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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 9, 2009 on DAYS
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Monday, March 9, 2009

Melanie had a meltdown in the park while Brady was trying to help her calm down after Philip dropped her from the alternative fuels project. She dropped her purse on the ground while trying to leave, and Brady tried to help her, but she refused his assistance. While she was picking up her purse, she realized she didn't have her cell phone. Brady gave her phone back to her, and she broke down in his arms.

Brady offered to go somewhere so they could talk, and she was impressed with Brady's generosity, but she planned to go home. Brady advised her not to drive, because she was too upset.

She wondered why he was being so nice to her, and he asked to take her somewhere where she could work off her anger. Melanie agreed, and he took Melanie to the Cheatin' Heart to help her blow off some steam. She and Brady played darts, while Melanie pretended the dartboard was Philip and E.J.'s heads.

Nicole confronted E.J. for complaining to Roman about Sami's bodyguard, Rafe, after E.J. caught Rafe and Sami kissing. Nicole told him how Sami advised her to keep E.J. on a short leash because he was jealous of Sami and Rafe. E.J. kissed Nicole to shut her up. E.J. told Nicole he was only interested in her, and he said Nicole and only Nicole had his heart.

E.J. said he was only concerned about Rafe because he was concerned about Johnny's safety, because Rafe wasn't doing his job properly on account of being involved in "extra-curricular activities." Nicole wondered if E.J. was hinting that Rafe was sleeping with Sami. E.J. didn't know, but he said Sami's security directly affected Johnny's security. E.J. said he'd be happy when the whole matter was resolved, and Nicole felt the same way.

E.J. and Nicole relaxed on the sofa imagining how fantastic it would be to go on their honeymoon and not have to deal with Sami, work, or any other outside influence. He asked her whether she was able to find a designer to make her wedding dress, and she told him she'd found a dress at a boutique, but she needed money for a down payment, and they didn't take credit cards.

He wondered what happened to the $10,000 he'd already given her, and his question took Nicole by surprise, but she covered by saying she used it to take care of the caterers and other vendors. She said planning a wedding was expensive, but if E.J. wanted her to economize, she could do that. E.J. said there was no need to do that.

Stefano ordered his henchman to find out why Nicole went to the convent. Then, he got a call from Roman asking him to come to the police station to answer some questions about Mayor Marino's murder. Stefano had no plans to talk to the police, and he felt justice had been done since the killer had been killed.

Roman said justice had not yet been served, so Stefano said he'd come to the police station when Roman got a subpoena. He hung up with Roman and then called one of his connections and ordered him to contact his "friend" in St. Louis to have the man erase any ties Stefano might have had with the mayor's killer. Stefano demanded the matter be resolved quickly or his contact would be the next one to die.

Sami hurried to the convent when Sister Theresa told her over the phone that a woman held Sami's baby, Grace. Sister Theresa explained that the woman came to see her, not Grace. Sami asked where Grace was, and Sister Theresa said one of the nuns took Grace for a walk on the convent grounds. Sami asked what Sister Theresa knew about the woman who held Grace, and Sister Theresa said she could tell the woman lied about her name.

Sister Theresa said a lot of people don't give their real names when they came to the convent for guidance. Sami admitted she was being paranoid, because the DiMeras were very powerful. Sami said she started to tell E.J. about their baby but decided against it after the incident with Rafe. Sami was worried that Rafe was in trouble with his superiors at the FBI and might lose his job if they found out he helped Sami hide her baby and her pregnancy, but she was even more worried about what the DiMeras would do to him.

Sister Theresa reunited Sami with Grace, and Sami wondered if Grace remembered she was Grace's mother. Sami said she held another baby that reminded her of Grace. Sister Theresa asked Sami about the baby, and Sami said the baby was the daughter of her mortal enemy and that while she was holding the baby, Sami got emotional because she missed her own baby and because it occurred to her that a witch would be raising the baby.

Sister Theresa told Sami to watch her language, but she said she couldn't help it and if Sister Theresa knew Nicole, she'd say the same thing. Sister Theresa wondered if Sami found a way to bring Grace back to Salem, and Sami said she was still working on it, but there were too many things she'd have to explain. Sister Theresa pointed out that Sami took a big risk going to the convent. Sami apologized to Grace for having to leave her, but she promised her baby that Grace would meet the rest of her siblings soon.

Stephanie thought she accidentally deleted a file from the Titan database, but she soon realized that the problem was more serious. Philip went ballistic when he found out that the company's database was deleted. Stephanie wondered how that could have happened, and Philip thought back to his confrontation with E.J. The company's IT expert explained that a worm had entered the company's computer system and erased all the company's files.

Philip decided to confront E.J. He went to the DiMera mansion to challenge E.J. over the worm that destroyed his company's files. Philip said when he'd heard that a worm had destroyed his company's files, it made him think of the DiMeras. Nicole tried to stick up for E.J., but he shushed her and said that Philip would apologize. Philip refused, and E.J. said the fact that Philip insulted the DiMeras in Stefano's home made him "more of an ass than usual." E.J. suggested again that Philip apologize or face the consequences.

Philip still wouldn't apologize, and he said he wasn't like E.J., because he didn't play word games; he only cared about action. E.J. asked Philip what kind of action he was referring to, and Philip vowed E.J. would soon see. Sydney cried, so Nicole left the room to check on her. After she left, E.J. warned Philip to make any future "ridiculous accusations" to E.J. alone, and to leave his family out of it. Philip told him that E.J.'s family needed to know who E.J. really was.

