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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 2, 2009 on DAYS
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Monday, February 2, 2009

Maggie confronted Chloe after seeing Chloe and Daniel kissing in the doorway to Daniel's apartment. She told Chloe to re-button her blouse, and Chloe begged for the chance to explain, but Maggie didn't want to hear it. Maggie said she saw Chloe and Daniel come out of the apartment, kissing and fixing their clothes. Maggie called Chloe out for blaming Sami for Chloe's problems with Lucas, when all along Chloe had been sleeping with Daniel. Chloe tried to explain, but Maggie said Chloe couldn't explain away what she did.

At the hospital, Kayla was unaware that her patient was the killer, and she mentioned aloud how familiar he looked. The killer heard her, so he reached up and strangled her. Daniel ran into the hospital room and freed Kayla from the killer's clutches, and she ran out yelling for help. Two orderlies wrestled the killer to the bed while Daniel injected a sedative into the killer's IV. Daniel ordered restraints for the killer and then checked on Kayla. She said she was okay, but they wondered what set him off. Kayla told Daniel that the killer's face looked familiar, and then the killer's heart rate dropped, but they were able to revive him.

Rafe woke up in the safe house and remembered the killer had stabbed him in the leg and went off to find Sami at the convent. Rafe fastened a belt around his leg to act as a tourniquet and left to find Sami.

Dr. Baker handed Mia's baby to Sami, claiming that the baby was Sami's. Sami wondered why Dr. Baker took the baby away after the baby was born and didn't cry. The doctor said it wasn't unusual for babies not to cry, and that he took her away to run some tests on her. Sami apologized for not feeling like her usual self. She held the baby she thought was hers and marveled at how beautiful the baby was. Sami told her baby that everything was all right and she was safe, but then Sami remembered that the killer was still after them.

Sami told Sister Theresa that she needed to leave the clinic immediately, and Sister Theresa thought it was because of the killer. Sami said they needed to leave because of the killer, but she was mostly concerned that the nurse would want to record the baby's footprints, do blood tests, and create a birth certificate, and that information could be sold-which meant that E.J. could find out. Sister Theresa was concerned that it was too soon to leave the clinic, but Sami insisted she was fine. However, Sister Theresa thought the baby would not be healthy enough yet to travel.

Meanwhile, Nicole claimed Sami's baby as her own and vowed that she would suppress every part of Sami in Sami's baby. Nicole called the mansion to leave a message for E.J., but he picked up the phone after hearing her voice. Nicole panicked and hung up the phone. She tried to devise a plan to keep E.J. from finding out the truth surrounding her "delivery" and realized that she could neither come home with a baby that night nor stay out of touch with E.J. for too long.

When Dr. Baker came back, she begged him to let her stay at the clinic. Nicole told him to get rid of Sami immediately and give Nicole a room. She needed to get the ball rolling on her plan to dupe E.J. into believing she gave birth to Sami's baby. She told Dr. Baker to call E.J. and tell him that Nicole was about to give birth and that he needed to get to the clinic immediately.

Dr. Baker didn't want to force Sami to leave, because she had just given birth. He suggested that Sami stay at the clinic while he set Nicole up in another room, but Nicole wasn't interested. He asked Nicole what he should do if Sami didn't want to leave, but Nicole said she didn't care what Sami wanted, and she threatened Dr. Baker. Dr. Baker went to the room where Sami was, but Sami was gone.

Dr. Baker informed Nicole that Sami had left, and she was overjoyed that her plan was working. He wanted to know why Sami left, and Nicole started to explain Sami's actions but instead told him to call E.J. and tell him exactly what Nicole told him to say, because E.J. was probably going crazy with worry. Dr. Baker told her that since no one saw Nicole at the clinic earlier that night, one of the nurses could see Nicole and ask questions, which could raise suspicion with E.J. Nicole told him to let her worry about that.

