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Monday, March 23, 2009

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole tried to make Tony feel guilty about making Sydney collateral damage when he exposed the truth about the baby. Tony was eager to tell E.J. that Nicole's baby was not hers at all, but she begged Tony to get his revenge on E.J. some other way that wouldn't hurt Sydney. Tony wondered how she kept E.J. from knowing she wasn't pregnant and how many cold showers E.J. had to take. Nicole slapped Tony, and he admitted he deserved to be hit for crossing the line. She begged him again not to tell E.J., so Tony decided they needed to get it over with.

Sami told Sister Theresa that she was eager to bring her baby home, and E.J. overheard her and asked whom she was talking about. Sami ignored his question and tried to leave the room to give Johnny his prescription. E.J. tried to get Sami to answer him, and then Stefano walked in and asked her if she was keeping secrets again. Sami lashed out at both E.J. and Stefano.

Tony and Nicole walked in during their exchange. Stefano questioned who the father of the baby was, and Sami said she didn't know the father or the mother, because she decided to adopt a baby. E.J. thought Sami was crazy, and she said the decision had already been made, but if he insisted on discussing it further, he could get rid of Stefano, Tony, and Nicole so they could talk in private. Sami reminded E.J. that she wasn't a part of the DiMera family, and said it wasn't even any of E.J.'s business.

E.J. pointed out that Sami was in witness protection and wondered how she found a baby to adopt. Sami refused to let E.J. interrogate her, and said it had nothing to do with E.J. Nicole urged Sami to answer E.J.'s question, because he and Stefano wouldn't stop asking until she answered them. Sami described how lonely she felt while in witness protection, and she said while in witness protection, a woman had abandoned her baby, and Sami helped take care of the baby and swore she would bring the baby back to Salem and give her a family.

E.J. asked Sami if her other children meant nothing to her. Sami slapped him and called him a pig for thinking she had to give up everything to spend her life catering to the next DiMera prince. She said she would never question E.J.'s love for Johnny just because he had another child with Nicole. E.J. pointed out that he had one other child with a mother and a staff of servants to help out, while Sami would have two toddlers, a teenager and a baby, and she would be on her own.

E.J. said he was as concerned for Will and Allie as he was for Johnny, but Sami said all he cared about was himself. E.J. asked if she had thought her decision through, because there were very high standards to adopting a child. E.J. asked about the father of the child, pointing out that the father had rights, as well. Sami was astonished that E.J. actually cared about some guy he didn't even know.

E.J. asked her how she would feel if someone took Grace from her. He said she was vulnerable and fell hard for kids - which was one of the things he loved about her the most. E.J. urged her to be sure no one could legally take the child from her. His words made Sami even more emotional, and she demanded that he move on and stay out of Sami's life. Sami told him to call her if Johnny woke up and wanted to see her. Other than that, she said they had nothing to talk about unless it concerned Johnny.

Tony whispered to Nicole about how kids stirred things up. Tony said he didn't reveal the truth because he didn't want Sami to upstage him. Nicole got fed up and tried to call Tony's bluff. She told him to tell E.J. everything and see whom E.J. believed.

E.J. asked what Tony and Nicole were talking about, and Tony said he was teasing Nicole, saying that Johnny was more stunning than Sydney. E.J. told Tony that was a stupid thing to say, and Tony admitted he was being insensitive, so he apologized to her, and said he was always afraid he would say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Tony said the christening was lovely and Sydney was lovely, and E.J. and Nicole had it all.

After Tony left, E.J. asked if she had gotten something to eat. She said she was fine, but she needed some peace and quiet. E.J. suggested she relax at home and he would tell everyone to leave her alone. Nicole broke down in tears after E.J. left the room.

At the Brady Pub, Rafe left Sami a message about how upset he was that she took off without saying anything, and Brady overheard Rafe and asked if he was talking to Sami Brady. Brady introduced himself to Rafe as Sami's brother, and Rafe told Brady he protected Sami while she was in witness protection. Rafe told Brady that Sami needed someone she could trust, and Brady assumed he was worried. Rafe tried to downplay his worries.

Rafe said he got to know a lot about Sami's life, and he understood why Sami was so tough - because she had to fight. Rafe asked Brady about the DiMeras, and Brady said he liked some of them some of the time, but he didn't like Stefano. Rafe asked how Brady felt about E.J., and Brady said E.J. had the "DiMera entitlement thing going on." Rafe and Brady agreed that entitlement was an understatement.

Brady wondered whether Rafe's line of questioning meant Sami was still in trouble. Brady asked why Rafe was still in Salem if Sami wasn't in protective custody anymore. Then, Brady realized that Rafe had feelings for Sami. He said whenever Sami was in trouble, there was always a guy who was determined to save her. While they were talking, Sami walked in and asked for Rafe's help.

Brady said to himself that things hadn't changed. Sami realized Brady was standing there, and she asked how he was doing. She tried to introduce him to Rafe, but Brady explained that they'd already met. After Brady left, Rafe asked what had happened. Sami said they needed to get Grace from the convent immediately. Rafe was frustrated because he was trying to help Sami, but she kept disappearing and was always talking about how they needed to go back to the convent and get Grace.

Rafe asked if Sami thought it was a game, because she was dealing with a family who killed people. Sami couldn't believe that he was lecturing her, and he admitted he was lecturing her, although it didn't do any good because she didn't listen to him or anybody else. Sami said listening and obeying were two different things. She said he wasn't allowed to give her orders, especially when he didn't even know what just happened. Rafe assumed he knew what happened, but Sami put him in check and told him it was her baby and her decision, and he didn't have a say.