Upstairs, Nicole comforted Sydney and worried that Philip would tell E.J. that she and Brady were having an affair, even though it wasn't true. Nicole started to worry that E.J. might find out who Sydney's real mother was, then she tried to think positive and remembered that Sami held the baby and didn't even know Sydney was her own biological daughter. Nicole said she'd die before she let Sami get her hands on Sydney. Nicole called Brady to tell him about E.J. and Philip's confrontation, and asked him to find out what happened at Titan.

Brady called the office and found out about the worm that infected the company's database. Brady filled Melanie in on the worm that destroyed the company's data, including the specs on the alternative fuel project. Brady said Melanie's project was gone.

Melanie was feeling down about losing the project, and Brady pointed out that since Melanie burned her bridges with E.J. and Philip, her chances of making money with the project were thin, anyway. She said the project was the only good thing she had left of her father, and Nick trusted her not to mess things up. Brady realized that Melanie really cared about the project besides the money, and he said she didn't get enough credit for who she really was.

Stefano listened at the door while Philip and E.J. verbally sparred. Philip asked E.J. if he was planning to call the police, and E.J. said he wasn't calling the authorities. Philip warned E.J. that he'd gone too far and that he broke the law by committing industrial espionage and corporate sabotage. What Philip said didn't faze E.J. He tried to make a business call while Philip threatened him. After their confrontation, Stefano applauded E.J.'s performance

At the Brady Pub, Roman called Sami and warned her that he suspected that Stefano hired the hit man who killed the mayor. Roman warned Sami not to trust Stefano or E.J. Sami felt she had enough protection with Will staying with her at Marlena's cottage, but Roman pointed out that Will was too young to protect her from danger, and that she needed to be on guard. Sami said she felt safer when she had a bodyguard, and she asked Roman for a favor.

Sami sang Rafe's praises to Roman, but Roman said she didn't need to sell Rafe to him, because anyone who protected Sami deserved a medal. Sami wondered if Roman could put in a good word for Rafe, but Roman already had. Roman understood Sami's frustration, and he warned that the FBI could fire Rafe. Sami asked whether Roman could get Rafe a job at the Salem police department if he got booted from the FBI.

Roman said Rafe didn't go by the book, and that didn't go over well with some people. Roman noted that he spoke on Hope's behalf when she shot Kayla, but the police board suspended Hop,e anyway. Sami asked if there was anything Roman could do if Rafe got fired from the FBI, but Roman said Rafe would probably receive a reprimand, get another case in a few weeks, and move on. Roman suggested Sami needed to move on, too. Sami was working on it, she said, and Roman asked what her plan was.

Philip said someone in the company had to have a copy of the alternative fuels project specs, so Stephanie said she was working on finding anyone with the data. The IT technician said he'd hoped he would be able to isolate the worm and have it work backwards so they could find some of the lost data, but the worm destroyed itself. Philip ordered him to get back to work on trying to find copies of the data. Stephanie asked what she could do, but Philip said there was nothing she could do.

Stephanie sympathized with Philip about what Victor might say about the damage the worm did, but Philip said Victor blamed him for anything that went wrong at the office, so he didn't care anymore. Stephanie asked how Philip planned to fix things, and Philip knocked things off his desk and vowed to kill E.J.

Nicole walked downstairs and overheard Stefano delighting in E.J.'s verbal comeback with Philip. She asked E.J. why Philip was so upset, and he said it wasn't important, but she said everything E.J. did was important to her. Stefano mentioned how he never got a chance to see Sydney, because she slept all the time. Nicole said it was normal for babies to sleep a lot. Stefano said it was a good thing they assigned a nanny to Sydney, so Nicole could come and go as she pleased. E.J. said she and he were able to come and go as they pleased. Stefano pointed out that Sydney looked a lot like Johnny.

Nicole excused herself to check on the baby, and Stefano told E.J. that Nicole seemed to be stressed. He asked E.J. if Nicole mentioned the meeting she'd had with Sami. Stefano wondered what Sami did to upset Nicole, and E.J. said the witness protection program messed up Sami's life, but E.J. vowed not to let Sami's problems affect his happiness.

Nicole held Sydney and told her how she couldn't stay away from her for very long. Nicole wondered why Sami told people her baby was dead and why she left Grace at the convent to be taken care of by nuns in secret. Nicole vowed to find out what Sami was up to and to find a way to take care of both babies.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

At Bo and Hope's house, Stephanie and Chelsea went inside in order to gather Chelsea's things in order for Chelsea to move out. Chelsea explained that Max had stayed over and it had upset Bo when he saw Max in the morning. When Stephanie asked whether Bo's suspicions that Chelsea and Max had slept together were correct, an uncomfortable Chelsea turned away. Attempting to ease the tension, Stephanie assured Chelsea that she only wanted Chelsea and Max to be happy. Chelsea thanked Stephanie for her concern, and then asked about Philip. Stephanie admitted that she had her doubts about the relationship, but that she could not stop herself from thinking about marrying and having children with him.

