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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 16, 2009 on DAYS
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Monday, March 16, 2009

Nicole whispered to Sydney about how no one would find out Sydney wasn't Nicole's baby biologically. Then she realized that Sydney was hers in every way that mattered. E.J. interrupted but didn't hear what Nicole said. Nicole asked how E.J.'s meeting with Stefano went, and E.J. said Stefano was concerned that they hadn't scheduled Sydney's baptism yet. Nicole wondered whether Stefano was concerned that they hadn't scheduled their wedding.

Nicole was annoyed at Stefano for insulting her all the time. She told E.J. she made plans for Sydney's baptism and didn't need Stefano's help. Nicole agreed to name Lexie as the baby's godmother, but they needed to choose a godfather. E.J. had to pick up Johnny from Sami at the Brady Pub, so he didn't have time to discuss it.

Stefano overheard them talking about where the christening would take place and asked Nicole why she didn't book the Convent of the Holy Cross. E.J. hadn't heard of the convent and asked if Nicole had heard of it. She acknowledged she knew about the church but said she'd already booked St. Luke's. After E.J. left the room, Stefano asked Nicole why she lied to E.J.

She tried to avoid the question, so Stefano asked the question again and asked why she didn't mention to E.J. that not only had she heard of the convent, but she had gone there a few days before. Nicole demanded to know why Stefano followed her to the convent, but he felt he didn't owe her an explanation. Stefano warned her to tell the truth, and she said she did charity work at the convent, but he didn't buy it. Nicole said she was working with pregnant teens and told Stefano to ask E.J. about it.

E.J. came back to the living room to say goodbye. Stefano told him they needed to discuss something when he got back, and Nicole interrupted and asked if she and Sydney could go along with E.J. E.J. reminded her that Sami would be there, and she weighed dealing with Sami or dealing with Stefano in her mind, and Sami won out. Stefano told Nicole he wouldn't reveal Nicole's visit to the convent to E.J. yet, but he vowed that he would find out the truth.

Tony met Melanie in the park to offer his help in getting the alternative fuels project produced. Tony planned to venture off from DiMera Enterprises and make the fuels project a reality and, in the process, make Melanie a rich woman, as long as she could reproduce the formula blueprint. Melanie asked what the catch was, and he said there was no catch - he just believed in the project and thought it had the potential to change the world.

Tony said both his and Melanie's families had undervalued them, and the project would give him a chance to stick it to his brother and his father. Melanie declined his offer, because she said she couldn't trust him. Melanie wasn't about to make the same mistake of trusting a DiMera again, and Tony was understanding of her caution, but said he was nothing like his brother.

Tony called Melanie's bluff, saying he was sure she had other investors who were interested. She thought about it, and stopped Tony before he left. She agreed to work with Tony, after all, as long as he met her list of demands, one of which was her being the sole owner of the patent. Tony said he could comply, and the only thing standing in the way of them working together was for Melanie to get her hands on a copy of the blueprint. She promised to get it.

Melanie went to the Cheatin' Heart and tried to butter Max up before she asked him for a copy of the blueprint, but he wanted to know why she wanted it. She said she wanted to make sure the only copy of the blueprint was safe, but Max didn't buy it. One of the bartenders asked Max to get some money from the safe, so when Max opened the safe, Melanie watched carefully to see the combination. Then, she ran off. Melanie met Tony in an alley and told him she hadn't gotten the blueprints yet, but she was working on it.

Chloe and Lucas were on their way to Las Vegas, excited about eloping. Chloe was nervous about flying, and Lucas gave her a kiss to try to calm her down. Lucas was surprised to learn that Chloe had never been to Vegas. Chloe got a strange feeling and then asked Lucas what they were doing. Chloe felt guilty about leaving without telling Kate, and she was afraid that Kate would be hurt when she found out they didn't invite her. The airline stewardess announced over the loudspeaker that the pilot was being forced to turn the plane around.

Kate needed to use her company's jet to fly to Vegas, but it was being fixed. Victor overheard her talking on the phone about the plane, and asked where she was going. Kate told Victor she planned to stop Chloe and Lucas from eloping by telling Lucas that Chloe had an affair. Kate was surprised that Victor already knew Daniel was the man whom Chloe was cheating with, and he warned Kate to stay out of it or risk Lucas' resentment if he heard the details from her.

Victor pointed out that it wasn't Kate's job to clean up all of Lucas' messes. Kate didn't care if Lucas blamed her for telling him about Chloe and Daniel. Victor said she should have listened to him in the beginning about what a slut Chloe was. Kate asked to use the Titan jet, but Victor said it was being worked on, so Kate had to fly commercial.

Outside the Brady Pub, Rafe told someone on the phone that he turned down the FBI job in New York, because he planned to stay in Salem to be there for a friend. Inside the pub, Sami called the convent to check on Grace and heard her crying. She learned that Grace had a bad diaper rash and needed special ointment. Sami wanted to go to the convent immediately to deliver it, but she realized she had to stick around to meet with E.J. when he came to pick up Johnny.

