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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 30, 2009 on DAYS
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Monday, March 30, 2009

Sami had Grace christened at the convent, and when the priest said Grace's full name, Rafe realized Sami had named Grace after him. Sami worried about how Grace would be received by the rest of her family, but Rafe assured her that everything would be all right and that he would be there for her. Sami told Grace that Rafe, as her godfather, would protect her. Rafe worried about whether he would find another job, but Sami assured him that someone would hire him.

When Rafe and Grace were alone, he told her that he was as crazy about her as he was about Sami. Rafe came up with the nickname "Amazing Grace" for the baby, and Sami watched the touching moment from afar.

Later, at the Brady Pub, Sami made sure Rafe had his story straight about how Sami "adopted" Grace. She was nervous that people wouldn't believe it. Will walked in and saw Sami talking to Grace, so he asked whose baby she was.

Sami thought Will was supposed to spend time with Lucas, but Will said he had been more interested in playing basketball with his friends. Sami was disappointed to hear that, and Will told her that he thought Lucas was relieved that he didn't have to spend time with Will, since Lucas was so into his new wife, Chloe. Will thought he and Lucas didn't really have a lot in common, so they didn't really have a good time together.

Sami urged Will not to give Lucas a hard time, but Will said he was just trying to be honest. Sami introduced Will to his new sister, Grace. Will didn't believe her, but Sami was serious. Will thought Sami had lost her mind. He couldn't believe that Sami decided to tell him about Grace at the last minute. Sami tried to explain to Will how she decided to adopt Grace, and Will called her out on her lies.

Will reminded her how he heard her mention Grace's name on the phone, but Sami had said she said Rafe instead of Grace. Sami said she didn't want to tell him the truth then because she wasn't sure if the adoption would go through. Will was angry, because he had asked her for weeks what was wrong, but she had lied to him as usual. Rafe walked up to their table and greeted Will, and Will asked if Rafe knew about the adoption. Sami told Will that Rafe knew about it, because Rafe went with her to the orphanage.

Sami understood Will was upset, and she said they would talk about it. Will was frustrated because he hadn't seen her in a year, and he felt neglected because she had a new toy. Sami said Grace wasn't a toy and she didn't neglect him. Will said it didn't matter, because she was going to do what she wanted to do, anyway. He started to leave, but Sami tried to get him to open up more about his feelings.

Will said things were always messed up when he was little. Sami struggled to hold back tears so she didn't further upset Will, so Will said it wasn't a big deal since he made it through his childhood. Sami said she was proud of Will, and he said there were times during his childhood when he had needed Sami, but she wasn't there.

Sami apologized and acknowledged messing up his childhood. Will thought it was wrong that she adopted a new baby. Sami said she was Grace's best chance to have a good life, because Grace was abandoned, and Will said he knew that feeling. Sami apologized for Will feeling abandoned, because she didn't abandon him. She said she always loved Will, and she pointed out that he was the one who chose to go to Switzerland to live with Carrie and Austin.

Will thought she was insinuating that he abandoned her, but she said that wasn't what she was saying. She wanted to work through it. Sami pointed out that Grace was innocent and needed Will to look out for her as a big brother. Will reminded Sami that she wasn't there for him. Sami started to cry, so he left and told her she was sleeping at his grandmother's house. Outside the pub, Rafe told Will that he understood that Will was angry about finding out at the last minute about Grace, but there was something about Grace that Will needed to know.

Stefano was angry at Daniel for not letting him see Tony in Tony's hospital room, but Daniel assured him that Stefano would be allowed to see Tony soon. Stefano insisted that Lexie be put in charge of Tony's care, and Daniel said until Lexie showed up, Tony was Daniel's patient. Tony was in critical condition, Daniel said, and the family needed to be notified, because Tony was in bad shape.

E.J. tried to calm Stefano down, but Stefano was determined to find Lexie and get her on Tony's case immediately. Lexie arrived, and E.J. explained to her what they knew so far about the incident. Stefano told her that Philip tried to kill Tony. Stefano wanted Lexie to be Tony's doctor, but she was uncomfortable, because she was too close to the patient.

Lexie insisted that Daniel was the doctor who would provide the best care for Tony, but she agreed to assist. Lexie asked E.J. to contact Anna. Lexie couldn't believe that Tony was injured in an accident, but Stefano said it wasn't an accident - and the person responsible for putting Tony in the hospital would pay dearly.

Philip told Bo that Nicole saw the confrontation with Tony before Tony's accident. Bo pressed Philip to tell him everything that happened before Tony was hurt, and Philip said he'd told him everything. So Bo made a phone call asking for help with the case. Bo told Philip he'd called Hope to interrogate Philip, since Philip was Bo's brother, and therefore, Bo was too close to the case. Even though Hope had a connection, she was one step removed from Philip, Bo said.