Up at the Horton cabin, Chloe tried on her wedding dress and admired herself in the mirror. Chloe began to fantasize that Daniel was there with her, and just as Daniel leaned in to kiss her, Lucas walked through the front door and startled Chloe back to reality. Surprised, Chloe yelled at Lucas for seeing her in her wedding dress before the big day. Lucas was confused as to why Chloe had become superstitious, but Chloe explained that her reason was that she wanted a perfect wedding day.

Lucas picked up the credit card he had left on the dining room table, and then said that he was going back out. Noting the inquisitive look on Chloe's face, Lucas admitted that he was headed out to meet Sami. Chloe launched into a tirade about how she was sure that Sami was bad-mouthing her to Lucas, and he agreed that Chloe's hunch was right. Trying to calm down his fiancée, Lucas assured her that Sami did not influence how he felt about Chloe, because he was looking forward to calling her "my wife." After Lucas left, Chloe swore to herself, "No one is going to stop me from marrying you. No one."

Down on the pier, Kate walked up to Daniel as he stood by the water staring out at the river. Kate confided that she had a horrible premonition that someone had a reason to stop Lucas and Chloe's wedding. Daniel theorized that Kate was suffering from anxious jitters, but Kate insisted that she had reason to worry. Kate reminded Daniel that Chloe had already called off the wedding once and that she was worried that Chloe had returned to Lucas out of guilt. Daniel suggested that Kate focus on the positive. Daniel stood there silent while Kate reiterated her feeling that someone had a reason to come forward and stop the wedding.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Max thought about the night he spent with Chelsea, and then called her cell phone and left a message asking her to stop by before the bar opened. When there was a knock at the door, Max excitedly opened it to find Will. Unable to hide his disappointment, Max said hello to Will and invited him in. Will and Max caught up on each other's lives, and Will confided that things were weird in his life. Will explained that Sami appeared to be zoned out all the time. Max assured Will that Sami's mood was likely an aftereffect from her three-month stint in hiding.

Max asked about Will's little brother and sister, just as Chelsea peeked her head in the front door of the bar. As Max happily raved about how wonderful kids were, Chelsea listened quietly at the door. "I can't wait to be a father some day, man," Max told Will. Upset, Chelsea crept away before she was noticed. After Will left for home, Max stared at the necklace he bought for Chelsea and wondered aloud where she was.

At the Salem hospital chapel, Daniel spoke aloud about how he had stopped praying for his own personal problems because he did not feel they were deserving of attention. Confused about Chloe, Daniel asked God for clarity. Daniel admitted that he was worried that Chloe was marrying Lucas out of guilt and not love. Daniel admitted that he had scoffed at Chloe for asking for a sign from God, and then he asked God to give him a sign to help him believe, as well.

As Daniel kneeled on a pew to pray, Chloe entered the chapel. When she thought of her promise to God to give up Daniel in order to save Lucas, she hurried down the hallway away from the chapel. Sensing a presence, Daniel turned his head to find that he was alone in the chapel. When Daniel got up to leave, Chelsea rushed into the chapel to ask him for help. Chelsea begged Daniel to help her find a way to have children, but Daniel explained that there was nothing he could do to reverse the damage to her reproductive system. Crushed, Chelsea argued that she refused to accept reality and needed to have some kind of hope for the future. When a tearful Chelsea stormed out, Daniel sighed and said, "I can't help Chelsea, but I can help Chloe keep her promise to God."

Down the hallway in the lobby of the hospital, a flustered Chloe said, "I can't keep doing this anymore." "Problem?" Kate countered from across the lobby. Kate questioned why Chloe was at the hospital, but Chloe responded that she was there for a checkup. Kate said that she was there for a checkup, as well, but that she expected good results thanks to Chloe's help. "We don't deserve you. We really don't," Kate murmured. Chloe failed to notice the venom in Kate's tone, and blithely started to discuss her wedding dress. Kate acted hurt that Chloe had denied her the opportunity to bond over a shopping spree for the wedding dress, but told Chloe not to feel guilty.

As Daniel walked down the hallway of Salem hospital, he stopped Kate as she was passing by. Daniel advised Kate that it was her job as a mother to worry, even when she should not. With firm conviction in his voice, Daniel swore to Kate that he believed in his heart that Lucas and Chloe would "have a good life together and that this wedding is the best thing for everyone." Smiling, Daniel walked off, leaving a flummoxed Kate in his path.

Back at the Cheatin' Heart, an emotional Chelsea walked in and apologized to Max for being late. Seeing that Chelsea was upset, Max handed her the jewelry box in an attempt to cheer her up. Chelsea rejected the gift, stating that she wanted to end things "before it goes too far." Crying, Chelsea swore to Max that she would not deprive him of his future. "I love you, but that's why I'm doing this," Chelsea said tearfully, before running out of the bar.

At the Brady Pub, Sami was surprised to see Rafe when she walked in. Nervous, Rafe attempted to avoid Sami, saying, "It's complicated." Sami pushed Rafe for details and worried that the FBI had fired Rafe because of her. Rafe assured her that he had not told his superiors about Grace, but Sami worried that his complicity in keeping the secret would get him in criminal trouble. Rafe gently stroked Sami's face and whispered, "I was thinking, if I had to do it all over again, I would. In a heartbeat."