E.J. got on the phone and yelled at someone at the phone company, demanding that Nicole's call be tracked. He said it was a matter of life and death. Dr. Baker called E.J. on Nicole's cell phone and told him that she went into labor. E.J. said he was on his way to the hospital, but Dr. Baker informed him that she was at the clinic. E.J. went ballistic, demanding to know why she was there instead of at the hospital, when they agreed that the hospital was where she would deliver. E.J. told Dr. Baker to tell Nicole that he loved her.

Dr. Baker told Nicole that E.J. was furious that she wasn't at the hospital, and he wondered how Nicole was going to pull things off. She told him not to worry about that and to make sure his staff didn't open their mouths and ruin things. Nicole didn't need any warnings, and she predicted that she would not end up on the losing end as long as Dr. Baker lived up to his end of the bargain. Dr. Baker warned her that she didn't think about how the baby looked like Sami, not Nicole, and that E.J. would notice. He warned Nicole to pray that her luck held up.

At the Brady Pub, Bo told Hope that their personal lives would need to be put on hold indefinitely while he worked on the case of the mayor's murder. Bo tried to keep Hope from figuring out that he had a vision of her shooting Kayla at the hospital. Hope had wanted to go shopping with Kayla, but he told Hope that she could see Kayla some other time. He suggested that he and Hope take Ciara to the zoo, but Hope wondered why that couldn't wait.

Bo claimed he was jealous that Hope wanted to spend so much time with Kayla, and Hope said Bo was working day and night and hardly had time anyway. Hope didn't buy Bo's excuses and demanded to know the real reason he didn't want Hope hanging out with Kayla. He claimed it was because he missed Hope, and she said she felt the same way, but she missed Kayla, too, and wanted to spend time with her.

Outside the pub, Bo left when Maggie arrived, followed by Chloe, who grabbed Maggie's arm and demanded an opportunity to explain what had happened with her and Daniel. Chloe said she loved Lucas and the family she was going to have with him. Chloe admitted that she was disgusting and hated herself for what she did with Daniel. Chloe said it happened out of the blue around the time of Kate's bone marrow transplant.

Maggie said sleeping with someone didn't just happen - some people resisted and said no. Chloe explained that she resisted Daniel at first and that Daniel said no a lot, too. Chloe said she and Daniel didn't plan to sleep together, but the harder they fought their attraction, the stronger their drive to be together became. Maggie said Chloe was going to have to suffer the consequences.

Kayla started to realize that something she said probably set off the killer. She told Daniel to make sure the killer was stabilized, then ran off to call Steve. She left a message for him, saying she needed to talk to him about the sketch he had of the killer. Kayla called Hope asking for Bo, but he had gone to the police station, so Hope agreed to come to the hospital to meet Kayla, passing by Maggie and Chloe on the way out.

Maggie warned Chloe that she was going to tell Lucas what happened between Chloe and Daniel. Chloe begged her not tell, because she realized that what she did was wrong and she wanted to make things right for everyone involved. Chloe promised it would never happen again, and then she realized that Maggie went through something similar. She asked Maggie to remember how it felt to be in danger of losing everything she loved. While they were talking, Lucas walked in and asked why they looked so serious.

Maggie told Lucas to sit down. Lucas said it sounded serious, and Maggie said it was. Chloe claimed she and Maggie were talking about Kate and how her cancer could come back. She apologized for being negative and said she was glad Kate was doing well. While Lucas went to get Maggie and Chloe something to drink, Chloe thanked Maggie for not saying anything to Lucas, and she warned her that if she said something, it would ruin everyone's lives. Chloe promised to do what was right for everyone.

Lucas told Chloe that Kate demanded that they set a date for the wedding. Chloe said she was happy to set a date, and suggested they call Kate and set a time for them to discuss it. He got a business call and left the table to answer it, so Chloe again thanked Maggie for not saying anything, and promised she would not let Maggie down. Maggie wanted to know what Chloe was going to do about Daniel. Chloe promised to keep her hands off Daniel and make him face reality. Maggie said she would be watching Chloe, and if Chloe slipped again, Maggie would go to Lucas. Chloe promised that it wouldn't come to that.

