two sat at the table across from Stephanie and Philip. The table toasted to a new year and Kate added, "To peace and happiness for my sons." Philip teased her for the limited tidings, and smiling, Kate amended her toast to include everyone else as well. Kate urged Philip to dance with Stephanie and the two headed out onto the floor to slow dance.

With Max looking over at Stephanie, Chelsea asked him whether it was a terrible idea to invite him to the restaurant. Max said he was fine, but then excused himself to get some air. Halfway to the door, Max noticed Melanie at the bar and walked over to give her a hug. While Melanie looked across the room at Philip and Stephanie dancing, Max asked her "What are you up to tonight?" Feeling guilty, Melanie became defensive. Max explained that he was only asking what her plans were for the evening, and the two wished each other a happy new year.

Back at the table, Kate asked Lucas where Chloe was. Worried, Lucas admitted that Chloe was not answering any of his calls. "I thought something was bothering that girl," Kate said. Concerned, Lucas asked what she meant. Kate told Lucas not to worry, since Chloe would be there soon.

Out on the dance floor, a man spilled a drink on Stephanie. When Stephanie went to the restroom to clean her dress, Philip looked over at Melanie suspiciously. Philip went over to the bar and accused Melanie of being involved in the drink-spilling incident. Melanie did not confirm her involvement but she admitted that if she were responsible, that Philip should be flattered that he drove her to such extremes. "Driving you to extremes is a very short trip," Philip muttered.

In the corner of Chez Rouge, Max and Chelsea talked and agreed to keep away from the crowd. As the clock struck midnight, Chelsea kissed Max. When the kiss lingered longer than a friendly peck, Chelsea pulled back and ran away.

Julie and Doug toasted to the new year. Staring into Doug's eyes, Julie purred, "And you are still the most gorgeous man that ever came to Salem." Smiling, Doug countered, "I love the way you lie. To you, my love!" As the clock struck midnight, Doug and Julie kissed to ring in the New Year.

Thursday, January 1, 2008

Due to the New Year's holiday, today's episode of Days of our Lives was not shown.

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Friday, January 2, 2008

At the safe house, Rafe ordered Sami to get away from the window, where she was trying to watch the New Year's Eve fireworks. She reluctantly obliged, and he handed her a glass of sparkling cider. She tried to refuse it, but he insisted, so she petulantly threw it against the wall. Sami apologized later as he cleaned up the glass, and told him lightheartedly that he could just add the damages to her tab. Rafe assured her that he understood, and acknowledged that it must be difficult for her to be away from her family on New Year's Eve. Sami countered that he'd surely rather be somewhere else, as well, and asked if he were sorry he was there. Rafe just shrugged, adding that if he weren't with her, he'd be working on another case, because he always volunteered to work on holidays.

Sami tried to press him for more details about his life, but he refused to divulge any more. She criticized him for being a typical man and holding his feelings in, but Rafe argued that he was simply goal-oriented-as was she. Assuming he was referring to her wish to visit Sister Theresa, Sami reminded him that she couldn't do anything without his help. Rafe maintained that she was likely still plotting a way to do it without him.

Exasperated, Sami declared that she hated how he always thought he knew what she was up to, and how he was always trying to get inside her head. Rafe pointed out that someone had to look out for her, since she wasn't looking out for herself-and that he was usually right about her schemes. She dared him to tell her what she had planned next. He replied that he was pretty sure she hadn't come up with her Plan B yet, but it didn't mean she wouldn't keep trying. Rafe then suggested that they get ready for bed. Sami agreed, and she wished him goodnight as she got into bed. Rafe turned out the lights, settled into the sofa, and wished her a good night. As they lay in the dark, he said, "And Sami, to answer your question: I'm not sorry I'm here." Sami smiled to herself and closed her eyes.

Later, as Sami thought about her Christmas video chat with the twins, she tossed and turned in frustration. Rafe turned on a lamp and asked what was wrong. She replied that she couldn't stop thinking and worrying about her kids-and about E.J.