Rafe asked Sami if everything was okay, and she told him about Grace's rash and that Sami couldn't leave, so Rafe offered to deliver it for her. Will broke the news to Sami about Lucas and Chloe's plans to elope in Las Vegas. He said they asked him to go with them, but he declined, because he thought they should be alone. Will said Kate didn't go with them and was shocked to hear that they were going to elope. Sami excused herself to make a phone call. Will asked whom she was calling. She tried to downplay it, but Will surmised that something was going on.

Rafe came back in the middle of Will and Sami's argument to say goodbye. When started to leave, he saw Nicole coming in with E.J. and Sydney. Rafe remembered Nicole from when he pretended to be someone from the cable company so he could sneak into the DiMera mansion. Sami noticed what was going on, so she signaled for Rafe to leave through the back door.

After Rafe snuck out, Sami tried to get a closer look at Sydney, but Nicole pulled the stroller around where Sami couldn't see the baby. Sami thanked E.J. for giving her so much time with Johnny, and Nicole remarked on how horrible it must have been for Sami to be separated from her kids for so long. Sami said it was torture, and Nicole said she would never want to be separated from her baby.

Will took Sydney upstairs for Caroline to see the baby, and Nicole got antsy. E.J. explained that Johnny wasn't ready to leave yet, so they had to wait awhile longer. Nicole was too nervous to wait, so she insisted she go upstairs to get the baby. Nicole reminded E.J. that Sydney did not do well around strangers, so Sami told Nicole that Johnny was Sydney's half-brother. Nicole said Caroline scared the baby the last time Nicole visited the pub.

Sami defended Caroline, saying she was better with kids than anyone Sami knew, but Nicole said Caroline wasn't good with Sydney. Father Matt said hello to Nicole, E.J., and Sami. Nicole told Father Matt she was glad he'd agreed to perform Sydney's christening, and Father Matt assumed Sami would be at the baptism, too, since Johnny and Sydney were half-brother and sister. Father Matt noticed he'd struck a nerve, so he apologized, but E.J. said Sami was more than welcome to attend the christening.

After Father Matt left, Sami told E.J. not to feel obligated to invite her, but E.J. said she should go, too, since she was Johnny's mother. Nicole agreed. Will came back down to give them an update on Johnny and Sydney, and he said that Sydney didn't cry once. Nicole told Will she was looking forward to seeing him at the christening, also. E.J. asked Will if it was rough adjusting to school, and Will said he was doing fine. Nicole was eager to go upstairs to get Sydney back from Caroline, so E.J. went upstairs to help after exchanging words with Sami.

At the convent, Rafe held Grace, and Sister Theresa thanked him for getting the ointment, since her car was in the shop. Rafe didn't mind, though, because it gave him an excuse to see the baby. Sister Theresa asked about Sami, and Rafe said she was heartbroken that she couldn't see Grace.

Sami went outside to call Rafe and said she couldn't wait any longer to bring Grace home. Will watched her from the window. Nicole vowed not to let anything come between her and Sydney.

The airline stewardess said the problem with the plane had been resolved, and the plane was headed to Las Vegas, after all. Chloe and Lucas arrived at the office of the justice of peace and asked to be married. Meanwhile, Kate was on a plane to Las Vegas.

Mia flew back from Tokyo, determined to get her baby back.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Outside of the Cheatin' Heart, Melanie called Tony to confirm that he still wanted to make a deal for the alternative fuels project. Once Tony agreed, Melanie headed inside the bar.

Bo and Brady sat at a table having a drink, when Brady questioned Bo about whether there were any leads on the computer sabotage at Titan. Confused, Bo asked Brady what he was referencing. Brady was stunned to learn that Philip had not reported the incident to the police, and he updated Bo on the computer worm and the destruction it wreaked. When Brady noted that the plans for the alternative fuels program on both the computer and the separate hard disk were destroyed, Bo guessed that the DiMeras were involved.

Max was walking by the table as Bo and Brady discussed the sabotage, and jokingly asked whether they suspected Melanie of the problem. Before Bo could respond, Melanie walked through the door and said hello to them. When the group was silent at her greeting, a suspicious Melanie asked what they had blamed her for that time. Bo asked Melanie whether she had any contact with the DiMeras, but Melanie denied the charge. Brady asked Max if he had any documents to reconstruct Nick's work, but Max responded, "I don't think so."

When Brady and Bo left to fill out a report and call Victor, Melanie noted that Max had lied to Brady. Max responded that the blueprints were in the safe, and he did not want them to cause any more trouble. Melanie apologized for "freaking out" over the fact that Max would not let her see the blueprints. Suspicious, Max asked Melanie to promise that whatever she was planning to do, she would forget it. Melanie assured Max that she was done with the whole thing, but still thought having the money for it would make life a lot easier. Melanie urged Max to check the safe to ensure that the blueprints were still in there, and he swore to do so once she left.