Rafe arrived at the convent looking for Sami. Then, Sister Theresa arrived with Sami and the baby. Rafe marveled at how beautiful Sami's baby was. He told Sami that when he heard from a nun at the convent that she and Sister Theresa had left, he thought that Sami had gone on the run and he would never see her again. Sami thanked Rafe for keeping her and the baby safe, but Rafe said none of them were safe. Sami noticed how pale Rafe was, and then he passed out. Sister Theresa gave Sami some cold water to help wake Rafe, and Sister Theresa ran off to find Sister Mary Margaret.

When Hope got to the hospital, Kayla filled her in on what happened with her patient, and how she suspected the man was the mayor's killer. Meanwhile, the killer had opened his eyes. Out in the hallway, Daniel gave Kayla and Hope an update on the killer's condition, and suggested he go with Hope to check on the killer when he was paged to another floor. Kayla went in to check on the killer while Hope called for backup. As Kayla approached the room, the killer grabbed her from behind and told everyone to back off or he would kill her.

Bo heard the message Hope left for him saying she was going to the hospital to talk to Kayla about what might be a break in the case, so he ran off to the hospital. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Hope pulled her gun on the killer, but the killer said if Hope shot at him, Kayla would die.

E.J. arrived at the clinic and found Nicole in bed holding his baby girl.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

At the Cheatin' Heart, Philip returned to find Stephanie waiting for him by the pool table. Smiling, the two kissed and Philip suggested that they dance. After slow dancing and kissing for a while, Philip commented on how amusing it was that they had known one another for so long, but had never thought of becoming a couple. Stephanie remarked that she was equally tickled by the fact that she had always found him a catch, but that it was only recently that she felt nervous around him. As Philip stared into Stephanie's eyes, he whispered, "I think I'm falling in love with you." Stunned, Stephanie pulled back slightly, causing Philip to say, "Too soon?" Philip explained that he had not said anything about his feelings earlier because his romantic track record caused him to worry he might hurt her. Stephanie urged Philip not to be afraid, then said, "I'm falling in love with you, too." The two kissed passionately, and Philip suggested they go back to his place.

At the clinic, E.J. rushed into Nicole's room to find her holding a baby, beaming. A flustered but happy E.J. smiled as Nicole put his daughter in his arms. Dr. Baker watched nervously from the corner of the room. "She's beautiful. Just like her mother," E.J. said. E.J.'s face turned from joy to puzzlement, alarming Nicole. "She actually resembles somebody else," E.J. said. E.J. noted the birthmark on the baby's cheek and explained that he had only seen that birthmark on one other person. Just as Nicole's face started to betray her panic, E.J. finished that the person that had that birthmark was himself.

E.J. thanked Dr. Baker for delivering the baby and asked how it went. Nicole interrupted to explain that there was a minor complication during the birth; the baby was not breathing when she was first born. Nicole assured E.J. that the baby was fine, and Dr. Baker agreed that there was nothing to worry about. Still nervous, E.J. announced that he was going to take the baby to the hospital and get a second opinion. Nicole agreed, but when E.J. continued that he wanted Nicole to be examined at the hospital, as well, she openly balked at the idea. Nicole sent Dr. Baker out of the room and, once alone with E.J., she explained that she trusted Dr. Baker. E.J. reluctantly agreed to heed Nicole's wishes and then, on her instructions, called Dr. Baker back into the room. Nicole asked to thank Dr. Baker privately, and E.J. agreed to leave them alone and go settle the bill. Dr. Baker chimed in that the bill would be sent to Nicole later, and not to worry about it.

Once alone, Nicole asked Dr. Baker to go check on Mia. Just outside in the hallway, the nurse stopped by to talk to E.J. and congratulate him on the new baby. Getting chatty, the nurse started to tell E.J. about how wonderful Sister Theresa had been during the delivery. When Nicole overheard the conversation from her room, she shoved Dr. Baker into the hallway and urged him to do damage control. Dr. Baker sent the nurse to check on a patient and then explained to E.J. that Sister Theresa was a volunteer from the nearby convent.