Philip was nervous because he had been afraid that Bo had called another officer to arrest him instead of Hope. Bo sensed that Philip was keeping something from him. Philip wouldn't tell Bo what his fight with Tony was about. When Hope arrived, she tried to get the truth from Philip, but all he would say was that it had to do with confidential trade secrets. Bo was fed up, so he threatened to call Victor, and Philip agreed to talk.

Philip told Hope and Bo exactly how the accident occurred, and Bo said if Nicole backed up his story, Philip would be free and clear. Philip felt Nicole might say anything.

Nicole went into Tony's hospital room to talk to him. She told him she saved his life by calling 9-1-1, and she ordered him not to talk because he owed her. While she was yelling at him, a nurse came in and asked what she was doing in the room. Nicole said it was because she was family and wanted to talk to Tony, but the nurse said Tony had a tube down his throat and wasn't able to talk to anyone.

Nicole asked the nurse if Tony would be able to speak again if he recovered, and the nurse said he would, so Nicole left. Nicole came back to talk to Tony and told him to remember she saved his life, and she threatened him to play along if he wanted to make it out of the hospital alive. As she was talking, his heart rate climbed, so Daniel came in to check on him and discovered Nicole in the room. He asked what she was doing there.

Nicole told Daniel she was just worried about Tony. Daniel ordered her out of the room, but Tony's blood pressure climbed too high, and they needed a defibrillator. Out in the hallway, Lexie warned Stefano not to threaten Philip. Then she heard the code blue call and rushed to Tony's side. Nicole took the opportunity to sneak away. E.J. asked where Nicole had been. She said she went to Tony's room, so Stefano asked how Tony was, and Nicole said she thought Tony was dying.

Daniel came out of Tony's room, and told Stefano that Tony's heart had stopped, but they managed to restart it, and Tony was resting. Nicole expressed her sympathy to E.J. over what happened. E.J. reflected on how relieved he was when Tony told E.J. he was leaving, but he felt it was ironic that because of Tony's accident, Tony might die.

Hope asked Daniel if Tony's injuries looked like a direct fall or a deliberate wounding. Daniel said because of the upward angle of the wound, it looked like Tony fell on the wood stake, but Daniel wasn't so sure whether Tony fell or was pushed.

Stefano wanted to see Tony, but Lexie said Tony didn't want to see him. Lexie went into Tony's room to see him, and he was agitated. Tony wrote E.J.'s name, so Lexie told E.J. that Tony wanted to see him. E.J. walked toward Tony's room, and when Nicole saw Hope, she tried to accompany E.J.

Hope told Nicole she needed to speak to her, but Nicole said she was going with E.J. to Tony's room. Lexie said she only wanted one visitor at a time, so Nicole was forced to stay behind with Hope. Hope asked Nicole what she saw during Philip and Tony's confrontation.

In Tony's hospital room, Lexie explained that Tony couldn't speak, but could communicate somewhat by writing. Lexie got a page and had to leave the room. Tony tried to write something for E.J. so see.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

At the park, Rafe talked to Will about trying to support Sami and Will's new sister, Grace. Will asked Rafe to understand Sami's history, but Rafe fervently defended Sami, noting that the entire time she was in the witness protection program, she was always talking about her kids. "The real reason she adopted her was because of you," Rafe said to Will.

Rafe explained to Will how Sami had been terrified about the murderer and worried that she would never see her family again. Rafe went on to say that Sami took all her anxiety and desire to be with her children and focused it on Grace at the orphanage. Frowning, Rafe asked Will to stop acting like a jerk and cut his mother some slack. When Will informed Rafe that Sami was inherently selfish, Rafe urged Will to "suck it up" and "do the right thing."

Still resistant, Will told Rafe that he did not understand the situation. Will theorized that Sami would go crazy within the week after trying to care for Grace and two other toddlers. Smiling, Rafe said that if anyone could handle the task that it was Sami because she was a wonderful mother. Will reluctantly agreed to support his mother, but said that he would not accept Grace as his sister. Visibly annoyed, Rafe told Will to "get over" himself and get to know Grace and a changed Sami.

At the Brady Pub, Sami cooed over Grace and promised her that "everyone is going to love you as much as I do." With his eyebrow arched, Roman stood in the doorway listening to Sami. Sami told Roman about the adoption, but Roman did not believe her story. After a bit of coaxing, Roman agreed that her story might be truthful, but that he did not think the timing was good.