At the Chez Rouge New Year's Eve party, Stephanie returned from the ladies' room just in time to witness Melanie purring, "Happy new year," to Philip as she put her hand over his. Stephanie watched, appalled, as Melanie appeared to be moving in for a kiss, so she quickly made her presence known. As Stephanie snuggled up to Philip, Melanie noted that Stephanie had succeeded in getting the stain out of her dress. Observing the look that passed between Melanie and Philip, Stephanie asked what she'd missed. When Melanie didn't correct Stephanie's assumption that they had kissed, Philip assured Stephanie that nothing had happened.

Philip pulled Stephanie into a passionate kiss, and then wished her a happy new year. As they embraced, a grinning Stephanie mouthed, "Happy new year," to Melanie, while Melanie fumed. When she couldn't stand their public display of affection any longer, Melanie interrupted with a few snide comments, but Philip and Stephanie refused to let it ruin their evening. Melanie raised a toast to the new year, and noted that it should be interesting, since the three of them would be working together. While Philip and Stephanie exchanged an apprehensive glance, Melanie rolled her eyes and strolled off.

As they walked along the water later, Philip asked Stephanie if Melanie had gotten to her. Stephanie denied that she cared in the least about Melanie, but wondered why Philip always seemed to fall for her games. Philip contended that he hadn't, but Stephanie asked if he'd only kissed her in front of Melanie to prove a point. Philip admitted that he had at first, but added that as soon as they'd begun kissing, everything else had fallen away. Stephanie was skeptical, so Philip kissed her deeply to demonstrate that his passion had been real.

Melanie went to the Titan offices, where she kicked some balloons she found on the floor. After chiding herself not to wallow in self-pity, she looked around and said sadly, "Well, Happy New Years to me."

At Chez Rouge, Lucas informed Kate that he'd searched and called everywhere for Chloe, but so far hadn't been able to find her. He declared that it wasn't like Chloe not to check in, and Kate agreed that it wasn't like Daniel, either. Maggie came by to check on their table, and when she learned that neither Daniel nor Chloe had shown up, she suggested that perhaps Daniel had been called into emergency surgery.

Down on the pier, Daniel determined that Chloe's ankle was likely sprained, and that they should get her to the hospital to get it x-rayed. She insisted she was fine, but cried out in pain when she tried to walk. Daniel picked her up in his arms to carry her to the hospital. As fireworks began to light up the sky at midnight, their eyes locked, their faces moving closer, but just as they were about to kiss, Daniel's cell phone rang. Chloe then ordered Daniel to put her down. Daniel obliged, and as he opened his phone to call ahead for an exam room, he noted that it had been Kate who'd called. They realized that their dates must be worried about them, and agreed that they would call Kate and Lucas on the way to the hospital.

Daniel was looking over Chloe's chart when a worried Lucas and Kate arrived at the hospital a little later. He informed them that Chloe's ankle wasn't broken, only sprained, and that she could leave as soon as she was finished having her ankle wrapped. Kate and Lucas both expressed their gratitude that Daniel had found Chloe on the pier and had brought her to the hospital.

After Lucas went into Chloe's exam room, Kate asked Daniel for a ride home, and to join her there for a while. He agreed, and apologized for standing her up. She insisted she was just glad he'd been there for Chloe.

Lucas hugged Chloe, relieved that her injury hadn't been worse. Chloe warned him with a wry grimace that he was marrying a klutz, and apologized for ruining his New Year's Eve. He reminded her that the evening wasn't over yet.

Kate and Daniel arrived at the Kiriakis mansion to find a bottle of champagne, which Kate had arranged to have chilled and waiting for them. She told Daniel that they could celebrate the new year there, since they'd missed the party at Chez Rouge. After Daniel poured two glasses, Kate toasted him, "for never giving up on me. I owe you everything." He pointed out that he couldn't have helped her if she hadn't wanted, and raised his glass to her tenacity. Kate then began apologizing for not asking him to spend the night, and for her lack of passion since her illness, but Daniel reminded her that she didn't have to explain or apologize. He reassured her that she would get her desire back, and she kissed him tenderly.

