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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 26, 2009 on DAYS
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Monday, January 26, 2009

At the convent, Nicole gave Sister Theresa the phone number to the clinic where she planned to deliver her baby, and was pleased when Sister Theresa said the information could help another pregnant woman who was in a similar predicament. Meanwhile, Sami thought at first that the nun who walked in was Rafe, but he was still not back, so Sami asked the nun to show her where Sister Theresa's office was.

Nicole asked Sister Theresa to keep her situation confidential so that her family wouldn't find out, and she was glad that the clinic could help the woman that Sister Theresa talked about. Nicole started to leave, when Sami knocked on the door. Nicole begged Sister Theresa not to open the door, because she didn't want anyone to see her, so Sister Theresa showed her a place in the back to hide.

Abe stopped by the Brady Pub to pressure Bo to work harder at finding the mayor's killer, because Abe was under pressure to bring the killer to justice. Bo said he was working hard at finding the killer but it was difficult because the killer was a professional hit man. Lexie brought Theo by the pub to see Abe, and they were happy that Theo was okay after his accident at the DiMera mansion. Theo hugged Lexie, and she was overjoyed that Theo showed emotion.

Bo had a premonition of someone holding a gun. Meanwhile, the killer held Rafe at gunpoint. Rafe told him to pull the trigger then tried to distract the killer while trying to free himself of his restraints. The killer told Rafe to reveal where Sami was, but Rafe refused, so the killer threatened to use Rafe's own Taser on Rafe unless Rafe gave up Sami's location.

Sami wondered who Sister Theresa was talking to, and Sister Theresa lied and said she was praying. Sami was worried that someone was trying to hurt Sister Theresa, since she was gone for so long. Sami was grateful that Sister Theresa agreed to keep her baby until Sami figured out what to do. Sister Theresa had hoped that Sami had changed her mind about giving up her baby, but Sami was adamant that E.J. never find out that Sami was pregnant with his child. While they were talking, Nicole accidentally made a noise, and Sami wondered what the sound was.

Bo filled Hope in on what Abe told him about catching the killer, and Bo assured Hope that he wasn't going to go outside the law to bring the killer to justice, since he was the commissioner. Bo asked for Steve's help in finding the killer, because Steve could work outside the law to find the mayor's killer. Steve was eager to help. Then Bo had another premonition. This time, it was someone picking up a gun and firing it inside the hospital.

Sister Theresa lied and said the noise Sami heard was probably Sister Mary Margaret, whose room was next door. Sami sensed Sister Theresa was stressed, and Sister Theresa said the lies were getting to her. Sami wondered what she meant, since Sister Theresa had not been lying about anything. Sister Theresa said it was because Sami expected her to lie to her baby's father if he showed up at the convent, but Sister Theresa had a problem with lying to E.J.

Steve sensed something was wrong with Bo, because he was very pale, so Bo told Steve about the premonitions he'd been having since he fell and bumped his head on Christmas. Steve joked about it, which angered Bo. Bo told Steve he had another vision, which involved Hope and a gun. Bo thought a shot was fired from the gun, but he couldn't make out anything else, except that it felt like death.

Sami said there was no chance that E.J. would come to the convent, but if he did, Sami said, she hoped that Sister Theresa would help her. Sami warned Sister Theresa that E.J.'s family was evil and dangerous, and Sami was counting on Sister Theresa to keep Sami's secret. Sister Theresa agreed to keep Sami's pregnancy a secret, but asked her to pray for a better solution. Then she told her about the clinic that Nicole told her about. Sami was happy that the nun had found a clinic where Sami could give birth. Then, Sister Theresa rushed Sami out of the room.

Nicole came out of her hiding place and asked Sister Theresa if Sami was the woman that Sister Theresa had been referring to. Sister Theresa asked if Nicole was upset that she told Sami about the clinic, but Nicole was not upset at all. In fact, she thanked Sister Theresa for giving her hope that everything would work out.

Rafe was unconscious from being tortured by the Taser, and the killer tried to get Rafe to wake up and tell him where Sami was. Rafe punched the killer, knocking the gun out of the killer's hand. Rafe was able to free himself, and he grabbed the Taser, but the killer got up from the ground and attacked Rafe.

Bo told Steve how he wasn't able to do anything to help Theo when he had his premonition, but Bo thought that he could protect Hope by taking her off the murder investigation. Kayla, Hope, Abe, and Lexie were talking about Kayla's baby, and Theo asked if she was referring to Baby Joe and asked where the baby was. Kayla said Joe was at home with the babysitter.

Lexie told Hope to thank Ciara for the picture she drew for Theo, and Hope said Ciara missed Theo, so Lexie suggested they set up a play date. Abe wondered how the women managed to juggle their careers and still make time for their kids. Lexie said that while they loved their jobs, nothing was more important than family and friends.

Sister Theresa told Nicole to stay put while she acted as a lookout and made sure the coast was clear for Nicole to leave. While she waited, Nicole called Mia to check on her. Mia was not in labor, and Nicole was glad, because that gave her more time to get her ducks in a row before the baby was born. Nicole thought it was unfair that she had to lose her baby but Sami's baby was about to be born. Nicole vowed to set things straight, even if it killed her.

Sami felt guilty for asking Sister Theresa to lie for her, but she thanked God for meeting her and for having a plan for her baby. Sami was worried about Rafe and didn't know what was taking him so long, so she prayed that God would protect Rafe.