As Roman continued to argue with Sami about taking on the added responsibility of another child, Caroline watched from the bar. When Roman failed to relent in his argument against the adoption, Caroline intervened and reminded Roman that the timing of Max and Frankie's adoption was less than desirable. Caroline continued to support Sami by rattling off the difficulties of raising Caroline's own sizable brood.

With Sami's grandmother, Caroline, squeezing her shoulder, Sami began to smile again and passionately defended her love for Grace. Roman agreed to be happy for Sami, but assured her that he meant everything he had said about responsibility. Roman added that he was also very proud of Sami for adopting and fighting for Grace.

When Sami left with Grace, Rafe met her outside and she updated him on her conversations with Roman and Will. As Sami lamented Will's response to the news, Will came around the corner of the hedge and stopped in his tracks. Rafe stepped away so that Sami could talk to Will alone.

Will quietly offered to try to help Sami with his siblings, and, beaming, Sami hugged Will fiercely, crying, "You're the best son a mother could ask for!" Will joked that everything made Sami cry, and, wiping away tears, Sami countered that only her kids could do that. To Sami's utter surprise, before he walked away, Will promised to be home for dinner.

When Rafe returned, Sami excitedly told him that Will was coming home. Sami was amazed but confused by Will's change of attitude, and Rafe chalked the difference up to the fickle mind of a sixteen-year-old.

In the hallway at Salem hospital, Hope tried to question Nicole about the incident down on the pier with Tony and Philip, but nervous, Nicole evaded Hope's questions. Nicole repeatedly attempted to visit Tony, but Lexie cautioned her that Tony was only strong enough to have one visitor at a time. Philip and Stefano both pushed Nicole to make her statement, and Bo had to warn both men to back off of Nicole since she was a witness.

Victor arrived at the hospital and cautioned Philip not to say anything else to the police. Taking his son aside, Victor blamed himself for the trouble, citing his decision to fire Philip and disown him. Victor argued that under the circumstances, he could understand why Philip felt he had no recourse but to go after Tony and the blueprints. Philip countered that Victor's decision to fire him was justified because he was the acting C.E.O. when the computers were wiped clean. When Victor told Philip to forget the blame and concentrate on the police charges, a bitter Stefano interrupted.

Stefano cautioned that Philip should be more worried about Stefano than about the police. Victor questioned Stefano's threat, and Stefano reminded Victor that they had always worked well together in the past, until Philip took over Titan. Victor sent his sympathies to Stefano for Tony's tragedy, but warned Stefano that Victor would not tolerate threats. Growling, Stefano told Victor that if Philip was responsible for Tony's death then Stefano "would have to do what a father has to do in that situation."

Bo told Hope that he believed Philip was telling the truth, and an eavesdropping and upset Stefano yelled at Nicole to tell the police that Philip had pushed Tony. Lexie warned Stefano to back off, while a visibly shaking Nicole asked everyone to leave her alone. Nicole attempted to walk away, but Hope stopped her and demanded that Nicole tell her what happened. Furious, Nicole reminded Hope that the last time they had a discussion, it had ended with Nicole being arrested for a murder she did not commit. Nicole walked around Hope and screamed that she had no intention of giving Hope another minute of her time.

In Tony's hospital room, Tony struggled to write a message to E.J. about Sydney. Frustrated, Tony gleefully thought about E.J.'s reaction to the news, but his frail state prevented him from communicating the revelation about the child to his brother. E.J. advised Tony to wait until he was stronger, and Lexie agreed. However, Tony insisted on writing the news and struggled to tell E.J. the truth, even though it was putting a strain on his heart.

Tony's condition was only worsened when Nicole joined E.J. in the hospital room. An angry Lexie shoved Nicole and E.J. into the corridor as she worked to stabilize Tony. Hope came down the hallway and asked Nicole again for her statement. Surprised that she had not already spoken to the police, E.J. urged Nicole to give her statement while he attempted to figure out what Tony was trying to tell him.

E.J. headed back into the room and Nicole stayed behind to talk to Hope. Nicole stated that she had heard voices and saw the argument between Tony and Philip. Before Nicole could recount any more about the events of the evening, Bo pulled Hope aside to talk to her privately.

When Hope returned to question Nicole, a frantic Nicole refused to say anything more to Hope until she learned whether Tony was going to be okay. Inside Tony's room, he continued to struggle to write out a message to E.J. Exhausted, Tony finally dropped the pen and went limp. E.J. begged Tony to let Stefano visit him, but while E.J. was making his case for Stefano, Tony's heart monitor flatlined. Lexie rushed in and frantically worked to revive Tony, while a stunned E.J. headed out into the hallway to tell the family about Tony's heart attack.