Melanie agreed to leave, but unbeknownst to Max, she left behind her cell phone propped up on the bar facing the safe. Once Melanie left, Max opened the safe and checked that the blueprints were still safely inside. Melanie returned and explained that her car had died. Being a helpful big brother, Max offered to fix her car for her. While Max was outside, Melanie checked the video on her phone and learned the combination to the safe. Melanie ducked behind the counter, opened the safe, and put the blueprints in her purse. Once Melanie was back on her stool at the bar, Max returned to tell her that she had flooded the engine of her car and that it was running again. Melanie thanked Max and asked him to join her in a celebratory toast to a change of luck.

At the DiMera mansion, a smiling Tony greeted Melanie at the front door. Tony gave Melanie a check for the first part of the money he promised her, and then took the plans from her. Confused, Melanie asked where the contract he had promised was. Tony explained that the papers were not ready yet, but that he would be in touch with her as soon as they were available.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip and Stephanie kissed on the couch. Victor interrupted the two lovebirds, but he politely excused himself and left the room. Though Philip and Stephanie were enjoying the evening together, their peace was short-lived. Victor stormed into the living room and yelled at Philip for not telling him about the computer sabotage. Victor ordered Stephanie out and she waited in the foyer while Victor, Philip, Bo, and Brady discussed the sabotage.

Victor screamed at Philip for neglecting to tell the police about the crime, and Bo jumped in to remind Philip that withholding evidence was a criminal offense. Pouting, Philip countered that he would not lose, and stormed out of the room to meet Stephanie in the foyer. Frustrated, Victor warned Brady to choose between the Kiriakis and DiMera families, but Brady reminded Victor that he had never considered himself a DiMera. Bo agreed to talk to the federal government for leads, and pleaded with Victor to leave the investigation up to the police.

Bo met with Philip in the foyer and asked him to provide a timeline of the events the night of the computer sabotage. When Bo also asked for a list of contacts with the DiMera family for Philip and Melanie, Philip quietly defended Melanie's innocence regarding the computer worm. Being supportive, Stephanie told Philip that she believed in him. After Philip headed back into the living room, Bo cautioned Stephanie to note that Philip was in "a bad place" and that she should be careful.

Back in the Kiriakis living room, Philip returned to find that Victor was still angry. Philip refused to apologize for not calling the cops and cited his belief that he could handle the problem. Philip swore to destroy the DiMera family. While Victor took a phone call in the next room, Brady warned Philip that he had no right to treat Melanie with such a lack of respect. Lashing out, Philip noted that Brady was only at Titan to serve as a spy for Victor. Angry, Brady responded, "He needed someone to actually do the work." Unfazed, Philip fired back that Brady was not doing any work because he was spending all his time with Nicole.

Seething, Brady responded through gritted teeth that he was just friends with Nicole. When Philip questioned Brady's loyalty to the family, he noted that his allegiance to Nicole stemmed from some secret, since she allowed Philip to blackmail her. Brady argued that Nicole had not swayed E.J. from anything because he was only interested in burying the fuels project and not in pursuing it. "You lay off Nicole, otherwise you're the one that's gonna get hurt," Brady growled.

At Salem hospital, Daniel thought about Chloe and whispered her name as if he could feel her nearby. Hope walked over to say hello to Daniel and the two of them chatted for a bit. Noting the look of stress on Daniel's face, Hope offered to lend an ear to Daniel. "I was sort of wondering how doing the right thing can feel so wrong," Daniel sighed. Hope playfully questioned Daniel about whether he was referring to a relationship, and she renewed her offer to talk. Daniel declined and once Hope had left, he fantasized about marrying Chloe himself. Once Daniel woke up from his daydream he chastised himself saying, "Never gonna happen, pal. Never."

After her volunteer shift at the hospital, Hope was surprised to find Daniel was still at the hospital. Daniel noted that he had been held late, but that he was headed home. Still worried about Daniel, Hope invited him to join her for a cup of coffee, suggesting that though he might not want to talk, he probably needed to. Daniel admitted that he needed the company, so Hope linked her arm in his and they started to walk down the hallway.

Bo walked through the doors nearby and spotted Hope and Daniel walking together closely. Bo marched over to Hope and, sensing Bo's awkwardness, Daniel excused himself so that Bo and Hope could spend the evening alone together. Jealous, Bo asked Hope what she was talking to Daniel about, and annoyed, she cautioned him not to read anything into her conversation with Daniel. Insulted by Bo's continued suspicions that she was going to have an affair, Hope assured Bo that she would never be with another man.