Rafe slammed the killer up against the wall and went for the gun, but the killer was able to Taser him before he could use it. The killer tied Rafe up again, and Rafe figured out that the killer didn't want Rafe to die, but the killer clarified that he didn't want Rafe to die-yet. The killer said he had already murdered one agent and had no qualms about killing another.

Sami couldn't stand waiting any longer for Rafe to come back, and she was preparing to leave the convent when Sister Theresa came in and asked where she was going. Sami said she wanted to go find Rafe.

Mia wrote a letter to her unborn baby, promising her a good life and telling her that she gave her up because she couldn't take care of her the way that Nicole could.

Lexie and Abe had dinner alone with Theo, and she said she was grateful to have Theo back. Kayla wondered what Bo and Steve were talking about, and Bo said they were talking business. Kayla was worried about what that meant, but Steve assured her that it didn't mean they were going to run off on some adventure like they had in the past. Kayla was glad, because things had changed since the old days and because they had families. Bo said he felt it was time they did something about the fact that their jobs were pulling them apart. He told Hope he was taking her off the murder case, but Hope refused to be taken off the case.

Hope wondered why Bo wanted her off the case, and he said he just didn't want her out in the field working that case. Kayla and Steve decided to give Bo and Hope some privacy. Privately, Kayla asked Steve why Bo would take Hope off the case. Steve said he thought Bo made a good decision, and Kayla thought he was being chauvinistic. Steve said he was happy that Bo and Hope had their disagreement, because that meant Steve could have some quiet time with Kayla. Bo didn't want to fight with Hope over removing her from the case, and Hope wondered what he was hiding.

Rafe searched the apartment for clues to where Sami was hiding and found a baby book. Rafe lied and said it belonged to his girlfriend. The killer threatened to kill Rafe if Rafe didn't say where Sami was, so Rafe agreed to talk.

Meanwhile, Sister Theresa wondered where Sami would go to look for Rafe. Sami planned to go back to the safe house, but Sister Theresa thought it was too dangerous and that Rafe trusted Sister Theresa with keeping Sami safe. Sami said Sister Theresa couldn't stop her from leaving, but Sister Theresa said, "You wanna bet." She threatened to call 9-1-1 if Sami left. Sami was distraught that Rafe was in trouble and it was all Sami's fault. Then, Sami went into labor.

Nicole went to the clinic and told Dr. Baker that if a nun called, he was to take the nun's call and do exactly what she said. Dr. Baker wondered what Nicole was up to. Nicole got a phone call. It was Mia calling to say that she was in labor.

Kayla pressed Steve to find out what he and Bo were talking about, and Steve said that Bo gave him a job and wanted him to start right away. But first, Steve wanted time alone with her. Hope asked Bo why he was trying to protect her all of a sudden. She figured out that he'd had another vision, but he lied and said that wasn't it. He made her promise to be careful. They said goodbye to Lexie, Abe, and Theo so they could spend some quality time together. Bo vowed to Abe to do whatever it took to find the mayor's killer.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

At Titan, Stephanie worked on a memo as Philip walked up and teased her to quit. When Stephanie declined, citing the work that she needed to finish, Philip countered, "I thought you were dying for your surprise?" Excited, Stephanie closed her computer and asked Philip to tell her what the surprise was. Philip explained his plans for the evening, which included a jet to Chicago and a fancy dinner. Looking disappointed, Stephanie declined the invitation. Noting the confused look on Philip's face, Stephanie explained that she was declining the plans because it felt like Philip was trying too hard. The two joked with one another about the perfect date, and then kissed.

At the Cheatin' Heart, a smiling Stephanie pulled Philip into the bar. Suspicious, Philip asked Stephanie why she had chosen that particular bar. Stephanie explained that she picked it because of the atmosphere and selection of beer. Philip asked whether she had picked the bar because Max worked there. Giggling, Stephanie told Philip that he was adorable when he was jealous. Philip rolled his eyes, and Stephanie assured him that she had checked first to see whether Max was working that night. Stephanie explained that in order to get to know someone, she preferred a casual environment and a game of pool.

After Stephanie handily defeated Philip at a game of pool, she excused herself to go to the bathroom and told Philip to have her prize for winning ready for her when she returned. When Stephanie was out of the room, Philip hurriedly rushed over to the bar and offered the bartender $2,000 to clear the place out. When Stephanie returned to find an empty room, she was pleasantly surprised. Philip offered to play another game of pool with her, and when he made a difficult trick shot, Stephanie realized that he had thrown the first game. They joked with one another, and then began to kiss passionately. Philip's cell phone began to ring, but he willfully ignored it. When the phone began to ring again, Stephanie urged him to take the call. Philip picked up the phone and learned that he needed to go to Titan immediately. Philip asked Stephanie to wait for him at the Cheatin' Heart until he got back, and smiling, Stephanie agreed.

At the safe house, the hit man threatened Rafe's life if he did not say where to find Sami. Rafe said that he would talk, but then he joked that the hit man should look under the bed. Frustrated, the hit man rushed out the door. Rafe struggled against the bindings on his wrists, and worried aloud about Sami's safety.