Daniel called Kate on her cell phone to tell her the latest tests showed her cancer diagnosis was even more improved than before, but Kate didn't sound very excited. She told him it was because she was feeling emotional upon hearing that Chloe and Lucas had eloped. Kate said Chloe decided to speed up the wedding, but they planned to have a reception so Daniel would have a chance to kiss the bride. Daniel told Kate to give Lucas and Chloe his best. Then, he rushed off the phone.

Kate was waiting in the justice of the peace's office for the couple, and surprised them when they came in to get a copy of their wedding video. Lucas was upset at seeing Kate in the office. He demanded to know how she knew they were eloping, and Kate said that Will filled her in. Lucas said they didn't tell her about the elopement, because it was private and Kate always interfered. Chloe told Lucas to stop, and she took responsibility for Kate being left in the dark.

Chloe said Lucas was just trying to make Chloe happy. Lucas explained to Kate that when two people eloped without telling anyone, it was because they wanted privacy, but instead Kate showed up and butted in where she didn't belong. Chloe tried to calm Lucas down, but Lucas said Kate could take hearing what he had to say. He said Chloe won, so Kate had to deal with it.

Chloe explained that she begged Lucas to elope after she freaked out. Kate told her that it scared her to know that Chloe had freaked out, and she didn't want Chloe and Lucas to repeat their histories. Kate asked if they thought getting married in a hasty manner was the foundation for a good marriage. Lucas asked Kate what she wanted them to do, since they were already married, and Kate said she wanted them to annul the marriage. Kate told Lucas they shouldn't look back and realize they rushed things. Lucas said Kate had no room to talk. Chloe tried to calm them down.

At the hospital, Maggie gave Daniel some files to verify, and he told her she was right about everything concerning him and Chloe. Daniel said Maggie was right about him, and he urged Maggie to forgive Chloe. Daniel said Maggie had every right to blame him for what happened between him and Chloe. He said Chloe needed Maggie's support, and he was no longer in the picture. Maggie wondered what would happen if Daniel got bored again and wanted Chloe back, and whether he would bow out gracefully. Daniel insisted he and Chloe were history.

Daniel told Maggie that Chloe and Lucas had eloped. Maggie was surprised to hear the news, but she wanted to make sure he was telling the truth, so she called Lucas. Chloe told Kate they were willing to restate their vows in Salem, but they refused to annul their marriage. Lucas answered Maggie's call outside the office. Kate said she didn't care about the wedding - she was concerned about the marriage, and she told Chloe they needed to talk alone. Chloe said they could talk about anything except an annulment. Then she excused herself to go find Lucas. Kate said to herself that Chloe's decision had just sealed her fate.

Lucas confirmed to Maggie that he and Chloe decided to elope, and Maggie asked if he was happy. Lucas was definitely happy and planned to throw a party when they got back to town. After Maggie hung up, she told Daniel he was right about Chloe and Lucas eloping. Maggie asked if he was really able to let Chloe go, and Daniel said he was because that was best for Chloe. Maggie told him she didn't hate him as much as she did half an hour before.

Chelsea took Theo for a walk at the docks, and they saw Max. Chelsea said Theo was planning on acting in a play, but when Max asked Theo how he felt about it, Theo had an outburst, saying he didn't want to be in the play. Max tried to get Theo to open up by questioning him on what the play was about, but Theo insisted on going home. Max realized that Theo was afraid of lions, and he told Theo that since he was playing the lion, he didn't need to be afraid. He and Chelsea showed Theo how to roar, and Theo roared, too.

Later, at the Cheatin' Heart, Chelsea asked Max how he knew that Theo was afraid of lions, and Max said most people were afraid of lions. She said a lot of people talked down to Theo, including her, but Max didn't do that. Max thought Theo was smarter than Max. Chelsea said she didn't really like smart guys, but she liked really cute guys with beautiful brown eyes that were afraid of lions, and Max said he knew someone like that. She acted excited, and said that if he knew someone like that, he might be her boyfriend. Then, they kissed.

Nicole drank a glass of liquor and toasted to how her life was going to be ruined. She called Brady and asked to meet him at the pier in an hour. E.J. and Stefano planned to take Sydney for a walk, and E.J. suggested they make a few calls to find out how Sami managed to adopt a baby while in witness protection, and he planned to talk to Rafe about it.

Rafe told Sami he thought they were in it together, but she wanted to be the boss. Sami was fed up with men telling her what to do. Rafe asked if she thought he was like them. She said he didn't listen to her, but she was content with taking care of things by herself. Besides, she said he was still a cop and could push around anyone he wanted. Rafe said that was fine, because that was what he wanted. He told Sami to have a nice life, and walked out.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

At the Kiriakis mansion, Daniel stopped by to see Kate, and he was surprised to learn that she had gone to Las Vegas for Lucas' wedding. Brady asked Daniel how things were going with his new woman, but Daniel griped that the relationship was over. When Brady joked about being single, Daniel became defensive, but then apologized and noted that he was still hurting. Daniel reasoned that he had to be over her saying, "I have to be because she is over me."

When Daniel went on to explain that watching his woman move on with her life was the hardest part to deal with, Brady said that he understood what Daniel meant. Brady then started to confide that he still felt jealous seeing Chloe move on with her life, but that he knew she had done the right thing. Brady explained that Chloe had stayed with him for too long when he was using drugs, and that her guilt was the reason that she stayed in the marriage long after it was over.

"I think the right thing is actually the wrong thing in disguise. Does that make sense to you at all?" Brady wondered aloud. Daniel agreed with Brady and noted that the woman he was with had been motivated by guilt, as well. With frustration in his voice, Daniel explained that he had urged the woman to give herself a shot at real love with him, but in the end, he had to let her go.

Brady compared the chase for fleeting love to business decisions, stating that Philip was running after what he wanted, and making nothing but bad decisions along the way. Brady lamented that Philip was refusing to acknowledge his mistakes, and he told Daniel that Philip was clearly "off his game."