Bo and Hope decided to celebrate her first day back on the job by spending the evening together. However, when Bo hugged his wife, he had another vision of her in bed with a man. This time, he heard Hope say, "Poor Bo. He had visions this was happening, but of course I told him he was being ridiculous. There is no man other than him that I loved. I have to say it was one of my best performances." Horrified by his latest vision, Bo pulled away from Hope's arms.

At the Vegas airport, Kate's plane landed. Anxious, Kate leaped out of her seat and headed for the exit. Unfortunately, the plane was still moving toward the gate, so a stewardess ordered Kate back to her seat. Frustrated, Kate flipped through a listing of wedding locations in Vegas and started to call each one, looking for Lucas. The passenger next to Kate asked why she would want to stop the wedding if her son loved the woman. With a full head of steam, Kate gave a scorching synopsis of her history with Chloe, finishing that she was a "money-grubbing bitch who breaks hearts for the hell of it."

In the office of the justice of the peace in Vegas, the justice cautioned Lucas and Chloe that he would only marry them if they were truly committed to one another. When the justice asked them whether there was any reason for them not to marry, Chloe grew suspiciously quiet and jittery. However, on Lucas' prompting, Chloe responded that there was no reason. Satisfied, the justice assured Lucas and Chloe that marrying a couple as in love as they appeared to be made his job worthwhile. After the justice secured the witnesses and set up the camera for the ceremony, Lucas and Chloe prepared to take their vows. Unfortunately, the wedding was delayed because the phone rang and the justice excused himself to answer it.

On the other end of the line was a frantic Kate, who asked whether there were any marriages scheduled there for the evening. Just as the justice explained that he was tending to one at that moment, Kate heard Lucas laughing in the background. Kate pleaded with the justice to tell her whether that was Lucas Horton there, but the justice had already hung up the phone to return to the ceremony.

Lucas and Chloe began to take their vows, but were stopped cold when Lucas realized that he had left the rings back in Salem. The witnesses were a couple that were married 30 years before, and they offered to provide their wedding rings for the service and to help bring them luck in their marriage. Smiling, Chloe and Lucas gratefully accepted.

Once off the plane, Kate rushed to the justice of the peace's office to find it empty. Frustrated, Kate snooped around the office and discovered a DVD marked "Horton Wedding." With tears slowly falling down her face, Kate put the DVD in the player and watched the wedding ceremony. While Lucas made love to his new wife in their hotel room, an angry Kate reviewed the DVD in the office. "'Til death do you part indeed," Kate muttered.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stephanie went to the Kiriakis mansion to give a file to Philip, who was on the phone when she arrived. She listened while he threatened to fire one of his engineers if the team couldn't recreate the fuels project. After he hung up, he asked her to stick around so he could talk to someone sane, because he knew he was crazy not to accept that the fuels project was a failure. He alluded to his father's thinking the same thing about him. Stephanie was angry that Victor never seemed proud of Philip, but Philip maintained that Victor had always been that way. He added that he no longer cared what Victor thought, but Philip was angry with himself for letting everything get out of control-and he wanted to prove his father wrong. Stephanie gently asserted that the kind and caring Philip she'd fallen in love with would always be enough for her.

Melanie stopped Tony in front of the DiMera mansion, and demanded that he give her more money for the fuels project. Tony apologetically explained that he couldn't give her any more until the project was up and running. Melanie countered that $10,000 wasn't enough to last until then, and pointed out that she still didn't have a contract. Tony replied that the contracts still weren't ready, adding that he couldn't reward her for the project's success until it actually began making money.

Melanie declared that Tony was a liar-just like E.J. and Philip-and then stated quietly, "I need ten thousand more dollars and a contract in my hand by tomorrow." Tony's mood instantly turned from polite patience to cold displeasure. He proclaimed their conversation finished until a later date, when Melanie had calmed down, then turned and went inside.

Max was furious when he opened the safe at the Cheatin' Heart and discovered that the fuel-project plans were missing. He called Melanie's cell phone as she stood, defeated, on the DiMeras' doorstep. Ordering her to come to the Cheatin' Heart immediately, Max added, "You better have that envelope with you-you got me?"

When Melanie arrived at the Cheatin' Heart, an exasperated Max scolded her. Melanie handed him a check, explaining that it was his half, and all they had left. With tears streaming down her face, she told him how she'd sold the plans to Tony DiMera, but she didn't have a contract-which meant she'd been ripped off for a third time. Max was stunned. He asked why she hadn't just been patient until things had calmed down. Melanie argued that the project was all she had in the world, but then she'd gotten greedy and screwed things up. Max tried to give her the check back, but she wouldn't take it. Suddenly she had an idea, and began dialing her cell phone, despite Max's orders to stop whatever she had planned.

On the phone, Melanie told Philip that she knew where to find a copy of the blueprints, and offered him a second chance. "Get over here," he ordered. When Melanie hung up, Max wanted to know what she was going to do, cautioning her not to cross the DiMeras. She told him that it would be best if he knew as few details as possible, and then left.