Before Sami and Rafe could kiss, Rafe pulled away and offered to get coffee. While Rafe was at the bar, Sami called Abe and asked for his assistance in finding a job for Rafe. Upon hearing his name, Rafe grabbed the phone from Sami and politely asked Abe to forget Sami's request. Bristling at the idea that anyone wanted to help him, Rafe declined her assistance and noted that fixing lives was not her "strong suit." Sami surmised that Rafe had no plans yet, and she urged him to consider staying in Salem. "I just don't want you to walk out of my life again," Sami said sweetly. Rafe assured her that he would be around, then excused himself to take care of some pressing business.

Lucas noticed Rafe leaving as he entered the pub, and asked Sami if that was her FBI bodyguard. Sami reminded Lucas that Rafe was just a friend, and Lucas offhandedly remarked, "he knows exactly how you lost the baby." Angry, Sami ordered Lucas to leave, and he apologized for his insensitivity. Going on the attack, Sami argued that Rafe was a good man, unlike Lucas' fiancée, "Opera Bitch." Both upset, Lucas grunted and Sami walked away. As Sami stormed out, Chloe rushed into the pub and over to Lucas, and kissed him passionately. "Let's elope. Now!" Chloe enthused.

While Sami stood down on the pier and worried aloud whether she had messed things up with Rafe, Rafe marched into the Salem Police Station. Smirking, Rafe asked to see Roman Brady in order to ask about a job.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bo was filing some paperwork in his office when he had another vision of Hope in bed with another man. Abe arrived and noted that something seemed to be bothering Bo, but Bo insisted everything was fine. Abe then gave Bo a file, and Bo smiled when he saw its contents.

Roman found Rafe waiting for him in the outer office. Rafe asserted that he was applying for a job on his own merits, and that it hadn't been his idea for Sami to call Mayor Carver on Rafe's behalf. Roman wasn't too surprised to hear about that, because he'd told Sami there was a hiring freeze at the Salem Police Department. A disappointed Rafe started to leave, but Roman said that he might have additional funds to cover long-range criminal investigations—including Mayor Marino's assassination. He continued that he wanted to prove there was a link between the hit man and Stefano DiMera. Noting that Stefano was Sami's former father-in-law, Rafe declared that he'd be highly motivated to help.

Chloe met Lucas at the Brady Pub, and excitedly suggested they fly to Las Vegas to get married that night. Lucas was taken aback, not to mention skeptical of her motives, because the idea was so sudden. Chloe insisted she couldn't wait to be his wife, but Lucas said it also reminded him of the abruptness with which she broke up with him. He asked her what was really going on.

Daniel ran into Hope as she was dining solo at the Brady Pub. When he saw Chloe and Lucas, he asked to join Hope. She admitted she wasn't in a great mood, so he offered to listen to whatever was bothering her, since she'd done the same for him recently. Hope vented her frustrations about not being able to work. Daniel observed that she was a workaholic, just like he was, adding that he felt she'd been wrongly suspended. Hope tried to argue that what she'd done was wrong, because she'd shot Kayla, but Daniel gently contended that she should try to forgive herself.

Abe arrived and informed Hope that she'd been reinstated—but only if she still wanted her job, he added with a wink. Hope gave him a grateful hug. Daniel congratulated her warmly, then excused himself and left. When Bo came in, he gave Abe a hard time for telling Hope the good news without him. Abe proclaimed that the two of them should celebrate, and bade them goodbye. Bo gave his wife a joyful kiss.

Chloe asked Lucas if they could talk someplace more private, so they moved their discussion outside. Lucas continued to press Chloe to tell him why she was in such a hurry to get married. Chloe pointed out that he'd almost died, and she felt that their wedding plans had caused them to lose sight of what was really important. When Lucas remained doubtful about her motives, Chloe declared crossly that he must not want to get married at all, and left in a huff.

Sami was walking along the waterfront, talking on her cell phone to Sister Theresa. She was heartbroken when she learned that she'd missed seeing Grace sit up for the first time. Will happened by just then and overheard, and asked his mom who Grace was. Sami covered, claiming that she'd said "Rafe." She then changed the subject, maintaining that she'd rather talk about what was going on with Will. Will irritably replied that she would know if she weren't always so busy. Sami tried to reassure him that, despite how preoccupied she'd been, she was thrilled he was home. Will contended that she was behaving the way she always had when she thought something bad was about to happen. He implored her to tell him if there was something going on, but she insisted there wasn't. Still annoyed and suspicious, Will declared that he was going back to the cabin to get his cell phone, and left.

Nicole had bundled Sydney up and started wheeling her stroller out the front door of the DiMera mansion, when she nearly ran into Dr. Baker on the doorstep. Nicole told him that she wasn't going to let him blackmail her again, and tried to slam the door on him. Dr. Baker stopped her by telling her that he was leaving town. He explained that he'd had to close the clinic, but had since gotten several job offers. Nicole was sure that he'd only come by on his way out of town because he wanted money. Dr. Baker teased that he wanted an invitation to her wedding, and then assured her that he was through blackmailing her. He told Nicole goodbye, and wished Sydney a great life.

Rafe and Roman discussed the Marino case while Rafe filled out an employment application. Sami arrived with lunch for her dad, and was happily surprised to find Rafe there. Roman made an excuse about getting some coffee, so Sami and Rafe could have a moment alone. Rafe could tell something was bothering Sami, and asked what it was. She wryly told him that Grace was sitting up by herself, and she'd missed it. Rafe pulled her close, reassuring her that everything would be all right, just as Roman returned.