Growing quiet, Brady confided that Victor had brought Brady in to watch over Philip, but that Victor was also telling him that Brady should run the company instead. Brady admitted that he felt guilty about what Victor had said. Shaking his head, Daniel reminded Brady that Victor would always "do what's right by Titan."

Philip called Tony and asked him to meet down on the pier. When Tony arrived there, he advised Philip not to take himself so seriously. Irritated by Tony's jokes, Philip growled that Tony stole the alternative fuels project from him. Tony explained that he needed to work independently of E.J. because he did not want to work with a sense of entitlement or have to live up to Stefano's legacy. Cocking an eyebrow, Tony questioned whether Philip was driven by the same motive to avoid the shadow of his father. Philip scoffed at Tony's musings, and argued that his motive was a matter of business.

Philip wrote down a monetary offer on a sheet of paper, and after looking over the number, Tony rejected the offer. Furious, Philip pushed Tony to accept the deal, but laughing, Tony told Philip that one only had to read the business section of the paper to see that Victor and Philip were not seeing eye to eye at Titan. Tony reasoned that Victor hired Brady to replace Philip, and therefore, Tony did not want to get "screwed over" by a regime change at the company.

Philip warned Tony that he would have to accept the agreement. Unfazed, Tony urged Philip to believe that as long as Victor was around, he would continue to demean and manipulate Philip. Tony argued that he was a cautionary tale for Philip, and told him to stop letting Victor control his life. As Tony walked away, he yelled out that Philip should make a clean break from Titan, "but not on my project."

While Philip paced and sulked down on the pier, Brady arrived looking for Nicole. Relieved to find Philip, Brady said that he had left a dozen messages on Philip's cell phone to tell him that Victor needed to see Philip right away. Worried, Brady asked Philip whether he was heeding Brady's advice and avoiding Tony. Philip grumbled defensively, and Brady walked away in frustration. Once Brady was gone, Philip swore aloud that he would not go down without a fight, and that he did not plan "to go down at all."

On the plane ride back from Las Vegas, Chloe and Lucas kissed and giggled like a couple of newlyweds. A steely-faced Kate walked down the aisle of the plane and announced that she would be sitting across from them on the flight back. While Lucas playfully nibbled at Chloe's ear, a flight attendant roamed the aisles renting headphones. Kate grabbed a pair of headphones and attempted to strangle Chloe with them while she screamed, "Die, bitch, die!" Fortunately for Chloe, Kate was just fantasizing the attack.

When Lucas and Chloe talked about plans for their house and for kids, a frustrated Kate screamed at Chloe to "tell him the truth you lying little pig!" Kate then yelled out that Chloe was cheating with Daniel, and she demanded that Chloe come clean. When Chloe did not answer Kate's accusation, her silence confirmed the allegation. Chloe explained that she had been sleeping with Daniel because she was in love with him.

Stunned, Lucas got up and walked down the aisle of the plane. Distraught, Chloe begged Kate to explain why she told Lucas, and Kate coldly countered that she did not want Chloe to destroy her son's life. Again, fortune smiled on Chloe, as the whole scene was another of Kate's fantasies.

While Chloe attempted to nap across the aisle from Kate, Lucas nuzzled his face against his bride's neck. Disgusted, Kate debated in her mind whether to tell Lucas the truth about Chloe. Once Chloe nodded off, Lucas went over and sat next to his mother. When Lucas thanked Kate for being supportive, a nervous Kate said, "There is something I need to tell you."

Lucas pushed Kate to come clean, and Kate explained that she would be fine with Lucas' decision to marry Chloe and that she would not interfere with his life. Suspicious, Lucas urged her to admit that there was more. "Promise you won't be angry with me, but as much as I love Chloe for saving my life, I can't shake the feeling that she is going to break your heart," Kate said quietly.

Across the aisle, Chloe opened her eyes and listened intently to Lucas and Kate's discussion nearby. Irritated, Lucas lashed out at Kate. "Chloe is perfectly loyal to me and Allie," Lucas sputtered. "I really hope so," Kate countered. Kate mentioned Lucas' track record with women, and Lucas noted that Chloe was not Sami.

"She doesn't lie, she doesn't cheat, she doesn't manipulate," Lucas argued. Lucas told Kate to stay positive and trust in his decision to marry Chloe. Chloe turned her head and added, "And trust me." Chloe assured Kate that she meant every word of her vows, and Kate said that she believed her.

When Lucas got up to use the restroom, Kate ordered two Bloody Mary drinks and dumped them on Chloe's head. Fortunately for Chloe's clothing and hair, this was also a fantasy of Kate's. When Kate looked over at Lucas and Chloe leaning on one another in their seats, napping, an angry Kate grabbed her computer and started to search the Internet for revenge ideas.

At the Brady Pub, Bo talked to Jake Donahue, a reporter from the Spectator. Jake interviewed Bo about his job, and just as he was asking about working with his brother, Roman, Hope walked in and joined the interview. Hope explained to Jake that their relationship worked because they did their jobs and did not take the work home with them. When Roman arrived at the pub, Jake headed off to a corner to interview him, while Bo stayed behind with Hope.

Hope explained to Bo that she was worried their problems would come out, and questioned Bo for more details about his vision. Still hurt, Hope reminded Bo that she thought his vision was crazy and begged him not to take it seriously. Bo admitted that he did not know who the man was in his vision, but that the most recent vision he had made him feel like Hope really wanted to be with the guy. Hope urged Bo to ignore the vision, but Bo countered that he could not ignore it any more than he could ignore the visions of Theo or Kayla. Reaching across the table and grabbing Bo's hand, Hope pleaded with him to believe in their love and trust her. Softening, Bo admitted that he did believe and trust in her, but that he was having difficulty letting go of the vision.