Philip then filled Stephanie in, but she warned him not to trust Melanie. When Melanie arrived, she gave Philip a document, which she explained she'd had her lawyer dictate over the phone. It stated that if Philip got a copy of the blueprints, she would receive the profits she was originally promised-and get her job back at Titan. Philip signed it, and then demanded that she hand over the plans. Melanie described how Nick had given a copy of the blueprints to Max, who had hidden them in the safe at the Cheatin' Heart-and then Tony DiMera had stolen them.

Philip and Stephanie were skeptical, so Melanie clarified that Tony wanted to get back at his family, so he'd made her an offer, and she'd foolishly accepted it. Philip had heard enough, and ordered Melanie to leave.

In the DiMera living room, Brady told Nicole that he'd finally convinced Philip that they weren't having an affair. He reassured her that Philip wouldn't bother her anymore. As Nicole was hugging Brady in thanks, E.J. walked in. He was livid to learn that Nicole had invited Brady to Sydney's christening. An uncomfortable Brady excused himself to take a phone call, and E.J. reproached Nicole for inviting Brady despite E.J.'s wishes. Nicole angrily countered that if E.J. could invite Sami, then she should be able to invite a friend. Sydney's fussing interrupted them before their discussion could escalate further.

Stefano and Tony then boisterously entered the room, with Brady close behind, and soon the room was filled with joyful laughter. Stefano briefly waxed poetic about how the DiMera family christening tradition went back centuries-until Sydney burst into tears. Stefano chuckled as Nicole comforted the child. He proudly declared, "From today on, you are a DiMera-now and forever more."

At the Brady Pub, Sami told Will that it was time to leave for Sydney's christening. Will wanted to know why Sami even wanted to go, since she hated Nicole. Sami asserted that she didn't hate Sydney, plus she was going as a goodwill gesture, since Johnny and Sydney were half-siblings. Will didn't buy it. Sami conceded that she'd been acting weird, especially around Nicole's baby, but explained that she'd really missed him and the twins while she was on the run. She declared that she would always love him, no matter what. Will somewhat grudgingly told his mom that he loved her, too.

After everyone else had left the DiMera mansion for the christening, the doorbell rang. Tony opened the door to find Mia, who had just flown in from Japan. She asked if Nicole was home, and then asked about the baby. Tony replied that Nicole wouldn't be home for a while, and remembered meeting Mia before. Mia acknowledged that she'd been there with Nicole, when Nicole was working at the youth center.

Tony then asked how Mia's baby was, noting that she and Nicole had been at similar stages in their pregnancies. Mia reluctantly admitted that she'd given her baby away. Tony gently prodded her for more details, asking kind but probing questions about what Nicole had done to help during Mia's pregnancy, even offering to lend Mia a sympathetic ear. Finally, Mia blurted, "I can't stand it anymore!"

Tony softly noted that Mia must miss her baby terribly. Mia asked if she were there-and then clarified that she meant Sydney, not Nicole. An astonished Tony asked, "Sydney is your baby?" Mia replied forlornly, "Nicole lost her baby. I gave her mine." She turned and ran, leaving Tony sadly uttering to himself that Nicole had been a very naughty girl.

E.J. and Nicole arrived at the church with Sydney. Since they were early, E.J. left the two of them in the vestibule while he went to find the priest. When Sami arrived and saw Nicole and Sydney, she began to explain apologetically that she almost hadn't come, but Nicole interrupted her. She asserted that she was glad Sami was there, because she wanted her to see that Nicole, E.J., and Sydney were a real family-and she would never let anyone pull them apart. Sami countered that she had a very full life, and she didn't have to waste it thinking up ways to mess with Nicole.

While the two women were bickering, Will arrived, and E.J. returned. Sami asked why Johnny wasn't there, and was alarmed to learn that he'd stayed home because he was running a fever. E.J. and Nicole tried to reassure her that Johnny was going to be fine. Will said that if Johnny wasn't there, he wasn't going to stick around. Sami agreed that she would leave, as well, after she said a prayer.

Nicole found Sami in the chapel a little later, and excitedly offered to show her Sydney's christening gown. When Nicole left to get it, she was surprised to find Brady in the vestibule. He told her that he wasn't going to stay for the ceremony, lest he rile E.J. further. Nicole was disappointed, but hugged him gratefully when he wished her much happiness and urged her to just enjoy the day.

Will walked by the water, complaining to himself about his parents. He spotted Mia, who was sitting alone on the stairs, crying.

E.J. took Sydney into the chapel, and she promptly spit up on his jacket. Sami offered to hold Sydney while he cleaned it off. As Sami playfully bounced the baby, cooing to her, E.J. paused and watched them. "I don't know why, Samantha, but seeing you with her just seems right," he observed thoughtfully.