At the convent, Sister Theresa threatened to call 9-1-1 for Sami if she went after Rafe. Sami ranted about Rafe's safety, when suddenly she doubled over in pain from a contraction. After Sami explained that she was in labor, Sister Theresa frantically looked around her office for the business card Nicole had given her for Dr. Baker. When Sami noted that Rafe would be worried if he could not find her at the convent, Sister Theresa suggested that they would leave a note with another sister at the convent. As Theresa and Sami got ready to leave, Sami's water broke.

Mia called Nicole to tell her that she was in labor. Nicole rushed to pick up Mia and found her lying on her bed, terrified. When Nicole asked about Mia's contractions, she said that they were one minute apart. Worried and unsure what to do, Nicole called Dr. Baker and told him that Mia's water had broken and that the contractions were less than a minute apart. In the middle of the phone call, Dr. Baker put Nicole on hold to take another call.

On the other line, Sister Theresa was calling. When Sister Theresa explained how far along in the labor Sami was, Dr. Baker urged her to bring the patient in immediately. After Sister Theresa hung up the phone, Dr. Baker switched back to the other line and informed Nicole that the nun had called to say she was bringing in a woman in labor. Nicole was thrilled that everything was happening as she had planned, but was startled when Dr. Baker told Nicole to handle the situation with Mia on her own.

Nervous, Nicole attempted to talk Mia through the birth. Mia cried out for Dr. Baker, but Nicole told her that she would have to have the baby right there with Nicole. "Do you trust me?" Nicole asked. "No. I don't. You can't deliver my baby," a scared Mia yelled. Determined, Nicole squared her jaw and countered, "I have just as much riding on this as you do, so stop yelling and breathe because I am bringing this baby into the world now, damn it!" Nicole told Mia to push, and when the baby's head began to crown, Nicole talked her through the pain, urging her not to give up. After the birth, Nicole cleaned up the baby and cradled it, barely holding back tears of joy. Nicole asked Mia whether she wanted to see the baby, but smiling a tired smile, Mia said she did not want to see the little girl.

Sami arrived at the clinic with Sister Theresa, who thanked Dr. Baker for the good fortune of having one of his other patients recommend the clinic to her. Sister Theresa introduced Sami as Colleen, and Dr. Baker took Sami into the exam room. After a couple of tests, it became clear that the baby was in distress. Sami begged Dr. Baker to tell her what was wrong. Dr. Baker explained that the cord was cutting off oxygen to the baby. Horrified by the news, Sami suggested they do a C-section. Dr. Baker explained that they did not have the facilities for a C-section. "I have a bad feeling," Sami whispered nervously.

Outside of the Brady Pub, Daniel bumped into Chloe. Chloe explained that she was stopping by the pub to meet with Lucas. Daniel noted that Chloe had left his apartment without saying goodbye, and asked her whether she had changed her mind about him. Smiling sadly, Chloe said that she had not changed her mind, but that she wanted to wait until Kate was better and Sami had returned home for Allie before telling everyone about her relationship with Daniel. As Daniel and Chloe stared into one another's eyes, Kate walked up and asked what was going on. Chloe hurriedly explained that she was talking to Daniel about her fight with Lucas. Satisfied with Chloe's answer, Kate changed the subject and told Daniel that she was feeling great and exercising again. Chloe excused herself to go inside the pub, while Kate took the opportunity to talk to Daniel about their breakup. Daniel told Kate that he understood why she broke up with him. Relieved, Kate thanked him and headed inside to visit Lucas and the twins. Daniel stood outside and looked in the window at Lucas and Chloe laughing with Allie.

As Daniel stared through the pub window, Victor walked up behind him and said, "You want what Lucas has, don't you?" When Daniel looked blankly at Victor, he explained that he meant that Daniel wanted a relationship and a family. Daniel agreed, saying, "I do want that. Eventually." Victor asked whether Daniel was staying in Salem, and Daniel cautiously admitted that he felt like he belonged there. "You'll find the right woman," Victor remarked. "Sometimes I feel like they are all taken," Daniel quipped as he stole another glance through the pub window.

Inside the Brady Pub, Chloe fussed over Allie. "Are we okay?" Lucas asked. "No we're not," Chloe returned. Chloe explained that she had overreacted, and apologized for acting so childish. Lucas reiterated that Sami would always be a part of his life, and Chloe agreed that she understood that Allie would always link him with Sami. Kate joined them at the table and urged them to pose for some photos for her. As Kate snapped pictures of Chloe, Lucas, and the twins on her cell phone, the hit man sat at a table nearby and took photos of the twins, as well, before rushing out into the night.

After Kate finished taking pictures, Lucas tried to get Allie to eat mashed potatoes. Not interested, Allie hit the spoon in Lucas' hand causing the whole spoonful of potatoes to land all over Chloe. Laughing, Chloe decided to fling a spoonful of potatoes back at Lucas. From across the room, Victor looked at the little food fight, disgusted. A smiling Caroline came over to greet Victor and, noting the mess that Chloe was making in the pub, Victor commented that Chloe was an "ill-mannered pig." Shaking her head, Caroline told Victor that he was mistaken about Chloe, and added that she did not mind the mess, since it was the happiest she had seen the twins since Sami had left. Not swayed, Victor vowed that Lucas' relationship with Chloe was doomed.

As Lucas and Chloe laughed with the twins, Chloe's cell phone started ringing. When Chloe noticed the call was from Daniel, she sent his call to voicemail. Daniel left a message stating that he wondered whether the time would ever be right to tell everyone that they were in love. With his voice shaking, Daniel said that he did not think he could come between Chloe and Lucas and his family.