Trying to smooth things over with his wife, Bo suggested to Hope that they have a date night. Hope excitedly agreed and left to call the sitter. When Roman was finished with his newspaper interview, he waved goodbye to Bo while leaving the pub. Bo smiled back at his brother, and then recoiled when he had his vision of Hope in bed with another man again. This time, Bo saw the face of the man. To his utter horror, Bo realized the mystery man was Roman.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bo was drinking coffee at the Brady Pub when he again had another vision of Hope in bed with a mystery man-only this time he saw that the man was Roman. Hope returned from the back, and told Bo that the sitter could stay with Ciara a while longer, so their date night was on. Seeing the stricken look on her husband's face, Hope reminded Bo that he'd promised to let it go. She urged him to try to believe that he could control his visions.

Bo's premonition of Hope in bed with Roman immediately returned, but he ignored it, assuring his wife that he just wanted to enjoy their date night. He admitted that he was a little stressed about a meeting he had to attend the next day, because he missed detective work. Hope suggested playfully that he needed a distraction. After kissing him, she gently asked him to stop using his visions to punish himself-and to believe in her love for him.

Chelsea was at the Cheatin' Heart, making calls about apartments for rent, when Stephanie joined her. Chelsea dejectedly noted that everything she'd found was either a dump or too expensive. Stephanie offered to let Chelsea continue staying with her as long as she wanted, but Chelsea wanted her own place-and to give Bo and Hope their space. Stephanie suggested that she and Chelsea be roommates, reasoning that it had worked when they'd lived together at the sorority house.

Chelsea was worried because Max and Philip didn't get along, to say the least. She also believed that Max was still protective of Stephanie, and that he thought Philip wasn't good enough for her-but assured Stephanie that she didn't share Max's feelings. Stephanie asserted that they shouldn't let their boyfriends' feud keep them from being roommates, adding lightly, "We'll dump 'em if we have to." They discussed how they would order the men to be on their best behavior, and also agreed to respect each other's privacy. Stephanie then got a text message, and, after promising Chelsea that they would look at apartments together the next day, she left.

Hope was leaving the pub to take some dessert to Ciara, just as Bo got a call from Chelsea. Chelsea said that she needed to discuss something with him, so he agreed to meet her at the Cheatin' Heart.

When Bo joined Chelsea at her table, he confessed that he'd missed her. Chelsea echoed the sentiment, but observed that something was bothering him, and asked what it was. Bo didn't want to talk about himself, preferring to hear how things were in Chelsea's life. Chelsea tried to get a sense of how her dad felt about her continuing to see Max. Bo would only insist that if she were happy, then he was happy. He asked her to move back home, and promised to try not to be so overprotective of her, if she'd pretend to take his advice occasionally.

Chelsea reassured her dad that she wasn't still mad at him, but informed him that she was getting an apartment with Stephanie. She was surprised when Bo thought it was a good idea. Chelsea then wanted to know how things were going between Bo and Hope. Bo assured her that everything was fine -- except that he was late for a date with his wife. He kissed Chelsea and left.

When Hope returned to the pub, she found Roman sitting at the bar. She greeted her brother-in-law with a hug, but was a little surprised that Bo wasn't there. Roman sensed that she was concerned about something, and Hope admitted, "I think Bo needs help." Roman asked whether she meant psychological help. Hope hedged, explaining that Bo was anxious about work and just hadn't been himself. Roman pointed out that running the police department was a difficult enough job without all the changes Abe was making. Hope conceded with relief that Bo did tend to take things to heart, and thanked Roman for listening.

Bo returned just as Hope was giving Roman a grateful hug, and he stopped cold when he spotted them through the window. Bo went inside and announced that he was canceling their date night because he had to go to the office. He abruptly turned and left with no further explanation, as a crestfallen Hope was left to wonder what was going on.

Nicole met Brady on the waterfront, and thanked him for coming. He asked what was wrong, and, choking back tears, Nicole blurted, "Everything!" Brady put his arms around her comfortingly, and asked what she meant. Nicole began ranting incoherently about Tony and Sydney and the christening, insistent that "that bastard" Tony had ruined everything.

A confused Brady asked her to calm down and start from the beginning. Nicole took a deep breath and tearfully confessed that Tony had learned that she wasn't Sydney's biological mother. When Brady asked how Tony had found out, Nicole became hysterical again, and again, Brady had to get her to calm down and breathe.

Nicole informed him that Mia was back from Japan, and the girl had poured her heart out to Tony. Brady was incredulous. Nicole continued, explaining how she'd tried to convince Tony that Mia was mentally ill, but it hadn't worked-and she knew that he would blab her secret as soon as he thought the timing was right. Brady gently reminded her that she had known the risks before she had adopted Mia's baby. Nicole was furious that Brady would say, "I told you so," when she was so upset.

Brady talked her down again, arguing that he wanted to help, but he couldn't understand why Tony had it in for her. Nicole explained that Tony wanted revenge on Stefano and E.J. for pushing him out of the company.

Suddenly Nicole announced that she had the perfect plan: the two of them would break into Tony's bedroom and steal the fuels project formula, which she would then use to buy Tony's silence. Brady was skeptical that the plan would work. When Nicole declared that Brady would be the one to break into Tony's room, he refused, arguing that he wouldn't even be able to get past security. He insisted that, if they actually tried it, they would do it his way. Nicole agreed.

Tony was in his room at the DiMera mansion, looking over the plans for the fuels project. He triumphantly declared to himself that the tide had turned. He was surprised when Brady called a little later. Tony pointed out that he'd already turned Philip down, but Brady countered that he would make it worth Tony's while if they could just meet in person. Tony at last grudgingly agreed to meet Brady at the pier.