Unable to save Tony, Lexie called the time of death, and then broke the news to the group gathered out in the hallway. Visibly upset, Stefano turned his steely gaze to Philip.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lucas visited Sami at the townhouse. After meeting Grace, he immediately suspected that she was actually Sami and E.J.'s baby. Sami reminded him that she'd told him she'd lost E.J.'s baby, and insisted that she'd adopted Grace. Lucas didn't buy it, pointing out that she'd lied about lots of things in the past, and pressed her for the truth. He added that he only wanted to help, because he understood if she were trying to hide her baby from the DiMeras.

Sami stood her ground. She then confided that she'd missed her kids terribly while she was in witness protection, but it had comforted her to know that Allie was safe with Lucas. Lucas gently asked if adopting a child while still grieving a baby she'd lost was a good idea. Sami asserted that she had love to give to a baby, and Grace needed her. She added defensively that Rafe was the only one who accepted her decision.

Lucas maintained that he was worried about his kids, and about her, because of everything she'd been through—including falling for her bodyguard. He asked if Rafe would back up her story. Sami offered to dial Rafe's number for him, and then sarcastically suggested that he call E.J., too. As Sami's voice grew louder, Grace started crying, so Lucas volunteered to pick her up. His cooing calmed Grace instantly. Lucas proclaimed that she was a beautiful baby—and that she didn't look like Sami or E.J. Sami seemed surprised when Lucas declared that he believed her.

Once Grace had settled back into her bassinette, Sami asked if Lucas were thinking about having more kids with Chloe. He hedged, but added that Chloe really liked Allie. Sami softly stated that she would make an effort to be nicer to Chloe, because Lucas deserved to be happy. Lucas whispered goodbye to Grace, then kissed Sami on the cheek, and assured her that she could call if she ever needed backup.

Later, Sami read a bedtime story to Allie and Johnny about getting a new baby sister. She held her kids close and promised them that she was home for good.

Chloe let herself into the cabin, and was relieved that Lucas wasn't home. She pulled a home-pregnancy test kit out of her purse, and prayed that she wasn't pregnant—but if she were, that Lucas was the father.

When Kate dropped by, Chloe quickly hid the pregnancy test. Kate pretended to be sorry that she'd spoiled Lucas and Chloe's elopement, and insisted she wanted to make amends. She declared that she was going to make Chloe a star, explaining that she wanted Chloe to host a talk show, which would feature Kate's Hearth and Home products. She hugged Chloe with phony affection. Chloe was flattered but dubious, but Kate insisted that Chloe's beauty and droll sense of humor made her the perfect choice.

Chloe asked if she could think about it, since she hadn't been feeling well. As Kate was leaving, she knocked Chloe's purse off the table, and out popped the pregnancy test. Kate's mood instantly darkened. "For God's sake, tell me you're not pregnant!"

Chloe admitted that she hadn't been feeling well. "It might be that I'm pregnant, or..." Kate finished for her: "That the cancer is coming back." Kate asserted that Chloe was probably praying that it was neither cancer nor a pregnancy. Chloe insisted that she and Lucas would love to have a baby, adding that Kate didn't seem crazy about the idea. Kate denied it, though she silently grumbled that she'd have to postpone her plans to ruin Chloe's meteoric rise to stardom. Chloe promised to let Kate know the results as soon as she and Lucas had discussed it, but Kate insisted on staying "for moral support."

Lucas arrived home and was irritated to find his mother there. Kate wasted no time in telling him that Chloe was in the other room, taking a pregnancy test. Lucas tried to get her to leave, but Kate refused, claiming that she was concerned for Chloe's health. Lucas didn't want to even consider the possibility that Chloe's leukemia had returned. Chloe returned from the bathroom, and Kate immediately demanded to know whether Chloe was pregnant.

At the hospital, a distraught Stefano lamented Tony's death. He blamed Philip, who stated sincerely that he was sorry, but that only made Stefano angrier. Victor and E.J. tried to calm Stefano as Philip swore that what had happened to Tony had been an accident.

After Stefano went into Tony's room, E.J. contemptuously accused the Kiriakises of caring only about winning and losing. Victor pointed out that the DiMeras were no different. He then pulled Philip aside, urging him to get his injured hand looked at.

Hope pressed Nicole to quit stalling, threatening to charge her with obstruction of justice if she didn't divulge whether Tony's fall was an accident. When Brady arrived, he assumed Nicole was a suspect, which only made Hope more suspicious of Nicole. At last, Nicole began to describe what had happened at the pier—but E.J. interrupted to declare that Philip had killed Tony. Brady begged Nicole to tell Hope that it had been an accident, but first she wanted to know if Tony had said anything before he died.