Bo and Hope arrived right behind Roman, and welcomed Sami home with joyful hugs, their laughter filling the office. Roman introduced Rafe to Bo and Hope, as Sami praised her former bodyguard's work. Sami then left so Rafe could finish his application.

Roman and Bo went into Bo's office to discuss the possibility of Rafe's joining the Salem PD. Roman noted that Rafe's report about the hit man seemed incomplete, but suspected it was because he'd had to bend the rules a bit while protecting Sami. They shared a knowing chuckle about cops who didn't follow orders, but Roman worried that Rafe might take things a little too far. Bo watched Hope and Rafe chatting and laughing in the outer office, and immediately his premonition about Hope returned. Roman emphasized that he owed Rafe for saving Sami's life. Bo maintained that Roman could get Rafe a job, but it would have to be elsewhere, as Salem didn't have the budget to hire him.

When Bo emerged from his office, Hope excitedly informed him that Rafe could play first base on the precinct team. Bo shook Rafe's hand and took his application, and then Rafe left. When Bo didn't share Hope's enthusiasm for hiring the obviously qualified Rafe, she accused him of being jealous. Bo insisted he wasn't jealous, only that they didn't have the budget to hire anyone else. He reluctantly added that he'd just had another vision. Hope urged him to try not to think about it. Bo then closed the blinds, declaring with a mischievous grin that he needed to welcome her back in private. Hope gladly accepted his congratulatory smooch.

Nicole ran into Lucas on the waterfront, and told him she'd just been about to call Chloe about a nice bridesmaid's dress she'd found for Chloe's sister. An obviously frustrated Lucas retorted that he didn't know if there would even be a wedding. He explained that Chloe was furious that he hadn't reacted with excitement when she had suggested eloping. Nicole remarked that Chloe had been a bit emotional recently, but hedged when Lucas asked if Nicole knew why. Lucas then took a peek at a sleeping Sydney. He remarked that she looked like Allie had at that age, which irked Nicole.

Sami arrived just then, and Nicole immediately began sniping at her. Lucas opted to stay out of their drama, but made it clear that he was on Sami's side. After he'd gone, Nicole adamantly declared that E.J. was not interested in Sami, but he also didn't want her involved with a "loose cannon" like Rafe for Johnny's sake. Nicole continued that if Sami persisted in allowing Rafe to be around Johnny, E.J. would never back off. Sami was indignant, but Nicole cut her off, and then left to take Sydney home.

Rafe was outside the Brady Pub when his cell phone rang. He learned that Roman had put in a good word for him with the Anti-Terrorism Task Force, but it would require him to move to New York. Rafe assured the caller that there was nothing keeping him in Salem.

Rafe then met Sami down on the waterfront, and she ran, sobbing, into his arms. Concerned, he asked what was wrong. "I know I shouldn't, and I don't want to, but I need you," Sami cried. "I really, really need you!" Rafe held her, stroking her hair.

Back at the cabin, Chloe remembered the night she'd donned a negligee as a surprise for Lucas, but had opened the door to find Daniel instead. Will walked in, interrupting her thoughts, and assumed from her reaction that she was annoyed he was there. Chloe assured him that it had nothing to do with him. They searched together for his cell phone, but couldn't find it. Chloe divulged that she and Lucas had argued, but acknowledged that she was at fault because she'd acted like a jerk. They compared notes about how impossible it was to apologize to Lucas, since he always blamed himself for anything that went wrong. Will advised Chloe that Lucas wouldn't want to elope, because he would want both their families to be there.

Lucas went to the Cheatin' Heart, taking a long look at the bottles behind the bar as he seated himself. Daniel came in right behind him. He told Lucas he'd followed him into the bar because he didn't want Lucas to fall off the wagon again. Lucas declared that he hadn't gone there to drink, but to think about Chloe. Daniel volunteered to listen, so Lucas ranted about how Chloe hadn't told him why she wanted to elope. Daniel noted that Chloe had confided in him during Kate's illness, because Lucas had been worried and preoccupied, and started to offer Lucas some advice. Suddenly Lucas realized that the time Daniel mentioned had been when he and Chloe had begun having trouble communicating, but added that he didn't fault Daniel for it. He declared that he wished he knew why Chloe had called off their engagement—and suddenly wanted to elope—because he believed they shouldn't begin their marriage with secrets between them. Daniel maintained that the notion of a couple not having secrets was dead wrong.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

When E.J. got home, he found a bottle of champagne and a note from Nicole to join her upstairs in the bedroom. She was on the bed in a negligee, and he asked her if they were celebrating. She said it was because she wanted to make him very happy. E.J. and Nicole kissed, and she told him she loved him for being so patient and understanding. E.J. didn't want to talk about it, and Nicole realized he just wanted to make love.

After they made love, E.J. said it was worth the wait. He was happy that they had a daughter and they were getting married. He said it was scary to be so happy sometimes. Nicole said she never imagined in her past as a schemer that she would have what she had with E.J. She didn't think she needed anything else, but he said she needed a wedding ring.

While E.J. was sleeping, Nicole thanked God for her blessings. Then she got a phone call from someone and asked what the person wanted and why the person was calling her there.