Nicole hid outside Tony's room while Brady called Tony. As soon as Tony had gone, Nicole crept into his room and quietly closed the door behind her. She began searching stealthily through Tony's dresser drawers and under the bed for the blueprints. She hid in a panic when the butler knocked on the door, but resumed her search when the coast was clear.

When Nicole returned to the pier, she informed Brady that the blueprints weren't in Tony's room. Brady wondered aloud what would happen next. Nicole fearfully exclaimed, "Tony's going to tell E.J. the truth about Sydney, and my life is going to be over!" Brady grabbed her and held her close before she could become hysterical again, reassuring her that they would figure something out. He then gently urged her to make herself scarce before Tony showed up.

Just then, Tony called Nicole's cell phone. "You've had quite a day, haven't you?" he purred, pleasantly sardonic. "You and Brady make quite the team." Nicole tried to feign ignorance. Tony asserted that it was a shame they couldn't have worked things out peacefully, adding ominously, "But maybe the truth will set you free, Nicole."

When Tony hung up, Nicole immediately turned and ran from the pier, anxiously declaring that she had to stop Tony. An alarmed Brady tried to stop her, to no avail.

Philip returned home to the Kiriakis mansion. An angry Victor met him at the door and immediately began upbraiding him. Philip asserted that he had everything under control, but Victor demanded to know what was going on with the fuels project. Philip brought his father up to date, informing him that the only surviving copy of the formula for the fuels project had ended up in Tony DiMera's hands.

Victor was beyond furious. Philip swore that he would get the project back if Victor would give him a chance, but Victor was fed up. He fired Philip -- "effective immediately" -- and then ordered him to clean out his office by sundown.

Philip tried to reason with Victor, arguing that he'd been preparing his whole life to take over the family business. He begged for a chance to make amends for his mistakes, and urged Victor not to hand over the reins to Brady. Victor only became more incensed, and declared that he would run his company the way he saw fit. Philip then blamed the DiMeras for the loss of the fuels project, because they played dirty.

A disgusted Victor believed that Philip had never learned to account for his own actions-then proclaimed that he was cutting Philip off. Philip sadly acknowledged that he would never be able to live up to Victor's expectations, but vowed to defeat the DiMeras.

Philip was at Titan later, packing up his office as a security guard watched, when Stephanie arrived. Philip persuaded the guard to give them some privacy, and then informed a stunned Stephanie that Victor had fired him-and then disowned him. Stephanie expressed her sympathy and outrage, but Philip declared that he wasn't giving up. Seeing his determination, she urged him to walk away from the fuels project.

Philip coldly ordered her not to argue with him, but quickly apologized when she gathered up her things and began to leave. "This is my life, my pride, my future," he explained. "I won't stop-I can't."

Thursday, March 26, 2009

At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip congratulated Brady on becoming CEO of Titan. Brady was clueless as to what he was talking about. Philip told Brady that Victor fired him and disowned him, as well, because Philip couldn't get the alternative fuels project blueprints back from Tony. Philip vowed to do whatever he had to do to get the blueprints back. Brady told Philip they could make things right, but Philip wanted to handle it himself. Brady told him it would be fruitless to try to steal the plans back from Tony, because Brady had already tried.

Philip wondered why Brady was trying to get the blueprints back from Tony. Brady said everyone wanted the blueprints, including him and Philip, and Brady wanted to work with Philip. But, Philip said he didn't need Brady or Victor, and he told Brady to tell Victor what he said. Philip stormed out and made a phone call to someone, asking the person if "it" was ready and if it would work the way they wanted it to. Then, Philip ordered the person to do it immediately.

At the Brady Pub, Sami told someone on the phone that she was going to the convent to pick up Grace and bring her home. Rafe walked in, and an excited Sami said hi, but her smile was quickly wiped away by Rafe's icy demeanor. He told her they didn't have anything to say to each other. Sami covered by agreeing with him and walking away. Then, she changed her mind and decided to tell Rafe her plan.

Rafe wasn't surprised, and he acted like he didn't care. He said Sami made it clear that what he said or did didn't mean anything to her, so he suggested they not even talk about it. Rafe excused himself to make a phone call, and Abe walked in and was excited to see Sami.

Abe told Sami he was sorry he couldn't help Rafe get a job with the Salem police department, and he said Rafe sacrificed a lot to stay in Salem for Sami. She wondered what he was talking about. Abe realized he probably said too much and asked her not to tell Rafe, but he said Rafe turned down a job on the terrorism task force in New York. Then, Abe got a call, so Sami followed Rafe out of the pub.

Sami told Rafe she found out what he did for her, and she pointed out that they weren't that different, after all. She said she heard he turned down the job in New York, but she wouldn't tell him who told her. Sami knew Rafe loved New York, and she wanted to know why he turned down the job. She thought it was because he wanted to stay in town to help Sami. Rafe admitted it, but he said his decision backfired, because Sami had tried to make him look like the bad guy.

Sami apologized for being unappreciative, and she knew he did what he did because he cared. Sami said she cared, too. She asked if Rafe cared for her, too, but he didn't say anything at first. Then Rafe kissed Sami passionately.

Nicole tracked down Mia and screamed at her for telling Tony that Sydney was Mia's baby and not Nicole's. Mia told Nicole that she didn't mean to hurt Nicole. She said she didn't spend the money Nicole gave her and that she missed her baby the whole time she was away in Japan. Nicole pointed out that Sydney wasn't Mia's baby anymore, so she didn't miss her, because Nicole was all she knew.

Mia said she didn't plan to tell Tony about the baby at first - she just thought Nicole was home because she saw Nicole's car, and she wanted to see her baby. Mia thought Tony wouldn't hurt Sydney, but Nicole said Tony would sell his own mother if it would hurt E.J. Nicole said what Mia did was going to destroy Nicole's life. Mia told Nicole she blurted out that she gave her baby to Nicole. Nicole said when E.J. found out the truth, he would throw Nicole out.