E.J. replied that Tony had left him a message, and showed Hope the crumpled note on which Tony had managed to scrawl only the letter "B." E.J. explained that Tony had been desperate to tell him something, but E.J. had no idea what the note meant. He added angrily that he wanted Philip charged with murder. Brady pointed out that it wasn't E.J.'s decision.

In Tony's room, Stefano addressed his dead son. He declared that he would gladly have given his life for Tony, but instead he'd tried to teach Tony a lesson. Stefano regretted that he would never get to bring his son back into the fold, and vowed to avenge Tony's death—or die trying. He broke down in sobs, mournfully calling out Tony's name.

Victor tried to get Philip to see that he wasn't to blame for Tony's death. Philip asserted that he'd at least had a hand in it, and he would have to deal with it for the rest of his life. Victor hoped that Philip and Nicole were on good terms, since she would determine whether Philip went home or to jail that night.

E.J. asked Nicole to tell them all what she saw. Finally, Nicole described what had happened on the docks to Hope, while the others listened: as Tony was leaving, the stairway railing gave way, and he fell on a broken pallet. Hope asked her to clarify if Philip had pushed Tony, or if Tony's death was completely accidental. As Nicole was confirming that it had been an accident, Stefano emerged from Tony's room and overheard. "Wrong answer, Nicole," he intoned icily.

Nicole insisted that she had told the truth. Stefano contended that Tony's "accident" had solved a lot of problems for Philip, and that the Salem police would do nothing. Hope assured him that they would do a full investigation. Stefano warned Nicole that he would not forget her lies, and then stalked away.

E.J. confided to Nicole that he felt guilty for having enjoyed being ahead of Tony in Stefano's eyes. He also couldn't believe that Philip had nothing to do with Tony's death. Nicole gently maintained that she had told the truth, even though she knew Stefano would never forgive her—and she was worried that E.J. was mad at her, as well. E.J. reassured her that he could never be angry with her for telling the truth, adding, "It's lies that kill."

Privately, Victor asked Hope if there were a case against Philip. He was relieved when she assured him that she didn't think the D.A. had cause to press charges.

When E.J. left to check on Stefano, Brady pulled Nicole aside. He suggested scornfully that she'd gotten what she wanted, since Tony could never tell E.J. about Sydney. Nicole swore she'd told the truth. Hope observed them whispering together, and asked if Nicole had left something out of her statement. Nicole insisted that she hadn't.

Nicole then strode over to Philip, who thanked her for telling the truth. She declared that she hadn't done it to be nice, and demanded that Philip never blackmail her or Brady again. Philip agreed, and admitted he'd been wrong. Stefano was livid to find Nicole talking to Philip.

E.J. went into Tony's room, and expressed his regret for how things had ended. Looking at Tony's cryptic note, E.J. vowed that he wouldn't stop until he found out what Tony had been trying to say.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

At the Horton cabin, Kate asked Chloe whether the home pregnancy test indicated that Chloe was pregnant. It was clear to Chloe that Kate mentioned it to Lucas, and he wanted to know the results, too, but Chloe didn't know whether she was pregnant because the test didn't work. Kate offered to get another test, but Lucas felt she'd worn out her welcome and ordered her to leave. Chloe planned to go to the drug store to get a new test. Kate got a call from Daniel telling her to come to the hospital to be there for Philip.

At the Brady Pub, Melanie delivered some gifts for Max, and he wondered how much of the money remained of what Tony had given her for the alternative fuels project. She said she had spent all of it. Max told her that Tony was dead. Max explained what happened when Tony died. Melanie expressed sincere sympathy for what happened, and Chelsea was surprised that Melanie had such a human reaction. Melanie decided to go to the hospital to console Philip.

Stephanie went to the hospital to see how Philip was doing, and he told her Tony's death was an accident. Philip worried that she didn't believe him. Stephanie believed him, but Philip felt responsible for Tony's death. She offered to call Victor for Philip, but Philip knew that he wasn't welcome at home. Philip was surprised that Victor showed up at the hospital to support him, along with Brady, but he was very grateful that Stephanie was there.

Philip tried to figure out how he could have prevented Tony's death, and he wondered if the actions that led up to Tony's death were set into motion before the two of them were even born. Kate went to the hospital and hugged Philip to give him emotional support. Melanie asked Stephanie where Philip was, but she refused to tell her, because she thought Melanie was there because of the alternative fuels project.

Daniel told Kate that Philip's wound wasn't serious and he could be released soon, and she wanted to know if Tony's death was recorded as an accident. Daniel said it wasn't recorded as accidental, but he didn't think charges would be brought against Philip because of Nicole's testimony. Kate told Lucas, who had accompanied her to the hospital, to go home to Chloe to find out if she was pregnant. He was excited about the prospect of being a father again, but Kate thought that Chloe being pregnant would have been a mistake.