Lucas escorted Chloe to a table near the fire at Chez Rouge, which had closed for the evening. Lucas explained that Maggie was letting the two of them use it. Chloe said she still felt bad for having missed the kiss at midnight, so Lucas began the countdown again, and then wished her a happy new year. Chloe grinned happily and kissed him.

Nicole, whose car had broken down on her way to meet Dr. Baker at the clinic, sat on the side of a snowy, desolate stretch of road, cursing her cell phone for its lack of reception.

Brady showed up for the New Year's Eve party at the DiMera mansion, but E.J. informed him that the party had been cancelled. When Brady asked where Nicole was, E.J. sardonically replied that she'd evidently decided to ring in the new year without him. E.J. added that it was his own fault that Nicole had left, because he'd had a last-minute business emergency to deal with.

A phone call from Dr. Baker interrupted E.J. and Brady's conversation just then, and the doctor said he'd been trying in vain to reach Nicole for a while. E.J. was a little suspicious, and wanted to know why Dr. Baker would call so late on New Year's Eve. Dr. Baker covered, claiming that Nicole had called earlier, but he'd been in delivery all evening, and he was just getting around to returning his messages. He hung up before E.J. could ask him anything further.

After subtly-but unsuccessfully-trying to get E.J. to divulge what Dr. Baker had wanted, Brady left. Once he was outside, he wondered aloud why Dr. Baker would be calling Nicole.

A frustrated Nicole was still trying to get enough reception to call Dr. Baker, when a car pulled up behind her and stopped. Relieved, she rolled down the window and began gathering her belongings. As her "lifesaver" approached the car, she gushed about how grateful she was, and asked if she could get a ride. When Nicole finally turned to see who it was, she was startled to find Brady. She let him into the car, and asked how he had found her. Brady explained how he'd shown up for the party-to which she'd forgotten to uninvite him-and how Dr. Baker had called the mansion looking for her, and Brady had put the pieces together. He wanted to know why Nicole was headed to the clinic at that late hour. She informed a stunned Brady that Dr. Baker was a baby broker, and that he'd found a baby for her. She then begged him to drive her to the clinic, and he very reluctantly agreed.

When they arrived at the clinic, Nicole asked Brady to wait in the reception area. She went alone into the exam room, where Dr. Baker informed her that she was too late; the mother had changed her mind about giving her baby to Nicole. Nicole anxiously explained that her car had broken down, and pleaded with him to call the mother and get her to change her mind. Dr. Baker firmly stated that the deal was off, and Nicole broke down in tears after he left the room.

Brady soon joined Nicole, and she miserably filled him in. Sobbing, she declared that she felt as heartsick as when she'd had her miscarriage. Brady tried his best to comfort her, and asked what she planned to do. "I guess I have to tell E.J. everything," she replied quietly, sniffling. "It will be the end of us and his love for me, but I have to do it." Brady held her as she wept even harder.

Nicole returned to the mansion, where she found E.J. in the living room, staring wistfully out the window. She apologized for not having told him she was leaving, and for making him worry. E.J. tried to reassure her that she'd had every reason to be angry, but Nicole insisted on finishing what she had to say. She declared that she regretted the games she'd played with him, and, while all she wanted was for them to be a family, she knew that could never happen. She asserted that E.J. needed to know the truth, but his reply caught her completely off-guard: he already knew the truth.

While Nicole just stared at him in disbelief and confusion, E.J. explained that he had taken her love-and all of her sacrifices-for granted. He added that when she'd moved into his home, she'd never complained, nor judged him for being a DiMera-and she'd done it all for their baby. Nicole, her voice faltering, countered that he'd done the same for her, by bringing her into his family and accepting her for who she was. E.J. maintained that he never should have left her alone on New Year's Eve, because nothing was as important as her or their baby. He added that when he couldn't reach her, he'd been terribly frightened, imagining what could have happened. "And it just reinforced that I can't imagine my life without you," he said softly as he got down on one knee. Nicole gasped with happy sobs when he opened the ring box, revealing the enormous engagement ring inside. "Will you marry me?" E.J. asked simply. "Yes, yes, I will marry you!" Nicole cried with glee, pulling him to his feet and into an ecstatic, joyful kiss.

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