E.J. headed back into Nicole's room to check on her and was surprised to find her fully dressed. Nicole explained that Dr. Baker had urged her to go home. Right on cue, Dr. Baker entered the room and backing her up, explained that she would recover quicker if she were among family. Holding his daughter, grinning wildly, E.J. thanked Nicole for giving him a family and making him happy. Nicole countered, "I feel so blessed. And now I have everything I've ever wanted."

At Salem Hospital, Hope held the hit man at gunpoint while he held Kayla in a choke hold and threatened to snap her neck. Lexie came around the corner and took in the scene, then slowly backed into a nearby hallway to call Roman and tell him about the hostage situation. The hit man ordered Hope to put her weapon on the ground, and Kayla reminded Hope that he had killed Mayor Marino. Hope reluctantly placed her gun on the floor, but the hit man refused to let go of Kayla. As the hit man looked for a way to escape, Hope offered herself as a hostage instead of Kayla. The hit man refused and instead ordered Hope to find an exit for him.

Hope begged the hit man to give her time, but the killer only gripped Kayla tighter. A police officer tried to creep up behind the hit man, but the hit man was ready for him, and managed to knock the officer out while still keeping a hand on Kayla's coat. With a clear shot at the hit man, Hope dropped to the ground and grabbed her gun. At the last moment, the hit man pulled Kayla into the path of the bullet and then threw her to the ground. Bo and Steve rushed in, and Bo shot the hit man just before he could shoot Hope with the downed officer's pistol. Steve dove to the floor to protect Kayla, as the hit man fell to the ground, dead.

Lexie rushed over to examine Kayla's gunshot wound, and quickly carted her down the hall to assess the damage. "My God. What have I done?" Hope stammered. As Hope muttered to herself about what transpired, Bo tried to comfort her and assured her that if anyone was to blame, it was him. The confusion quickly melted from Hope's face as she realized what Bo was saying. Hope asked him whether he had a vision of the shooting, but Bo evaded the question.

At the convent, Rafe thrashed around on a pew, semi-conscious. Sami roused Rafe awake and reminded him that she had given birth to a daughter. Barely coherent, Rafe tried to warn Sami that things were not over. Before Rafe could explain, he passed out. Sister Theresa fetched Sister Mary Margaret, a nurse. Sister Mary Margaret urged Sami to let her take Rafe to a hospital, but, terrified for Rafe's safety, Sami refused to expose him to the killer. Sister Mary Margaret attended to Rafe's wound and administered antibiotics. Though Rafe was not "out of the woods yet," Sister Mary Margaret promised Sami that Rafe would likely be okay. Sami thanked Theresa for all her help and then shared with her that Rafe was trying to warn her of something. Sami theorized that Rafe was warning her to move on because the killer knew where to find them. Sister Theresa offered to hide them at the convent, and relieved, Sami took her up on the offer.

In a secluded room at the convent, Sister Theresa placed Rafe on the bed to recover. Sami asked for time alone with Rafe, and Sister Theresa left to get food for Sami. Smiling, Sami picked up the baby and went over to Rafe's bed and sat down. Sami thanked Rafe for everything and joked that he would not miss her like she would miss him. Rafe's eyes fluttered open and, smiling wryly, he groaned, "Wrong again." Sami smiled upon seeing that Rafe was awake, and he assured her that he would miss her. Trying to save face, Sami joked that she was hormonal. Rafe explained that the killer knew where they were, and Sami informed Rafe that they were hiding in a secluded part of the convent. Nervous, Rafe told Sami that he needed to call the FBI and Roman to tell them what had happened. Sami begged Rafe not to tell anyone about the baby. Rafe inquired about the birth, and Sami explained that she had gone to a clinic, used an alias, and paid in cash. Pleased that Sami had taken precautions against discovery, he smiled at her and congratulated her on the baby.