Stefano presented the DiMera family christening gown to Nicole, explaining that it had a long, important history. She admired its exquisite details, thrilled that her daughter would get to wear it. Stefano had to step outside to take a phone call, and as soon as he'd gone, Nicole's phone rang. It was Tony, asking her to stay where she was, because they needed to talk in private immediately.

Stephanie tried to persuade a furious Philip to calm down. He asserted that he was going to get Titan out of the mess he'd gotten them into, and stormed out. Stephanie immediately picked up the phone. Brady showed up shortly afterwards, and Stephanie worriedly told him that Philip had gone looking for Tony DiMera. Meanwhile, Philip barged through the front door of the DiMera mansion, and stalked through the rooms, bellowing Tony's name.

Tony arrived at the church, and found Nicole waiting impatiently for him in the vestibule. She demanded to know what was so urgent. Still out of breath, Tony declared that he was glad he'd gotten there before Nicole had lied before God and man. "Excuse me?" she replied. Leaning in closer, Tony whispered, "Sydney. We both know that she's not your daughter." Nicole's eyes widened in horror.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rafe visited the convent and saw Sister Agnes, whom he knew from when he went to the convent as a little boy. He told the nun he planned to spend time with baby Grace at the convent and then return to Salem to help Sami. Sister Agnes wasn't surprised at how generous Rafe had been, since it wasn't the first time he'd made a sacrifice on behalf of a woman.

Rafe said the way he felt about Sami was different. Sister Agnes asked Rafe to be sure that Sami wanted him to sacrifice for her. Rafe vowed that what happened before wouldn't happen again. Rafe held Grace, and Sister Agnes talked about what a rebel he'd been as a teen. Rafe said he was a rebel until he met Sami. Sister Agnes asked Rafe if Sami was "the woman."

Sister Agnes asked Rafe to tell her about Sami. Rafe described her as tough, but fragile, sweet, and beautiful. Sister Agnes asked him if Sami was "the one," but he didn't want to jinx it by admitting it.

At the church, Sami held Sydney in her arms, and E.J. noticed how comfortable the baby looked with her. E.J. told Sami he wanted her to be a part of Sydney's life, just like Nicole was a part of Johnny's life. E.J. told Sami she had a profound impact on his life. Sami felt she was a better person for having known E.J. Sami said while she would never trust Nicole, Sami hoped he knew what would make him happy. E.J. said it seemed Sami found someone to make her happy.

Sami got upset at E.J. for assuming she and Rafe were involved. She stressed that she and Rafe were just friends, and wondered why E.J. had done a turnaround from complaining to the police about Rafe to hoping he made Sami happy. Sami said she felt beholden to Rafe, and then she wanted to drop the subject, because the conversation was making her uncomfortable.

Stephanie called Brady to the Kiriakis mansion to fill him on how Philip went to find Tony to confront him for stealing the alternative fuels project. Philip barged into the DiMera mansion demanding to see Tony, but the new butler explained that Tony wasn't there, so Philip insulted the butler and left. Philip went to the Cheatin' Heart and vowed that Tony would be sorry he messed with Philip.

Brady and Stephanie found Philip at the bar and told him they had been looking everywhere for him. Philip told Brady he was handling the situation and planned to get the plans back or crush Tony. Philip told Brady not to worry, because all Philip planned to do was reason with Tony. Philip thought about crashing Sydney's christening, but Brady said that would be dangerous, since E.J. and Stefano were there.

Instead, Brady suggested they make Tony an offer he couldn't refuse since Tony was "on the outs" with the DiMeras. When Philip and Stephanie got back to the Kiriakis mansion, Stephanie went to the kitchen to get something to eat, and Philip said if Tony didn't take the bait, it was on to Plan B.

At the church, Tony told Nicole he knew that Sydney was not hers biologically. Nicole denied Tony's accusations. Then Nicole told him he wasn't welcome at the christening anymore and she never wanted him to be the baby's godfather. She and E.J. only chose him to prevent him from getting upset, Nicole said, but she preferred to name her brother, Brandon, as the godfather. Tony said he knew that Mia was really Sydney's mother.

Nicole denied even knowing Mia, so Tony reminded her that Mia had been to the mansion before. He asked if she remembered bringing Mia by the house when Mia was pregnant. Nicole wondered how he knew her name, since Nicole didn't tell him Mia's name then. Tony explained that Mia was at the mansion that day and told him how Nicole was trying to pass off Sydney as her own daughter. Nicole lied and said that Mia had Tourette's Syndrome and was bipolar. Tony said if Mia was as mentally ill as Nicole said she was, they needed to inform E.J. and Stefano.

Stefano saw Lexie and Theo at the Brady Pub, and she was frustrated because her sitter cancelled on her. Stefano was more than willing to take Theo to the DiMera mansion to have the nanny watch him. Stefano tried to assure Lexie not to worry about Theo getting hurt like he did the last time he went to the house, and Lexie said it was okay and she would explain to Theo to stay close to the nanny. While Stefano called the nanny to arrange it, Lexie told Theo to listen to the nanny and not play on the stairs.