Back at the safe house, Rafe continued to struggle to free himself, but he was not able to succeed before the hit man returned. When Rafe again refused to say where Sami was, the hit man pulled out his cell phone and reminded Rafe of his threat to take out members of Sami's family. The hit man turned his phone around and showed Rafe a photo of the twins, saying that he would start with them.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Philip strode into the Titan offices, and was surprised to find Brady there. He made a crack about the sweats Brady was wearing, and Brady informed him that he was about to play basketball with a client. Philip started looking rummaging the papers on the reception desk with a worried, distracted look on his face. Brady noticed and asked what was going on. Philip replied that he was on a paper-trail hunt, because they had a serious problem: Melanie. He sat down at the computer while Brady asked him to clarify. They bantered briefly, and Philip joked that Brady must be the only man in town whom Melanie hadn't hit on. Suddenly, Philip evidently found what he'd been searching for, because he swore angrily, slamming his fist on the desk, and declared that E.J. DiMera was trying to steal Melanie—and the alternative-fuel project—from Titan.

Brady was skeptical that Melanie would go behind their backs, but Philip countered that his information came from a reliable source. They had to stop Melanie, he continued, because Victor would have their heads if they lost the patent—which was potentially worth billions of dollars. Philip was convinced that Melanie was hoping for a bidding war, and cursed his imprudence in ever trusting her to honor a verbal agreement. Brady asked what he could do to help Philip keep the patent at Titan. Philip replied with a devious grin that he knew exactly how to get to Melanie.

Melanie skipped excitedly into the Brady Pub, where Max was working behind the bar. Max wanted to know why she was in such a good mood, and Melanie surprised him by asking what Max knew about E.J. DiMera. Max didn't buy Melanie claim that she was merely networking, and asked what she was up to. Melanie agreed to tell him, but only if Max swore not to tell anyone. "It won't leave the room," he promised. Melanie filled him in about how E.J. had learned about the alternative-fuel project from Nick, and had then tracked her down—because he was interested in funding it. Melanie, laughing exuberantly, exclaimed, "Isn't that awesome?"

Max reminded his sister that she already had a deal with Titan, but Melanie countered that it was only a verbal agreement. When Max saw how giddy she was over the idea of all the money she stood to make, he pressed her to be serious. She giggled, and declared that she hoped to start a bidding war between Titan and the DiMeras. Max cautioned her that she was in way over her head, and admitted he was worried because he didn't want anyone to take advantage of her. Melanie insisted that she could take care of herself—and besides, she was also doing it for Nick, so he'd have something to look forward to when he got out of prison. Max tried to convince her that her agreement with Titan was, indeed, binding, and pointed out that Philip had been the only one who'd been willing to hire her. Melanie argued that Philip seemed to get a kick out of treating her like dirt, but maintained that she only wanted to make sure her project ended up in the right hands.

Philip entered the pub just then, and asked Max if he could speak to Melanie privately. Max went back to work, and Philip showed Melanie to a table, where she asked why he looked so nervous. Pretending to be embarrassed, he admitted that he'd hoped to find her there, because he didn't want to eat alone. Melanie laughed and declared that it was sweet of him. Philip then stated that, while they were at it, they also had a few things to iron out with the bio-fuel project. Melanie suddenly remembered that she had to be somewhere else, and, stammering promises to talk the next day, dashed out the door.

When Philip strolled up to the bar, Max ordered him to stay away from Melanie. Philip sarcastically responded that Max was jealous because Philip was dating Max's ex-girlfriend. Max calmly maintained that it had nothing to do with Stephanie. He added that he knew Melanie could take care of herself, but he was watching out for her anyway, because he knew Victor and Philip would do anything to keep the fuel project at Titan. Max then demanded that Philip treat Melanie with respect, "Or I will personally see to it that she leaves Titan and takes the patent with her."

"Are you threatening me?" Philip replied mockingly. Max repeated his order to stay away from Melanie, and asserted that he knew how cruel Philip had been to her. Philip argued hotly that he'd treated Melanie well until she'd started behaving badly—and that she had a tendency to alienate everyone she met. Philip then stalked out angrily. Max went back behind the bar, where Pete handed him a large manila envelope that had arrived earlier. Max looked at it with a puzzled frown and wondered who'd sent it.

Melanie found Brady near the waterfront, and jokingly confessed that she'd been spying on him. She asked why he seemed so lost in thought. Brady replied that he'd been thinking about his dad. Melanie acknowledged that she'd heard about what had happened, and tried to encourage Brady that John would get better. She then confided that her own father had recently been murdered. A shocked Brady offered his sympathy, and apologized for seeming selfish when his father was still alive. Melanie reassured him that it was all right to mourn for a father who wasn't around.

Brady then asked Melanie to tell him about herself, pointing out that they'd been working together for a couple of weeks but he hadn't known that her dad had been murdered. Melanie was surprised that Philip hadn't mentioned much about her, but talked a little about how her father wasn't exactly a saint. She added that he must have loved her, because he'd left her his half of the fuel project—and so she absolutely had to make sure that it was a success.