Worried about the killer, Rafe placed a call and learned that the killer had been caught. Turning to Sami, Rafe told her the killer was dead. Noting the somber look on Sami's face, Rafe asked her whether she was ready to go home. Sami admitted that she was not ready, and Rafe assured her that if she did not go home, she would face questions from her family and friends.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Philip asked Stephanie whether she was sure that she wanted to spend the night with him. When Stephanie admitted that it felt right, Philip swept her up in his arms and carried her to his bedroom. The two undressed and kissed on top of his bed, when her cell phone rang. Laughing, Philip urged her to ignore it. Worried that someone was calling at such a late hour, Stephanie explained that she should probably at least see who was calling. When Stephanie noted it was her father calling, Philip joked, "Oh no! He knows! He's gonna kill me, don't answer it!" Chuckling, Stephanie answered the phone to find her anxious father on the other end. Steve explained that Kayla had been shot.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lexie informed everyone that Kayla's surgery was touch-and-go, but with the prayers and support of Steve, Caroline, Roman, Max, and Stephanie, she pulled through. Bo and Hope, however, remained at odds over the circumstances of the shooting.

At Titan, Melanie fantasized about having sex on the desk with Philip. At the hospital with Max, she overheard Stephanie and Philip talking and mistakenly believed they made love.

Nicole and E.J. went home with their baby. Despite a phone call with Mia and a pediatrician pestering her with questions, Nicole was heaving a big sigh of relief as she and E.J. settled in at last to enjoy their happy family. Nicole named her baby "Sydney."

Sami persuaded Rafe, with some help from Roman, to let her stay at the convent a little longer. Sami was reluctant to abandon the baby, and nervous about returning to her old life in Salem. Sami named her baby "Grace."

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nicole and E.J. talked about who they thought the baby looked like when Mia called Nicole on her cell phone. She demanded to discuss her baby, which she had given to Nicole to raise and pass off as E.J.'s. She was getting ready to go to Japan and move on with her life, but she first wanted to know her baby's name. Nicole told Mia she had named the baby Sydney. When Nicole got off the phone, E.J. wanted to know whom she was talking to, so she made up an excuse.

Stefano was eager to meet his new granddaughter and told Nicole that the baby would have her beauty and strength. He thought that Sydney looked just like Johnny when he was born, and Nicole thought the baby looked just like E.J. Stefano asked Nicole how the delivery went and whether E.J. fainted when the baby was born. E.J. explained that he was too late to witness his daughter's birth and that Sydney was born at the clinic. He said when Sydney was born, she had trouble breathing.

Stefano was irate after hearing that Nicole did not give birth at the hospital - which was just ten minutes away - after he donated an entire wing at the hospital. He blamed the clinic for the baby having complications after being born. Stefano wanted the clinic investigated, but Nicole was against it, which made him suspicious. Nicole threatened to leave the mansion if Stefano didn't back off.

Sami vowed to keep her baby, Grace, as far away from the DiMeras as possible. She thanked Sister Theresa for helping her hide out from the killer and for promising to watch Grace, but Sami was having a hard time thinking about leaving her baby behind. Sami said goodbye to Grace and promised that she would return for her.

At home, Hope picked up her weapon and remembered how she had accidentally shot Kayla. She and Bo got into an argument over how Bo didn't tell her about his vision of her shooting Kayla at the hospital. Bo tried to explain that he felt his mind was just playing tricks on him, and he tried to console Hope by saying she did what she had to do given that it was a hostage situation. Chelsea interrupted their argument by offering to take care of Ciara while Bo and Hope sorted out their problems.

Hope told Chelsea that Ciara had a sleepover and hadn't returned home, so Chelsea offered to pick Ciara up after school. Hope tried to hurry Bo off to his community relations meeting. Bo didn't think the meeting was a big deal, but Hope disagreed. She said it was a good idea for him to go by the book. After Bo left, Hope planned to go to work herself, but Chelsea said it was bold of Hope to go back to work so soon after Kayla's shooting.

At the hospital, Chloe tried to talk to Daniel and tell him she wanted to break things off, but he was too busy with work to talk. On her way out, she ran into Maggie, who wanted to know whether she clued Daniel in that their affair was over, but Chloe didn't want to discuss it. Maggie considered that Chloe's way of saying she didn't break up with Daniel yet. Maggie confronted Daniel at the hospital and demanded that he end his affair with Chloe.