Stefano overheard Nicole and Tony talking and asked whom they needed to be cautious of. Nicole told Stefano she was glad Stefano came to the christening and it meant a lot to her and E.J. to have the people they cared about at the christening. She hoped the day would be a new beginning for their family. Stefano and Lexie left to check with Father Matt.

Tony taunted Nicole after Stefano left, and Nicole wanted to know what Tony was going to do. Nicole begged Tony not to ruin the christening. She said she could prove that she didn't take Mia's baby. Then, E.J. told Nicole to join him and the rest of the family for the christening to begin. Father Matt began the christening, and then when it came time for Tony to say he accepted the responsibility of being the baby's godfather, Tony didn't answer right away, which made Nicole nervous.

Will saw Mia at the pier crying, so he asked if she was okay. She told him to go away, so he offered to get his uncle Bo, the police commissioner, to help her if she needed it. She changed her mind about him and said she just had a bad day, but she would be okay. Will offered to get her something to eat at the Brady Pub, but she wasn't interested. He told her if she changed her mind, he could meet her at the pub.

At the Brady Pub, Bo was happy to see Will. While they were talking, Mia came in, so Will offered her something to eat. He explained that his family owned the pub. He got some food for him and Mia while Bo sat at the bar. Will and Mia got to know each other better. Mia accidentally dropped her keys on the floor, and when she picked them up, she noticed Bo looking at Will as if he knew Will.

Will explained that Bo was his uncle and the police commissioner. While Will went to the kitchen to get some more food, Mia thought back on when she gave birth to the baby she gave to Nicole, so she left the pub. When Will returned and noticed Mia was gone, Will asked Bo if he'd seen where Mia went. Bo told him she'd left, and he suggested Will call her later. Will said he didn't have Mia's number, and even if he did, he wouldn't call her, because she was nuts for sneaking off like she did.

Friday, March 20, 2009

At the Brady Pub, GreatGrandma Caroline asked Will what had happened to his dining companion. Will replied that girls were weird, and explained about meeting the girl who had been sitting at his table. He told Caroline how the girl hadn't talked about herself, and he seemed impressed that she'd admitted to being hungry. Will confessed that he was worried, because she had left without saying anything.

Caroline asked how things were going with Will and his dad. Will replied with a laugh that they seemed to get along better when they were in separate countries, but he wouldn't comment about Lucas marrying Chloe. Caroline then asked about Sami, and Will admitted that he had the familiar feeling that his mom was in trouble again.

Rafe visited Grace at the convent, and tried to soothe the fussy infant, believing that she was crying because she missed her mother. Sister Theresa was worried that if Grace's father ever learned of her existence, he would have a lot of legal clout to get custody. Rafe asserted that they must never let that happen, and swore to God that he would not let the DiMeras ruin Grace's life-or Sami's. He confided that his feelings for Sami had crept up on him, and that he'd fallen hard for Grace the moment he met her.

Sister Theresa affectionately told Rafe that he reminded her of Saint Joseph, who had also taken care of a woman and her baby. She admitted that she often prayed to Joseph about Rafe, because she knew he was going to be facing difficult times. Rafe asserted that Sister Theresa should be praying for Sami instead, wondering aloud what Sami was doing at that moment. After Rafe kissed Grace goodbye, Sister Theresa asked Joseph to look out for Rafe. Holding her rosary beads pensively, she added, "No offense, but I'm calling in the big guns," and began to recite the Lord's Prayer.

Mia went to St. Luke's, and prayed to the Blessed Mother to help her stop missing her baby so much-and to stop thinking she'd made a terrible mistake.

Sydney's christening continued at St. Luke's church. Lexie happily consented to be the child's godmother, and then Father Matt asked Tony if he would fulfill his responsibilities as godfather. After a moment's hesitation, Tony replied, "Well, of course. I'm ready to do whatever is necessary." Stefano quietly reprimanded his son. Tony acknowledged that he had a tendency to say too much, and began to add something about the newest DiMera-until Nicole swooned, falling into E.J.'s arms.

Once Nicole was seated, Lexie rushed over to check on her. Nicole confessed that she hadn't been sleeping much because of the baby, and she'd forgotten to eat that morning. Lexie suggested that Nicole go to the hospital to get checked out. Nicole flatly refused, annoyed that they were all trying to tell her what to do. When she saw Sami holding Sydney, Nicole got really riled. She jumped up and took the child from Sami, and impatiently asked Father Matt if they could get back to the christening.

Everyone took their places again, and Father Matt began the ceremony where they'd left off. Suddenly Lexie's cell phone rang, and she excused herself to check in with the hospital. Mia was about to enter the sanctuary when Lexie opened the door. Noting Lexie's dress, Mia asked what was happening inside. Lexie replied that it was a christening for her niece, and then stepped out into the courtyard. Mia opened the sanctuary door, and when she saw Nicole and Sydney, quietly exclaimed, "My baby!"