At Mia's apartment, Nicole held Mia's newborn, and pronounced the baby girl to be perfect. Mia declined when Nicole offered to let her take a look at the little one, fearing it would just make giving her away too hard, so Nicole placed the baby in a drawer. Nicole sat on the bed and praised Mia for being so brave while giving birth—and for letting Nicole adopt the baby. Mia had a tearful moment of doubt about giving Nicole her baby, so Nicole gently asked if Mia remembered why she'd decided on adoption in the first place. Mia argued that it wasn't about whether she had her whole life ahead of her; it was about what was best for the baby.

Mia frowned as if she were in pain, and Nicole declared that they should go to the clinic so Dr. Baker could make sure Mia was all right. Mia insisted that she was fine, and that all she needed was to rest. She then asked Nicole to promise that her baby would always be happy. Nicole pointed out that no one could guarantee that, but she would promise to always love the baby. She gently urged Mia to give the okay for Nicole to take the baby, cautioning that the longer Mia waited, the more difficult it would be.

In a tiny voice, Mia consented, adding, "She'll be better with you." Nicole was thrilled, but she didn't want to leave Mia, and tried again to get Mia to agree to go to the clinic. Mia assured her that she had some cramps, but no bleeding, and was otherwise just exhausted. Nicole assured Mia that she could call if she needed anything, and as she turned to leave, Mia thanked her for taking care of her baby. "You're going to be a great mom, I can tell," she declared, adding wistfully, "Goodbye, baby girl."

While Mia slept, Nicole cradled her new daughter. She worried aloud that Mia would regret her decision, and would always miss her little girl. "How could you not?" she asked. Still holding the newborn, Nicole left a note and some cash on the dresser, and quietly thanked Mia for giving her and E.J. a baby to love. Weeping joyfully, Nicole cooed over the baby. "I love you," she said. "You are by far the loveliest thing I have ever seen!" She admired the baby's perfect fingers, and assured the child that she and E.J. would always love their little miracle. She added sadly that she wished the baby really were hers and E.J.'s. She then announced that they needed to go out find out whether Sami had given birth yet. She gathered up her coat and bag, and tiptoed out. When the door closed, Mia's eyes opened slowly. "My baby," she murmured.

Sami, using the alias "Colleen," was in labor at the clinic, with Sister Theresa by her side. Dr. Baker informed Sami that he couldn't perform a caesarean section because the clinic didn't have an operating room. He ordered the nurse to give Sami oxygen and I.V. fluids. Sami was anxious and a bit panicky, so Dr. Baker and Sister Theresa tried to allay her fears. As soon as her latest contraction subsided, Dr. Baker advised Sami that the baby wasn't getting enough oxygen, and needed to come out right away. He declared that Sami was dilated enough, so when the next contraction began, he ordered her to push. Sami did as she was told, screaming in pain.

When Dr. Baker commanded a panting, shrieking Sami to push harder, she cried that she couldn't push any more. Sister Theresa firmly told Sami to think about the baby, and to get the poor child out of her. "Push like there's no tomorrow!" she ordered with a smile. The nurse warned that the baby's heart rate was still dropping. Sami became even more worried, but Dr. Baker implored her to focus, take a deep breath, and then give another big push. When he asked the nurse to fetch the forceps, Sami apprehensively begged him to save her baby no matter what.

Soon, Dr. Baker announced that he could see the baby's head, and asked Sami to hang in there for just one more push. Sobbing and exhausted, Sami exclaimed that she couldn't, so Sister Theresa tried to be encouraging. "You're doing great—it's almost over!" With an agonized groan, Sami bore down one more time. "Yes!" Dr. Baker praised, smiling. "It's a beautiful baby girl." Sami, tired but ecstatic, asked to see her, then she saw the worry on the doctor's face, and realized the baby wasn't crying. "What's wrong with my baby?" a distraught Sami demanded. "What's happening?"

At the safe house, Rafe was furtively trying to untie himself from the chair, while the killer taunted him with a cell-phone picture of Sami's children. He reminded Rafe that, unless Rafe revealed where Sami was, he would start killing members of Sami's family—starting with the twins. Rafe chuckled ironically, and informed the hit man that one of Sami's kids was Stefano DiMera's grandchild—and anyone who hurt that kid would essentially be signing his own death warrant. The killer countered that he was a dead man anyway if he didn't get rid of Sami, and ordered Rafe again to tell him where she was.

Rafe wasn't talking, so the killer played with Sami's religious medal while rambling about good and evil, heaven and hell. Annoyed, Rafe told him to leave innocent people alone, and declared that the gunman was a "textbook sociopath." The killer responded by putting the medal down and asking which twin he should kill first. Rafe, still trying to get untied, kept mum, so the assassin announced that a friend was merely waiting at the Brady Pub for the order to come by text message, and then he'd kill one of the twins.

With the hit man's knife against his throat, Rafe angrily conceded that he'd give up Sami's location. His gaze landed on the medallion, and the hit man followed his eyes. "You've got to be kidding me. She's at the convent?" The killer looked out the window at the church, incredulous that Sami had been right under his nose the whole time. While the hit man's back was turned, Rafe managed to slip out of his bindings, and quickly untied the cord around his ankle, as well. He calmly insisted that Sami was not at the convent, but the gunman wasn't convinced. He declared that, since he knew where Sami was, he no longer had any use for Agent Hernandez, and leveled his gun at Rafe's head.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sami gave birth to a baby girl, but at first the baby wasn't crying, so she panicked and demanded to know why. Dr. Baker said the baby needed extra medical attention, and he whisked the baby out of the room, passing Nicole in the hallway. Nicole had walked into the clinic carrying Mia's baby in a basket. Sami thought her baby was going to die, and she blamed herself for not getting regular prenatal care. Sami worried that the killer had gotten to Rafe because he was gone for so long.