Kate went to Titan to see Victor to discuss her plan for revenge on Chloe. Kate said she almost lost it when Chloe showed her Chloe's wedding dress. Victor wondered what Chloe did to enrage Kate. Kate said Chloe slept with another man while she was engaged to Lucas. Kate told Victor that Lucas didn't know about Chloe's affair, and her initial plan to get him interested in another woman would not work, because he was too in love to even look at another woman.

Kate wanted to help stop the wedding and to make Chloe suffer intensely. Kate was trying to think of another way to stop the wedding besides telling Lucas the truth, because he would be humiliated. Victor suggested that Kate arrange for Lucas to find out the truth firsthand. Kate wondered how much time she had to put her plan into action.

Kate started to resent having to protect Lucas' fragile feelings. Kate wanted to just tell him that Chloe was a "conniving little slut" and that Kate wouldn't let him marry her. Kate felt it would be easier to shoot Chloe, but Victor said if Kate shot Chloe, Chloe would only suffer for a moment, whereas Kate could make Chloe live the rest of her life humiliated. The first thing Kate needed to decide was how she planned to arrange for Lucas to find out the truth, Victor said. Kate said she came up with a way to get her revenge on Chloe.

Chloe tried to reach Lucas by phone, but it went straight to voicemail. She thought Lucas turned off his phone because he was mad at her. Will said he wished there was something he could do, and Chloe was ready to take him up on his offer, but Will said he was just trying to be polite. Chloe wanted Will to tell Lucas that she wanted to elope because she felt the pressure of having a huge wedding. Will refused to comply.

Chloe wondered if Will didn't want to talk to Lucas because he didn't want her and Lucas to elope or if he didn't want her to marry Lucas at all. Will said he was too young to talk to Lucas about who he married. Then Will told Chloe that she and Lucas seemed too intense, and wondered if it was because there was a problem they weren't talking about. He thought Chloe and Lucas were ignoring his mother, Sami.

Chloe told Will that Lucas and Sami weren't getting back together. Will said his parents were supposed to be together, but Chloe said Sami and Lucas had moved on. Will got impatient and didn't want to talk anymore, because all everyone did was talk. Before Will left, Chloe told him she was glad he was back and she hoped they could be friends, but he didn't understand why Chloe wanted to be part of his family.

Lucas asked Daniel if Chloe was keeping something from Lucas, but Daniel said that wasn't what he was said. So Lucas asked Daniel if he was keeping something from Lucas. Lucas pressed Daniel to be honest with him. Daniel said Chloe was a private person and probably didn't know why she wanted to elope. He suggested Lucas back off figuring out why she wanted to get married right away and just marry Chloe.

Daniel said if he had someone like Chloe, he would never risk losing her. Lucas wondered why Daniel cared so much about Chloe, and Daniel said it was because they bonded when Chloe thought Lucas was dead and when Chloe donated her bone marrow after knowing it was dangerous. Daniel said if Lucas didn't find Chloe and tell her he would do whatever she wanted, Lucas was an idiot.

Chloe called Lucas and left a message asking him for another chance and apologizing for what she had said to him earlier. Lucas walked in the door - having overheard her - and asked her for another chance. Chloe thought she messed everything up, but he said she didn't. Lucas told her he loved her and couldn't wait to marry her - even if she wanted to elope.

Chloe told Lucas she didn't want to just roll over him - she wanted to work things out. He said his demands were that she showed up to their wedding and say "I do" when it came time to say "I do." She agreed, and then filled him in on her conversation with Will and how important it was for Lucas to have his family around when they got married.

Lucas said it would be nice to have his family at their nuptials, but all he needed was Chloe. She said she was ready to talk to him about why she wanted to elope, but he didn't want to talk about it anymore, and he kissed her. Chloe vowed to do her best to be the wife he deserved. He said it made him think he made the right choice - he reserved the private jet so they could fly off and elope.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Kate told Daniel she heard Chloe was having an affair with a married man. She asked him to tell her that it wasn't true. Daniel suggested someone was trying to stir up trouble, but Kate said her source was very reliable. Daniel asked who the source was, but she said she couldn't reveal that, because she gave the source her word. Kate said that would explain why Chloe broke off the engagement with Lucas and why Lucas fell off the wagon.

Daniel asked if she thought Lucas started drinking because he found out, but Kate said it would be hard for him to hide his pain. Kate didn't understand how Chloe could hurt Lucas that way, and Daniel reminded her that Chloe donated her bone marrow to save Kate's life. Daniel asked if the source said who the man was, but Kate said the source didn't name him. She said when the source described the encounter, the first person Kate thought of was Daniel.

Daniel wondered why she thought of Daniel when he heard about Chloe cheating, and she said she was reminded of how Daniel acted when she broke it off with him, and asked him what was going on between him and Chloe. She said that Daniel wasn't tense and irritable anymore like he was when she asked about him and Chloe earlier.

Daniel felt like Kate wanted it to be true, and he suggested she forget she heard that Chloe was cheating on Lucas and let the two of them be happy. Kate asked if he thought Chloe and Lucas could be happy, and he said yes. Kate said he would have thought a man like him would have fought for Chloe.

Daniel asked what she said, and Kate said it was an interrogation technique to see if it was Daniel that Chloe cheated with. Daniel said she had a lot of nerve, and Kate agreed that she was wrong to ask that after what they'd been through. Then she asked him straight out if he was or had ever been involved with Chloe.