Mia watched the ceremony for a few minutes, and then returned to the vestibule. Sami began to miss Grace, and quietly left before she started crying. As Sami rushed through the entryway, Mia observed how upset Sami was, and asked if she was all right. Sami confessed that the ceremony had made her a little emotional, and both of them noted that Sydney was a beautiful baby. Sami dipped her fingers into the holy water, crossing herself, as Mia lit a candle.

Father Matt charged E.J. and Nicole with bringing Sydney up in the Church, and then guided the family through the renewal of their baptism vows. Making the sign of the cross on the infant's forehead, Father Matt christened little Sydney Ann DiMera. Afterwards, he led them all in the Lord's Prayer.

Sami and Mia peeked back into the sanctuary. Sami turned to leave the church, remarking wistfully that she shouldn't have come. "Me, neither," Mia echoed.

After the ceremony, everyone gathered at the DiMera mansion. As Stefano poured drinks, Tony made a macabre reference to the movie The Godfather, but assured Nicole that the DiMeras weren't that kind of family. Stefano voiced his disapproval of Tony's inappropriateness. Tony then toasted to Sydney and to Nicole. Lexie observed how pale Nicole seemed, and urged her to get some rest that afternoon. Watching E.J. as he held Sydney, Nicole told Lexie warmly that she already understood how Lexie felt about Theo. Lexie agreed that motherhood came with powerful protective instincts. She told Nicole about seeing a young girl at the church who had declared that Sydney was the most beautiful baby she'd ever seen.

Rafe met Sami in the park on the waterfront. Sami hugged him, clearly relieved to see him, and confessed that she'd gone to Sydney's christening. Rafe was furious that E.J. had even invited her, and pointed out that Stefano had tried to have her killed. Sami admitted that the ceremony had upset her, because it reminded her that she wasn't doing the same types of things for Grace. She tearfully asserted that she needed to bring her baby home.

Rafe, still fuming about the DiMeras, lectured Sami about how they'd agreed to wait to bring Grace home until they were sure no one would be suspicious. He pointed out all the ways that E.J. could argue a custody case. Sami calmed down a bit, and Rafe gently promised that they would bring Grace home soon-for good. He walked away momentarily to take a phone call, and while Rafe's back was turned, E.J. called to tell Sami that Johnny had an ear infection. She left immediately without telling Rafe where she was going.

As Caroline was trying to get Will to tell her more about how he felt about his mom, Mia returned to the pub. She was relieved that Will had her keys, which she'd forgotten earlier. After Caroline went into the back to reheat Mia's food, Will noted that he and Mia didn't know each other's names. He introduced himself, and when she didn't divulge her last name, he remarked that she must be a very private person.

Caroline returned with Mia's burger. Mia tried to turn it down because she couldn't pay for it, but Caroline was insistent. When Caroline returned to the kitchen, an embarrassed Mia started to leave. Will stopped her, assuring her that his great grandma wasn't offering charity; she just liked feeding people. Mia was relieved, but thanked Will when he volunteered to wrap up her burger to go.

Nicole, visibly shaken from what Lexie had said, pulled Tony aside in the foyer. She declared that he could name his price, if he swore not to divulge his suspicions about Sydney to E.J. Tony maintained that he had all the money he needed-but he did want revenge on his brother and father.

Lexie returned to the living room after examining Johnny, and assured E.J. that the little boy would be just fine. She said her goodbyes, teasing her father that he was lucky not to have been struck by lightning in the church, and she left. E.J. continued ribbing Stefano, who chuckled good-naturedly, but then wanted to discuss how jumpy Nicole had seemed.

Sami arrived, interrupting Nicole and Tony, and demanded to know where E.J. was. When they didn't answer her, she went into the parlor. After Sami had gone, Nicole wanted to know why Tony had changed his mind about telling everyone about Sydney at the christening. He asserted that the timing wasn't right. Nicole argued that Sydney would be hurt when he blabbed what he only thought he knew. Tony maintained that the child would be fine, adding angrily, "But if you're in such a hurry that you can't get over the suspense, I will do it now!"

Sami crossly accused E.J. of celebrating while their son was ill. E.J. reassured her that Johnny was going to be fine, and apologized if the christening had upset her. Sami demanded that he bring Johnny downstairs. After E.J. left, Sami gazed longingly at Sydney in her bassinette, and then quickly dialed Sister Theresa. The nun informed her that they had run out of Sami's breast milk, and that Grace's rash seemed to have gotten worse.

"That's it," Sami declared. "I'm coming to get Grace. I'm bringing my baby home." E.J. returned just in time to overhear. Puzzled, he asked, "What do you mean, 'bring my baby home'?"

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