Nicole walked into the room where Dr. Baker brought Sami's baby and asked what was wrong with the little girl. Dr. Baker told her to leave the room and to pray. Nicole didn't think prayer would work coming from her, and she worried about E.J., since it was his baby whose life was in jeopardy. She thought about how she felt when she lost her baby, and she prayed that God would let E.J.'s baby live.

After she said it, Nicole heard Sami and E.J.'s baby crying. Dr. Baker explained that the baby couldn't get enough oxygen and that was why she wasn't crying. He started to take the baby to Sami, but Nicole stopped him. Dr. Baker wondered what Sami's baby had to do with Nicole, and she filled him in on the details. She told him that Sami's real name wasn't Colleen, and she said it was a really long story. Then she looked at Sami's baby and said that the story would have a happy ending.

Nicole felt like there was a divine plan at work. Dr. Baker pointed out that it was a plan that Nicole helped along. Nicole said the important thing was that the baby was going to have a great father in E.J., and Dr. Baker wondered where the baby came from that Nicole had with her, and she explained that it was Mia's baby. Dr. Baker wondered if Nicole had changed her mind about adopting Mia's baby. Nicole said she promised that Mia's baby would be well taken care of, and she planned to keep that promise. Nicole told Dr. Baker that she planned to switch the babies and pass E.J.'s child with Sami off as her own.

At the Brady Pub, Chloe checked her voicemail and heard the message that Daniel left saying he didn't want to come between what she had with Lucas, and Chloe agreed to herself that Daniel was doing the right thing by leaving their love affair in the past.

Kate stopped by Daniel's apartment and suggested she might have been too hasty in ending their relationship. Kate said she didn't change her mind. Then, Daniel got a call from Chloe, but when he saw it was her calling, he decided not to answer. Kate wondered what Daniel was thinking about her decision to end things. Daniel played his feelings close to the vest and said he accepted her decision.

Kate told Daniel she missed him and didn't like to think of him being alone. She wondered if he had someone. She asked if he would open up to her as a friend, but Daniel said he didn't want to talk about himself. So, he decided to order a pizza.

Kate said she used to think that Daniel was custom-made for having an affair because he was passionate in the bedroom but aloof and detached in public. But, she decided that she might be wrong and that he wasn't unhappy or detached because someone or something had gotten to him. Her words got a little too close for comfort, and Daniel went off on her, telling her to shut up.

Daniel apologized for getting upset with Kate, and she shrugged it off, saying she just wished that he would talk about what was bothering him. Daniel wanted Kate to think of him only as her doctor. He wanted some space, so he asked for time alone, blaming it on her recent breakup with him.

Chloe was leaving a message for Daniel when Maggie walked in. Maggie admitted overhearing what Chloe was saying, and she asked if Chloe was having problems with Lucas. Maggie offered Chloe her unbiased opinion if she needed to talk. Chloe said she had something to confess to Maggie. Maggie said Chloe didn't have to tell her anything she didn't want to talk about and that Maggie didn't want Chloe to feel alone. Chloe was frustrated that Lucas was soft on Sami.

Chloe said she understood that Sami would always be a part of Lucas' life, and while she wasn't jealous of Sami, Chloe admitted feeling scared that she and Lucas moved ahead too quickly without Lucas resolving things with Sami first. Chloe was worried that Sami could reel Lucas back in. Chloe explained that she talked with her mother, and her mother was playing into Chloe's insecurities, suggesting that Chloe might not be ready to get married.

Chloe said that sometimes she thought her mother might be right but that it wasn't because she didn't love Lucas. Maggie wondered if Lucas knew how Chloe felt, and Chloe demanded that Maggie not say anything to him. Maggie advised her to talk to Lucas, because once she started keeping secrets, things would only get worse.

Chloe was afraid that Lucas would be hurt by the truth, and Maggie said if Lucas couldn't deal with Chloe being worried about Sami and the effect that it would have on Chloe and Lucas' relationship, maybe Lucas wasn't ready. Maggie realized that Chloe wasn't thinking about Sami as the real problem. Chloe felt like Lucas thought Chloe was perfect. Maggie advised Chloe not to borrow trouble, and to trust that she and Lucas loved each other enough to get through anything.

Chloe ran into Kate at the pub, and Kate mentioned that something was wrong with Daniel because he was keeping Kate at arm's length, and she didn't know why. Chloe went by Daniel's place, but Daniel told her it was over between the two of them. She agreed and said that was why she was there.

While the killer looked out the window of the safe house at the convent after realizing that Sami was at the convent, Rafe freed himself of his restraints. The killer decided he had no more use for Rafe and pointed a gun at him, but Rafe overpowered the killer. The killer got the upper hand and attacked Rafe. Then the killer walked to the kitchen, grabbed a knife and tried to stab Rafe. Rafe overpowered him and stabbed the killer with the knife, but the killer was able to kick him and run out of the safe house.

Sami wanted to get out of the bed to go find her baby, but the nurse gave her a sedative, which made her fall asleep. She dreamed that Rafe came into the clinic to check on her and told her that her baby was fine and that it was all over. Sami woke up when she heard Sister Theresa's voice. Sami tried to get out of bed, but Sister Theresa stopped her and promised to go check on her baby.