Lucas reminded Kate that she didn't get a say in whether he and Chloe had a baby. Lucas was done with the conversation, and Kate told him about her idea to have Chloe as the hostess of Hearth and Home. Lucas realized it would allow him and Chloe to work together, and he also said that pregnant women were allowed to be hostesses. He went home to be with Chloe.

Philip didn't want his mother to fuss over him, and Stephanie offered to bring him home to her apartment. At Stephanie's apartment, Philip was grateful that she was there for him. Philip realized how the project had been the most important thing in his life up until the moment that Tony died, because then the project seemed worthless.

Philip pointed out that Victor and Stefano - two of the most powerful men in the world - were at the hospital earlier, and none of them could do anything. They were all powerless, he said. Stephanie told Philip he didn't have to be like either Victor or Stefano, but Philip worried that he already was like them. Philip had a bad dream recounting the events leading up to Tony's death. Stephanie tried to comfort him and tell him it wasn't his fault.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano drank excessively, and Nicole tried to go to the kitchen to get him some food, but he didn't want anything to eat. Stefano threw his glass across the room and ordered her to get out of his house. E.J. ordered Stefano to apologize to Nicole or E.J. would take Sydney and they would all move out of the house. Stefano said he didn't care, because that would mean Nicole would be gone, too.

Stefano felt like Nicole blew her chance to show her loyalty to the family, and accused her of being glad that Tony was dead. E.J. refused to allow Stefano to speak to her the way he did. Stefano told E.J. that Nicole lied to him. E.J. asked what Stefano meant, and Stefano told his son to ask Nicole. Stefano questioned her about why she went to the Convent of the Holy Cross, and Nicole stuck to her story about volunteering.

Stefano said the only volunteering she did was to manipulate a rich man. E.J. urged Stefano to calm down, but he insisted that he would calm down once Nicole told the truth about the real reason she was at the convent. E.J. was incensed that Stefano was so disrespectful to Nicole, and he threatened to disown Stefano if he didn't apologize to Nicole. Stefano blamed Nicole for not putting Philip behind bars with her testimony to the police.

E.J. said it didn't matter to him why Nicole was at the convent, because it wasn't Stefano's business. Stefano said he was Nicole's enemy, and his enemies did not keep secrets. Stefano went to get the door, and Nicole asked E.J. if he believed she was telling the truth. E.J. told her not to worry about Stefano, but he wanted to know what Tony was trying to tell him by writing a "B" on a piece of paper before he died. Nicole played innocent, but E.J. said he objected to Stefano's line of questioning, because it wasn't Stefano's job to find out the truth, it was E.J.'s.

E.J. pressed her further and asked why Tony knew about her volunteer work and E.J. didn't. Nicole didn't want to talk about it, so she said if E.J. didn't trust her, maybe they needed to call off the wedding, and E.J. said maybe they should do that. Nicole was shocked that E.J. would be open to the idea of not getting married, and Nicole couldn't believe what E.J. said, that he was tired of her always threatening to leave if things didn't go her way. He said she was welcome to go, but their daughter, Sydney, was staying behind.

E.J. wondered if Nicole was grieving, and she said she was. Nicole said she and Tony were very comfortable with each other. She told E.J. that he said that after Tony died. E.J. said he wasn't thinking clearly, because he agreed with Stefano that she and Tony didn't get along. Nicole pointed out that Tony tried to double-cross E.J. up until he died. E.J. said he and Stefano felt attacked and betrayed just like Nicole said she felt, too.

Nicole was distraught and wondered why he was mad at her. Nicole explained that she just told the police the truth, but he pointed out that she had a problem with the truth. E.J. said Philip killed Tony and she was afraid that Nicole had something to do with it. E.J. berated Nicole for not lying and sending Philip to prison. He suspected there was a reason she was protecting Philip and for being on the pier the night Tony died. Nicole tried to get E.J. to go upstairs and lie down, hoping he'd feel better with a little rest and after holding Sydney, but E.J. said he wouldn't.

Anna was at the door, and as soon as Stefano opened it, she slapped him. Stefano offered Anna to come in, but she didn't want to, and she accused him of killing Tony. Anna was upset with Stefano, because Tony wanted desperately for Tony's approval and she hated Stefano. Stefano told her they needed to make arrangements for Tony's burial, but she insisted she make arrangements alone, and she didn't want to see him pretend to cry at Tony's grave. Anna knew that Tony died before Stefano got a chance to say goodbye, and she said she had peace, but Stefano never would.