Nicole and Mia hatched a plan to discredit Tony when he finally revealed the truth about the baby by having Mia say she never told Tony that Nicole's baby was hers. Mia apologized and promised to do anything to make it up to Nicole. Nicole worried that the plan would not work, and eventually E.J. would look into Tony's accusations.

Stefano walked in while Tony packed his bags. Stefano asked what was going on. Tony told Stefano he was leaving the mansion and the family, because he was sick of being belittled and overlooked by Stefano. Stefano said Tony and E.J. were equal in Stefano's eyes, but Tony didn't want to hear. Stefano got angry and ordered him to unpack his belongings, but Tony ignored him and stormed out anyway, leaving Stefano behind, clutching his chest.

E.J. asked Harold, the butler, where Nicole was, and Harold said Nicole had left in a hurry. Tony informed E.J. he was moving out, and E.J. asked Tony whether he was going to attend E.J.'s wedding. Tony ominously indicated that E.J.'s wedding plans would change. E.J. wondered what was wrong with Tony, and Tony said it was about time E.J. found out the truth.

E.J. asked Tony to say what he was talking about, and just when Tony started to tell E.J., Stefano walked in and ordered Tony not to disobey him, or Stefano would cut Tony off. Tony said he didn't need Stefano's money because he had the alternative fuels project. Stefano didn't believe him, because the formulas had been destroyed, but Tony said he had the only copy. Tony said he wouldn't miss Stefano's orders, and not only had things changed, but things would be changing for E.J., too.

E.J. warned Tony he was making a mistake, and Tony said that E.J. was about to make a mistake and would get the surprise of his life. E.J. told Tony that he and Stefano would never let the fuels project be developed. Tony pointed out that E.J. didn't have the blueprints and or any legal case. Stefano tried to reason with Tony, and appealed to him as a member of the family. Stefano said he loved Tony and wanted them to work together.

But Tony said Stefano didn't have any use for Tony and Tony had no use for Stefano or E.J. Stefano said Tony was dead to him. Stefano left, and E.J. asked Tony to tell E.J. the truth. So Tony said he tried to spare E.J. the public humiliation, because once E.J. knew the truth, he would be horrified enough. E.J. tried to reason with Tony, but Tony accused E.J. of being blind to the truth.

Tony got a message from an associate from Scotland who was in town to do transitional work, and he needed to meet with Tony by the harbor. E.J. told Tony to let the associate wait, but Tony said it wasn't up to E.J. to decide if someone waited or not. Then, he decided to let E.J. wait to hear the truth until a time when Tony could tell E.J. in front of an audience, like Stefano and Nicole.

Chloe and Lucas returned to Salem happy to be married, but Chloe couldn't forget that Kate had asked them to annul their marriage. Lucas didn't want to talk about it, but Chloe was upset that Kate wasn't happy they got married. Chloe thought Kate didn't like her because she was in the entertainment business and in between jobs or because she wasn't smart enough for Lucas.

Chloe thought Kate acted fake when she was being kind to Chloe. Lucas told Chloe not to worry because Kate wanted him and Chloe to be happy. Lucas encouraged Chloe to go to the hospital to get checked out because she was feeling sick. Chloe thought she was just stressed or not getting enough sleep. Lucas insisted that he accompany her to the doctor.

At the hospital, Kate summoned Daniel, saying she had to see him. Kate told Daniel she was over him, and Daniel said he wouldn't hold it against her. Kate asked him not to mention her accusations to Lucas or Chloe. Kate went on and on about how in love Chloe and Lucas were. Daniel felt uncomfortable hearing about the couple, and Kate picked up on it, satisfied with herself. Kate complimented Daniel, saying she was lucky to be treated by him when she was undergoing chemo.

Kate asked Daniel what the name of the drug was that he used to treat her for cancer, and Daniel told her. After Daniel went back to his rounds, Kate talked to a nurse about the drug used for her cancer treatment, and the nurse told Kate that the drug couldn't be detected on regular blood tests and that the drug - which was being stored in the hospital nearby - was deadly if not used properly.

Chloe and Lucas saw Kate at the hospital, and Lucas asked why she was there. She said she came in for a checkup, but everything was fine. Kate asked why Lucas was there, and she said it was because Chloe was tired, probably because of stress, but he wanted someone to take a look at her. Lucas asked if Kate had talked to Philip, and to Kate's surprise, Lucas told her Philip was fired.

Lucas planned to return to pick Chloe up after he went to see Will. After he left, Chloe ran into Daniel, and Daniel said he heard about her elopement. Chloe thanked Daniel for helping to convince Lucas to elope with Chloe. Daniel said he was happy as long as Chloe was happy, and she said she was.

Nicole called E.J., and learned Tony and Anna were moving to New York that day after Tony gathered the family to announce something about E.J. that was supposed to horrify E.J. Nicole asked where Tony was at that moment, and he told her that Tony was going to the harbor. E.J. told her to steer clear of Tony because he was acting strange. E.J. thought it was because of Tony's jealousy that E.J. was running the company. After Nicole hung up, she told Mia that she was going to stop Tony from spilling the beans about her baby, and she ran off.

Brady asked Victor why he fired Philip, and Victor said he did what he thought was best. Brady tried telling Victor that Brady was not interested in taking on the CEO position, but Victor told him Brady would be acting CEO, and Victor didn't want to talk anymore. Brady urged Victor to think about what he was doing to Philip, Titan, and his family. Kate barged in and demanded to know why Victor would hurt Philip.