At the Brady Pub, Lucas ran into Max, who filled Lucas in on the shooting at the hospital. Lucas realized that since the mayor's killer was shot and killed, that meant Sami would be coming home. He tried to reach Chloe to fill her in on the news, but she was too busy with Daniel to answer the phone. Lucas wondered to himself how Sami was going to explain to everyone that she'd had a baby.

Max ran into Bo in the park, and Bo explained that he was playing hooky from work and that he was in the doghouse with Hope. Max suggested Bo and Hope go away together while Max and Chelsea would take care of Ciara, but Bo said it was the wrong time to take a vacation. Then, Bo got some news and went home.

After Hope found out that Kayla's condition had improved, she told Chelsea that she didn't feel like having company. Chelsea said she understood what Hope was going through, wondering whether people would ever look at her the same way again. Hope was only concerned about how Kayla would feel about her. Chelsea tried to console Hope over shooting Kayla, but Hope blamed herself. Chelsea wondered what was going on between Hope and Bo.

Chloe went by the DiMera mansion to talk to Nicole, so Stefano and E.J. left to discuss work. Nicole showed the baby to Chloe, and Chloe broke down and told Nicole about how she was cheating on Lucas with Daniel. Chloe admitted that she and Daniel had been together numerous times, and she confided in Nicole that she couldn't end their affair. Nicole theorized that Chloe's dilemma wasn't about Lucas or Daniel - it was about Chloe's freedom.

Nicole said that Chloe was moving too fast by getting engaged to Lucas. Chloe said that Maggie knew about Chloe and Daniel, also. Nicole didn't think that Maggie would tell Lucas about Chloe and Daniel, and she pointed out that Lucas wasn't a perfect man. Chloe said Lucas had treated her well, and she felt guilty for the way she treated him. Nicole urged Chloe to do whatever it took to get what she wanted, and in the process, she almost spilled the beans about stealing Sami's baby. Chloe sensed that Nicole was hiding something, and asked Nicole what she had done.

Lucas and E.J. ran into each other at the pub, and Lucas wondered if E.J. knew when Sami would return home. E.J. had not yet heard that the killer was dead, so Lucas told him the news. E.J. realized that Sami wouldn't play a significant role in E.J.'s life anymore, and Lucas said he wouldn't bet on that. Lucas pointed out that since Sami shared custody of Johnny with E.J., there would still be drama, but E.J. said Sami wasn't the threat that she used to be.

Daniel played dumb with Maggie about his affair with Chloe until Maggie told him she saw him and Chloe, and that Chloe had confirmed she was cheating with him. Daniel told Maggie that she didn't know what was going on and it wasn't Maggie's business. Maggie vowed not to let Daniel take away Lucas and Chloe's happiness. Maggie said if she wasn't convinced that Daniel and Chloe's affair was over, she would tell Lucas about it. Daniel couldn't promise Maggie that his affair with Chloe was over. While they were talking, Lucas walked by with flowers.

Chelsea and Max compared notes about Bo and Hope, and how it seemed like Hope was mad at Bo. Max said he realized that Bo thought Hope blamed him for the shooting at the hospital, and Max felt like things would only get worse for them. When Bo got home, Hope was there, and the phone rang. Bo told her not to answer it, because it was internal affairs. Hope asked if it was standard protocol for internal affairs to investigate whenever an officer shot a civilian, but Bo didn't answer.

At the pub, E.J. told Stefano that Sami would be coming home since the killer was gone, and Stefano already knew about it. Stefano pointed out how peaceful life had been since Sami was gone. E.J. said there didn't need to be drama between him, Sami, and Nicole, but Stefano predicted otherwise.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Lexie bumped into E.J. at the Brady Pub, and hugged the beaming new father. They discussed Kayla's shooting, and how the death of the mayor's killer meant surely that Sam Sami would surely return soon. Lexie wondered how Nicole would take the news, but E.J. hoped Nicole understood that Sami was Johnny's mother-and nothing more. Lexie smiled and asked why E.J. didn't go ahead and marry Nicole.