At the safe house, Rafe woke up and headed towards the door, but he collapsed onto the floor. Meanwhile, the killer was injured from the stab wound and collapsed on the ground outside.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Bo and Hope were at the Brady Pub, having coffee, when Bo had another vision. This time, he could tell it was at University Hospital. He saw Hope grabbing for a gun on the floor, and Kayla, in her white doctor's coat, ducking down as Hope fired the gun. Hope noticed that Bo seemed to have become distracted, and asked what was wrong. Bo claimed he was just preoccupied with the Marino murder. Hope reminded him that he hadn't told her what his last vision had been about, but Bo said he hadn't really been able to make out anything but jumbled images.

Steve arrived just then, and announced that he had a lead on Marino's killer. He explained that he'd had a friend, who was a computer expert, do some digging, and that a corporation called Holtgren International had come up several times in the search. He then deduced that, since the company kept most of their millions of dollars worth of holdings at a bank that had a branch in Salem, Stefano was using Holtgren to bankroll his illegal activities-like hiring hit men.

The three of them discussed their next step. Steve was saying that he wanted to investigate it a little further when he got a text message from Kayla. Suddenly, Bo's earlier vision became clearer: after Hope's gun went off, he could see that Kayla had been shot. While Hope called Roman, Steve noted that Bo seemed troubled, and asked if he'd had another premonition. Bo reluctantly admitted that he had, and that it had involved Hope-and it seemed as if Kayla had been shot. He hastened to add that he couldn't be sure of anything, but Steve maintained that, until Bo was sure what the visions meant, they needed to keep Kayla and Hope apart.

When Hope hung up, she said that Roman had proposed they check the security cameras at Holtgren's bank, to see if the killer had made any withdrawals. Bo suggested that perhaps a teller could identify the man, and they all hoped that the money trail would lead back to the DiMeras. Steve rose to leave, and Hope started to walk out with him, as she was supposed to meet Kayla. Bo stopped her anxiously, but quickly covered, insisting that he just didn't want her to leave because he enjoyed her company. Steve chimed in, adding that Kayla had just been called to the hospital for an emergency.

Once Steve had gone, Hope asked Bo why he really didn't want her to see Kayla. Bo hedged, claiming that he was just rattled about the Marino case-and that he needed Hope's input on it. Hope conceded, and teased him about letting his newfound power go to his head. She added that she was worried about him, but he assured her that he'd be fine as long as he had her by his side. He pulled his wife onto his lap, and she kissed him on the head as they held each other.

Maggie was walking along the waterfront, talking on her cell phone, when she stumbled across the wounded hit man. After a moment's hesitation, she rushed over to check on him, and gasped when she saw that he was unconscious and bleeding profusely.

Meanwhile, at the safe house, Rafe was struggling to get to his feet, bleeding from a stab wound the killer had inflicted in his thigh. He managed to crawl over to his phone, but when he opened it, he cursed and flung it across the room.

A while later, Maggie was at the hospital, asking Kayla about the injured man's condition. Kayla asserted that it was too soon to tell, because he might need surgery, but that the man was fortunate that Maggie had found him when she did. Maggie wondered who the man was, and what had happened to him. Kayla guessed that it had been a mugging, and cautioned Maggie against walking along the pier alone at night. Maggie agreed, adding that she'd feel much safer when they found whoever had stabbed that man.

Kayla got a call from her babysitter, who advised her that baby Joe had lost his stuffed dog. Maggie overheard, so Kayla explained that Joe couldn't sleep without the toy, but she was fairly sure it was in her car. Maggie offered to find the dog and drop it off at Kayla's apartment, since it was on her way home. Kayla gratefully accepted. Maggie left after Kayla promised to call with any news about the injured John Doe.

Kayla went into the hit man's room to check his vital signs on the monitors. He opened his eyes and moaned softly. "Ah, you're awake," she said brightly as she moved over to the bed. When his eyes slowly opened, she mused, "You look so familiar. Have I seen you somewhere before?"

Chloe went to Daniel's apartment to discuss the phone message he'd left for her, but he reiterated that their affair was over. He let her in reluctantly, and Chloe expressed her surprise at his change of heart. Daniel stated that, after seeing her with Allie, Johnny, and Lucas, he didn't want to destroy what they had. Chloe admitted that she'd initially been relieved to hear his message, but a second listen made her want to kill him-and then Kate had told her that Daniel seemed sad and alone. Daniel adamantly denied it. He insisted he'd meant what he said, and asked Chloe to leave. Chloe angrily accused him of manipulating the situation to get her to admit that they belonged together. She asserted that, when he'd seen her at the pub, she'd only been trying to have a little fun, to try to push him out of her mind. Daniel argued that he'd seen that she was part of Lucas' family-and he refused to be any part of breaking up anyone's family.

Chloe became even more furious. "You don't tell someone you love them one day, and then dump them in a voicemail the next!" She added that he'd made it impossible for her to think about anything else but him, and declared that she hated him. Daniel admitted that he'd been wrong to leave the voicemail, but he'd been afraid to do it face-to-face. Chloe, her voice rising, angrily declared that she was disgusted with herself for cheating on Lucas, and for having trusted Daniel. She excoriated him for being a cowardly, shallow bastard. Daniel tried to encourage her anger, asserting that it would make it easier for them to go their separate ways, then suddenly grabbed her and kissed her. She shoved him away, then immediately pulled him back to her, kissing him feverishly, and they fell onto the sofa together.