Kate thought Victor had changed and they had grown closer in recent months, but she was wrong. She said she hated Victor, and she said he was out of her life. Victor started to leave, but Brady stopped him and warned him that Victor's decision negatively affected Philip, and Philip was about to do something destructive.

After Rafe and Sami finished kissing, he pointed out that they were completely different, because she did things that were totally off the wall while he was ruled by logic. Sami noted that it wasn't logical for him to turn down his dream job in New York, and she asked if it felt good to go with his feelings. Rafe agreed, and he kissed her. Sami thought Rafe was going to tell her she should have waited to bring Grace home until Rafe had a plan.

Rafe said her decision couldn't be changed, but from then on, the DiMeras would be watching her like a hawk. Sami admitted to being impulsive, and she didn't want to ruin their tender moment, but she had to go to the convent immediately to get Grace. Rafe volunteered to go with her.

At the pier, Philip confronted Tony and told him the man Tony was waiting for was still on a plane. Tony caught on to Philip's plot to lure Tony there, and he told Philip that there was nothing more to talk about., Tony said he would not let Philip be a part of the project, no matter how much Philip begged or what Philip offered.

Philip told Tony that he was not begging - he wasn't even asking. Philip demanded the blueprints, but Tony called Philip stupid and asked why Tony would give Philip anything. Then Tony dismissed Philip and said he had more important things to do. Then Philip lunged at Tony, while Nicole watched in secret.

Chloe told Daniel she was at the hospital for a quick checkup at Lucas' insistence, and she wanted to make sure she was okay, since she was part of a new family. Daniel understood, and he suggested she not overdo it, given her medical history.

At the convent, Sami held Grace, happy to be able to take the baby home, and Rafe marveled at how big Grace was getting. Rafe and Sami bonded over Grace.

Stefano asked E.J. where Tony was, and E.J. said he went to meet someone, but planned to return for a family meeting. E.J. assumed the meeting was so Tony could tell everyone what kind of fools they were. Stefano said he didn't care if he ever saw Tony again, and Tony was dead to him. E.J. told Stefano there was more to the situation and there was something they didn't understand.

Friday, March 27, 2009

As they prepared to take Grace home, Sami confessed to Rafe that she would miss the convent. Rafe reminded her that she'd only been there because she was hiding from a hit man, but Sami countered that Grace was born while they were staying there. She softly thanked Rafe for taking such good care of her and Grace. Rafe joked that she could repay him by staying out of trouble.

When Rafe stepped into the hallway to take a phone call, Sister Agnes peeked in and saw Sami cooing to Grace. The nun introduced herself, and Sami immediately realized that Sister Agnes was the one had taken care of Rafe when he was a boy. Sister Agnes warmly declared that Sami was exactly as Rafe had described her, adding that Rafe cared about Sami a great deal. Sami admitted that she cared about him, as well, and asked what he'd been like as a kid. With a fond smile, Sister Agnes recalled that Rafe had been shy, but funny, opinionated, a little stubborn- and had a bit of a rebellious streak.

Sami then wanted to know about Rafe's family, since he hadn't talked about them at all. Sister Agnes admitted that there had been tragedy in Rafe's life, but asserted that it wasn't her place to divulge anything more. Sami assured the nun that Sami wouldn't want her to betray a confidence, but asked for a hint, at least, about Rafe. Sister Agnes agreed, acknowledging that Rafe was a good man with a good heart, adding emphatically, "I can only hope that he will find someone who can respect him for who he is-and not try to change him."

Just then, Rafe returned, instantly recognizing that the two women had been talking about him. Sami and Sister Agnes exchanged a mischievously sheepish glance. The nun then excused herself, as she had some business to attend to in Sister Theresa's absence. Sami was disappointed that she wouldn't get to say goodbye to Sister Theresa, but promised to bring Grace back soon. Sister Agnes hugged Rafe goodbye, loudly whispering, "You were right about this woman!"

After the nun had gone, Sami asked what she'd meant. Rafe teased that Sister Agnes meant that Sami was nosy. Sami then told Rafe that she'd arranged to have Father Matt christen Grace before they went home, and asked if Rafe would be Grace's godfather. She explained that she wanted Grace to have someone like Rafe to look up to, and to protect her if she ever needed it. A humbled Rafe replied that he would be honored.

As they waited for the priest in the chapel, Sami observed that Rafe seemed nervous. Rafe admitted that he'd never been anyone's godfather before, but Sami reassured him that he would be great. Father Matt arrived, exclaimed how beautiful Grace was, and asked if Rafe was the baby's father. Sami explained that Rafe would be Grace's godfather, adding that the father wasn't in the picture.

After Sami had confirmed that they would be the only ones attending, Father Matt began the christening. Rafe stood by, smiling, his hands folded reverently, as the priest recited Sami's responsibilities: to train Grace in the practice of the Catholic faith, and to raise her in keeping with God's commandments. Sami grinned, bouncing Grace on her hip as she accepted. Father Matt asked Rafe if he would help Sami in her duties, and a beaming Rafe consented.

At the hospital, Daniel congratulated Chloe on the wedding, and apologized for the pain he'd caused her with his selfishness. Lucas arrived just as Chloe was telling Daniel that there was nothing to forgive. Daniel repeated his congratulations to Lucas. Once Chloe had left for her doctor's appointment, Lucas thanked Daniel for convincing him to elope with Chloe. Daniel shrugged off Lucas' gratitude, asserting that Lucas had just needed another point of view. Lucas argued that they might not be married if not for Daniel's advice.

Lucas then noted that Kate hadn't been happy about their elopement, and had even shown up in Las Vegas. Daniel's discomfort was apparent as Lucas confided with a wink that he and Chloe had still managed to have an enjoyable honeymoon. When Daniel's pager went off, he seemed relieved to be able to walk away.