Melanie was about to enter the pub when she remembered overhearing a conversation between Philip and Stephanie, from which she had inferred that the two of them were sleeping together. She tried to convince herself that she didn't care if they were, and that the only thing she only cared about was shaking things up.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor wanted to know if Brady thought Melanie was planning to move the alternative-fuel project elsewhere. Brady believed that Melanie was still in their camp. Victor was exasperated that yet another wily female had managed to fool Brady, citing his Brady's prior relationships with Chloe and Nicole. Brady refused to discuss either woman with his grandfather, who laughed about how the DiMeras were stuck with the "conniving little bitch," Nicole.

Stephanie stopped by Titan to see Philip, who was relieved to learn that Kayla was out of intensive care. Stephanie thanked him for going to the hospital with her, and staying by her side, the night before. She added that she'd meant it when she'd told him that she was falling in love with him, and Philip blissfully echoed the sentiment.

Melanie arrived as Stephanie was leaving to visit her mom at the hospital, and Melanie professed to be glad to hear that Kayla was doing better. After Stephanie had gone, Melanie informed Philip that she was having second thoughts about keeping the fuel project at Titan. She claimed that the lack of professionalism at Titan concerned her, because things were moving so slowly-and because every time she went into the building, she saw a "sex kitten" leaving Philip's office.

Philip angrily reminded Melanie that Stephanie had nothing to do with the fuel project, and that Melanie had a deal with Titan. Melanie accused Philip of being a player, so he countered that she was a con artist, and that she was jealous of Stephanie. Melanie denied it, insisting the only things she cared about were her money and the project's future-elsewhere. Philip argued that their agreement was legally binding. Melanie asserted that, without physical proof, it wasn't, according to her lawyer. Philip coldly informed her that he knew she didn't have a deal with the DiMeras.

Melanie countered by speed-dialing E.J., who was just leaving the pub, and informed him that she'd decided to accept his offer to develop the fuel project. E.J. replied that it was the second-best news he'd had all day, and although he was anxious to meet with Melanie, he was a bit busy with his new baby. Melanie congratulated him, and pretended for Philip's sake that E.J. had proposed a time to meet. E.J., confused, promised Melanie he'd be in touch soon.

After Melanie hung up, Philip declared somewhat flirtatiously that he thought they could still make their agreement work. When Melanie didn't buy it, Philip accused her of being childish for walking away just because he'd chosen Stephanie. He firmly asserted that he would never let Melanie come between him and Stephanie. With an icy smile, Melanie countered that she'd never let Philip mess with her again.

Victor arrived at the Titan offices and found Philip and Melanie engaged in a staring match, and demanded to know what was going on. When Melanie told Victor that it had been a pleasure working for him, he assumed that Philip had fired her again. Melanie set the record straight: "Oh, no. I fired him. Ciao!" With a smirk at Philip, she strolled out.

Victor was furious when Philip told him about Melanie's phone call to E.J. Stephanie arrived, but hid in the shadows when she overheard Philip declaring that he would not let Melanie walk away from her contract. Victor asserted that Melanie had become a liability who needed to be dealt with-harshly. Philip assured his father that he understood, vowing, "Titan's going to keep this project, and I'm going to bury Melanie."

Lucas was taking flowers to Kayla at the hospital, and ran into Maggie, who informed him that Chloe had just left. While Daniel listened in, Maggie declared that there was something Lucas needed to know about Chloe. Lucas maintained that he and Chloe had no secrets.

Kate arrived, looking for Daniel, but when she saw Lucas and Maggie, she asked Daniel to wait while she said hello. Lucas teased Kate that she'd just interrupted a private conversation. Kate laughed and agreed that they would talk later at the Cheatin' Heart, where they were meeting with Chloe later to discuss setting a wedding date. After Kate left, Maggie admitted she'd forgotten that Lucas and Chloe were just about to set a date, and backpedaled a little. She claimed that she only wanted to caution Lucas against rushing into marriage with someone he didn't know very well. Lucas reassured his aunt that everything was fine, because he and Chloe knew each other "to the core."