Rafe met Sami in the park, and she ran into his arms, upset over her talk with Nicole. Rafe asked what was wrong, and she said E.J. and Nicole upset her. Rafe asked if E.J. and Nicole threatened her, and he said he would kill them. Sami said Rafe couldn't go near them, and Sami couldn't go near Rafe. Sami said she couldn't be with Grace, and Sami couldn't take it. Rafe tried to calm Sami and asked what happened.

Sami said she realized that Nicole was right by suggesting Sami stay away from Rafe if Sami didn't want E.J. to pry because E.J. didn't like Rafe. Sami said she couldn't have E.J. watch Sami, because he would find out about Grace. Sami said she really wanted to bring the baby home, but she also didn't want to lose Rafe, either. Rafe suggested she calm down, but Sami didn't want to calm down. She wanted to get Grace, but Rafe told her she couldn't.

Sami told Rafe it wasn't his decision on whether she could go get Grace. Rafe confided in Sami that Roman thought the DiMeras were responsible for the mayor's murder and for sending the killer after Sami, and Rafe said he believed Roman. Sami hit Rafe with her purse, because she had told Rafe that all along, and she was angry that Rafe only believed it when it came from her father.

Rafe told Sami she was right about the DiMeras and about Grace. He said no one, especially the DiMeras, could know about the baby. Sami wasn't able to keep Grace a secret hidden away at the convent. Rafe understood, and he wanted her to have Grace back, but he said when the baby came home, it needed to be for good.

Rafe realized that the DiMeras were responsible for her needing to be placed in protective custody and she was still being held captive by the DiMeras. Sami wondered what he thought she should do, because she couldn't leave town and couldn't get her baby. Rafe suggested they prove the DiMeras were behind the mayor's murder and the attempt on Sami's life.

Sami was worried that it would take forever for them to bring down the DiMeras. Rafe asked her what would happen if the DiMeras found out she had a child. Sami thought of telling people she adopted a child, and Lucas would think she did it because she lost her baby. E.J. would be busy with his own baby, Sami said, and she vowed they would be careful. She said she couldn't do it without Rafe. Sami said the best part of going through her whole ordeal was that she met Rafe.

Rafe told Sami he had to work some things out, and while they were talking, Will walked up. Sami introduced him to Rafe. Will tried to walk off, but Sami suggested they get some coffee, but Will didn't want to be a third wheel. Rafe said he was leaving, anyway, and told Sami he'd talk to her later. Will thought Sami and Rafe were involved, but she said they were just friends. Will didn't believe her.

Will noticed when Sami tried to change the subject, but she stuck to her story of her and Rafe just being friends. Will said the way Rafe and Sami said goodbye suggested they were more than just friends. Will told her how awkward it was talking to Chloe about her relationship with Lucas. Will said he wasn't worried about Lucas and Chloe, but he was worried about Sami and Rafe, because he'd seen it before. Will sensed that Sami was up to something with Rafe, and he predicted it would go wrong like it always did.

Rafe decided to stay in Salem to help Sami deal with the DiMeras. He called the FBI and turned down the counterterrorism position, because he was staying in Salem.

Friday, March 13, 2009

At the Cheatin' Heart, Kate asked Daniel point-blank, "Are you now, or have you ever been, involved with Chloe?" When Daniel tried to walk out without answering, Kate threatened to make a scene. He grudgingly agreed to stay. Kate, her voice dripping with sarcasm, asked him to pour out his heart to her about his "latest lady love."

Daniel maintained that she was accusing him unfairly, and wanted to know who her so-called "reliable source" was. Kate refused. She pointed out that Lucas had gotten drunk after Chloe had dumped him, and she feared he might do something much worse if he learned Chloe was cheating on him. "I'm afraid not just for his happiness. I'm afraid for his life," she declared.

Daniel argued that Chloe and Lucas were in love. Kate claimed that she finally believed Daniel, because she couldn't picture him and Chloe together. While Daniel listened silently, Kate maligned Chloe's character. She then added brightly that at least they wouldn't have to worry about Chloe being jealous if they got back together. She admitted that she fantasized about him often, and wanted him back in her life.

Daniel flatly told her that it wasn't going to happen, pointing out that they weren't the same people they had been when they were together. Kate feigned surprise and disappointment, and then asked if Daniel believed Lucas and Chloe had true love. Daniel replied that he hoped Lucas and Chloe had an enjoyable life. He paid the tab and left. After calling him a "phony creep" under her breath, Kate vowed that if Daniel wouldn't stop the wedding, then she would.

Lucas and Chloe were at the cabin, packing and going over last-minute details for their trip to Las Vegas. Chloe was happy that Lucas was excited about eloping, but wondered what had caused his change of heart. Lucas replied that he'd talked to Daniel about her at the Cheatin' Heart, and Daniel had asserted that it didn't matter where Lucas and Chloe got married, as long as they loved each other. Chloe seemed surprised, especially when Lucas added that Daniel had said that Lucas should do whatever it took to make her happy. Lucas just assumed that Daniel probably had some regrets about Kate.

Chloe then suggested that they go on a honeymoon to someplace romantic after the wedding, but Lucas reminded her that Will had just come home. Chloe agreed that they could go on their honeymoon anytime, and they kissed until Will arrived and interrupted them. After locating his cell phone, Will noticed their suitcases. Lucas informed Will that he and Chloe were eloping. Will's lack of enthusiasm was obvious, and Lucas and Chloe thought it was because he still hoped his parents would get back together.