Hope found Bo at the Brady Pub, and greeted her husband with a kiss. He claimed he'd had some things to take care of on his way to work, so he'd left before she was up. Hope reminded him that he'd also cancelled their date the night before with no explanation, and maintained that he just didn't want to be around her. She urged him to be honest about what was going on with him.

Bo reluctantly admitted that he was still having visions-all the time. He added that Hope had accused him of not trusting her, but at the same time, she didn't believe what he said. Hope apologized, acknowledging that she was wrong, and Bo apologized for canceling their date so abruptly. They briefly discussed how Chelsea was looking for an apartment to share with Stephanie.

Hope said that Chelsea could sense that there was something going on with Bo. When Bo didn't respond, Hope noted that he seemed even more upset than before. She gently asked if he had seen the man's face in his visions about her and another man.

Bo reminded Hope that she'd told him to try to suppress his visions, but she was pushing him to talk about them. Hope admitted that he was right. As they were making up, Hope was called away on police business. After Hope asked Bo to pick up a prescription at the hospital for Ciara, they kissed goodbye.

Chloe and Lucas went to the pub after her appointment. She was perturbed because her regular doctor had retired, so Lucas suggested that she ask Daniel for a referral. Lucas then noticed that Chloe hadn't eaten any of her burger, and she confessed that she was a little nauseated. After Lucas had to leave to take care of some business, Chloe opened her birth-control pills. As she noted what day it was, she frowned, confused. "How could I forget?" Suddenly, her eyes widened in horror, and she quietly exclaimed, "Oh, my God!"

At the DiMera mansion, an angry Stefano declared that Tony was dead to him, and he didn't care if he never saw "that ungrateful son of a bitch" again. E.J. thought there had to be more to what was going on with Tony than they knew about, and feared that it involved Nicole. E.J. clarified that Tony wanted to gather the family together, because he had something important to tell them all that would humiliate E.J. Stefano and E.J. both wondered what Nicole might have to do with it, and E.J. wanted to know why Tony had suddenly decided to turn on the family.

Stefano maintained that Tony was childishly jealous of E.J. E.J. pointed out that Tony would become very powerful if he managed to carry out the alternative fuels project. Stefano became further enraged, and launched into a venomous diatribe about what a selfish, ungrateful traitor Tony was.

Stefano's shouting grew louder as he swore to make Tony pay. E.J. quietly asserted that Stefano should have expected Tony to retaliate after pushing Tony out of the family and the company, and urged his father to show a little compassion. Stefano only became more furious, adamantly declaring that Tony had crossed the line by betraying him. "He is no longer a son of mine. He is dead to me," Stefano reiterated.

Nicole hid behind some crates on the pier, watching while Philip and Tony argued heatedly about the fuels project. Philip punched Tony, splitting his lip, and demanded that Tony return the project. "You ain't getting a thing from me," Tony replied icily. Philip charged him, but Tony shoved back, and they began hurling angry insults at each other, until Tony struck a nerve when he asserted that Philip had shamed the Kiriakis family. Philip ran at Tony again, but Tony sidestepped him, sending Philip flying into the crates. Philip caught himself, gashing his hand open on an exposed nail.

A smug Tony called Philip a "clumsy clod," and began walking up the stairs. Philip couldn't let it go, hotly maintaining that Tony had sabotaged his own family. Tony, annoyed but amused, took the bait, turning to climb back down toward Philip again. Suddenly the railing gave way. Tony lost his balance, and fell backwards onto a spike that was sticking out of a pallet below, impaling him.

Philip rushed over, pulled Tony's coat open, and saw how badly he was bleeding. Blood also trickled from Tony's mouth, and a worried Philip urged Tony, "Stay with me, man!" Nicole, who had watched the whole thing in horror, came running over, and asked if Tony had a pulse. Philip realized that he didn't have his cell phone, and ordered Nicole to call 9-1-1. Nicole hesitated, remembering Tony's threat to expose her, and Philip had to bark at her several more times before she finally complied. Tony looked up at her imploringly as she dialed with shaky fingers.

After the paramedics had put Tony in the ambulance, Nicole called E.J. She quickly informed him that Tony had been badly hurt and was on his way to the hospital. They agreed to meet at the hospital, and Nicole hung up. Philip wanted to know how much Nicole had seen of the fight. When she replied that she'd seen almost all of it, Philip tried to confirm that she knew Tony's fall had been an accident. Nicole didn't answer, merely suggesting that Philip take care of his injured hand.

When Stefano and E.J. arrived at the hospital, Nicole was already there. She began filling them in on what had happened, and Philip volunteered that he and Tony had been fighting. Philip firmly maintained that what had happened to Tony was his own fault. E.J. became enraged, lunging to attack Philip, but Bo arrived just in time to prevent a brawl.

While Stefano insinuated that Bo would side with Philip, Bo pulled Philip aside and asked what was going on. Philip admitted that he and Tony had fought, but swore he hadn't hurt Tony. An exasperated Bo pointed out that he couldn't take Philip's statement, since they were brothers.

Daniel arrived and informed the DiMeras that the team had done everything possible to stop Tony's bleeding. Stefano and E.J. were relieved, but Daniel cautioned him that, because of the large amount of blood Tony had lost, the prognosis wasn't good.

Philip worried about what would happen if Tony died. Bo asked him to fill in the blanks about how the fight started. Philip briefly explained that he and Tony had gotten into a shoving match, but clarified that Tony had fallen from the stairs after it was over.

"It was an accident," Philip declared. "I didn't touch him." Bo asked if anyone else could attest to that. Philip told him that Nicole had seen everything.

Meanwhile, Nicole crept into an unconscious Tony's room when the guard outside took a phone call. She stood at the foot of the bed, gazing impassively at all the monitors Tony was hooked up to, while a respirator breathed for him. Suddenly, Tony's eyes flew open.

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