Max could tell Chelsea that somethin was bothering Chelsea, and he wanted to know what it was. Chelsea worried that Stephanie was in over her head with Philip. Chelsea said when Stephanie found out Melanie was going to the hospital to see Philip, she got very protective over Philip. While they were talking, Melanie walked in and explained that they had nothing of the alternative fuels project, since Tony was dead. Melanie felt stupid for not listening to E.J. or Max about the alternative fuels project. She also said everything she bought with the fuels project money was on sale, so she couldn't return anything.

At the cabin, Chloe told Lucas she took several pregnancy tests, but she wasn't pregnant. Lucas said it was okay, because they would try later to get pregnant. Kate called, so Lucas filled her in. Kate was disappointed with the news, but she urged Lucas to make sure Chloe got a checkup to be sure there was nothing wrong with her. After hanging up with Lucas, Kate saw Daniel walk by, so she pretended to talk someone about a pregnancy test.

Daniel thought back to when he and Chloe had sex, and he expressed concern to Kate about Chloe being pregnant. Kate told Daniel that Chloe wasn't pregnant, and she pointed out that he looked relieved. Daniel tried to downplay it. Kate convinced Daniel to write her a prescription, saying she was feeling rundown. Daniel gave a Kate the prescription, and Kate said she couldn't read his signature. Daniel said she didn't need to read it, because the pharmacist knew whom it was from.

Lucas told Chloe to see a doctor to be sure Chloe wasn't pregnant, and he wanted her to feel better so she could be the hostess of the Hearth and Home collection. Lucas encouraged Chloe to take the job, so she planned to call Kate and tell her she would.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Chloe arrived at the hospital for an appointment, and was stunned to learn that Daniel would be her new doctor. Daniel explained that her former doctor had tried to find Chloe a suitable replacement, but the closest specialist was over 100 miles away. Chloe reluctantly agreed to let Daniel do her exam.

Chloe changed into a hospital gown, and as she waited in an exam room, she recalled the passion that she and Daniel had once shared. When Daniel arrived, Chloe apologized for her reluctance. She assured him that she was fine with his treating her, but apologized for how she'd hurt him.

Daniel admitted that it was wrong of him to have been so willing to interfere with her relationship with Lucas. Chloe seemed a little surprised, but Daniel assured her that he'd changed, and he only wanted her to have a happy future with Lucas. Chloe maintained that Daniel deserved a happy life, too. He acknowledged that he wanted to find love again, and hoped it would happen someday.

At her desk, Kate took out her prescription from Daniel, some tracing paper, and a pen. She practiced his signature over and over, until she was satisfied. "Perfect," she declared. "Impossible to tell the difference."

Chloe called Kate and asked if they could discuss the job Kate had offered her. Kate agreed to call Chloe later that day to set up a meeting. Kate then called Chelsea, and they arranged to meet for lunch, and a tour of where Chelsea worked at the hospital.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. comforted his father, who was still distraught over Tony's death. Stefano complained that Anna had not only cruelly accused him of causing Tony's death, but she had also taken Tony's ashes. Though E.J. tried to calm Stefano, Stefano still blamed Philip for Tony's death-and called Nicole a "traitorous whore" for allowing Philip to walk free.

E.J. asked if Stefano had been lying when he'd said he was happy that E.J. had found someone to love-who, E.J. added, had given Stefano a beautiful granddaughter. E.J. angrily asserted that Nicole had been nothing but kind to Stefano, but Stefano didn't even have the decency to tolerate her. Stefano quietly replied that he only wanted to think about the son he'd just lost.

A frustrated E.J. retorted that he and Nicole would not have their wedding at the mansion. Stefano maintained that when E.J. realized who Nicole really was, he would be a broken man. He then left to take a condolence call from relatives in Italy.

Nicole was at the docks, remembering with horror how Tony had fallen to his death, when Brady found her. She informed Brady that Philip had agreed not to say anything about what he thought was going on between Brady and Nicole. Brady remarked that Nicole should be happy about that, but instead she seemed upset. Nicole replied that although she'd told the truth, doing so might have destroyed her future with E.J.

Nicole was appalled when Brady asserted that it was actually for the best if she and E.J. didn't get married, because their relationship was based on deception. Nicole lashed out at Brady, furious that he didn't seem sorry that her life was falling apart. An exasperated Brady declared that he could see how much she loved E.J., adding, "I'm just really hoping it's worth it." As he walked away, Nicole broke down in tears.

E.J. was alone, drinking in front of the fire, when Nicole returned home. He didn't even turn around when she spoke to him. Acknowledging that Stefano couldn't stand the sight of her, she cautiously asked if E.J. thought she should have lied for the family. E.J. coldly replied that she knew Philip wasn't innocent-and that it was quite a coincidence that they had been at the pier at the same time. Nicole was devastated that he had so little faith in her.