Lucas invited Will to come along and be the best man, but Will declined, citing schoolwork. Lucas got a phone call just then, alerting him to mechanical trouble with the jet. Chloe was disappointed when Lucas said they'd have to postpone the trip until the next day.

A little while later, Kate arrived looking for Chloe and Lucas, but found Will in the cabin alone. Will informed a stunned Kate that Chloe and Lucas were on their way to Las Vegas to get married.

Melanie was working on her laptop at the Brady Pub when Brady found her. Observing her apparent frustration, he asked what the problem was. She wanted to know if anyone had been able to fix the problem with the computers at Titan and retrieve the fuels project. She was dismayed when he told her they hadn't-and even more so when he suspected that she'd had something to do with the sabotage. Melanie denied it, but Brady didn't believe her.

As Nicole lay contentedly in bed, watching E.J. sleep, Philip called her cell phone. She tried to put him off, but Philip was insistent-and furious. He informed her that all the files at Titan had been erased, and their only hard copy of the fuels project had been destroyed. Nicole didn't see how E.J. could have had anything to do with it. Philip asserted that it was industrial espionage, and that only the DiMeras could have pulled off something so sophisticated. He vowed that he would tell E.J. about her "sleazy affair" with Brady, and abruptly hung up.

E.J. woke up as Nicole was tiptoeing out of the bedroom. She claimed that they were out of formula, and she needed more before Sydney's next feeding. E.J. tried to convince her to come back to bed and let Mary get it, but Nicole insisted that she should go, since she was already dressed. In the foyer, she left an urgent voicemail for Brady, asking for his help.

A while later, E.J. answered the front door, and Melanie stormed in, declaring that he couldn't get away with what he'd done. He calmly replied that DiMera Enterprises was no longer involved in the alternative-fuels project-and part of the reason was that she was a royal pain. Melanie asserted that he'd played her, and that he'd only paid her a portion of what the formula was actually worth. E.J. guessed that she'd forgotten the formula, and laughed as he sarcastically suggested that she simply ask her friend Nick for it. Melanie declared that it wasn't over, but E.J. grabbed her by the jacket and threw her out the front door.

Tony, who had been eavesdropping, followed Melanie outside. She mumbled apologies and started to leave, but Tony stopped her. "I was hoping we could be of some benefit to each other," he declared.

Brady met Nicole on the waterfront, where she told him what Philip had threatened. Brady reminded her that they weren't actually having an affair, but she countered that it didn't matter. She knew E.J. would be suspicious, and he'd start digging around until finally the truth about Sydney came out-and she would lose everything. Brady reassured her that he wouldn't let that happen, and asked her to trust him to take care of things. Nicole kissed him on the cheek, thanking him for being an amazing friend.

At Titan, Stephanie asked Philip why he hadn't called Bo to help find out who had wiped out the computer system. Philip sarcastically retorted that he didn't want the whole world to know about it-especially Victor, who would surely fire him over it. Stephanie thought Victor would understand that it hadn't been Philip's fault, but Philip asserted that he'd let his father down. Philip added that he'd let Stephanie down, too, because she'd seen that he wasn't the confident guy she believed he was.

Stephanie argued that she preferred the vulnerable, human Philip to the macho side he usually showed. Philip declared that he hated the side of himself that she liked, because it was weak. She countered that it was very brave to admit one's mistakes. When Philip confessed that he was scared, Stephanie assured him that she would help him-and she wanted to get back together. She turned off his computer, insisting that he needed to relax, and kissed him. The kiss had the desired effect, as Philip suggested that they get out of there.

Soon Stephanie and Philip were sitting in front of the fire at the Kiriakis mansion. She confessed that she sometimes imagined the two of them being together for a long time. Philip admitted that he sometimes did, too, but he always ended up realizing that she deserved better. Stephanie believed that he was a good person, and that he had a good heart. Philip was skeptical, so she kissed him to emphasize that she would never doubt him again.

Chelsea saw Max on the waterfront and tried to avoid him. He stopped her, wanting to know why she hadn't returned his calls-and why she didn't think they had a future. Chelsea tearfully asked him to give her some more time, because she wasn't ready to talk about it yet. Max wouldn't let her off the hook, and urged her to tell him what was going on. She reluctantly admitted she'd overheard him talking to Will about wanting to be a dad, and pointed out that she couldn't give him that.

Max firmly replied that she didn't get to decide what he wanted or needed. He continued that he felt grateful and lucky to have been adopted, and reminded her that she had been, as well, adding that he would be more than happy to raise a child who wasn't biologically his. Chelsea thanked him for making her remember that she would be, too, and they kissed.

After they had returned to the Cheatin' Heart, Chelsea returned from the back to find Max putting the blueprints for the alternative-fuels project into an envelope. He explained that he'd heard rumors about Titan losing all their files in a security breach. "At least this one's safe," he said as he locked the envelope in the safe. He then noticed that Chelsea was holding a slip of paper, which she said was the delivery guy's phone number. She observed that Max was jealous, although he denied it. She smiled as she wadded the paper up and tossed it over her shoulder, then leaned over the bar to kiss him.

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