Kate told Daniel that she was worried about what Sami's coming home would do to Lucas and Chloe's relationship. Daniel reminded Kate that she couldn't control everything. A nurse interrupted to tell Kate that it was time for her blood work, and Kate left after Daniel apologized for not having been more helpful.

When Stephanie arrived to visit Kayla, she ran into Maggie. Maggie said she'd been happy to hear that Stephanie was dating again, and Stephanie confided that things with Philip were going really well. Maggie was concerned that perhaps Melanie might cause problems for them, but Stephanie assured her that Melanie would never come between her and Philip.

At the DiMera mansion, Chloe sensed that something was going on with Nicole, and urged her to come clean. Nicole hedged, and Chloe assumed it had something to do with Sami. Nicole admitted that it did, but claimed it was only because she hated keeping secrets-like Sami's pregnancy-from E.J. She asked Chloe to swear never to tell anyone that Nicole knew that Sami was carrying E.J.'s baby, because she feared that E.J. would never forgive her if he found out. Chloe willingly agreed. She then confessed that she was still worried about breaking things off with Daniel. Nicole asserted that everything was in Chloe's control: all she had to do was make a decision and then make it happen. Chloe congratulated her friend on having such a beautiful baby girl, and left.

Chloe then went to Daniel's apartment to warn him that Maggie knew about their affair. He told her that Maggie had already confronted him, but he'd refused when she'd asked him to promise to call things off. Chloe declared that they had to, because otherwise Maggie would tell Lucas about them. Daniel argued that they hadn't been able to convince themselves-or each other-then the countless times they'd said they couldn't be together. Chloe declared that she'd have to make the decision for both of them that it was over. Daniel responded by pulling her close and kissing her tenderly. Chloe initially tried to resist, but before long, they were undressing each other.

Kate joined Lucas at a table at the Cheatin' Heart, and pulled out her calendar. When she asked where Chloe was, Lucas replied that she'd gone to visit Nicole and was probably on her way. Kate started talking about having the wedding in early May, which caused Lucas to wonder if something were going on with her health. Kate insisted that she was fine, but admitted she was concerned because Sami was coming home. Kate thought that Chloe would feel more secure with an earlier wedding date. Though Lucas was skeptical, Kate maintained that she cared about Chloe's feelings because she Chloe made Lucas so happy.

Brady dropped by the DiMera mansion to see Nicole, and was dumbfounded to find her holding the baby. "My did it," he marveled. Nicole happily replied, "Of course I did. I had my baby!" Brady pointed out that saying it didn't make it true, incredulous that she'd managed to convince Mia to let Nicole adopt her baby. Nicole angrily asked why Brady couldn't just be happy for her, or at least acknowledge what she'd accomplished-without his help-to get what she wanted.

Brady warned Nicole that the adoption wasn't legal, and would come back to bite her: eventually E.J. would find out, or Mia might change her mind. Nicole argued that E.J. hadn't found out so far, and Mia was on her way to Japan. Brady, raising his voice, insisted that Nicole had to at least consider the possibilities.

E.J. returned home just then and overheard, and demanded to know what they were talking about. Nicole laughed it off as a misunderstanding about vaccinations, but E.J. was unconvinced. Brady claimed he'd just learned that Nicole had given birth, so he'd stopped by. E.J. coldly asked why, on what should be the happiest day of their lives, Brady had shown up and picked a fight with Nicole. Brady apologized for intruding, but E.J. was still suspicious and angry. As the argument continued in the foyer, Nicole insisted that the she and Brady were strictly friends.

When Sydney began crying in the living room, E.J. asked Nicole to check on her. Brady tried to beat a hasty retreat, but E.J. demanded that he answer some questions first. Brady asserted that he didn't want to listen to any more of E.J.'s accusations, because there was nothing going on between him and Nicole. E.J. angrily declared that he would find out the reason Brady had come by, and why he was arguing with Nicole. Suddenly, Nicole shrieked from the other room that something was wrong with the baby, and E.J. and Brady immediately ran inside.

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