When E.J. asserted that he wanted to be alone, Nicole agreed to leave, but first wanted to know if he still wanted to cancel the wedding. Stefano returned, and listened as E.J. quietly asserted that getting married was the responsible thing to do for Sydney-regardless of whether they'd reconciled their differences.

Nicole observed Stefano listening in, and asked if he would give them his blessing. Stefano admitted that E.J.'s eloquence had somewhat softened his heart, and that he would not turn his back on Nicole, as she was family. Without a trace of warmth in his voice, he added that they should continue with their wedding plans with his blessing.

Once he and Stefano were alone, E.J. thanked his father for reaching out to Nicole. Stefano conceded that Nicole had told the truth, but he would never believe that Tony's death was an accident. He vowed that the Kiriakis family would pay dearly when the truth ultimately came to light. Stefano then asserted that the family should focus on planning E.J. and Nicole's wedding. E.J. agreed that Tony would not want the tragedy of his death to mar such a joyous occasion.

Nicole took Sydney to the hospital for a checkup. She ran into Daniel, and asked who was replacing Sydney's regular pediatrician. Daniel pointed out the new doctor, and Nicole was horrified to see that it was Dr. Baker.

Mia and Will bumped into each other at the Java Café. Mia informed him that she'd just registered for school, and would start classes soon at Salem High. Will seemed pleased, but Mia could tell he was down about something. Will confided that it was because his mom had just adopted a baby. He was concerned, since her other kids needed her, too.

Mia asked what the baby looked like, and Will shrugged and admitted he hadn't paid much attention. Mia was shocked, and urged him to be good to his new sister, and to love her, because they were family. Will admitted that she was right, adding that the whole thing had taken him by surprise. He asked if Mia would go with him to visit the baby during his free period from school.

At the Brady Pub, Bo told Hope that the D.A. had ruled that Tony's death was an accident, and wouldn't pressing charges against Philip. Roman arrived and commended them both on their work the night before. Bo suddenly had another vision of Roman and Hope in bed together.

When Bo and Roman were alone, Bo asked his brother to stay away from Hope until further notice. Roman asked if something were wrong, but Bo insisted nothing was.

Sister Theresa dropped by the townhouse to see Grace. She also wanted to talk to Sami about how she was hiding the truth from Grace's father. Sami assured her that the adoption story had worked so far. The nun admitted that she still had doubts, and knew Sami must, as well. Sister Theresa could see that she'd upset Sami, so she apologized, but gently urged Sami to think about what she was doing.

After Sister Theresa had gone, Will brought Mia by. He introduced his mom to his new friend, and explained that he had a free period and wanted to show Mia his new baby sister. Sami was touched. Will mentioned wanting to check in with Carrie and Austin, and then took Mia on a tour of the townhouse.

Sami flashed back to changing Will's hospital records when she was much younger, and had discovered that Austin couldn't possibly be Will's father. Sami looked down at little Grace and shook her head sadly. "I just haven't learned, have I? I just keep making the same mistakes."

When Will and Mia returned, Sami asked if they could look after Grace for a bit. An annoyed Will asked what she had to do, and Sami claimed that she needed to discuss Johnny's preschool with E.J. She assured the kids that, while she was out, Grace would probably just sleep, and hurried out the door.

When Grace began crying from her bassinette, Mia hung back, reluctant to even look at the baby. She suggested that Will try rocking the crib, so he did, but his frenzied motions only made Grace cry harder. Mia finally took over, cooing soothingly to Grace, and the baby immediately quieted. She then suggested that Will should hold Grace. He somewhat reluctantly picked the baby up, asserting that Mia should hold her instead.

When a lead she'd been following fell through, Hope went by the Brady Pub, where she joined Roman at the bar. Roman made an excuse and rose to leave, but Hope stopped him. She asked if he were leaving because of something Bo said. Roman insisted he was just running late, and rushed out the door.

Sami found Bo at the Java Café, after learning from his office where he was. Sami asked for her uncle's advice, because she thought he might understand better than anyone. Bo listened patiently as Sami explained that she knew she had hurt Will by lying to him about who his father was. She asked if Bo thought Will would ever get over it. Bo said no.

Sami asserted that Caroline had kept Bo's true paternity a secret, because she hadn't wanted him to grow up with Victor for a father. "A lie is a lie," Bo replied. When he walked away to take a phone call, Sami gazed pensively at a photo of Grace. "I can't hurt you the way that I hurt Will," she declared. "I'm going to do the right thing-and damn the consequences."

As Sami hurriedly rose to leave, she stopped in front of a newsstand when she spied a headline about Tony's death. Horrified, she asked Bo if it were true. He was surprised that she didn't already know. Murmuring that she had to see E.J., Sami bolted out the front door.

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