After they made love, Chloe pouted, pretending to still be angry with him. While he kissed her neck, she said that she'd had every intention of telling him off and then never seeing him again. They laughed and kissed some more, but then Daniel got a text message, alerting him to an emergency at the hospital. Reluctantly, they hurriedly got dressed, and as he was rushing out the door, Daniel instructed Chloe to lock up after herself. In the doorway, they kissed goodbye passionately-while Maggie watched from Steve and Kayla's apartment across the hall. As Chloe was locking up, she spotted Maggie and froze in her tracks.

E.J. was flying home on the company jet, assuring his father on the phone that the meeting had gone well. He added that the Italians had wanted to arrange another meeting right away, but E.J. had told them he couldn't do anything until after Nicole had the baby.

E.J. remembered a conversation with Nicole, during which he'd vowed never to let business come before her and the baby again. He called to tell Nicole that he was on his way home, but reached her voicemail. He left her a message, telling her that he missed her and would try calling her again shortly.

After E.J.'s plane landed, he phoned Nicole again, but once again got her voicemail. Frustrated, he left her another message, but added that he hoped everything was all right.

At the clinic, Nicole told an appalled Dr. Baker that she wanted to take Sami's baby, and leave Mia's baby with him. The doctor absolutely refused, and asked with alarm if Nicole had planned the whole thing. Nicole maintained that she hadn't, that it was fate that the babies were both girls and had been born at the same time, and that all she wanted was to give E.J. a child that was biologically his. Dr. Baker asserted that he'd always known Nicole was trouble, but her new plot had convinced him that she was a psychopath. He then ordered her to leave.

Meanwhile, Sami was beside herself with worry, terrified about what could be wrong with her baby. When she tried to get out of bed to find out, Sister Theresa stopped her. Sami begged the nun to check on the infant for her, promising that she would stay in bed only after she knew her baby was all right. Sister Theresa agreed with some reluctance, and left to look for Dr. Baker.

Sister Theresa found a nurse and asked for a report on Sami's baby. The nurse advised her that Dr. Baker was handling an emergency, and that Sami would be the first to know as soon as they knew anything.

Nicole threatened to expose Dr. Baker's baby-selling business if he didn't go along with her plan. He countered that he would tell the whole world what she had done. Nicole asked him to have some sympathy for her miscarriage, her inability to get pregnant again, and her fervent desire for a baby. Dr. Baker pointed out that she did have a baby-Mia's. He contended that she couldn't just switch the child with a baby who wasn't hers without someone finding out. Nicole was sure that Sami would never know the difference, since she hadn't held or even seen her baby yet, insisting that all newborns looked alike. She reminded the doctor that Sami was giving her baby away to the convent, adding that she'd overheard Sami tell the nun that she wished she'd never gotten pregnant. She was adamant that she and E.J. deserved the baby more than Sami did, and pleaded with Dr. Baker to help her.

Dr. Baker firmly declared that switching the babies was too risky. He was ordering Nicole to leave, when Sister Theresa tapped on the door, and immediately stuck her head in. Nicole, who'd been standing near the door, quickly hid behind it. Sister Theresa implored the doctor to give "Colleen" an update about her baby. Dr. Baker practically pushed the nun out the door, insisting hurriedly, "We're doing everything we can. Tell her I'll be with her shortly."

Sister Theresa returned to Sami and repeated the doctor's words. Sami became even more worried, and tried again to get out of bed, but the nun gently but firmly maintained that the only thing they could do was pray.

Nicole declared that, in lying to the nun, Dr. Baker had proven that he was in just as deep as Nicole was. He insisted that the nun had simply caught him off-guard, and announced that Nicole's blackmail scheme was over. Nicole pointed out that he could lose his license or even go to prison for what he'd done-but she had nothing to lose. Dr. Baker was skeptical that she could pull off a baby switch, so she reminded him of everything she'd gotten away with so far, from faking her pregnancy to delivering Mia's baby. Nicole contended that it was better to give E.J. his biological child than a child to whom he had no connection. "Let me have that beautiful baby girl," she pleaded.

Dr. Baker gazed for a long moment at the two infants in their cribs. At last, he reluctantly consented. Nicole thanked him effusively, and picked up Mia's baby. "You are going to have a wonderful life," she cooed, "and the nuns are going to find you a loving home." She tenderly placed the infant in Dr. Baker's arms, and asked shakily, "Can I hold my daughter now?" The doctor merely gave her a long, disapproving look, then turned and wordlessly exited with Mia's baby.

Nicole picked up the tiny girl, who fussed and squirmed in her new mommy's arms, but Nicole happily shushed her, reassuring the child that she would be happy with her new family. She began to sob with joy when she told the infant how long she'd been waiting for that moment. "Happy birthday," she whispered, as her new daughter began to cry.

Sister Theresa held Sami's hand and prayed for the baby's good health. Sami wept as the nun said "amen," and they both made the sign of the cross-then Dr. Baker opened the door, cradling a baby swaddled in a pink blanket. Sami asked fearfully if she was all right, and the smiling doctor reassured her that the infant was perfectly healthy. Sister Theresa murmured her thanks to God. "All she needs now is her mother," Dr. Baker affirmed with a twinkle in his eye. "Would you like to hold your daughter?"

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